she's alone in the south pole

the best part of the idea that asami was in love with korra before she went back to the south pole is that at no time did asami ever force her feelings onto korra. like we all know that korra’s emotional state at that time was still extremely fragile and any type of love confession would have been waaaaay too overwhelming for her to handle *cough*mako in season one*cough* instead she just stood by korra’s side and offered her nothing but comfort and support even though she was already secretly in love with her,,,,,asami also respected korra’s decision to go back to the south pole alone even after she made it clear that she would have dropped everything in republic city just to go with her. anyway,,,,,,, god bless asami sato and healthy wlw relationships

Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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Friendly reminder than Kanna, aka Gran Gran, Sokka and Katara’s grandmother was totally awesome! 

Like this woman had had enough of her own people’s misogynistic customs and practices and decided to pack up and embark on a journey to the other side of the world. 

And like how did she do it??? To have that much independence and courage, to leave behind everything you ever knew and just try to find somewhere you’ll be happy…no seriously how? This isn’t a rhetorical question. I wish we had an episode (or at least a flashback) all about Gran Gran and how she got to the south pole. Was she alone? What transportation did she use to get there? Who did she meet along the way? How did it change her? Is that why she was so accepting of her grand-kids going on an adventure of their own? 

So yeah, friendly reminder that Gran Gran was awesome!

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Katara for the fandom ask 🙂

  • First impression: I like her hair loopies and she’s really pretty for an animated character. She’s kind of bossy though. 
  • Impression now: She is so fierce, nurturing, powerful, scarred, determined, good-hearted, forgiving and loving. She deserves a hell of a lot better than what Bryke gave her. 
  • Favorite moment: When Zuko and Katara go to find Yon Rah and she stops the rain then sends the ice shards flying at Yon Rah, only stopping inches from his face. That moment really and truly displayed how powerful she was as a bender, not as a waterbender, but simply as a bender. You could even see this realisation on Zuko’s face as he stares at her. 
  • Idea for a story: After a few months of traveling with Aang, Katara realises that her feelings for Aang aren’t as deep or as romantic as she thought. She sees that in the way she still has to mother him and the way she feels more alone than ever, so she packs up her bags and demands he take her back home. Back at the South Pole, Katara rises as a leader as she helps rebuild her tribe and the ties they once had with the North Pole. When her people realise how strong and intelligent she is, they elect her as their chosen representation to go to the Fire Nation to discuss peace treaties and reparations. There, she reconnects with Zuko, finding that maybe she wasn’t the only one to feel lonely post-war.
  • Unpopular opinion: Katara deserves better than to be Aang’s Trophy Wife. She deserves to be respected and hailed as much as the other characters in Legend of Korra. She deserves to be with a husband who doesn’t neglect his kids, only to favour the one airbender in the family. 
  • Favorite relationship: Katara and Zuko for obvious reasons xD
  • Favorite headcanon: Katara fell in love with Zuko the second he took a lightning bolt to the chest for her, but she didn’t realise it for a long while. 

Thank you for sending this in!!! <3333

Fireworks. (Tokka)

Tokka time!

Actually I had this idea back in 2008, maybe 2009. It probably has been done anyways. But I gave it a new wrapping, put some New Year’s flair on top and here we go :)

This does not consider any happenings during the ATLA comics. Also sorry for weird mistakes, English is not my first language :P

I hope you enjoy!  
Have a happy new year everyone :) <3</i>


It had been a busy year, it sure had. Sokka had spent a lot of time at the South Pole, taking care of his tribe, reunited with his family. If Katara wasn’t busy at home, she’d take every chance to travel with Aang, handling the peace situation. Sokka had done a bit of traveling himself in the name of his friend and new Firelord Zuko, delivering important messages, bringing peace and stuff. And before he knew it another year had gone by. And there he was, back in the Fire Nation, where Zuko had gathered all his friends and their families to celebrate what they’d achieved as well as the beginning of a new year.

Sokka had been ecstatic about this, excited to see everyone again. Especially Suki, the other Kyoshi warriors, Aang of course, Katara, Toph, Zuko, his uncle, Mai and her friend Ty Lee whose presence still creeped him out a little. And then there was Haru, Smellerbee and The Duke and – well, he could go on for a while because Zuko had basically gathered everyone. Sokka had dressed up in one of Zuko’s fancy suits – one he suspected the new Firelord had specifically made for him, sleeveless in dark ruby. But after eating, drinking, laughing and chatting, a weird feeling had started to get a hold of him. This night wouldn’t last. This being together wouldn’t last. And he would miss everyone so bad back at the South Pole. Even if he traveled around, helping everyone out, he’d always end up missing someone and somehow that got to him more than usual.

As everyone went outside for the big firework – the highlight of the night – he suddenly felt overwhelmed by everything. The people, the noise, the situation altogether. So he fell back behind the crowd and took a turn to the left into the Royal Garden.

He hadn’t gone too far when he spotted Toph sitting on the ground, leaning against a low decorative wall. She was alone, her red ball gown draped over her set up feet and all over the ground, her shoes spread on the grass because she’d just carelessly kicked them off her feet.

She had never liked shoes. Somehow that made him smile. Sokka had wondered where she’d gone – not consciously but more like he had felt something or someone was missing. Well now he knew where that feeling had come from, because it instantly started to fade.

She had grown up quite a bit in that short amount of time they’d been apart. Though looking at her like this he realized, it had been way too long. He really had missed her.

As he came closer, he recognized her hunched over posture as she was hugging her knees and somehow it felt like someone had kicked him in the stomach. Or poked a needle into his heart maybe. For a second he had forgotten to keep up his steady pace while walking towards her.

“Hey Toph,” he said, when he finally reached her, concentrated to keep a cheery tone in his voice.

“Hey Sokka,” she answered sounding tired.

“You’re not one for fireworks, huh,” he said a little more serious, picking up her shoes from the ground.

Toph hesitated for a bit – the bit that assured him something was wrong.  

“Yeah, well, I’m not getting too excited over explosion noises”, she said, trying to pick up on the joke but turning away her head.

Sokka had caught that slight shiver in her voice. He sat down next to her, his shoulder touching hers. She was cold and he wondered how long she’d been out here on her own. He knew she’d be embarrassed if he’d just hugged her for appearing so sad or to warm her up, so all he could do for now was sit next to her, that tiny spot of skin touching her shoulder.

They sat for a while and both remained silent. Somehow the memory of her and him sitting on that cliff so many months back came to mind. She probably just didn’t want to talk. But Sokka couldn’t help it, he had to know.  

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly, concentrating on the stars in the night sky so he wouldn’t try to look for even the slightest hint on her face.

She remained silent for a bit, but Sokka waited patiently. He knew she’d tell him. She was just debating on how to put it.  

“It’s just … I’m not one to pity myself for being blind. I’m good, I get by perfectly fine, it’s just I … I guess I got used to feeling like I was normal. Like I had all the chances everyone else has. But sometimes I’m just reminded that I’m … different … Which is not a bad thing, it’s just …”

She fell silent, hugging her knees a little tighter and pressing her lips together while lowering her head so her dark bangs would hide her eyes.

Remembering the shiver in her voice when she’d tried to joke about the fireworks, Sokka put one and one together. It hurt so much to see her like that. This amazing girl. He had always wished for her to be happy. Shoving his thoughts aside his eyes wandered over her pretty face, still in awe about how much she’d grown up in this short year. Then he raised his gaze towards the fireworks right in front of them.

And as Sokka started describing the firework’s journey towards the night sky and the sounds they made while doing so, the way it looked like thousand little shiny dots that exploded and spread in the shape of a flower, she felt like she was actually watching, seeing the fireworks for the first time in her life, starting to understand what one could enjoy about that spectacle. He made up words to explain the motion and colors of the lights and took his time to describe as accurately as he could, connecting the sounds she knew with pictures she didn’t. And while they were watching the night sky accompanied by the distant noises of the actual celebration, she felt tears gather up in her eyes. She turned her head, suppressing the need to cry, as Sokka continued describing the different kinds of flowers the fireworks would paint.

Once she was able to speak again, she said his name in a shaky voice. Sokka stopped abruptly, turning his head. She could feel his irritation, as if he’d been in deep thought about how else to describe what he saw. Felt the excitement he had gained while talking the two of them up into the sky. And also his terror when he realized how she was so close to crying. To falling apart.

“Ye?” he said, letting his gesturing hand sink a little bit, scared he might have hurt her by what he’d done.

She hesitated, then put her head on his shoulder.

“Thanks,” she muttered.

An eased smile was broadening on his face. He pulled out his arm that had been squished between them and put it around her cold shoulders, pulling her a little closer, his relief completely drowning out the worries about touching her – and also that odd tickling sensation in his stomach. She wouldn’t tell him, but she really had been cold. And she would never admit that his touch felt so soft and warm, it made her dizzy.

When Sokka continued to describe the night sky the old year passed and the New Year arrived. They sat in the cold, wishing for all good things to come their way. Or maybe it wouldn’t even matter if only he wouldn’t have to miss her so much, if only she could have him around a little more. Sokka had managed to make her feel like she actually belonged here with everyone else. And like it wouldn’t matter that the night was about to end.

For a little while everything felt perfect. 

Title: The Exception
Summary: in a town taken over by fear, a young couple tries to make their way back to each other.
A/N: It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted something, and I gotta say it was all my fault for being too lazy during my free time XD This one is based on what Lili said about the cute moments we’re gonna have while Reversal faces the civil war, and I really hope we can get a similar scene!! Hope you enjoy it, and I’m already sorry about what you’re gonna read! Please, tell me what you think!
It was a cold and silent night, as Elizabeth Cooper made her way through the southern part of Riverdale, with nothing but her uncharged phone in hands. She was all alone in those empty streets, facing shadows that extended for miles, and even if she was trying her best not to be afraid at that moment, Betty failed miserably whenever her ears captured a sudden noise her smart brain just couldn’t identify.

It’s just an animal, she would tell herself. A cute, defenseless animal and not the dangerous man who shot Fred Andrews and was entitled Angel of Death after spreading fear and horror around the whole town.

Oh, It was probably just a squirrel.

As she made her way to where her boyfriend was— which she was almost positive to be around that area— Betty remained alert for any sign of trouble. Her sea green eyes were widened, looking around the entire perimeter surrounding her as in a protective measure, and at the same time she was doing everything she could in order to get warmer, her perfect, pure mind couldn’t stop cursing mayor McCoy for not giving the Southside a decent street illumination.

She was definitely going to write an article about that as soon as she got home. During the long time she would eventually spend grounded, the Cooper girl would continue to do justice with her own words.

The idea of spending the next couple of months in partial house arrest, for as bad as it could seem, didn’t scare her, let alone made her regret the decision she made earlier that night. Thanks to the immature, civil war declared by the adults of Riverdale, both Betty and Jughead, for living in opposite poles of the same, small town, ended up being dragged into the middle of that mess. People gave him weird glares whenever he was around the North, and her presence around the South wasn’t really welcomed by everyone either. That situation created an indelicate discomfort whenever they visited a place that’s not Pop’s, and even if both of them loved that diner, it was impossible not to see that things were just getting worse around them.

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pairing: zuko/katara, a/n: giveaway prize :) 

submitted by: somuttersthesea

“I’m not here to cause trouble, Katara,” Zuko says, and he looks truly repentant while doing so.  “I’m here to train Aang, to help him get ready to face my father.  I’m not going to cause problems.”

Katara makes him wait an extended moment while she stirs that night’s soup before she answers.  The others may have accepted him into their group here at the Western Air Temple, but she can only see him in cavern-dark light, and she remembers the feel of his scar beneath her fingertips.

The fire flares under the soup pot—is Zuko doing that?  Does he have an unconscious reaction with his element when he’s nervous, or angry, or out of control?  She used to do that much more often, but now she controls her bending with honed skill.  But so does Zuko.  So if that is him, he must really care about what she says.

Still, words come that she knows he won’t want to hear.  “What good reason do I have to believe you?  You’re a traitor, and traitors always lie.”

She glances up enough to see that the barb hurts.

“You only have my word.”  He looks dejected and, for the barest hint of a second, Katara feels a spurt of pity.  If he’s telling the truth… 

She shakes her head.  “That’s not enough.”


After a mission to Whale Tail Island and an Agni Kai gone wrong, Katara decides that Zuko’s word is enough.


A few years later, after the war has ended, after Aang and Mai are gone from their lives, letters fly by messenger hawk between the Fire Nation capital and the South Pole.  Old friends arrange a visit, and when Katara steps off of the boat with Sokka in the Fire Nation harbor where Zuko waits for them, she realizes that he’s about to cause trouble of an entirely different kind.

How did she fail to notice before that he has such a nice smile?

A dramatic and overjoyed Sokka (she’s happy to see her brother in love, but she could do without the theatrical declarations to that effect) spends most of his time with Suki, and Katara finds herself alone with Zuko most of the time when he’s not in meetings.

Not that she minds.

A difficult first few years of reign have lessened his temper and increased his confidence, but he still blushes furiously the first time she takes his hand in hers.

They talk about politics and how their respective nations are handling recovery after the war.  They take palanquin rides through the city (which Zuko only agrees to because Katara wants to see the capital and his guards won’t let him out unattended) or walk in the gardens, and one night they manage to sneak out of the palace to walk through the city itself.  They spend a good deal of time at the turtleduck ponds near his childhood home and talk about his search for his mother.

The weeks of their visit pass with more speed than seems fair, and Katara doesn’t expect Zuko to kiss her first, or for her heart to hurt so much when she and Sokka leave to go home to the South Pole.


They exchange letters more frequently after that, but Katara doesn’t realize quite how obvious her feelings are until Gran Gran takes her hand one afternoon to help her stir the pot while she cooks turtle seal soup.

Gran Gran hasn’t helped her cook since she was young and just learning how to do it on her own, and her grandmother’s words that accompany the aid hold knowledge but no accusation.  “You were letting the soup burn, child; you have to keep stirring it.”  A pause, then, “Who is he?”

Katara blinks in surprise, and her hand stops again until Gran Gran clears her throat and points to the pot again.  “Oh.”  The wooden spoon moves out of habit, pulling glistening rivulets through the soup’s fatty top layer.

“One of the Northern warriors who’ve come to help rebuild?”

Katara stirs in silence.

“One of the men who fought with your father?”

Only the bubbling soup talks.

Gran Gran sighs.  “You love the Fire Lord.”

The way Katara’s eyes widen when she looks up must tell her grandmother all she needs to know, and she continues speaking without Katara’s input.

“It won’t be easy for you.  There’s a world of trouble for this peace you young people are trying to build, especially if you want to marry the enemy.”

“He’s not our enemy any—!” Katara’s protest ends when Gran Gran interrupts.

“But I ran away when I was younger than you to earn myself the right to live my life as I chose, to make my own rules.  That’s what you’re doing, but there’s more at risk than just your own life, girl.”

The soup bubbles as Katara stirs.  “I know.”

Gran Gran nods.  “So long as you do.”


When Katara leaves the South Pole on a ship sailing to the Fire Nation with a letter she’s read so often that she’s memorized it clutched in her hand—I’ve secured support from enough councilors that we could make it work.  I can’t leave right now—there have been too many assassination attempts lately (Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors have been busy), and Uncle advises that for me to disappear would be seen as a sign of weakness—but I wish I could come for you and bring you here myself.  I can’t, but—if you come, we could get married.  Will you come?—she has only Zuko’s word that she will find a welcome and a life on foreign shores.

And even though the world’s against them, that’s enough.

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I so agree with what you said in your last meta over Katara, but some people say that in LOK she's sad because she hasn't seen her kids in a long time and all and that's what it was instead of he repeated omg to be happy, your thoughts?

And why hasn’t she seen her kids in a long time–so long that Meelo doesn’t even remember her? Because they’re busy. They’re busy, leading people and living their lives, while Katara just gets … left behind. Alone. At the South Pole. And you’ll notice that the same people who argue that Katara is too old and frail to fight also see no problem with an octogenarian grandmother being left by herself for months, even years, in a harsh and unforgiving climate.

Who does Katara have at the South Pole, really? Her brother is dead, her husband is dead, the GAang all went their separate ways, and worst of all, she seems to have no friends at all, only associates of the White Lotus. Her daughter stayed with her after Aang died, but we don’t know for how long (probably not for 16 straight years). There’s a reason LOK!Katara’s nickname is Old Sad Katara, and it’s a crying shame.

Just finished Legend of Korra. Many feels. While I do wish that we already lived in a world where Asami and Korra’s relationship could have been more openly and “officially” stated on screen and we don’t have to compile lists to prove their on screen build-up … here is a list I compiled in response to the notion that it was “slapped together”.

  • Asami did Korra’s hair for Jinora’s ceremony, complimented her, held her hand and said that if she needed to talk, then paused and sort of awkwardly said “or anything else” then she was here for her
  • Asami offered to go stay with Korra in the South Pole.
  • Asami is the only one Korra wrote to, saying she felt comfortable with her
  • When reunited Korra sounded nervous, they hugged right away and held each other while they spoke
  • Asami complimented Korra’s hair and she blushed
  • Asami thinks of Korra and bring her tea, Korra calls her sweet
  • Asami can tell that Korra is “out of sorts” when other people don’t notice.
  • Korra opens up to Asami about her fears and weaknesses.
  • Asami counters every fear she has, comforts her and assures her that she is important.
  • Korra wants to be alone with Korra, apologises specifically to Asami for being gone
  • Korra and Asami share an embrace
  • They go on a goddamn couples vacation together holding hands like big goddamn bisexuals and then stare bisexually into each others eyes. Bisexually.

And these are only things within the last season and late third season. There were more things I noticed earlier and didn’t write down. The fact that people think it was rushed or slapped together or didn’t make sense is such a pure example of heteronormative thinking. 

We are so used to seeing two girls getting along on screen as only friends, especially since they both dated boys. So we see them in a heterosexual light and refuse to see what would would easily see if one of them had been a man.

New Ceremony / 1

Summary: Something is wrong with Mako. Korra goes with him into the Spirit World so they can set it right.
Genre: did i or did i not say i would write piles of break-up fic
Word Count: too many 7,700
Author’s Note: i love mako a lot, especially when he’s being a moron about his feelings, and maybe i piled it on a little thick but …. i love mako, especially when he’s being a moron about his feelings…. book 3 fucked up my fic writing plans but i’m posting this anyway. hope y'all like it because i’m writing more, i have so many ideassss. comments, feedback, etc. always appreciated!! <3


Part 1

The light from the portal throws their shadows against the snow. Overhead, the polar sky is an unbroken black, all the stars hidden by the brightness of the portal, and the forest around them is silent. The only thing Korra hears is the portal itself. Energy slides in white, glistening ripples over the sphere with a faint, toneless whispering, like a voice humming to itself from somewhere out of sight. Her boots crunch the snow underfoot and her skin crawls under her clothes, her hands curling into fists of their own volition. Korra looks at Mako and his face is gaunt, tight with unease. Behind them Naga tugs on her leash with a keen whine.

But Korra said she’d help, so back into the Spirit World she’ll go - and she’ll stay as long as it takes, do whatever he needs her to do -

“Korra, wait,” Mako says, grabbing her shoulder as he comes to a halt, and Korra turns around, frowning.

“What’s the matter? Changed your mind?”

“I can do this by myself,” Mako says, the light ghosting softly across his face, and her frown deepens. Korra remembers the way he looked at her the first time they met: a narrow, sideways glance, impassive and unimpressed as he walked past her offered hand. Like he had, within a fraction of a second, decided she was simply not worth his time.

He keeps looking at her like that.

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Help me I cant stop thinking about Korra writing letters to her family saying "everything is fine here in Republic City, don't worry about me, I'm OK" and writing letters to her friends saying "everything is fine here in the South Pole, getting stronger every day, don't worry about me" and the whole time she's writing this she's all alone and miserable

Katara, Consumed by Destiny: Comics Edition!

Following our Katara: Consumed by Destiny  posts for The Legend of Korra, we will now take a look at the Avatar comics. Yes, the comics that claim to be the “definitive” continuation of Katara’s character. Remember that we are working backward from Legend of Korra towards A:TLA, and that LOK Katara can be summarized as follows:

  • Katara never says anything specific about herself.
  • Katara has not one memorable line.
  • Katara never once accomplishes anything on-screen.
  • Katara’s statues are nowhere to be found, even though Zuko, Aang, Toph, and Sokka all have at least one.
  • Katara wasn’t there at Yakone’s bloodbending trial, even though Aang, Toph, and Sokka all were and she was the one who outlawed bloodbending.
  • Katara wasn’t anywhere in the political arena when her own tribe and homeland got invaded.
  • Katara was a silent spectator in the family favoritism drama among her husband and three children.
  • Katara wasn’t there when her family was in mortal danger from the Red Lotus, even though Toph and Zuko both demonstrated that they (as fellow old people) would still protect their own.
  • Katara wasn’t there for her granddaughter’s air mastery ceremony, even though Zuko and the entire rest of the world was present—including Korra, who was wheelchair bound at the time.
  • Katara failed to give Korra back her bending, failed to bring Jinora back from the brink of death, and failed to heal Korra’s psyche.

Legend of Korra’s Katara is silent, sad, passive, and helpless.

Let’s see what the comics hold for no one’s favorite LOK character, starting with Smoke and Shadow, Part 2.

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Aang was having a busy week and he needed all of his kids out of the house, luckly Katara took Kya and Tenzin to the South Pole. However Bumi stayed home, usually this was alright but Bumi had been getting into a lot of trouble recently. And Aang wasn’t going to let him stay home, alone.

Toph had seen Aang’s stress and she told him she had the weekend off, and she could take care of him. Aang let this happen.

“So, what are we gonna do this weekend?” He asked his aunt, as they walked into her home.


Korra remembers how it took months for her to finally stop waking up clawing at her throat and gasping for air as she slept alone at the South Pole. She had often wondered if the nightmares would have left sooner had she accepted Asami’s offer to keep her company.

So on the first night in the Spirit World, when she hears Asami begin hurried pleas for her father to hurry, Korra immediately leaves her own sleeping bag and takes Asami’s hand in her own, and doesn’t leave her side until morning.

Every night that follows, they sleep that same way–together. There are no nightmares that last.

anonymous asked:

Unpopular opinion: I think the fandom portrays Asami a little bit too sexually sometimes? Like, they make her the more knowledgeable one about sex or make her really flirty and seductive with korra. I mean, don't get me wrong I think she can totally pull it off when she wants too, but she can be a real dork sometimes too.

Asami’s dorkiness is something I would love to see more of. Like…have you seen the blueprint of the hummingbird suit that she put herself in? Bringing a warm cup of tea, on a sunny evening, to a girl from the South Pole? Telling stories to Tenzin to be alone with Korra? Asami is a huge dork, and I love her for it. 

supergoosey  asked:

Ok I just found your blog and I'm now slightly obsessed so I'm shooting you this: Asami just lost her parents she's basically alone other than with Korra but it's not the same as having a family, parents. After some time together in republic city Korra takes Asami to the South Pole to introduce her as not just a friend anymore. Tonraq and Senna react And everyone gets a serious case of the feels. Go!

(It’s not exactly what the prompt said, but I’ll do a part two depending on how well people like it.)

Asami was so nervous, she felt like she was going to throw up.

Tonraq and Senna had always liked her, they saw her as a positive influence on Korra’s life; she worked hard to keep her company, she worked hard to master hand to hand combat, she worked hard to become the brightest mind of her age.

They respected that.

However, she didn’t know if they would respect the news that she was dating their daughter.

“It’s fine,” Korra reached over and grabbed her girl’s hand. “They love you. It’s already obvious. My dad wouldn’t even smile at Mako, and he’s hugged you twice since you’ve gotten here.”

“Yeah but we haven’t told him yet,” Asami rubbed her hands on her skirt, wiping the moisture off her palms. “He might not understand.”

“My parents are some of the most accepting people I know,” Korra reassured the nervous heiress. “Don’t worry about it. I mean my mom already basically accepted you as her daughter after your father passed. Nothing will go wrong.”

Asami opened her mouth to speak, when Tonraq and Senna entered the dining room; their faces lighting up when they spotted the two women.

‘Oh spirits,’ Asami thought. ‘Here we go.’