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everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.

lisaextraordinaire: All the fun and feels with Nina. It’s been a joy to see the rise of @ninadobrev grow up into the red carpet #fashion force she is today to her working nonstop with movie’s best without changing a bit from the gracious, fun girls’ girl she’s always been. She deserves every success. Adore you. 💫⭐️💥 #tvd #tvdwrapparty#tvdforever #xxx #flatliners #ninadobrev#atl #atlanta

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It's kinda cool that even though Lauren's musical taste is so different from 5H, she's never really bashed it. She was so cute about 727 and being excited. I'd expect her to be hipster cool and over it, but she's always been really gracious about that.

Yeah it’s adorable, 7/27 is way out of her league yet she was so hyped over it. (not saying the other girls werent)


[get to know me meme] 10 Youtubers (4/10): Ingrid Nilsen 

5 things that make me happy

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1. Superwholock makes me extremely happy!

2. Dogs are amazing and I used to have a Labrador retriever, but she died about a year ago. Since then, my anxiety has skyrocketed and I’ m trying to convince my parents to let me get a dog. 

3. Books are my way to escape from reality and have helped me through a lot. I love reading and people usually think that is pretty weird, but who cares!

4. My best friend makes me extremely happy and she has always been there for me!

5. My little cousins are so adorable and they make me feel old! I remember when they were born and they say the funniest things! I love them to bits!

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currently working on zine stuff and I had to stop for a second because I’m getting overwhelmed by tikki’s cuteness like ?? has she always been this adorable??? tikki please;;;


1Charlie had married Jenna…11…? Maybe 12 years ago. She’d always been sweet to him. And he’d absolutely adored her little girl. Emily was just…something else. She’d always seemed to like him, and he just loved her. He’d taken to the child right away, and for a time, they’d almost been inseparable.

He and Jenna got married when Emily was 5 or so, and they’d all gone on a trip together for the honeymoon. He’d never thought to adopt Emily as his own. She had a dad. She didn’t need another one, even if the first was a piece of shit. So he didn’t bother. 

Jenna had gotten pregnant a couple years after they got married, and Charlie swore he’d never been so happy before in his life. She’d been excited, and even the workers at his bar had been excited for them. They’d bought a bigger house in preparation. It had a pool out back, and a big tree and a big yard, and a hot tub. Charlie had even thought about putting in a little play are for Emily and the new baby.

But something had happened…And Jenna lost the baby. And that was when she just…started pushing Charlie away. Sh wouldn’t look at him, she didn’t speak to him. He didn’t know how she’d told Emily, because he wasn’t allowed to. Jenna had insisted she do it herself. And he’d let her.

It’d taken nearly a year before she finally let him sleep with her again, and even then she didn’t want him to touch her or hold her. And he didn’t let it bother him.

After a while, she just…couldn’t get into sex with him. And she didn’t mind him seeking that sort of release elsewhere. She just…couldn’t handle the idea of him on top of her…inside of her. It wasn’t like it was hard for him to find someone to hook up with.

Even through everything, though, he stayed loyal to her. He stayed with her, and he told her when he slept with other women, who they were, all of it. And she didn’t mind.

He remembered coming home one day, seeing a car in the driveway, taking up the space where his car usually went. Who the fuck…?

Her ex. Emily’s dad. Great.

Charlie could barely recall what had happened. But he knew it was something large. He’d gotten so angry. He’d blacked out. And when he finally came to his senses, he was being handcuffed and forced into the back of a cop car.

He’d been charged with aggravated assault. Five years and $10,000. But when they’d spoken to Jenna and himself and a couple of the neighbors, who’d seen the fight, the charges were brought down to battery, and two years in prison with a $1,000 fine. Thank God.

Jenna had seemed rather excited when he called her, letting her know they were letting him out early. She’d come and picked him up, and taken him home. He was surprised by how affectionate she was with him, kissing him and holding his hand and wrapping her arms around him.

Emily, apparently, was on some sort of trip according to her mother. She wasn’t supposed to be back for three days. She had plans to make all his favorite meals and so all these things. And all Charlie wanted was to just relax. And maybe shower alone.

Jenna was in the pool, floating on a chaise. She wore a pink halter one piece suit, her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, with large white sunglasses on. Charlie had made himself comfortable on a lounger with soft cushions. He’d moved a table next to his that hel his beer. He wore black board shorts and sunglasses, eyes closed. He hadn’t bothered to shave, deciding he liked how he looked with his grey facial hair paired with his graying black hair. His back was to the house, eyes closed, half asleep.


C: I am so pissed right now!!! I just started watching OITNB season 4 and as I’m in the middle of the season, I learn that Poussey (one of only THREE queer black women on the show) was killed at the end of the season. She had always been one of my favs and she just got into this adorable relationship with another characters, Soso, which I loved and just as I’m getting into this ship, they decide to kill her?! But what pisses me off even more is that all these white girls, both straight and lesbians, on here are saying that her death was justified because it brought to light issues with police brutality and the black lives matter movement and I haven’t watched the episode and I don’t know if I’m even going to because I’m SO UPSET RN, but they say Poussey was killed by one of the timid, likeable guards by “accident”, so to me instead of that sending a message about how police brutality is bad, that sends a message that when police kill black people, it’s not on purpose, which basically negates the whole anti-police brutality sentiment. They said on the show that the authorities of the prison tried to cover it up and that no one was punished so that sends a message that our prison system is messed up but STILL, why couldn’t you find another way to do it???!! Poussey was probably the most likeable character on the show, she was a lesbian, and she was BLACK. First of all, I don’t care what message you were trying to send, you don’t kill off your most likeable character!!! That’s just common sense. And secondly, lesbians hardly get any representation as it is, so for there to be a BLACK, HAPPY, LESBIAN, it’s extremely rare and you’re just going to kill her off to spread a message that could’ve been spread and impactful in 100 other ways. 

As a black lesbian myself, it’s very hurtful and it’s even more hurtful when I see all these bitches, most of whom are white, on Tumblr trying to justify the death by saying that it sent a social justice message. BITCH I DON’T CARE!!! They killed off a type of character that probably won’t pop up in entertainment any time soon and I think that it’s just so inconsiderate for them to immediately try to justify it instead of giving people time to grieve. The reason they’re so quick to justify it is because they’re not black queer women and they didn’t see Poussey as a model figure like black queer women do.

When Lexa died on the 100 (she was a white lesbian), I totally stanned for all the white lesbians who were devastated. Sure, Lexa was shot by a stray bullet and in a meaningless way, but I didn’t justify it by saying, the actress was a main character on another show so she had to leave, no, I let people grieve, I said it was wrong, and I stood by them, even though Lexa’s death didn’t directly impact me as a black queer woman. White people always do this!!! (I’m not talking about the few white people who have been respectful and stuck by us queer black women on the issue–you guys are good) They never put themselves in other people’s shoes or try to be considerate, they always have to justify something if doesn’t directly affect them and they still think that they’re being progressive and open-minded and I’m sick of it. The writers could’ve found another way to send the message without killing off one of the only happy, black, queer, and woman representation that we have. I’m done with this show.

Ok just take a look at this for a second..

Look at the way they are smiling at each other..He is just over the moon to have her back he can’t shut up or stop looking at her or following her around etc etc. I mean there is an important mission/run to go on and here he is, carrying water with Carol. And talking more in one episode than he done for a entire season. 

He adores her, it’s just so damn obvious I don’t know ho anyone can NOT see that. 

And her, she’s just got this ‘you are just too cute’ lookShe’s trying so hard to resit how sweet he’s being, how much he’s affecting her thoughts of getting away. Of getting too close again and risking the possible loss yet again. But as hard as she resists she just helpt that little smile she’s giving him right there. 

Because she adores him too. And that’s always been obvious too. 

These two I swear.. they are just to frickin cute and I can’t even sometimes..

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