she's all grown up and in college now

Remember this scene where it looks like Chika is running towards μ’s ?

I’ve been wondering, why does Eli (probably the one standing next to Nozomi) looks like she has short hair, and they all seems rather…tall as compared to the  μ’s that we know.

Now that it has been confirmed that Love Live! Sunshine!! happens 4 or 5 years later, when all members of μ’s have graduated from high school.

(Word on the magazine: Love Live! 5th Anniversary)

I am quite sure that it is the grown-up, college μ’s appearing in the opening, and Eli probably changed her hairstyle.

But why does college μ’s appear in the opening. They even look like they are on stage ready to perform. Does that mean they will appear in Love Live! Sunshine!! ? I’d say very likely considering the more than frequent reference to μ’s in the anime. In an interview Nanchan had recently, she also said that μ’s wanted to participate in a certain something but she can’t say anything about it for now (lol).

Hopefully we will really get a cameo. What I can see happening is Aqours winning this year’s Love Live, after which, μ’s will surprise everyone appearing on stage for a one-off performance to celebrate Love Live! 5th Anniversary. The two group will perform together for the anime’s final scene, which is probably that scene that we have in the opening (can totally see them singing Snow Halation together).

This would be the stuff of dream if it happens for real.

heeello fluffs!

I have a wee bit of a favor to ask of  you beautiful people

On December 17th, My sister celebrates her 18th birthday!!! Now, Y’all probably know how huge the 18th one is. In our country it means she becomes a legal adult (heck yeah, she’s all grown up….man, it feels like we were playing with cars and barbie dolls like,yesterday), she can drive a car now (she’s allowed to get her license now, but dear LORD she can’t drive..but don’t tell her I said that) she can ‘legally’ drink now (ehehehe, highlight on legally) and she’s gonna go to college! Man…she’s all grown up..

AND SO, it is my duty as her sister to make sure she has the best time celebrating and remembering this historic event. 

HERE’S THE FAVOR i’m gonna ask: If you have a bit of time to spare and you want to help make my sis’ 18th even more special, can you pretty, pretty please write “Happy birthday, Nina! (signed with your URL if that’s okay)” on a piece of paper, take a picture of it and send it to me? I’ll print it all out and give it to her as a gift from amazing people around the world. Please, it would mean so, SO much to the both of us! If English is not your first language (mine isn’t) you can write it in your own language and sign where you’re from! That way we can really make an international Happy Birthday card! Also, if you feel like it, you can add a note saying something more or a small sketch or whatever if you want, make it more personal, whatever you want, but you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it.

 Please, please spare a minute if you have, and do this for my awesome sister, I’ll be grateful and love you forever. She’s a lot like Dean actually, she’s always ready to take the less or nothing for herself in order for other people (especially me as her sister) to have more. She LOVES rock music, I’m not even joking you should see her room, it’s a collection of muscle car posters, cool looking bottles and rock song quotes. And like, a ton of books, because she’s awesome and a cool nerd. You know what’s the most Dean thing? She has ‘Driver picks the music’ quote written on her wall, and she said that when she gets her license, that rule is gonna be the first one to respect when she’s driving. She also plans to buy an Impala one day, so there’s that.

Again, pretty please, do it if you have time, I really want my sister to have something as special as this to remember her 18th by. THANK YOU, even if you’re not gonna do it, for reading this :) Love you <3

If you’re gonna do it, you can send it up to 17th itself, but if you can do it earlier, I’d really appreciate it. (I know I’m doing this kind of late, but please if it’s possible, let’s do it together!)

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I just rewatched a childhood favorite of mine, The Brave Little Toaster. It’s a delightful (and nightmarish) story about a set of household appliances who after waiting for years decide to leave the family cottage and set out to find their Master, who is now all grown up and off to college. In addition to giving me the nostalgic feels I noticed something disturbing - and I’m not just talking about all it’s scary imagery. It concerns the Master’s, Rob, girlfriend Chris. She went from looking like this in the first movie:

to this in the sequels:

Granted, it’s never made clear what race or ethnicity Chris is. She’s a rather ambiguous brown. But it’s fair to assume that Chris is non-white. According to TVtropes entry for the movie Word of God, meaning the creators, confirmed that Rob and Chris are in a interracial relationship. It was progressive of the animators to depict a casual, stable interracial relationship all the way back in 1987 when the first film came out, which is why it’s so distressing to see the character whitewashed. It’s not just a few differences it’s an entirely different person on screen. 

Maybe it was to avoid having a darker-skinned multiracial baby at the center of the sequel, The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars, since, you know, people can’t relate to minorities. 

So we bought the ticket a while ago, but since it’s exactly a month from today, I want to announce that Bee is coming down to SoCal to visit me for the first time since we started dating!!
She’s getting here the weekend before Thanksgiving and staying for THREE WEEKS :)))

It’s incredible how much my life has changed since I met her online.
We met and started dating when I was just getting into college, so she’s practically high school sweetheart level.
Back then, I was really closeted and confused and damaged by previous relationships, I wasn’t expecting anything to get serious with her. But wow seven years later, after college and starting my first job and now into my second, from teenage years to mid-twenties, having my relationship being revealed and almost thrown out/disowned by my dad, getting no support from my mom or brothers, after flying out to see her three times… after all that, she finally gets to come see my place and where I’ve grown up. She gets to meet my brothers who are so excited to meet her now (keep in mind one of them told me outright “it’s not a real relationship” a couple years back), she gets to meet my friends and sleep in my bed and take walks around my neighborhood.

I can’t contain my excitement. So much can change in a couple years. I’m so grateful and so ready for November


Me: I totally believe you 👍 (Sarcastic joke)

Her: I totally believe in you too 👍 Good luck pun on my name  🙈

Me: Good luck too pun on her name 💪 Look at you all grown up, your future starts now.

She was my first serious relationship. This was almost a year after we broke up. She contacted me after about half a year after the break up because she was going through her final’s and wanted advice on college (and we both kinda missed each other). This was after her first week in college and she was telling me about her week. I was teasing her with the stuff she told me and she segwayed the conversation to an end. It was a nice ending to our relationship and friendship, hoping for the best for each other as we parted ways.