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Destiel Day/Night AU

For @elicedraws

Based on her Day/Night AU that I absolutely adore.  

If you haven’t checked it out yet, definitly do that, it’ll make you smile.  Here’s the link to her masterpost for the comic and all the fanart/fics and cosplay that has come in.  Elicedraws Destiel Day and Night AU

I’ve seen a lot of fanart based on this cute comic she drew.  I kind of combined all the different outfits that I’ve seen these two in.  I also felt Cas needed more bling, so I added toe rings and a headband to him too.  

I thought maybe instead of one going away when the other is due to take over the sky, maybe one just goes to sleep and the other watches over them.

Prismacolor marker with Photoshop sparkles :)

The fandom is supposedly a fun, safe place for me to join and feel free share my love for Vegeta without being judged. I expected that most people in here would have understand each other because most of us have been going through the same things because we love the same character. The first time I joined the fandom was in 2007, when I begin to share my stories on fanfiction dot net. I know I am not that good when I first started but the fandom showed me support and encouraged me to do more. I met lots of good people too, who taught me many things until I was able to improve myself.

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Wanted to take a minute to thank @sorokinalina for spending her puppy-sitting time creating photos of the Echolls family as featured in my fanfic. From experience, I know how much work is involved in not only finding the right photos, but also doing the actual photoshopping. As a small way to show my appreciation, I thought she might like a sneak peek at the first chapter of the next story, Same Old Song.

The full fic is months away from being ready to post so I’ve hidden most of the chapter under the cut since it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger (read at your own risk). 


Veronica pulled open the front door to reveal a tall, leggy redhead. “Can I help you?” 

She hesitated, looked at the paper in her hand and then back to Veronica. “No, I don’t think you can. I’m sorry, I…” Her face crumpled and her blue eyes glistened with unshed tears. A quick shake of her head and her composure returned. “I must have the wrong house.” 

“Veronica, do you want—” He froze, jaw slack with surprise.

“Logan?” The redhead rushed past her into the house and threw herself into Logan’s arms. 

Instead of pushing the strange woman away, Veronica’s husband actually pulled her closer, a smile crossing his face. One of the rare smiles- easy and unguarded, imbued with genuine warmth and happiness. His eyes flicked to Veronica and the smile faltered. 

“It is you. I was afraid…” Redhead started crying and Logan gently stroked her back, soothing and comforting her. What the hell was going on? “I’m in trouble. I need money fast and you’re the…I need two-hundred grand.” 

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(I ran out of characters wow... )I can't even finish my drawings. negative thoughts aside I like your cat, it's super cute, makes me wanna boop his(her?) nose :D btw I also wanted to thank you, that lasso technique was super handy :D keep doing great art, I might learn something. I'm really interested in the painting part. though I could really use sketching knowledge cause I either end up with nearly stick figures or making a 4 hour sketch that I end up throwing away.

Your messages are sweet, dude get off anon so I can try to help you with any drawing issues, i love helping and even though im new to photoshop i can still give tips! Keep drawing/sketching, but its also okay to take breaks and play video games!
My cat is a gal and shes the most beautiful cat on earth confirmed

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How do i explain to my boss that im giggling over giant alien robot bug shenanigans and the idea of 100 froid sized overlords????

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Please show them this abomination of a Photoshop edit I keep spamming at my friend ever since she told me what she thought Whirl’s species was:

Show them this and tell them you’re witnessing art. )
Louis Tomlinson shares sweet picture of his baby son Freddie asleep
Louis Tomlinson continued to show off his adorable child Freddie Reign on Instagram, both out of pride and to perhaps continue to silence his critics.

He was recently forced to hit out at bizarre rumours that his baby son was fake.

And Louis Tomlinson continued to show off his adorable child Freddie Reign on Instagram, both out of pride and to perhaps continue to silence the nay-sayers.

The 24-year-old One Direction star thrilled his nine million followers on the social sharing site as he posted a lovely snap of the 12-week-old baby on a sofa on Tuesday.

With the little tot fast asleep and bundled up in blankets, Louis’ younger sister Lottie looked on at him with adoration.

The doting dad simply captioned the image with a couple of ‘zzzs’ to signify that he was a sleepy one enjoying a nap.

Laying with his arms splayed out, the sweet baby boy - whose mother is Louis’ former fling Briana Jungwirth - showed off his sense of style at such a young age, wearing a light denim shirt.

Louis and Lottie were in the midst of what looked liked a relaxing day, with food and soft drinks on the table in front of the pretty ash-haired make-up artist.

The siblings were later pictured stepping out for a spot of retail therapy at the Nike store, Lottie wearing the same outfit she had on in the Instagram snap.

Louis kept it simple as he donned a black Adidas t-shirt for the outing, for which they weren’t joined by his little boy.

Following his super-cute photo of his newborn, Louis took a moment to show off his good looks in a selfie, the History hitmaker gazing into the camera against a leafy backdrop.

These new pictures came after he shared yet another sweet image of his infant child, the bairn looking up in wonder in a white onesie while laying on a fluffy giraffe mat and a football between his chubby feet.

The singer has been spending plenty of time with his baby son Freddie along with his sister in Calabasas, Los Angeles, where he currently lives while caring for his son with Briana.

He was pictured out and about with Lottie in the area last week, the doting new dad still showing he’s getting to grips with fatherhood as he pushed Freddie in his stroller.

Last week, Louis - who is currently taking some time out from work while One Direction are on hiatus - blasted claims that had surfaced online that his and Briana’s son was a fake.

He was caught on camera responding to a photographer who questioned him about the internet whispers.

'Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal,’ Louis told a pap who had said: 'Hey Louis, it’s good to see that your baby is real, man,’ in reference to the newly-publicised theory.

In a video obtained by MailOnline, the star can be heard breaking his silence on the bizarre claims for the first time.

Freddie’s mother Briana, 24, also had her say on the 'sick’ claims, branding them 'cruel’.

She commented on an MTV News Instagram post which showed her child Photoshopped out of one of the first photos of Louis holding him.

The stylist fumed: 'Sorry but that is just cruel. I don’t usually speak out much, but I’d like to know how would you feel as a new proud mother reading something like this?

'How dare anyone call my child fake? That’s sick and morally wrong. Say all you’d like but I won’t let anyone take away the happiness I have for my baby son. I know Louis won’t either.’