she's all smiling and whatever but then it gets all serious and she looks like she's gonna cry

Breaking the Rules - part 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

SummaryModern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:1,957

Warnings: Hate to Love, Fake Dating, Snarky Remarks, Language

A/N: Okay, just a warning, there will be a lot of OCs in this series (mostly Bucky’s sisters and parents) Hope you like the first chapter :)

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

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You loved Natasha’s apartment. It was spacious and bright and she had a great view of the city. There was just one teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy problem… you hated her neighbour.

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

Natasha introduced you to Bucky a little over a year ago. Her fiancé, Clint, adored him and Bucky always stopped by their apartment. The boys would stay in the living room and watch TV while you and Natasha gossiped and drank wine in the kitchen.

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Hunted {BTS Mafia!AU}

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: BTS mafia au
Warning: angst, smut (at some point), violence, mentions of prostitution/drugs, swearing, other dark themes I can’t think of right now

Writer: Bom

Word count: 1815

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Y/n finds out about the mysterious ‘Nightwalker’ situation, and is infuriated when neither Yoongi, Youngji, Taehyung or Jungkook will tell her what it is. To their surprise, a known gang from the north has offered to help them in exchange for their own information and Youngji’s sudden disappearance

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Winchesters in Riverdale (Part Two)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?


Part One


“What do you mean I have to go to school?” you asked in disbelief as Dean dumped a bunch of school supplies on your motel bed along with a black backpack.

He sighed and sat down in the long chair across the room.

“People’ll get suspicious if there’s a random teen hanging around us during school hours. So unless you wanna be holed up in the motel for God knows how long, you’re going to school.”

You were about to protest when Sam cut you off.

“It’s just for a little bit, Y/N,” he said in an attempt to placate you. “Until we find a way to get outta here.”

You sighed defeatedly.

“Fine.” you said quietly as you sat back against the headboard of the bed, crossing your arms.

Everyone was silent for a moment before Dean spoke again.

“Oh, and you’re with the sophomores. All the junior classes were full.” he said.

Your mouth dropped open.

“Are you serious?!” you exclaimed.

“We signed you up for a mythology class though! You like mythology. That class has kids from all different grades in it.” Sam said.

You glared at him.

“Fine. Just—fine. Whatever.” you mumbled.

Dean rose his eyebrows at your tone.

“You know, I don’t know what’s going on with you. You’ve had a lot more chutzpah since you came back.”

“Dean.” Sam warned.

You looked down. You didn’t want to talk about this now.

“No, I’m serious, Sam,” Dean continued. “She disappears without a trace and then magically returns after a year. Now, she says it was because she had to take a break after Kevin—“

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed again and you winced at the mention of your dead boyfriend.

Dean was quiet as he watched you fiddling with your jacket sleeve, trying not to cry.

“I—Y/N, I’m sorry.” Dean sighed.

“It’s fine.” you said quietly.

“I just—we were just worried. You know that. We didn’t hear from you for a year. We thought you might’ve been dead. You just… left.”

You nodded slowly.

“No, I know.” you mumbled.

Everyone was silent again.

“Well, um, I’m gonna get some dinner for us,” Dean said as he got up. “Does, uh, anyone have any preferences?”

Everyone shook their head.

“Right,” he said. “Cas, come with me?”

Castiel nodded but not before walking over to you, handing you notebooks you didn’t even know he had in his hand. You looked up at him.

“I, uh, got you these in different colors. I didn’t know which one was your favorite.” he said.

You smiled softly.

“Thank you, Cas. I appreciate it.”

Castiel nodded before he walked out of the motel with Dean, leaving you with just Sam.

It was silent before Sam spoke again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked quietly.

You froze and looked up at him.


Your brother looked at you with his puppy dog eyes.

“You’re always thinking about the same thing.  Ever since you came back. I can see it in your eyes. After everything I’ve gone through, I wish I would’ve accepted some help from—”

“Please stop.” you pleaded.

Sam looked at you.

“Y/N?” he asked gently.

You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Why are you and Dean so adamant on finding out where I was?” you asked, anger tinting your voice.

“Because Y/N, we can see it’s eating at you. You want to tell someone what happened.” he said softly.

You got up, glaring at your brother.

“No, I don’t! I want you guys to leave me alone! Okay?! That was the deal. I come back and you guys ask no questions. So stop interrogating me!” you nearly yelled.

Sam looked down, hurt and you felt tears well up in your eyes, guilt filling you. You knew he was only trying to help.

“I-I’m going out. I’ll be back later. Tell Dean I’m at that diner or something. I don’t care.” you said as you walked towards the door.

“Wait, Y/N.” Sam began as he got up.

“Sam,” you warned, looking back at your brother.

He stopped, looking at you with concern.

“Don’t.” you said and with that you stepped out of the motel, closing the door behind you.

The warm spring air from earlier had cooled down, making you pull your jacket closer to you. The sun was starting to set, giving off a beautiful orange glare. As you walked down the street from the motel, kicking at rocks, you remembered the last day you had seen Kevin.

“Hey guys.” Kevin said as he stepped out from behind Chuck.

Your and your brothers eyes widened.

“Kevin?” you whispered.

He beamed.


You let out a breathless laugh and rushed over to him, throwing your arms around him. He hugged you back tightly and it was then you realized he wasn’t cold like a ghost, but he was… warm? You pulled away from his, holding what you thought was your long dead boyfriend by the shoulders.

“H-How are you—”

“You never got a chance to say goodbye, did you?” Chuck said from next to you.

You shook your head.

“No.” you whispered.

Chuck smiled at you.

“Well, now you do. I’m giving you one last day together. 24 hours starting now. Then he goes to Heaven. I’ll see you later.” he said and with that, disappeared.

You turned back to Kevin who was beaming at you.

“So… what do you want to do?” he asked.

You tried to keep your tears at bay as you walked down the street, shoving your hands in your pockets. Yes, you and Kevin dated. You met him when you were thirteen and started dating him a little after you had turned fourteen. You had tried to keep it a secret from Sam, Dean, and Castiel but they found out within a couple months. Sam was worried (when was he not?) for the both of you, Castiel was indifferent to the situation, and Dean had tried to break you apart, claiming you weren’t allowed to date anyone until you were married.

“But I’m not ever getting married, Dean!”


You cracked a smile as you remembered your eldest brother’s reaction to your relationship. Despite his disgust towards you guys kissing and all, you managed to catch him smirking at the two of you holding hands at one point (though he vehemently denied it and then sent you to do research for two weeks.)

However, your smile faded as you remembered the day, that horrible day when you found Kevin on the ground in the bunker with his eyes burned out. Dean was apologizing to you over and over again but you didn’t even hear him. You were in such a shock, you couldn’t cry. You could barely even breathe. It was the worst day of your life.

You shook your head again, trying to rid yourself of the memories. You thought you could move on from Kevin’s death after Chuck had granted you one day with him. But it only spiraled out of control from there.


A/N: Before I wrote this fic, I actually did write a Kevin x OC story, but never posted it. I’m kinda combining it with this one, and I like how it’s turning out so far! Hope you guys are liking it too!


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Wedding Bells - HS Imagine

A/N - I have been trying to post this for several says now and it just wouldn’t load so I hope this goes up. 

(Based on Harry blessing us with Hawaii)

You sat with Glenne and Jeff at one of the many tables at brunch. You were all in Hawaii for the wedding of a mutual friend of their and Harry’s and you being Harry’s girlfriend – well, now, fiancé, attended as his plus one. You thought back to last night, remembering all that had taken place.

The ceremony was beautiful. Harry had decided to of course wearing one of his dad shirts claiming, ‘We’re in Hawaii, love, course ‘m gonna wear this shirt,’ as he sassily pulled his white jacket over top of it. You had asked Harry what to wear since you didn’t know anyone apart from him, Glenne, and Jeff, and he told you to wear whatever you wanted because, ‘you’d look beautiful in whatever you wore, love,’ he shrugged with a loving smile. So, once you were satisfied with how your hair and makeup looked, you guys were off.

And here you were, wondering when you would get married…wondering if Harry wanted to get married. After the ceremony the reception had kicked off – various people sat at tables while the bride and groom had their first dance. Harry introduced you to everyone later, as his ‘lovely girlfriend,’ but what rubbed you the wrong way was when he winked at Jeff after saying it. Knowing he had a glad of champagne prior, you shook it off and chatted with Glenne as the dance ended. The announcement was then made for all of the single women to try and catch the bouquet. You froze, feeling awkward – you didn’t know the bride and groom, so you chose not to participate.

“You’re not going up there love?” your boyfriend’s sweet voice asked. You looked at him, shaking your head no with an uncomfortable smile. He seemed kind of disappointed.

“Come on, y/n have a little fun,” Glenne encouraged you and grabbed you by the hand dragging you to the dance floor. She ran off before you could question why she did it. The bride strangely made eye contact with you, nodding to herself as she turned around to fling the handful of flowers past her head. Funny enough, they came soaring straight towards you, as you reached out and caught them. Everyone cheered, and you looked over to Harry knowing the meaning of catching the bride’s bouquet.

There he sat, acting like that Kermit the frog meme, sipping his tea (which was really champagne) like it was none of his business, but the smirk on his face behind his glass said otherwise. Awkwardly, you stalked back over to your seat and sat staring at the table, not knowing what to say. They started playing music for the guests to dance to as you and your group of four made your way to the dance floor. Harry had brought the flowers with him, showing them off as he danced, pretending to throw them at Jeff.

 When all of the festivities were over, the four of you headed back to the hotel. You all walked towards the front doors of the hotel, and had almost reached the giant fountain in the middle of the pavement, but you noticed everyone else’s footsteps had stopped. You came to a halt as soon as you realized they weren’t trailing behind you anymore. You turned around slowly, and the confused look on your face caused Harry to turn to his manager/dear friend smirking and raising his eyebrows, with an arm behind his back – keeping something out of your eyesight. They were speaking some sort of language that you didn’t understand – they knew something that you didn’t.

“Guys, what is going on?” you laughed at their boyish behavior. Harry stepped out in front of them, and made his way towards you slowly and revealed the bouquet behind his back.

“I think you forgot something when we left, love,” he smiled cheekily.

“Harry, where are you going with this?” you shifted from one foot to the other wondering what could possibly be running through that gorgeous head of his. You stared at him amused at the fascination he seemed to have with an arrangement of flowers.

“Here,” he outstretched them towards you, nodding for you to take them. You grasped them slowly, still staring at him unknowingly.

“You know what catching ‘em means, don’t you?”

“Yes, Harry…I know what it means,” you smiled cheekily at him. But your face grew serious when you realized what those flowers had meant. Why the bride had thrown them right to you.

“Oh my god,” you clasped your hand over your mouth, tears forming in your eyes as Harry knelt down on one knee, right there in front of the hotel fountain. You tried not to cry until he got the words out, and he seemed to notice.

“Haven’t even asked you yet, love,” he shook his head with his dimples popping promptly into place as he let out an affectionate laugh at your reaction.

“Shut up,” you laughed as you tried to contain yourself. Your laughter caused a sweet chuckle to rumble from his own chest. He took a deep breath before starting to speak.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” he slowly pulled the little velvet box from his jacket pocket, opening it as he continued to speak, “you’re not only my best friend, nor my girlfriend, you’re the love of my life. I want to spend the rest of my nights how we did tonight – with each other, dancing, laughing, holding one another, whatever you want. And I want to spend the rest of my days as your husband. Would you do me the honor of being my wife?”

By the time he had finished his sentiment, he was getting choked up himself.

“Yes,” you nodded enthusiastically. He smiled tearfully as he gently took your hand in his, sliding the ring onto your finger. He quickly brought your hand to his lips pressing a tight kiss to your knuckle before standing up and kissing you properly, picking you up and swinging you around like a cliché scene you had watched in one of his favorite romantic comedies. After placing you on your feet, he peppered kisses all over your face until you couldn’t contain that cute little laugh he loved so much that bubbled in your chest. When you had finally calmed down and Harry had been sweet enough to wipe away any leftover tears, you turned your heads back to Glenne and Jeff. Glenne was holding Harry’s phone and was clearly taking a video, by the guilty look on her face.

“You little shits were in on this,” you shake your head laughing. Harry laughs and goes to retrieve his phone. Once he’s placed it back in his pocket, Glenne and Jeff walk past the two of you, going up to their hotel room.

“Yes, yes we were,” Jeff chuckles nodding nonchalauntly.

You watch them walk away and make their entry into the hotel lobby, shocked by the epiphany that has just set itself off in your brain. The fact Harry winked at Jeff when he said ‘girlfriend,’ the fact the bride literally threw the bouquet directly to you, and the fact that Jeff and his girlfriend had waited for you guys while Harry proposed so they could get the video. You go to respond to their cleverness, but you’re interrupted by your lovely fiance’s voice, as he brushes your hair off your shoulder from his stance behind you, his other arm snaking around your waist. He kisses your neck once before his lips brush against your ear.

“Why don’t you forget about them,” he whispers, “and go back to your hotel room with your fiancé so that he can get you out of that damn dress.” Your body went rigid but filled with excitement. You said nothing and didn’t turn to look at him. Smiling to yourself, you simply grabbed the arm that was wrapped around you and started walking him towards the door.

You snapped back to the present when your eyes scanned the grass for Harry and found the sight before you. He was playing with the little girl he had met at the reception last night, ‘booping’ her nose, scurrying away on his bare feet before she could catch him, his champagne flute in hand.

  You decided right there and then, that you were going to tell Harry that you found out that morning that you were pregnant - obviously not from the previous night. 

Punk (Chap. 2)

Originally posted by kryzx

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1805

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  I hope you like this chapter, for some reason I enjoy it a lot though it’s not much.  I have a three day weekend coming up so hopefully I can continue working on my fics.  Thanks for your patience and I LOVE the feedback :]


Natasha Romanov was many things: ace assassin, hotshot hacker, super spy.  Pleasant in the morning?  No. Not one of her virtues. You might as well have poked a sleeping bear with a pointy stick; their reactions were generally the same.  Though the bear was more likely to let you live, come to think of it.  But desperate times called for desperate measures.

 The red head cradled her mug as she shuffled back towards the bed with eyes half open.  You took that as an invitation, though it probably wouldn’t work on vampires, you’d have to remember that should the time come.  You kicked the door shut and plopped onto the bed where a half-naked Clint was slowly entering the world of consciousness.  You signed “good morning” to him once his confused expression grazed from Natasha and back to you.  He grinned puckishly before speaking aloud, “Is it my birthday?”

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Out of My League (Part 1)

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader 
Summary: The insecure!reader thinks she has no chance with Sam before Dean takes the matters into his own hands. 
Warnings: None, except excessive use of different fandoms:)
Word Count: 1.560
A/N: Thank you everyone for the notes on my first story! I hope you guys like this one too! :) 

If this were a movie, this would be the sad music scene where it’d rain outside and it’d cut to you lying on your bed while your best friend consoled you.

“Y/N. You have that stupid look on your face again.”

And instead, you were stuck with one and only polite Dean Winchester while the waitress flirted with the love of your life.

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No Regrets

An Adrienette one-shot

“Girl, why are you in such a rush?” Alya asked, watching her best friend gather her things in a hurry.

“I forgot about something!” Marinette fretted, dropping her bag in the process. Which caused all the things she’d gathered to spill out.  “Shoot,” she muttered under her breath, “I’m such a klutz!”

“Whoa, girl, relax.  What could you have forgotten about that can cause this much panic?  I haven’t seen you this scatter-brained since high school!” Alya astonished, joining Marinette on the ground to help her clean up.

Marinette sighed, putting the final piece in her bag again and looked at Alya.  They were both knelt down on the floor and Marinette blew a piece of hair from her face.  “I—Well… I’m meeting Adrien.”

Alya gave her a deadpanned look.  “With whom you’re married to… what’s the big deal about meeting with your husband?” she asked.

“It’s not the meeting with him part, it’s just—ya know.  We’re looking for a house… and… I dunno,” Marinette dug through her bag for her keys, mumbling something about needing a brighter keychain.  

Alya looked at the table they had been sitting at to see her friend’s keys lying there.  She picked them up and jingled them in front of Marinette’s distracted face.  “Here,” she said, hearing Marinette utter out a “Thank you.”  Alya crossed her arms and stared curiously at her friend.  “What’s the big deal?  You’re looking for a house.  Something every married couple does… Haven’t you dreamed about this for like, your whole life, or something?” Alya asked.

Marinette shrugged and looked away from her friend, “Well, I mean, yeah.  But, like, it’s still a little soon, isn’t it?”

Alya furrowed her brows, “You’ve been married for 3 months.  So no, it’s not ‘too soon.’  Getting a house is good.  You’ve been crashing in his mouse-sized apartment, which, if I do recall, doesn’t allow for a roommate.”

Marinette bit her fingers, “Yeah, we’ve been ignoring the calls about that…”

“What’s the real issue here?” Alya asked, reaching out for Marinette’s shoulder, “Are you alright?”

Marinette slid from her grasp, looking worriedly at her phone.  “Y-you’re probably right!  I’m just crazy.  This is Adrien,” she said as she lifted her phone, “Gotta take it!”

Alya watched her friend go with a wild expression, “Oh…kay… see ya later, then?”

Marinette pushed the coffee shop door open with her shoulder, holding her phone in one hand and her drink in the other.  “Hey, hon,” she said, “Yeah, I’m on my way.  No, I didn’t forget, I’m just running a bit late.  Yeah, bad traffic.  Uh huh.  Okay.  Yup, see you in a few.  I love you too.  Bye.”  She hung up and stuffed her phone in her purse, grabbing her keys and hopping into her car.  

“Alya’s right,” she told herself, “This is good.”


“Okay, on to house number three!” Adrien said enthusiastically, buckling up his seat-belt.  “That last one was cool, though, huh?  What did you think, Mari?  You were pretty quiet in there…”  He looked over at his wife to see her staring numbly out the window.  “Marinette?”

She blinked and turned to him, looking dazed, “I’m sorry, I was zoned out.  What?” She asked.

Adrien frowned, “I asked if you were okay,” he said, reaching out to touch her forehead.  “Are you sick?  Do you have a fever?  Maybe we should go home…”

“Oh no, I’m not sick,” Marinette brushed him off.  “Tired is all.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Positive,” she smiled at him.

“Alright.  So, what’d you think of the house?” he asked.

“It was okay,” she said.  “It’s expensive, though.”

Adrien shrugged, “Well, money’s not an issue, so don’t pay attention to the price tag, okay?  We’ll get whatever we need and whatever works.”

Marinette looked at her husband with a clumsy smile, “The money you got from your father is suppose to be for retirement, isn’t it?  That was your plan, right?”

Adrien looked at her with a gentle smile before looking back at the road, “Plans can change.”

Anxiety squeezed Marinette’s chest, “You should save it.”

“Mari, don’t worry.  Even if we went all in and bought the whole house now, I’d still have plenty left over.  Besides, I’m gonna put what we don’t spend in a retirement plan.”  He reached out to touch her knee gently, “Your worried, and it isn’t about the money…”

“I’m not worried, it’s just an expensive house—“

“Marinette, what’s wrong?” he came to a stop at a street light.  

“Nothing,” she said, crossing her arms stubbornly.

“Come on, Mari, what’s eating at you?” He pushed.

She nodded towards the windshield of the car, “The light’s green.”

He huffed, “I’m not going until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“Adrien you can’t—there’s people behind us,” she turned around in her seat to see a frustrated wave from the car behind them followed by a honk.  “Adrien, seriously!  Go!”

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.  Normally I wouldn’t push because I don’t need to know sometimes, but this is clearly about us, and that I should know.  So what’s wrong?” He pushed the car into park to prove his point.

“Adrien, we don’t have time—“

“Are you having regrets?” he blurted out, his voice calm.  Marinette knew this voice, but she’d never personally experienced it.  It was his business voice.  The voice he used at professional parties, or conversations with co-workers.  It was his father’s voice.

“…Regrets?” She repeated numbly, looking him in the eye.  The angry honks and yells began to fade out.

He nodded, “Yeah, regrets.  About us,” his eyes and face stoic; he was like a wall.  But Marinette could see clearly behind it.  He was hurt.

“N-no!  No, of course not!  I could never regret this,” she gestured between them.  “It’s just…”


“Will you?” she ask carefully.  Looking away from him.

“Will I what?” He asked, tilting his head.  His once calm voice became lathered in frustrated confusion.  A car swerved around them, giving them a pleasant curse and honk as he passed, followed by more cars.

“Will you regret this?” she asked.  He didn’t respond.  “Maybe not now, and maybe not next year or the year after that, but… maybe in ten years.  When I’m older, and less exciting.  Maybe you’ll look back at it all and realize that it was when you decided to marry me that things started to go wrong.  That, in ten years you’ll regret loving me and how you bought a fancy house and used up your money,” she hadn’t noticed until now, but she was crying.  She could tell because a tear had fallen onto her hand.  “After all, you said it yourself!  Plans change, and I don’t want you to regret this—“

She felt large hands envelop her own small ones.  She didn’t dare look up to see the man who was holding them though.  She couldn’t.  

“Hey,” he said gently, leaning over to kiss her wet cheek.  “I could never regret this,” he said, but she looked unconvinced, offering him a lazy shrug and a mumbled, “Maybe.”

“I love you,” he said, baffled.  She didn’t move.  He huffed, thinking of what to say.  “Now, if I remember correctly,” he began, “I had a crush on you first,” he said.

“You had a crush on Ladybug, not Marinette,” she pointed out.

“And you had a crush on a model, not Chat Noir,” he countered.  “I agree, things can change.  We changed, but it was for the better, right?”  


“For better or worse,” he repeated their wedding vows.  “Now, I take that seriously.  Even if there comes a ‘worse,’ I’ll never regret it.  Because I love you.  We chose each other.”  He gently pulled her chin to look her in the eyes.  “The only thing I could ever regret would be not marrying you.  To not share a life with you.  To have kids and grow old with you.”

She blinked and smiled at him, “Kids?” she asked.

“Kids,” he nodded, glad she was smiling.  “I’m serious, Mari.  About you.  About this.”

She leaned in to kiss him.  Soft and sweet, short and simple.  “Thank you,” she mumbled.  

He kissed her nose and leaned back.  “But,” he said, putting their car back in drive and looking to see the light had turned red again.  “If Nino confesses his love to me, I may just run into the sunset with him,” he said, acting serious.

“Oh my gosh,” Marinette shoved him with a laugh, “You’re a dork.”

“But you love me,” he winked at her.

“Maybe…” she rolled her eyes playfully.

“And I love you.”

“Yeah,” she smiled.

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part 6 is LONG and i have never written anything this angsty but i saw spiderman again today and that scene™ made me so emotional that this was the result! i hope you enjoy xx

if you’ve never read this series, you can find part 1 here, and if you missed part 5, you can find it here!

  • now that peter and michelle are dating, ned isn’t the only chair guy around
  • michelle has taken to helping both ned and peter with spidey duties
  • she even convinced may to let them use the linen closet in the living room as a “headquarters” for them, as long as they close the door when guests are around and go along with the idea that “peter accidentally sealed it shut as a kid” 
  • peter doesn’t know how she did it, she and ned found old computer pieces lying around in dumpsters and somehow made in that linen closet, 3 computer monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 headsets, and more. 
  • it even impressed tony stark when he came to check in on peter and may
  • and oh boy did may yell at him
  • but then tony mentioned his connections with MIT and well, peter brings brownies to tony and pepper quite often now
  • one day while May is at work, Peter and MJ are watching a history documentary. 
  • MJ is lying across Peter’s lap and is so focused on the untold stories of ancient civilization when the linen closet beeps
  • and suddenly Peter’s burrito is flying and MJ jumps over the couch and opens the closet and starts typing away
  • “w-what? the burrito!” peter starts to protest but MJ waves him off. 
  • “we got a hostage situation near the high school,” she pulls a chair up. she managed to hack into police coms a few weeks ago, and even Ned was impressed on that one.
  • “how many?” peter now hops over the couch and leans over behind her, resting his chin on her head.
  • “not a lot…about eight according to the police coms. i can’t tell what building it is, the map isn’t clear-” she opens her palm and peter knows to drop his phone in her hand, and suddenly ned is on the line
  • “MJ…why don’t you just call me from your phone? you have my number?-”
  • “shut it loser. we got a hostage situation near school and i need my chair partner.” 
  • “be there in 10″ and ned hangs up and MJ tosses the phone up to Peter, who catches it no problem
  • “karen, run facial recognition,” peter says, and MJ looks confused. 
  • “who the hell is-” she starts but is cut off when the third screen lights up with a criminal database.
  • “i hacked karen into the system when you went to get the burritos,” he mumbles into her hair. “she’s an AI tony had made.” 
  • michelle nods and then peter is laughing into her hair. “what parker?” she goes to shrug him off, but peter spins her chair around to face him
  • “you were jealous,” he’s smug.
  • “was not-” she goes to turn around but peter raises his eyebrows. “i don’t get jealous.”
  • “mhmm,” peter says before kissing her quickly and MJ rolls her eyes. again, a term of endearment. 
  • “suit up spidey boy,” she turns back to the screens, and ignores peter’s, “but i’m spiderman!” in the background 
  • it takes ned less than 10 minutes to burst through the door with his backpack 
  • “a hostage situation! we haven’t had that in a while!” 
  • “wow ned, so respectful of the situation,” she says as ned pulls up a chair next to him. 
  • “peter already out?” he asks, and she nods. 
  • though she’ll never admit it to them, the real reason she forced ned and peter to let her help was because after the building incident, she couldn’t stand the thought of peter being out there alone. and even if he’d never let her out there with him physically, at least she was doing what she could
  • ned pulls up a map with peter’s suit tracker and puts on a headset. “obi to anakin, you copy?”
  • “why am i anakin? i’m not going down a dark path-” peter’s voice comes through the headset, and michelle breathes out a sigh of relief. 
  • ned ignores him. “you’re getting close. police have the area surrounded, but i can’t get access to a camera inside the building.” 
  • “it looks like a general retail store,” mj says from her headset. ned is giving more details to peter when mj yells, “i got a camera! sending it over now,” and just like that peter is able to see what ned and michelle are seeing
  • “oh shit,” ned mutters. 
  • there’s at least ten masked men and just as mj predicted, eight hostages. the men look heavily armed, and definitely are not amateurs. 
  • “don’t go in peter,” mj warns. “sit this one out.”
  • “are you kidding me? if i don’t do something, those guys will kill everyone!” peter yells back, and according to the tracker, he’s on the roof of the building now. 
  • “you can’t take on ten guys at once by yourself!” mj raises her voice too, and ned slowly backs his chair away. if peter and mj are gonna fight over this, he should probably stay out of it 
  • “whatever. ned, give me a way in.” peter snaps, but mj shoots her hand to ned’s chair before he can scoot back in.
  • “no way,” mj narrows her eyes at the screen. “ned, don’t,”
  • “i’m doing this with or without your help, MJ.” peter’s tracker moves down the side of one of the buildings. 
  • “it’s too dangerous!” 
  • “get me a way in, or the stay the hell out of it!” peter says, and mj yanks her headset off and walks into the bathroom.
  • it’s silent for a moment, before ned thinks it’s safe enough to speak. 
  • “you can get in through the side door,” he says, and peter does. 
  • the fight is going well so far. peter has 3 of the men webbed up and 2 of them ran away in fear. ned is keeping him updated on the other 5 as police rush out the hostages
  • “on your left!” ned shouts, and peter nearly gets shot as he shoots out a web grenade.
  • “taser web!” he yells at two guys coming from the back, and ned hollers. 
  • “in the corner!” and peter webs him up. 
  • suddenly one of the guys comes out from behind the aisle and ned yells to peter, but the guy is faster. 
  • and peter is shot in the chest
  • “pull up his vitals!” mj screams, suddenly back in the chair. her eyes are bloodshot and she’s obviously been crying, but ned doesn’t have time to ask. 
  • “peter?” he calls into the headset. no response. “peter!”
  • “ned, where are his vitals?” mj is scrambling to find the location of the nearest hospital. 
  • “they aren’t good,” ned mutters. 
  • “keep him talking,” mj starts typing in coordinates into the computer. there’s a protocol set up, the “lost baby” protocol (tony’s name, not theirs)
  • basically, if peter gets in a situation, mj can trigger an alert to the avengers facility upstate by typing in coordinates. 
  • “he’s not responding!” ned yells. 
  • “okay,” she takes a deep breath. “okay it’s going to be fine. tony is on his way, it’s fine-”
  • and then the alarm goes off, signaling peter’s heart has stopped. 
  • happy arrives at the apartment twenty minutes later to drive the two of them to the hospital, and they pick may up from work on the way
  • luckily, he was in the area at the time
  • ned has his laptop, replaying the footage of the fight over and over again, doing his best to use karen’s facial recognition to identify these guys
  • and may is on the phone with pepper in the passenger seat, crying because thank god he’s alive but also scared because the bullet made his suit malfunction, which is why the alarm said his heart stopped
  • luckily, it never did
  • mj is leaning her head on the window, her headphones in, and all she can think about was how none of this would’ve happened if two people were watching the camera
  • tony and sam got to peter in less than 2 minutes and flew peter to a quinjet a few miles from the city where bruce was waiting with a stretcher, an iv, and everything needed to keep peter stable
  • by the time may, mj, and ned had reached the avengers facility, peter was already in surgery
  • “holy…” ned mutters, taking in the surroundings of the facility but may is walking quickly to pepper and maria hill who take the 3 of them down a long hallway. 
  • the wait feels like months. may has disappeared to talk with tony and ned is off giving the footage of the fight to maria and natasha, and mj is by herself in the hallway
  • she texted her parents to say she was sleeping over at betty’s, but that’s it. 
  • “michelle?” she looks up to see steve rogers standing over her. 
  • “uh…yeah?” she scoots over on the bench, and steve sits. 
  • “i’m Steve, peter has told us a lot about you.”
  • “oh god,” she shakes her head, laughing slightly. Her face turns serious, “how is he?”
  • steve pauses, “from what Bruce said, he’s going to be fine. the bullet didn’t hit anything major, but it was tricky to get it out. he’s sleeping right now, may and ned were heading to sit with him.”
  • mj nods, fiddling with her sweater. she’s not one to cry in public, and she’s not one to express her emotions either. even with peter, she still teases him and calls him a loser and rolls her eyes at him, but he knows she means well. 
  • “he really cares about you,” steve says softly. 
  • “we…we got in a fight,” she lowers her head. right before he went in the store, and I left the computers because I couldn’t take it. he was on my last nerves and I left and then he got shot because I wasn’t watching the screens and-” 
  • “it’s not your fault,” steve says reassuringly. “tony showed us the footage, there was no way you or ned or peter could’ve seen that guy coming.” 
  • michelle just shrugs, and steve sits with her until may comes out. 
  • “he wants to see you,” she smiles, holding out her hand. 
  • she looks over at steve, who gestures as if to say ‘go on’, and she reaches up and takes may’s hand. 
  • peter’s room is small with bare white walls and a tv in the corner playing an episode of the clone wars. mj walks in and may tells ned to come with her to get food, and that’s when she finally lets herself look at peter.
  • the dork is smiling. actually smiling after all of this and mj wants to yell at him, but instead she settles for going on the side where peter isn’t hurt and sits on his bed and puts her head on his chest
  • “hey darling,” peter says and michelle looks up at him. “thought i’d try a nickname out, thoughts?” he smiles, and mj puts her head back on his chest
  • “i’ll take the lack of response as a yes.”
  • “this is my fault.” 
  • “what?” peter says and she stands up, wiping the tears from her eyes and she starts pacing frantically. “what are you talking about?”
  • “this,” she gestures to the heart monitor. “is because of me. because i bailed because i got mad at you and i wasn’t watching the screen-”
  • “babe,” peter cuts her off. “this is because i didn’t listen to you. tony told me how fast you got those coordinates out to him, you did it in under 10 seconds.” 
  • “i was stressed,” she narrows her eyes. 
  • “you saved me.”
  • “it said your heart stopped.”
  • “but it didn’t”
  • “but it said-”
  • “it didn’t.”
  •  “but-”
  • “please don’t blame yourself. i know you’re doing it because you’re scared, but i promise you i’m okay. i made you that promise didn’t i?”
  • “that stupid promise,” she mutters, taking peter’s hand and letting him pull her back to lay on his chest, away from the bullet of course
  • “i was so…scared,” she whispers. 
  • “me too,” he whispers back.
  • and that’s how ned and may find them, michelle asleep on his chest, and peter’s good arm wrapped around her, his face nuzzled in her hair. 

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can i have a s/o begin silly with Zenyatta, reaper, mcree using their catchphrase something like: zenyatta is kinda sad and s/o say "come here and Experience Tranquility" with open arms, the reaper s/o trying to sneak up on reaper(failing miserably) and saying "death comes" in most sweet tone, and mcree... i have no idea :D maybe the s/o answering the time saying "its high noon"?


It’s not often that Zenyatta admits to being sad. Every negative emotion is carefully weighed and judged by its usefulness. Grieving for Mondatta is deemed worthy of being expressed, both to validate others’ feelings and to show respect to his old friend.

But there is no sense in being a burden to his loved ones for something as inconsequential as a moodswing, and so he pretends that nothing is amiss when he greets you and your current hosts, an omnic couple who are honored by having Zenyatta stay with them, that morning over breakfast only you are actually eating.

“These are the best pancakes I ever had.” you claim. They’re really not but your hosts have been so self conscious over their cooking you have to reassure them somehow. And really, considering they don’t need nutrients themselves they’ve not being doing that bad a job.

“We can bring the leftovers for you to ‘snack on’ later.” Zenyatta says and it’s as endearing as ever to hear him use terminology that is exclusively human. Omnics don’t snack, but he adores the concept of humans eating just for pleasure as much as you adore him sometimes losing control of his limbs when he devotes too much of his mind to his philosophising and forgets he has a physical body to maintain.

Shortly after breakfast you set out towards the local community center, to help out with whatever needs doing and forming new connections while you’re at it. Working with people is such an integral part of Zenyatta’s life you couldn’t get around it if you wanted. He talks to humans and omnics and makes no differences between the two and knows their needs like he knows his own. Better than his own even.

“Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” you say over mid-morning pancakes, between helping a young single mother with her newborn and school children with their homework, something they’ll often not have at home.

“All is well.” he says and that’s when you know he’s upset. Usually he wouldn’t have missed the chance to make a quip about the world in general having something wrong with it.

“Spit it out.”

His shoulders sag and he gives up the pretense of happiness.

“I suffered a bad dream last night, nothing more. I do not wish to wallow in it. Or talk about it.” he adds when you open your mouth to ask about the contents of his dream.

“Fair enough.” you say, pulling out a pen from your bag and writing on the back of your hand, without letting him see.

“I guess sometimes you really just have to move on and … “ you pause for effect long enough until he knows you’re going to make a bad joke of the kind he’ll never get enough of. “… embrace tranquility.”

You show your hand, tranquility written on it, and Zenyatta laughs so hard his voicebox glitches. He hugs you, hiccuping through his giggles, bad mood all but forgotten.

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Prompt idea! 5 different ways that Bughead made their friends totally see them as #relationshipgoals. Btdubs, I'm in love w/ your writing :D

Hey thanks so much! I love this prompt.


It had been three months since he and Betty had started actually dating, they weren’t your typical couple, you could tell just by the looks of them.

Betty was always put together impeccably not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle on her sundress and definitely never a food stain on her cardigan.
She took her appearance very seriously, she wasn’t into too much makeup and nothing fake was ever going near her body, but the OCD made her strive for perfection , evident in the way she looked.

Jughead on the other hand, rolled out of bed and threw on whatever layers he could, never really knowing when he may have to pack up and relocate, his hairstyle was more run your fingers through twice and pray it wasn’t sticking out of the beanie.

So when his girlfriend overslept and wouldn’t dare risk her perfect attendance she had thrown on a cardigan with a hole in it.

Betty never wore a dress without a cardigan so half way through first period Kevin had run into jugheads calculus class saying he needed to speak to him urgently.

As Kevin pulled him along to the girls restroom he explained Betty was having a panic attack because of the hole in her sweater.

He walked into the bathroom and nodded at Ronnie making sure she knew it was okay for her to wait outside.

Kevin and Veronica were pacing outside the bathroom for a solid five minutes before Betty and jughead emerged.

Betty wrapped up in jugheads blue flannel surprisingly matching Betty’s dress, and jughead in just a tshirt. As the two walked back to class hand in hand Veronica whispered in Kevin’s ear

“Hashtag relationship goals.”


Jughead was always hungry

The quirk was loved by everyone in the friend group, always brought up in a joking manner when they went out to eat.

Jughead would laugh along and shrug his shoulders taking whatever was offered his way.

Even though they tried to involve his girlfriend in the jokes she always just shook her head and passed the rest of her food to juggie.

Then the news hit the fan

Jughead was homeless,
suddenly his hunger wasn’t so funny and when they went out to eat the awkward silence before they ordered was almost deafening.

After about a week of awkward meals and shaky comments Betty had had enough.

Jughead reached for fries on the table and he tension rose before Betty erupted

“Oh for petes sake, he’s fine! Jughead is living with Archie, I assure you he gets more than three meals a day and if you haven’t noticed the stress of his family hasn’t made him lose his appetite so can we all just get over this awkwardness and eat our damn food, you’re only making him feel worse, and I am not okay with that.”
She huffed and plopped back down in the booth sinking into jughead as he kissed the side of her head and whispered

There was never anymore awkwardness around the table and if jughead was getting a few extra leftovers Betty never mentioned it.

They were fighting.
Josie and Valerie noticed before anyone else.

They were arguing in quiet whispers almost every time they saw each other in the hallway. Neither of the girls wanted to mention it to Betty as she dropped down at there table in home economics.

They just stared at her before she snapped her head towards them.


They both looked shocked before Josie slowly put her hand on Betty’s arm

“Everything okay pussycat?”

Betty took a deep breath and sighed.

“He doesn’t trust me. He thinks I still have feelings for Archie but he doesn’t get he’s all I want and more.” She said teary eyed.

Josie was afraid of this, those two were just not compatible. Betty cared to much and jughead seemed like all he cared about was food. It just wasn’t gonna work out.

Valerie on the other hand had been shipping this couple since the start. Pulling out her phone she sent jughead a quick text

“Your girl is crying, thinks you don’t trust her. Fix it.”

About two minutes later Jughead burst through the doors interrupting mrs.dicker and catching the whole classes attention.

His eyes searched for Betty

“I’m sorry, I care about you, I don’t wanna lose you, I’m an idiot but hopefully I’m still your idiot.”


The whole class turned to the teacher and shushed her.

Betty stood up and moved to jughead
“It’s okay jughead, I just need you to trust me.”

He placed his forehead to hers,


Josie’s jaw was on the floor while Valerie smirked in her seat before snapping a picture of the couple and turning to Josie

“Hashtag relationship goals

Jughead had a black eye and Betty Cooper was not happy about it.

When jughead came into school that Wednesday every eye was drawn to the usually invisible mysterious boy.
Because wow that was a shiner.

No one knew how to ask , so immediately the rumors flew.

Betty had beaten him up because he cheated

His dad had taken a swing at him like usual

Archie finally realized he loved Betty and was fighting for her honor.

Fortunately none of those things were true.
The explanation came walking through the doors only ten minutes after

Reggie mantle, with a busted lip and bandaged nose.

The halls went quite for a minute before Veronica burst out in laughter.

“You messed with the wrong guys girlfriend mantle”
She said in between loud laughs.

The pieces finally came together.

Reggie had tried to get Betty to sleep with him after cheerleading and wouldn’t seem to take no for an answer, unfortunately for him jughead was coming to pick up Betty and had caught him with his hands on his girl.

As Betty shoved past Reggie she stood in front of him.

“Hit my boyfriend again Reggie mantle and your face won’t be the only thing broken.”

As jughead pulled his fiery girlfriend away he placed a kiss on the top of her head smiling at Reggie and giving him a wave.

Reggie was shaking with anger as he pushed past everyone in the halls to get to the weight room.

Cheryl smirked from her place by the lockers

“Hashtag Relationship goals”

Archie still had feelings for Betty,

jughead knew that and while he pretended to be cool with Betty and his relationship jughead saw the way he would keep his hand on her back a little too long, or offer to carry her books to class.

He couldn’t say anything they were friends, all of them were.

Not to mention he couldn’t blame the guy for being in love with Betty, she was pretty great.

But when he offered only Betty a ride home as they were walking together,
He was irritated to say the least.

“She’s cool dude, we’re together I won’t let any riverdale thugs get to her” jughead joked but kept his face serious

Archie nodded

“Yeah but it’s kind of chilly out there, you can hop in Betty, I promise it’s clean.”
He threw her his best American boy smile

As soon as she opened her mouth to answer
Jughead stepped forward

“I said she’s fine, bro you can keep driving.”

Archie parked the car getting ready to get out of it

“Why don’t you let your girl answer.”

“If my girl wanted to answer you she would have.”

They bickered back and forth

“ENOUGH” Betty yelled.

Both boys heads snapped to hers and while Archie looked confused jughead seemed to know exactly what was going on as he slowly backed away from Archie biting his lip and bowing his head.

“I am not an object, I can speak, I can make my own decisions. I do not need to be taken care of or protected from anything.” She turned to raise a pointed eyebrow at jughead who nodded and grabbed her hand

“I know I’m sorry bets. It’s my fault I overacted, testosterone ya know?” He shrugged smiling apologetically.

She nodded and kissed him quickly turning back to Archie

“And as for you, thankyou for the offer but theres nothing I like better than walking home from school with my boyfriend, he keeps me plenty warm, have a nice night Archie.”

She tugged jughead along moving foreward leaving Archie standing by his running car.

Archie wanted that kind of a relationship is this what Ronnie was always talking about when she mentioned
Hashtag relationship goals.


I’m back writing your prompts, yay! My writer’s block is gone for good finaly so here is another one-shot! I really liked writing this one, having Jughead the one losing his perpetual composed self. I hope you will all enjoy it too!

(P.S. I’m not ignoring your older prompts, I was just craving to write this after last episode and Jughead’s pain, which I’ll never get over. Don’t worry, darlings, I’ll write all your prompts during this hiatus to help all of us deal with all those beautiful Bughead feels! <3) 

The glass doors of Riverdale’s General Hospital closed with a light swoosh behind a rushing Betty Cooper, her messy bun bouncing vigorously with every urgent step her white sneakers took. With her white pajama t-shirt still under her maroon grid bomber jacket and a pair of grey yoga pants – the girl minutes away from dozing off to a dreamless slumber just before her phone disrupted the calmness of her room – she anxiously jogged down the quiet corridor, due to the hour, and stopped abruptly in front of the reception, the elder head nurse shooting her an exhausted glare.

“I’m looking for Forsythe Pendleton Jones.” Her voice came out with difficulty, Betty now registering how out of breath she was, probably by the fact that her house was at the other side of town and she had chosen to walk, or most correctly run, all the way to the hospital.

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I lost our baby

Request: #13…?  

Could I have 13 for the drabble thing? Thanks!

So basically this is #13 from the Drabble challenge

Summary: You and Peter have been spending most of your days at the avengers tower after the birth of your baby girl. You leave Peter to supervise her for one minute, and you could’ve predicted what happened next.

! y/d/n= your daughters name !

I wanted to make this happy and funny. Hopefully you guys like it!!! Also made this a Peterxreader. If you’d like a Tomxreader let me know! <3 

Originally posted by gounderoos

After announcing your pregnancy you couldn’t tell who was more excited, Peter or the rest of the avengers. They always looked after you and treated you like a baby sister, so naturally they were protective of you. But once your pregnancy became public knowledge, it was as if you couldn’t go to the bathroom without someone holding your hand. You didn’t entirely mind it, you loved having the extra help as the months went by. You certainly love the extra help now that the baby was here and you single-handedly could never do it all. Peter is always there to help of course, it was his job, and his priority. He lived up to the ‘father’ name quite greatly.

      Recently the two of you had been living in the avengers tower with the rest of the gang. You loved it. You were enjoying the company and your baby girl, now 4 months old was loving all the attention. Natasha and Tony spent every moment of their spare time with y/d/n. They loved her as if she were their own. 

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Nothing More (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2804

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, Connor being awkward and adorable

Summary: Connor asks Y/N to the prom. Fluffiness ensues

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: For every anon that requested Connor x reader and the one who requested Connor and the reader at prom

“Meet me in the woods behind the school. We have business.” I read off the card that had been haphazardly shoved into my locker. I gathered my things, still glancing cautiously at the note.

I wandered to the ‘woods’ (which was actually a collection of pine trees and an open meadow) and dumped my backpack at the base of one of the pines.

“Hello?” I called, curious as to where the person 'I had business with’ was. “Hi.” I heard a voice say suddenly.

I jumped a little and turned around, my cheeks going pink when I saw Connor Murphy standing there. “Hi Connor.” I muttered, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Hey. I see you, uh, got my note. Sorry if it was, you know, creepy or shit.” Connor said and I chuckled, walking over towards him.

“It’s all good. So, what business do we have?” I asked, curiosity evident in my voice. Connor started stammering slightly, his cheeks flushing a pinkish colour.

“I, uh, well. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the senior prom, with me?” Connor said, suddenly looking less like the dark and mysterious weirdo people made him out to be.

He instead looked like a normal, nervous teenager who was asking the girl he liked out to the prom. The fact that that girl was me hadn’t yet sunk in, but my eyes widened when it did.

“You want to go to the prom? With me?” I repeated, pressing a hand to my chest. Connor nodded hesitantly, biting his lip.

“I’d love to.” I said, and Connor’s entire face lit up. “You, you said yes.” Connor muttered in disbelief, a slight smile stretching across his face.

“You didn’t think I’d say yes?” I said, feeling a little hurt. “To be honest, I didn’t think I’d actually get this far.” Connor muttered and I laughed, shoving my hands in my pockets.

“Well, I should probably give you my number.” I said and Connor nodded, his smile growing slightly.

“You got your phone?” I asked and Connor unzipped his backpack, passing me a black iPhone. “Thanks.” I said and I inputted my number, handing the phone back to Connor.

“So, I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow?” Connor said, rocking back and forth on his heels. “Definitely. Hey, quick question. Why did you decided to meet me here?” I asked, looking around at the trees towering over us.

“I overheard you telling my sister that this was your favourite place to go to calm down.” Connor said and I felt my cheeks burn up at his words.

“Oh, uh, um, cool!” I stammered, trying to avoid eye contact with Connor. I picked up my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.

“I’ll text you!” I shouted, waving at Connor, who currently had a dopey smile on his face. “Yeah.” Connor muttered, waving half heartedly.

As I walked off, I missed the over excited first pump Connor did and the loud whoop that followed.

“I have an incredibly important question.” Zoe said, setting her lunch down on the table and sandwiching herself between Alana and I. I took a loud sip of my slushy and smiled at Zoe, my teeth stained slightly red.

“Ask away Zoe.” Alana said, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. “What are you nerds wearing to prom?” Zoe asked and I felt my cheeks heat up at the mention of prom.

“I haven’t bought my dress yet, but I want something bright. Maybe something  pink or red.” Alana said and I nodded, remembering how good red looked on her.

“I’d go with red. It looks better on you than pink.” I added and Alana smiled at me, taking a bite of her sandwich. “Thanks Y/N.” Alana said, her voice slightly muffled from the food.

“How about you Y/N? I’m asking partially because I want to know, but also because Connor wants to know. You have no idea how much he’s fussing about this.” Zoe said and my blush darkened at the thought of Connor fussing over me.

“Well, I bought this nice royal blue dress the other day. I’ll send you a photo of it.” I said and Zoe smiled, nodding her head.

“Perfect. Connor, funnily enough, has a navy suit that might work with your dress.” Zoe said and I chuckled, running a hand through my hair.

“How about you Zo?” I asked, arching my eyebrows and leaning back in my chair. “I’ve got this pastel blue dress that is just beautiful.” Zoe said, spacing out a little.

“Evan’s gonna love that.” I muttered and Alana snorted, a smirk on her face. “Damnit Y/N.” Zoe said, her cheeks bright red.

“She’s got a point, Zoe. You know that boy has a thing for the colour blue.” Alana added, her eyes briefly flicking to the table where Evan and Jared sat, deep in discussion. I took a quick bite of my sushi, and

“You guys suck!” Zoe exclaimed, and was only met with laughter from us. “Whatever Zoe.” Alana said and Zoe buried her head in her hands.

“We should totally all get ready before prom. It’ll be so much fun.” I said and Alana nodded. “Sounds great. Whose house should we do it at?” Alana asked and Zoe lifted her head up.

“We could kick Connor out for a while and get ready at my place. I do, after all, have the biggest bathroom out of all of us.” Zoe said and I looked over at Alana, almost for confirmation.

“Perfect. I should probably get going, but I’ll see you guys after lunch.” Alana said, waving at us as she left.

“You know, Connor has never been one for displaying any emotion other than rage, but he’s actually been as close to happy this week as I’ve ever seen him.” Zoe said and I hid my red face behind my even redder slushy.

“Well, I, uh.” I stammered and Zoe chuckled, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Connor really likes you, Y/N, and I can tell you really like him as well. You’re my best friend.” Zoe said and I blushed darker, the slushy incredibly ineffective at masking my blush.

“Thanks Zoe. We should, uh, go get to class.” I said, draining the rest of my drink. “Sure.” Zoe said, smiling widely at me. 

“You know what sounds good?” Zoe said as we walked to our maths classroom. “What?” I asked curiously, shifting my books around in my arms a little.

“Y/N Murphy.” Zoe said, smirking widely. I groaned, punching Zoe’s shoulder with my free hand. “I hate you so much right now.”

Prom night had finally rolled around after two weeks of agonising waiting, and I knocked on Zoe’s door, my dress and assorted accessories in a bag I was holding.

The door swung open to reveal a slightly grumpy Connor, whose face lit up when he saw me. “Hey Y/N. Um, come in.” He said, inviting me inside with a sweeping gesture.

“Thanks.” I said, looking around at the Murphy household. It was obvious that the Murphy’s had money, because the house was elegantly decorated with various artworks, and there was a rather large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“Woah.” I muttered, and Connor grimaced. “It’s nothing too fancy.” He said and my eyes widened. “This is some ballroom shit right here.” I said, pointing at the chandelier.

Connor chuckled and pointed towards the stairs. “Zoe’s room is upstairs. You’ll find it easily, because it’s the door that has Zoe written on it.” Connor said and I laughed, heading towards the stairs.

“Thanks Connor.” I said, waving at him as I walked up to Zoe’s room. I did find the door easily, and I knocked on it before entering.

“Y/N!” Zoe said excitedly, pulling me into a tight hug. “Hey Zoe!” I said, returning the hug as best I could.

“Great. Now that we’re all here, we can start getting ready!” Alana said enthusiastically, her dark hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

“Dresses on ladies.” Zoe said, putting her hands on her hips. I unzipped my bag and ran a hand over the fabric of the dress, letting out a sigh as I took it out of the bag.

I quickly pulled off my shirt and jeans, and slipped on the elegant dress. “I need some help with my zip, you guys.” I said and Alana chuckled.

“I got it.” Alana said. I smiled at her and she moved over towards me.

She did up the zipper, and I caught a glance of my reflection in the mirror. I gasped, realising just how good I looked.

“Oh my god.” I muttered and the girls chuckled, nodding their heads. “Oh my god indeed. Connor is going to flip his shit when he sees you.” Zoe said and my cheeks flushed bright red.

“Shut up.” I muttered, fiddling with a stray lock of hair. “I’m serious. You look hot.” Zoe said, winking dramatically at me.

“You guys still aren’t dressed.” I said, gesturing to my two friends. “Easy fix.” Zoe said, before pulling her clothes off quickly. Alana did the same, and soon they were both in their dresses.

We quickly put on our jewellery and shoes, and I was kinda grateful for the extra height the heels gave me.

Hair and makeup took a while, which I expected would happen, but somehow I felt like only a minute had passed. Not 2 and a half hours.

“We all look so good, oh my god.” Alana said and we chuckled, nodding in agreement. “Amen to that.” Zoe muttered, her hair hanging in loose curls.

“Well, prom starts in half an hour, so if we want to get photos we should do them now.” Alana said and I nodded, fiddling with the skirts of my dress nervously.

We all walked downstairs, and I heard Cynthia fawning over us. “You girls all look wonderful.” She said, pulling us all into a hug. I chuckled and smiled at Cynthia, who looked like she was going to cry.

“Boys! You can come in now.” She shouted and I heard footsteps come up from the basement. Evan entered first, and he was wearing a black tux with a blue shirt that matched the colour of Zoe’s dress.

He stood there awkwardly, his jaw dropped so low it almost hit the floor. “I, uh, you, woah.” Evan stuttered, walking over to Zoe.
She blushed and fiddled with her dress, shooting Evan a shy smile. “Thanks Evan.” She said, giggling slightly.

Evan’s cheeks went pink and I chuckled, smiling brightly at Zoe. “It’s, uh, it’s no problem Zoe. Really, I mean, um.” Evan stammered, scratching the back of his neck.

“Holy shit.” I heard a voice murmur, and I wheeled around to see Connor, wearing, as promised, a navy suit with his hair pulled back in a bun. “Hi.” I squeaked out, my cheeks already pink.

“Y/N, you. You look gorgeous.” Connor said, walking closer to me. I took a deep breath and took one of his hands in mine, watching intently as his cheeks began to gain colour.

“You look… very good.” I said, gesturing to Connor with my hand. “Thanks.” He said, letting out a breathy laugh.

Cynthia interrupted our conversation suddenly to let us know it was picture time, and I giggled at Connor’s look of pure embarrassment.

I squeezed his hand supportively and he shot me a smile in return. We took the pictures, and I had to admit, they turned out pretty well.

We were all piled into a car, and Cynthia drove us to the school as fast as legally possible. “Have fun, and I’ll pick you up at 10, ok?” She said and we all nodded as we exited the vehicle.

“Well, here we are.” I muttered, surveying the bursting gym hall. “I’m gonna go get a drink. Anyone else want one?” Connor said and I nodded.

“Anyone else?” Connor said but no one else responded. I slipped my hand into Connor’s and walked beside him, not trusting myself to stray from him.

“I really did mean what I said at home. You look stunning.” Connor whispered into my ear and I shuddered, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck raise up.

“Thanks. Not many people other than my parents have complimented me, so that really means a lot.” I said, and Connor squeezed my hand gently.

“You deserve to hear that, Y/N.” Connor said as he poured two cups of punch. “For the lovely lady.” Connor said, passing me a red cup.

“Thanks.” I said, taking a sip of the drink. Connor slipped his hand out of mine and I frowned, but when I felt his hand rest on the small of my back I nearly gasped.

“You wanna sit down somewhere?” Connor asked, his voice raising slightly to combat the noise of the hall. “Sure.” I replied, smiling softly at him.

His hand was still on my lower back as he navigated us to the bleachers, which were pretty much empty. “Here we are.” Connor said, making a sweeping gesture with his hand.

I chuckled and sat down, already feeling a little tired. “You ok?” Connor asked, noticing the shift in my demeanour.  

“Just a little tired. I wants actually planning on coming, you know.” I said and Connor frowned slightly, his brow furrowing. “Why’s that?” He asked, setting his drink down on the seat.

I let out a sigh and crossed my legs, trying not to crush the material of the dress.

“This whole gig has never been my scene. Dancing, lots of people, couples everywhere. Not to mention the fact that I hate staying up past 9:30.” I said and Connor snorted, a strand of hair escaping his bun.

“I totally get it. I’m not a big fan of the whole prom idea either, but you looked so shocked when I asked you to go with me. It was kinda cute.” Connor said, muttering the last part.

My cheeks went pink and Connor chuckled, moving closer to me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and I stiffened slightly.

I let out a sigh and relaxed into the embrace, tentatively resting my head in the crook of Connor’s neck.

We sat like that for a while. Not talking, just enjoying each other’s company. “You wanna dance?” Connor asked, suddenly interrupting the comforting silence.

“I, uh, sure.” I said, stammering slightly. If there was one thing I was not, it was a dancer. It was as if the DJ had sensed our intentions, and the song transitioned from an upbeat pop song to a slower ballad.

“I think this should be a good time to tell you that I really can’t dance. Like, I don’t know how to.” I said and Connor smiled at me, leading me onto the dance floor.

“I mean, I kinda tap danced for a while when I was a kid, so this shouldn’t be too hard, right?” Connor said and I gaped a little.

“I never knew you could tap dance.” I muttered and Connor chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist. My breath hitched slightly and Connor’s smile widened.

“I’ll have to show you sometime. Also, I think your arms go around my neck.” Connor said and I nodded, tentatively doing as he instructed.

We slowly swayed along to the music, not really moving anywhere. “This isn’t too bad.” I muttered, focusing on not trampling Connor’s toes.

“Agreed.” Connor said, his eyes twinkling in the slightly pink light of the gym. I took a deep breath and bravely moved closer to Connor, pressing my chest flush against his.

“Y/N.” Connor whispered, his breath fanning across my face. I let out a shaky breath and looked right at him, noticing that his hair looked almost red in the light.

“Connor.” I said, my eyes briefly darting to his lips. Connor must have caught on, and he surged forward, pressing his lips to mine.

His lips were slightly chapped and tasted like the punch we had drunk beforehand. We stopped swaying and focused on nothing but each other, our lips moulded together perfectly.

Connor pulled away slowly, his eyes half closed. “Woah.” He muttered and I laughed softly, nodding my head. “Agreed.” I said, taking my hands from around his neck and resting them on his chest.

“How about we get out of here? I’ll text mom and the others and let them know, and then we could just go get something to eat. Maybe watch a movie?” Connor said and my smile widened.

I brought him into another kiss, this one shorter but somehow sweeter. When Connor pulled away, his smile had morphed into a loveable, dorky one. “I’d love nothing more.”

Summer Secrets (Part 3)

I’m so sorry this is so late! Hope you all enjoy it!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 4:

Part 5:


Summary: Archie confronts Jughead about what happened between you two. Jughead initially denies anything happening, before finally telling Archie why you two broke up.

After Jughead had walked out of the dance, you couldn’t help but lose it. Tears streamed down your face as Archie pulled you closer to him. “It’s okay, [Y/N].” He said, but he couldn’t help but wonder what you and Jughead were arguing about. He’d never seen you two talk to each other. He decided that he was going to find out.

“Do you want me to walk you home?” He asked after a few minutes. You nodded slowly, pulling away and wiping the tears off your face. You couldn’t let Jughead get to you like that. This year was about being a better you and no boy was going to ruin that for you.

“I don’t want to go back in there looking like this.” You joked quietly, hoping to lighten the mood.

“You still look beautiful.” Archie smiled down at you. You laughed, then stopped, remembering what Jughead had said. Archie was a good guy, which made Jughead’s words cut that much deeper.

Archie walked you home in a content silence and you thanked him when he dropped you off at your house. “Goodnight, [Y/N].”

“Goodnight, Archie.” You made your way inside and to your room to change into your pajamas and go to bed.

As soon as you were inside, Archie turned and made his way to the place he knew Jughead would be. Pop’s.

As soon as Archie entered the old diner, his eyes fell on Jughead. He was the only person in the building besides Pop himself. Jughead was facing the opposite direction, typing away on his laptop. As Archie approached him, he could see Jughead closing a document with your name on it.


It was a few days after you had met Jughead. The two of you had decided to hang out by the lake for a picnic. Of course, Jughead had brought his laptop to work on his writing. After you finished your sandwich, you leaned over his shoulder to see what he was writing.

“What are you writing, JJ?” you ask.

“Just working on a story…” he readjusts so his laptop faces away from you.

“Why are you moving it away from me?” you teased, scooting closer to him to try to see his screen.

“Because it’s not done yet.” He laughed, a slight blush tinting his cheeks.

“At least tell me if it’s fiction or nonfiction.”

He glanced at you then back at the screen, before stating flatly, “Nonfiction.”

“Is it about me? Is that why you won’t show it to me?” You hit him playfully. He glances down at you again, with a slight smirk on his face. “Oh my god, it is! Jughead, you have to let me read it if it’s about me!” You lunge at him, trying to grab his laptop so you can read what he said about you. He turns away from you, laughing.

"No, you can’t read it until it’s done.”

"Whatever Jughead, you suck. Why can’t I ever read anything you’ve written?” You asked half teasing half serious.

"When it’s done.” He promised.

The rest of the afternoon went by peacefully, with you staring at the water and enjoying his presence while Jughead tapped away on his laptop. You saw him glance at you every once in a while and you knew he was writing about you. But what was he saying about you?


"What are you working on?” Archie asked as he slid into the opposite side of the booth.

Jughead jumped slightly. “God, Archie. You scared the hell out of me.” He quickly returned to his typing, without even looking up at Archie.

A few moments went by before Archie spoke up again. “Are you gonna tell me what you were writing about [Y/N]?” Archie asked, his tone rigid. He knew that Jughead had avoided the question.

Jughead’s eyes snapped up from his laptop to meet Archie’s. “What are you talking about?” He asked flatly, before returning his gaze to the computer.

“Jughead.” Archie was growing impatient.

“Archie.” Jughead said apathetically, still tapping away on his keyboard.

Archie reached across the table and slammed the top of Jughead’s laptop down. Jughead had to move his fingers away quickly so they weren’t crushed.

“What do you want Archie?” Jughead was angry.

“I want to know what happened between you and [Y/N].”

“Nothing happened between us.” Jughead sighed. “Just let it go, Archie.” He opened his laptop.

“You know you made her cry at the dance?”
Jughead’s face softened, and he looked back at Archie. He never meant to make you cry. Archie continued, “I had to take her home early. She missed half of the dance because of you.”

“Because of me?” He laughed bitterly. “It was because of herself.”

Archie gave him a puzzled look.

Jughead sighed. He might as well come clean.

“She agreed to go to the dance with you to make me jealous.” Archie opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it when he saw Jughead was continuing. He wasn’t super into you, but hearing you’ve been used is never pleasant.

“We started hanging out this summer when she moved back to town. She told me the reason she followed us around when we were younger was because she had a crush on me.” Archie raised his eyebrows. Everyone had thought you liked Archie. “One thing led to another and… we were kinda together.” Jughead stared out the window. He was starting to get lost in his own story.

“She didn’t want anyone else to know she was back in town because she wanted to revamp herself and make a grand entrance on the first day of school.” Jughead smiled. “She sure does like to be dramatic.” His gaze turned back to Archie and the smile fell from his lips.

“Anyways, we hung out together most of the summer, then a week before school started…”


You and Jughead were hanging out at your spot. It was a secluded area on the lake’s shore. The two of you would come out here pretty often at all times of the day to talk, relax, and just enjoy each other’s company. And, honestly, there were a few make out sessions.

But today you were talking about the upcoming year at school. “I think I’m going to take art for my last elective.” You said thoughtlessly as you stared out at the water. You would miss spending almost every day with Jughead. Of course you’d still see him, but it wouldn’t be the same.

“Why don’t you take creative writing with me?” He asked, moving closer to you, so his right leg was touching your left leg.

You turned to him and smiled, placing your arm on his shoulder. “I’m a terrible writer, JJ. That would be bad for everyone involved.” He chuckled.

After a few minutes of thought, you spoke up, “I think I’m going to try out for the cheer squad.”

Jughead pushed himself away from you, so he could look you fully in the face. He had a worried look on his face. “Why?”

“I need to make friends here. What better way to meet other girls than to be part of a team?”

“Then try out for a sport.” His voice sounded stern and unamused. “Don’t join that squad of bitches.”

You frowned at him. “You can’t assume that they’re all bitches just because they’re cheerleaders.”

“Trust me, [Y/N], I can. All of the River Vixens are awful.” He didn’t want you to join that squad. All of those girls hated him, especially Cheryl. They thought he was weird and creepy, and he couldn’t risk them turning you against him.

“Why are you making such a big deal about this? I just want to make friends.” Why was Jughead being so protective of you? You couldn’t remain friendless forever and although he was important to you, Jughead couldn’t be the only person in your life.

“Because those aren’t the type of people you want to be friends with.” He said flatly, turning away from you, as if he wanted the conversation to be done.

“And who are you to decide who I want to be friends with?” You were getting angry. You stood up, not wanting to sit so close to him anymore.

He stood up and began packing up the towel you had been sitting on. “Fine, [Y/N], do whatever you want. But don’t come crying to me when those girls eat you alive.”

“So you don’t think I can handle making my own friends?” You folded your arms across your chest.

“That’s not what I said-”

“That’s what you implied. You should support me no matter what choices I make.” You said, turning away.

“If you want your boyfriend to sit back and let you make bad decisions, then maybe I shouldn’t be your boyfriend.” You could feel your heart breaking in half at what he was saying. The first time he had ever referred to himself as your boyfriend and he was saying you should break up.

“Maybe you shouldn’t.” You said harshly, without turning to look at him. You didn’t want him to see the pain in your face.

He didn’t mean what he said, but your response hurt him. He walked towards you, putting his hand on your shoulder. “[Y/N]…” You yanked your shoulder away from his reach.

It was too late, he had hurt you too badly. You turned towards him and saw the pain in his eyes. “Goodbye, Jughead.” You said before turning around and leaving.

Puppy Love - Part 2

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,371

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him hanging out inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.

Part 1

“What do you do for work?” Dean asks before taking a big bite of his hot dog.

“I’m an event planner.” You say with a smile.

“That sounds fun.”

“What about you?” You wonder with a mouth full of corn on the cob. Real attractive.

“I’m a cop.”

No fucking way. You didn’t think he could get any hotter but now you’re picturing him in his uniform.

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Fluff prompt 039

039: “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.”

It’s this time of the year. When you feel like summer is coming to an end and you don’t really want to let it go but you are also ready for fall to come. It makes you want to light up a candle that smells like cinnamon and chocolate, wear a comfy hoodie and snuggle up to your loved one on the couch, watching Netflix all day while it starts to rain outside.

Shawn can smell it. This transition phase. There is a smell in the air. It’s a heady musky scent. It smells like wet soil after a summer rain or like summer leaving. There is a breeze that seems to be colder than before and it feels cold on his skin, making him shiver in his thin white shirt.

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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 18.3

Alrightie darlings! The final installment of chapter 18! Thanks for sticking with us! I’m pretty sure @outlandishchridhe and I had this part written before Fergus had even been born. It’s been sitting in our ‘written ideas’ doc for AGES and now we can FINALLY share it with you!! Buckle up because it’s a steamy one!

Catch up on 18.1 HERE and 18.2 HERE


She let out a deep breath of relief and leaned against him. He put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her close, glad they’d talked this out.

“It’s so quiet,” she whispered, afraid to break the spell.

“It is,” he replied equally as soft. “I could give Murtagh a ring and get him back if ye miss the noise s’much,” he continued, laughing softly, knowing without looking that the look on his wife’s face would be one of disdain.

Her head lifted and she pulled his face so she could look through her lashes at him. She had the most beautiful eyes, like the depths of the ocean, mysterious and fathomless.

“Perhaps another time. I think I owe him a proper apology, but I’m enjoying our time alone.”

“Aye,” he said, hooking one finger under her chin, stopping her from laying her head back on his shoulder. “So am I.”

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Put All These Pieces Back Together

// requested by anonymous:  HI U R SUCH A GOOD WRITER I CRY okay could u possibly do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader has a crush on Peter but she doesn’t know if he likes her and she used to have an eating disorder & one day they’re @ a party and her drunk friend says something about her not eating today or something and Peter overhears and takes her aside and asks if she’s okay and like comforts her idkIDK like maybe angst at first but then super cute by the end IDK THANKS SO MUCH ILY

// a/n: oml i feel so loved, thank you so much for the praise!! i’m so, so sorry this took so long to get up, i had a massive, unshakable case of writer’s block. i hope i did okay… it’s sort of cheesy but hopefully you’ll like it anyway. thanks for the request and the love <3 enjoy!!

// character: peter parker/spiderman

// pairing: peter x reader

// summary: “your heart’s never soared this high and you think he might just be the person to fix you.”

It’s past curfew on a Friday night, and this is exactly the sort of situation you’ve been told to stay away from.

The party seems like something straight out of a cliche high school romance flick, with red solo cups littering the floor and hormonal teenagers pressed against each other in the corners, lips locked together and hands roaming each others’ bodies.

Your senses feel dulled by the constant, heavy thrum of the bass blasting through the speakers and the strong reek of alcohol that seems to have settled into the air. Still, you haven’t been to a party since–well, since before everything that happened last year, and Becca has vehemently assured you that the awkwardly clingy black top you dug out of her closet makes you look “like a total catch”.

So part of you thinks that having a little fun might not be such a bad idea.

You destroy your opponents through a few rounds of beer pong, expertly avoid a game of seven minutes in heaven before one of your friends can drag you in, fail fantastically at pool and spend a lot of the night mingling and swaying to the music.

It’s a little past midnight when Becca stumbles into you, a ditsy smile plastered on her face and her eyes clouded with insobriety.

“Hi,” she mumbles giddily as she pitches forward and you hastily grab her shoulders to keep her from spilling to the ground in a heap.

You chuckle a little. “How much did you have to drink?” you say loudly, trying to make your voice heard over the pounding music.

A crease forms between her brows and she shrugs. “I dunno,” she grins. “A lot.”

With a mixture of exasperation and fondness, you sigh and set her on the couch. “God, you are going to have such a hangover tomorrow. Promise me you’ll let me drive you home?”

She nods, but you know she’s not really listening when her eyes glance in the other direction and she says in what you think is supposed to be a quiet voice, “He’s staring at you.”

Your eyes follow her gaze to a familiar brown-haired boy in a Star Wars t-shirt, who quickly looks away to observe a nearby game of pool. “Who, Peter?” You laugh a little, but a hot blush creeps up on your cheeks and you duck your head. “Yeah right. Like he’d be staring at me.”

Your best friend’s gaze swivels from him to you and back. “You should tell him,” she declares.

“Say it a little louder, would you?” you hiss sarcastically. “I don’t think they heard you in Jersey.”

She laughs. “I’m serious,” she says, though it’s in a hushed whisper this time as she pulls you closer by the arm. “You’ve liked him for forever. And judging by the way he’s looking at you in that outfit,” her voice dips into a sing-song tone as she slurs, “he likes you too.

Rolling your eyes, you shove her shoulder gently. “Shut up, Bea, you know he doesn’t think of me that way.” you huff, and a smirk crosses her face as she stands abruptly.

“Whatever you say. I’m gonna grab some food,” she says, stretching. “You want anything?”

You shake your head, but she pouts. “Y/N, you skipped lunch, too,” she protests.

“Yeah, because I had to make up that test for Mr. Dewar. I ate after school,” you explain. You’re not lying; you don’t do that anymore. You’re better now. Or at least, you’re trying.

But Becca, drunk, doesn’t seem to see it that way. “Are you trying to stop eating again?” She makes a poor attempt at a whisper. “Because you know it’s not good for you.” She sounds like a scolding parent, and a few pairs of eyes around the room drift over to you.

Stop staring, you plead mentally, your insides squirming under their gazes. “Bea,” you say through gritted teeth, “I’m fine, okay? Drop it.”

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself!” She’s loud. Too loud. Heads swivel in your direction.

People are looking at you. Everyone’s looking at you. I’m fine, you want to scream. It’s over. Nothing’s wrong with me.

But their eyes linger.

You feel like it’s freshman year all over again, and you’re collapsing on the gym floor and the nurse is bending over you and saying something about malnourishment and everyone is staring at you and you can’t breathe. And suddenly, you’re back to being the object of gossip and stolen glances and whispers in the hallway when they think you aren’t listening– she’s that anorexic girl, the one who was fat until she starved herself.

You have to remind yourself that you’re here and not there, that this is a party and you’re supposed to be having fun but instead you’re trying to remember how you’re supposed to breathe.

In, out. In, out.

Right. Easy.

So why can’t you seem to catch a breath?

It takes you a minute to realize that your hands are shaking and that Becca’s still talking, although you aren’t really listening anymore.

You mutter some excuse and slip out of the room; she tries to call out to you but you can’t seem to get to the back door fast enough.

The grass is wet. The air is humid and cool and heavy with the smell of rain, the sharp contrast to the heat inside hitting you as you step into the yard, tugging at the sleeves of your jacket and trying to shove the taste of bile back down your throat.

The smell of alcohol lingers on your clothes and you can still feel the bass from inside; you wonder for a moment what you’re doing here, when a book and a warm blanket seems like such a nice alternative.

Oh right, you think to yourself. I was trying to be normal, for one night.

Normal. You’ve spent the last eight months trying to get back there. Talking to doctors, therapists, guidance counselors, anyone who thinks they can help. You remember the before picture of it all, when you were scared and angry and you hated yourself, and now you feel the exact same way and you think that maybe you haven’t come all that far.

“Why did you do it?” the counselor asks, sincere concern lacing her words. “You have such a beautiful body, can’t you see that?”

You try to laugh, but think you might cry instead as you looked up at her. “Have you ever been to high school?”

She gives you the look, the one you’ve come to know all-too-well, that mixture of pity and disappointment that seems to be etched on everyone’s faces these days. You want to tell her to stop, that you don’t want her pity, that you might feel a lot better if everyone would just quit looking at you that way–

“–re you okay?”

Surprised, your head snaps towards him immediately. You didn’t even notice him come out. But Peter’s standing there, concern in those deep brown eyes and one hand running through his brown hair nervously.

You open your mouth, tempted to say you’re fine, that there’s nothing for him to worry about. But as you look at him, you feel a bit of your resolve wear away. At first, you’re not sure why, but then, you think, it’s Peter, the geeky science nerd you’ve known for years, exchanging study guides and making cheesy science jokes from the back of the classroom and maybe falling a little in love along the way. It’s Peter, so instead of lying you shake your head. “Not really, no,” you breathe.

“You’re not…are you still…” he trails, like he doesn’t quite know how to phrase the question.

Your choice of words, however, is more blunt. “I’m not starving myself anymore, if that’s what you mean. I haven’t done that in a long time.”

Peter looks at you for a long time, as though trying to figure out whether or not you’re lying, and then gives you a slow nod as he leans against the wall next to you. “What happened in there?” he asks quietly, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie.

“Nothing.” You drop your gaze, refusing to meet his eyes. If you do, you think you might break into tears.

“Y/N, you can talk to me.”

Sighing slowly, you glare at the ground. “I just…I couldn’t breathe. I–everyone was staring at us. I didn’t want to-to stay in there and let them gawk at me like I was some animal in a zoo. Like I was some…” you grit your teeth, voice shaking, “some beast that they were looking at through glass.”

He hesitates, and then, sounding shocked, “Is that how you feel?”

Part of you wishes he would leave, so he wouldn’t see you cry. “That’s how I’ve always felt, Peter. Why–” You shudder as your voice breaks. “Why do you think I did this?” You look up at him, blinking tears out of bloodshot eyes. Slowly, you sink into the grass, ignoring the fact that the rainwater is seeping through your tights, and draw your knees to your chest.

He doesn’t say anything, just kneels next to you and holds you in his arms when you finally break into shaking sobs, your breath stuttering as you try to hold them back. But you don’t think there’s any part of you that can fight it anymore, and the tears just fall in a torrent of frustration that you haven’t let go of in far too long. The saltwater streaks down your face and soaks his hoodie, and he runs his fingers through your hair, hugging you against his chest and resting his chin on your forehead.

“I’m sorry,” you hiccup when the sobs finally slow, your voice muffled by his body.

Peter shakes his head. “Don’t be sorry,” he murmurs. “You don’t deserve to feel this way.”

“Maybe I do.”

“You don’t.” His voice is insistent as he cups your cheek with his hands. “You don’t deserve this. You’re beautiful.”

He sounds…honest. You meet his eyes, and sincerity is all you can see. Something inside of you swells. “I haven’t…no one’s ever said that to me.”

“They should.” A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. “I don’t hold just anyone as their tears totally soak my favorite shirt, you know,” he teases.

A watery chuckle escapes your lips, and he grins, looking a little proud of himself.

“I guess it’s a good thing I wore waterproof mascara,” you joke, wiping the wet tracks away from your face with a sleeve and sniffling. It earns you a laugh.

“Do you…want me to walk you home?” he offers as you pick yourself off the ground.

You shake your head. “I think I’ll stay a while. Someone’s got to keep Becca from making a total fool out of herself,” you say, taking a deep breath to compose yourself and then starting to walk towards the party.

He chuckles. “I’ll stay for a while, too, then. But, uh, Y/N? One more thing.”

“Yeah?” You turn around.

A flash of nerves crosses his face before his hand wraps around your waist, the other one resting in your hair, and he kisses you. It’s soft and sweet and his lips taste better than anything you’ve ever forced yourself not to eat, and it’s Peter and your heart’s never soared this high and you think he might just be the person to fix you.

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 9/?)

PART 1     PART 2    PART 3     PART 4    PART 5     PART 6     PART 7       PART 8

“What?”, Jessica asked confused.

Being the allergic to any nuts idiot I am I swallowed huge bite I took.

“Don’t swallow, spit it out!”, Monty shouted. 

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, as irrational laugh was my reaction to stress.

“You don’t usually say that to a girl, do you?”, I giggled. 

“Are you fucking serious?”

“What is going on?”, Jessica asked again. 

“She’s allergic to peanuts”, Justin answered and Jess’ face turned white.

“To the hospital. Now”, Montgomery grabbed me by my elbow and basically pushed me to the car. 

“You’ll skip your classes”, I said looking for adrenalin ampoules in my bag.

“You have weird piorities”, he mumbled. 

“You’re driving too fast”.

“I’m trying to get you to the hospital on time before you…”, he looked at me. “You’re already red on your face”.

“Fuck…”, I whispered. “I don’t have my adrenalin shots”, I closed my eyes and squizzed the bridge of my nose. 

“But you’re not gonna die here or anything, right?”

“No, I’m not. Probably”.

“You’re face is swelling”, Monty said.

“Well, that’s what happens when you’re allergic to peanuts and you eat them”, I started blinking fast as I felt tears in my eyes.

“Are you crying?”

“Yes, I am, I’m scared, Monty”, I sniffed. “It didn’t happen since I was three”.

We had to stop at red light, Monty took my hand and turned towards me.

“Y/N, it’ll be okay, I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you, okay?”, he looked me in the eyes concerned. I slowly nodded my head. “You probably should call your mum. Or your dad as he’s a doctor.”

The light changed for green, Montgomery released my hand and started driving again, I looked for my phone and called my dad.

“Honey, aren’t you in class?”, dad asked.

“Daddy, I kinda accidently ate peanut butter”, I said.

“What? How did it happen? You took adrenalin?”, I heard he got up from a seat and walked around the room.

“I… I don’t have it”, I sobbed. “But it’s okay, I’m on my way to the hospital”.

“You’re not telling me you’re driving, right?”

“Jesus, dad, no! A friend is driving me”.

“What friend? I’m on my way”.

“Montgomery. He’ll probably need doctor’s note as he skips classes”.

Monty rolled his eyes, probably ready to make a comment about priorities.

“I’ll give him one, don’t worry about that. I’ll see you at hospital”.

“Bye dad”, I hung up. “How bad does it look?”, I asked Monty.

“You’re a little red and swollen, but somehow you still manage to look beautiful”, he said giving me comforting smile.

Why was he doing it? True, I was quite literally dying, but that didn’t mean I needed his sweet nothings and pretty words and yet still all he said was messing in my head.
I tried to take a deep breath but kinda failed.

“What’s happening?”, Montgomery asked.

“Nothing, just… Breathing gets a bit hard”, I whispered.

“We’re almost there, don’t worry”, he stroked my cheeks with his thumb.

Two minutes later he parked in front of the hospital. We got out of the car, I started walking to the entrance when suddenly Monty grabbed me and started carrying me inside.

“I can walk, you know?”, I asked but at the same time I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“That will be faster”.

We walked inside, nurse looked at my face and knew what happened before me or Monty even opened our mouth.

“Wait here for my dad”, I said when nurse pointed me a wheelchair to sit on and took me to one of the rooms.

Thirsty minutes later my parents arrived.

“Oh God, Y/N, sweetie”, mum stood next to bed and took my hand.

“I’m fine. They gave me medicines and stuff”, I smiled faintly. “My face on the other hand still look like a potato.”

“Y/N, it was serious…”

“I know, but it’s not anymore, I don’t even lay on that bed, I’m just sitting, I’m fine.”

“How did it even happen?”, dad asked.

“I took a bite of a cookie, I didn’t know it had peanut butter and Jess didn’t know I have an allergy”, I shrugged.

“Montgomery is still waiting outside”, mum said.

“Really?”, I thought he would leave when my parents arrived. “Can you go for him? And stay outside? Both of you?”, I looked at my dad.

“Okay. He’s really nice, you know. And cute”, mum was looking at me with weird grin on her face.

“Bye. Go and ask doctor if I can leave already”, I rolled my eyes.

They left, soon after Montgomery walked in.

“Heeey, look who’s not red anymore”, he smiled.

“Some serious magic happened here”, I laughed. “My dad will give you doctor’s note so you won’t get in trouble for skipping class”.

“I already told you, it’s okay”, he sighed.

“You have game this week, you can’t skip classes.”

“Whatever, I’m just glad you’re okay.”

I smiled at him and suddenly there was this awkward silence between us, which was uncommon, because usually, well, we were busy doing things other than talking and besides that I talk a lot.

“Ummm…”, I started. “I’ll probably skip the rest of they day, but you’ll go for a Chemistry?”

“Duh, someone has to give teacher our project.”

“Right”, I nodded my head with smile.

My dad walked in.

“Okay, we can take you home”, he said.

“Finally”, I said and jumped off the bed.

“And this is for you, Montgomery”, dad gave Monty few pieces of paper. “Note for today and few, let’s say in blanco notes, you know, use them wisely”.

“Lucky you, I’ve been asking for them for last seventeen years”, I laughed.

“Thank you, but it’s really not necessary”, Monty said.

“Are you stupid? Take them”, I hit his arm.

What was with him lately? People at school would cut themselves for green doctor’s notes and he says he doesn’t need them? Like seriously, out of all of the people Montgomery de la Cruz says he doesn’t need spare doctor’s notes?

“Okay, thank you”, Monty smiled.

Four of us walked out of hospital, we separated when we got to my dad’s car.

“Go, fight for an “A” on our project”, I gave him high five.

“You got this”, he pointed at me. “Goodbye”, he said to my parents.

“Bye, Montgomery, thank you again for taking care for Y/N.”

“No problem.”

I got into the car with them and we drove home.

“What project were you talking about?”, mum asked.

“Chemistry”, I said reading messages as I could finally check my phone.

“The one you were doing yesterday? You hadn’t mentioned you were doing it with boy. And you came home very late yesterday”.

“Ummm, you didn’t ask and it took really a lot of work especially that Monty is the type that leaves everything for last minute. Are those questions going somewhere or…?”

“I’m just curious about with who my daughter spends her time with”, mum said.

“I’m not spending time with him, mum”, at least not the way you’d like to hear about. “We were paired in chemistry class and now we have to work together”.

“Why are you so defensive?”, she turned to face me.

“I’m not defensive”, I almost screamed. “ It’s not even 10 am yet and I already have had a long day and you’re having some weird suspicions about Montgomery de la Cruz. Seriously, Montgomery out of all people.”

“And what’s wrong with him? He seems nice”.

“Ask Jeff”, I chuckled.

We spend the rest of the road in silence. Mum, shockingly, could take day off and went back to office, dad rescheduled all his patients and three of us spend rest of the day in home.

We were ordering pizza for a dinner when Jeff came to check on me.

“Order more, Atkins is here”, I said as I let him inside.

“How are you?”, he asked and give me a hug.

“I’m okay”, I smiled. “Come on in”, we walked to the living room.

We sat down, mum brought us lemonade and the moment she looked at Jeff she got weird sparkle in her eyes.

“How’s baseball, Jeff?”, dad asked.

“Good, good, we have game on Friday, we’re all well prepared but I’m gonna be honest - if Montgomery will play as good as he played last few games there’s no way we’re not gonna win”, Jeff said clearly very excited for upcoming game.
Just why, why did he have to mention Monty…

“Speaking of Monty”, mum started.

“Oh, here we go”, I mumbled, loud enough for her to here but she ignored me.
“He drove Y/N to the hospital, he seems to be really nice, cute and well, he took good care of her but she thinks I was making hints about him…”

“You were”, I interrupted.

“… And when I asked her what’s wrong with Montgomery, she told me to ask you. So I’m asking”.

I rolled my eyes.

“Well”, Jeff looked hella confused for a moment. “I sure do understand where she’s coming from with that, Monty doesn’t really take girls seriously…“

“There’s a word for that”, I rolled my eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“He’s a fuckboy”, I said.

“I’d say that he was…”.

I looked at Jeff and raised my eyebrows.
“Well, apart from some chit chating with girls on the parties, he didn’t really…”

“Didn’t really what?”, I rushed him.

Jeff looked at my parents and then looked down at his hands.

“You know… Didn’t really hook up with anyone since like september”.

“Really?”, I asked with my voice a little too surprised to sound natural.

“Well, boys talk in locker’s room and during practices…”

“Good, old talks in locker’s room, good times”, my dad’s thoughts went down the memory lane.

“I don’t really wanna hear what is or what was going on in locker’s room either now or twenty years ago”, I covered my ears.

“Let’s just say there is a reason why girls are not allowed in locker’s room”, my dad nodded his head.

Me and my mum shared disgusted sight.

“So it’s not because teenage dicks are afraid of a girl seeing a bunch of dicks?”, I asked sarcasticly.

“Don’t you have homework to do?”, my dad crossed his arms.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t in school, remember? Have I got homework to do, Jeff?”

“You actually have. But everyone know what happened, so no teacher will probably ask you about it.”

“Everyone knows?! How?”

“I arrived at school right after you and Monty went to hospital and Jessica was having a panic attack, crying that she almost kill you and stuff and Justin was trying to calm her down, but you know…”

“Yeah, I know, it’s Jessica”, I sighed. “Okay, let’s go upstairs, we’ll do homework.”

We got up from the couch and went to the stairs.

“Oh, I almost forgot…”, Jeff patted his head and went back to the living room.

“Mum and dad told me to ask if you’re still up for tonight”, Jeff said to my parents.

“Oh I don’t know, that stuff with Y/N”, mum started making excuses.

“You’re going”, I said. “I’m fine, stop treating me like a toddler”, I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, we’re still up for tonight”, dad nodded his head.

Mum and dad left for dinner with Jeff’s parents and not even 10 minutes passed when I heard a door bell.

“Jesus, what did you forget again?”, I said while opening door but outside wasn’t waiting neither my mum nor dad. “Monty… Hi”, I smiled.

“I just wanted to check how you’re doing”, he said with a little smile.

“I’m good. Come in”, I let him inside.

“You’re alone?”

“Yeah, my parents are at Jeff’s. So I heard everyone knows about what happened”, I said as I walked upstairs.

“Yeah, but hey, it’s Liberty High, everyone knows everything”, he said following my steps.

“Do you think somebody knows about… what were doing?”, I bite my tongue to not say “us”.

There were no “us”. Between me and Monty there was nothing more than sex and I really should stop overanalyzing things and treating him being nice as something else.

“What? No. If one person knew anything, everyone would know.”

“So, how was our project?”, I asked to change the subject.

“A+, partner”, he smiled.

“Really?”, I asked shocked.

“Well, don’t be so surprised, it took us hella a lot of work.”

We high fived and sat on my bed.

“Umm, Monty, if you were hoping for a hook up or…”.

“Hey, hey, hey…”, he put his hands on my shoulders. “I came here to check on you, okay?”, he said looking me straight in the eyes. I slowly nodded my head. “We’re friends after all or something… and that’s what friend do, right?”

“Right”, I smiled. “We kind of upgraded from fuck buddies to friends with benefits, I think.”

“And what would be the next upgrade?”, Monty asked.

“You watch too many rom-coms, Montgomery”, I scoffed. “There’s no next upgrade. One day we will just go different paths and stop fucking”, I shrugged.

And now, I’d really like if him would stop fucking in my mind.

“What? You started rethinking your life because I almost lost mine today?”

“You were far from dying, drama queen”,  he snorted.

“You don’t know that”, I laughed. “Okay, I just got really stressed”.

“Gurl, I got stressed, I can’t even imagine how you were feeling”.

“Can I get a hug?”, I asked suddenly.

“Yeah…”, Monty said a little surprised.

I moved closer to him and put my head on his chest, he wrapped his arm around me. It felt very comforting, being held in someone’s arms. And disturbing at the same time… Monty didn’t get anything from it, I was wearing hoodie, so he couldn’t looking at my boobs, didn’t try to put his hand on my ass or breast, it didn’t turned out in make out session. He was sitting there with me, I didn’t even know for how long, just because I needed it.

Hugging stopped when Monty’s phone buzzed in his pocket.

“Uh.. It’s my mum. I told her I’d be home for dinner”, he said.

“Go, Monty”, I moved from him. “I mean… She’s barely even at home and when she is and wants to spend time with you, you’re coming here?”

“Yeah, you’re right probably”, he scratched his head. “Yeah, I have to go”.

I walked him to door.

“See you tomorrow?”, he said leaving my house.

“Yep”, I nodded by head. “Bye”, I waved at him, closed the door and slided down until I sat on the floor and covered my face in my arms. “Jesus, I have to go on a date”, I sighed.

NOTE: Okay, so I don’t have peanuts allergy (or any other allergy), I did some reading on the internet but I feel like I went a little extra with it lol

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MHA dub commentary ep 9

  • “Hey you! Can you tell us what it’s like to work so closely with All Might?” the reporter asks Izuku, who would probably be the best person to answer this question if he weren’t protecting a secret and also didn’t have social anxiety up the everywhere
  • Ochako, asked the same question: uuuhhhh he’s…. got muscles?
  • Iida: improvises an entire speech about All Might and i’m honestly feeling a little attacked right now b/c this is basically me with Bakugou
  • reporter: brings up the sludge villain incident. Bakugou: WALK AWAY.* (*BEFORE I FUCKING BLOW YOUR ASS UP FOR MENTIONING THAT)
  • seriously that’s such a thinly veiled threat im 
  • Bakugou no
  • Aizawa looks more like a hobo than usual today. also he just shoos the reporters out like bothersome little pests i love it
  • random but i enjoy that the reporter lady is wearing slacks instead of a skirt
  • “Naturally, everybody wanted to get their hands on All Might” and then it cuts to Shigaraki
  • hah
  • also hi Shigaraki you…. creepy motherfucker. standing there all… menacingly…….
  • okay i’m just gonna say that fucking pun was intentional on narrator!Izuku’s part because there’s no way that was an accident
  • future adult narrator Izuku is this the time to be making bad puns about the villains coming to kill your teacher/mentor/father figure

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