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what if aria knows about twincer? what if she has always known about peter's affairs and that's why the manequin's family photo was put in her room, because it represents the hastings' old perfect facade that she knew from a long time was fake? what if she met twincer in iceland and that's why she never talks about it? what if aria did something that ruined twincer's life and that's why ad exists?

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You know the best part about Wonder Woman? She’s a hero because that’s what she’s always known she wants to do. She’s not all “woe is me, I am suffering under the weight of my destiny”. Hell no, right from the get-go she’s like I’m gonna save all these people because I have the ability and I know that’s what I should do. People keep telling her she can’t do it, and she sits them the fuck down and does it anyway. She actually WANTS to be a hero, and despite what BVS might have led you to believe, she NEVER stops being one.


favourite steroline moments

You say: ‘just stay for one more night okay? We can make this work.’

She sits there quietly. ‘Okay,’ she says, letting her head rest on your chest.
Tomorrow she will leave you with the taste of blood oranges between your teeth, but for now she curls up in your arms and kisses your neck before falling asleep.

‘We could make this work,’ you whisper softly, as if trying to pervade her dreams, ‘I promise, we really could.’ You want to hold onto her forever.

Tomorrow she will pack her bags and say goodbye. It will be like the two of you never shared a thing. ‘I have to go,’ she will say, ‘please understand.’ You worry that one day she will see you as a stranger.

You hold a ticking time bomb in your arms but you’ve never felt safer or more at home. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. ‘Let’s not worry about that’. Somewhere somehow you have always known: she may have been yours temporarily, but she has always been her own.
—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #141
I Don't Wanna (Background Vocals)
I Don't Wanna (Background Vocals)

I swear this has been like my favorite thing ever since its been posted. Thank you to @favouritethingsbyazzizz for making this and all the other backing vocals she makes. Being able to hear the smallest details makes me love the songs even more. 

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Let's be honest: Valentina didn't call out her fans because she knew that if she did, they wouldn't have voted her in as Miss Congeniality. She knows exactly how cruel and toxic her fanbase is, and she knew that if she publicly addressed that cruelty and toxicity, her fanbase would have jumped ship, and she wouldn't have gotten the title. She's always known her fans were sending hate around, and she's done nothing to stop them because doing nothing will accelerate her career thanks to the title.

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The umpteenth post on Pudding’s character

Shipping or not, it was intentional for Oda to make Sanji and Nami smile at each other: so that Pudding would react to it, and in that way. Sanji asked her just a few chapters ago if one the person she’s been lying to all her life wasn’t herself. 

Of course the answer is yes, but in which ways? Could Pudding have been lying to herself by being wicked? I don’t think so; she wouldn’t go as far as stabbing children. Could it involve her true wishes for her life? Yes. I definitely think so.

Lying or not, some of the truth slipped through what she said. And I think it was her admiration for Lola, her courage in following her wishes. There’s a ton of evil characters who do follow their wishes, being evil doesn’t mean in op that you don’t have a soul or a character altogether.

And now seeing how her own act was dismantle by Sanji and how he has used it to make his own happiness, represented by the smile he shares with Nami - and so idealistically with all the crew -, she’s upset and faces her own reality where she is acting too, but is not, andshe has just realized now, will never be, happy.

Other than that, they’re fricking smiling at each other. Usually Nami would be fricking scared, like she is later along with Chopper, but here she simply seems happy. It may also not be false that Pudding fantasizes about marriage

… she’s always known that she was nothing more than a doll to her mother, and a monster to all other people. She’s also always known she would never be able to marry whom she wanted, both because she must serve a purpose first, and secondly, because who would think her third eyes “to be beautiful”?

At this point she may even have a true crush on Sanji. He saw her an honest man, someone she’s never knew and never had respect for. And even though a part of her is definitely naturally wicked, she can’t help seeing what being good brings. He was the first to compliment her on her eye - and though he was acting, I don’t think he was lying. And now she sees him “elope” with another woman, carrying her chivalrously in her arms. Something she’s learned to despise but that she may, after all, long for, in one word “love”, not political opportunism. 

I don’t understand why people think respecting a trans* person is so hard like it’s really just “Oh hey, imma treat you almost the exact same except instead of using these pronouns and this name, I’ll use These Pronouns and This Name!” They’re still the same person except they get to be fully themself

In the Rough

(based on this) part 1 (you are here), part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

There’s a lot about Mari that Yuuri loves. In fact, he’d go so far as to say that he loves his sister more than almost anyone else, except maybe his parents. Despite their six year age difference, neither of them have ever had any other kids to really interact with. As such, each of them were the other’s best and only friend. But the fact has always remained that Mari is older than Yuuri. One day, he’s always known, she will be the queen of Yutopia. What he didn’t expect was for that day to come so quickly, or have such a profound effect on their relationship.

It was gradual at first: Mari turning him away from her door when he asks her to help him with his studies, Mari spending more and more time in the library with her own when she was never the best of students before, Mari lashing out at him when he actually gets the courage to press for her attention occasionally. Time and again, Mother assures him that it’s just the responsibility of being the crown princess that’s weighing on her. Still, Yuuri can’t help if he’s lonely.

That’s what led to this.

“Not now, Yuuri.” Mari is sounding increasingly irritated with him, but he can’t really seem to stop himself. It’s been months since they’ve had a proper conversation.

“It will only take a minute, I promise!”

“I don’t have a minute!” she finally snaps, rounding on him. “I don’t have a minute to myself because the coronation is so soon. What on earth makes you think that I have time to spare for you? Don’t be such a clingy child!”

Yuuri silently curses the way his eyes well up with tears. “I… Excuse me.”

“Yuuri, wait. I didn’t mean–” He can hear her calling out to his back, but the words don’t really register.

Being too overbearing has always been Yuuri’s biggest fear; he’s emotional and soft in a way that no self-respecting royal should ever be. Mari knows this, and used it against him. He really must be too much if she of all people is telling him so. He can just leave her alone until after the coronation. Maybe longer, if it looks like she’s feeling too overwhelmed by his presence. He has an outfit that he uses sometimes when palace life is too much for him and he sneaks out to go to town. He can use that to sneak out. He can take a horse, a sword, and some money, and hide out somewhere until everything blows over in a couple of months.

It doesn’t take Yuuri long to slip past the guards and get off the castle grounds. He’s done it countless times before, once even smuggling Prince Phichit out with him. He slips out the back way, through the forest. Everyone in town knows his face, and most of his subjects do too; it will be best to avoid people for a while.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that he’s brave enough to stray from the path. The woods between this and the next kingdom are deep, and more than one traveller has gotten lost within them, or attacked by robbers. If his maps are right, he’ll be able to get to the next kingdom within a fortnight.

Sleeping on the forest floor is irritating, but hardly anything new; this isn’t the first time that Yuuri has disappeared for a few days, even if it’s the first time that he’s planning on leaving the kingdom without permission. By the eighth day, Yuuri’s rations are beginning to get a bit low. He’s grimy, there are leaves and twigs in his hair, and his ratty cloak is rattier than ever. Still, he doesn’t turn back. At this point, going home would create more distress than it would relieve. If need be, he can just… kill a rabbit or something. There’s a stream less than ten minutes from the path, and making a fire is no problem. He can make it to the next kingdom.

The sound of a carriage jolts him out of his thoughts. He darts back into the trees, hiding in a bush. He still hasn’t crossed the Yutopia border, so it’s possible– probable, even –that the driver of that carriage knows who Yuuri is. As the carriage draws closer, Yuuri can make out little details that start to change his mind. Its blue, for one thing, and only a single carriage; most trader caravans are made up of several plain wagons with faded paint.

Yuuri hears rustling behind him. In less than a second, the quiet rustling becomes shouting. Bandits. Seven men attack the carriage from all sides, one even jumping from a tree to land on top of the carriage. Yuuri doesn’t even realize that he’s drawing his sword until it’s already out.

The door to the carriage flies open and two men– one man and one boy, really, no more than thirteen –jump out, weapons drawn and ready. The boy shouts something that sounds like “Stay the fuck there or I’m telling Dad,” but Yuuri can’t focus too much on him. He’s taken down one of the robbers, but there’s another one coming at him.

It takes the three of them nearly twenty minutes to knock out all of the robbers, and when they do, they’re panting.

“Thank you for the help.” The dark-haired man from the carriage holds out his hand for Yuuri to shake. “We might not have made it without you.”

“It–It was nothing, really.” Yuuri holds up his hands, as if that will deflect the praise. “I was just trying to help. Anyone would have done the same.”

“Tch.” The boy sheaths his sword. Now that Yuuri has a chance to look at him, he’s amazed. The boy is beautiful, almost fairy-like, but he fights like a demon. He’s also dressed like a royal. “At least you didn’t get in the way.”

Yuuri doesn’t quite know how to respond to that, but as it turns out, he doesn’t have to. There’s a laugh from inside the carriage and someone else exits. This man is definitely a royal, and it’s possible that he’s even more beautiful than the boy. They must be related, with their strangely colored hair and eyes.

“That’s high praise coming from you, Yuratchka.” The man looks Yuuri up and down, and Yuuri has to force himself not to blush. “I’ve decided. He’ll be my new bodyguard. I’ve been needing a new one, and I can’t bear to see my beloved younger brother fight on my behalf anymore.”

The man swoons dramatically, but it looks like he’s actually about to fall. Neither of his companions make a move to catch him, and neither does the driver, a woman with bright, fiery red hair. Yuuri is there before he knows it, catching the man before he can actually fall to the ground.

He finds himself looking into the most piercing pair of eyes that he’s ever seen. His eyes inexplicably heat up and Yuuri can tell that if he looks for too long, he’ll be overwhelmed; those eyes can see straight into his soul.

“Be careful,” Yuuri manages.

The man flicks a piece of silver hair out of his eyes and smiles, standing up straight. “Yes, he’ll do nicely. I’m keeping him.”

He ends up on the floor a second later anyway, courtesy of the flying kick that the boy– his younger brother, Yuuri reasons –aims at his back. “Don’t just assume that some random man in the forest is trustworthy enough to be your bodyguard! Think this through, old man!”

“I’m only twenty two,” the man pouts from the ground. “You’re so mean, Yuratchka. Besides, he saved my life, and he doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go. Dad will allow it.”

Yuratchka rolls his eyes and walks over to the carriage. “Whatever. You might want to ask him what his name is before you ask him to risk his life for you though.”

The door slams and Yuuri is still a little confused. The man is still on the ground, the dark haired man from earlier is sheathing his sword without a care in the world, apparently used to this sort of behavior.

“He has a point!” Silver-Haired Man bounces up and picks the twigs out of his hair. “If you’re my new bodyguard, I must know your name.”

“Yuuri,” he says without thinking. Then he realizes that giving his true last name could be a very bad idea. “Yuuri… Nishigori.”

Silver-Haired Man introduces himself as Victor Nikiforov, the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom. The fairy-like boy with the foul mouth is indeed his brother, Prince Yuri. The other man is Georgi Popovich, Yuri’s personal bodyguard, and their driver is called Mila. The four of them have apparently been travelling together nearly all of Yuri’s life.

The reality of what he’s just inadvertently agreed to doesn’t hit until he’s sitting in the carriage with them later: he’s agreed to become the personal bodyguard to the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom, who would no doubt know his name but not his face. Yuuri can’t help but wonder how he’s going to get himself out of this one without causing himself and everyone around him massive embarrassment.

Luckily, he has several months to come up with a solution.


Daphne, are you saying that you have feelings for Niles?
I think I do.

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Can you do a futurefic where Jughead was forced to move to Toledo or somehow he and Betty got separated as teens and years later, when Betty is a doctor, she gets Jughead as a patient and they reconnect?? Thank you!!

I kind of did my own rendition! Give it a read maybe you’ll like it.

The air still smelt the same, the street signs hadn’t moved, and the familiar flickering red “Pops” sign still lit up the tiny town of Riverdale. no matter how many years had gone by since Jughead left Riverdale, it would always be his home, his safe place.

He was older now, 25 and successful, he was a New York Times Best Selling author and he was living in Chicago, it was everything he had talked about when he was sixteen years, his dreams had come true, he’d proved this town wrong just like she had said he would. She always knew what she was talking about and she never gave up on him. Thoughts of shiny green eyes, long honey blonde ponytails and soft pink sweaters raced through his mind as he stepped through the doors of Riverdale General Hospital.

Betty Cooper had been the great love of his life, she was was beautiful and kind and everything good about his world. He remembered the day he left vividly, the feel of her scarred palms still warm on his cheeks, tear drops dripping from her eyes, a shakey smile followed by the words that haunted him daily
“You’re gonna do great things Jughead Jones. Follow your heart.”

He should have stayed, should have held her in his arms and found a way to stay. He wanted too more than anything, but he couldn’t, this was his family, she understood. It had been 8 years since their last kiss at that airport terminal, 8 years since he boarded a plane to Toledo with his father and never looked back, started over. Left behind the love of his life.

Looking up at the door in front of him he brought his knuckles up and knocked, poking his head in when the distinctly feminine voice told him to come in.

“Is it safe?” He teased, eyeing his very pregnant sister, sitting up in her hospital bed

“No promises” Eric, her husband, said with a goofy smile, looking down adoringly at Jelly Bean.

Jughead stepped into the hospital room and moved to stand beside Jelly bean and grabbing her hand

“So today’s the day huh?” Jughead grinned, his hand coming over to gently pat her belly.

Jelly bean huffed
“It better be. You hear me little baby? Your uncle Jughead came all the way down from Chicago for this so you better get out of there as soon as possible.” She spoke towards her stomach.

Eric gave Jughead a firm handshake and smiled
“Thanks for coming brother, your Mom and dad are on their way, I’m not sure I can do this on my own.”

“Oh you can’t do this?! I’m sorry but..” jellybean began, her rant being cut off by a knock on the door.

“That must be my doctor, I haven’t met her yet. My original baby doctor came down with pneumonia so I have a new one delivering the baby. Come in!” The dark haired Jones girl yelled through the closed door.

What happened next was something from a movie.

Simple white sneakers came first, followed by scrubs covered in a long white coat, curly blonde hair spilling onto a clipboard as a woman doctor read through a file, a soft and gentle smile on her face, Jellybean gasped audibly as Jughead stared at the name tag resting on her coat, a sticker of a teddy bear holding a red balloon placed beside it, the name tag read

“Dr. Elizabeth Cooper”

“Jessica Capra , due date: today!, how exciting, and just on time!” Betty was still reading through the clipboard, eventually she looked up and stopped in place, her sneakers squeaked and her eyes went wide.

“Jughead?” She whispered.

Jughead couldn’t speak, he opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was in shock. She was standing in front of him, the one person that he thought about every single day, the one thought that helped him through his toughest times, and damn did she look good.

Something inside Betty snapped back to reality and she drew her attention to the very pregnant woman who was now her patient.

“Little JellyBean Jones, I didn’t know! Especially with the name change. I’m so happy for you! And I can promise you, you and this little baby are in good hands, your delivery is gonna be smooth as butter.” She grinned at the married pair in front of her, examining Jellybean with the stethoscope.

Jellybean began rambling again
“Oh Betty! I am so glad it’s you! I was a wreck when they told me Dr.Daniels wouldn’t be able to be here, but now you’re here and I love you! And you’re gonna deliver my baby… and … and..” suddenly she was sobbing and Eric moved quickly to stand beside her rubbing her shoulders and shoving Betty back slightly and into Jugheads arms who caught her before she fell.

The two stood together in shock, the dark haired boys arms wrapped around the blondes waist as they stared deep into each other’s eyes, 8 years of Questions, of wanting, of love mirrored in the others eyes.

“I’m so sorry, it’s the hormones. I swear” jelly bean sniffled from the bed, tearing Betty away from Jughead

“Of course, now you’ve still got a bit to go with the dilation, so I’m gonna leave you for a bit, I’ll be back soon to check your cervix. It’s baby day my friends” Dr.Cooper grinned excitedly causing the entire room to laugh.

“Thank god” Eric breathed as Jellybean clutched his hand tearfully.

Betty exited the room, nodding with her head towards the door, indicating Jughead follow, he did of course, he always would.

Once they were in the hallway Betty was in his arms, her body molding perfectly into his as he buried his face into her neck, inhaling her distinctly Betty scent, strawberries and peaches, his hands wandered over her back and sides, there were new delicious curves all over body, his fingers eventually found themselves laced in her hair as her own hands cupped his neck her cheek pressing against his.

“Jughead Jones I missed you.” The beautiful blonde whispered in his ear.

He squeezed her tightly

“You have no idea Betty Cooper”

When they pulled away a few seconds later, Jughead eyed her up and down

“A doctor huh?” He raised a brow, a playful smirk on his face.

“It was a long road but I made it. I’m a baby doctor.” She laughed, he had always known she would do great things, and she always loved children “anyway who am I to talk, look at you you’re an accomplished author, not that I had any doubts.” She beamed as they made their way to the cafeteria.

They ate lunch together, reminiscing about everything and filling each other in, all too soon Betty’s pager beeped and she had to go.

“I’ll see you in Jelly beans room?” She smiled questioningly.

“You bet.. bets” he grinned.

She fluttered her eyelashes dramatically and winked before racing off to a patient.

Jesus Christ he was in some kind of trouble for sure.



  • 😳
  • Whut.
  • Like seriously, he’s so confused
  • After all that “I’m not Rika” talk and MC looks so much like her it hurts
  • But Yoosung focuses on the differences
  • MC is an open book, almost seeming to be incapable of hiding things
  • Her smile is different, more genuine, her eyes are a different shade of green, she freckles in the sun
  • And her voice is completely different from Rika’s, smoother and more soothing, plus she’s soft spoken
  • He could fall asleep to the sound MC’s voice
  • But he does slip and call her Rika a few times
  • Not to mention, his family nearly has a heart attack at the sight of her


  • Out of all of them, Jaehee knew Rika the least
  • So while she’s startled to find that MC bears a striking resemblance to Rika, she handles it better than the rest of the RFA
  • Jaehee never struggles to call MC by her name, only slipping once in a blue moon when she’s been thinking about Rika’s death or the others have been talking about her
  • Jaehee also becomes the fastest to jump in and say that MC and Rika aren’t anything a like, apart from coloring, if the conversation ever arises


  • Is he startled? Yes.
  • But when he saw her for the first time, he smiled, if only because this was MC, and he already had a little crush on her
  • If anyone compares MC and Rika, Zen will unthinkingly comment that MC is much prettier
  • Of course, from time to time, when he’s sleep deprived or sees her from the corner of his eye, Zen will mistake MC for Rika, although he never voices it
  • When this happens, he always feels guilty because he has this vague sense that he’s betraying V, but he logically knows better


  • When he opened the door, he thought he was seeing a ghost
  • Except, no, she had a different face, and she just introduced herself as MC, from the Messenger
  • Still, it was hard to differentiate between them sometimes
  • Jumin, however, quickly comes to realize that MC is fundamentally different
  • She’s warm, soft, and open, she’s not afraid to expose everything, and rather than make things more complicated, her presence makes everything feel simple
  • He’s not afraid to admit that he appearance does… complicate things a bit, if only because Rika left a strong imprint behind
  • Jumin’s concerned for MC’s feelings as a result, but she just smiles and tells him it’s fine, she’ll just prove she’s not Rika by being true to herself, like she was with him
  • her pure heart makes him want to protect her even more


  • Saeyoung’s first reaction was “0o0 I can’t let Yoosung see her face for a while. He’ll go crazy.”
  • On the one hand, MC wants to peel off her face and get a new one the moment she finds out about all the terrible things her doppelgänger did
  • On the other hand, her similarities, no matter how harsh and disturbing, are beneficial in that she’s able to approach Saeran and calm him in a way no one else can
  • Because Rika’s had a break from reality, she tries to attack MC more than once, all because she thinks MC is a hallucination of herself and needs to be blamed for killing V
  • Meanwhile, Saeyoung actively ignores the similarities in MC and Rika’s appearances, because he knows she isn’t Rika, has always known, and doesn’t want her living in that shadow
  • He also supports any of MC’s desires to change her appearance, like cutting her hair shorter
  • Honestly, though, her appearance is such a minor inconvenience in their relationship that the only time it becomes a problem is when Saeran interferes because he doesn’t approve of someone that looks like Rika making out with his brother the nuances of that change as time passes, just FYI

V & Saeran react here.

Am I Still Your Hero?

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Written by Danielle 

Category: fluff

Word Count: 2,074

Request from Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request a scenario where Peter and the reader are childhood friends and the friend walks in on Spider-Man and she starts freaking out that Peter’s in trouble? And can Peter troll her into confessing how she truly feels for her childhood friend?? Sorry if that made like no sense.

A/N: After writing this I realized the anon could have been asking that the reader doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man but I had already read it as she has always known, so sorry if I misunderstood. I hope you still like this fic <3 I absolutely loved the childhood idea and hope I could do it some justice. I don’t know if he really trolled her lol because I couldn’t think of something clever, but I hope you still like their conversation in this. :) Loved your request! Thank you!! <3

“I see a dragon! What do you see (Y/N)?!” Your best friend Peter asks you excitedly as the two of you lay on the summer grass looking up at the big fluffy clouds.

“I see a unicorn. Right there!” You say as you point to the cloud next to Peter’s dragon. There is a slight breeze and it feels good with the hot summer sun beating down. Even with all the clouds, you can still feel the sun’s warmth on a beautifully perfect day like this. Nearby, you and your best friend’s favorite climbing tree stands tall, branches scraping the clouds. You’d probably attack it after looking up at the clouds for a few moments. At seven and eight years old, you and Peter spent your days running around in the field, climbing trees, staring at clouds, and looking for little critters in and out of the river. Every day was always full of adventure.

“Race you to grandmother Willow!” Peter yelled suddenly as he rushed up. You were right behind him as you two ran to the grand tree you loved so dear. Peter had named it grandmother Willow after the tree in one of your favorite movies, Pocahontas. Peter had beat you to the tree like he always had.

“One of these days I’m going to beat you, Parker!” You tell him while using his nickname trying to catch your breath.

“I’m a superhero, (Y/N)! And superheroes always got to come in first place so they can save people.” Peter exclaims as he pushes his glasses up.

“You’ll always be my hero Peter.” Smiling to Peter, he gives you a smile back as the two of you start climbing the tree.

Although all of your days weren’t spent living in the outdoors, Peter and you always managed to have fun.

Keep reading

Okay, so I’m obviously thinking a LOT about THAT rooftop scene and while I can currently barely see the screen in front of me from all the hearts that are just exploding all around me, there’s another facet of Jake and Amy’s conversation that really strikes me. And that’s that when she expressed anxiety about if things would change between them if she gets transferred or becomes his boss, and he doesn’t even pause for a breath before saying that he’s always known she was going to be his boss. Always. And Jake and Amy have known each other for years before they started to get involved romantically, so this isn’t (at least solely) a case of “I love my girlfriend and therefore I want her to be successful and achieve her goals.” It’s “Amy Santiago is smart and ambitious and kicks ass at her job so of course she’s going to be my boss one day.” Now, maybe Jake of all those years ago would have trouble admitting that out loud, but that’s a story for another day. 

So yes, I love this scene because it shows an adorable couple in a beautiful, healthy relationship based on mutual love and respect for each other as people and as professionals, but also because it simply shows what a relationship between a man and a woman – whether it’s romantic, platonic, or strictly professional – can be. We don’t need to have to have a man angsting over his ego when a woman is promoted over him in order to prove some kind of “point,” or make the entire story about how he “comes around to see how great she is.” Nope. We just have a guy who loves and respects a woman, thinks she’s incredible, recognizes all the hard work she’s already put into it, and is not only supportive, but is excited for her to achieve her goals and cheers her on because it also brings him joy to see her succeed. No games. No ulterior motives. No bruised ego.

It’s a beautiful dynamic that we don’t get to see often enough on TV, and I want to give all the props in the world to the writers for giving us a show where this is exactly the kind of reaction we expect from our beloved characters.