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Lmaoooooo forever if harry Lambert styled Louis for his photoshoot. Lou out there confirming she cut both their hairs, and she has been working with both. And now we would have Harry's stylist styling Louis.... Loooool Harry and Louis really are unluckily. Always so many connections between the two. Next thing will be Lottie on Harry's tour. Watch it happen haha


Things that I wanna say about Descendants 2:


+ It was important how they showed that all of that pressure to be perfect was affecting Mal and Ben

+ Ben had a lot of things to do all the time and he had no time to stay with his friends and Mal, it was clear that he was tired.

+ Mal was faking to be someone that she isn’t. After “Ways to Be Wicked”, in her interview, we can see how the reporters were asking things that were kinda disrespectful, like: “Did you imagine that you would be with a VK?” (to Ben), and come on, Mal had all the rights to get sad. 

+ Mal wanted someone to listen to her, to understand her. She was screaming.

+ I don’t know why they are so against magic, but Mal is half-fairy, so she should use her magic.

+ That doesn’t mean that she was right in try to spell Ben, but all that she wanted was give him the perfect things. She was trying to be perfect to him (what she didn’t need to do!).

+ I really loved how they showed not only Mal’s insecurities, but Evie’s too. Evie was really afraid of coming back to the Isle Of the Lost. She didn’t want to be left there again. Evie was trying so hard to forget her past and focus on her life in Auradon now. She is a stylist, a designer. She’s very, very, talented. 

+ But we all know that our past will always be part of us and it was important to make us what we are now

+ I still don’t think that Carlos and Jane are the perfect couple, but they had one scene that I really thought it was important: when Jane hugged Carlos. 

+ Not because it was cute, but because Carlos’ facial expression showed that he needed that. Not a girl. A hug. He hugged her in a way that I wished I could hug him too. We all know that Cruella abused him and that’s why he doesn’t wanna go back to the isle, and that scene showed that he needed affection.

+ Lonnie. That’s all. She is a badass. I had my issues with her before. I mean, of course I liked her in the first movie, but I didn’t like how she cared so much about her hair since she had potential to be more.

+ And guess what? She is so much more! She knows how to fight and how to use a sword better than all the boys in the team! This. Is. So. Important! 

+ They showed how there is sexism in Auradon even after strong womans like Elsa, Merida, and Lonnie’s mother, Mulan. She saved China! And the boys like Chad act like this has no value! 

+ I mean, she’s an excellent fighter, but they don’t want her in the team because she is a girl?! WHO THE FUCK WROTE THAT RULE BOOK?!

+ Let’s calm down and think… Why nobody is talking about how Chad was creepy and crazy?!

+ Audrey broke up with him and he went crazy. He has the key to Jay and Carlos’ room. How creepy is that?!

+ You know in Girl Meets World when Farkle says that if something bad happened to Lucas, he would be the president in his place with a creepy face? CHAD WAS THE SAME.

+ Like, he put a crown on his head and imagined that he was king. I MEAN, HIS FRIEND WAS KIDNAPPED AND HE WAS THINKING ABOUT TAKING HIS PLACE!

(I need to calm down. Omg, I have a lot to write…)


+ Uma is amazing. I’m in love with her. And she is not evil. I know, she kidnapped the king of Auradon, but what I love about her is that all that she wants is let everyone of the isle be free. I don’t think she cares about taking over Auradon she just wants to be free.

+ Her conversation with Ben was very deep. She said that the isle is a prison, and who wouldn’t be angry in her place? The movie is 6 months after that the rotten four chose good, and they didn’t do anything to take other villain kids out of the isle, and Ben didn’t do anything too.

+ They really were the forgotten villain kids. Uma, Harry, Gil, Dizzy. All of them.

+ You know what I loved? The chemistry between Uma and Harry. It was very clear that he has a huge crush on her. My favorite scene was when he falls (in the ocean, I guess) and he calls Uma to help him. This happens when Mal and the other are running back to the limo and Uma could reach them. But she stopped. She stopped to help him. She didn’t need to do that, but she did.

+ Now, Gil. I love him, I wanna protect him. He’s so happy, he has no idea about what is happening all the time! He keeps calling Uma “shrimpy”, and when Harry pulls him out of the restaurant is amazing!

+ It’s like Harry is saying: “You are going to sit here for five minutes and think about what you said to my darling Uma, did you get it? Don’t you dare go back there before the time is over!”.

+ Gil is so precious <3




+ And Evie. I love Evie so much that I wish I could hug her! She wants to take care of the kids, she wants them to have a better life, she’s Ben counselor, she loves Dizzy and wants to protect her as a sister.

+ I loved how we saw Uma with tentacles. How we saw Mal turn into a dragon. I loved how Ben enters in a “beast mode” sometimes.


+ It was clear how he was able to attack Harry if he did anything to Mal while he was singing his part in “It’s Going Down”, and when he said that he could drive Mal to the isle if she wanted. He wants to see her happy.

+ And he gave up of being captain of the team so Lonnie could finally be on the team, because he knew that she deserved to be there.

+ The rotten four are family. They will always be. I love how Carlos remembered Mal and Evie that.

+ And we had Doug’s insecurities too. He’s afraid of don’t be enough to Evie, he’s so sweet!

+ This movie gave me so many ships, OMG

+ Evie x Ben (matching clothes, come on!) / Uma x Ben / Dizzy x invitation to Auradon / Jay x Lonnie / Mal x Uma…

+ Gaston still wants Belle and kill Adam/Beast. And Gil says that so calm, I love him.






I guess that’s all for today. I wrote so much, OMG.

Sorry guys, but I’m so in love with this movie. But I know I’m not the only one.

Have a nice day, guys. I love you all <3

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Strike a Pose

(art by @cocohook38)

A/N: Double J Productions strikes again for @herhookedhero!

Happy Birthday, Jess! When I told Julie about your idea for a CS model/photographer AU, she jumped at the chance to do something for someone so very special to us! We are so lucky to call you a friend, and we both hope you love your gifts. The two dresses on the right and left are Zuhair Murad (of course) and the one in the middle was Julie’s vision of combining them both. <3

It was her first major photo shoot with her dream designer and Emma Swan could hardly contain her excitement. After thousands of go-sees, and so many doors slammed in her face, she finally got the call—or rather her agent got the call.

“Emma, are you at the building?” Regina inquired.

“Yes, I’m just walking up the stairs right now.”

“Good, now remember: I’ve told Zuhair wonderful things about you, and I know you’ll kill it. As for your photographer…” Regina’s warning tone did not go unnoticed.

“Regina, you have told me a million times about Killian Jones…”

“Yes, well, telling you and experiencing it firsthand are two different things. Don’t get distracted. Just do your job, and make them all notice you.”

“Trust me: I have every intention of showing them Emma Swan.”


Emma was ushered into a dressing room filled with designer garments, and was quickly dressed into one. It was a gorgeous sleeveless red dress with a sweetheart neckline. Intricate beading covered the bodice and the skirt; the skirt gathered high at the left hip, leaving her left leg bare. It was high enough that she was able to show off one of the silver Christian Louboutin pumps on her feet.

The style team gave her an updo with a lavish (and ridiculously expensive) diamond headband. A few strands of her golden hair framed her face and the adorned her neck with a ruby choker. When the hair stylist,whose name was Ruby, finished, she was now in the hand of Trisha for makeup. As Trisha, who insisted on being called “Tink,” was applying highlight to Emma’s cheeks, she asked, “So, first gig, huh?”

“Yeah…how could you tell?”

“Your hands won’t stop shaking,” Tink pointed out. “You’ll be do great. Zuhair doesn’t just book newbies all the time. He must have seen something in you. I’ve worked with him a lot; trust me on this.”

“Thank you. I really needed that.” Emma beamed in the mirror, the unexpected confidence boost definitely helped her mood. She looked over to see Tink uncapping a tube of lipstick. “That’s such a pretty color!”

“It will look great with your skin tone, and won’t clash with the dress.”

“What’s it called?”



Regina warned her about many things when it came to the photographer for the shoot today, one of them being his penchant for tardiness. The shoot should have started fifteen minutes prior, but there was still no sign of Mr. Jones. Standing in Louboutins for that long can make any girl cranky.

Emma was about to sit down when the door to the studio flew open.

“Sorry I’m late. Bloody traffic…”

She heard his voice before she even saw his face, and it was mesmerizing; his accent was like music to her ears. Only seconds later, she saw his face…and everything that Regina had told her over and over again left her brain. His messy dark hair fell over his face, but she could still see his piercing icy blue eye peeking through. The scruff along his chin was the perfect length, and he wore a single black diamond in his right ear. He wore a tight black tee, his muscles straining against the fitted cotton, and just as tight (if not tighter) black jeans.

He noticed her, and she felt like the only person in that studio as he sauntered up to her, his eyes raking over her couture-clad body. He held out his ring-adorned hand for her. “Well, they certainly weren’t lying about how absolutely ravishing my model was today.” He took her outstretched hand and lifted it up to his lips, placing a feather-light kiss on her heated skin. It was all Emma could do not to moan out loud. His eyes met hers, and she couldn’t breathe.

“Killian Jones, at your service.”

“Emma,” she squeaked out, “Emma Swan.”

An upturned smiled appeared on the corner of his mouth. “Swans are graceful creatures; that name suits you, love. Now, are you ready to show me what you got?”


After two hours and two wardrobe changes, the photoshoot was nearly done. Emma felt like a princess with all of these expensive gowns she was able to wear. But she hated to admit that her photographer was a huge help.

Killian really knew how to get the best out of Emma. He seemed to know her angle better than she knew them herself, which made for some amazing photographs of the garments. Emma was in her final look, a dress that was a combination of the red dress and the see-through white and black dress she wore afterwards, when Killian took his camera from his face and looked up at her.

“You were incredible, Swan. You sure this is your first big campaign?”

Emma blushed. “Sure is.”

“Well, color me impressed. Now, before we wrap this up, you mind doing a few close-up beauty shots for me?”

Emma was not surprised her asked her this. Regina told her that if he was interested in a model, that he would use that as a way of “weaseling his way into their panties” as she so eloquently put it. And while the thought was very, Emma wasn’t about to be just another notch on this playboy’s belt. “How about I take some of you instead?”

This is obviously not the reaction he expected. “Come again?”

“Well, I mean, you already have so many photos of me on your camera, I think it might be fun to get you in front of the lens for a change.”

Killian’s fingering traced around his jawline as he looked at Emma with a combination of confusion and astonishment. He then handed her his camera and walked over to the screen.

“How do you want me, love?” he asked.

Anywhere as long as you’re naked. She shook her head, berating herself for her thoughts. “Right there is good.”

Emma Swan, camera in hand an decked out in Zuhair Murad couture and Louboutin heels, pressed the camera to her eye, her finger over the button.

“Now,” she yelled, “Strike a pose.”

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Moving Forward - Chapter 49

Happy Easter my dear friends! Whether you celebrate Easter, I hope you all had a few wonderful and relaxing days!

I’m happy you guys liked the little drabbles I did for Eaden’s third birthday - they were a lot of fun to write.

But now to more important matters - I have a surprise for you :D Actually, @allyinthekeyofx and I have one for you, because Ally made a dream of mine come true. And I just know you guys will love it as much as I do! Just keep your eyes open :D

Thank you my dear @justholdinghandsok for the beta again - what would I do without you?!

So, without further ado - here is Chapter 49:

Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension. - Joshua L. Liebman

As a highly independent person who liked to stay in control, and one who was prone to be stubborn, it was the worst thing that, once your emotions had gotten the best of you and you basically overreacted to the point of crying, there was nothing more needed than someone else coming over and putting you out of your misery.

How pathetic, Gillian thought. And so hard to accept that sometimes, when emotions and hormones were running high, you needed another person to provide some of the confidence and stability you weren’t able to muster yourself.

While this feeling was so familiar to her, had accompanied her for the major part of her life, Gillian despised it, and would probably never make peace with it. The loss of control, no matter how small and insignificant it might’ve seemed to others, was unbearable and, for her, almost entirely intolerable.

It almost felt like falling into a million little pieces, losing one by one on her way through life. The thought that other people could somehow see all those lost pieces and judge her for the sheer amount was terrifying, even though Gillian knew that this was one of the most ridiculous illusions she had. Yet it was one that stuck in her mind for decades now. One she wasn’t able to get rid of.

No one had come after her when the sobs slowly started to subside. Sitting on that hard, closed toilet lit, her butt was beginning to hurt, and she needed to check if there was anything she could do about that smudged mascara or if her makeup was completely ruined by now. Which would mean she had to let her stylist re-do everything. How fucking embarrassing.

With a deep, hitched inhale, she reached out and ripped off another couple of sheets of toilet paper and blew her nose.

She needed to go back. They were probably ready to shoot the next scene. She just had to pull herself together one last time and get it over with for the sake of her son, who was needing her by his side. Nothing else mattered in this moment.

Getting up, she opened the lit and flushed the crumpled tissues down the toilet before turning around to unlock the door and stepped out.

And then she saw him, leaning against one of the sinks with his arms crossed in front of his chest and gaze fixated on his shoes. His expression was thoughtful and serious, his teeth were gritted tight enough that his jaw muscles flexed rhythmically.

He must’ve sneaked in at some point, and had waited patiently for her to regain some control on her own without ever leaving her completely alone.

He was always there in case she fell apart, but giving her the privacy and time she needed. There was no smothering and no pressure. David was like a silent rock. Always there, but never imposing. She could always rely on David, even when she’d been a total bitch to him.

But as much as she wanted to to go to him, and as desperately as she was yearning for his arms around her, she just couldn’t move. She was frozen in place and unable to say a word. It felt like she’d suddenly lost the ability to speak. Neither her brain nor her mouth seemed to know what to do.

She should apologize. She should explain herself. Do something to let him know she didn’t mean what she had said. But she couldn’t. She just couldn’t do it.

In her mind, she was desperately begging him to be the first to break the silence. To be the stronger one and tell her he forgave her, and that everything would be okay. She hoped he knew how grateful she was that he was there, and that he understood why she couldn’t say it.

Time was standing still as they stood there facing each other, and waiting for the other to make the first move. To say something, anything at all. Even the slightest attempt to move towards one another or a glance would be enough to break the spell, to bring her some relief.

But it didn’t happen.

Instead, his shoes made a loud, squeaky noise on the tiled floor as he turned around and, before she realized what was happening, pushed the door open and walked out of the restroom. Leaving her alone.

Once Chris and Glen had gotten wind of the ‘little incident’ with Gillian, as it was making its round, it seemed like that, all of a sudden, they had everything they needed from her for the second episode and they could give her the green light to go home to London.

David didn’t see her around for quite some time, but now spotted her, almost two hours later, taking a picture of Piper, who was quite bashfully holding a tray in front of her, apparently showing her proud mother some of the props she had made for the episode.

Gillian wasn’t wearing her wig anymore, but was now clad in a blue summer dress and her face was already scrubbed free from the heavy makeup she had to wear for the part. She looked like she was ready to leave any minute now.

He just wondered if they’d get a chance to talk before she left for over a week.

When he’d left her in that restroom, it hadn’t been because he’d intended to hurt or punish her. He was hurt, yes. And also sad. But he wasn’t particularly angry. It wasn’t that hard for him to understand what she was going through. She was a mother, and, unlike other men he knew, David was convinced that, even if there was an active, devoted father around, she was the most important person in most kids lives. And if a kid was sick, there was nothing that he needed more than his mother. And a mother didn’t want anything more than be by her child’s side to love and care for him.

That it had to be hard to leave another one in order to be with the sick child was also very understandable. Mother’s guilt was a huge topic in Gillian’s life ever since Piper had been born. Finding a balance between work and motherhood had always been a struggle for her. And with the increasing number of children and them becoming somewhat of a patchwork family, it hadn’t gotten any easier over the years. It was okay when everything was working out according to plan. But the reality was that it rarely did. And he bowed his head to everyone who was able to deal with these things in an organised, mature way. Because they surely hadn’t figured out how to do that by now.

And yet… he had enough of hearing the same things from her over and over again. He thought of himself as a supportive, patient partner. But his patience wasn’t endless, and Gillian knew her ways to reach his limits.

He would do everything for her. Absolutely everything. The problem was that she had always been too proud and at the same time too insecure to accept his help. Or anyone’s, for that matter.

Instead, she tended to use it against people. Accused them of having ulterior motives, wanting to threat her and to make her look weak and incompetent.

And that wasn’t something he would ever accept, especially not from her.

He was her partner. Her confidant. They were family.

And the one thing he really wished her to be was accepting of his support and unconditional love and to allow herself to rely on him.

He would do do anything in his power to stop all those self-doubts and the insane pressure she put on her own shoulders from ruling their lives and their relationship. And the only way he knew how to make her understand that was by giving her the opportunity to find out herself.

Which was exactly why he’d walked out of this restroom earlier.

He’d desperately wanted to hug her. Wanted to tell her that everything would be alright. That of course she could take Eaden with her, if that was what she wanted.

But he didn’t do any of those things. Despite the way she’d been looking at him, with all the confusion, desperation and sadness in her watery blue eyes, he’d made a decision he wasn’t entirely sure had been the right one.

“David!” someone suddenly called him, pulling him out of his reverie. His gaze fixated back on Piper and Gillian, and he noticed that her oldest was looking at him expectantly, neck craned and eyebrows raised high. She definitely wanted him to come over.

Gillian on the other hand seemed to avoid looking at him while he approached them, busying herself with straightening Eaden’s dress and unruly hair.

“What’s up?” he asked as blithely as possible and put his hand demonstratively on the small of Gillian’s back.

“You’re going to pull these off your shoes later, don’t they look super gross?” Piper chuckled, proudly looking down at the armada of gooey band-aids neatly lined up on a cardboard. They were in fact very, very gross.

David pulled a disgusted face. “Yeah… they’re… pretty realistic. Ugh.”

“You think you can handle it?” Piper asked, making her mother snort in amusement.

And then, to his great surprise, Gillian leaned herself against his side, and he slung his arm completely around her waist to pull her a little closer. He could literally feel the tension leaving her body.

“I don’t know, what do you think?” he prompted Gillian, grinning down at her as she lifted her gaze to meet his eyes.

“I think you can handle it just fine,” Gillian said with a nod, and he thought he could detect a tiny, sly smirk on her lips. Yeah, it was definitely there. His belly tingled in relief and anticipation. And before he could think about it twice, he leaned down and kissed her softly.


“Alright slugger, do you promise me not to make a mess while I’m in the shower? Can you do that for Daddy, hm?” David kneeled down in front of his little daughter, who was sitting on the warm bathroom floor, tiny toothbrush in hand and a mischievous spark in her eyes that usually meant nothing else but trouble.

“Five minutes, okay?” he added and tickled her sides with his index finger, making her squeal in delight.

Eaden, the master in making messes in the shortest amounts of time, was also widely known to always find something somewhere to destroy or hurt herself with, even when the door was closed and the lower cupboards baby-proofed as it was the case right now.

“Otey,” Eaden replied with a big grin, sounding almost like she’d understood his request and was actually taking it seriously, but David was sure that his sweet, innocent looking girl had already made up a plan on how to spend the next five minutes differently from what he’d asked her to.

“I don’t believe a word that’s coming out of your mouth, young lady. Which is concerning since you only know eight of them yet.”

“Mwah Dada, nononono,” she babbled and shook her head almost frantically.

“Yeah, exactly, no messes, alright? Daddy’s right back! Daddy hears and sees everything!” David said pointedly and patted his daughter’s head before he got up and walked over to the shower and started to run the water.

“Are you going to tell Daddy a story while he’s in the shower, baby?” he asked while shedding his boxers, and with one last glance down on the floor, where Eaden was occupied with her toothbrush and completely ignoring him, stepped under the refreshing spray of water.

The day Gillian left for London wasn’t completely forgotten. After their chaste kiss, they had a brief, not particularly uncomfortable but awkward conversation in her trailer in which she told him that she had purchased a ticket for the last flight out to London this evening and that Eaden would stay with him just like he’d wanted her to. He had to swallow a harsh comment on that reproachful undertone that she used to make clear that she wasn’t happy with that at all. He so badly wanted to tell her to just take the baby with her and look how she got along if she really needed to have it her way to feel better. Of course he hadn’t.

There were no further exchanges of affection between them, only Eaden got showered in kisses and hugs before Gillian placed her little daughter in David’s arms, gave his arm a squeeze while saying goodbye and that she would text him before she hopped into the cab to the airport.

The next day, he heard from Piper that Gillian had called to tell her that Oscar was out of the hospital and that she’d been able to take him home. David got a text message later that day, and another one each day, but nothing more. Which wasn’t really that surprising, yet disappointing that she was still falling back into these old musters of hers. He’d thought that they were over that by now. Apparently, that wasn’t the case.

On Friday evening, he flew back to Los Angeles, but not alone as he’d originally planned, but with Eaden. David was very aware of how lucky they were to have such a resilient, overall content and happy baby. If she wouldn’t be able to cope with the fairly regular separation from one of her parents or the traveling as well as she did, they would’ve been in some serious trouble given the circumstances.

Their Saturday was lazy and relaxed. After running some errands and getting fresh green smoothies and food for the weekend, David laid out some blankets and pillows in the garden, creating a comfortable little space for them in the shadow of a tree by the poolside. They enjoyed sandwiches and avocados for lunch, cuddled while listening to the birds and eventually fell asleep with Eaden sprawled out on David’s chest. In that respect, father and daughter were very much alike. Both were able to enjoy the simplest little things for hours without needing more than each other. Gillian was usually a little more restless in that respect, struggled with enjoying the moment and just let things be. It would’ve been so easy for him to wallow in his hurt and sulk in self-pity and loneliness only caused by the way they’d parted. He could be angry about how unnecessary this stupid fight was, just like almost every other they ever had. Instead, David did his best to enjoy what he had - a lot of free time with his youngest daughter - and to trust Gillian to come back to him whenever she felt ready.

When he opened the glass door and stepped out of the shower a couple of minutes later, his first glance went down to the floor where Eaden sat earlier, but wasn’t anymore.

With a shake of his head and a grin, David grabbed a towel off the rack, quickly dried himself and slung it around his waist.

“Eaden?” he asked in feigned concern and started to wander around, pretending not to know where she was hiding. “Where is Eaden? Where is my little girl?” He looked around the corner of one of the counters. “Oh no! She’s gone! What am I going to do without her?” he whined, and heard a soft giggle and suddenly, she appeared within the bathtub, grinning widely at him.

“Hi!” she squealed delightfully, jumping up and down with excitement while holding tightly onto the onto the tub.

“Oh, hi! There you are, thank god! Come here, sweetie,” he said affectionately and scooped her up, kissing her little cheeks before she put her head on his shoulder and let him rub her back. “You’re funny, you know that?” And so much like your mother, he didn’t say, sure that she would only get upset remembering that her favorite person wasn’t around at the moment and wouldn’t spend the day with them.

Burying his face into her soft, blonde hair and inhaling her sweet scent, he instead whispered,“I love you, slugger. Let’s get ready for the day, okay?”

For this beautiful, sunny Sunday in Los Angeles, David had dressed Eaden in a black little onesie that said “peace, love and naps”, and which was, in his opinion, just as perfect as his orange “pumpkin” shirt. But unlike Eaden’s, David’s outfit didn’t get a lot of compliments from West and her friends. For no apparent reason, they seemed to be quite amused by it instead.

Their stroll through the farmer’s market with eight teenagers and their parents, all old friends from the time they lived here as a family, was a comfortable one. When the kids were younger, and him and Téa still together, they used to do these meet-ups with other families quite often. But since they separated and had moved to New York, there weren’t a lot of opportunities to catch up anymore, but it was important to both David and Téa to keep these friendships alive, not only for the sake of the kids.

By the time they arrived back in Malibu, bellies full with burgers, fries and ice-cream, the sun had already Set, West and her boyfriend had left to spend the night at a friends house and the two remaining kids, Eaden and Miller, were fast asleep on the backseat of David’s car.

Together, they managed to wake their exhausted teenager - a task almost impossibly hard these days - and even got him brush his teeth before he went to bed. Bringing the baby to bed was easy compared to that. While Téa was with their son, David changed Eaden for the night and tucked her into his bed with her favorite stuffed animal, where she continued her peaceful slumber.

“Is she still sleeping?” Téa asked when he closed the bedroom door behind himself and walked into the kitchen while she poured herself a glass of red wine. Noticing his confused expression, she shrugged her shoulders and filled a second glass. “Sorry,” she nodded her head towards the bottle, “but I felt like we could both take one.”

“Or two,” David said with a sigh and took the glass from her. “Thanks. To our kids?”

“Yeah,” Téa nodded and clinked her glass with his. “To our wild, independent daughter and our sleepy son. And no, before you start again, he’s fine. The doctor checked his blood and told me that we should start to accept that our sweet son will do exactly three things in the next two to three years - sleep, eat and complain.”

“That sounds just wonderful,” David stated wryly.

“Yeah that’s exactly what I told him, too!” She took a big sip out of her glass before grabbing the bottle. “Come on, it’s so nice outside, let’s not waste this beautiful evening by staying in here!” she waggled her eyebrows and led the way out of the living room and through the back door.

It was indeed a wonderful night to sit outside, listen to the soft waves of the ocean near by and enjoy the pleasantly warm air.

If only he could really enjoy it. If only he wouldn’t miss her so much.

“So,” Téa prompted once they were seated on one of the loveseats on the patio. She was looking at him expectantly, and he knew exactly what it was she was dying to know.

“So?” David asked cautiously and nipped at his wine.

“Is everything alright? How’s Gillian? And how’s filming?”

“Ohhh,” David groaned and closed his eyes while letting his head fall back on the backrest of the couch. “It’s stressful. Can’t we keep talking about our sleepy, grumpy son?”

She gave him a perplexed look, but chuckled to keep the mood light. “Three weeks and you’re already stressed?”

“You know how it is! You just forget how exhausting it is and how insane the hours are… Seriously though, it’s hard, especially with a baby and all that kind of… stuff.”

Téa nodded understandingly. “I bet it is, being away from home must be especially hard for Gillian. How’s she taking it?”

David took a deep breath, closed his eyes and went quiet for a few moments.

Given everything that had happened between them in the last eighteen years, he thought they both couldn’t be more grateful for what they had right now. They genuinely loved and deeply cared for each other, yet the reason why they weren’t a couple anymore was more apparent than ever. They were both the happiest with somebody else. And loneliest without them.

However, the friendly relationship he now had with Téa was based on trust and mutual respect. They knew each other for such a long time, he couldn’t fool her into believing that everything was alright. And there was a time when it had been easy for him to go to both women and tell them about the problems he had with the other. And it was one of the most selfish things he’d ever done. Extremely unfair and disrespectful to both Téa and Gillian.

And he wouldn’t do the same mistake ever again.

“It’s harder than expected,” he nodded thoughtfully and looked at Téa before adding, “but we’re doing our best to make it work.”

David climbed into his bed little after midnight.They had emptied the first bottle of wine while he told Téa what he had planned for West and Miller during their stay in Vancouver and the second bottle while they discussed when they would start looking at colleges for West.

That was the nicest part about their relationship - being able to be the parents of two kids who were aware of their joint responsibility for them. And who liked to raise them together despite everything.

Eaden’s still sleeping soundly beside him on Gillian’s spot, her little lips making sucking-like motions as if she was dreaming of milk and, which was an ongoing joke between them, Mommy’s boobies. Although for entirely different reasons, he certainly couldn’t blame her for that.

With a soft chuckle, he pulled the light blanket over her little feet and ran his thumb down her soft cheek before rolling onto his back and turning his head towards the nightstand to his right, where his phone was blinking repeatedly.

He wanted to take a look, but he also wanted to prevent himself from yet another disappointment.

He took a deep breath and eventually reached over, grabbed his phone and squinted his eyes to the bright light as he pressed the home button.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her name appearing on the screen. She had finally called, and even left him a four-minute-long voicemail.

His fingers were literally trembling when he started to play her message.

“Hi, um… it’s me,” there was a slight pause, and he couldn’t suppress a relieved chuckle. It felt so good to hear her voice again. “I know you have someone over and I don’t even know why I’m calling now,” she paused again, and by the way her voice was trembling he figured that she’d been crying. “Well I know why… it’s because I’m too much of a coward to talk to you and I was thinking that while you had guests over, I could finally give you a call without actually having to talk to you, which is…” she sighed, “… which is stupid because I really want to talk to you. Um, god, why is this so fucking hard?” she asked and then blew her nose. “Sorry,” a soft, bashful chuckle followed. “I um, I’m meeting a friend today, because I feel like this is growing over my head and while it’s you I need to talk to and tell what’s going on, I understand if you don’t feel like that at the moment. Yeah, um… I’m seeing Jennifer today so… god, I’m sorry, I’m rambling.”

“I don’t care,” David said to himself and closed his eyes. She could read the phonebook to him and he would still enjoy listening to her.

A familiar wave of warmth and love flooded his body, replacing the pent-up anger he’d felt in the last couple of days.

“l just wanted to tell you that I wish I could go back to that kiss and just… do everything differently from that point on. I mean, obviously I can’t, but… I would do everything for that kiss right now. Or a hug…” her voice broke, and it was so hard to listen to this without being there. Without being able to reassure her that he felt the same way.

“I love you, David,” she said in a whisper, but her words were loud with longing. “And I miss you very much.”

The Ellen Show: Chapter 5

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“I think that one looks lovely.”

I looked up to Charlie, phone in hand as it rested under her chin.

“You think?” I said pulling up the slinky silvery gown. I glanced into the mirror again turning to the side letting the dress drop and brushing my hand along my body. “I don’t know.” I cringed slightly.

We had been trying on dresses for the premieres of the movie that began in London in two days.

London was a long low cut and very fitted emerald dress. Japan a short white frilly dress with strong shoulders. But L.A the most important of the premiers was falling short of something to wear.

Turning in the mirror again I looked at the dress, as I did I noticed one of the stylists in the back of the room moving a rack of dresses.

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Ranty bit story time incoming…..

I was going to schedule a time to get my hair done about 6 months ago with a new stylist friend of my husbands. My husband said she’d call me. So the next day a woman called my cell several times to leave messages about confirming her appt. She left like 3 messages and was sorta rude sounding on the last one. But it was a MS number so I called it back to confirm the appt. Then I realized she was calling me to confirm HER dogs stylist appt. 

Fast forward to now. This same woman from Lumberton, MS calls me every month 3 to 10 times to confirm her dogs hair appt. and leaves rude messages when I don’t answer or reply back. 

I know I don’t owe her anything or have to be nice, but dang lady. Maybe Coco should answer her call next time. lol

anonymous asked:

She used to dress SO COOL. Do you now who her old stylist was?

Elizabeth has been Bella’s stylist since April 2016, before that she had 2-3 appearances from Monica Rose but she really just dressed herself. I think Bella was more part of the decision making process last year and had a sense of direction when it came to her style but now she doesn’t really care; and that’s the difference we’re seeing. All this white and occasional blues seems like a very E move; same with the more feminine/glam looks and pieces. 

JM and Trudeau's jumpsuit

She’s a total stylist……..Now she is saying she’s a Publicist…….Like you can just declare yourself one….Just like MM….over confident and self-promoting…..So who are her other clients or is MM her first one……Not doing so well…..She should stick to her over-botoxed frozen face and mannequin poses…..She has a lovely figure and a lovely family, it appears, I’ll give her that…….But help promote someone more deserving…..The Shoebox project is a little blib on her instagram……Totally overshadowed by her hawking the latest Canadien fashions……Size 2 she does show them off (Jumpsuit on Trudeau…..No !….Horrible…..even if it is a Canadien designer)

She mixes Canadian designers, and promotes herself at the same time.  The Shoebox project is something she does with her sisterinlaws.  Maybe they do more with it, I don’t know.  She is very connected.  Yes, she has had MM, but also, Sophie Trudeau.  She doesn’t get paid to style ST, Canada doesn’t pay for a stylist.  My understanding is she does it free, and gets publicity for it, so fair trade off I guess.  I honestly don’t like the clothes she wears, and that ST wears, but I admire that they are trying to get word out there about Canadian designers to help out them on the map.  I understand that she is going more into the bridal part of it all.  Thank you😊


NAOMI CAMPBELL: I first met Azzedine when I was 16. It was my first day working in Paris and somebody had stolen all my money. I didn’t know anyone in the city and didn’t know how I was going to eat. A fellow model who was doing a show with Azzedine then brought me to dinner, and I ate very well. I immediately thought that he was very sweet, normal and humble person, because he was cooking the dinner in the kitchen himself. He also served the food himself. I didn’t say one word, because I didn’t speak French. But as I left, he gave me a present - a dress.

After that, whenever I came to Paris, I would stay with him. He gave me my own room and I still have it. My mum didn’t want me to go to discos and he never used to let me go. One time, I climbed out of the window to a waiting taxi. When he found out, Azzedine put me in the room above him so that if I wanted to go out, I would have to go through his room.

Now, when I come over, we sit around and watch TV. He loves Tunisia very much and has still got very strong roots. You can see that in the videos he watches - old Tunisian movies. We cook eggs, fish or lamb chops in the kitchen and have dinner. Now that I’ve got a little bit older, Azzedine also comes to my house. But the most important thing is that we laugh. We fight and we laugh.

He’s a really big practical joker. Over the 12 years I’ve know him, he has played so many on me. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s pricked me with pins during fittings. Sometimes, I’ve crept into bed at night and he’s put things under the covers. I remember once I fell down the stairs. There was no ice left in the freezer. So Azzedine put a leg of lamb on my head because it was the only thing he had that was frozen.

Azzedine saw something in me and taught me to have confidence. I didn’t know how to do runway when I started modelling, but he believed in me. That brought attention from other designers, and is kind of how I became known - because other designers heard of this little girl Azzedine was working with.

He really taught me everything about the business, and also taught me even more important things about life - to be yourself, to do things with integrity and to do things from the heart. I think you really can say that he manages to do all of those things. He only designs when he wants to design. He’s always making something new, but doesn’t work to a schedule. He works according to his own schedule. He likes to work late at night, until three or four in the morning. He doesn’t have to do a fashion show because people will come and want to buy his clothes - whenever and whatever he wants to make. He really is unique. He understands a woman’s body better than any other designer. All the other designers respect Azzedine for that and salute him for it.

Fame has not changed him at all. He still works the same way he did the day he started. He has to look at every pattern. He still goes over everything; every single thing. He doesn’t let anything go without him having looked at it and restitched it and repinned it.

My relationship with Azzedine is different from those I have with other designers, because he is the only one I’ve lived with. I call him “Papa” and we really do have a father-daughter relationship. When he’s pissed off with me or mad about something, he picks up the phone and calls my mother. He’s very truthful and that’s another important thing in a friend. When he doesn’t like things I do, he tells me. I was very lucky and fortunate to meet him. Knowing Azzedine kept me on the right road.

His friendship means very much to me and I hope I have it forever. It’s more than just about material things and clothes. He is someone in the world I know I can call up whenever I am down, in need of anything or just want to talk.

One of my best memories is of when I was so overworked at one point and I just called him up and he said, “Come home, ma fille! Come home!” He cooked dinner for me and put me into bed. Then, he called up my agency and said, “Stop overworking her. She doesn’t need to do all these things.” It’s that genuine love of his that’s very special to me.

AZZEDINE ALAIA: The first time I met Naomi, she arrived with a model called Amanda Caseley, who had come to do fittings for my show. While we were doing them, I saw Naomi sitting down and thought, “Wow.” There was something about her which reminded me of Josephine Baker. So I asked her to try something on. She was only 16 at the time and not yet fully developed. But I saw her wonderful muscle structure and asked if she could stay on to do the show. I had to phone her mother, who said, “She can only stay if you put her up.”

Naomi speaks French now - not very well, but I manage to understand her. At that time, however, she didn’t speak French and I didn’t speak English. During the day, things were fine because there were other people around who could translate. But in the evening we found ourselves alone. Her mother speaks French. So I would phone her up in London and and she would explain what each of us wanted to say.

In the beginning, Naomi just slept on a mattress. But she would escape through the window to go out clubbing with other girls. So I put her in the room above mine to keep an eye on her. Sometimes, I even gave her my bed and I would sleep on a mattress on the floor.

At night, I really had to keep an eye on her because she would not stop calling people. She would crawl out of her bed, pick up the telephone, get back into bed with it and pull the covers over her head. I used to scream, “Naomi! Stop phoning abroad.” Her calls were always to New York or London and she’d stay on the phone for hours. When she went, I was left with huge telephone bills. Even now she’d be quite happy to spend her whole life on the phone. I don’t know quite how many mobile phones she has in her bag.

Right from the start you could feel that Naomi had star quality. She has a real presence; whenever she enters a room, something magical happens. But at the beginning, nobody wanted her to model for shows. We went to New York together to see the model agencies. I remember that Elite did not want to take her. So I went to see the owner and said to him, “Listen. She is my daughter, so you have to take her on and look after her. I don’t want her to be left all on her own in New York.”

For me, Naomi really is my daughter. In the past, she used to call me up all the time to ask for my advice. Now, she doesn’t really do so anymore because she knows what I’ll say. She hides things from me. For example, she didn’t ask me if she should record her album or write her novel. I think both were a very bad idea. But it’s not easy for her because she spends her whole time with people who tell her that she is beautiful, and only her mother and I can warn her that she’s being given bad advice. From time to time when I hear or read something, I ring her up and say, “Just what’s going on?” I fall out with her regularly. I sulk and don’t speak to her when she does something stupid. But it never lasts.

I think I’m so attached to Naomi because we are both so alike. We can both be quite unbearable! Seriously, on first meeting her, she can seem quite defensive. But, once you’ve gained her confidence, she lets herself go. She may have a reputation for being difficult, but she really isn’t at all. She is a very fragile person, who needs affection. She needs to be loved. If she is capricious, it’s because there is a good reason. When she was younger, I was always being called into photo studios to calm her down, because a stylist had upset her. But now she has changed.

She’s a great practical joker. She plays jokes on everyone, especially my cook. She’d put things in his sauces and pour in lots of salt when his back was turned. But she is also very generous. When she was young and poor, she bought me a dog: I don’t know how many jobs she had to do to save up the money. Now when she offers presents, they are never little ones. They are really quite sumptuous. Recently, for example, she bought me an antique Prouve bookcase.

Nowadays, we don’t see each other as much as before. She doesn’t have as much time: she is always in a plane going from one country to the other. But, she really is a very faithful friend. In modelling, it’s very hard to keep in touch with the people you knew when you started. Even though we fall out from time to time, I do think that our friendship will last. Something really serious would have to happen for us to lose touch completely!



(insp.) (insp.)

EXO's reaction to finding out that they are your ideal type

Annyong, sweetie! It doesn’t matter how many times I heard it, I really love to hear it once more! I’m sorry you had to wait for so long, I really hope you will still enjoy it kaddlorry !


“I like you, you like me…let’s fall inlove and make all the world hate us!”


“I knew it! This girl has an awesome taste in men!”


*breaks into a song* “Can you feel the loooove tonight?”


“Did I heard it right?! She likes ME…?”


“Whaaat?! She liked my dark hair?! Someone call the stylist!”


“What’s now? Should I draw her something or buy her something?!”


“Do I need to let her know she’s my ideal type too?”


“She likes feminine men like Luhan?! Do I need to take it as an insult?!”


“If I were you, I would love me too…”


“Finally, a woman who likes men, not boys”


“Should I even be surprised?! I’m awesome!”


“I’ll give you my heart, baby!”