she's all grown up and in college now

I love thinking about Oliver and Thea’s relationship in light of their age difference. 

Little nine-year-old Oliver. He’s not quite an only child (despite what people think) because he and Tommy have been brothers for years, especially since Tommy’s mother died. Now Tommy practically lives with them.  Tommy’s actually with Oliver when he’s told the news that he’s going to have a new little sister. 

Ten-year-old Oliver, sitting on the big couch in one of the sitting room’s in the mansion, carefully holding his baby sister on his lap, staring in awe at the tiny little person. Around him he senses the tension in the adults. Senses something’s off. When they step out of the room, his parents aren’t quite as happy as they should be. It all softens around Baby Thea, but it still seems connected to her somehow. And from it Oliver feels a strong need to protect his tiny sister. Tommy comes over to play but before going anywhere he’s sat down on the couch alongside Oliver and given Thea to hold. 

Twelve-year-old Oliver, holding onto 2-year-old Thea’s pudgy little hands as she takes tottering steps down the halls of Queen Mansion. And when she begins to talk, the way she can’t quite form the L’s in his name so she just forms her own garbled version of his name. Tommy joining in trying to teach her to say his name. 

Fifteen-year-old Oliver coming home from high school, in trouble for failing a few of his classes and for ditching school with some new girl. But his scowl melts away when five-year-old Thea comes running out of her room, wearing a plastic tiara, cowboy boots and their mother’s necklace, wanting to play. She chases him around the upper halls of the mansion. He lets her catch him and calls her Speedy. Tommy arrives to sneak him off to some party, but before they go, Tommy gives Thea a piggy-back ride up and down the hall. 

Seventeen-year-old Oliver, nursing a hangover, avoiding a girl whose name he can’t remember, hoping his parents don’t find out about the incident with the cop, staying home to babysit seven-year-old Thea so that Raisa can leave despite his parents not being home yet. They sit on the couch and watch the Princess Diaries, while Thea insists that the character’s name is “Thea” not “Mia” and Oliver assures her that she is really a princess. 

Eighteen-year-old Oliver leaving for college and eight-year-old Thea crying and asking him not to go before running off to sulk in her room. Tommy takes her to ice-cream the next day to make her feel better. A few months later, when Oliver returns home, Thea’s excitement almost makes him feel better about being kicked out. 

Eleven-year-old Thea telling twenty-one-year-old Oliver that everything will be alright as he gets ready to go to court for attacking a paparazzi. Tommy overhearing and telling him that Thea knows best and he should listen to her. 

Twenty-two-year-old Oliver kicked out of another school, still reeling from what happened with Samantha and the child they lost, panicking in response to the pressure from Laurel, texting Sara things he knows he shouldn’t gearing up to ask her to do the unthinkable, pushing all that aside for a little while because twelve-year-old Thea wants to tell him about her day and the plans she’s making with her friends and the boy she thinks is cute and Oliver for just a little while feeling calm and happy sitting on the arm of a chair in her room listening to her. 

Twelve-year-old Thea sitting in her room, staring at a wall trying to process the fact that her dad and brother are dead. Tommy takes her to ice-cream like he used to. There she breaks down and sobs and he hugs her and cries too. 

Seventeen-year-old Thea learning that her big brother is alive and believing for a little bit that everything that’s been broken for so long will be fixed when he gets home. She calls Tommy and they laugh and cry together on the phone. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Oliver coming home and finding that seventeen-year-old Thea is everything that broke him before the Island and wanting to help, to fix her, but unable to reach out because he feels he is so far past broken. How can he let hands with so much blood on them go anywhere near his baby sister? He tries but he can’t talk to her and she can’t talk to him because they’ve entered different worlds. Her big brother is still dead and his little sister is still lost to him. 

Thirty-year-old Oliver watching his dying sister, doing everything he can to help her and thinking about everything she’s never had. The father, the mother and the brother that she lost. The college she never went to. The career she didn’t build. The boyfriend who was forced to leave. The pain she went through, the darkness she let into herself. All because he came back into her life four years ago. Since she was born he wanted to protect her, but now he sees how much he failed, how much he dragged her down with him.

Thirty-two-year old Oliver seeing his baby sister grown up, letting herself heal, rediscovering her family ties. A warrior who isn’t trapped in battle. A capable woman in any career she chooses. Twenty-two, the age he was when his life fell apart but she’s just heading into the best part of hers. And she sees him, her big brother restored- a leader, a warrior, a hero- everything he was to her when she was little now for all the world to see. 

The One with the Gender Reveal

oh look! I’m finally back with the next part of baby fever! it’s a miracle!! y’all i’m so sorry this took so long, life is so ugh sometimes. Anyway, here’s the next part of baby fever! there should be 2 more parts after this one!

Summary: With Y/N’s delivery date approaching, Brie and Nikki come over for a little nursing decorating, and throw her a gender reveal party. 

Part one here

Part two here

Part three here

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Plus-one (4)

Hello friends. For those who are just joining me in this journey of Finn & Rae, this is an cross-over of The Wedding Date and My Mad Fat Diary, where our golden boy Finn is an escort. The fic definitely veers off from the plot at some points, but I think it probably stays true to the story for the most part. (There is one line that I’ve taken from the movie, but I’ll point that out at the end) I’ve enjoyed writing this bit for sure and hope you enjoy it too! 

I want to thank everyone that has liked, reblogged and commented on this fic and all of my fics really. It’s such a delight to hear from you all and is much appreciated!!

Let me know what you think, please and thank you. xx

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Chris Evans Fic: Unexpectant (2/2)

Warnings: some angst, topics of infertility and adoption.

@j-jewel-l tagged as per request :)


After settling Dodger in his bed for the night, Chris wearily ascended the stairs to your bedroom. Gently opening the door, he saw your sleeping form on the bed, fitful and uneasy. Quietly and slowly, he padded over to the bed and perched lightly next to you, watching your eyes flicker under your eyelids and your chest rise and fall with hitched breathing. He softly traced the tear tracks on your cheeks, wishing beyond anything that he could magic this all away.

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my favourite thing about stolen century is that I was expecting lucrecia to be like second in command or something and one of the more important roles but it turns out that she was just a huge nerd with arguably the least interesting role which is fantastic because it retroactively shows how far she's grown


something like this - the whole going backwards to tell the story thing - is actually a super awesome way to build up character/character development

i was actually thinking yesterday about how this is such a clever way for Griffin to handle things? bc by the time we get back to the present, it really WILL feel like THB have been friends/colleges to all these people. it’s not just ‘oh and now you remember y’all used to be friends!’ but leaving it at that, which would feel a lot more disingenuous. 

The Stolen Century arc isn’t just a good way to make the story make more sense, but it’ll help the characters feel more complete and have their actions make more sense! 

Like aw man I feel like I’m not explaining it right. We as the viewer were kind of in the place of Magnus, Taako, and Merle in that we didn’t know what the greater plot would be. We discover things as they do. At the moment they start remembering everything, Griffin takes us back through time so we can ALL kind of ‘remember’ all this forgotten information.

so by the time we get back to the present, it really will feel like we (and THB) just remembered all this important context for where they are, these people they used to know, what’s happening, etc. 

that’s super satisfying to me!! it just strikes me as an amazing, thoughtful choice that aids both the narrative, the characters and their development, and the experience for us as an audience

(Happy Ending AU) Seeing how excited she gets when he lets her borrow his camera, Jonathan saves up all that he can from his paycheck to buy a Polaroid camera for El’s next birthday. Eleven absolutely adores this, of course, fascinated by the way that the pictures seem to magically materialize when the camera prints them. She takes it with her everywhere, trying to capture every moment of her new life. 

Presently, she spreads the polaroids out in front of her on the floor. Each moment perfectly preserved and with a little date and description in careful marker underneath. 

Four thirteen year old boys crowded around a table in a dimly lit basement “Hard at work for another DnD campaign - November 1984″

One moppy haired boy in a neatly pressed suit beside one young girl with a pixie cut in a graceful light blue dress
“Snow Ball - December 1984″ 

Two college age kids posed next to a heap of luggage, arms around their nervous parents
“Nancy and Jonathan leave for college - August 1985″ 

That same moppy haired boy, slightly taller, proudly holding a stack of Eggo waffles that’s nearly two feet high 
“Eleven’s Birthday - November 1987″

Four eighteen year old boys paired up with four eighteen year old girls, all dressed in proper suits and elegant dresses (the girl in the light pink dress stands out the most)
“Hawkins High School Prom - May 1989″ 

She presses each one gently into the photo album at her feet, ghosting her fingers over the blank pages, soon to be filled with all the more adventures to come. That ragtag gang of DnD-playing, science loving kids is now grown up and going off to college. What could go wrong, right?

Dreams Do Come True

Originally posted by camilladerricoart

Pairing: Daryl x Reader
Word count: 846
Warnings: A swear

Final part of Heels and Pearls

Lying on the table, your eyes were on the ultrasound, both of you eagerly awaiting to see if you’d be adding more pink to your home. “It’s a….girl!” She smiled at you.

Daryl playfully groaned. “More tea parties.” He kissed your forehead. “I can’t wait to see her, baby.”

“Me, either.” You nodded, tearing up. “Blake Annabelle.” The two of you had agreed on a boy’s name, and a girl’s name already, and it made everything more real.

“Shhh.” You patted Blake’s back gently as she screamed. She was teething, and Daryl had run out to get something to help. Blake was not a patient child. “Daddy’ll be home soon.” You told her softly.

Hearing the door, you looked over. “I’m home.” He chuckled, shutting the door quietly, holding up the bag with anything he could find for her.

You smiled at him. “Thank you.”

Walking in your front door, you were met with giggles. You followed them through the apartment to find your husband ‘dancing’ with your youngest. At three, she was standing on his toes as he moved.

You pulled out your phone and snapped a picture, catching their attention. “That was a perfect picture.” You grinned.

“Mommy!” She ran over, hugging you.

Daryl came over, kissing your cheek. “Rick came and got the other two. Blake refused to go without us.” He laughed, scooping her up. The whole family was headed over for a cookout that evening, and they had offered to pick the girls up early to give you and Daryl alone time.

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Second JokerXReader!

@ supernatural-digmywaytohell:  Can you do an imagine where you meet Mistah J for the first time and he starts to like you. But because he doesn’t understand love he will try to kill you several times. And in the end he will feel horrible for what he has done. Or something like that xD

This one’s for you! ^-^ I hope you like it, it was kind of a head-cinema for me while I wrote it. :D

You sighed again.

This gala was so boring.

You hated it, when your parents brought you to all those charity events.

Just because your family was rich and also good friends with Mr Cool and Charming Bruce Wayne.

But does that mean, they have to bring you up here, although they know how bored you are evertime?

„(Y/N), look who we found in the crowd for you!“

„Oh no …“, you whispered as soon as you hear the excited voice of your mother.

You try to cover your face with the black fan you were holding in your hands, but your mother had already found you.

„(Y/N), you remember Dick? Dick Grayson? You went through High School together“, your mother said like she expected that you two got married right here.

„Yes, of course. Hi, Dick. Nice to meet you here, how’s college?“, you ask with a smile.

This sort of meeting was a little awkard, a few years ago you had a little thing for this boy, but you never told anyone, and now he‘s standing in front of you, all grown up and all you could think was how strange it felt to remember this phase of yours.

„Really good. Thank you. Man that must have been five years now. You look great“, he repeat.

„Thank you, but you look good too“, you said a little insecure.

You smiled at him.

Okay so what was that?

After five years, where you never even thought of this guy again, after you changed school, ‘cause your parents moved with you more in the middle of the city, for work etc., he now likes you back?

That was so weird.

„Um … so, (Y/N) … you wanna dance?“, Dick suddenly asked.

„Well … yes, why not“, you said.

You thought it was a little mean to say no, to an old friend of yours.

Your mother sighed happily and you could just gave her a please-don’t-do-this-look, after Dick carried you to the dancefloor.

„So what are you doing now? I did not see you at the Gotham State, I always thought you would study photography or something like that“, he said, while you two began to move to the classic music that plays softly in the background.

You wanted to answer his question, but in the moment your mouth opened, all the lights in the hall turned off.

You hear some people screaming and talking with worried voices.

„Is that normal?“, you ask a little worried too.

Sure, you know that was not normal, you were on so many events with your parents and something like that never happened before, but you couldn’t help about asking, it was like a reflex.

„No. Stay here, in the crowd. I’ll be back in a minute, I will ask Bruce what’s going on“, Dick said seriously.

„What, but …?“

It was unnecessary to speak further, he was already gone.

How charming, you thought with squinted eyes.

He was your friend, even if you hadn’t seen him for five years, and everything he does was to leave you in a moment like this?

Perfect, just perfect.

And what happens next?

Just as you thought of this, the lights turned on again, and you were literally shocked.

The whole crowd was standing at the outside of the dancefloor, the only one standing here, was you.

And you were scared as hell, as you saw several men with guns in their hands and masks on their heads standing in front of the crowd, and of your parents.

„(Y/N), don’t move. Everything will be fine“, you hear your mother saying.

„Lady, shut up, this is not a coffee party“, some masked goon shouts out to her and put a gun in her face.

„Mum …“, you said with tears in your eyes.

„Aw. Now look at this“, a snarling voice said just a few steps away from you in amusement.

Your eyes wide in fear, you turned yourself in direction of Gothams biggest nightmare.

The Joker looked at you with an almost demonic grin, as he advanced towards you.

„Little Bambi got lost in our middle“, he said.

When he stands in front of you, the green haired man looked down at you with kinda glistening eyes.

„Look at me“, he said with his deep sinister voice.

„Oh come on, don’t be shy, I’m not going to hurt ya, not yet“, he said almost cheering and put his index finger under your chin, to make you look him in his cold blue eyes.

You looked at him, mostly in fear, but when your (e/c) eyes, met his blue ones, there was something more than just fear, something different.

And also he looked a little like something happened in the last three seconds.

It was just for a moment you thought, there was … no, you were in fear, nothing else, you just imagined something.

And as if someone wanted to proof you right, the Joker starts smiling again.

But not the kind of smile, you would’ve wanted to see.

It was dangerous and your body started to shiver a little.

„What’s your name, Bambi?“, he asked, as he starts walking circles around you, what drives you crazy, because you never know what this psychotic clown is up to do next.

„(Y/N)“, you said quietly.

„(Y/N). Very pretty. Good job, mummy“, he said flashing a smile to your mother.

„Please, let her go, she hasn’t done anything to you“, you begged after you saw that Joker was about to pull his purple gold gun out of his silver jacket.

Joker looked at you his eyes squinted, as he grabbed your chin roughly.

„So little Bambi, than tell me, what would you do, to save your mothers life?“, he asked threatening.

„Everything“, you whispered.

„Everything? Would you die for her?“


„No!“, your mother screamed.

„Shut up, I’m talking to your daughter!“, Joker growled and pulled the trigger on his gun.

A loud bang was going through the hall.

You were near a heart attack, before you could realise he deliberately shoot a few centimeters besides her head, into the wall behind her.

„Is this what you want? A bullet in your head, Bambi?“, he asks and put the gun on your temple.

„No“, you said.

„But what if I wanted it?“, he whispered and smiled at you, petting your cheek as tears ran down.

„Sh, sh, sh. Don’t you cry to your Mr J. I haven’t even done it“, he said, his lips nearly touching yours.

You looked back at him.

There it was again, this strange look in his eyes, that you’ve noticed a few moments earlier, when he looked you in the eyes for the first time.

It wasn’t that crazy maniac look, he got when he’s torturing someone.

That was different.

„Come on shoot me, isn’t that what you want?“, you said sobbing a little.

„Close your eyes, Bambi“, he smiled the gun still on your temple.

You closed your eyes, ready to take the bullet Joker has for you, but suddenly there was no bullet, no loud bang, no pulled off trigger, just soft lips pressing hard against yours.

You were totaly irritated and thought, this was just another crazy thing, that Joker likes to do with his female victims.

„Joker! Put that gun away from this girl!“

A loud and deep voice growled like a thunder into the hall.

Joker let’s go off you, as soon as he heared the familiar voice behind him and started to laugh wickedly.

„Ooh, come on Batsie! Don’t you see she’s fallin‘ for me“, he joked around.

„I don’t think that any girl in the whole world, would fall for a clown like you“, Robin’s voice shouted besides Batman.

„Now, let her go.“

„I don’t think I can do this“, Joker said grinning and starred deep into your eyes, what makes you gulp.

„Put this gun down!“, Batman said again.

But Joker didn’t give a shit about what the Dark Knight said, within a second, he grabbed you by your arm, and shoot Batman instead of you.

„Time to leave the party, Bambi“, he said laughing and tugs you out of the hall, out of this place and into his shiny purple sports car.

He was driving into the city, fast and reckless, no matter what was on the streets.

„Oh, look Bambi, there’s our terminus!“, he said with a big smile on his face.

You closed your eyes and shook your head for a second.

You got more or less two minutes, before he would drive the car into the Gotham river, with you on the passenger seat, and you could bet, he would jump out of the car and leave you drowning.  

„Why are you doing this, to me?“, you said desperate.

„I know you don’t have a fucking reason to murder people, or ruin their life, you do it because you think it’s funny, but all I want to know is, why me? You could’ve killed me half an hour ago in this fucking hall and all the other people too. But you wasted your time with talking to me, like I meant something to you, and kissing me, before you wanted to shoot me in the head! So what exactly is your problem, with me?“, you shouted at him.

„Get out!“, he suddenly screamed at you.


„GET OUT!“, he growled again and to your even bigger irritation, he opens the door of the passenger seat with one hand and kicked you out of the car.

Your whole body hits the hard tarseal and you felt like someone was breaking your bones, before the pain, -for some crazy reasons-, ends up a little, as if someone protected your body from more injuries.

As you opened your eyes again, you saw what really happened in the last minute.

Joker‘s car has fallen down the slope and now the green haired man lays on top of your chest, his arms around your body, gazing into your (e/c) eyes again.

Your brain needed a little time to understand what has been going on here.

He saved you …

The Joker saved your life.

But why?

He was a psychopath, he always just cared for his own safety, and a minute ago he was ready to kill you, to leave you in his now drowning car.

You could hear his beating heart bump against yours, both of you were out of breath.

„You wanna know, what’s my problem with you, Bambi?“, he asks.

„Yes …“, you muttered.

„I think I’m having a thing for you.“

Now you couldn’t even hold on you, you laughed just the way he did over the last two hours.

The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime himself, couldn’t kill you, because he loved you?

That was too good to be true.

„Shut up, this isn’t funny“, he growled and kissed you even harder than the last time.

He wasn’t gently, he was rough, but you liked it.

The way how passionate he was, as his tongue slipped into your mouth, making you moan in pleasure underneath him.

You couldn’t help, but you had to be true; you had a thing for this man too.

„You’re mine now“, he said with this oh so sinister voice and this time you loved how dangerous he was.

„You know what, Mr J?“


„I think I’m having a thing for you too, after all this“, you said smiling.

„Good, ‘cause I’m not willing to let you go again.“

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ruca has sister right but why she isnt shown when they are all grown up? can we see her? :3

Because they really don’t get along, Ruca and Ronnie are total opposites. Ronnie isn’t around much because she doesn’t  agree with Ruca’s lifestyle choices. Veruca is wild lol! She hangs out with bikers and criminals and lived in a flat above a bar called the Blood Bucket with a boyfriend ( now ex ) who commits violent crimes. She’s in a gang and Ronnie HATES it! She thinks Veruca is going to end up like their father in prison. Ronnie is in college studying business and has a rich lawyer boyfriend so she stays away from Ruca and her friends. She comes around every once in a while to check on Ru for their mother lol to make sure she’s still alive, Mailing mom pics like this as proof 

fic: wildfire (1/3).

“Alex has seen beautiful women before, her sister is one of them, but not one has ever taken her breath away so quickly it felt like she was being knocked over.

Maybe it was simply the shock of seeing another person here when the school had seemed so desolate.

Or maybe, maybe, it was because that was the most beautiful woman that Alex has ever seen.”

or the one where alex teaches chemistry, maggie teaches history, and they teach each other a little something about falling in love.

rated e. alex/maggie. ~8.3k. read on ao3.


There’s a reason Alex isn’t an art teacher.

Besides her absolute disinterest in art as an area of an academic study, she’s utterly terrible at it.

But when Kara says, “let’s make decorations for your classroom!” with that signature excited Kara face, it was very hard for Alex to say no to. So hard in fact, that she didn’t.

The reality is - Alex is moving. She is moving away from her sister for the first time since college - and even then, Kara came to visit her every single weekend. Now that Kara is all grown up with her own job, Alex highly doubts that’s going to be doable this time around. She was staying with her this weekend, to get her settled in, and then she was going home, leaving Alex alone.

So really, Alex was hardly in a position to decline spending quality time with her sister.

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Roomies - Minicat AU

A/N: I’m trash for not getting this done sooner. Send more requests if you have them, and as always, if you have sent some, I’m working on them slowly but surely. (: Thanks for reading.

Tyler was not looking forward to college. In fact, he was anything but thrilled. All summer long he’d been swamped with entrance exams, financial aid forms, and it had gone by way too fast. However, he figured that the drive to campus wasn’t exactly the best time to decide to take a gap year. So, here he was, stuck, ready to begin his first semester in college. And he had tried to be optimistic about it, but he was leaving home, he was a full time student, and he knew he was bound to be more than busy. He turned up the radio in the car to drown out his already overwhelming thoughts.

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DameRey Moonshine Runner/ 1930’s AU

Rey Skywalker was the best Moonshine Runner in the state. Driving her uncle’s old car, dubbed The Millennium Falcon no lawman could catch her.

But then the local Sheriffs Department put together a special task force to bring her and her family down. Calling themselves The First Order these men are ruthless and without mercy, operating under the full protection of the law.

Fearing for her safety Rey’s father Luke insists she take on a partner for protection. Her Aunt Leia suggests none other than Poe Dameron. Poe and Rey have known each other for what seems like forever and she’s always had a not-so-secret crush on him. Poe’s time away at college did little to curb those feelings.

But Rey’s all grown up now and too focused on helping her family, at least that’s what she keeps telling herself. It certainly doesn’t help that Poe insists on serenading her whenever a love song comes creeping through the radio.

“Step it in or step it out Cut it all in and run Kept on ‘til it mattered baby I don’t even see But I know we were there

We were howling at the moon We were shaking our hips Danced until we flat out falling into bed But I won’t let you go”

Welcome To New York

(gif credit to the creator)

Welcome To New York

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,270

Warnings: none

Song: Welcome To New York - Taylor Swift (This is live because of Taylor’s copyrights)

A/N: Here is part 1 to my new AU series! Each part is going to be based on each song from Taylor Swift’s album 1989. My Sam!Girls came out of the wood work and asked for a Sam fic so here it goes! There’s no Sam in this part as it’s just back story and such but he will be showing up soon, I promise! I have a pretty good idea of where this is heading so I should be able to post new parts pretty frequently. I hope you all like it and leave me some feedback! 

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heeello fluffs!

I have a wee bit of a favor to ask of  you beautiful people

On December 17th, My sister celebrates her 18th birthday!!! Now, Y’all probably know how huge the 18th one is. In our country it means she becomes a legal adult (heck yeah, she’s all grown up….man, it feels like we were playing with cars and barbie dolls like,yesterday), she can drive a car now (she’s allowed to get her license now, but dear LORD she can’t drive..but don’t tell her I said that) she can ‘legally’ drink now (ehehehe, highlight on legally) and she’s gonna go to college! Man…she’s all grown up..

AND SO, it is my duty as her sister to make sure she has the best time celebrating and remembering this historic event. 

HERE’S THE FAVOR i’m gonna ask: If you have a bit of time to spare and you want to help make my sis’ 18th even more special, can you pretty, pretty please write “Happy birthday, Nina! (signed with your URL if that’s okay)” on a piece of paper, take a picture of it and send it to me? I’ll print it all out and give it to her as a gift from amazing people around the world. Please, it would mean so, SO much to the both of us! If English is not your first language (mine isn’t) you can write it in your own language and sign where you’re from! That way we can really make an international Happy Birthday card! Also, if you feel like it, you can add a note saying something more or a small sketch or whatever if you want, make it more personal, whatever you want, but you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it.

 Please, please spare a minute if you have, and do this for my awesome sister, I’ll be grateful and love you forever. She’s a lot like Dean actually, she’s always ready to take the less or nothing for herself in order for other people (especially me as her sister) to have more. She LOVES rock music, I’m not even joking you should see her room, it’s a collection of muscle car posters, cool looking bottles and rock song quotes. And like, a ton of books, because she’s awesome and a cool nerd. You know what’s the most Dean thing? She has ‘Driver picks the music’ quote written on her wall, and she said that when she gets her license, that rule is gonna be the first one to respect when she’s driving. She also plans to buy an Impala one day, so there’s that.

Again, pretty please, do it if you have time, I really want my sister to have something as special as this to remember her 18th by. THANK YOU, even if you’re not gonna do it, for reading this :) Love you <3

If you’re gonna do it, you can send it up to 17th itself, but if you can do it earlier, I’d really appreciate it. (I know I’m doing this kind of late, but please if it’s possible, let’s do it together!)

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I just rewatched a childhood favorite of mine, The Brave Little Toaster. It’s a delightful (and nightmarish) story about a set of household appliances who after waiting for years decide to leave the family cottage and set out to find their Master, who is now all grown up and off to college. In addition to giving me the nostalgic feels I noticed something disturbing - and I’m not just talking about all it’s scary imagery. It concerns the Master’s, Rob, girlfriend Chris. She went from looking like this in the first movie:

to this in the sequels:

Granted, it’s never made clear what race or ethnicity Chris is. She’s a rather ambiguous brown. But it’s fair to assume that Chris is non-white. According to TVtropes entry for the movie Word of God, meaning the creators, confirmed that Rob and Chris are in a interracial relationship. It was progressive of the animators to depict a casual, stable interracial relationship all the way back in 1987 when the first film came out, which is why it’s so distressing to see the character whitewashed. It’s not just a few differences it’s an entirely different person on screen. 

Maybe it was to avoid having a darker-skinned multiracial baby at the center of the sequel, The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars, since, you know, people can’t relate to minorities. 

poseyobrien  asked:

Stydia + "You told me I should move on."

“I love you, Lydia Martin.” Stiles said, he had been waiting for years to confess his feelings towards her and now that they were probably about to die he needed to get it out.

“I… I’m sorry, Stiles, I don’t think it’s going to work.” Lydia stuttered, he was her best friend and even though they had chemistry she couldn’t see herself on a relationship with him at the moment. “I’m really sorry.”

Stiles smiled melancholically. “It’s okay, Lyds, I’ll wait for you.” He said, he had waited years for tell her, he could wait a little bit more right?

“No, no Stiles, you should move on, go on dates, meet pretty girls… Malia seems pretty cute,” Lydia felt her heart stuttering, she couldn’t date Stiles, she was dealing with being a banshee for the moment, it would just make thing more complicated.

“She’s not you.” Stiles said miserably.

“Well…” Lydia took a deep breath, she knew she would regret saying her next words but she knew it was the only way Stiles would stop. “You can’t have me, Stiles, I don’t love you.” She turned around, a single tear falling down her cheeks.”

“Wake up, Lydia!” Allison shook her best friend awake, Lydia opened her eyes startled, she grunted. “You were dreaming about Stiles again.”

“I know, Allison… Please don’t tell Malia… Or Kira.” Lydia asked her.

“You know I won’t but this has to stop, talk to him, take some sleeping pills, i don’t know but you need to do something about it.” Allison softened her tone. “It’s been  years, Stiles is no longer in love with you, he’s with Malia now, and they seem to be happy, please accept it and move on, it hurts me to see you like this.”

“I can’t, Allison, I’m trying, but I can’t, I made a huge mistake that night.”

“I know, sweetie but it’s too late now, you have to let it go.” Allison smiled comfortingly, “Breakfast is ready.”

“Ugh, I love you.” Lydia smiled, she had been roommates with Allison for six months. they took turns with everything and it was a fairly easy arrangement, it also helped that they had been best friends for several years.

“They took a plate each and started eating until Allison broke the silence.”

“You know I can go shopping with Malia so you can talk with Stiles in private.” Allison suggested.

“I’m not talking with him about this.” Lydia answered firmly.

“Why are you so difficult?” Allison exclaimed. “I’m going on a date with Isaac today, but I will invite Malia to the mall tomorrow, you have the whole day to decide if you’re going to talk to him or you’re going to stay here, moping forever.”

“I won’t go, but thank you.”

“I’ll still do it, you can change your mind.”


“I’m not going to talk with Stiles.” Lydia repeated in front of her mirror. “I’m not going to talk with Stiles.” She combed her hair in a nice braid and pick out her favorite dress to wear. “I’m not going to go to his loft.”

She grabbed some cereal and went to watch some movie, Allison had left early to go shopping with Malia and Kira.

She gave up on watching tv after a few minutes, she couldn’t concentrate, she was just trying to stop thinking about going to Stiles and Malia’s loft.

“But what if I go to spend the day with an old friend? I don’t have to tell him anything.” She thought aloud, she nodded to herself and grabbed her purse.


Stiles wasn’t expecting anyone, he had decided to stay on sweats all day and was currently eating fries for breakfast, the tv was loudly playing some comedy movie but he could still hear the ringbell. He turned down the tv and left his fries on the table.

“I’m coming!” He shouted, he put on a t-shirt and went to open the door.

“Hello, Stiles.” Lydia smiled nervously.

“Hey, what’s up? I thought you were going shopping with the others?” He laughed confused.

“Um…” She hadn’t thought about that. “I don’t have money for shopping right now, y’know? Paying for college and being a grown up… yeah.” She mentally slapped herself. Come on, you’re Lydia Martin, put yourself together.

“Okay? Um… Do you want to come in?” Stiles said looking weirdly at her, she was acting so strange. 

“Yeah.” Lydia exclaimed nonchalantly.

“Sorry for the mess, i wasn’t expecting you.” Stiles said trying to clean up a bit.

“It’s okay.”

“I know this looks like a disaster but Malia doesn’t like cleaning and neither do I so this ends up like this and-” He was rambling, since that night they were always really awkward around each other, they were still friends but not as close.

“It’s fine, Stiles, I don’t mind.” Lydia reassured him, she didn’t want to hear about Malia.

“Okay, um… I’m sorry if this sounds rude but can I help you? Is everything alright?” He inquired, Lydia didn’t came often to his house and even less without notice.

I’m not going to tell him. “Everything is fine, I just wanted to spend some time with you.” Her heart was beating faster than usual. I’m not telling him. “I just missed you.”

“Oh, okay, we can do that, I missed you too, Lyds.” He used her old nickname, she felt warm and happy.

You can’t do this, you can’t tell him. She smiled. “What were you doing before I got here?”

“Uh, just eating some fries and watching tv.” Stiles said scratching his neck.

Don’t do it, stop. “Oh, well, why don’t you finish eating while we watch tv and then we can just talk or go for a walk?”

“That sounds good.”

They watched some soap opera in silence, Lydia stole some of Stiles fries and they soon finished them.

Please don’t do it. Lydia opened her mouth, she wanted to tell him so badly. “Stiles…” STOP. “I should go.” It was a bad idea coming here, she wanted to add.

“But you just got here.” Stiles frowned. “Lydia… Is something wrong?”

“No.” She murmured, she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” He asked.

No no no no no no. “Yeah, I know.”

“Then tell me what’s bothering you.” He implored.

“I-“ FUCK IT. “I’m in love with you.”

Stiles opened his mouth to reply but no words came out, he felt a panic attack about to start, his breathing got faster and his heartbeat increase, “No, no, this can’t be happening.” He tried to calm down, he held his breath for a few seconds and then tried to breathe normally. Lydia rubbed his back for a few minutes.

“Are you okay?” Lydia asked worriedly, she wasn’t expecting this reaction.

“You can’t come here and tell me you love me, Lydia. You can’t.” Stiles exclaimed getting as far as possible from her.

“I wasn’t going to tell you, I know it’s not fair.” She said, “I’m going to leave now, I’m really sorry, Stiles.” She grabbed her purse, Stiles grabbed her wrist.

“We are going to talk about this, you can’t go away just like that.”

Lydia bit her lips and nodded. “Okay.”

“You said you didn’t love me, you said I should move on, why?”

She grimaced remembering the night that haunted her. “I don’t know, I didn’t want a relationship, I was dealing with being a banshee… I thought you would be better without me, I’m a mess, Stiles.” Lydia mumbled bitterly.

“I said I would wait for you, I was going to wait!” Stiles shouted.

“I know. I didn’t want you to.” Lydia said meeting his eyes.

“I’m with Malia now, Lydia, what do you want from me?” Stiles asked, he seemed desperate.

“I don’t know.”

“Why now?”

“Stiles, please stop asking questions, I don’t know.”

Stiles pulled his hair. “I was willing to leave everything just for you… I can’t do this, Lydia, I’m with Malia now.”

“I understand, I’m going to leave now, I’m really sorry.” She went to open the door but stop dead on her tracks upon hearing Stiles’ voice again.

“I never stopped loving you.”

She couldn’t turn around, she couldn’t look at him. “What?”

“I can’t leave Malia, I care too much about her, but I wanted you to know that I love you, too.”

Lydia stopped, “What?” she asked breathlessly.

“I still love you, Lydia Martin.”

You want a drabble?

All Grown Up

After graduating college, Katniss goes on vacation with her parents and her dad’s old friend, Mr. Mellark.  Peeta, as he tells her to call him, has a very different effect on her now than she remembers as a child. A story of forbidden desire. Part 1.  This story will continue on

Warnings: Major Age Gap, Masturbation

Author: everlarkanxiety (tumblr)  vikki1818 (

Beta: Court81981

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Could you do Rowan x Aelin for the parent au?

  • Who cried when they brought their child home for the first time: Aelin, Rowan wouldn’t cry, but he would smile a lot :)
  • Who would wake up in the middle of the night to check on the kid(s): Rowan, he would be silent so as not to wake Aelin up and would go check on the kid(s) to make sure they were alright, fearing that Maeve would come in the middle of the night and take them out from under their noses.
  • Who changes the kid(s) diapers: Rowan and Aelin would both do it, cause Rowan would make her, even if she complained.
  • Who makes the bottles: Again, Rowan would make Aelin do it when she didn’t want to. Their relationship is all about equality and them doing things together
  • Who stays up late at night to rock the kid(s) to sleep and sing them lullabys: Aelin maybe? Though Rowan would take turns and sing to them sometimes, which Aelin would get a kick out of because she didn’t know that Rowan could sing and she would always ask him to sing for her and he would be stubborn, but then he would cave whenever their kids asked him.
  • Who is guilty of spoiling the kid(s): Aelin of course. But Rowan would go along with it.
  • Who would give the kid(s) cookies in the middle of the night: Aelin, then Rowan would find out and would yell at Aelin for spoiling them, saying that it was going to ruin their health, but she would just tune him out and continue munching on her cookies, while the kids kind of just hid behind her skirts, cause they knew to stay out of it when mom and dad fought (and they always knew that Rowan and Aelin were never really angry when they fought, but they were still frightened by Rowan’s yelling).
  • Who always takes the kid(s) side: Depends on who the argument is against. Rowan would take their side if it was against Aelin, and vice versa. But if it was against anyone else, Aelin and Rowan would both flaunt their fangs at the person arguing with their kids and would protect them with their lives.
  • Who would wake up early to make breakfast for the kid(s) before school: Rowan - I feel like Rowan makes a great omelette and its a secret skill that he tries to hide. 
  • Who gets the kid(s) ready for school in the morning: Rowan, but he would wake Aelin up too and say that she needed to be social with their kids before they went off to school, because they barely saw her (Aelin is always sleeping, training, or reading)
  • Who takes the kid(s) to school: Rowan would make Aelin do it, just so that he doesn’t have to deal with Aelin trying to go back to sleep when he leaves with the kids.
  • Who goes to parent teacher conferences: Aelin and Rowan, though the teachers are scared of them both. Because of that, the teachers never have anything bad to say about their kids (who are a little bit spoiled, but always well behaved because Aelin and Rowan taught them to behave during school). But sometimes their uncle Aedion would come to conferences when Aelin and Rowan were busy and he would somehow find ways to torment the teachers by playing tricks on them and sneaking dead things into the classrooms. Aedion acts more like a child than Aelin and Rowan’s actual children.
  • Who will be the first to suggest to have ‘the talk’ with the kid(s): Rowan? I’m not really sure to be honest. I think he would sit the kids down and make sure they knew the truth about everything, even if it was a little daunting and would make sure that they always had protection on them at all times - whether it was his son or daughter (though for his daughter, he would say that no man was worthy of her).
  • Who would choose their child(s) prom outfit: Aelin of course :)
  • Who would cry when the kid(s) go off to college: I think Aelin would wait until they left and didn’t see her to cry, she always wanted to be strong in front of her kids and so she doesn’t cry until she’s at home with Rowan, and she just breaks down, saying “They’re gone, they’re all grown up now!” and Rowan would just hold her and try to soothe her.

Send me a pairing for the Parent AU :)

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NozoNico Prompt, please!! Nozomi is feeling nostalgic after her first semester at college. Cue Nico taking away Nozomi's photo stand and holding her hand. While texting the former member of Muse for a get together. After the outing, Nozomi gives Nico a passionate embrace and kiss with tears in her eyes. Nico, ever, the charmer, blushes and for once, returns the romantic gesture. "We're not alone anymore."


Pairing: Nozonico

Word Count: 2929

Bless you for finally giving me a reason to write for nozonico

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