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why you should all consider getting chickens
  • a small backyard, a decent fence and the will to make a safe coop for your fluffy dames is all you need to make it happen
  • they will eat your vegetable scraps and gobble down pretty much any kind of food waste, turning discarded crusts and mushy fruit into big fat eggs full of protein!
  • and depending on which breed you buy, they will lay an egg almost every day. free, nutritious food every morning! what other pet will do that?
  • it’s a misconception that eating eggs is inherently cruel, or that you need a rooster for your chickens to lay eggs! all the eggs you buy in supermarkets are unfertilised, which means there is no chance of that egg ever hatching. you’re not eating a potential life, your chickens will lay eggs regardless of whether there’s a rooster around
  • so only buy a rooster to go with your lovely ladies if you want baby chicks - otherwise, just get some girls and enjoy those omelettes!
  • the way cage egg farms are run is terrible, and you can’t always be sure that a free range farm is as idyllic as the picture you see on the carton. lots of sad chookies who can’t perch or scratch or eat grass and clean themselves. :( 
  • this way, you will always be certain that your girls are happy, healthy, doing what chicken are meant to do and eating what chickens should be eating, which means bigger and better eggs for you!
  • you can give eggs to your friends! give eggs to strangers! eggs for everyone!
  • tiny and furious lawnmowers. chickens LOVE grass, especially clover. if you have a small backyard, they will do all the work of keeping the grass trimmed. 
  • a caution, pls buy your chicken a friend - they will get lonely if you only buy one. my friend had two chickens and one died, leaving Gizmo all alone. she got depressed and stopped laying, so they put her in the rabbit hutch. now she has a best friend bunny called Jimmy and she’s very happy! she often sits on him and purrs.
  • chickens are good around most other pets - cats and chickens usually regard each other with mutual indifference and disdain, but they generally bond with dogs. however, if you know your pooch or kitty is particularly aggressive, make sure you check it won’t be a problem!
  • scratch scratch scratch, scratch party!!
  • one time I was cleaning out the stables and my chicken came over, saw that I was using a big rake and went !!!! scratch time!!! and she started scratching furiously next to me like she was trying to help
  • they’re very clean animals and will clean themselves every day with a dust bath and a thorough preening
  • when it starts raining it takes them a good 10 seconds to process what’s happening, then they RUN to shelter
  • gloriously stupid tiny velociraptor running
  • peck peck peck. is food? I check! peck. not food!
  • rip all snails and slugs that live in your garden
  • they will also go after mice and spiders
  • chicken poop is great fertiliser! when you clean out their coop, spread the poo on your garden and watch your flowers and veggies grow!
  • kiddos LOVE chickens!!
  • seriously, looking after chickens is a great job for little kids - any little fella can fill up their water and give them some food, and collecting a warm, fresh egg every morning is so rewarding for them!!! 
  • hours of entertainment watching their antics
  • some (not all) like a cuddle! the ladies will let you know what their preference is. they may also gently peck and groom you because they love you.
  • you can give them fancy names like lottie, ethel and lady beatrice so it sounds like they’re a supporting cast in a Jane Austen novel
  • in conclusion give a pretty chicken a happy home today

nico cant take a break


There’s nothing childish about caring.

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted


#watchfuturama meme [7/10 scenes]: Fry and Leela’s first (actual) kiss

“Then I am the most important person in the universe.”

Baseball (M)

(I can’t get over baseball Jungkook so I had to write something)

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

╳ Genre: smut | One shot

╳ Summary: You hated being dragged to baseball games because your best friends boyfriend was on the team. But maybe this time wasn’t going to be so bad.

“You know I hate baseball” You said, your arm being dragged as your friend pulled you across your lawn.

“Yes, and basically any sport” Your friend Rylee said, unlocking her car door. “But today is his big game and I really want you to come along!”

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i know you’re dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this
baby, as soon as you meet me, you’ll wish that you never did

We made a new snk punk/band au (our last one was four years old?!) and I’m super obsessed with this version of hitch as per usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Ymir, Annie, and Hitch are in a girl band called ‘Second Chance’ and there’s a lot of lesbian ust.


Soo i made some fan characters to the wonderful @thebbros AU

Name: Raphael Soph (Dog)
Age: 23
Likes: His family, playing ukulele, dancing with his sister (Emma)
Dislikes: Lies, rude people, rain
History: He lives with his sister Emma in the bakery. After Emma took the charge of the bakery, he helped her a lot. Now he doesn´t have time for it because of his job as a mailman. Sometimes he is scared that something might happen to Emma while he is away, cause she is all alone in the bakery. He also likes to play his ukulele in the bakery when he has time, the most of the time when there are few or none customers. Back at the time when he had alcohol problems, Emma was always there for him and helped him to get rid of it. He would do anything to protect his sister. He is friendly, but can be rude to the people he don´t trust to. 

Name: Emma Soph (Dog)
Age: 20
Likes: Her family, listen to music while baking , decorating, meeting new people, kids, 
Dislikes: people without patience
History: Emma is a girl who loves to bake from the bottom of her heart. She found out about her passion for baking when she was helping her grandmother in the bakery since she was little. While she was helping, She learned to put her whole heart and work into baking. After her grandmother died, she was in depression, but not for long. After that she decided to look at it from the positive side and took the charge of the bakery and continued the job. She is always very kind to her customers and sometimes even starts a little conversation. Some people still love this bakery because of the special taste of cakes which were made by the good old recipe that her grandmother wrote. she can be too naive and her brother always tells her that but she won´t listen to him. 

TvN: *creates a ship with respect and no power imbalance*

TvN:  *uses two strong actors with very good chemistry*

TvN: *develops said character’s relationship more in the first 2 episodes than some couples get in half the drama*

TvN: *doesn’t use any of the annoying male cop/female cop tropes*

TvN: *shows tension in views between the characters without either of them being outrightly rude to each other*

TvN: haha by the way its not going to be romantic :)


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When “Strange Magic” came out the story left me very cold, so I gave myself the task to rewrite it for fun. The main elements that I wanted to keep in the main characters, the unsuccessful marriage between Marianne and the prince, the journey into the dark forest, as well as the “beauty and the beast” element.

What I ended up with was this: Marianne and Roland are preparing to get married; Marianne completely in love with the stunning prince while he is just interested in her status and good looks. But during the wedding there is an accident and a fire starts, tearing the ceremony hall to shreds. Marianne gets to safety but returns into the flames in order to save her sister ((Roland could have shown his courage as well, but he is too cowardly to help Marianne)). Marianne manages to save Dawn, but is severely burned all over her body in the process.

The healers in the village are unable to remove her scars and Roland promptly cancels the wedding when he sees her new face. Heartbroken, Marianne shuts herself into her room, refusing to talk to anybody but Dawn. And when her sister mentions a legendary potion that can heal any wound, Marianne finds a new purpose; she will find the potion, fix her body and then Roland will love her again.

But in order to have her happily ever after she first needs to travel into the Dark Forest, from which fairies very seldom return from. But determined to gain back what she had lost she ventures on, all alone, into the nightmarish version of her home.

And yeah, during this trip she will get lost, meet the horrifying Bog King, make a deal with him and then they start traveling together, and eventually she learns the whole “beauty on the inside” lesson. And also: She finds the potion but does not use it, she returns home to give Roland a piece of her mind, and Bog and Marianne become a happy couple. I do realize that this story would have been much more serious than what we got, but hey, have you seen some of Disney´s darker movies?! >:D

I think we all just collectively dreamed up the 2010 album speak now by taylor swift. It just doesn’t sound like something that is OUT THERE and EXISTING in the same universe as us?? Like, no one even knew about Taylor and John Mayer and there she was just explicitly calling his creeptastic ass out BY NAME. Then she told us about her crush on the owl city guy and like WHO SAW THAT COMING?? She legit dedicated a whole song to him and they met like once? Iconic. And let me see her owning her petty ass on better than revenge and dragging both camilla and joe’s mediocre joke of a song all in one track!!! Followed by the sweetest after-breakup song about THAT SAME JOE that any ears will ever hear? Critic who said she couldn’t sing? Torched him. Taylor Lautner’s roses? Left them there to die. But perhaps my FAVORITE part on the whole album is Innocent. The “I forgive you because you’re an overgrown child who i shouldn’t have expected more from” is THE perfect patronizing song for a grown man attempting to steal your thunder. Like the fact that taylor just let it allllll hang out in the open on only the THIRD album of her career, and the fact that she did it all alone???? It just can’t be real