she's a looker too

n ice

Bitter was the only taste you could feel on your tongue. Maybe it was the cheap wine that left such a rotten aftertaste, maybe it’s the way he paid so much attention to her over his own wife. Bitter wasn’t only what you tasted, but it was also what you felt. It’s harmless. He had whined when you confronted him about the new woman from C&R. She was.. Beautiful. Much more than you were– at least In your mind; you had thought so. Long silver hair that went past her shoulders and swayed at her lower back so gracefully. Ocean of blue was the only thing you could see inside her round wide eyes, and she was small too. Thin waist, long legs. A looker all around. But you know what was the most striking feature of them all?

She looked like his fucking cat.

He was interested in a woman that looked like his cat. His million dollar fur ball in human form. The thought was so mind boggling, but that’s Jumin for you.

You gripped your wine glass so tightly; it could’ve shattered at any moment. Of course you were jealous. Your husband was spending more time with his co-worker than he was his own goddamn wife. Who wouldn’t be?

They really never ‘flirted’ per say. He just seemed so.. intrigued, and curious about her; the one apparently named Eliza. God, even her name was so similar to Elizabeth. It drove you insane how much he talked about her now days, it bothered you so much. When you try to change the subject, it always floats back to her.

“ Why the pout kitten? ”
You groaned as a familiar red head snuck up behind your chair, scratching a finger underneath your chin just as one would do to a cat. He usually did that to you, and Jumin hated it. But what Jumin hates was the last thing you cared about right now.

You lazily lift your right hand off of the love-seat to point towards the duo who was chatting on together– looking ever so happy– as your left brought the half emptied wine glass up to your lips. The liquid went down hot seeing as you let it sit for so long, the temperature had gotten the better of it. This was your… Fourth? Yeah, Fourth glass of wine as of tonight. The leather chair squeaked as Seven plopped down– rather roughly, onto it. He groaned contently, the relief of being off his feet for the first time tonight was an amazing feeling. Dress shoes aren’t his thing, and now he remembers why.

“ Hm.. Is that the lady that he’s always talking about? The chick that looks like my lil’ baby Elly? ”
His eyes gleamed at the thought of the soft little kitty, but he quickly was pulled back to reality. He brought a finger up to his mouth in thought as he observed the two carefully– No touching each other yet, that’s good.. He said internally.

“ Yeah. ”
You answered curtly with a venomous tone, practically burning holes into the back of your husbands head– Praying maybe just maybe he’d turn because of it; see you alone with Seven and he’d kick into defensive mode, come swoop you up and take you back home to get you away from Luciel’s flirtations. Hell, you wouldn’t even mind that. Any kind of attention right now would feel good.

“ Awh– Is somebody jealous? ”
He batted his eyelashes annoyingly as he spoke with a baby voice– Of course you were jealous! How couldn’t you be? But you didn’t want to let the goof know his assumptions were truth; so you push his face softly away from yours, he pretends to have a knockback much stronger than what little force you used– it made you both chuckle together with soft smirks tugging at the corner of your lips.

“ It just.. sucks balls. ”
You used his lingo, much to his amusement. “ Sucks balls indeed. ”
Luciel mimicked you before sighing heavily after he commented, personally he found it quite annoying that Jumin hadn’t been paying attention to you. he would love to hang out with you all day. Be able to be with you the way Jumin can; Cat dad doesn’t know how good he has it.

“ It’s like i’m the side chick; You know? Agh.. And I know– It doesn’t seem like a romantic thing.. Jumin just wouldn’t do that… ”
You whisper the last part to yourself, however Luciel has keen hearing. He raised his brow in doubt as you continued on.

“ I wish he didn’t act like he found me boring now days.. ”
The ring on your finger clinked gently against the wine glass– catching your attention. Memories of how it used to be caused you to smile as you stared down at the large diamond your husband gave to you to propose.
Yes, Jumin still treated you good. You felt you didn’t have the right to complain; after all, he was a very loving husband. Maybe it was the controlling side you had deep down inside of you, or it could be you just don’t like how pretty that woman is– It’s aggravating not knowing why this whole thing bothers you so much. It just does.

Things have changed slightly, you’ve noticed. Late nights at the office had been getting even later; that was your first real concern. But with a nudge, you got Jaehee to hang around at work to see what on earth Jumin really does around there. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, he was indeed working– Which relieved you instantly. She assured you at work there was no flirtations, they just seemed like friends. Hell, everyone told you they just seemed like friends. Maybe you were exaggerating too much– But the pit in your stomach just wouldn’t go away.

“ I bet if I kissed you he wouldn’t find you ‘oh so boring’ anymore huh? ”
You raised a brow at his unexpected words, it was clear Seven had a peculiar interest in yourself but.. It wasn’t something that got in between your friendship. Luciel knew his limits. But that statement was quite bold; it caught your attention.
“ He’d probably permanently sew three– No, Four– body guards on you at all times if he knew I even laid a hand on you…. Agh! ” He threw his head back in frustration, causing you to smile softly. That was true; Jumin probably would pay much more attention to you if something like that were to happen, but you’d never. You could never. It just wasn’t right.

“ MC? ”
The low voice caused you to look upwards– Slowly at that, eyes following the soft pattern of that black suit you knew oh so well. A pair of dark black eyes meet your own, causing you to shiver. He always had that effect on you.

He was tugging on his cufflinks out of boredom, right away he noticed how close Luciel was towards you. It bothered him, and he had no problem voicing those concerns.
“ No. Leave space, at least enough to fit three Elizabeth the 3rds in between you.”
Jumin suddenly grabs your hips firmly–you have to bite your lip to keep from yelping– sliding your body across the leather couch to follow his rule.
Always have to leave space for the Elizabeths.
Both you and Seven roll your eyes at the so called ‘rule’ but Jumin looked quite pleased with himself.

“ You’re one to talk.. Where’s the three Elizabeth’s in between you and pretty girl over there huh? ”
Seven chimed in, You knew right away Jumin would brush it off like he always does– You sigh heavily to yourself. Staring into the dark liquid of your glass as the two start to bicker.

“ I did the math, there was 3.6 Elizabeth the 3rds in between us. I follow the rules, as should you two.”
You couldn’t help but snicker at that, Much to Jumin’s displeasure. He looked down at you heavily for a few moments, after he got no response– He spoke again.
“ We’ll be going soon MC. Would you like me to grab your coat? ”
The ride home was quiet. Driver Kim made small talk with you; he always does. He’s a nice man, and even he seemed to notice something wrong with you. Why couldn’t Jumin notice then? You were texting Seven while slumped into the seat of the car, It was on the messenger but in a private message over the usual chatrooms.

” Con fron tation!!! Con fron tation!!! ”

You smiled softly at the text, looking up for a moment to see what Jumin was doing. He was in his phone as well, so you decided to continue.

“ Should I? What if he yells at me -_- ”

“ then i’ll teleport over there myself and rescue you n elly from that cruel cruel man!!! you deserve better! #justice for elly and mc 2k17!!!!! lololol ”

Well. Maybe you should? But you didn’t want Jumin to be upset. Speaking of which, he seemed to notice you giggling into your phone this whole time. Not saying a word though, but you could feel his eyes on you from across the seat.
Awh, was he jealous?
Part of you wanted him to take a seat in the jealousy club. There’s obviously room for him to join. But it was cruel to have an eye for an eye after all.
Powering down the phone, You place it at your side before sighing softly. Your gaze quickly meets your husbands who had done the same thing a few minutes ago. With a soft smile you look over towards him for a moment before focusing your attention to the window– The penthouse was in view.

He looked like he wanted to say something; But the car had already stopped.
“ We’re back Elizabeth the 3rd! ”
You call out to the kitty; the jingle of sparkly bells on her collar was getting closer and closer by the second. Setting down your bag before crouching, You greet the little fur ball who was meowing wildly– Desperate for attention. She enjoyed your petting; but it was clear Jumin’s eye was what she was after. That makes two, Huh?

“ Hello Elizabeth the 3rd. ” Jumin smiles gently at her as he hangs his coat on the rack, revealing a clean white button up shirt. He uses the backs of his knuckles to pet her face, the sound of her purrs echoed throughout the quiet home.
You leave the two alone; not before excusing yourself to go– just to get out of this god forsaken dress. This dress was tighter than ones you’ve worn before; hoping it might catch Jumin’s attention a little more, but instead you only got some extra looks from creeps and weirdos. Oh– And Seven, but he sort of falls into that category.
From the closet you choose something comfortable, loose grey sweatpants and a simple black tee shirt. It was soft, Jumin only picked materials that were the best of the best for you after all.

Taking one final look into the mirror, you inhale deeply; absolutely dreading the talk to come. Would he brush you off once more? Or finally listen to your pleas? You were mentally planning what to say to your husband.

’ Hey look– Im jealous to the point of it being painful so you can’t be friends anymore with Miss Kitty. No talking. Nothing. Only me. Okay? ’

Fuck no.
That sounded terrible. But hell, it’s what you were thinking after all. It felt so selfish, but one thing Jumin always said is he wanted you to be selfish with him. It’s something he always states constantly, So why do you feel guilty for actually being selfish now?

You made up in your mind that you’d just wing it. Let your emotions spill over, say whatever it is you’re feeling. Hopefully it would give him the push to accept that you were indeed lonely. You wanted to be the only woman in his life… To just hoard him all to yourself. God it sounded awful; but it was the truth.

Your bare feet squeaked against the hardwood flooring, anxiety filled you like never before seeing Jumin resting quietly on the couch, Elizabeth the 3rd by his side.
Without a word, you take your seat across from him. The couch was of course big enough for the both of you, but you really didn’t want to sit next to him right now. Back here was fine. The room was silent, besides Elizabeth the 3rds soft purrs and the gentle hum of the light fixtures. You sort of phase out for a moment, eyes out of focus as you’re lost in thought.

“ Whats wrong with you lately? ” Jumin said suddenly, causing your head to snap up; breaking you from your mindless thoughts. His eyes were trained onto the cat besides him instead of you. He looked calm as always, but his scowl was a bit more pronounced as of now.

“ Nice of you to notice. ”
You state sarcastically, rolling your eyes and hugging yourself by crossing your arms below your chest. He let out a low growl of disapproval, He never did like it when you talked back.

“ Are you cheating on me? ”
That incredibly sudden accusation took you aback instantly. Was he fucking serious? You?Cheating on him? Thats what he thought was different?

“ I could ask you the same thing you know. ” Your tone was bitter as your voice became raised, it was clear how upset he’d gotten you by your change in attitude. Your brows stitch together in a painful mix of shock and anger, how could he accuse you of something so foul? It was enough to make your blood boil.

“ I would never do something as low and filthy as that.
He was glaring deeply at you with fire in his eyes now, Still outwardly calm; which aggravated you to no end. The atmosphere changed so fast. It was heavy and the tension was sharp.
Elizabeth the 3rd quickly scurried away into the bedroom upon feeling the mood change. She must not have wanted to be in the middle of this all. Good call.

“ So you’re implying that I would? ”
You were standing upright now. Nails gripping tightly into your arms; enough to make your skin irritated. The fiery pit in your stomach hurt, as if a rock was inside you. You didn’t like arguing with Jumin at all, but this was pretty inevitable.
He was quiet through clenched teeth. His knuckles were white, and his legs crossed. He still looked so composed as he waited your answer to his question.

“ No, i’m not cheating on you Jumin Han. There– Happy? Huh? ” He didn’t break eye contact and also didn’t say a word, the way he seemed so collected while you were so upset was aggravating.

“ Even though you’ve been living it up with you new little play toy i’ve been here, lonely! All day long! ” He scoffed slightly out of disbelief, Brows scrunched in confusion.

“ My play thing? You must be delusional. Am I not allowed to be interested in knowing someone now days? ”

“ You’re not when the person in question is just so.. so– So beautiful! And smart.. and, And kind! and.. Well– better than me and…”
Your voice fades from sheer anger to sadness in the end. The gravity of the situation hit you hard, hot tears streamed down your cheeks thinking about everything Eliza was that you weren’t. Maybe it would be better if he was with her.. She sure did match him way better than you ever could.

It was silent. It hurt, that he didn’t have anything to say to you. It only made you cry some more.

“ .. Are you jealous MC? ” He questioned after a few moments; gently and with pity in his voice, but you still hated those words. Mainly because it was true.

“ Yes– Okay!? I’m jealous, i’m so fucking jealous! I hate the fact that all you talk about is her anymore. ” You stopped to wipe tears away from your eyes with a sniffle before continuing.
“ I mean.. I don’t have schooling like she does; and I don’t look like your cat.. I’m not successful or own a business like her.. ”
You hung your head low as you avoided his gaze. It’s true, you weren’t even in comparison with her. Not even in the same ballpark.

He sighs heavily to let out his frustration after a few moments of the room being filled with your sobs, swiping a hand across his face roughly before looking up at you. He realized what you were getting at, and he felt like shit because of it. He was being too selfish in this situation. His heart strings pulled painfully at him seeing you brought to tears because of this.

“ Come here. ” It was gentle and soft, he didn’t sound angry or upset. Remorse was evident in his tone. His arms were open to you, eyes warmer than the cold ones you saw before.

God, that was it. That was all you needed right now. You didn’t care how sad you looked or how angry you just were. All you wanted was to be held by your husband, you’ve been wanting that for weeks now. Just.. Needing something. Anything. And this was it.
You burst into tears as you fall into his arms, curling tightly up in his lap as his white shirt was now stained with your tears. He pets his hand over the back of your head soothingly, holding you tight to his chest like a baby. You could hear his heartbeat, it was so steady and barely ever hitched while you two sat there together.

“ I truly didn’t know you felt that way…. I– Im so sorry.. ”
He sounded so sad.. You felt horrible for everything that’s happened. You should have talked about this sooner, instead of letting all the emotions fester.

“ I’m sorry for letting you think I was cheating.. You know i’d never–”
He interrupted you with a soft shush,
“ That was idiotic for me to say. I know you’d never.
He states quietly as he runs his thumb in circles on your back.
“ I’ll explain how you feel to Eliza as soon as tomorrow. ”
You nod softly, still feeling selfishness resonate inside you– But Jumin didn’t mind any of this. He felt terrible for purposely trying to make you jealous these past few weeks. Seeing how close you and Luciel had been getting. It was horrible, doing that all so you’d pay more attention to him. He really didn’t think about it before hand. He just was.. Well, Jealous. No idea that it would all backfire this badly.

” I don’t ever want you to ever feel like you’re not beautiful– Or smart, or successful. You’re My princess. You’re all that and more in my eyes, my love. ”

You cuddled deep into his chest, his words were soothing to you. This whole thing was so ridiculous, you’re so happy it’s finally over.

“ Just.. Can you introduce me to her? I’d like to formally meet the woman who looks like my husbands cat put into human form.”
He chuckled softly, causing you to laugh as well. The vibrations of his chest made your heart skip a beat as you smile.
“ Of course I will. I should have done it sooner. ”
but if you didn’t get it MC was getting super close to Luciel/Seven, so Jumin started talking to Eliza to make mc jealous of him as much as he was of her and seven. Obviously it backfired seeing as they both ended up Angery ™ but hey it worked out in the end and jumin learned his lesson lmao!! check out my masterlist of you’d like as well, in my bio!! i just updated it with some new stuff! ~~
peaches (cheryl blossom x fem!reader)


Pairing: Cheryl Blossom x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 767

Request: A Cheryl Blossom x Fem Reader for your riverdale ones. You’re at one of Cheryl’s parties and you’re really drunk and keep embarrassing her in front of the gang by saying soft things about your relationship and ruining her HBIC image but every time she try’s to get mad you say something cute and then run off to do more stupid things “Stop being cute I’m trying to be mad at you”

Even if Cheryl Blossom’s manor seemed gothic at times, you still felt completely comfortable as you lounged on the couch during one of her parties, waiting for her to return from wherever she went off to.

“God, Y/N. I don’t know how you do it, she scares the shit out of me.” A mutual friend your current state of mind couldn’t recall commented.

You easily laughed. You felt you were the only one who truly knew your girlfriend. “Trust me, she’s not that scary. She is waaaay too beautiful for that!” you hiccuped, the red solo cup in your hand finally getting to you.

“Y/N!” You heard Cheryl shout, grabbing your arm and pulling you up from the couch. “Are you drunk already? The party’s only been going on for half an hour!”

“But, Cheryl!” You whined. “That’s a whole thirty minutes!”

“Exactly. That’s such a short amount of time.” She said sternly, and people around the room fell silent, knowing she was taking her place.

“Uhh, that’s the same amount of time it took you to ask me out. That was a reeeaallly long time, remember? You couldn’t find the words and you just held my hand, talking about—“

“Dont!” Cheryl put a hand over your mouth. “Bring that up here!” She turned on her heel and walked away from you swiftly, going to take care of other matters while you pouted.

“Aww shit, I was hoping she would make out with you again!” A random jock high-fived another jock.

You sat back down. “Well, honestly, same.”

Reggie laughed. “Oh damn, she’s agreeing with us— she’s really out of it.”

“I do want her to kiss me…” You stated obviously, confused. “She stares into your eyes really hard right before, and her lips are so soft… and I always tangle my hand in her hair, because that’s soft too…” You grinned stupidly.

“Aww, that’s so adorable!” Betty squealed.

“Peaches!” Your girlfriend stormed into the room again, this time sitting next to you on the couch. “I told you not to tell any stories about us!”

“But whyyy? They’re so good!” You complained.

“Hey, why does she call you peaches?” Archie asked, knowing you would launch into a story and anger her further.

“Well, right before we had our first kiss—“

“Y/N!” Cheryl nudged your shoulder, but she couldn’t stop you even if she screamed, which she knew would be ridiculous.

“I was eating a lollipop, right? And she asked me what flavor it was, and I was crying and annoyed from that day because someone outed me when I didn’t want to be, so I just crossed my arms and told her to figure it out herself. So she walked right up to me, pulled it out of my mouth, and kissed me. Long and hard. And I stopped crying.” You smiled, staring off into the distance.

“That’s somehow hot and cute at the same time.” Veronica stated.

“Yeah, and then she just told me, peaches, and walked out.” You giggled.

Cheryl crossed her arms, rolling her eyes. “I can’t believe you just told that story, and you left out the part where you avoided me for three days after that.”

“That’s because I couldn’t deal with my feelings for you… they were so much and I was just scared of myself, and I was scared that I wasn’t enough, because— you’re like, you’re everything…” You slurred again, trying to make sense through your clouded head.

Cheryl smiled softly at you and took your hand. “You are enough, how many times do I have to say that? And— wait!” Cheryl yanked her hand away from you. “Stop being cute, I’m trying to be mad at you!”

“But you can’t be!” You protested.

“Oh, and why’s that?” Cheryl went back to crossing her arms, tilting her head in her typical mean-girl fashion.

“Because I love you,” You stated this as if it were obvious.

Cheryl dropped her arms, falling silent for a moment, before abruptly grabbing your face and kissing you hard as some on-lookers cheered. “I love you too,” She stood up again. “But don’t think for one second that I’m not still angry you said that for the first time in front of everyone, and drunk!”

She stomped away angrily, and while other people in the room seemed slightly uncomfortable, all you did was laugh. You were familiar enough with your girlfriend’s antics, and you shouted, “You love me!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Cheryl echoed down the hallway, and you smiled.

a/n: first kiss = true story

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Could a possibly request a minific from that reblog? If so, could I have gramander and a subtle kindness please. Thank you! P.s. I really love all of your writing, it's just stunning. Like wow. And I hope you're having a beautiful day. Xx


Side note, I write weirdly when I’m sick sooooo sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I shall try my best! :D (proceeds to fail).

All the nurses were in love, it would appear; and it seemed to Newt that they were all in love with the same man. He had only been working at the hospital for about a week when he started noticing it - the way the nurses would light up around 8:30AM every morning on the dot. 

He saw the way they congregated in the hall to look through the door’s little window and spot him. Only Queenie seemed unaffected by the man; kind as ever as Newt watched her take a bouquet of flowers from the man and wish him a good day.

So one day, he decided to corner Queenie about it.

“What is with that bloke with the flowers that’s got every woman’s knickers all in a bunch?” Newt asked, startling Queenie from her work.

“Oh, you mean Mr. Graves?” Queenie said, her normally bright face instantly lighting up. “Of course everyone’s in love with him, he’s such a sweetheart. And quite a looker too, if you don’t mind me saying.”

She winked.

“But why, Queenie?” Newt asked, hefting himself to sit atop her desk. 

“You don’t know?” She asked with a bland little blink, then smiled - something strange behind her eyes. “You know what, you should meet him. He always stops by at 8:30, right here.”

“I don’t see why,” Newt grumbled, suddenly uneasy about meeting this stranger. “Seems silly. He’s just some bloke, right?”

Queenie stood to straighten Newt’s scrubs before shooing him off her desk. 

“Tomorrow, 8:30AM. Don’t forget,” is all she said. 

That night, he tells himself it’s foolish. No, he won’t go to the front desk to meet a total stranger. That’s just dumb…

And yet, there he was - sitting innocently on Queenie’s desk - waiting for a “coincidental” meeting with the man that had the hospital in an uproar. From the door, he had never quite gotten a good look at the man before. So nothing could prepare him for the moment that Queenie suddenly hushed his conversation and nodded at the front door of the hospital.

He was… he was perfect. Tan skin tucked away beneath a stark white button down and a tight black vest. The faintest wisp of chest hair peeking out from the top two undone buttons, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, forearms covered in slick black ink. Simple, flattering black trousers and crisp black boots. Hair pressed back, with just a few rebellious strands tickling his brows. Coffee black eyes, warm in the center like a dollop of cream. 

The man smiled at Queenie, then caught sight of him and blinked - curious, but not perturbed. And when he finally reached the desk, Newt felt his stomach drop at the creamy rich Irish lit of his voice. 

“How’s my girl doing today?” The man purred, and Queenie giggled.

“Right as rain, as always, Mr. Graves,” Queenie said as she stood. “Have you met Newt?”

“‘Fraid I haven’t,” Graves said, turning to address him, and Newt just wanted to melt into the desk and die. Graves stuck his free hand, the hand not holding a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers, out to him and smiled. “Percival Graves.”

Newt opened his mouth at he took the man’s hand, but all that came out was an embarrassing squeak followed by a pain moan of sorts and a crimson red flush. Graves’ smile, if possible, grew warmer.

“You’ll have to spell that one for me,” Graves teased.

Newt,” Queenie said, smacking Newt’s arm pointedly. “Is a new nurse here. I thought he should meet the hospital’s favorite visitor.”

Graves blushed ever so slightly - just the faintest hint of pink - at that and Newt couldn’t help but feel jealous that even when embarrassed, the man blushed so tamely, so handsomely, it wasn’t fucking fair.

“Ah, that,” Graves said, then turned to smile at him again. “Don’t listen to these angels, I’m really not as exciting as they build me up to be.”

Newt squeaked again, then jumped down from the desk suddenly - eager to be away. 

“Right, well, must run. Duties, and all that–”

Queenie stopped him.

“Wait, Newt, take these,” she said, passing the lovely bouquet from Graves firm hands to Newt’s trembling arms.

“Oh, do you not want to take them to your…?” Newt trailed off, stunned.

Graves shook his head.

“No, I never do. Wish them well for me,” Graves said with a little nod, before beaming at Queenie again, “Have a lovely day, Queensies.”

Queenie blew him a kiss goodbye as she quickly scribbled a number on a post-it. 

“Here, take them to this room if you don’t mind, Newt,” Queenie said, “I would do it, but I’m awfully busy.”

Curious, Newt thought as he walked away, hands full of flowers - she didn’t look awfully busy. But she did look mischievous as fuck. 

He takes the flowers to the room that Graves never visited, but brought flowers to everyday. All the way there, he pictured who this person might be. A lovely young lady in a coma, maybe - his fiancee. Sleeping away the years they had promised to each other, too painful for him to see. Or perhaps his grandmother or father. Or a coworker. 

Instead, the room belonged to a bald little girl with big blue eyes and a smile that didn’t deserve to die. Newt slipped the flowers into her lap and melted - taken away for a moment by the light of her excitement - as she buried her face into them and beamed. Her mother wiped away a tear that he daughter didn’t catch, but Newt did. Her father placed them in a vase, only –

There were no other vases… And this man brought flowers every day?

“Rest up now,” Newt said softly in parting, then went about the rest of the day with the stranger - Percival Graves - on his mind. He found himself eagerly listening whenever the nurses spoke his name. He kept track of where the flowers went, a different room each time. He tried to connect the dots, but couldn’t, so finally - he went back to Queenie.

“Alright, spill,” Newt said in a rush, startling her again. “What gives?”

“Hmm? You’ll have to be a bit more specific, honey,” she smiled knowingly.

“That handsome bloke, Graves. What’s up with the flowers?”

“Handsome, hmm?” Asked a voice from behind him, amused and warm and terrifying. Newt just about shot out of his skin - then burned out of it, he was flushing so bad. 

“Running a bit late today, Mr. Graves,” Queenie smiled, winking. Graves chuckled bashfully.

“Forgot the shop keys at my place, set me back a bit.”

“Kind of you to still make the trip,” Queenie said as she accepted the flowers from him as she always did. Graves shrugged.

“They were just going to die if I didn’t. I’d rather them go here where they can slip away making someone smile rather than let them wilt in my shop, unseen. I don’t know why people don’t enjoy wildflowers more,” Graves said. 

“Me neither. Well, their loss. I’m sure that…” she trailed off as she looked at her computer, “Ah! Ms. Johanson will love them. She’s going into surgery today and could use the smile.”

“Perfect,” Graves said, “You’re such a saint, Queensies, you always know where my flowers need to go. Bless you.”

“Wouldn’t be no saint without the man that gave’em,” she said.

Newt blinked, the pieces falling into place.

“You’re a florist,” Newt said bluntly.

Graves blinked. “Yes… you didn’t know?”

“No, I thought…”

Graves chuckled.

“You thought I had a loved one tucked away in a bed here somewhere?” Graves asked, then said, “If I did, I’d be sitting in the chair beside’em every damn day. No, got no one to sit beside, thank God. Single as the day as I was born. I just stop by with the flowers I can’t sell anymore and let Queenie here give’em to a good home.”

Newt blinked.


Graves looked down at his shoes, a flush building lightly on his cheeks. “Foolish, I know. Everyone tells me what a waste of money it is. I could wait another day to sell’em but–”

“–hot,” Newt blurted out before he could stop himself. Silence fell between the three of them. Queenie looked far too pleased for Newt’s comfort.

He opened his mouth to apologize, but Graves’ shocked face just melted into amusement and a unidentifiable flicker of something Newt doesn’t quite catch before giving Queenie a parting wink.

“Gotta run, Queensies,” he says, then smiles differently for Newt. “Newt.”

And he’s gone, walking away again - his ass a fucking sin in his pants. 

“He’s a good man, that Mr. Graves,” Queenie said as they watched him slip through the hospital’s front doors again. “He’s got that subtle sort of kindness. Don’t you think?”

“So it would seem,” Newt squeaked, “I’m just gonna go lock myself into a closet now and die, bye Queenie.”

“Bye dear!”

The next morning, there’s two bouquets at the front desk. Wildflowers for Mr. Scorsfield in 303b, and a handful of Forget-Me-Nots littered with Daffodils and baby’s breath for Newt, tagged with a little card bearing nothing but a number and this:

You’re not so bad looking yourself.

If I Believed in Fate: Lafayette x Reader

Request: I feel like you need to write more Lafayette fluff so maybe a Modern AU where Lafayette is a foreign exchange student living in her family’s house and she at first doesn’t like him but then he does something and she falls totally in love with him

Requester: Anon

Warnings: Death

Word Count: 1274

A/N: I took this in a slightly different direction, but it was honestly just something I needed to write. Next fic out will be the next part of Young God.

“Oh, you’re right, I absolutely love him. He’s practically family! I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him in my life.”

“Y/N, the sarcasm is not appreciated. Lafayette is a good kid, you just need to try to get to know him,” your mom said softly.

“I don’t want to get to know him!”

“Well, you’re driving him to and from school every single day that he lives here, so you might as well get used to having him around. Try to make the best of it,” she replied.

You rolled your eyes and called up the stairs, “Hey, French Fry! If you don’t hurry up I’m leaving without you!”

Your mom was quick to rebut, “No she won’t, sweetie! Take your time!”

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Florist!Graves + Nurse!Newt MiniFic - Edits
By @funkzpiel

“What is with that bloke with the flowers that’s got every woman’s knickers all in a bunch?” Newt asked, startling Queenie from her work.

“Oh, you mean Mr. Graves?” Queenie said, her normally bright face instantly lighting up. “Of course everyone’s in love with him, he’s such a sweetheart. And quite a looker too, if you don’t mind me saying.”

She winked.

“But why, Queenie?” Newt asked, hefting himself to sit atop her desk.

“You don’t know?” She asked with a bland little blink, then smiled - something strange behind her eyes. “You know what, you should meet him. He always stops by at 8:30, right here.”

“I don’t see why,” Newt grumbled, suddenly uneasy about meeting this stranger. “Seems silly. He’s just some bloke, right?”

Queenie stood to straighten Newt’s scrubs before shooing him off her desk.

“Tomorrow, 8:30AM. Don’t forget,” is all she said.

Please click on the images for full effect

I’ve been trying to practice some Graphic Design-esque stuff lately and Funkz has been a champ and let me borrow one of her fics as inspiration. So we’ve got both a graphic for the fic and a make-up flier or something for Graves’ florist shop XD

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What about Mor and Rowan? I feel like this would be interesting....

Holy everloving crap. Here. For. This.

- Okay so how about this: seventeen year old Rowan (who canonically said he didn’t know how to talk to girls) face to face with MOR
- he can’t breathe. She is so beautiful and so light and feisty and stunning and charismatic and
- “what the hell are you staring at?”
- Rowan turns beet red. “I… I’m sorry, I just– you’re very… um…”
- Mor smirks, sauntering up to him slowly. They’re at a party and no one really notices.
- “I’m very what?” She asks seductively. Oh gosh Rowan can hardly breathe.
- “Beautiful,” he finally manages to say. She’s chest to chest with him now, looking up at his lips (HEIGHT! DIFFERENCE!)
- “mmhhmm, I know,” she murmurs. “You’re quite the looker too, Rowan Whitethorn.” She KNOWS HIS NAME HE IS GOING TO DIE. “But your voice is what’s really sexy.”
- Rowan cannot breathe. She looks down at the outline of his hardness in his tight pants and grins.
- “do you want me?” He nods. Nods A LOT. “Good. I want you, too. But you can only have me if you promise to talk to me with that sexy voice of yours all night.”
- he does. All night. And some of the morning too.

intimidated, mistah J?

Characters: Joker x Reader.

Plot: Your first time meeting; Joker heard of someone new hanging around his club and didn’t like the sound of it. He goes to investigate and finds you. (( Reader is metahuman ))

Warnings: profanity, guns, slightly sexual remarks, death, strippers,alcohol

Someone pretty lady had been hanging around the Joker’s bar lately. Usually he would have no problem with that. He had lots of dames wandering around. But she- she was different.

His goons had told him about her, and if his idiot goons could pick up on someone suspicious, it had to be so.

They told him there was a pretty dame, with (h/c) hair that was in ringlets down her back. She had captivating (e/c) eyes that seemed to draw people in. She had a large tattoo of a wave up her side that was only visible if she wore certain things. Apparently, she was quite the looker.

She hung around J’s club. Never dancing, or drinking too much. Just sitting and waiting. Like she was waiting for something.

So J decided to check it out for himself.

He entered his club with a look of approval. He had strippers on their poles and money on the ground. Just the way he liked it.

He walked around the club with his cane, his eyes searching for this hot dame. His eyes landed on a figure at the bar. Her figure making his mouth water. She wore a white dress that was cut out on the sides and a pair of black pumps.

He walked slowly up to her, taking his time assessing his prey. When he walked next to you, he noticed the tattoo on your sides of ocean waves. He took a seat in the barstool next to you and watched you order a drink.

“Martini, dry.” Your voice was intoxicating to him, it made him feel weak. Your full lips shone under the neon lights of the club and he wanted nothing more than to kiss this perfect stranger.

You accepted the drink into your manicured hands and pulled the olives out, tossing them onto the counter with a look of disgust. “Are you just going to stare at me all night, Mr. Joker?”

You turned to face the man whose piercing blue orbs were watching your every move. He smiled at you with squinted eyes, his silver grille shining in your eyes. “I’d like to stare at you forever.” He flirted and then ordered a glass of rum on the rocks. “And please, call me Mistah J.”

“Hmm, how about no.” You said before taking your glass and walking off. His eyes caught the small tattoo on your wrist that had a date on it.


He was agitated at the way you just walked away from him. Like you had no fear whatsoever. He stood up quickly and followed you, not wanting to loose sight of the fearless babe.

He found your looking at a man in a booth, with an irritated yet relieved face. The man was huge, and covered in tattoos. He looked like some sort of mafia guy.

J watched as you set your glass down and pulled your dress down a bit, exposing your cleavage more. He couldn’t help but think maybe you were just a harlot.

He decided to watch the show, not truly believing that you, a total hot mama, would just fall into bed with anyone.

You stumbled into the booth, feigning drunk off your ass. “Whoop!” You giggled as you fell into the lap of the Mafia guy. “Sorry, hehe. I just- wow you’re like super cute.” You ran your finger up and down his chest and he grunted in approval.

J watched you, he knew you weren’t drunk. He just wanted to know what you were up to.

He watched as the Mafia man gripped your waist and ass, thinking that all of that was gonna be his tonight. You trailed your finger up to his jaw and kept it there, he leaned in to kiss you but you just stayed still. “Do you know, just how much water there is in the human body?” You asked slamming your hand on his neck.

The mans eyes opened wide, knowing just who had her pretty little hand over his throat. His whole body strained against the booth, his veins popping out profusely.

J’s eyes widened in excitement when he realized what you were, and what you were capable of.

Your eyes caught the shimmer of a glass of water on the table and you smiled deviously. You waved your arm and the water shot out of the glass, wrapping around the mans neck.

You straddled the man and grabbed his collar. “You know who I am, yes?” You asked sweetly, smiling at the terrified man. He nodded quickly and winced as you trailed a finger down his cheek. “Good. Do you wanna make this quick and just tell me where he is?”

He shook his head no quickly and his eyes wandered around, looking for anyone to help him. “I- I don’t know! He’s off the radar from even us!”

You tsked a few time and shook your head, “Are you telling the truth, Eric?” He shook his head yes and a few stray tears leaked from his eyes. “Well then, guess I don’t need you.” You focused on the water running through his veins and made them all rush to his lungs. He choked on his own blood for minutes before he finally died.

You grabbed a glass of wine off the tray of a passing waitress and noticed Mistah J looking towards you. Your heels clacked, each one echoing in J’s head like a catchy song. “Were you watching me Mistah J?”

He smiled, even though you could see the nervousness in his eyes. “Yes darling, I was enjoying the show. Quite the talent you got there.”

You bit your lip and smiled. “Intimidated, Mistah J?”

“No baby, just a little turned out.” He growled out his eyes roaming your body.

You stepped close so that you were right next to his ear, your body pressed up against his. “Well that’s too bad, bye now.”

You turned away from him a strut out of the door, his eyes never leaving your retreating form.

All he could think was , ‘damn, I need me one of those.’

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Bad Girl | F(X)



The moment she sees you, she would be quite enthralled by you. When you took secret glances at her from across the room, you’d always catch her staring. You caught her attention because you stood out in the room, and she was so captivated by you.

“Hmm, looks like a new fish has been added to my social pool.”
“She’s quite the looker too. Who is she, I wonder.”

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This little mochi would be so enchanted by your beauty and presence. She would be staring at you, admiring such a beautiful person. She wouldn’t even talk with you, she was making notes in her head so she could never forget you. She’d look at your hair, your piercings and you clothes.

Originally posted by mmmmmilikeamber


She would find ease in talking to you, becaue first impressions always change. She found interest in everything you talked about, and she would hang onto every word. You were able to make her laugh all the time.

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When she learned from Krystal that you loved people who could dance, she invited you to her next show so ahe could wow you with her skills. She knew you’d be in audience, so in her performance she gave it her all. Let’s just say, she really caught your attention.

Originally posted by kyungsi


She tried the aeygo approach first, and once she found out you hated it: her next step was to be sexy. And boy could she be sexy.

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Chris Evans Imagine

You straightened your boyfriend Chris’ tie as you sat in the car outside your childhood house. He smiled at you and patted your hand. “Don’t worry, I swear I’ll behave.” He said, kissing you on the nose.
This would be Chris’ first thanksgiving with your family. It would also be the first time he’d been around all of your family at once. You were reasonably nervous, considering that Chris liked to drink a bit too much, and was very fond of using profanity.
You held his hand as you walked into the house. Immediately you saw your nieces and nephews and they all ran up to hug you and try to tackle Chris. You greeted them and pulled Chris into the kitchen. He kissed your mom on the cheek and shook hands with your dad. They both loved Chris, and were happy that you brought him.
At dinner, Chris had been placed between you and your elderly grandmother. Your grandmother was always critical of your boyfriends and always seemed to find a fault with them. You hoped that Chris would charm her and you were not disappointed. After dinner, Chris went out to play football with all the kids while you helped your mother and grandmother in the kitchen.
“Chris is a lovely boy.” Your grandmother said, smiling and patting your shoulder. “And I can see why you picked him too, he’s quite the looker.” She said, laughing to herself. You blushed and laughed too.
Once dinner was cleaned up and the kids were tired out, it was time for you and Chris to go home. You gave everyone hugs goodbye and got in the car.
“They all loved you!” You laughed, kissing Chris on the cheek.
“Well thank god, I hoped I wasn’t going to get kicked out of my future in laws house.” Chris joked back. You giggled and grabbed his hand as the two of you drove away into the crisp autumn evening.

(Jay Park) FWB

Friends with benefits smut ft. Jay Park


“Where the hell have you been?”

“I told you I was busy.”

“You also told me you’d be here in thirty minutes, fourty-five minutes ago!”

“Ah, Jagiya, it’s good to keep men on their toes~”

He grumbles something unitellible in retort, clearly not amused at your response as he pushes past you to get into the now open apartment, pulling his shirt off as he does so.

“Yah! So eager. And to answer your question, I was on a date.”

“With the one from work?”

“No, the one from the coffee shop. It was going quite well, too.”

He settles on the couch as you talk, unbottoning and unzipping his jeans but not moving to take them off, nodding along as he listens to the details of the date.

“And yet” He finally interjects “You’re here with me now.”

Straddling his thighs you let out an exaggerated sigh before settling your full weight on his lap, absentmindedy tapping a finger against your bottom lip as you pretend to think over what he said; “Yeah, well, you’ve left a date for me, now I’ve left a date for you- we’re even.”

“I forgot about that! She was a looker too.”

“Yah!” You playfully slap at his chest “So am I!” He hums in response, grabbing at your ass as he does so, “No ones arguing that, Ma, Why do you think I showed up that night?”

“Because it was the only option guaranteed to get you laid? And because I’m your best friend and you love me.” He chuckles at your answer, agreeing with a “True, True” the conversation tapering off as you rock against him, pressing little open mouthed kisses down his neck until he’s groaning and tugging at his pants. You lift off him enough to allow his dick to slap up against his stomach before settling back down on his lap, hissing as he stuffs a  hand down the front of your panties and curls his fingers up into you until they’re sufficiently wet enough for him to use as lubricant to stroke himself.

His eyes shut as he jerks himself off, groaning when you  tweek one of his nipples; “Hey! Why bother coming over if you’re just going to handle yourself?” His chest rumbles in a soundless laugh, hand still running up and down his cock as he opens one eye and challenges; “Fair point, get to work.” Sliding off his lap you mock his earlier words; “Be ready, Ma! I’m gonna’ tear it up, Ma! Sometimes I think you’re all talk, Jay.” 

He doesn’t respond right away, just watches with interested eyes as you start taking off your jewelry, it’s not until you turn your back on him to shimmy out of your panties that he makes his move- lurching forward to grab your hips and pull you back down onto him, back pressed flush againt his chest, his erection trapped between you. “Was I all talk last week when I had you bent over the counter, crying out for me to fuck you faster, three fingers up your a-” You cut him off by turning your head and capturing his lips with your own, stealing the words from his mouth. His lips part to accept your tongue, hands sliding up and down your thighs before yanking them apart, opening your core up to him, the kiss ending just long enough for you to get positioned over his cock, whimpering as he bottoms out in you. 

There’s a moment of adjustment before you begin rolling your hips around in loose circles, leaning forward with your hands on his knees until he’s pressed tight against your sweet spot, with a little shudder you glance over shoulder at him; “Th-there!”  He nods, bottom lip trapped tight between his teeth, one hand coming up to toy with your breast while the other moves to draw lazy circles around your clit not yet moving to help as you begin to bounce up and down on top of him.

A few minutes pass before he groans out a warning that he’s getting close, one arm wrapping tight across your stomach to still your movements, holding you down as he bucks up hard into you, the head of his cock battering against your sweet spot, the pressure there and on your clit sending you reeling over the edge. He helps you ride out the orgasm before giving a light slap to your thigh in warning, you lift off just enough that his dick pops free and feel him finish between you, cum splattering against your back and his chest. You groan as he pulls you into a tight hug from behind, the milky fluid smearing across your skin as a playful kiss is pressed to your cheek; Your protest of “Gross!” lost in his laughter; “Don’t worry, Ma, we’ll get you cleaned up. Oh and I brought that new horror movie over, we can watch it later tonight but I want to sleep a little first.”

Okay, so I was trying really hard to establish a playful but close friendship between the Reader and Jay, like best friends that just happen to fuck? Hopefully I succeeded? Cheers! xo

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Happy New Year! Aomine's reaction to falling for the new girl in his class and realizing she is the girl he harshly rejected in Teiko for being flat chested but now is quite the busty beauty! Unfortunately she is over him.

eyyyyyy this is puberty aomine

this is turning out so exaggerated im not even sorry

AOMINE’s jaw almost touches the ground as he sees his dream busty beauty strut into the classroom on Monday morning. He dares not believe what he was seeing then and there —- the way the Touou uniform hugs her body, accentuating her chest, was beyond his favourite gravure models. 

This was his real life Horiuchi Mako.

Blinking several times and getting back into reality, he realises that he had never seen her around before. Was she a new girl? A signature smirk spreads across his face. Aomine is determined to introduce himself properly, since he has yet to.

“Hey,” Aomine walked forward to greet her, in his usual drawl. The girl turned to face him. Much to his pleasant surprise, she was quite the looker too. Her long black hair with cute bangs framed her face nicely, along with warm brown eyes. She was wearing a pair of glasses, but she looked rather classy with them on, and not nerdy. Her full lips that were lightly tinted with pink lip-gloss, however, were slightly down-turned, as she saw who was before her.

“Aomine Daiki?” she said. Aomine’s eyes lit up at her recognition. So she knew about him? That would make things so much easier.

“Have we met before?” he dropped the line casually, thinking he probably just scored.

Unfortunately, her eyes narrowed and a look of disgust crossed her face.

“Well, yes, actually,” she replied coldly.

“What?” Aomine was shocked. This was NOT how the pick-up line was supposed to go.

“You were the asshole that rejected me for my ‘unsatisfying chest area’ as you so crudely commented on,” she sneered.

“Wait. Did you get the wrong person? Besides, you are supposed to reply me with ‘If we have met, I would have remembered’ not this!”

“No I didn’t, Aomine Daiki. I confessed to you when you were still in Teiko!”

It then dawned on the dark-blue haired male. A look of horror crosses his face as it sinks in.

“B-but you…now????” Aomine waves frantically, glancing towards her front. He was beyond confused, and absolutely outraged. “How can that be? What sorcery?

Did you… did you get a BOOB JOB?”

A resounding slap was placed across the right of Aomine’s cheek, as he was left alone, stunned and speechless.

He never knew technology was so advanced nowadays.


by Admin Watermelon

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I am absurdly attracted to the guy in the back seat in the "taco bell/get gas" vine 😍😍😍

Yup!! My lovely nb pal, Jonah is quite the looker!! Both she and Terrance, I think, are too good-looking for their own good lol