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Headcanons for Trini?

1. She really loves cooking. She loves Food Network and has the biggest crush on all the female Chopped Judges. She spends hours messing around in the kitchen and even makes Kim special vegan sides of whatever she is making. Even though she grumbles about it the whole time. 

2. She loves Kim. They’ve been dating for over a year and Trini cried Snotty Tears when Kim said “I love you.” It, of course, ended in a heated make out session. 

3. She cries when she sees dogs and sometimes Kim is On The Lookout for them so Trini doesn’t go into a sobbing mess because she loves them so much. 

4. She is a huge prankster and she has a current on going war with Zack. The score is 5-3 with her in the lead, of course. His hair is still pink. 

5. She loves just chilling? Laying in the sun and gazing at the clouds, or laying on her bead and listening to music. She just really likes to Relax. 

6. She can’t stand the fact that Kim is a vegan and is always staring distastefully at her salad while she is scarfing down her third hamburger because “you Need protein, Kim.” 

7. She is a huge troublemaker at school, she just never gets caught. She has spray painted lockers, beaten up bullies, the whole works and has never gotten caught until she punched a certain boys tooth out. But they put it back in. 

8. She hates being tickled and will literally fight whoever does it. It’s usually Jason and he has sported more than one black eye. 

9. Movie nights with the Rangers are her favorite things besides her dates with Kim. They always end up with some stupid movie that no one pays attention to and probably end up playing Scrabble. 

10. She is best best friends with Billy. She knows what it’s like to be judged and an outcast just because people consider you “different.”

It’s Time to Talk Sam Manson

If it’s not already obvious from the fact that I run the @sam-manson-defense-squad, I love Sam. Sadly, she seems to have gotten a nasty reputation among fans, which is a right shame because there’s a lot that can be done with her character. I do understand that her execution in the show was flawed, but if people can overlook bad writing for other characters, I think we should be able to do the same for Sam. Since the first two episodes do a pretty good job establishing what she’s like, she seemed like a great character to start off with.

As a general rule, these character-specific posts will be focusing on the positives (meaning what I think makes them a good character and how they work as part of the show). I’m trying to enjoy something I love, and I don’t wanna spread negativity.

Anywho, let’s get started. (warning: will likely be image-heavy)

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Let Me Hold You Part 2

And so the fluff begins…guys there is so much fluff to come :)

heres a link to part 1

Originally posted by alcantara420

Harley’s hand smacked around her bed while her eyes were closed.  She flipped it open before looking at it and put it against her ear.
“Harley?  Hey can you be here in five minutes?”  Jax said over the phone.  Harley’s unoccupied hand rubbed across her face.  It had been two weeks since she had started and this was the first time Jax was using the on call bartender, she was beginning to think he was being sarcastic about it.
“Sure.”  Harley’s half asleep, sitting up quickly and hanging up the phone.  She rushed into her kitchen and threw food into Potato’s bowl.  She brushed her hair out quickly and her teeth while trying to pull on a sweatshirt.  She sprayed body spray all over her and clipped the leash on Potato, quickly locking the door behind her and jogging to the bar.  It was a ten minute walk and whenever she could avoid paying for gas, she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.  She made sure Potato peed before rushing inside to see half naked women and all the guys asleep in the bar.  Jax and Tig were standing behind the bar, smiling, while Juice sitting at the edge of the bar with his face practically glued to a laptop.
“Those are some short ass shorts.”  Tig said while Harley let her head fall back, realizing she forgot to change out of her sleep shorts.  Juice’s head whipped around to glance but then he turned right back.
“10 minutes.  Not bad, darlin’.”  Jax smiled.  Harley let out a long breath and looked down at her watch.
“It’s 9 am.”  Harley rubbed her face and sat down at a bar stool.
“On call.”  Jax reminded her.
“I was here literally five hours ago.”  Harley looked up to Tig’s bright eyes looking down at Potato.
“Who’s this little guy?”  At the higher, softer pitch in his voice, Potato whipped his head up and started wagging his tail.
“Potato.  Potato, these are two mean men who made your mom wake up super early.”  Harley smiled as Potato did not seem to care.  Tig squatted down and started rubbing Potato’s head which caused him to flip over and show his belly.
“Hey buddy.  I’m Tig.”  His hand rubbed against Potato’s belly.  Harley looked back up at Jax who was looking down at the two.
“Potato?”  Jax’s eyebrows were raised.  “Kinda fits.”
“The shelter gave it to him but I couldn’t bring myself to change it.”  Harley smiled down at Tig and back up at Jax.
“Can you make breakfast?  Gemma’s not feeling good.”  Jax leaned his elbows on the counter.
“Yeah sure.”  Harley stood up and looked at the leash.  She bit her lip and handed it to Tig, who proceeded to walk Potato to an abandon couch and pulled him up as he sat down.
“You want coffee?”  Jax asked as they got into the kitchen.  Harley started going through the fridge.
“Diet coke?  I’m not much of a coffee person.  How much am I making?”  
“Sweet butts don’t stay around so just enough for the guys.”
“Sweet butts?”  Harley turned around after pulling out two cartons of eggs.  Jax smirked while leaning against the counter next to the stove, “nevermind.”  Harley started mixing half of the eggs but stopped quickly, “it’s all consensual, right?”
“Yeah.”  Jax nodded, “we aren’t animals.”  Harley nodded lightly.  She jumped when a glass was set next to her.  “Diet coke, right?”
“Yeah.  Thank you.”  Harley smiled at him.
“So, your parents?”
“What makes you think I would talk about them now?”  Harley sighed as she put bread into the toaster.
“More time to get to know us?” Jax tilted his head and smiled, giving her puppy dog eyes.
“That eye shit doesn’t work for Potato, it isn’t gonna work for you.”  Harley rolled her eyes, smiling back at him.
“Can you at least tell me if we’re gonna have two people from suburbia knockin’ on our door?”  Jax said.
“Definitely do not have to worry about that.”  Harley said and then bit her lip.  “Good enough?”  She asked.
“For now.”  Jax nodded.
“Good.  Now go wake them up and give them eggs and toast.”  She threw the eggs into a bowl and put the toast on a plate, handing them both to Jax.
“Yes Ma’am.”  Jax went through the door and yelled, causing a lot of groans and what sounded like a body falling off the pool table.  She quickly mixed up milk, eggs, and cinnamon and dipped bread in it.  She placed three pieces on the stove and ducked her head out to see Tig still sitting on the chair with Potato.  She smiled as she caught his eye and put one finger up, hoping he knew that she wanted him to wait.  She went back over to the stove and flipped the pieces of French toast.  After they were done she threw them on a plate and walked out, grabbing a fork and stood in front of Tig.
“This for me, Sweetheart?”  Tig’s smile grew.
“Yes sir.”  She smiled and handed it to him.  The boys wolf whistled while Harley rolled her eyes.
“Don’t call me sir unless it’s in the bedroom.”  Tig’s smile turned into a smirk as Harley’s cheeks grew hot but she laughed.
“Sorry, yes Tig.  I made you French toast.  Thank you for being so sweet these past couple weeks.”  Harley leaned against the wall next to him.  The boys wolf whistled again.
“Alright, alright.”  Tig quieted them down and stood up, careful not to move Potato, and kissed her on the cheek.  “Thank you, Sweetheart.”
“No problem.”  She patted his chest and went behind the bar to refill Bobby’s coffee.
“Where’s my fancy breakfast?”  Bobby grinned at Harley.
“Maybe between that chick’s legs you ate your dinner from last night.”  Harley raised her eyebrow and smirked.  Juice snorted from behind his computer and Bobby nodded.
“Alright.”  He smiled and took his mug.
“And mine?”  Jax came up behind her and let his hips settle against her.  She tilted her head up to look at him and raised an eyebrow.
“Might be some fruit loops back there for you.  You can get them yourself.”  She patted his arm and walked away, Bobby and Piney almost spitting out their coffee.  You looked up to see Juice’s big, brown eyes watching you over the top of his laptop, the corners crinkled slightly to show he was smiling.  Jax’s head hung while he smiled and nodded.  “Hey, you heard my conditions to the job before you hired me.”  Harley laughed.  The front door opened and Gemma walked in.
“Who the hell cooked?”
“We called the help.”  Juice smiled at Gemma while Harley sighed.
“Please don’t call me the help,” she sighed.  
“You fed them?”  Gemma crossed her arms, standing in front of Harley.  Harley nodded and slid her hands into her sweatshirt pocket.  “Maybe you’ll be useful after all.”  Gemma gave the smallest smile and turned to Tig.  “You getting special treatment already, Tigger?”  She looked down at his plate and her gaze locked on Potato who had the pitbull grin in full effect.  She turned back to Harley, whose cheeks were red.  “That yours?”  Harley nodded.  “He’s cute.”  Gemma went through the doors to the back bedrooms and Harley let out a long breath.
“You afraid of my mom?”  Jax smiled around the eggs in his mouth.
“Have you met her?”  Harley scrunched her eyebrows at Jax and Juice agreed with her.
“Grab some food.”  Jax handed her a plate but she shook her head.
“I’m vegan.  Thank you though.”  Harley smiled and sipped from her Diet Coke.  Juice’s head shot up.
“Really?”  Juice asked, you nodded your head.
“Don’t let Gemma hear that.”  Chibs snickered and took a drink from his coffee.  Harley smiled and nodded.
“Now I can die in piece.  A vegan stepped into SamCro, I’ve seen it all.”  Piney shook his head while Harley laughed.  Harley pulled a Cliff bar from her pocket, pulled up her sleeves, and munched while the guys all fed themselves.
“Is that a dinosaur on your arm?”  Half-sack gripped her right arm and held it out to himself.
“Oh yeah.  It’s a full sleeve of dinosaurs and flowers.”
“Why?”  Juice’s eyebrows scrunched together and Harley’s cheeks flushed.
“I have a small obsession with Jurassic Park.”
“Here come the heart eyes.”  Chibs mumbled, his lips pulled up in a smirk as Harley looked over to Juice quickly turned to glare at Chibs.
“You like Jurassic Park?”  Harley smiled and leaned against the wall across from Juice.  He looked her over and closed the laptop halfway.
“Favorite dinosaur kill?”  Harley asked.
“I—” Juice cut himself off but sighed and continued, “I honestly think the best death in Jurassic Park as a series was Eddie’s but in just Jurassic Park, probably Sam L Jackson.”
“Completely agree.  The fact that somehow his whole arm with the cigarette was up there and fell onto Ellie was just awesome.  I’m not even sure if I’m being sarcastic or not.”  Harley laughed while Juice’s smile grew.  Harley stared at his wide smile and felt herself blush.
“Stop, I’m gonna barf.”    Tig announced and Harley’s blush grew darker.  Harley became quiet but smiled lightly each time she caught Juice’s eye.

Juice joined her to clean the pans after breakfast was over.
“Do you like Jaws?”  He blurted out as Harley handed him another pan to dry.
“Yeah.  Jeez what’s not to like about it?”
“Resident Evil?”
“Hell yeah!  You ever play the game?  Freaky shit.”
“Call of Duty?”
“I’m not good at it but yeah I like to play it.”  Harley shrugged her shoulders.
“What do you mean?”  Juice’s eyebrows scrunched together.
“Like, for some reason I always kill my teammate, I feel bad when I have to kill a dog, and I can never get passed a certain level.”  Harley laughed as she turned off the sink, leaning her hip against the counter.
Juice narrowed his eyes at her playfully, “what about Signs?”
“The movie?  God I love that movie.  Do you have it?  We should watch it!  I have it at my house if you don’t.”  Harley rambled as Juice smiled.
“I’ll grab beers you make popcorn.”
“Hell yeah!”  Harley shuffled through the cupboard and found an extra buttery popcorn and threw it in the microwave, pulling it out and finding Juice with one beer in his hand and looking over the alcohol.  He looked to be panicking when he looked up at her.
“I don’t know what you drink.”  Juice continued looking down at all of the alcohol.
“Just a beer, dude.  Let’s go!”  Harley smiled at Juice who smiled back.  A throat cleared and their heads whipped to the side, seeing Chibs, Bobby, and Piney shooting pool.
“Where ya goin’, Juicy boy?”  Chibs leaned over and shot his ball, landing it in the hole.
“We’re gonna watch a movie.”  Juice shrugged.
“Wrap it up, boy.”  Bobby winked at Juice.  Harley rolled her eyes and motioned Juice forward.
“I don’t know where your room is, so lead the way.”  Juice smiled at her and walked past, motioning for her to follow him.

By the end of the movie, Juice sat on the floor in front of his bed and Harley laid across it.  Her nails ran across the top of his head lightly after she started halfway through the movie and he sighed, relaxing more than she had noticed him the last two weeks.  She started to lift her hand when he mumbled a protest, causing her to smile.
“You got Jurassic Park?”  She whispered as he woke back up and switched out the movies.  She moved herself so she was laying across his bed sideways and patted in front of her.  She smiled as he looked at her weirdly.  “It’ll be more comfortable for both of us if you lay up here with me.  Don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of you.”  She laughed as he flopped down on the bed in front of her.  He scooted down so his head was lower than hers and her nails ran over his head again, continuing down his back as he sighed.  “You’re like a damn cat.”  She giggled.
“No, I’m fierce like a pitbull.”  Juice smiled and turned his head to look at her.
“You’re right.  Just like Potato, aka the dog who couldn’t hurt a fly.”  Harley snorted as Juice groaned.
“Damn it.”  Juice smiled anyway and turned his head to watch the movie while Harley continued with her nails, laughing under her breath.


I got kind of pissed off at the Isi Dawndancer Monster High doll and it’s native stereotyping and bastardization of native clothing so I figured I’d make my own native-inspired MH character?

Her name is Wendy Gogh she’s a vegan wendigo. I based her accessories and mukluks off of my tribe, Plains Cree. I know it’s not a perfect concept, but I feel like this is at least better than a “daughter of a deer spirit”.

Oh, and disclaimer, because I did trace some of Isi Dawndancer to get it looking proper.

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what are your rogues eating habits? healthy or unhealthy? or somewhere inbetween?

Depends on the rogue, but I’ll go over a few major ones and also their favorite dessert because just yes.

  • Jon has a habit of skipping meals.  When he does eat it’s usually comfort food.  Most of the recipes he knows are family recipes, so a lot of Southern food.  His favorite dessert is peach cobbler.
  • Ivy is a vegan, generally her eating choices are healthy, though she is rather fond of oreos.
  • Harley cannot eat healthy to save her life half her food choices are junk food.  Her favorite dessert is chocolate milkshakes.
  • Ed likes a lot of the foods his mother used to make, so he eats a lot of traditional Vietnamese dishes when he cooks, when he doesn’t it’s a lot of junk food.  His favorite dessert is chè sương sa hạt lựu, also known as rainbow dessert.
  • Selina tends to be a mix of healthy and unhealthy.  She likes junk food but also likes to keep her figure slim.  Her favorite dessert is lava cake.
  • Jervis eats a lot of tea party foods, so mostly mini sandwiches and cakes.  Unsurprisingly, his favorite dessert is cake.
  • Joker oscillates between starving himself and eating too much.  A lot of what he eats is junk food.  His favorite dessert is apple pie.

These people are not healthy people.


I’m tired. 3AM. Rewrite everything. Fuck. So basically a Persona 5-esque x Sonic AU with elements and events from P5 executed differently. Thats about it. It used to be called Sonic Roommates (still technically is) but its now called SonicSona. Brief description of them–>

Kevin Ogilvie Maurce: -Codename: Sonic (You’ll understand if you play/ watch P5) -21 years old -Recently dropped out -Recently got fired from his job as a store clerk -Eats 3 feasts a day -Sports freak, Massive Otaku, Food lover, Enjoys and plays all kinds of music, can be a flirt, has a drinking problem, he secretly likes pink, SHORT,always taking pictures on his phone or be on his phone in general, loves annoying Derek -He was mistaken for a 16 year old once. -Kevin was convicted for assault when it was clearly a big lie and a misunderstanding. The witness was black mailed to not say a word. He was charged multiple times and was caught once out of countless of police chases. He was trying to spice up his boring life a little bit but it all leads him into getting into some sort of trouble..its due to the fact that he never had the chance to have “some fun” as a child from being under the care of a very strict father. If he did, he would get hit or yelled at by his dad, complaining that all he is was a no good trouble maker that should instead have his nose bury in the books to be as smart as his father..Kevin’s mother tried her best to control her husband from abusing their child like that…Now that he’s an adult and after what he has been through, people labeled him as a criminal,threaten him, making assumptions and rumors, looking down upon or try to avoid him. This happened mostly in his college and it followed him at work and got him fired, making drop out before the staff would suspend because of his situation. He was so sick of his reputation that it drove him to create a goal of making his life interesting but with a positive impact. Even if it kills him.

Chip: -Ageless/Age Unknown -Does not remember a thing after being saved by Kevin from getting ran over -In return he offered to assist him into pursuing his dream to be a hero -He can switch into a normal non-mobian chipmunk (at least I think he’s one-) -He loves food as much as Kevin -He would hide under Kevin’s beanie or his hoodie

Derek “Robotnik” Roberts: -Codename: Shadow -22 years old -Graduated early -Works in a Gun/Military Shop (He couldn’t find a job that interest him and the ones that do he cannot apply for whatever reason..) -Has a big appetite like Kevin but prefers to stuff his face with sweets -British Boi,Easily flustered and embarrassed, Massive Bookworm, Enjoys old cartoons,Professional cook, Secretly likes gardening, Very smart, hates it when Kevin annoys him with stereotypes or annoying him in general, hates it more when people mistake him for a female, acts like a mom, smokes a lot but tries to quit but fails -At some point, Kevin would accidentally call Derek “Mom” because of his motherly nature towards him -Derek has been bullied throughout his childhood to his highschool years. He’s been beaten, called names (Freak and Alien being the worst), and neglected by students and even teachers..the only people that has ever accepted him was his big sister Maria “Robotnik” Roberts and his grandpa Gerald “Robotnik” Roberts.and later on, Kevin himself. Sadly, Maria and Gerald died in a catastrophic raid by unknown creatures during Maria’s examination of her disease. Maria would often talk about how she loved earth, hoping that nothing will ever ruin its beauty and purity…and thats also what her final words were..before meeting her death..Poor young Derek swore to keep the planet safe in a sobbing mess as he watched her older sister die before him…Soon enough, Derek grew up to be the person you see now, crue, scary, bitter..though he is still keeping that promise to this day..doing anything in his power to protect this world…He soon noticed that people started to like him..but for his new appearance, mostly amongst the ladies..he personally finds that disgusting.

Emily Amelia Roosevelt: -Codename: Rose (Or Amy…or both) -19-20 years old -Is an Assistant Nurse -Still studies in college though -She would be mistaken for a Vegan/Vegetarian since she would often be seen eating mostly non-meat products but she still eats meat. -Thicc, kinda has an unhealthy obsession with Derek, always seems thankful for whatever she has,can lift she can cook but…its quite mediocre? She enjoys nature and animals, she loves swimming and playing with any sea creatures,visits the Emerald Coast area in Empire city, ironically Kevin would be the one all over Emily and Emily would just shove him 300 feet away from her X’’D -Even the littlest things, Emily seems to be grateful for it all..its due to her relationship with her parents..She used to be a very spoiled brat who cares about herself more than anything. She always take her parents hard work for granted, throwing tantrums when they can’t buy what she wants. They have multiple jobs but little pay..later on..Emily matured and grew up..realizing what she didto her parents as a child and absolutely dreaded it. She felt so guilty but now..she will never get the chance to finally say ‘thank you’..and ‘I love you’ back..because it’s finally her parents time to peace. To honor her parents and repay her after what she made them go through, she would often visit their graves. Emily would buy any gifts she lays her hands on, setting them neatly on their tombstones and talk to them as if that were her parents, saying thank you and I love you. And to end it off, shed gave a little blow kiss before leaving to come back the second and/or more days of her visit in a week.

Lily the Birdie -Age unknown -Emily’s favorite pet bird -They’d played together and it would help Emily out carry stuff or something -Obviously would feast on bird seeds -Lily and Emily would visit other birdies in GreenHill Park

Hunter Chadwick -Codename: Knuckles -23 years old -Works as a store clerk with Kevin -Still works as a store clerk when Kev got fired -Total Meat and Fruit lover -The obvious body builder, always see him in the gym, drinks a lot with Kevin, that one friend who would get up to announce their homie’s arrival and start cheering for them,“4+4= two 0s stacked on top of eachother.”, he is easily angry especially if he looses something or doesn’t go his way..or his favorite football team loses, he’d drag Kevin along for some Crimes with Ryan (Ray) and Mark (Mighty) even when Kevie is hesitant, serious when it comes with the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emeralds -Hunter used to grow up with his Grandma and she would often tell him about the culture of their tribe before they vanished in to extinction. She would say that they will sacrifice themselves to protect the sacred gems known as the Chaos Emeralds and the one above them, which was the Master Emerald. Only a chosen group that has a much higher rate of chaos energy than anyone in the earth can utilized the power for whatever they please and train themselves to maintain and even ascend to a different level of chaos energy, his Grandma would say, but malicious beings would do anything to have access to that power..She’d go on and on that she will be counting on Hunter and the very few echidnas left on the planet. Hunter heard this a fact, he felt like it was an instinct amongst the Echidna tribe to be guarding the gems of immense power so he didn’t think much of it…though when his Grandma passed..the red echidna was living on his own but forgot the location of the gems, leading him into a panic,wishing that he thought more about it beforehand..searching for them, he met up with Naomi (Tikal) and she obviously seem to have the same objective..she is one of the very few echidnas left…

Im tired..I’ll make more references if people like the idea so anyway g'night T-T (sorry for any mistakes)

A Love Letter to The Great and Delicious Tempe

So, there’s a petition to make tempe into an Indonesian cultural heritage.

People might laugh at this and joke about it or whatever, but I’m gonna be serious, y’all. Tempe is an important part of Indonesian culture. You know the one thing the my family missed the most when we first moved out of Indonesia? Tempe. We didn’t even anticipate it! We had taken it for granted and we didn’t realize how unique tempe was to Indonesia. No other cultures have it. Everyone has some form of fried rice, some form of satay, some form of curry. No one has tempe but Indonesia.

One thing that I was very surprised about when I first started college in the US was the fact that tempe is a gourmet food here. I didn’t even think I’d ever get to eat tempe here, let alone see it in organic supermarkets. And that’s exactly where you’d find tempe here–places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Kroger Signature. Tempe is a vegan power food here; it is elite and expensive and organic and packaged nicely in a vacuumed bag. I’ve scrolled through numerous vegan and vegetarian food blogs that rave about the power of tempe (or “tempeh”, as Americans like to spell it).

What I found absolutely disappointing was the fact that none of these food blogs and none of the packaging labels ever mention that tempe is from Indonesia. My roommate is Californian, and therefore she is extremely well-versed in organic and vegan food materials. Though she never tried it, she knew what tempe was. But she didn’t know that it was of Indonesian origin until I told her as I freaked out over seeing tempe being used in vegetarian chili at the school cafeteria. She tried it at the cafeteria and didn’t like it, so when she decided a few months ago that she was going to go vegetarian, I bought a package of tempe and cooked it for her Indonesian style. And she loved it. She is now absolutely obsessed with it–every time we go grocery shopping, tempe is always on top of the list. I’m so proud of this simple, healthy food from my home country. I’m also equally as sad about white, upper-class vegans consuming it steamed (everyone knows tempe is best fried, I mean, come on) without being aware of its humble Southeast Asian origins.

I am fully in support of naming tempe a cultural heritage of Indonesia. UNESCO, please get on it so I can see the label “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” stamped on those vacuumed packages of tempe in Whole Foods.



Across the Circle, Part 1/?

Pairings: Onkey, slight Jongtae 
Rating: PG-13
Length: 3200+ (this part)
Other notes: Trans-specific and mental health issues are both recurring themes in this series. It’s not going to be especially angsty, but expect realistic treatment. I may change the title later but…whatever.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Gwiboon’s phone had been buzzing intermittently for at least an hour now, but she ignored it. She wasn’t even going to look at the screen. There was only so much of her sister’s boy drama that she could take at once. She’d text back later and say she had been in an exam. Well, it was a little too early in the semester for an exam. She’d say she’d gone for a run and forgot her phone.

It had been a shit Friday in a shit week and Gwiboon was taking advantage of her roommate’s absence to swaddle herself in an oversized hoodie so large that she could draw her knees up inside of it. She was that way now, lying sideways and curled up, her hood drawn tightly around her face, the strings knotted, until only her eyes and nose were visible in the round opening. Taemin had dubbed it her “turtle pose.

She was a third of the way through LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness, or at least, her hand was currently wedged in a spot about a third of the way through the book. She couldn’t really remember anything about the book so far, except for a vague annoyance at how the supposedly progressive treatment of gender in the book still left much to be desired. The book had closed around her hand, and she was staring at Taemin’s dresser across the room. Her phone buzzed again, and her eyes flickered over to it, and watched as the glow of the screen faded once more. She rolled her eyes, and opened the book back up again. She chewed absently on one of her hoodie drawstrings.

A moment later, she jumped as someone banged loudly on her door. She scrambled to sit up and pull her legs out from under her hoodie but ended up falling on the floor in an undignified heap just as her friend Jonghyun burst into the room. He burst out laughing as he saw Gwiboon struggling with her hoodie. She glared at him, finally wrenching her knees free.

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i've been trying to go vegan but i live with my boyfriend and he constantly is eating foods we both love and it makes it so much tougher. i'm still trying though I get my own cheeses just sucks not to have that support

I’m sorry. I live with my girlfriend and she went vegetarian and then vegan with me, like she literally blindly followed me into it even when I had no idea what we were doing, so that made it easier and it was pretty dang cute actually. Date a girl? just kidding. I would have still gone vegan if she hadn’t though, when your minds made up, it’s made up. Have you tried showing him documentaries about veganism? If he’s not sensitive when it comes to animals you could try and educate him about the health benefits, veganism benefits everyone. Maybe you could cook veganized versions of the foods you guys like to eat? If that all fails maybe just sit him down and have a discussion about how you want to change these things for yourself and ask if he could make it it a bit easier for you in the beginning anyway. Relationships are about working together after all. Hope it works out for you love.

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So I've been a non meat eater for a little over a year, but my problem is that I don't like veggies. Fruit, I can eat all day but veggies not so much. Do you have any tips? Like some salads that are easy to eat for people who don't like veggies and some good ways to like veggies? Thanks!

That’s exactly how my girlfriend is, fruit for days and shes like a toddler when it comes to vegetables (I like hide them in stuff) haha, shes survived as a vegan though so you’ll be fine. I’m kind of the opposite, I do love fruit but I’d pick a warm savory veggie meal over fruit any day. It is true that it’s easier if you already have a taste for greens and whatnot but it’s doable. One important tip I guess I have are spices and sauces!! find or make ones you like a lot. Like, stir frys are a vegans best friend, if you have a good stir fry sauce you like you can add whatever veggies/leafygreen/nuts/rice/noodles whatever and it’ll turn out good. Another huge one, and how my girlfriend gets a lot of nutrients is smoothies, because you can mask anything, especially if you’re big on fruit you have lots of options as far as masking goes. But there are certain greens you need to cook at least a little, makes the nutritional benefits higher. Could also try making soup or dicing up whatever veggies you don’t like tiny and sauteing with a vegetable you do, wouldn’t taste it as much and may trick your mind a bit. I do eat stuff I hated before going vegan so I’m a firm believer in your taste buds changing and def being more inclined to try new stuff. I’ll make a roundup in a minute with stirfrys if you wanna check it out (plus here for some additional sauces (x)(x) also can check here for lots of smoothies ideas.

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Why is tessbegg (instagram) still chubby even though she is vegan and exercises regularly? Is she doing something wrong or is that just her natural body shape/size?

haha she aint chubby bro.

If Freelee did that much gym work then she would look more like that too and actually Freelee used to look that way.

Climbing hills on a bicycle is the most catabolic and fastest way to get that slim cardio look.

That is the beauty of training. You can build whatever you like. More slim or more muscle. Weights only or cycling only. Whatever you want. :)

Just carb up enough so you can do the training that gives you the results you are looking for.

710) Many of the people who work at my job are doing this weird Biggest Loser thing. I was sitting during a downtime with two of them, both of them fat. One's eating a big container of mashed potatoes with peas and carrots, the other is agonizing over half a Snickers candy bar. Both of them freak out when they find out I'm a vegan. It was most ironic coming from the fat one eating the VEGAN lunch of mashed potatoes/peas/carrots, though (she joked how I eat twigs).