she's affected my subconcious i think

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What do you think about the critcism towards Soo regarding her feelings for So and not trusting him when she gives Wook the benefit of the doubt.I mean I can understand some of the frustrations since we've seen So's obvious love now so many times but I feel like we haven't seen her expressing her feelings the way he has because she's been in denial but we've seen the way she subconciously acts around him or the way she reacts when he touches her,etc

I have mixed feelings about the whole situation. I already wrote my opinion here. And after watching ep with subs, I still understand her and I think I would do the same. Bc visions+exes who were complete jerks+explosive political situation=trust issues.

And what about her feelings, I think she’s still falling and developing her feelings and I assume she tries to be more rational bc of previous relationships. Moreover, expression of her affection hides in these small details. For example

her gesture shows two things at the same time: she’s seeking his protection and she’s trying to support him and assure him that they will find a solution together.

Btw, in cdrama arrow incident really impressed female lead and she completely fell in love with 4th prince after that situation. It might be the same in Korean version and Hae Soo, like drinking poison wasn’t impressive enough for her :D

However, her conversation with Wook really bothered me. Like how she has doubts about Wook, when he looks literally like a creepy sith lord, but she’s sure that So is the one who will mess everything up.

Like, you don’t even have to be a physiognomist to guess who is the real bad guy

this face just screams VILLAIN