she's a mess and trying to make her self feel better

Closed ~ High School AU


Lecter could feel her eyes growing heavy listening to the teacher drone on and on. They could at least try to make it interesting. Not that it would matter anyway, she would still find a reason to end up falling asleep during class. She yawned and stared out the window, daydreaming, the teacher’s talking becoming like the pesky buzz of a fly.

Just a few more hours to go and she would be free from this hellhole. Oh wait. Detention. That’ll be fun. She managed to nab one earlier this morning for… Well just being her usual argumentative, agitated self. She didn’t really mind though. It was better than going back there.

Time passed by ever so slowly, Lecter turning back to her page of mess to begin doodling again. She sighed softly to herself as she zoned out once again. She didn’t want to be here. There was no point to being here. It was a waste of her… Well pretty much every other student’s time. She barely acknowledged the sound of the door banging against the wall as it swung open, obviously indicating the urgency of the person being late. Normally it was her being the one who was late. How unusual.