she's a looker too

@daggerspcll has entered the valley

The gentle sound of a guitar being strummed can be heard coming from the riverbank alongside the south end of town. Sam has taken up residence with his instrument, which isn’t plugged into its usual amp, and has started practicing, his fingers dancing along the strings and producing soft metallic twangs that are audible from the square behind him.

He’s aware of a new addition that is currently wandering around town, presumably introducing himself - Abigail had already met him, and she’d talked about him to the blonde over the phone a short while ago. “He’s so tall!” she’d gushed, “And he’s quite the looker, too! I bet he could get you to finally come out of your shell!” He could almost hear her winking over the phone, and he had groaned softly in response, which, in turn, made her giggle. She and Sebastian are the only ones who know about Sam’s interest in men, and while the latter didn’t really have an opinion of it, Abigail was always nudging him about ‘potential dates’.

It was getting old, really.

The sound of footsteps clicking against cobblestone catches his attention and pulls him off the train of thought he’d been riding, and by the time he sets his guitar in his lap and turns half-way around those feet have begun shuffling through the grass he’s sitting on. 

Sam then proceeds to look up…and up…and up…

He is tall.

“Oh, hey! I guess it’s my turn now, huh?” He laughs a bit. “I’m Sam. Good to meet you!”