she's actually really ugly


she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle

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Okay how about a nerdy kinda girl, into novels and books and shows but takes a lot of time to open up, pretty but not as much as the other girls and well, a bad guy, into the hoties? Basically, how they first meet and who falls first. Thanks!

(I am actually so so sorry with how long this took. I had intense writer’s block.)

1) Once upon a time, because that’s how all the best stories start, there lived a girl. And with every girl, there is a boy. Unless they’re lesbians, but we’re getting off point.

There once was a girl, and she was me.

2) “Oh my god, I am so so so sorry-”

She clutched the pile of overdue books closer to her chest as she ran over to the desk, her mouth still making excuses. “I mean, I read them all, but you know how it is with school, and work-” She stopped as she noticed the new librarian, who was watching her with amusement in his bright green eyes.

Goddamn [—] [—].

3) “Don’t you find it so ironic?”

Her friend shook her head. “Not really.”

“I mean, in order to gain popularity, you lose your happiness. But yet people still act like it will make them happy.”

Her friend flicked through the tractor magazine absent-mindedly. “I know, I know.”

“Would you ever become popular?” She asked, watching her friend closely.

She snorted. “And give up writing FanFiction? No thanks.”

She smiled, not knowing what was really going through her friend’s head.

4) “I guess I’m your tutor.”

He smiled at the small brunette as she pulled out her books. Who knew that the biggest bookworm in the school couldn’t understand economics to save her life?

She frowned at his smile. Who knew that the baddest boy in the school understood economics?

*A reverse on the usual girl tutors boy.*

5) Her brother had always been part of the ‘popular’ squad. He was always nagging her on ‘joining’ them, on leaving her apparent dork friends behind.

She always told him to stick his offer up his ass.

She was a nice person, and she was real. She wasn’t going to give up anything for them.

And apparently, that was a crime.

“Jon, why is everyone here?”

Punishable by forced socialization.

6) “Hey, are you okay?”

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

7) She wasn’t beautiful, but she wasn’t really ugly either. He was actually sort of confused what she was.

She wasn’t like the other girls he dated, beautiful on the outside and insecure on the inside. She seemed pretty confident in her abilities, and shy, but like she wasn’t used to being shy.

She was pretty, he supposed. With her bright red hair and striking grey eyes. An unusual combination that worked for her.

“So, is the answer 72?”

Everything seemed to work for her really.

I had a furby when I was 5 and I thought it was the most brilliant thing ever. It learned how to speak spanish and it’s favorite little phrase was “oops i farted” but in spanish. It had a bunch of other little phrases but that one was by far it’s favorite. It would somewhat waddle from time to time which I thought was normal. I had it well over a year but my mom put in storage because she thought it was creepy. About 6 years later, my mother gave the furby to my aunt who was a collector of cute plush toys. Although she wasn’t a fan of the furby, she actually thought it was really ugly, she took it in. 3 months later, she gave us a call and told us the scariest story I had heard up until that point. 

She called us and told us one night the furby randomly started talking, demanding to be let out of the box she kept it in. She ended up putting it in a room downstairs and one night she randomly woke up to little pitter patters from downstairs. She looked down and she swore and still swears that to this day she saw it walking around down stairs ( kinda fast tbh) and saying it’s favorite little catchphrase and laughing. 

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I saw my girlfriend for the first time without makeup and she's actually really ugly how should I break up with her?

You’re an idiot

25 Days of Klaroline: Day 3, Season 5

Let’s Get It On

My take on season 5 post episode 15, Gone Girl. Caroline finds herself extremely sexually frustrated and only Klaus can scratch that itch.

 Apologies if this isn’t canon, season 5 was my least favourite (with the exception of 5x11) so I try not to dwell on it.  Also Kol is back and there’s no baby or Hayley, just because I can! FYI, it’s a little naughty too…

Caroline was sexually frustrated. There she’d admitted it, but for some reason it didn’t make her feel any less irritable. For days now, her friends had commented on her unusually moody behaviour. If they found out the real reason she knew they wouldn’t be so understanding.

As recently as the other day Tyler had another dig about Klaus, she’d fired back, sick of having to defend herself yet again. She’d carried the guilt about their tryst for far too long and it was time everyone moved on, after all she had.

Well she thought she had, but as the days passed Caroline knew she was in deep denial. It was all his fault. He just had to waltz back into town and ravish her senseless in the woods, thereby ruining her for everyone else.

She’d had great sex before, or at least she thought she had, but the chemistry between them was electric. So much so that round one quickly became round four. Each time was better than the last. As much as she hated to admit it, when it came to Klaus her appetite was insatiable.

Memories of Klaus haunted her wherever she went, Caroline could still feel those smooth, crimson lips feathering kisses down the length of her neck, brushing over her collar bone and teasing her along the swell of her breasts.

Every single moment was playing on a loop in her head which didn’t help when she was trying to concentrate in class or solve the latest vampire drama. With Katherine finally gone she had nothing left to focus on except for just how good it felt when he ripped off her top and pinned her against that tree.

There was only one way she was going to get him out of her head and that involved an impromptu trip to New Orleans. Sure, they were never supposed to see each other again and after this time she fully intended on keeping that promise.

“Miss Forbes?” Elijah asked, peering curiously at her from the doorway.

“Good morning Elijah,” she replied cordially sending her most dazzling smile. The well dressed Original seemed to command a formal response. “How are you?”

“I’m well, although very surprised to see you here.”

“Well, let’s just say Klaus was in town recently and we have some unfinished business,” she said coming straight to the point. If she didn’t get any action now it could get really ugly and she actually liked Elijah and felt like he didn’t deserve her sex-starved wrath.

“Oh yes,” he murmured sadly. “I heard about Katherine.” Caroline was silent unsure of what to say in this situation, she knew they’d been close. “I would have come myself but…”

“I’m sure she understood,” she bluffed, as much as she wanted to sympathise with him now wasn’t really the best time. Maybe after she’d had some hot sex, then they could talk about his feelings.

“I hope so,” he agreed. Damn, now he was really laying on the guilt.

“So about your brother?” She prodded thinking just how insensitive she was being. Caroline decided to blame it on her raging hormones.

“He’s upstairs actually, probably still sleeping. I can let him know you’re here.”

“Oh, his bedroom will be fine.” she replied hastily, licking her lips in anticipation. That would definitely do for what she had planned.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I meant, I wouldn’t want you to go to any trouble for me,” she stuttered trying to cover for being so direct. “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me interrupting.”

“Okay,” Elijah bit out, obviously trying to understand what exactly was happening. “Then by all means, come in, his bedroom is on the first floor, third door to the left.”

“Thank you Elijah,” she grinned, thinking she was that much closer to relief. She hurried up the stairs thinking about exactly what she wanted to do to him, and him to her. She was in such a trance that she almost ran into the blonde coming down the stairs.

“Caroline?” Rebekah asked, obviously perplexed. “What are you doing here?” Seriously what was with the inquisition?

“I, uh, came to see your brother,” she explained.

“Why?” Caroline had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, what was it with this family and their incessant questions.

“When he was in Mystic Falls, he left something behind, so I’m just returning it,” she said, thinking how lame that sounded, but it was the best she could come up with in her frustrated state.

“What did he leave behind?” She asked cocking her left eyebrow curiously, obviously Caroline wasn’t the only one who could see through her poor excuse. 

“It was…” she stalled trying to wrack her brain for something plausible. “His favourite pen.”

“A pen?”

“Yes, apparently it’s hundreds of years old and he’s quite attached to it,” she lied, before realising her actual meaning.

“What were you doing with his pen?” Caroline had to stop herself from laughing thinking about his real “pen”, which had been very useful for her needs.

“I didn’t have one and he offered to, ah, lend me his,” she offered, again trying not to lose her composure. “I really should go and give it back.”

“Yes, you’d better,” Rebekah snorted continuing on her way downstairs. Caroline rolled her eyes thinking that if they didn’t ask all these stupid questions she wouldn’t have to give stupid answers.

After reaching the landing, Caroline strode down the hallway knowing her destination was in sight.

“Caroline, love,” a thick English accent called out from the other end of the hallway. This place was like bloody Grand Central Station.

“Caroline is sufficient,” she drawled watching as Kol approached, his eyes washing over her briefly. “Long time no see, I’m sorry, you know, about that whole dying thing.”

“Not one of my best moments,” he replied shrugging his shoulders. “How is my favourite saucy witch?” Now she was apparently playing match maker, why couldn’t they just let her be.

“I’m not sure Bonnie wouldn’t appreciate you referring to her like that,” she shot back, eyeing his door that was within her reach.

“She’s saucy and a witch, I certainly didn’t misrepresent her,” he joked. “So what are you doing here?”

“I had something I needed to tell Klaus straight away,” she stumbled, sick of having to disguise her bootie call.

“Oh really?” He asked his right eyebrow cocking curiously.

“Yes, really,” she reiterated.

“Anything I should know?”

“Well how about I tell your brother and then he can let you know,” she rambled, really wishing he lived by himself and without his nosy siblings who obviously loved to ask questions.

“Good luck with that,” he drawled. “You know he’s like a bear with a sore head in the morning, even I wouldn’t dare wake him up.”

“I’ll take my chances,” she muttered, thinking he better be thankful for her morning wake-up call, she’d worn her best lingerie after all.

“Well it’s your funeral.”

She paused for a moment before pushing open his door, she wasn’t sure a knock would get her the welcome she wanted. The room was dark, apart from the light streaming through from the crack between his curtains.

Caroline could make out his large king sized bed and the outline of his figure under the sheets.  Suddenly she wasn’t quite sure what to do or say for that matter. Telling him she wanted to do naughty things didn’t seem to hold the same weight as it did in her head.

She faltered, unable to explain what it was she wanted. Caroline had always been a words person, but right now she knew actions were going to be her best friend. She crept towards the bed, her face lighting up slightly at the sight before her.

Klaus was lying on his back, his hair rumpled, his chest bare and a slight grin on his crimson lips. From experience, Caroline knew she could make him smile even more than that.

She removed her dress quickly, leaving it in a puddle on the floor beneath her and crawling onto the bed. The movement seemed to disturb his slumber and Klaus fluttered open his eyes slowly. It only took a moment for him to realise what exactly was happening.

“Am I dreaming?” He asked his voice full of sleep.

“Only if you want to be,” she replied confidently straddling him.

“Nothing’s better than the real thing,” he growled, moving into action and flipping her over so she was pinned beneath him. Caroline wasn’t quite sure what happened but all she knew was she liked him taking charge. “What took you so long love?”

“A few Mystic Falls dramas and some judgy friends,” she explained. “But I’m here now, aren’t I?”

“Yes you are,” he sighed, his blue eyes taking in every inch of her skin. “Red is my favourite colour you know.”

“I figured,” she answered thinking about blood, as he devoured every curve.

“Pity you won’t be wearing it long,” he growled, unsnapping her lacy bra and watching her creamy breasts spring free from restraint.

“I really don’t mind,” she grinned as he set upon her, running his mouth across her chest and settling on her right nipple. She moaned, the feeling of him massaging her with his tongue too much to bear. His other hand was left free to move dangerously south.

It didn’t take him long to dispose of her panties and before she knew it he was dipping his fingers inside her as she bucked her hips towards him in response. Caroline wasn’t sure what was better, his tongue on her nipple or his fingers massaging her dripping wet centre.

She groaned instinctively unable to help herself as the sensations reverberated throughout her body making her insides feel like they were on fire. How could he make her come repeatedly, then still make her beg for more? Klaus had skills, and Caroline intended on taking advantage of each and every one of them.

Caroline arched her back allowing the sensations to overcome her one by one. She groaned in pleasure unable to hold it in any longer, she noticed Klaus grinning in response. Damn him for being so cocky as usual.

He manoeuvred quickly, shedding his pants so that his growing erection was pressing into her leg. He slid into her slowly, it was easy because she was just that wet.    

Klaus rallied into action, pushing into her slowly at first, but gaining speed and force with every thrust. Caroline wasn’t sure how long she could hold on, her desire for him had been building for weeks. She leaned in and as the sensations overtook her Caroline whimpered in pleasure, trying to contain her arousal but knowing it would only be a matter of time before she was calling his name.

His thrusts became sharper and faster and Caroline cried out knowing her release was imminent, she could tell from Klaus that he was feeling the same. She pulled him close and dug her fingernails into his back preparing for climax. It all seemed to happen at once as she tightened around him and a delicious haze descended upon her.

It was only after they’d laid in each other’s arms fully sated and content that they eventually gathered their thoughts.

“I didn’t think I’d ever see you again,” he murmured.

“I was bored,” she lied her head placed comfortably on his broad chest.

“Oh really?” He asked curiously. “I don’t know many people that would come this far from boredom.”

“You’d be surprised,” she shot back, thinking what terrible excuses she was coming up with today.

“So if I were to believe you, what could I do to relieve your boredom?”

“Exactly what you’ve been doing,” she replied too scared to look at him and give away her true feelings.

“So you don’t want to do any sightseeing, New Orleans has a lot to offer.”

“No I think your bedroom has all the attractions I need,” she smiled deviously, as she began to leave a trail of kisses up his chest.

“No arguments here.” 

“Oh and by the way I borrowed you pen,” she explained. “You know, if anyone asks.”

“I think you more than borrowed it love,” he chuckled pulling her closer for the next round.