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everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.

OMFG mini Nam Ji Hyun???? She’s so freaking adorable I just wanna put her in my pocket 😩 

You know she’s the love of your life when you smile at your phone like an idiot because she’s really excited….

honestly Karamel could’ve (and should’ve in my opinion) been such an awesome brotp but nOOOOO it just HAD to be romantic cuz heteronormativity exists. he could’ve been the younger brother she always wanted with kal-el. that would’ve been so adorable to see but oh well it’s the cw what was i expecting lol


or…four times lena doesn’t believe in love and the one time she does. 

The first time she knew her mother (her adoptive mother, as Lillian liked to remind her) didn’t love her, she’d been newly adopted and Lillian had taken her aside and told her in no uncertain terms that she would never be a true Luthor. (Not that she cared. She hadn’t even known what being a Luthor entailed—how could she aspire to something she didn’t understand?)

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Crashing the LWYMMD Set

It was about 5 hours into the second day of her music video shoot for the lead single of her new album, and Taylor was beyond excited for everyone to see what she had been working on. She always knew that when her and Joseph Kahn worked together they could create something next level. Today they were filming the mountain of Taylor’s scene, and it was pretty surreal to walk on set and see a bunch of girls all dressed like her past selves. Versions of herself that she felt so distant from, yet in some ways still connected to after over ten years of her career. So much had happened to her since she had been most of those girls. While part of her wished that she could go back and experience what is was like to be that naive and innocent, she was really grateful for the place that she was in today, even if it took a really hard year of the media and everyone trying to tare her down for her to get to here. In addition to making her feel a little sentimental, it was also a lot of fun. Taylor had a great time talking with the girls and figure out which one of her self was going to fight another version of herself. She knew it was kind of a crazy concept, but also perfect for the message of the music video.

After they finished filming the first look, Joseph suggested that they all take a short break since Taylor needed to go change into her Junior Jewels tshirt and pajama pants for her next look. While she was changing, she looked down at her phone and noticed a text from her boyfriend, Joe. 

“Hey babe, I wanna come visit you on set! I’m already on my way and I’ll be there in a couple of minutes so you can’t say no now ;)”

 She couldn’t help but smile and role her eyes at Joe’s words. She had been debating letting him come to the set to see her at all. Part of her wanted to make him wait to see the video once it was completely finished in order to make it more of a big surprise. She also kind of loved torturing him a little by making him wait like everyone else to get to see the finished project. But at the same time, she really wanted to see him and it made her heart melt to think that he genuinely cared and really wanted to be there to see her and support her in something that was going to be huge for her career. Apparently Joe made the choice for her and was coming to visit her whether she approved or not, which she was secretly pretty happy about.

 “Okay fine, I guess since you’re already on your way I’ll allow it this time. See you soon babe” Taylor quickly responded.

 After she finished changing, she walked back out on set wearing plaid pajama pants, a new and improved junior jewels tshirt, and glasses with her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. This was by far the most comfortable look of the whole video. All of the different versions of Taylor were scattered around the set chatting, drinking water, and eating some snacks from craft service, while Joseph was busy looking at the footage that they had shot earlier in the day.

 Taylor walked up to Joseph to see how the earlier shots had turned out and was pleased with what she saw for the most part. She could tell that this video was going to look amazing once it was all edited together.

 “Do you want start filming the next scene soon?” Joseph asked while still staring intently at the computer screen.

 “In a couple of minutes. Joe just texted me and told me his was stopping by to visit, and he should be here any second. So I’ll just quickly say hi to him for a minute and then we can get back to work.”

 Just as Taylor finished her sentence, she looked up and saw Joe walking in. She couldn’t help but laugh at the look on his face as he glanced around slightly confused at seeing all of the many different versions of Taylor. He finally made eye contact with the real Taylor and made his way over to his girlfriend. Taylor immediately greeted him with a big hug and a quick kiss.

 “I didn’t know I would be visiting so many of you today” Joe remarked

 “Well I guess I did get to give you a bit of a surprise then” Taylor laughed

 Taylor could feel the eyes of everyone else on the set watching her and Joe’s interaction, so she decided that she should introduce him to everyone else. They walked over closer to where the many other Taylors were all hanging out.

 “So this is my boyfriend Joe, he decided to crash the set today” Taylor explained as she shot Joe a playful look.

 “Sorry I couldn’t resist” Joe shot back as he placed his arm around her and pulled her into him kissing her temple.

 All of the other girls laughed and said hi back to Joe.

 “Well these are all of the different versions of me throughout the years as you can see. Is it weird seeing a ton of different Taylor’s from before you even knew me?” Taylor asked

 “Well I’m actually pretty familiar with this Taylor” Joe responded with a smirk while looking over at his pajama-clad girlfriend. “In fact I would say this is the Taylor I’ve spent the most time with, except normally you’re just stealing one of my tshirts and now you’ve made your own” Joe shot back.

 Taylor playfully hit his arm but couldn’t help but laugh. He wasn’t wrong, a lot of the time that they had spent together in the past several months of their relationship had consisted of chilling in the house that she was renting in London, while watching never ending Netflix marathons and cuddling. To he honest, she loved that. She loved not having to worry about dressing up and doing her hair and makeup and always having to be so perfect and put together for him. He genuinely just loved spending time with her, and it was so nice to just relax and have some normalcy in their relationship.

 “Is this your way of telling me I need to try a little harder more often and change out of my pajamas every once in awhile?” Taylor asked

“Of course not babe, I think you look cute in your pajamas, and you are welcome to steal my tshirts whenever you want” Joe replied with a wink.

 By now all of the different Taylors and Joseph had were all laughing in amusement at the couple’s conversation.

 “Okay love birds, as much as I would love to continue discussing Taylor’s wardrobe choices, I think we should probably start shooting the next look if we want to get everything that we need to done today. Don’t worry you can tell her how beautiful she is when she looks like a mess later.” Joseph spoke up.

 “Hey!,” Taylor shot back pretending to be offended before agreeing, “Okay you’re right, lets start filming then.” She then turned to Joe, telling him,  “Babe if you want to stay a little bit longer and watch you can go sit over there. My mom should be back soon anyways, so you can talk to her while we film.”

 “Of course I’m planning on staying to watch. I want to see all my Taylor’s in action” Joe joked before stealing a quick kiss and walking over to sit down on the side of the set.

 Joe couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he watched Taylor in her element, being goofy and cute while fighting with the other versions of herself. The fact that she even seemed incredibly excited about being kicked in the face by another Taylor was super endearing, and it showed how much she loved doing this. He could tell that she truly enjoyed her job, even though there were definitely some hard aspects of it.

 He continued watching her and caught up with Andrea once she returned and took a seat next to him. They couldn’t help but laugh as Taylor continued to act out the scenes. He was so happy just watching her that he didn’t even realize he had already been there for hours. He heard Joseph say “that’s a wrap, we’re done for the night,” distracting him from his conversation with Andrea.

 Once they decided to stop for the night, Taylor immediately ran over to where Joe and her mom were seated and gave them both a big hug, before turning to Joe and remarking,

 “I can’t believe you actually stayed for the whole shoot. You just sat and watched me act like a complete dork for hours. You really didn’t have to stay the whole time.”

 “I wanted to stay, it was fun to get to see you working. Plus you just looked so cute as your 18 year old band geek self, how was I supposed to leave?” Joe teased, causing Taylor to blush a little bit as she laughed at his remark.

 Her mom cut in, commenting, “I happen to agree, I think that she has always been super adorable at every age” she joked. “You looked great today honey! I can’t wait to see the final video when it’s finished!”

 “Speaking of that, we should probably head home because it’s already super late and I have to be back early tomorrow morning, so I should probably go get some sleep tonight” Taylor noted.

 “Well I drove here so I can just drive us back if you want to have one of the guys drop your mom at home,” Joe suggested.

 Taylor looked over at her mom before asking, “Mom is that cool with you?”

 “That sounds good honey. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Go get some rest.” Andrea responded hugging both Taylor and Joe before turning to leave.

 The couple then proceeded to walk out to Joe’s car hand in hand laughing and joking about the day. Taylor couldn’t help but smile at how normal this felt. Walking out to the car with her boyfriend to drive home. There were no cameras or paparazzi at the moment, and she was beyond grateful to have Joe in her life.

 Once they got in the car Joe immediately reached out to hold on to her hand and she looked up at him and said “thank you for coming today. Really it meant a lot to me” with an obvious sense of sincerity. “Of course babe, I wouldn’t miss it. Now lets get you home, so you can get some rest.”


I’m just not great at this, being a mom. I was just a kid myself, I wasn't that much older than you when I had you, and I had nobody to show me how.

A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 14 -C*NT

A/N: I’m going to say this in the beginning so that I don’t forget AGAIN, THANK YOU to my wonderful beta trixies-padding for beta'ing this incredibly long chapter for me! This was by far the hardest chapter i’ve written so far, I really struggled with this one because I wanted to get everything just right and I got severely blocked. This is 13,000+ words of the finale, and some stuff afterwards. Witney makes an appearance as well as the tiniest slice of Shalaska. We are nearing the end of this story which is making me so sad. TW: Alcohol consumption, drunk antics. I hope that’s it. Enjoy!

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Things I forgot about Patsy’s first episode

I recently re-watched Patsy’s first episode as a recurring character (S3Ep5) and I forgot how great this episode was and how much we learned about her in this episode, like: 

She was raised in a Catholic convent after the interment camp. I share your dislike of Catholic nuns, Patsy. 

The first thing Trixie says to her is, “I think I’ve just fallen a little bit in love with you.” 

Her father is still alive (or a least she said he was). I thought that was just a fanfic thing. 

She has always had those adorably gay pajamas. 

Emerald Fennell has always been on point with facial expressions 

Patsy has always been rather friendly with Sister Winifred and it is going to be even more tragic when she and Delia are found out and Sister Winifred is going to be super homophobic about it. 

kradeiz  asked:

I know you just finished your analyses of TUE (so feel free to take your time with this) but what would you have done (or liked to have seen done) in regards to Dan as a character? How would he behave? What circumstances would've created him? Would he be redeemable or too far gone?

Hm, that’s an interesting question. And I guess it is worth covering.

Overall, there’s not a lot I’d change about him. I think the only big change I’d make would be removing the Nasty Sauce plot point. Maybe swap it out for a malfunction in the ecto-filtrator. That was already established as something that had huge explosive power, and makes a lot more sense than something that’s served for free at a fast food place. Plus, there’s plenty of reasons for everyone Danny loves to be there. Have Mr. Lancer meet the Fentons in their home instead. Sam and Tucker could be over. Jazz would naturally be there.

Sure, that’d change some things about the setup Valerie and Damon have in the future (since Fentonworks would be long gone), but it’s workable.

Aside from that, I don’t think Dan needs many changes. He’s not the most interesting villain in terms of personality alone, but he’s very effective. He’s probably the biggest threat the characters have ever faced, because he’s terrifying, powerful, and more intimately connected to the protagonist than anyone. He’s an example of what Danny could become. And, in a lot of ways, he’s exactly what I could see Danny turning into if he was stripped of most of his emotions and immediately infused with some of Vlad’s malice and destructiveness.

A lot of that wouldn’t make him hold up as a character for more than TUE, though. If he were to come back in a later episode, he’d need to be expanded on. I’d want to get into more of his history (meaning what he did for 10 years). There’d also need to be a lot more moments that really hammer home that this is Danny. A very broken and twisted Danny, but still Danny. TUE doesn’t really give us that very much. He talks about being Danny, but we don’t really see it in him until he goes into the past. And even then, it’s not much.

I wouldn’t want to make him less threatening, of course. In fact, seeing bits of Danny’s personality show through would make things all the more creepy. Maybe some twisted puns during fights, or references to old memories or things he used to enjoy.

As for whether he’s redeemable…yes and no.

He’s never going to completely heal. He’s only half of Danny, and the other half is never coming back. That’s not something that can just be fixed. Not only that, but he has no motivations or goals, so it’d be very hard to convince him to stop what he does. He has no reason to. Destroying things and killing people is just what he does.

There is still some of Danny in there, though, and the fact that he’s capable of aging proves there’s a speck more humanity left in him than he acknowledges. It’d be difficult to reach, but not impossible. And because he doesn’t have any real goals, it could be possible to redirect his attention to another interest. He’d never be good, but I think he could become far less destructive.

It’d take someone who cares enough to work with him, though, and most wouldn’t. His timeline’s gone, and there wasn’t anyone there who didn’t hate him anyway. As for the present, well they all have their Danny. There’s no reason for them to take an interest in him. The only ones who would are those who wanted his power, and they’d learn to regret trying to use him quickly.

The only person who I think would have a chance with him is Jazz. She adores Danny and has always been trying to protect him. She doesn’t like Dan at first, but she had no reason to see that as her brother. If she did see some of him in there, that’d probably get to her more than Sam or Tucker. Especially if she found out all that he went through.

If Jazz were ever to see Dan as Danny, then her image of him would likely change. He’s been all alone for ten years. He saw everyone he loved die, and he gave up his humanity because it hurt so bad. Add Jazz’s fascination with psychology, and she wouldn’t be able to keep herself from wanting to fix him. A dangerous task, but since when has Jazz cared about that? She throws herself into danger for her brother all the time.

Jazz is also the only one who got a genuine emotional reaction out of Dan in canon, and that’s saying a lot.

It’s debatable whether she’d be able to do anything or not, but I love all the aus people have come up with where she has. Seeing the stuff @krossan and @phantomtype have come up with, for example, makes the idea too interesting to simply dismiss.

Of course, it’d be an extremely awkward situation, but it’s a fascinating idea to think about.

Would either of their ideas happen in canon? Doubtful, but I like to imagine Jazz trying with him in later stories.

Stomach Bug (Requested)

“Can you write a harry one shot where you guys are going to visit your family and he complains of feeling sick but you think he’s just nervous but throughout the time there he just keeps getting worse and by the end of the night Harry’s throwing up and really ill all through the night and you’re really worried about him??”

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

2801 words.

“C’mon then love!” she called, tugging her suitcase down the hallway. They were already running late, and her mum hated when she wasn’t on time. Considering she hadn’t seen her family in a little over three months, she didn’t want to be late when she finally did. Her and Harry had been planning this trip for months now. In fact, Harry was supposed to have gone with her the last time she went, but work had gotten in the way (as it often did), and he hadn’t made it. Her family had been disappointed, but they knew that there wasn’t much to be done about it. As long as she was happy, they would support her. So, when a weekend became available where the pair were both free and keen, they had made the plans and locked it in.

This was a big step for her. She had never brought a boyfriend home. It had just never felt right. But Harry had been with her for almost a year now, and it looked like he wasn’t leaving any time soon. He was the first person she had ever felt she might want to stick with forever, and it was exciting and nerve-wracking and genuinely the happiest she had ever been. He adored her and always made sure that she was a priority despite his busy schedule. She never really felt hard done by due to his career. Sure he was busy, but so was she, and the pair worked hard to make sure that the other never felt under-appreciated or left behind.

Harry had seemed a little nervous about the prospect of meeting her family, especially her dad, but she was pretty optimistic that they would like him. She knew that they thought he would be like any other young person who has had as much fame as Harry has thrust upon them during such formative years; slightly up themselves, but she also knew that Harry was different. She had literally never seen even a glimmer of arrogance or entitlement in the whole time she had known him, and even when she thought he had every right to indulge in those traits, he had stayed humble. He loved people, and all he wanted was for people to love him back. He was good at making conversation, charismatic, funny, sweet, and great at genuinely listening to whoever he was talking to. She was sure that his parents would meet him and fall in love with his character just as quickly as she had, and she had told him all of this in the hopes of settling his nerves.

“Coming,” he answered, his voice still a little rough from the sleep he had so prematurely been pulled from. They had gotten up at 6am that morning, an early, crisp Saturday, in the hopes of getting to her family home earlier rather than later. They were only staying until Sunday evening, and so she wanted to make the most of the limited time they had together. She grinned as he appeared from through their bedroom door, an overnight bag slung over his shoulder, he hands pulling a grey beanie over his unruly curls. He leant down and pecked her lips, offering her a sleepy grin. “Shoul’we ge’ going?” he murmured. She smiled back at him, nodding and leading the way out to the car.

“You drivin’ or am I?” he asked. “I can,” she decided, pulling her suitcase up into the boot, helping Harry with his own bag. She may have packed a little too much, but she could never be too safe considering the arctic temperatures of the English winter they had been subject to the last month or so. They settled into the car, fiddling about getting their seatbelts on, adjusting the heater to the perfect temperature, and gearing up their road trip playlist. It was stacked with an eclectic assortment of their favorite music, and she hummed happily as the first few notes of ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen spilled from the speakers.

“Thanks fer drivin’ love. Don’ really feel up’ter it,” he murmured, his hand finding her thigh. She glanced at him quickly, her forehead wrinkling with concern as she took in his paler than usual complexion. She hadn’t really noticed till now, having been too distracted by the bustle of trying to get out the door on time. “Oh baby… You alright?” she asked, her voice gentle as she pulled her eyes back to the road. “Yeah. Yeah, think m’jus’ a bit nervous,” he answered, chuckling weakly as he gave her thigh a slight squeeze. It was unlike Harry to be so viscerally nervous. She knew how anxious he got before performing or doing a big interview, but he was usually so good at keeping his nerves at bay. This was different, she supposed. This was her family, and it must have sparked a different kind of nervousness in him. “Silly thing. They’re going to love you,” she reassured. “How about you tilt that seat back and get a little more sleep love? You had a late one last night,” she suggested. He had been out at the launch of a friend of a friend’s debut novel, and while he had assured her that he would be home in time to get a good night’s sleep, he had gotten caught up in a conversation (or ten) and hadn’t made it home till past 1am, waking her up with a sloppy kiss to the forehead as his warm arms had wrapped around her.

“Y’sure? Don’ want yeh t’have ter drive by ye’self,” he said, hesitant to agree to her suggestion. “Don’t be silly. C’mon, lie back. Get comfy. There’s a blanket on the back seat.” He hesitated before giving in, reacheing back to grab it, pulling it over his body as he tilted back his chair. She glanced at him again, the sight of her big, strong boyfriend curled up under a mink blanket causing her to smile as she turned her attention back to the road. “Sweet dreams darling,” she murmured. His hand never left her thigh as he began to drift off, his grip starting to slacken as sleep pulled him closer, but not before he had the chance to mumble “Love yeh,” under his breath. “Love you too,” she smiled fondly.


The drive was only supposed to take about two hours, but it took them the better part of an hour to just get out of London, so by the time they were nearing her family home it was almost 10am. Thinking it was better to wake him now so he had a few minutes to get reacquainted with the world, she pulled the car over, her hand reaching over to push gently through his curls as she pressed a kiss to his temple. His skin was abnormally hot against her lips, and she frowning, her teeth nibbling the inside of her cheek. “Haz… Baby… Time to wake up,” she murmured, watching as his eyes opened reluctantly. “Hey,” he mumbled, his voice coarse. “You’re burning up sweetheart,” she frowned, handing him a bottle of water as he shuffled to sit up, adjusting his seat so that it was upright once more. He gulped back half the bottle in seconds, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Jus’ thirsty,” he smiled, slumping back against the seat. She wasn’t convinced, sighing as she started up the car again, deciding it wasn’t worth the fight. Harry wasn’t one to admit when he was unwell, preferring to just solider through it, and she had long given up trying to change this about him.

“Almost there now,” she told him, navigating her way through the familiar suburban streets. It felt strange to be back in this neighborhood. It was so engrained in her memory; she knew every little sign and bus stop and tree, and yet it felt so far away. She was a visitor in her own childhood memories, and it was an unsettling feeling, her stomach twisting slightly as the nostalgia rolled over her in waves. She pulled into the driveway, looking up at the home she had grown up in. Harry found her hand, giving it a little squeeze. “Does it feel weird t’be home?” he asked, his eyes searching her face as he tried to read her expression. He knew better than anyone what it felt like to be a stranger in your own home after being gone for so long. “Mm,” she hummed in response, turning to face him. She took a deep breath, offering him a smile. “Ready?” she asked. “Ready.”


The day went by reasonably quickly, in a whirl of hugs and grins and conversations about what everyone had been up to. Just as she had thought, Harry had fit right in, and her mum was completely smitten by him his special Harry charm. It warmed her to see him there, right in the midst of her family, his big hands cradling one of the many floral mugs her mum had collected for as long as she could remember. While she was relieved that everything was going so smoothly, she couldn’t help but notice there was something a bit off about Harry. He hadn’t eaten much of anything at all, pushing his lunch around his plate and nibbling on a single plain biscuit during afternoon tea. Blaming this on his nerves was the best she could do, and while her worry lingered constantly in the back of her mind, for the most part she was able to relax and enjoy herself.

Her mum was cooking up one of her famous roasts for dinner, and she sighed happily as the smells of the home cooked meal filled the living room. Her dad and Harry were chuckling at some lame joke her dad had made, and she grinned contentedly, falling back against the plush sofa and sighing happily. “Dinner!” her mum called as she bustled about in the kitchen, the sounds of her laying out plates and opening the oven door following her announcement. They made their way into the dining room, and Harry was quick to help her mum bring through the multitude of dishes she had so lovingly prepared. They settled down at the table, and her dad raised his glass, waiting to speak. “Look, I’m not much of a speech maker so I’ll keep this short, but I just wanted to say- we just wanted to say, Harry, we are thrilled that you are in our daughter’s life. It is abundantly clear that you make her extremely happy, and we are glad to be able to welcome you into our family,” he finished, raising his glass a little awkwardly, his cheeks flushing red.

She blinked back her tears, grinning as she clinked cheers with his glass. It meant the world for her dad to so openly give his approval, and his little speech was the cherry on the perfect, homemade cake that had been the day. Harry leaned in and pressed a kiss to her cheek, and her head dropped to his shoulder, overwhelmed with love for each person sitting at the table with her. Her mum smiled at the pair as she began to spoon food onto their plates, loading them up with liberal amounts of potatoes, veges and chicken. She straightened up, reaching for the gravy and pouring a little over her food before turning to Harry. “Gravy?” Harry nodded a couple of times, his eyes closing for a moment and skin paling much the same way it had earlier that morning in the car. She set the gravy jug down, looking up at him, concern creeping across her features once more. Harry breathed heavily through his nose, eyes closed tight, before he bolted up, rushing down the hallway to the bathroom. She hurried after him, eyes widening as she caught up with him, his head hanging over the toilet bowl as he vomited violently. 

“Oh baby…” she murmured, dropping to her knees beside him, her hand rubbing over his back. “C’mon… Get it all out,” she soothed as he continued to vomit, his hands gripping the rim of the toilet, his knuckles whitening from the intensity of his grip. He vomited four times before finally raising his head, panting, his skin waxy and pale, sweat beading along his hairline. She pressed a kiss to his clammy forehead before standing, wetting a wash cloth and filling the cup by the sink with water, joining him again on the floor. “Here we go…” she murmured, dabbing at his mouth with the warm facecloth and handing him the water. “Than’you,” he mumbled, sipping at the cup. “Reckon there’s more? Or bed time,” she asked, a hand stroking back his curls. He leaned into her touch, his eyes flickering shut at the feeling. She waited patiently for his answer, continuing her gentle stroking. “Bed,” he croaked finally, pulling his eyes open reluctantly. She nodded, helping him up, an arm around his waist as she guided him to her old bedroom.

She sat him on the edge of the bed, busying herself with taking off his shoes and helping him out of his clothes, rummaging through his bag for some clean sweatpants and a hoodie, helping him pull them on. He did his best to assist her, but his actions were weak, his sickness draining all the energy out of him. “Nice room,” he mumbled, offering her a weak smirk, but a smirk all the same. She giggled softly, shaking her head. The room was a pale pink color, the same pink she had chosen when she was the ripe old age of thirteen. Her parents had guided her away from her initial choice of hot pink, compromising with this slightly more subdued tone, and she was eternally grateful that they had done so. Hot or not however, the room was still pink, and she flushed slightly, having forgotten that Harry was seeing this for the first time amidst being so caught up in looking after him. “Quit it, you. Or I won’t snuggle you,” she fake-warned, waggling a finger in his face. He let out a soft whine, looking up at her with sad eyes. “Don’t give me that look!” she said, shaking her head. He broke into a sleepy grin, his hand coming to rest on her waist. “Yeh love me,” he mumbled. “I do,” she replied, kissing his still-clammy forehead.

“C’mon, in you get,” she instructed, guiding him under the covers and pulling them up around him, tucking him in. Her hand came to his forehead and she sighed, feeling his hot skin on hers. “I’m gonna get you something for this head of yours love. And a bucket, and some water. I’ll be right back, okay?” she assured, kissing his forehead once more. He whined, a weak hand reaching out for her and then falling to his side in defeat, his hazy eyes watching her as she left the room. She hurried about, collecting a water bottle, a bucket, a cold flannel, and a few other supplies. Her mum helped her, offering a sympathetic murmur as she explained how unwell Harry was. She headed back to the room, slowing her movements as she realized he was asleep, tip-toeing about the room as she set everything down.

She changed quietly into her own pyjamas, and then slid in carefully next to him, watching him sleep for a moment before reaching for the cool flannel, laying it carefully across his burning forehead. His eyes flickered open and he smiled weakly at her. “Feels good,” he mumbled, eyes shutting again. “Ssshhhh,” she hushed, holding the flannel to his forehead as he sighed in relief. The heat from his fever crept through the damp flannel, and while the relief was temporary, it was what Harry had needed. She placed the flannel back on the bedside table, shuffling in close to Harry. “Comfy?” she asked, her voice soft as she watched him. “Mm,” he hummed, eyes opening and closing slowly. “Wan’… Can… Can I…” he mumbled, and she knew exactly what he wanted. She lay back, her arms opening as if to invite him closer. He gladly obliged, shuffling in against her, his head on her chest and limbs warm and heavy as he draped them across her. “Than’you,” he mumbled, pressing a blind kiss to her body before settling in against her. “Always, sweetheart. And next time, you tell me how sick you’re feeling before I make you drive all the way to my parents, okay?” she chuckled softly, her hand in his hair again, fingers gently massaging his scalp. “Okay,” he hummed, drifting off to sleep against her. It wasn’t long before sleep took her too, safe and warm beneath the covers.


endless list of favorite characters + Meredith Grey

“ I think you can’t wait for someone to fly underneath and save you and save your life. I think you have to save yourself. “

If it’s words you seek (I’ll Remember You)

Summary: Darcy Lewis is many things, avoidance expert, current holder of the Hydra Survivor Cup and not to boast but she’s at an expert level with self defense in sarcasm and shiny wit.

What she’s absolutely not is Steve Rogers Soulmate, she doesn’t give a flying monkey what the universe is trying to tell her with the gifts she’s recently acquired, i.e Reading His Mind and other tricks that have to do with The Good Captain.

Her and Steve? Pffft, that’s never gonna happen.

I’m back for the Steve X Darcy fandom. Yay? Seriously though all of you have been so lovely that I had to write some more. And achievement (or disaster waiting to happen?) It’s my second mult-chapter in years. So super nervous. I got this odd idea and I had to run with it. I’m a lover of angst and a good slow burn so buckle your seatbelts kids, it’s about to get rough.

As always thank you for your continued support in my writing, your guys comments always give me a confidence boost, so this is a really for you. You guys inspire me

A heads up though, Darcy has been in the hands of Hydra for 3 years so there will be mentions of that, incase it’s not your cup of tea, also naughty language galore.

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Chapter one: Fairy Tales are for Chumps.

It’s been three years and spare change since Darcy went missing.

Today she’s been found.

…Sort of, she’s been found adjacent, found-ish,

The heroes didn’t exactly storm the castle to find her. (Those things only happen in Fairy Tales and if Darcy has learned anything from captivity it’s that Fairy Tales are for chumps.)

So being rescued is slightly exaggerating, she’s actually really lost, and not to be dramatic or anything, but she also feels like she’s going to die, on account of some bullet wounds and some broken ribs that are calling her an asshole.

She’s also trying like super duper hard to not go into shock and or hysterics, because the streets are so loud it’s overwhelming, she hasn’t heard this much noise is so long and it’s frankly grating on her last nerve that hasn’t been shot at, she’d say she’s sort of missing her cell right about now, but then Darcy would be a lying liar that lied, it’s heavily implied though.

Good thing the New Yorkers are giving her a wide berth to work with as she’s stumbling and clasping to shop windows and walls. But that’s probably more to do with her hospital gown being blood drenched and her dirty bare feet, than any amount of politeness they have for her. They look at her with wide unbelieving eyes, she must have looked liked the dead walking and not in an awesome costume kind of way, in a scarred for life kind of way.

She feels scarred for life, so there’s that.

Honestly, the city has seen aliens coming out of thin air to bring the world to an early apocalypse, but she’s the weird one? Yeah, okay assholes. Thanks for the help.

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