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#ThankYouBones week: Day 10 - 3 Other Favourite ships/friendship(s)


One thing I’ll never stop loving about YOI is just how CHILL Hiroko, Yuuri’s mom, is about Victor.

Like here’s the normal reaction. Minako embodies the attitude of the media and basically anyone who gets the news that Victor is gonna coach Yuuri.


But this sweet, sweet woman, is not one bit shook. She already has a nickname for Victor.

The thing is, it’s not that surprising.

She’s seen all those posters up in her son’s room and the way her son looks at them when she helps him vacuum. She’s fished her credit card out of her purse when teenage Yuuri just HAD to get that limited edition poster of Victor and Makkachin. She’s overheard the thousands of fawning conversations between Yuuko and Yuuri about just how AMAZING Victor is. 

Hiroko is probably so used to seeing Yuuri adore Victor that she probably thinks it’s normal for them to get together eventually. 

a list of post-curse beauty & the beast headcanons, enjoy. (fluff!)
  • adam doing “the growl” whenever he and belle play-fight
  • having competitions to see who can make the biggest snowball
  • taking strolls around the castle gardens while reciting lines from their favorite books to each other
    • adam jokingly making fun of belle for loving romeo & juliet so much, even though he thinks it’s adorable that she loves the story as much as she does.
  • adam eating messily like he did when he was the beast, then trying to kiss belle with food all over his face
    • he succeeds in kissing her despite her laughing protests, and continues to playfully cover her face in kisses
      • “even with food on your face you’re still beautiful, my darling”
  • random slow dances in the ballroom, even when they aren’t all fancily dressed up
    • adam accidentally stepping on belle’s toes, so she just gives up and stands on top of his feet while leaning her head on his chest

anonymous asked:

Girl your fics are the greatest,please give us some beauty and the beast goodness !

Awwwww, thank you anon! You are sweet. And wellll, I was in a mood so here you go. It is just silly fluff, they are probably OOC.

When Belle suggested it, he took it as a joke. But on second thought, it wasn’t such a bad idea. And he honestly looked really good in it.

(That’s what Belle was saying anyway.)

But he felt something weird about it that day and he wasn’t sure what. Then again, it was a day full of oddities. It began in the morning when the servants who helped him dress won’t look him in the eye. He honestly hoped it wasn’t because of something he had said or done. Then at breakfast, Belle was giving him funny looks, trying to hide her amusement behind a book.

(She was reading Rousseau today and her concentrated face when she was reading was adorable and he loved it.)

Then when he was busy in his study, Lumière brought him some letters and tried to hide a chuckle. Adam noticed it, thank you very much. Honestly, he couldn’t understand what was so funny. Even Cogsworth was trying to hide his laugh! Something was very, very wrong here. If only he could find out why. Did he walk funny? He knew he had problems readjusting to a human body, but so did everybody else, so that was no reason to make fun. Did he have something on his face? He didn’t shove his face into his breakfast so he couldn’t have food on his face. Where his trousers ripped?

When the afternoon tea rolled around, he was about to burst. They were in the gardens, enjoying the sunny day as Mrs. Potts was serving the tea. And when not even she could hide her giggles, Adam gave up. As she walked away, the prince pouted, scrunching up his nose in an annoyed manner. Belle put her book down and took out her fan (since when was she carrying one anyway?) pretending to use it to cool down, but given the way her shoulders were shaking, she was obviously just trying to hide her laugh. He hunched back in his chair.

“Can you tell me just what is it that everybody is laughing?”

Giving p on her pretend game, Belle got up and joined him on his side of the table. Then she lifted the teacup enough for him to see his reflection.

“Really, love? Really?” he whined, entirely unamused by the little bow that his beard was tied with.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but it would be a lie.” Belle stated before having another fit of giggles. “You sleep like a log and I couldn’t resist.”

Adam stuck out his tongue at her.

“Orange isn’t even my colour.”

To fit

Lucy’s fingers curled around the door handle as she pulled the key from the lock.  She turned her wrist, then paused.

Alex had given her the key the previous week but Lucy had yet to use it when she was alone, when the apartment wasn’t empty.

When her girlfriends were home.

Her girlfriends — girlfriends, girlfriends, a part of her was still trying to catch up to that development — were on the other side of the door.

Her girlfriends — girlfriends — who had already been together for months before she had shown up, who were steady and adorable and so very in love.

Her girlfriends who were probably asleep, cuddled together on the bed, and probably didn’t need her to intrude.

She could go back to her place, and they would never know.  

Lucy shook her head.

She had to stop thinking like that.  It wasn’t Alex and Maggie plus her.  It was Alex, Maggie, and her.

She had every right to enter the apartment.

They would want her to.

Lucy pushed the door open, slowly, carefully, stopping it right before it hit the angle where it let out a squeak.  She slid through the opening, and closed the door behind her.

And stopped.

All of the lights in the apartment were off, the curtains all closed, but the TV cast a soft glow, revealing Alex and Maggie on the couch.

Lucy stared at them — Maggie’s head in Alex’s lap, Alex’s hand draped over Maggie’s waist, both asleep.

Lucy’s stomach clenched even as her heart swelled.

The sight was warm, and soft, and more domestic than she had ever thought possible of either woman.

And, yet, Lucy couldn’t see how she fit.

Alex and Maggie were so solid, so devoted, so right for each other.

Did she really have a place with them?

Maybe it would be better to end this early, before they realized they they were better off like this, better off with just the two of them.

Lucy reached behind her, searching for the door handle.

She should just leave, go back to the DEO, talk to them in the morning, make sure they really…


Maggie was raising her head, squinting against the glow from the TV.

Lucy’s hand closed around the handle, then let go and gripped the back of her blouse instead.  She waited for Maggie to ask what she was doing, why she was there.  She waited for the confirmation of every thought streaming through her head.

Instead, Maggie smiled, soft and wide, her dimples visible even in the dim light.  She jerked her head, gesturing for Lucy to come closer, to join them.

Lucy’s heart jumped into her throat.  She stared at Maggie for a moment longer, then set her bag down and slipped her shoes off.  She put her cover on the island, and lay her blouse next to it.

She circled around the back of the couch to take the rest of her uniform off and lay it on the bed.  Maggie nudged Alex awake, whispering Lucy’s here up to her.

Alex let out a sleepy yay that curled in Lucy’s stomach, easing away some of the tension.

Lucy stripped quickly, then pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, both too big for her.

Her steps back were slow, the uncertainty rising back up.  She stopped a few feet from the couch.

Alex had fallen back asleep, the arm that had been around Maggie crossed over her own waist instead.  Maggie was watching the TV screen, blinking slowly at the muted scene playing.

Neither of them had actually moved.

Before Lucy could really think about it, Maggie bent her neck back to look at her.

“C’mere,” Maggie murmured, holding a hand out.

Lucy stepped forward, taking the hand, and letting herself be pulled down.  After a few moments of maneuvering, she was cocooned in her girlfriends warmth, wedged between Maggie and the couch, using Maggie’s shoulder as a pillow while Maggie’s head resting on Alex’s lap.

Lucy was already drifting off as Maggie’s arm wrapped around her and the tension in her stomach finally relaxed.


Princess Mary: Hufflepuff

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it through another week! Give yourself a solid pat on the back.

This Friday we have my homegirl, Princess Mary, who is pretty much the poster child for Hufflepuffs anywhere.

In The Private And Intimate Life Of The House, we see that she is almost solely responsible for caring for her father, which we know is not an easy task, not just because of the physical burden, but also the toll of his constant emotional abuse against her.

Despite that, however, she remains loyal to him. See the ending of the song:

He is old and feeble, and I dare to judge him. I disgust myself.

Or how upset she is at how badly she got off on the wrong foot with the woman that her brother, who she adores, loves:

Dear Natasha,
I am in deep despair at the misunderstanding there is between us.
Whatever my father’s feelings might be,
I beg you to believe that I cannot help loving you.
He’s a tired old man and must be forgiven.
Please, come see us again.

Mary is extremely loyal to her family, even when they vastly mistreat her.

Musicalssorted official stamp on Princess Mary is that she is a Hufflepuff! We’re off for the weekend but come on back on Monday for a Gryffindor!

“The Ferengi shuttle ‘Quark’s Treasure’ has just departed the station.”
“Quark, Rom and Nog together on that ship all the way to Earth? I’m glad I’m not going with them.”
“Only thing that worries me, no one warned Earth that they’re coming.”