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Trini trying to teach Kim yoga but having a hard time cuz Kim is used to fast cheerleading moves and has no patience; 'til Trini stands behind her to guide her through the movements.

Idk how I feel about this one, but here you go!

Kimberly knew she had a hopeless crush on Trini, she knew that she was in deep, that she couldn’t help that she always got lost in Trini’s warm brown eyes, her bright smile after Kimberly made a dorky joke or after their little ‘fights’ over food, the way she always smelled like pinewood and cedar, normally Kimberly didn’t like the smell, but on Trini it just fit, the earthy smell was comforting and grounding, like her, her smug smirk, which Kim wanted to kiss off her soft, smug lips, every time she saw it. She accepted that she liked Trini, a lot, well maybe more than a lot. Trini was always on her mind, whether she wanted it or not, she could not stop thinking about the other ranger, how small she was, how she would fit perfectly in Kimberly’s arms, how adorable it’d be how if they kissed, Trini would have to stand on her tiptoes to kiss Kimberly, how her tiny, soft hands would fit perfectly in her Kim’s. Kimberly audibly groaned every time she had the thoughts, which was more often than not. She knew it was very inconvenient, especially since the other girl was one of her closest friends, and insisted on them training together, which always ended up in Kim getting her ass kicked, cafe ‘dates’ together, were Kim never finished her food, always too busy focusing on Trini, studying together, Kim never got any work done. All these occasions ended in Kimberly getting smacked in the face with the gay, realizing how hard she was crushing on her best friend. Kimberly also couldn’t say no to the other girl, not for the life of her, so when Trini suggested that they do yoga together on top of the cliff face, Kimberly didn’t even hesitate before saying yes. She did happen to notice the stunned look on Trini’s face of how quick she said yes, and she tried to correct herself.

“Uh..Yeah I’d be down, that’d be cool.”

Kimberly utterly failed at trying to compose herself, and she could feel the blush creeping up her neck and face. Trini nodded her head and replied, looking at Kimberly suspiciously.

“Oh..Okay, well I’ll see you here tomorrow after school, four-ish work?” Trini asked, studying Kimberly, who once again answered much to fast.

“Yes..I mean, um..yeah four should work, uh, I’ll see you then.”

She corrected herself, stuttering profusely, her blush intensifying, a small bashful smile spreading across her face. Trini had a small smirk on her face, but it wasn’t smug, more like surprised, as she confirmed.

“Alright Princess, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

She says smugly, before leaving the pit, scurrying up the rock wall. Once Kim knew that she was out of earshot, Kim let out a loud sigh, leaning against the rock wall, sighing loudly, muttering.


“Oh yeah, you’re screwed dude, have fun with that.”

Zack pops out from behind the rock face, causing Kimberly to jump slightly, as he chuckles scurrying up the wall, before she could say anything about him spying on her and Trini. Kimberly would normally be very angry and would chase after him, but she just picks up a lone rock and tries to chuck it at him, sighing exasperatedly as the rock lands just in above of his head, just missing him. Zack looks back and smiles smugly, as Kimberly makes a face at him, giving an exaggerated smile, flipping him off. He chuckled before running out of sight before Kim could chuck another projectile at him, but not without shouting good luck at her. Kim groans again, asking herself how the hell she got herself into this situation, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t excited, in the most terrifying way possible.

Her phone told her it was four o’clock, and she knew that she had to go see Trini, she knew she shouldn’t bail on her, but everything inside of Kim was telling her to run, to get away, knowing that she was gonna make a fool out of herself, embarrass herself, and then replay it in her head the rest of day. Kim took a deep breath, trying to mentally prepare herself, but as she saw Trini, she could physically feel herself getting slapped in the face with how tremendously gay she was for the other girl, or bi, or whatever she was, which was not the priority right now, considering that Trini was standing at the cliff face, in nothing but extremely tight black leggings, which were very form fitting, making it impossible for Kim not stare at her ass, and a yellow tank top, which was basically see through. Kimberly couldn’t look away, her eyes widening, taking in a large breath, trying not to make any noise, as Trini was already doing her poses, seemingly very relaxed. She had to have done this on purpose, she had to have noticed Kimberly’s long stares, how she stuttered whenever talking to the girl, a blush permanently on her face, Trini had to know how much agony Kimberly was in, she was basically torturing her, and Kim could do nothing about it.

She took another deep breath, and as she was about to walk forward ,Trini spoke, her eyes still closed.

“So are you gonna keep staring, or am I actually gonna get a chance to teach you?”

Trini asks, the stupid smug smirk on her face, which made Kimberly want to kiss her, badly, the outfit wasn’t helping either. Kim can’t get any words out of her mouth, just mumbles and stutters, so Trini just nods her over, and they begin, Kimberly’s heartbeat intensifying the closer she got to Trini. This was going to be hell.

Kimberly should’ve known she was going to be bad at yoga, she’s a cheerleader, she’s used to fast movements, her body anxiously waiting for the next formation, she always had to keep moving, but that wasn’t what yoga was about. It was about being calm and centred, not worrying about the outside world, it was slow and gradual, each position held for longer than the other. Trini was balanced perfectly, her eyes closed, her breathing deep and steady, while Kimberly was struggling to balance, her eyes focused on the ground, her breathing uneven and shallow, her heart racing anytime she looked up, considering they were on top of a cliff, only a few feet away from the edge. She was trying, very hard, not to make a sound and balance herself, without disturbing the other girl, who looked so peaceful, but she was failing miserably. She shifted her feet again, trying to regain some balance, and Trini finally said something, her eyes still shut.

“I can literally hear you struggling, Princess.”

There was no trace of irritation in her voice, only enjoyment, as she opened her eyes, an amused smile spreading across her face, as she saw how awkward Kimberly looked, her body contorted in the oddest position. Trini lets out a small laugh, causing Kimberly to huff in frustration, returning to a regular standing position. Trini teases her again.

“I didn’t know your body could bend that way, cheerleader.”

Kimberly felt her entire body flush, having to bite her tongue, her breath hitched at the comment. She took a moment to regain her composure before teasing back.

“Well I’m sorry Miss. I-do-yoga-on-top-of-a-mountain that we can’t all be as well balanced and steady as you are.”

She says teasingly. Trini makes an odd, unreadable face, as if she was taking what Kim said into consideration. She nods her head before stating.

“Okay, fine. First position.”

Trini says simply, as Kim’s face contorts into confusion. She asks, her heart beating faster as Trini moves closer to her.


She stumbles over her words again, as Trini moves closer, the smell of cedar filling Kimberly’s nose, as Trini says, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

“First. Position.”

Her voice was low and sultry and Kim’s breath hitches again. Okay now Trini was defiantly torturing her, on purpose. Kim goes into the first position Trini showed her, her balance off, her feet stumbling, and her breath uneven, until she feels Trini’s hands on her arm, Kim’s back against Trini’s front. Kimberly’s eyes go wide, which thankfully Trini can’t see. As Trini guides Kimberly’s motions, each point of contact sending shivers down Kim’s spine, but her skin also heated up at each point of touch. They fell into a rhythm, as Trini guided Kimberly through each movement, her hands never leaving Kimberly’s body, as Kimberly started to melt into her touch, her eyes shutting closed, as they moved as one, Kimberly’s heartbeat so loud, she was pretty sure that Trini could hear it. Kimberly was able to move through the motions much easier, and as Trini led her through the last motion, bringing Kimberly back into a regular standing position, Trini pulled her hands away slowly, but she didn’t move back, her body still impossibly close to Kimberly, but yet, still not close enough. Kimberly turned around to face the other girl, their faces not even inches apart, the tension around them so thick Kimberly was sure she could cut it with a knife. Trini’s eyes visibly drop to Kimberly’s lips, and instinctively she licks them, as Trini’s eyes slowly moving back to meet Kimberly’s eyes. Kimberly swallowed loudly, waiting for something to happen, the anticipation literally killing her, then Trini moved closer. She moved in slow motion, her lips meeting Kimberly’s ever so slowly, much softer than Kimberly had ever imagined, not like she imagined this, not at all, okay she had, more times than she wanted to admit. The kiss was impossibly slow, it was as if time stopped, all Kimberly could focus on was the feeling of Trini’s warm lips against hers, everything seemingly fading away. Their lips moved together, as one, just like when Trini was guiding her moments ago. As Trini pulled away, Kimberly caught herself chasing after the other girls lips, and as she opened her eyes, she was greeted with Trini’s smug smirk, her breathing shallow, her brown eyes sparkling. Trini is the first to speak, breathless.

“Not bad, Princess.”

She says teasingly, a pleased smile spreading across her face as Kimberly couldn’t help but blush, her face tomato red, and she didn’t care, she didn’t care as she kissed the stupid, smug smirk off of Trini’s face, something she had wanted to do since the first day they met, and all she could say, was that it was as pleasing and fulfilling as she had imagined. Trini had to stand on her tiptoes, trying to kiss Kimberly, and as she did, the world faded around them, all they could focus on was each other, and Kimberly knew, that her crush on Trini was much more than a crush, and she couldn’t care less.

Baton Date

So this is inspired by @australet789 ‘s awesome fanart. I loved the idea so here’s a oneshot. I hope you’ll like it :D

Marinette wasn’t too sure what to expect of this so called date. It had been a little bit spontaneous. Chat asked her on a sort of friendly but not really date, she accepted with the condition of it being something unexpected and not cliche in any sense of the word. She didn’t expect him to have an idea so fast. It was about midnight the next day when he knocked on her window, asking if she is ready for the date. Marinette raised an eyebrow. It was a Saturday night so she could stay up late and not worry she will oversleep yet again. They landed on a random roof and Marinette looked curiously around.

“Not a romantic candlelight dinner on a rooftop for me?” she asked amused, while turning around and facing Chat.

He smiled. “You said no cliches and I’m a cat of my word. I came with the perfect date idea for a fierce princess such as yourself.”

Marinette looked at him. “So, what’s this date exactly? Taking me to a roof in the middle of the night?”

Chat smirked. “Not at all.” he took his weapon from behind him and extended it. “It is a baton date.”

“A baton date?” Marinette repeated incredulously wondering just what that would be.

“Precisely!” Chat said while leaning on his staff for support. “Remember when I tried to scare you that one time when I visited and you grabbed me and threw me against the wall out of instinct?”

Marinette winced at the memory. She didn’t mean to hurt him, but one does not simply sneak on Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Chat learned it the hard way. Looking back at him, he waved his hands dismissively. “Don’t worry about it. But it gave me the idea, I should teach you how to use your weapon. You are good without one, so with one, you could be unbeatable.”

Marinette smiled. Setting aside the fact that she knew very well how to use a weapon and already kicked his ass multiple times with or without one, this was really sweet of him to want to teach her. Oh well, it could be fun.

“Teach me then.” she said making Chat’s whole face lit up.

“Alright, firstly, “ he went beside her and held the staff in front of her. “Both hands up or both hands under. A mixed grip is a bad idea in the long run.”

All in all, the baton date was going pretty great if Marinette had to say so herself. She actually took one or two of the suggestions Chat gave her, even if a staff wasn’t her main weapon. This was pretty good training. She was aware Chat was trying to impress her with all his skills and knowledge and while she wasn’t especially impressed (she was a superhero too, after all) Chat was extremely happy with their little lesson, so Marinette kept up the little game. Honest smiles looked good on him. And she would lie if she would say she didn’t like the fond look he was giving her when he thought she wasn’t watching. She was leaning against him at the moment, grip tight on the baton. She glanced up and Chat was giving him one of those looks of his, that made her feel like she was truly precious to him. When he noticed she was looking at him, he moved his gaze, looking forward.

“If you need to push an enemy away, you extend the staff forward.” he instructed, settling his right hand over her and gently guiding it to the buttons of the weapon, making her press the right one.

One hour of staff fighting lessons and Chat finally let go of his staff and put some distance between them. And even though the night wasn’t cold, Marinette missed the warmth of his chest, more than she would like to admit.

“Alright, Princess, ready for a one to one?” Chat questioned moving in a fight stance a few meters away from her. Marinette positioned the staff, ready to defend herself. They danced a little around each other until Chat charged again. Marinette held the staff forward, ready to block him, when he did something unexpected. He grabbed the staff, forcing her to held it above both their heads.

“Not bad, princess,” he said in a breathy tone. They were both sweating and breathing heavily for the constant training in the last hour. Chat leaned forward, nuzzling their noses. “I’m impurressed. Don’t be sorry you can’t win against me from the start, though.” he said with a smirk.

Marinette smirked herself. “Thank you for teaching me, chaton.” she narrowed her eyes. “How shall I thank you?” he was still leaning close and Marinette took advantage of that to bump their noses together.

Chat’s whole confidence seemed to go down the drain. “ No… no, need to er… I.”

“Oh, but I have to thank you somehow,” she said, tilting her head. “You are a wonderful instructor.” she couldn’t hide the smugness as she saw the blush under the line of his mask.

The second when her lips touched his he let go of the staff. Marinette herself let it down, holding it just in her right hand, focusing rather on kissing him. Their breaths were already ragged from training, so she kiss couldn’t last too long. It was sweet, though and both of them found out, they wouldn’t mind repeating the experience.

“I hope that was enough of a reward.” Marinette whispered as they finished the kiss, still leaning close to him. “But there is a thing, minou…” she nuzzled his nose, imitating his earlier move just as she positioned the staff next to his ankles. And in one fast movement, Chat fell on his back.

“I always win.” she declared with a smug smirk as Chat got propped himself on his eyebrows. She swung the staff onto her shoulders, copying a movement she knew he always did when he felt confident.

Looking up at Marinette, holding his weapon, looking as smug as ever and standing victoriously above him as the lights of the city made her blue eyes sparkle, Chat was speechless. Something stirred in his chest and it was a little bit unfamiliar, yet not a bad feeling, it was almost as a wave of warmth took over him. Still, he wasn’t sure what it… oh. OH!

Oh, boy, he was in so much shit.

Princess and Prince Charming

Word Count: 1683

A/N: Okay this is the second story I’m posting today! This one is fluffy so I hope you enjoy it! Much love guys!

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    The once busy Pops Chock'lit Shoppe was now quiet and still at 11:29pm, only two people remaining out of the many that were there only hours before. They were two usual costumers, and Pop Tate was used to them staying late. Jughead Jones and Y/N  Y/L/N were the two night owls and they sat in their usual booth near the back, Jughead typing away on his laptop and Y/N staring dreamily out the window, obviously in her own world.    

    Ever since Y/N had moved to Riverdale a few weeks before Jason Blossoms death, the two of them had been inseparable and practically joined at the hip. Of course she had become friends with the rest of Jugheads group, Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Kevin, but the two of them had a real profound friendship. So much in fact that everyone could tell they were absolutely smitten with eachother, but neither of them would admit it. They both were the quiet type, they usually sat there in silence after their friends left, but it never seemed awkward for them. The occasional conversations about Jugheads book would come up, or one another asking if the other was okay or if they needed something, but other than that at this time of night they were quiet.    

     Y/N tore her gaze from outside and looked over at the boy sitting in front of her, smiling softly to herself. He was so focused on his laptop, and she watched as his blue eyes darted and danced across the screen. She listened to the sound of keys being hit and the small buzzing noises made from the lights all around the small diner, and in this moment it felt perfect. She loved spending her nights here with Jughead, watching as the neon lights bounced off his dark clothing, illuminating his face accentuating the furrow of his brow as he concentrated on his writing.    

    “You okay?” Jughead asked, tearing his eyes from his screen to look at the (Y/H/C) haired girl in front of him. She smiled softly and nodded.    

    “I’m great, are you?” she asked. He pretended to think for a moment and smirked.    

    “You know now that you mention it, I’m quite hungry.” he said and Y/N laughed, standing from the booth.    

    “What would you like, the usual?” she asked and he smirked.

    “Yes please.” Y/N nodded and walked towards the counter and Pop gave her a smile. “Can I get Beanies usual please?” she asked sweetly.    

    “Sure thing. Wait here, it’ll be done here real quick.” he said as he disappeared into the kitchen. Y/N took a seat on a stool and waited, fidgeting with her hands. She glanced back towards the raven haired boy expecting him to be focused on his laptop once again but caught his stare. He smiled at her and she returned it, turning around to hide her blush. Pops came out with two plates, Jugheads usual burger with fries and Y/Ns usual burger with fries, and handed them to the girl. She placed them down on the counter and pulled out her wallet but before she could pay, a hand appeared from behind her and handed cash to Pop. Y/N turned around to find Jughead practically pushed up against her, him smirking down at her.    

    “I’ve got this, Jughead. Its perfectly fine.” she said, trying to get him to take his money back. “You don’t need to spend money when you don’t need to, especially with your situation.”    

    “Yours isn’t any better.” Jughead argued playfully, and Y/N rolled her eyes.    

    “So what, I don’t care.” she turned around and took money out of her wallet and held it out to Pop Tate, who was chuckling at the two of them.    

    “Its on the house, my treat to my most loyal and favourite costumers.” he said, and slowly they put their money back into their wallets. Jughead grabbed both plates and made his way back to the booth.    

    “You coming?” he called, and Y/N nodded.    

    “Yeah, one second. I’m just going to be a polite human being and thank Pop for his kindness.” she called as Jughead bit down into his burger.

    “Oh yeah, thank you!” he called with a very full mouth, earning a chuckle from Pop and Y/N. She turned around and slid money onto the counter.

    “Thank you.” she said, winking and walking away. Pops reluctantly took the money and put it into the cash register, watching as she sat down in front of Jughead, trying to retrieve her plate from him.    

    “Jughead, you cannot have my burger as well as yours!” she said laughing and reaching for the plate, but Jughead pulled it closer to him.    

    “Why not?” he asked, faking confusion.      

    “Because princess, that’s my burger and I paid for it.” she said.    

    “Actually, it was on the house so no, you did not pay for it.” he said, and she winked at him, stealing her plate back.

    “You did not.” he said, his eyes widening.    

    “I did.” she said, taking a bite of her burger.    

    “You should have let me take care of it!” he said, trying to slide out of the booth. Y/N leaned down in her booth and put her foot up, stopping him.    

    “Oh no you don’t, Juggie.” she said, giggling. Jughead sighed, sliding back into place.    

    “Next time its on me.” he said, and she shrugged.    

    “We’ll see.” she said, earning a frustrated sigh from Jughead.    

    “You’re impossible.” he teased and she laughed.    

    “Sure am, princess.” she said, eating a few of her fries.    

    “Why do you call me princess?” he asked, and she shrugged.    

    “To piss you off.” she stated bluntly, taking another bite of her burger.    

    “Is it because of my beanie?” he asked and she nodded.    

    “Don’t get me wrong I love your beanie, I’d steal it if I could.” she said and he smirked.    

    “Well I’m sorry but you cant have my beanie.” he joked and she pretended to be disappointed.    

    “Oh damn. Maybe I’ll just have to get my own and then I’ll be the princess.” she joked and Jughead rolled his eyes and smirked. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, sliding it to the middle of the table. She looked questioningly down at it, and then up at him.    

    “Well your birthday is just around the corner and I was going to wait until then to give this to you, but right now seems like the right time.” he said, nodding towards the box.    

    “Can I open it?” she asked softly and Jughead chuckled.    

    “No, the box is just to look at, I want the contents to be a mystery forever.” he teased. She giggled and reluctantly took the box into her hands, slowly opening it to reveal a small silver crown necklace.    

    “Jughead, what?” she said surprised, taken aback by the necklace.    

    “You and I are so close, I wanted to give you a crown like mine, but you’re not much of a hat person, but you’re very much a necklace person so I got you your own crown to match mine. Well, I mean kind of.” he said, shyly rubbing the back of his neck. Y/N noticed the blush creeping over his face and she felt one take over hers as well, and she reached over and took his hand in hers.    

    “Jughead, thank you so much.” she said quietly, staring admiringly over at him. Jughead returned her stare.    

    “You’re very welcome.” he said. She stood up from her booth and sat on his side of the table.    

    “Will you help me put it on?” she asked, and he nodded. He took the necklace out of the box and put it on her, she turned around to face him and she smiled down at it.    

    “It- uh… It looks very nice on you.” he said, and she blushed. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around him, and he pulled in as close as he could in their awkward sitting position. She pulled away slowly, looking up at Jughead, and he quickly took her face in his hands, pulling her up to his lips. The kiss was slow and unsure, but when they pulled apart they were both beaming.    

    “Finally.” Pops called from his counter, and the two of them blushed furiously, laughing to themselves.    

    “Was it okay, that I-uh, that I kissed you?” he asked and she nodded, giggling.    

    “Yes, it was.” she said. “It will always be okay.” she added, and he nodded his head, smiling wide. He turned to his laptop and opened it, opening up his novel draft.    

    “I’m going to work more on this, okay?” he said.    

    “Alright.” she said smiling over to him. “What do you have so far?” she asked. He opened his mouth to respond, but Y/N yawned and he chuckled.    

    “Tired?” he asked. She shrugged and played with the charm on her necklace absentmindedly.    

    “A little bit, but I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with you.” she said, leaning her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.    

    “Well then stay. I’ll tell you about my novel.” he said, scrolling up to the beginning of his most recent chapter.    

    “I’m sorry if I fall asleep, its not because your novel is boring, its because I’ve hardly had any sleep the past few days.” she explained, sleep already taking her.    

    “Don’t worry, I wont get offended. If you have to sleep, go to sleep, princess.”    

    “Okay, Prince Charming.” she whispered softly and Jughead smiled.    

    “I like that a lot better than princess.” he joked and she giggled.    

    “I bet.” she said.    

    “Alright, so chapter 10. The plot to Jasons death thickened as new information on the southside serpents came to light. My dad being one suspect in the murder…” Y/N listened as Jughead read off his chapeter and she smiled to herself. Tonight was a good night and she didn’t want it to ever end.

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let's go back to our cocoon

Summary: Post 4x03. Bellamy, trying to get back to sleep, wakes to Clarke entering his room. Rated G. WC: 2220

A/N: this is my first work in the fandom & it’s been a long time coming. likes, kudos, reblogs, and comments are all very much appreciated. let me know if i should write a pt. 2! / title taken from “cocoon” by milky chance

tags: fluff & angst, sleep cuddling, canon compliant


He stirs at the sound of his name, eyes opening into darkness. This is usually how one of his nightmares starts: Clarke running, calling his name—her voice filtered through the blackness as if nightfall could be a physical place that blocks them in. He can’t get to her, can’t see her. She just keeps calling his name, the sound of her voice made tinny as it ricochets off walls that keep her in and keep him out. These walls are impossible to find, even running straight at them with his hands stretched out, as if breaking a bone is the least of his problems.

But this is no nightmare because this time, a door opens. The rectangular plane shifts, becoming thinner and thinner as light begins to burst from the hole it leaves behind. Bellamy, raising his head, props himself up on his elbows and squints.

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So This is Love


Allura shoved her hand up into her hair, pushing away falling strands from her face. She let out a sigh and slumped backwards, leaning onto the wall of the castle. She was so…tired.

“Everything alright, Princess?” Coran asked, his voice holding the care of a father.

“I’m fine, Coran,” she assured him. “The battles just have me worn out.” Allura gave him a smile that she hoped was reassuring, but Coran didn’t buy it. He eyed her warily, opening his mouth to say something, when the paladins came into the control room.

They had just come out of a battle with a particularly nasty robeast, and everyone was looking a little worse for wear. Pidge had a rather large burn on her hand, where her armor had given way. Hunk had bruises forming on his face, and Allura recalled his cry of help during the mission as the robeast struck his lion with some beam, making his head crash against his dashboard. Lance was cradling one hand in the other, his fingers looking like they weren’t quite bent the right way, and Keith had a bloody gash on his cheek.

Shiro…Shiro just looked very, very exhausted.

During the battle, he’d gasped something out about having recognized the robeast before, and Voltron had disbanded soon after, leaving everyone scrambled and worrying for him. Shiro had assured everyone he was fine, but Allura (and everyone else) saw through his lie.

Looking at all of the paladins, Allura realized her qualms would have to wait. She straightened up and folded her hands in front of her, giving her friends a small smile. “I know this mission was a rough one,” she said, “and you came out with trouble, but we succeeded in freeing Xther from the Galra Empire. We should all be proud of ourselves.”

Everyone nodded at her speech, albeit a bit halfheartedly, when Coran let out a curse.

“Quiznak,” he bit. “Princess, paladins, I’m sorry, but we’re going to need to make a stop at the Balmera. Something that blasted robeast did damaged the crystal.” Coran let out another curse, and spoke some colorful Altean phrases Allura was sure a princess wasn’t meant to hear.

Despite Coran’s clear dismay, Hunk’s face lit up. “Can we visit Shay? And Rax?” (Lance smirked at Hunk when he mentioned Rax. Allura wondered why.)

Allura smiled. “Of course, Hunk.”

“Yes!” He pumped his fist in the air, letting out a whooping noise. “This is going to be so great!”

Shiro gazed fondly at Hunk, like a father watching an overexcited child. “We need to go to the infirmary and get fixed up first,” he said. “None of us are in good shape right now.” Then, as a second thought, he said, “Coran, is the crystal operational enough for the infirmary?”

Coran nodded. “Yes, yes. But our shields are severely impaired. We’ll need to arrive at the Balmera soon in case we want to avoid certain death by one of the Galra’s troops.”

Allura nodded. “We leave for the Balmera in the morning. Right now, we rest and heal.”


The next morning, Allura, Coran, and the paladins were gathered in the launch room, ready to go to the Balmera. Hunk looked as excited as an Altean child on Skliftmis, a gift-giving (or gift-receiving, for the younger ones) holiday. He was rambling on about how he couldn’t wait to see Shay and Rax and all the other Balmerans, how he had missed the place, etc.

Allura couldn’t deny that she felt a small spark of excitement as well. It was always nice to visit ally planets, and to see how planets free from the tyranny of the Galra were faring. Allura also found herself looking forward to seeing Shay, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. But that didn’t matter.

“Ready to wormhole,” Allura said. The paladins took their seats as Allura placed her hands on the platform, connecting with the energy of the castle and the universe to wormhole away. She focused on the image of the Balmera, inputting the coordinates to the system, and a gaping blue wormhole opened up in front of the castle.

They sped through it, the Balmera appearing on the other side.

Hunk let out a noise of happiness, almost a squeal, but not quite, as they beheld the yellow/green planet. It looked much like Allura remembered it, only more crystals had appeared, giving the planet a sparkling effect. It looked amazing.

Allura couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as they descended onto the Balmera and stepped out of the castle onto the rocky terrain. Balmerans greeted them, with Shay and her family at the front of the crowd.

“Princess! Advisor! Paladins! Hunk!” Shay sounded overjoyed to see them all, a large grin spreading across her face.

“Hello, Shay,” Allura said, stepping forward. Shay enveloped her in a hug as a greeting.

Allura felt something in her heart begin to overflow, causing a tingling sensation in her chest. Shay pulled away and went to hug Hunk and the others, but Allura still felt the phantom of Shay’s arms around her, her cheeks beginning to heat up.

What is this? Allura thought, though she already had an inkling of the answer.

“What brings you here today, Voltron?” Rax, Shay’s brother whom Allura always thought of as a bit cruel, asked.

“Our crystal is damaged,” Keith said. “We need to repair it or get a new one.”

“Only a repair will be necessary.” Coran launched into an explanation as to what had happened to the crystal and how to fix it, but Allura was distracted.

Shay was listening intently, leaning forward just a bit as if to hear Coran better, nodding along, and looking eager to help. Allura had to admire her.

Lance nudged her arm, causing Allura to jump. “Lance! What is it?”

He gave her a knowing smile, then pointed at Shay. “You’re staring.” (God, he was just like the annoying little brother Allura never had.)

Allura elbowed him in the gut, taking pleasure in the surprised, “Oof!” that came after it.

So what if she was staring? Allura was a princess. She could do what she wanted, and that included admiring Shay in all her beauty.

Shay was quite lovely. She was big and muscular, and her glowing eyes reminded Allura of the stars. Allura loved the stars.

After Coran finished his explanation with a few interjections from Pidge, a few mechanics from the Balmerans, Hunk, and Coran went inside the castle, discussing new ways to fix the crystal and how they could even improve it. Pidge raced after them, shouting, “I can help, too!” making Allura smile at her.

Lance, Keith, Allura, and Shay were the ones left. Shay was smiling after Hunk and her family in the castle, looking proud. Allura went over to her.

“So, Shay,” she said, “why aren’t you helping with the crystal?”

“I’m not much one for mechanics. I suppose I’m more of a nature person, or maybe an artist.” Shay looked around the Balmera, a small smile gracing her lips. (Lips Allura felt oddly attracted to). “I suppose there’s not much difference between the two.”

“Nature and art?” Allura asked.

“Yes,” Shay said, “they’re very connected.”

Allura nodded. “When I was little, and Altea was still around,” she said, “I would go into the gardens of the castle with my mother, and I would paint her with the junniberries, which are - were - a type of pink flower. I don’t think I ever painted her very well, because I was so small, but she would always put my pictures up all over the castle, as if I were some esteemed artist.” Allura smiled at the memory. Her mother had been the kindest woman she’d ever known. Allura hoped to be like her, one day.

Shay seemed to read Allura’s mind. “Your mother sounds like an amazing woman,” she said softly.

“She was,” Allura replied, voice equally soft.

Shay’s eyes widened. “Princess, I’m so sorry.”

Allura smiled, a bit sadly, and said, “Do not be sorry that she is no longer with us. The loss was a hard one, but…her life was well-lived. She loved unconditionally, and with everything she had. I think you would’ve liked her.”

Shay laughed. “If she was anything like you, I’m sure I would’ve!”

Allura felt her face heat up at that comment. “W-well, I’m- I’m flattered.” She resisted the urge to smack herself. “I’m flattered”? Who said that?

Shay looked amused at Allura’s response, laughing out loud when Allura covered her blushing face in her hands. The laugh wasn’t malicious at all - Allura didn’t think Shay could do anything malicious - but rather wholeheartedly pleased by Allura’s reaction to her flirting.

Once Allura recovered from embarrassment, and Shay stopped chuckling every time she saw her, Allura straightened her back and looked Shay in the eyes. “I do think my mother is far more like you than me.”

Shay didn’t get these words at first, but after a minute, she was the one hiding her blushing face in her hands, and Allura was the one laughing.

“You’re too nice, Princess,” Shay kept repeating, mumbling into her hands. “Too nice.”

“You are as well!” was Allura’s continuous response, which only made Shay blush more.

Allura wondered where her sudden confidence in flirting had come from. She had never had the courage to act like this back in the old days of Altea, when suitors were always trying to gain her affections. Allura thought maybe Lance had gotten to her.

Speaking of Lance, he and Keith had disappeared off somewhere. Allura didn’t dwell on what that meant.

After a few more minutes of excessive compliments, Shay turned to Allura. (Yes, there were most definitely stars in her eyes.) “Come on, Princess,” she said, “I want to show you my favorite place on Balmera.”

Before Allura could respond, Shay grabbed her hand and led her to a giant, rainbow colored crystal.

“Wow,” Allura gasped, eyes wide in awe. “I had no idea crystals could look like this.”

“Oh, neither did anyone else, before this crystal emerged,” Shay said. “But this isn’t even the best part. Come with me.”

Shay took Allura’s hand again, leading her around to a small hole in the crystal, just big enough to climb through.

“You- we can go inside the crystal?” Allura asked.

Shay nodded excitedly and pulled Allura in after her.

Inside the crystal, it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thousands of different colors bounced around and sparkled, mixing together to create an indescribably amazing effect. Allura was reminded a bit of space, only with far more colors. She was in awe.

“Shay, this is amazing,” Allura said, wonder in her voice. She finally ripped her eyes away from the crystal, the sparkles looking like stars, only to be confronted by more stars in Shay’s eyes.

Shay was looking down at Allura with so much emotion that Allura was taken aback. Tentatively, slowly, yet with no reluctance, Allura took Shay’s other hand in hers, realizing she had never let go of the one Shay had led her by.

“You’re amazing,” Shay breathed.

Allura met her eyes, and, between them in that moment, there was an unspoken connection.

The air was filled with a soft electricity as Allura stood on the tips of her toes and Shay leaned down, their lips connecting, Allura finally realizing why she had admired Shay so much.

The admiration she had felt was the allure of love, the pull to Shay drawing her closer, closer, closer.

After what felt like an eternity, the two girls pulled away from each other and stared, reverent in each others eyes.

Yes, Allura decided, this was love.

All exhaustion she had ever felt was cleared away by the exhilaration of that realization, by the touch of her lips to Shay’s, by the way Shay’s hands slipped from hers to settle on her waist and pull her even closer.

Allura’s hands moved up to Shay’s neck to pull her down a little more (wow, she was tall) to let Allura kiss her more.

This woke everything in Allura up, cleared away every tired cell in her body, replaced them with something so awake it took her breath away.

This was love.

The Distance Between Us (Alternative Ending)

[A.N Here is the alternative ending to The Distance Between Us. Many people disliked the original so here. Enjoy :)]

Seeing students hauling luggage behind them and students laughing with other students I search for Draco.

I shouldn’t be nervous, right?

Draco deserves someone who wouldn’t leave him like this.

Turning on my heel I bump into a strong body.

Quickly apologizing the person interrupts me.

“Love, there’s no need to apologize to me.”

Looking up wide-eyed at the person I see white-blond hair and grey-blue eyes.


“Hey, Sweetheart are you feeling alright you look kinda pale,” Draco says putting his cold hand on my cheek.

“Y-Y-Yeah I-I f-f-feel okay–” I stutter

After that everything went dark.


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Starco Week 3 - Bad Boy x Princess

Ok, so I didn’t really know what to do (didn’t have time to do an audio thing because I wasn’t able to plan for it) SOOOOO I decided I’d write a fic :p
So here it is! @starcoweek3 (based on the au by @fullertoons)

This ended up having some drama into it, so uh, yea, watch out. SORRY FOR BEING A DAY LATE!!

My first fic, so RIP my career

Thanks for reading!

The Date

“Uuugh” the young princess thought, patiently impatient to her date’s antics. “He better have a good reason for this!” Her thoughts harrumphed in a loud silence.

“Hey Princess~”, the lax, still maturing, voice called out from behind Star. The princess whipped around, trying to hide the daggers in her stare, but failing.“Oh I’m sorry, were you waiting for me long? I’m soooo sorry~.” Marco said sarcastically, with a devilish grin. The leather-jacketed boy walked up to Star, closer than the girl had anticipated. “N-no, I just got here!” Star stammered back shyly, blushing slightly.

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anonymous asked:

Your sleep over thing got me thinking; Allura being distracted by Shiro's chest...Shiro can do the pecks thing (you know where they pump) Theyll be talking about a mission and Shiro is tense and he does it and She just stops mid sentence.

*snerk* Okay, this is too amusing not to do something with…

It took Coran’s voice to snap her out of it. “Princess? Are you alright?” She double-blinked and it took her a moment to re-orient herself. Bridge. Paladins.

“I’m sorry, what was I saying?”

“Mission parameters?” Hunk prompted her. “You were about to tell us something we absolutely Should Not Do and I would really like to hear that part.”

“Maybe include why we shouldn’t do it, so Psycho Pilot over here doesn’t get any bright ideas?” Lance added on, glaring at Keith.

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry.” She couldn’t even remember what had distracted her, just a sense of being mesmerized.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Coran was still fussing over her. “You’re not coming down with something, are you?”

“I’m fine, Coranny the Nanny. Stop fussing like a mother frugdorf.”

He bristled straight down to his mustache. “I am not a nanny!”

“Mission Parameters,” Shiro reminded her sternly. And, that was what got her to remember what had knocked her out of Mission Mode in the first place. Is that something all Earthlings can do? Is it a reflex or did he do it deliberately? Does it serve some sort of biological function? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that with his chest before.

This would require research. Another time. She cleared her throat and tried to shelve the mystery of Shiro’s rhythmic pectoral muscles somewhere in her mind where it wouldn’t be quite so distracting. “Yes, anyway, as I was saying…”

The Devil You Know Part 29

The Devil You Know Part 29

Warning: Cussing.

Chapter 54 Negan’s POV

“Daddy. Daddy.” Zoe said, running up to me. “Your home. What took you so long?”

“Been working overtime princess.” I said, picking her up and giving her a big hug. “Have you been being have yourself for fat Joe?” She nodded. “That’s good. Now where’s mommy at? Is she in the shower or something?”

“Nope.” Zoe said, shaking her head. “She’s in Carson’s office. With Danny and Travis.”

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Egg hunt

Disclaimer: Lance won a bet and got to pick everybody’s names.


(Voltron: A group chat between Sharpshooter, Chef Hunk, Mullet, Nerdy Birdy, Space Dad, Princess Salt, and Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man)

Sharpshooter: guys

Sharpshooter: guys

Sharpshooter: guys

Nerdy Birdy: what Lance?

Sharpshooter: I’ve prepared a challenge for you guys ;)

Nerdy Birdy: Oh god.

Chef Hunk: Oh god.

Mullet: Oh god.

Space Dad: Oh god.

Princess Salt: Oh god.

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: Oh god.

Sharpshooter: OMFG i hate you all.

Sharpshooter: but in all seriousness, I’ve prepared an… *Drum roll for dramatic effect*… EASTER EGG HUNT!

Space Dad: It’s Easter already? Lance how the hell are you keeping track of Earth time?

Nerdy Birdy: I managed to remember what day it was when we left Earth and made a mini calendar. It’s probably incorrect but let Lance have his moment.

Princess Salt: Wait. Wtf is Easter??

Chef Hunk: It’s a holiday that’s supposed to celebrate the day a religious figure came back to life but was replaced by a rabbit who hides chocolate eggs for kids to find. But it’s really the parents hiding the chocolate.

Mullet: We aren’t actually doing this? How did you find eggs Lance?

Sharpshooter: Well…. I didn’t exactly hide ‘eggs’.

Sharpshooter: Hunk baked some egg shaped cookies for this event.

Nerdy Birdy: Hunk, you helped him?

Chef Hunk: Yeah! Easter’s one of my favorite holidays I don’t wanna miss it!

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: What’re the rules?

Sharpshooter: Glad you asked! It’s simple, really. Just find as many of the cookies as you can! once you find them their yours. You can eat 'em, share 'em, whatever.

Mullet: But that means you and Hunk don’t get to participate, since you know where all the eggs are.

Sharpshooter: No need to worry Keith! Me and Hunk didn’t want to miss out so we we got Slav to hide them since he didn’t want to join us in the hunt.

Princess Salt: Sounds fun! When do we start?

Sharpshooter: On your marks.

Space Dad: Alright, guess we’re doing this.

Sharpshooter: Get set!

Nerdy Birdy: -Imma beat all of your asses-

Sharpshooter: Go!


After Lance made sure the message had sent properly, he tossed his phone onto the bed and ran out from his bedrooom. Everyone else had also gotten out from the rooms. Allura looked around happily before picking out a direction to start with. Keith looked apathetic as usual, but he still jogged out from his room to find the cookies. Hunk’s mouth seemed to be watering at the thought of eating the cookies he had cooked himself. Pidge had a determined look in her eye as she ran down the hall. Coran ran from his room, dramatically sliding into the wall across the hall, before marching off in his own direction. Shiro looked out from his room with a slight smile on his face, walking down the hall after double checking that everyone was actually going along with this.

Lance smiled proudly, ecstatic that his plan had played out. Now all that was left was to collect the most eggs. Lance ran past Keith with a shit-eating smirk on his face. Keith scowled under his breath before picking up speed and running past Lance. The kept up like this until they eventually got to their first place to start searching, they had picked the training deck. “Good luck, sharpshooter.” Keith mocked, making fun of the name Lance picked for himself for the group chat. “I’m gonna kick your ass, Mullet.” Lance teased back. Keith rolled his eyes and started checking the corners of the room. The room was pretty empty so there were little to no hiding places, but it didn’t hurt to look.

Keith eyed the corners of the room until something caught his eye. A pastel blue shape was on the ground in the corner of the room decorated with a pastel pink polka dot pattern. Keith picked up the egg and his first thought was to rub it in Lance’s face.

“Got one!”

Keith and Lance looked at eachother, shocked that they had just said the same thing simultaneously. Lance’s egg was the same design as Keith’s just reversed colors. “The fuck…” Crap not again! “Stop that!” Oh god let this end. “Okay! Now you’re doing this on purpose!” They shouted at eachother from across the room. “No I’m not!” They screamed again. Holy shit this was embarassing. “Just shut up!” They yelled one last time before sighing, frustrated. They both figured that they had found the only eggs in this room and left, not saying anything else.

Meanwhile, Allura searched the control deck of the castle ethusiastically. The mice already knew where all the eggs in this room were, but they didn’t want to help her cheat. She was looking under a chair when someone’s voice startled her. “Morning, princess.” Shiro greeted from the doorway. Allura jumped from the sudden noise, banging her head on the bottom of the chair. “Ow!” She exclaimed silently. Shiro chuckled softly. “You alright princess?” He asked, helping Allura up. “Yeah, yeah I’m alright.” She responded softly, rubbing her head. What’re you doing here?“ She asked, looking up at Shiro. "To find the eggs of course.” Shiro said, lettting go of Allura after making sure she was standing up properly.

“Joke’s on you, I’m finding all the eggs in this room.” Allura joked, putting her hands on her hips for dramatic effect. Shiro chuckled softly again. “Alright, princess, challenge accepted.” Shiro smirked and had his eyelids fall halfway. Allura blushed slightly before rushing to the next chair, getting on all fours and looking under it. Shiro Went to look under the control panel. “Found on- ow!” Allura exclaimed, saying 'ow’ because she had just her head on the bottom of the chair, again. Shiro laughed while he watched Allura stand up, holding an egg shaped cookie in one hand and her head in the other. The egg was a hot pink with thin, spread-out black stripes.

After about half an hour later they all regrouped and counted their eggs. Pidge got the most saying “Told ya!” Keith and Lance tied second place and Pidge wouldn’t stop teasing that they probably worked together, flustering and or disgusting the two boys. Allura got third, excited she got top three. Shiro was fourth tied with hunk while coran got last place, poor, poor gorgeous man. After counting they agreed to pool together the cookies and split them equally.


Princess Salt: Well, that was quite fun! Are we to be expecting any more up coming Earth holidays?

Sharpshooter: You bet your quiznak we got something ready!

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: Do we get to know?

Chef Hunk: Nope.

Nerdy Birdy: I want in on the surprise. Like behind the scenes action

Sharpshooter: Too bad. Me and Hunk got this in the bag.

Space Dad: Can’t wait for it.

Mullet: Me neither.

Chef Hunk: seRSGYUHHYvyugbtdvfg

Sharpshooter: Hunk, buddy, you alright?

Chef Hunk: Chef Hunk’s out of comission, it’s Nerdy Birdy. I’ll be texting Lance in his private chat with Hunk and we will be discussing the next event. Don’t worry, Hunk can still help.

Sharpshooter: Okay geez, didn’t have to be so

Sharpshooter: WAIT PIDGE STOP!

Chef Hunk has left the chat

Sharpshooter: Shit!

Sharpshooter has left the chat

Princess Salt: Wow. Pidge is a savage.

Mullet: I have a feeling we’ll enjoy the next event.


(The Legs: A private chat between Chef Hunk and Sharpshooter)

Today: 1:15

Chef Hunk: Well, well, well. Lance it looks like you and Hunk have been discussing more than just mother’s day.

Lance: Busted…


Wow, rich text is a pain in the ass.

Where the Heart Is [LuNyx]

SHIP: Luna/Nyx


Just a little Valentines gift from yours truly <3

When I see you I’ll kiss you like you’ve never been kissed, because I miss you like you’ve never been missed.

It was Valentine’s Day. And on this particular special day, it was a time for lovers to declare their undying love with the many gifts of chocolate, roses and dates to enjoy each other’s company. Though such was soul-melting to many, to this particular princess, it was just another usual day of spending it alone. But on this particular Valentine’s Day–Lunafreya felt a little more lonelier than usual.

She was hoping to spend this day with Nyx–her dearest glaive–with the hopes of finally being able to break what separated them and declare her undying love which she had for him. However the gods weren’t on her side, and the glaive was sent on a mission beyond the wall, far away from her side–it had been two years since then.

Having already extended her stay in the crown city at multiple occasions, the princess was due to return to her motherland of Tenebrae. However even with many protests and attempts of persuasion of the royal council-and the king himself-Lunafreya firmly refused to do so until her glaive returned home. But with the many days and nights passing by, she was starting to feel the hope she held onto-for Nyx’s safe return-slip right through her fingers like sand in an hourglass.

“Your highness. I think it’s time we returned inside the castle.”

Lunafreya turned to face her escort. However like many other times before, her heart sunk at the sight of the stoic guard before her. These nameless guards were like empty shells, their presence mimicked those of lifeless souls as they followed ever so silently behind her. She would try to strike up conversation while she was under their watch but it was very rare that she’d get any form of response back-even the smallest of smiles was hard to come by.

“If you must.” she replied, her voice sounded unyielding like that of a typical royal–a voice she had never used with her glaive. And without saying anymore she walked away from the castle’s gardens, taking one last glance at the red roses before following her silent escort back down the emptiness of the castle halls.

Being back in the emptiness of her room however only allowed the void to further grow. With her dogs not in her room at this current moment, she had only the company of the many sorrowful voices in her head–reminding her of her newfound loneliness. And it was in these moments of what felt like total isolation, did her withering heart realise how much she deeply missed the company of her glaive.

Her eyes shifted to the mobile phone she had left untouched on a nearby table. Reaching out, she took it into her hands, feeling the weight of the device resting on her palm, like the merciless weight that inflicted her trembling soul.

Such a small thing, yet it was all that kept them together in his absence. Lunafreya suggested sending letters, but Nyx blatantly turned down the suggestion-stating it was unpractical-and taught her the magic of technology, giving her the ability to see and hear him at the touch of her fingertips, even if he wasn’t around. At first, keeping in touch through this foreign concept filled the princess with joy. However as time passed, seeing his face on such a small screen and hearing his voice on a mere speaker wasn’t enough to fill this gaping void she was feeling deep inside. The princess’s heart ached to be with her glaive again. She missed having Nyx by her side. She missed hearing his steps walking in time with hers down the castle halls. She missed the sound of his voice and his laughter ringing in her ear. And she missed his embraces, and the way his arms held her ever so tightly in the moments when solace was needed the most–like that of this current moment.

“Nyx…” she whispered his name laced with loss. He had promised to come home to her soon, but where was he now?

At the sound of sudden barking from the other side of her door, Lunafreya was instantly torn away from the painful thoughts of her conscious. She didn’t need to think twice to know whose barks they belonged to. Opening the door to her room, a smile was instantly brought to her face at the sight of her two canines before her–wagging their tails in glee upon seeing their master.

“Umbra! Pryna!” She beamed, kneeling down to run her fingers through the fur of pets. Her eyes then caught sight of what appeared to be a rolled piece paper tied around Umbra’s neck by a ribbon. “What’s this Umbra?” she questioned the dark-furred dog, to which he only responded with the usual bark.

Confused, Lunafreya untied the ribbon and unrolled the piece of paper. However her bewilderment only grew at the messily written note that came along with it. “Follow…me.” she read out. “Follow who?”

As if the dogs understood their owners confusion, the two barked in response.

“Follow you?” Lunafreya questioned.

The dogs barked again, and quickened pace of their wagging tail was enough for the princess to confirm their response. “Alright then.” she smiled. “Lead the way.”

The two dogs walked her through the castle halls until they reached the reached the gates of the Citadel exit. Lunafreya stopped in her tracks, hesitant and first from the thought of being possibly spotted sneaking out. She had never gone past the gates of the Citadel without a proper escort. However with another bark and a slight nudge of her foot with their snout, Lunafreya knew well enough that she should trust her companions, and continued to follow closely by their tail. The thrill of being out in the crown city sent the princess’s heart beating at an escalating rate. Just from glancing around, she could see numerous eyes staring at her direction, taking in the chance to catch a glimpse of their Oracle.

Nyx would be furious if he saw me right now. a voice sounded in Lunafreya’s head. Even if the city was deemed safe, she was still placing herself in the face of danger–especially at such a late hour.

Ignoring the many stares she was receiving, the princess continued to follow her dogs through the busy Insomnia streets until they reached the more lavish districts. It wasn’t long until they came to a stop at the entrance of the Caelum Via, the hotel and resort of the crown city.

“What are we doing here?” Lunafreya asked.

However without giving their usual bark of response, the two dogs continued to walk, this time through the entrance of the hotel.

“Umbra! Pryna! Don’t go in there!” she hurried inside the building to shoo them out. However to her surprise, no protests came from those inside the luxurious building and the two animals only waited for her inside the open elevator.

“We were expecting you, Lady Lunafreya.” the elevator operator chirped as soon as the princess stepped in. Without needing to ask, they pressed the designated floor, allowing the golden doors to close before them.

“Are you able to tell me what’s going on?” Lunafreya asked.

The elevator operator smiled, but the response they gave wasn’t the one she was looking for. “I was only told to lead you to the roof of our hotel, Lady Lunafreya. Nothing else.”

“Oh.” Lunafreya murmured back. She knew Umbra and Pryna would never lead her to anything dangerous, but with all the uncertainty going on, she couldn’t help but feel the littlest bit cautious.

The sound of music entered Lunafreya’s ears as soon as she stepped out the elevator. The melody of the violin and piano playing in perfect harmony gave her a sense of nostalgia and longing from seeing the familiar grand space around her. However as she walked around, she noticed in comparison to the first time she was here, the space was rather empty with her and the two musicians being the only ones present.

Her two dogs barked once again, catching her attention. Turning her gaze she noticed that they were no longer by her side and were instead sitting by the aquarium. Smiling, Lunafreya quickened her pace to join them, and knelt down beside them as they watched the many sized fishes swimming by.  

“This is actually a very special spot to me.” she spoke, running her fingers through their soft fur. “It was the first time I ever spoke to Nyx.” she murmured.

She remembered the moment so clear in her mind. With the fireworks decorating the night sky, and the same melody playing in the background, that short moment she spent talking to the glaive was so magical. But never did it occur to her that that small conversation, would spark into something so much more. Their short moments together soon turned into a close friendship, and the more time she spent with the glaive, the more she realised the feelings of endearment she was harbouring for him. The thought of the memory sent a sudden tug at the weight within her heart, and soon she found her eyes bricking with a sting she hadn’t felt in so long.

“I…I miss him.” she whimpered. Unable to contain herself, she wrapped her arms around her companions and buried her face into their fur.

“I knew I could count on them to bring you here, your highness.”

At the sound of the voice entering her ears, Lunafreya stopped. Slowly, she looked up and her eyes instantly widened at whom she say emerging from behind the aquarium.

“Nyx…” she breathed.

Dressed in his uniform, a smile adorned his face. And in his arms he held a bouquet of red roses. “Happy Valentine’s day.”

Slowly, Lunafreya rose from where she knelt, believing that it was too good to be true. No words left her lips, but instead she threw herself at the glaive, causing Nyx to stumble and drop the roses as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Whoa, princess, did you miss me that mu–”

However Nyx was unable to finish the words he wanted to say, for his voice was silence by her lips, locked passionately against his. It would be too much for Lunafreya to ask, but she needed to know if he felt the same way, to return the kiss she dreamed of giving with one just as much love.

But he did.

Nyx’s arms circled around her waist and drew the princess to him, kissing her back just as passionately–if not more. Savouring the feeling of her lips finally captured in his, he felt that sense of longing he held for her in those two endless years away from her presence. He was back in her arms, back under her gentle touch which he dearly missed, and he had to intention of leaving her side again.

Nyx pulled back from her kiss and leaned his forehead against Lunafreya’s only to see that fresh tears had begun to make their descent down her face. Smiling, he chuckled lightly and used his thumb to wipe away the tears. “Hey, what’s with the tears, aren’t you happy to see me?” he teased.

Lunafreya’s lips fell into a slight pout, and she lightly hit his chest with her palm at his witty remark. Even two years weren’t enough to stop his teasing. “It’s not funny! Do you know how worried I was! How long I waited for you to come back to me!” she sobbed. “I missed you so much Nyx…” She knew her crying face wasn’t the prettiest to see, but that didn’t matter at this current moment, she was finally here in his arms.

Nyx gently brushed her hair away from her face. “I missed you too. But I’m back now, and I’m here to stay.” Even with the tears falling from her face, she was just as beautiful has he had remembered, and two years did nothing to change that. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear.” he whispered his last words before leaning in to kiss her once more, gently and softly, but enough to express the unspoken emotions he felt for her. His heart belonged to her, as it always had since he laid eyes on her.

The princess didn’t need roses, chocolates or love written cards to know his answer. She felt his love in that kiss, and it was enough for her to know where her heart belonged. It was the only gift she needed.

“There’s no need.” she smiled. “Having you here, back in my arms is more than enough.”

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Imagine Dean, Sam, and Cas throwing a surprise baby shower for you.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Cas, (mention: Jody, Donna, Garth, Crowley, Rowena, Chuck)

Warnings: All the Fluff, wee bit of angst

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: I needed desperately to write Dean. I’m gonna update On Location tomorrow which would mean MORE JENSEN.  So, I figured I could pump out a little ficlet for this series tonight and call it good. Catch up on the first 7 parts HERE. Hope you like it. I may or may not have cried while editing this.

2.5k Drabble request by: @kickasscas67 - Can I get a Drabble with Dean and the reader hunts with the boys and she gets pregnant and Dean is really excited and Sam and Dean plan a baby shower? I just thought that would be cute!❤️CONGRATS ON 2.5K❤️ keep on writing cause you’re so good❤️❤️❤️❤️- Sorry the request took A MILLION YEARS. Hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for celebrating with me!

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RFA + V + Saeran react to child!Mc


  • O M G
  • He couldnt help but blush and coo over her, gushing over how cute and little she is in her oversized sweater and innocent eyes
  • She was so little he just wanted to pick her up and squeeze her so tight! 
  • So precious
  • He wanted to take so many pictures of her, and put cute ribbons in her hair
  • omg piggy back rides, he will act like a space ship travelling the universe with her! 
  • que him running around with child mc on his shoulders, her giggling like crazy.
  • he pretty much acts like a child sometimes anyway so him and mc would have a ball
  • want to play dress up with her! Que him getting all of his outfits out and trying them on her, she looks so cute with kitty ears!!
  • When little Mc tilts her head and meows innocently, he is done! Ded, K.O 


  • Holy shit
  • holy shit how did this happen
  • falls in love the minute he sees her cuteness, her cuteness rivals his good looks when it comes to attention but he doesn’t mind that at all but is even more boastful about her cuteness
  • gushes over her like she’s a sweet little princess
  • so many selfies with her
  • protective zen mode activated
  • wants to take her to get the fish shaped bread and gets all maternal as heck! 
  • loves acting out one of his scenes when he plays with her, she giggles whenever he says his famous lines.
  • so happy he’s just so happy at that, it’s all cuteness


  • Uh oh
  • this man is in trouble
  • Your cuteness is his weakness, his cold demeanor is melting away
  • You have him wrapped under your thumb he is done
  • zen may be protective but que over protective Jumin mode
  • calls that the security guards guard you 24/7 again, and gets rid of any threat, even anything you could trip on
  • you’re his precious bby and he’s your protector
  • seriously if you even get a paper cut this man will get a doctor out of no where and just dote on you with tea and attention
  • like seriously dude its just a paper cut
  • whenever you say his name with that cute voice of your he just melts
  • his puddy in your hands
  • almost afraid to hug you because you’re so smol and delicate, delicate little flower
  • but when he does hug you he now never wants to let you go, seriously he will keep on hugging you and keep you close to you at all times, you’re his precious little angel whom he must protect from the world
  • He will go to work and meetings just holding you, like the employee will be like “Oh sir, whose the little girl?” “She’s my precious angel, any way, please proceed.” goes on with the meeting casually while you sit in his lap, with him petting your hair


  • Oh dear
  • She doesn’t know how to deal with kids

  • but when she sees Mc she just, goes into full on mother mode

  • Mc needs a woman to look after her since the rest of the guys are… well, she’ll feel better looking after her

  • loves playing tea party with her

  • Mc tries to do her hair and ties it up with cute ribbons, Jaehae just smiles as mc does this, cute girl bonding time
  • Makes sure you’re well fed and you’re comfortable 
  • If anyone dare touch child Mc, pray to God seven someone save your soul because she will KICK YOUR ASS
  • oh my god
  • panics
  • how will he look after a child? He is a child
  • But, omg, mc is so… cute??
  • kind of kneels down so he is at her height and nervously says hi to her
  • he’s so sweet to her
  • Mc gets attached like straight on
  • She tries wearing one of his hoodies and plays with his blonde hair
  • Mc shows curiousity toward LOLOL and he’s happy to have her watch him play and show her how to play it herself
  • But monitors that she doesn’t get addicted like him or plays too much, he’s a lost cause
  • plus he doesn’t want her getting dark circles under her eyes like him
  • You know how some little girls have this phase where they look after a baby doll? Yes, that’s him, he’s the baby
  • has to endure little mc’s mothering while trying to feed him food and put him to bed
  • Seven laughs forever 


  • Breaks into the apartment to get mc
  • looks around since the apartment seems empty

  • sees a little lump under the blanket, little mc peers out and looks at him

  • he blinks in confusion

  • wtf a child, why is there a child here

  • feels super awkward now, losses his bad ass composure

  • uh…

  • he also kneels down so he is around her height and gestures her to come towards him

  • little mc is curious so she walks over to him

  • “It’s alright princess, come here.” his wearing his mask so it makes his voice sound weird

  • Mc pauses and starts giggling at that

  • unknown is just like wut

  • “Your voice sounds funny” Mc giggles at him, he looks confused, him?? funny?? No he was bad ass.

  • Little mc’s giggles causes him to soften a little

  • Tries to coax her over telling her how fun paradise will be

  • Nope, little mc decides to play hide and seek, she’s littler so she can find places to hide

  • Omg why unknown was not prepared


  • Can’t fucking see
  • a little lump bumps into him

  • what was that

  • “Oh? Who is this?” looks at the direction of said lump, okay he can see out of his left eye

  • a little girl? Why is there a little girl here? 

  • Sweet as heck to the little mc asking where her mom is

  • so confused when he realizes who she is

  • No this precious angel is on her own

  • Feels guilty of course

  • makes sure to hold her hand all the time and just is so sweet and caring with her

  • gives her some treats and gives her some food

  • seriously he goes into doting dad mode

  • Probably will still take some pictures of little mc and shows her the camera 

  • treasures the pictures little mc took after he gave her a little lesson on how to use the camera

  • oh wow he’s happy for once 

LOL i don’t know guys i tried, some of them might seem OOC but oh well

anonymous asked:

Could you write Sethkate - she's mad at him because he almost "let" Amaru kill him to touch her, and she would have just had to watch? :( Ends in hot passion-loving kissing!

Whew boy… some of these prompt end up running long. I really like the beginning of it, with her thought process. I’m not completely sold on the switch. I  LOVED this prompt. I hope I did it justice. SethKate for sure. 

Without A Fight (…but there is a fight)  

Sometimes she thinks that they’ve taught her to steal too well. That it’s now often too easy and too second nature. She’s sitting alone on the trunk of the black Camero with a Pal-Mal that she’d pilfered from Richie pack hanging out of her mouth and whiskey-sour that she took from Seth’s desk in her hands. Stealing a thing isn’t a thing. It doesn’t bother her to steal from them and why should it? They stole her first. She’s not really angry at them, but her anger is overwhelming on nights like this when she wakes up from a nightmare.

Nights like tonight when she dozed off listening to the boys plan their next job and the next thing she knew she was waking up to the haunted memories of the last moments of lives Amaru took. Pulling someone's​ soul away from them, that is the type of stealing from which there is no redemption from. She knows on some logical level that she had no control over what Amaru had done, but some nights that knowledge was simply no comfort.

The doctor had been thinking about his wife and children, how he loved them and how he was going to a break his promise to be at his daughter’s soccer game. The nurse had been thinking about how he was only at this job for a few more days. Manola couldn’t believe that she was dying in front of her lover and she didn’t want Kisa to blame herself. Her brother had been broken; seeing her in the flesh, all his thoughts were consumed with God’s judgement. Richie’s mind was a mess: the logical half screaming to fight back, while the rest of wanted to save her. All of them, every soul that Amaru took felt fear and panic; none of them had wanted to die. But Seth…

When Amaru touched Seth all she felt was devastating guilt and how he deserved this. It wasn’t like the remorse that Scott felt, because he was still trying to resist, but Seth hadn’t even tried to fight back. He stood there and took it, just let her start to kill him… And for what? For the sake of guilt? For some twisted sense of he’d earned it? Penance? She’d begged him to kill her. She didn’t want to watch him die or let that twisted demon kill anyone else, but he didn’t even try to stop her.

She throws the glass across the parking lot and it shattered against the pavement. She fights the urge to just start screaming. The back door opens and closes behind her and it’s only a single puff of the cigarette before she smells gun-oil and earthy aftershave.

“You alright, Princess?” He leans against the car, close enough to, but not quite touching her.

She flicks the cigarette way and watches it snuff itself out on the wet pavement. “Peachy.” She’s trying to remember all the relaxation techniques that she’s learned over the past few months so she doesn’t explode. Her ears feel hot and she’s still thinking about screaming consequences be damned.

“Yeah you sure sound like it.” He huffs, because he hates secrets, hates it when he doesn’t know what the people around him are thinking. “You take my drink, just to break the glass?

“Take it out of my cut.” She growls.

He arches his eyebrow, “What the hell is up your craw?”

“Nothing. I’m allowed to be mad.”

“Okay. So what the fuck are you so pissed about?”

She grinds her teeth together. “You.”

“Me? I didn’t do anything!” He pushes himself away from the car and looks up as rain drops start pinging on the cars in the lot.

“That’s the problem.” She folds her arms over her chest.

He looks agitated, “I’m not playing this game. I’m not playing the pronoun game where you say something cryptic and then we play twenty questions until you finally tell me what’s got you so pissed. You want to tell me; then tell me.  We need to get inside before this damn rain hits us. Come on.”

Lightning illuminates the parking lot and the rain starts pouring down on them. He grabs her hands and jerks her off the car, trying to drag her back into Jed’s, but she resists. She doesn’t want to go back inside, she’s angry and she doesn’t care about the rain.

“I’d rather play in the darkness, thank you.” She snips pulling her hands away and planting her feet. There’s this rush in her ears, screaming at her to push all of his buttons. Make him pay for all the pain he caused her, so she picks words that’ll bring up bad memories.

He advances into her space, much like he did in those Mexican motels, when she’d challenge him and he’d reach by her to collect his drugs. This time his eyes aren’t angry, there’s almost a softness to them as he gets so close she can feel his body heat, despite the chill of the rain. “What is wrong? What didn’t I do? You gotta talk to me.”

She has to look up when he’s this close, he’s got a few inches on her and it used to intimidate her, but those days are long gone. “You were going to let her kill you.”

“Who? The guard at the bank? She never even touched her gun. I had…”

“Amaru.” She digs her nails into her palms, she hates saying that name out loud. “You didn’t even resist when she tried to try to take your soul. You were going to let her kill you.”

He blinks and whether it’s from the rain or her words she isn’t sure. “It’s not like I knew what was happening.”

“Bullshit.” She calls him out, jamming her finger into his chest. “You felt exactly what she was doing and were going to let her. I could hear you, thinking some twisted idea about how you deserved it.”

“I did. I did deserve it.” He growls looming over her now, but not touching. “All that shit I put you through. I deserved…”

“Well I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve to watch you die. You think I wanted to watch that?” He steps back slightly but she advances back into his space, not letting him get away. “Do you have any idea how that felt?!? Her laughing in my mind about you being a sacrificial lamb! Do you know what it would have done to me to watch you die? How my heart would have broken…”

His hands are suddenly buried in her hair and his mouth is on hers insistent, demanding more with every inch he takes. The rain is pouring down now, but she barely feels it. All can she feel is his heat. He’s alive and he’s here. She grabs his tie to pull him closer and moans as he forces his tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss. One of his hands leaves her hair and grips her hip, pulling her flush with him while he backs her up against the car. She gasps as his mouth finds her neck, biting and mouthing his way down as one of his hands slips under her shirt.

The rain is soaking them, but she doesn’t care. She wants this…She just wants. She’s achy and needy and her body feels so raw as he pours all of his energy into her like a electricity. She’s hot and cold all at the same time and she just doesn’t know what to do with all of it. She’s hungry and there’s this overpowering emptiness that needs to be filled. She wants to feel this, feel him. How can she be mad at him one moment and letting him grope her the next. Maybe she’s just going mad. Richie told her once that love is the ultimate insanity and the cure for it all wrapped up together. All she knows is that she needs Seth and everything he’s giving her. She digs her nails into his shoulder as she pushes herself back up on the trunk.

“Tell me to stop.” He snarls against her ear, there’s a low, dangerous quality to his voice that she forgot he had, but instead of scaring her it makes her grind against him. She wants all of him, the dangerous part, the gentle part…she wants all of it. She wants him. “Tell to me stop, Kate.”

She doesn’t.

Great prompt so much fun! Thanks for it, anon. Love to my Loves.

Sherlock College AU (short  fanfic)

I saw a post the other day about various shipfic College AU scenarios and suddenly I felt compelled to write a short Sherlock College AU. Why? I don’t know. But write it I did. I’ll probably be back to writing BATB trash before too long. But hey! A girl needs a little variety every so often. Even in her tumblr trash posts…Enjoy!

Summary: When Molly’s roommate commandeers their dorm, Molly is forced to find somewhere else to spend her evening. Before she knows it, she finds her evening saved by a guy by the name of Sherlock Holmes.

A/N: I know the shipwars can be pretty heated in the Sherlock fandom. My personal leanings are I ship Sherlolly but I think Sherlock and John are platonic soulmates. Their relationship is the heart of the show and they need each other to function. That said, this scene keeps things fairly neutral ship-wise. So whatever your thoughts are on all that… it probably works. Not about to argue with anyone. This was just for fun and giggles.

Molly roamed the halls of the Baker-Streit dorm, trying to think of ways to pass the time. Her roommate, Sally, had commandeered their room for another “study session” with her lab partner. Of all the people to have hanging around their dorm, it just had to be Anderson… Molly thought with disgust. Why him? He was just so irritating! Always trying to mansplain everything even though he knew full well that she outscored him on every test they’d had this semester. Ugh!

Molly glanced out the window with a sigh. Still pouring. Had it been a nicer night she might have just gone to the library across campus. She enjoyed talking with the Librarian, Mrs. Hudson. She always had tea in her office for Molly when she was needing a pick me up. But Molly wasn’t in the mood to trek all the way across campus in the pouring rain for a cup of tea tonight. If this thing with Sally and Anderson kept up though…who knows…She might look into moving into the Library for the rest of the semester.

Continuing her wandering, Molly stopped by the dorm RA’s room. No Greg. Must have gone down to the dining hall. Too bad. He’d had mentioned to her that she was welcome to stop by any time if she wanted someone to hang out and shoot the breeze with… It was going to be a long night. Molly turned her attention to a bulletin board down the hall a ways. Maybe someone was in need of a new roommate…

“Hand me my phone, would you?” A voice asked from the open door next to her.

“I’m sorry?” Molly asked, confused. She poked her head in the open doorway to see a lanky young man with floppy black curls stretched out on a futon, his eyes closed.

“Phone. On the desk next to the skull. Could you hand it to me?”

“Sure…” Molly replied, stepping into the room.

She scanned the messy desk he must have been referring to. Something vibrated underneath an open astronomy textbook sitting next to a human skull.

“Alas, poor Yorik!” She chuckled, picking up the phone to hand it to him. Several text alerts went off before the phone was able to pass hands. Molly tried not to read them but the barrage of alerts popping up on the screen made it hard not to look. All from someone marked in his contacts simply by a cupcake emoji.

“Someone’s eager to talk to you.” She commented.

He glanced at the phones continually buzzing screen. “Ugh. Just Mycroft. I’m starting to think he went to grad school just to keep tabs on me.” He grumbled, disappointedly silencing the phone and tossing it into his slippers. “I was hoping for something more interesting. Missing mascot. Underground ring of bike thieves…I’d even settle for solving the case of what exactly it is they’re serving up as “meatloaf” in the cafeteria.”

Molly smiled. The meatloaf was awful.

“Um…I don’t mean this to sound forward or anything but would you mind if I hung out here for a while?” Molly asked, wringing her hands. “My roommate decided to turn her political science study date into an anatomy lesson…”

“That sounds counterproductive.” He remarked. He looked up at her from his place on the futon for the first time, eyebrow raised and a hint of a smile threatening to reveal itself.

“Sherlock Holmes, at your service.” He answered, offering her a handshake.

“Molly. Molly Hooper.” She replied, gratefully.

“Well Molly, I don’t know how good of company I will be but my roommate John is out for the evening. He has a …What was the word he used…duel… dissertation…” Sherlock mused.

“A date?” Molly offered, setting down her book bag on the floor.

“Yes! That’s it. At any rate I doubt he’ll be back for quite some time so you’re welcome to make use of his half of the room. I can hack into his Netflix account if you’d like something to watch.”

“Maybe later. I should probably get a head start on studying for my next exam.” Molly attempted to make herself comfortable in one of the over-sized bean bag chairs on the floor, pulling out a textbook from her bag.

“Pre-med. Let me guess, pediatrics?” Sherlock smirked, swinging himself into a more upright position.

“Pathology, actually.” Molly corrected. He seemed impressed… or at least intrigued.  “What about you? What’s your major?”

“Haven’t picked one yet. Mostly because I know it is driving my brother insane. I’ll probably end up doing something with chemistry. Or criminal investigating. Then again I might just sail away one day and become a pirate.”

“You’d make an excellent Dread Pirate Roberts.” Molly joked.

Sherlock looked at her, confused.

“You know… like in The Princess Bride?”

Sherlock shrugged and shook his head, clearly lost.

“You’ve never seen The Princess Bride. Inconceivable!” She laughed. “Alright. Scoot over. Fire up the Netflix. We’re fixing this.”

She got up from the bean bag to join him on the futon.

“So it’s a movie?” Sherlock asked, still a bit confused by the sudden turn of events.

“Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles… It’s a classic.” Molly declared, handing him a bag of candy from her bag.

“Hm.” He nodded, his interest piqued.

Within moments Sherlock had the movie ready to go. Laptop on Sherlock’s lap. Bowl of popcorn on Molly’s.  Molly sitting just close enough that she could comfortably see the computer screen. She wouldn’t want him to get the wrong impression. She really was just trying to find a way to kill time while her room was infested with whom she considered an unwelcome pest. Snuggling up to a guy she just met wasn’t her style. Even if that guy had a kind of cute, disarming sense of humor and eyes that felt like they could look right into your soul. Eyes like the see after a storm… Don’t even think about it, Molly she chastised herself. She tried turning her attention to the little boy playing video games on the screen.

“I thought you said there was fencing and monsters in this?” Sherlock complained.

“Shhh.” Molly hushed. “Be patient. Trust me.”

Sherlock smirked and grabbed a handful of popcorn.

John returned to his dorm, whistling down the hall after a successful evening out only to find his roommate sitting curled up on their futon with a young woman he’d never met, seemingly in the midst of an argument.

“If she loved him so much, then why on earth doesn’t she recognize him?! That mask doesn’t hide that much of his face.” Sherlock snarled

“I told you. It’s been years since she saw him last. She thinks he is dead! She wouldn’t be expecting it to be him.” the girl retorted.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into watching this!” Sherlock grumbled.

“…hi?” John greeted from the doorway, trying to alert them to his presence.

They both looked up, surprised to see him there.

“Molly, this is my roommate John. John this is Molly.” Sherlock introduced, still visibly frustrated.

“Yeah hi… that is my laptop. How did you even… nevermind. Just give it.” John remarked, suddenly tired.

He strolled over and retrieved his laptop from Sherlock.

“Booo!” Sherlock complained.

“I’d better get going. Anderson should hopefully have cleared out by now.” Molly said apologetically, packing her things. “Maybe we can finish the movie some other time.”

“What are you doing tomorrow night? I think John’s got another date lined up.” Sherlock joked.

“Sherlock, really.” John admonished

“What? Tonight didn’t go well? Because that lipstick on your collar says otherwise.” Sherlock shot back playfully.

Molly smiled in spite of herself. “Nice meeting you, John. Thanks again, Sherlock…”

She left while she still could, smiling as she heard Sherlock groan while John complained about his lack of respect for boundaries. She smiled all the way back to her room.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?”…Don’t even think about it, Molly…

But it was too late. She’d thought about it.

(Thanks for reading! Here is Part 2 if you’re interested.)

anonymous asked:

Clarke and Bellamy trapped in a cave

Hahahahaha oops this got smutty. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


They’re still not used to life on the ground. Their first winter was mild, a few gentle snowstorms and a lot of rain, but nothing they couldn’t handle with the aid of the Trigedakru. 

This winter, their second, is a different story. It’s only early November, but the winter’s first major storm is well underway, and of course it begins only when Bellamy and Clarke are already kilometers out from camp on a search for the hardy but elusive plant Nyko told them was good for winter flus. 

And now it’s started to hail. 

“We’re stuck here until the hail stops coming down,” Clarke announces, staring out the entrance of the cave where they’ve taken shelter. The wind was nearly enough to knock her over when they were out among the trees, but at least in here most of the wind is blocked. But the hail is coming down in ever-larger clumps, and even as she watches she sees one twice the size of her fist shatter on a tree limb. 

She hears a snort. 

“No shit, princess.”

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