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Arkham’s Female Knight (Part 2)

A/N: Back again with part 2 (go read part 1!!)!! I will be honest with you guys, with all the support and likes, I was completely caught off guard (YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!! *throws love at everyone who lurks or follows!*)! This chapter is a bit more…darker than the first chapter (gosh, Jacin, when did you become so sadistic?). It’s sort of a filler for the part 3 I’m going to write (yes, I’m doing another part, and its gonna have more Jay-bae in it, hes been MIA in this…) but I just wanted to explain more of the reader’s past. I hope you guys love it! MESSAGE ME IF YOU THINK I’M MISSING SOMETHING OR IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE SHIPS OR SOMETHING, NAME IT! 

PS: I forgot to mention, the personality of the FemArkhamKnight!Reader is quite crazy, because it is canon that Jason Todd in the Arkham Knight series, is actually considered mentally and emotionally unstable, so if the character is somewhat crazy, refer to this!

PSS: thanks to Aster for editing it for me. ( ;3;)

PSSS: @actbat @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom Here you go! Hope you guys enjoy it!

~ J.

Ship: Jason Todd x  FemArkhamKnight!Reader

Backstory: Basing the story line of Batman: Under The Red Hood & Batman Arkham Knight, the reader is Bruce Wayne’s blood daughter, whom he had raised and trained to be the current Batgirl. During this time, Jason is the current robin and was captured by Joker where Batman and Batgirl tried to save him but did not make it on time. As 5 years went by, everyone moved on. Not knowing that Jason has returned as Red Hood, the reader got captured by Joker and was tormented for a year (based on the torture scene in Arkham Knight), now the reader returns, seeking out batman, to kill him, but certain paths cross and now, conflict arises.

Prompt:  FemArkhamKnight!Reader gets a little flash back of her past, explaining how she got that lil “J” scar and becomes a little bit unstable.

Warning(s): Swearing, torture, uhh…? (tagging warnings is my weakness, I’m practically immune to anything. I APOLOGIZE IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG.)

Word Count: 2381


Arkham’s Female Knight (Part II)


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//halfway through the book and THERE IS A LOT GOING ON HERE

The characterization is so far decent. The author is clearly writing with young adults in mind. Some of the dialogue is a bit cheesy, and doesn’t sound very real. There are a few things that aren’t necessarily out of character, but seem a bit out of place given the context. Almost as though the author put them there like a large red blinker saying “REMEMBER WHEN THIS HAPPENED IN CANON SO DOES THE CHARACTER”

Usually Cora is the one who gets this treatment, but its not limited to her.

You can definitely tell its aimed at a younger audience. There’s very little subtlety to the characters. Regina is the most well written (and its from her pov so thank god for that.) Cora comes across just a little more emotionally unstable than she ought to as a literally heartless woman, Henry is present but definitely played up as being helpless and frankly, weak. And the original characters are a little on the bland side.

But its passable thus far. Some of the insights into the Mills family home are going to be quite useful, so if nothing else I’m glad I’m reading it for that reason alone.

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My mum wants me to move back in with her. She is unstable but my little sister is still with her, she needs a council home and has to request the correct number of rooms. My elder sister won't go. We live with other family and they're controlling and manipulating and they did so much damage and my mum ended up doing damage too. I feel like I can't choose and the family I live with have to my make decision because it's dangerous if I do. They're doing up my room here. My mum wants me to move soon

Hi anon,

It sounds like you are in the middle of a mentally and emotionally challenging transition of possibly moving homes and having to choose between living in two different but both unhealthy environments. I am confused if you really don’t have a say in where you live or if you are scared to make the decision. I’m not so sure what you would like us to do/recommend for you. One thing I would like to remind you of is that during times of stress and change, it is very important to remember to take care of ourselves. Look at our resources on self-care for some ideas of ways you can focus on taking care of yourself and your needs/wants.

Take care,


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“Would you be my friend?”

Edward shoved his glasses up the bridge of his nose and eyed the person carefully.

“I suppose. What do you have to bring to the table? I’m a very busy man these days, I need people I can trust.” 

After his whole ordeal with Penguin, he wanted to make sure his “Friends” were people who could actually help him. Barbara had told him about them, but she was often a little…Unstable.

I’m kinda sick of people only focusing on the first phase of Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship. No, I’m really sick of it.

I’m not going to disagree with you or tell you you’re wrong for thinking any sane woman should get out of that sort of situation. But there are some things you need to understand and come to terms with.
Harley is not exactly sane. Harley chose to come back, and stay with him and because of her choice, her relationship with The Joker changed and evolved into something many people just don’t want to acknowledge.

She discovered he could be manipulated, too. She discovered she could throw punches and kicks too. She found a way to prove herself as a villain and stand up for herself as a woman. (and please don’t get me started on dom/sub lifestyle dynamics and how they do not demean the women who enjoy them) She found a best friend with serious benefits to call upon when he got a little too unstable or kicked her out.

She found a way to feel safe and loved and defend herself and her heart in this crazy mixed up world we like to call the Rogues Gallery and Gotham City. A place and group where absolutely nothing is the way it should be, and safety and sanity are a joke. Despite the danger and misfortunes of Gotham City Harley found a place where she felt at home and her heart swelled. She found a place and people who made her feel like herself, like a bonafide happy human being. She forced her immediate surroundings and relationships to change to benefit her, and when they refused to change she left until they were different. All of this while being in love and in a relationship with the Joker.

But all you want to focus on is how the poor defenseless thing got “taken advantage of” and had her life “stolen away” from her by some big bad scary man. She took the city’s most dangerous and unpredictable villain and turned him into her partner. Not in crime but in the relationship. She made him care about her and think about her and even figured out how to get him to do her bidding. She got him to obsess over her (albeit mostly internally or to himself) the same way she did him.

Taking all of that away from her as a character and replacing it with a “Well, I got away from that monster but I still kinda think about him but fuck him!” makes me furious. It doesn’t give you any of that character development on Joker or Harley’s side. It takes away depth and meaning and reduces it to a looney woman who has absolutely no reason to care or be attached to her abusive one-time-sorta-ex who never did anything for her but obsesses over and thinks about him constantly anyway. And I feel like that’s a worse message at the end of the day.


“She will check out every corner of a large room and is happy to meet all the other little dogs there. She has very few teeth left and an unstable lower jaw, but nothing stops her from partaking of all the fun things at the shelter. She would love a life in a home with many interesting things to do and be ever so grateful.”

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I come with another idea for a prompt : Cat or Kara has the hiccups and the other help her by kissing her (for the suprise of course)... Or why not Kara wih the hiccups and Lucy kiss her, Cat sees it and is jealous... I let you choose which one insipire you the most :)

“There you are, I’ve been looking for you everywhe… What’s going on?” Lucy came to a halt, looking around Kara’s desk. A chair was broken, there was a hole on her computer screen and a crack on the desk’s glass.

Kara was massaging her temples with both hands. 

“She has the hiccups”, James said in a low voice. Lucy kept staring, still not following. 

“Her powers become a little u-unstable when she…” Winn pointed at the chaos around, fidgeting with his tie.

Kara bounced a little bit, trying to keep it from happening again.

“Poor thing. Thank God the office is empty”, Lucy ran soothing circles on the girl’s back. “Have you tried drinking water?, Kara nodded vigorously. “Uh, holding your breath, eating something sweet?”

“I don’t know how much of it is going to work considering she is not human…” James said, completely defeated.

“Guys, come on! You’re giving up over hiccups? Really? Kara, stand up, please”

The girl did as she was told, trying to steady the rhythm of her heart.

“Close your eyes. Clear your mind… happy thoughts…” Lucy said in a low voice and before anyone could stop her, she pounced forward and captured Kara’s lips on a messy and fast kiss.

“Lucy!” everyone shouted, confused.

“What on Earth is going on here?”, Cat Grant interrupted, stepping into the small group. Her eyes never left Lucy’s.

“Miss Grant, Kara has the hiccups and she… nothing worked so I thought about surprising her with a kiss, and…”

Kara made a strangled sound, covering her mouth.

“Well, clearly, it didn’t work. You obviously don’t know the correct procedure”

And before anyone could catch up to what was happening, Cat Grant took Kara’s face between her hands in a firm, yet gentle grasp and kissed her softly. Kara opened her eyes in shock but a few seconds later returned the kiss, pulling her boss by the waist to keep the contact.

They broke apart, breathless.

“See?”, Cat said, her lipstick smeared and her hair a mess. “That’s how you do it”

She went inside her office, leaving Kara with a stupid smile on her face. James and Winn were staring ahead, still shocked. Lucy passed next to the girl and whispered, “You’re welcome”.

I loved writing this! Hope you like it!


reasons why Min Sunye is the best leader :

1.  Everytime before Wonder Girls’ performance, Sunye will always check the props. She notices how Sohee’s chair is a little unstable and because she worried if Sohee falls, she changed the faulty chair with hers, so that her babies can have a smooth performance. This is why Min Sunye is one of Wonderfuls’ biggest pride ❤

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Good job!!!! Can we talk abou MOTHER FUCKING HEATHER!!!!!!!


Growing Up

The first thing most viewers notice is how much Heather has grown up in the last few years - and not only that, but how much she has changed in the process. While Heather acts so sweet and shy in “Heather Report,” she is far edgier and more intense by “Race to the Edge.” It shocks all the Hooligan dragon riders to see her act so much more violently, to display skills of fighting and dragon riding she lacked when they met before.

It is very much a realistic picture of re-meeting old acquaintances. A lot can change in the course of three years, and many people change from the events that have befallen them. Heather has been heavily influenced by circumstances and has become a far more intense person. And very realistically as well, all her old acquaintances react with different opinions of these changes: Astrid is gung ho about the young woman’s warrioress skills while Hiccup feels unsettled.

The dialogue between Heather and Hiccup captures this perfectly:

Heather: A lot has happened in the last few years. We’re not kids anymore. Everything’s changed.
Hiccup: This isn’t you. It can’t be.
Heather: It is now.

It makes sense. For Hiccup, not much has changed socially in his life on Berk. He describes the gang, particular Tuffnut, as, “Same story, different year.” There have been changes in his friends’ lives and characters (think about his father!), but he has seen it occur gradually, and none of it has been monumental personality shifts, just slight growths. In a peaceful world where everyone can prosper, not much has to change. He is not accustomed to peoples’ personalities shifting drastically even when they grow from child to adult. He has not been in that environment.

But Heather’s environment has not been Hiccup’s. She has been in a much harsher existence the last three years. While Hiccup describes the world as, “Same story, different year,” what she says is, “Everything’s changed.” Her perspective is completely different. For her, her world has completely changed. She has lost her family and her village. She no longer lives in the same place, no longer has the same friends, no longer has any of the same foundations. So of course she changes. For her, it is true. Everything has changed on her end.

This is the double nature of growing up that Hiccup and Heather perfectly display. For some people, it is a nice simple process that does not involve metamorphosis. For others, in the right circumstances, changes can be great indeed.

Heather’s Values

It is true Heather still retains some of the personality traits she exhibited the first time she visited Berk. She still shows elements of sweetness towards her friends; she has a kind little honeyed smile toward Hiccup and his gang of dragon riders. She also makes many of the same mistakes. Heather is someone who takes her problems onto herself, not trusting others to help her solve her issues. Heather never brings all the cards to the table, even with those to whom she is friendly, and in fact she is very likely to harm those friends of hers in the process of trying to save herself.

Think about it. In “Heather Report,” Heather is very cheerful and seemingly open to the Dragon Academy. She hangs out with all the teenagers one-on-one learning about their dragons. However, she hides within her treachery; she plans to betray them and steal their secrets in order to protect her family. She does not even consider that these youths might be able to help her; she thinks she has to do it all herself. In Race to the Edge, Heather locks up the teens’ dragons and flies off alone to confront Dagur; and in the second time they all go to “capture” Dagur, Heather changes her mind and opts to kill him instead. Though she calls them her friends, she still does not think they will let her do as she desires, and thus consequently acts behind their backs. Heather is willing to go against kind faces to fulfill her mission. 

This is definitely the same Heather. She acts sweet to peoples’ faces and might legitimately care about them, but she will never tell them everything, never trust them with everything, and quickly go behind their backs if it means fulfilling her emotional passions. 

There’s even more here than the fact Heather goes and sneaks off to do her own, self-saving thing. She always does it because of family. It really demonstrates Heather’s values. For Heather, family is critically important. She will do anything to get her foster parents back in “Heather Report.” When she loses them - and oh she must have loved them dearly - it is a tipping point for her, making her willing to go on an extreme revenge campaign to make up for their deaths. Heather goes out and makes these extreme actions, sneaking off, because of how much family means to her.

And because she has been lonely and consequently seems not know how to healthily, positively interact with others.

Destined to Be Alone

Heather’s story is one of loneliness. She tells Hiccup, “Seems like I’m destined for loneliness,” and relays to him that she has lost both her foster parents and her birth family. Since the moment Dagur destroyed her home village and killed her parents, she has been living by herself, friendless.

That loneliness is oh-so-apparent. It is grating on her. She is sick of it and it eats at her. Likely, her only friendly interactions for years have been with Trader Johann. She gets along with him a lot better than any of the Hooligan youths do, and he seems to enjoy her visits as well. But Heather does not seem to consider Johann a friend based on how she talks to Hiccup and Heather. At one point she tells Hiccup, “You’ve always been a great friend to me,” and to Astrid, “It was nice having a friend again.” That remark to Hiccup especially seems out of proportion; it is true that he helped save her and her foster parents’ lives several years ago, but they lost contact with each other after that incident. Hiccup was a friendly acquaintance she knew for several days, not a “great friend.”

Man she’s lonely.

Consequently, Heather has some problems socializing. She and Astrid have some enjoyable times together, and it seems like Heather is fine and socially healthy. But that’s not the truth. She can smile and act confident all she wants… she’s unstable on the inside. And it comes out. Just consider how Heather gets touchy very quickly. When Astrid and the dragon riders try to warn Heather that it is not safe to attack Heather, she becomes defensive. She accuses Astrid of lying about “having her back”. Astrid does have Heather’s back. In fact, she’s having her back more by trying to prevent her from doing something stupid. But Heather, having lived alone for so long, simply sees friends doing that as betrayal. She is so used to betrayal that she almost interprets shut downs as shut outs.

It really is sad. Heather is so intense about family matters because she is lonely and feels like she has no one else, but at the same time, her ability to go behind friends for these familial emotions sometimes makes it challenging for her to make new friends. That perpetuates her own loneliness.

A Little Berserk

Heather’s personality all melds together. The loneliness factors into the lack of trust factors into her personality shift factors into her intensity. Heather is lonely, and consequently does not know how to interact with friends, consequently does not trust them and goes behind their backs. Heather is lonely, consequently does anything she can for the family she has or used to have, consequently perpetuates her own loneliness. Heather has changed in the last few years, a consequence of solitary existence and having radical situations happen to her. It’s beautifully cohesive and makes for a rather understandable and rather pitiable psyche.

But there’s one more, very important factor playing into all of this.

Heather is lonely.

Heather has lost family and gone through extreme hardships.

And has hit her breaking point.

So now she’s incredible unstable.

The last factor to talk about is how Heather is a little unstable in the head now.

I am not saying she is unintelligent. She is just as intelligent as she has ever been. After Heather captures Fishlegs in her camp, she realizes that the dragon riders have found her. She grabs chicken from her camp before heading out so she can trap Stormfly. She remembers everything she has learned from the Hooligans and uses it against them to take them out one by one. And the fact Heather trained Windshear in the first place demonstrates a lot of aptitude as well; she takes everything the Dragon Academy taught her and applies it successfully, something Alvin the Treacherous never does himself.

However, Heather is also a little unhinged, and the more one interacts with her and learns her life’s history, the more that becomes apparent.

Heather’s mission for the last few years has been to attack ships and send the loot to the victims of Dagur’s old attack. It seems like a kind, noble, Robin Hood-esque action to do… until you sit down and think about it. The logic is completely contorted and gappy. In order to assist the victims of one attack, she is in turn attacking others and making more people victims. That is a little wrong in the head; she is unstable from being alone and undergoing hardship this long.

For Heather is not just snatching a few gems from other peoples’ noses. She is sinking ships. She is attacking innocent bystanders. She is… probably killing people.

At the beginning of “Have Dragons Will Travel Part 1,” Heather directs Windshear to shoot spikes at the Hooligan Vikings. Several of those spikes aim directly for the chest of a terrified sailor. Had he not been yanked out of the way by a fellow shipmate, he would have died from the razorwhip’s barbs. And if that isn’t evidence enough, consider how Heather talked about Windshear’s abilities to Snotlout and the other Hooligan dragon riders. “Windshear’s breath can burn the flesh off a human from a hundred feet away,” she brags. Not only does Heather say that enthusiastically, but one has to wonder how she knows Windshear can do that. Heather has no Book of Dragons (and I don’t think that’s in the Book of Dragons anyway). She has to have… learned that from experience. She has to have burned the flesh off a human being from a hundred feet away in one of her attacks. Killed them. And when she says she enjoys close combat so she can stare people eye-to-eye, I have to worry about what she has done to those people she’s fought. After all, she says, “No one can take us down,” when referring to herself and Windshear.

Heather is not just “intense” and “hardcore” and “edgy”. She’s… a little questionable.

Many of her choices in “Have Dragons Will Travel” seem rational until one questions it. The way she captured the teenagers one by one before kindly sending them back to Berk smells of contorted logic, too. I mean, she even tries to attack Dagur in what Hiccup calls a “suicide mission,” and the only reason she backs down is because she does not want Windshear to die. But she would have been fine - and fanatic - enough to let herself get killed in revenging Dagur.

Dagur sort of has a point when he says he can see “Berserker blood flowing through [her] veins.” And he sort of has a point when he calls her “Heather the Unhinged.”

She is a Berserker. She is the sister of Dagur. She, too, shares some of the struggles that Berserkers seem to face about acting, well, a little beserk. A lot of it is circumstance, for she has reached her breaking point. Some of it also may be genetics.

Continuing Journey

Heather still has a long way to go. “Dragons Have Will Call Part 2″ does not give Heather a happy ending. She leaves her new friend Astrid in order to “figure things out”; she departs unsettled with the knowledge Dagur is her brother. Hopefully Heather is on the right track now that the Hooligan dragon riders have intervened… but she still has far to go.

I absolutely love what we see about Heather in Race to the Edge. I love everything from her personality changes to her quality girl time with Astrid to her deep psychological struggles to the way she just stops dead when she finds out she’s related to Dagur. It is true that she manifests hoards of tropes: butt-kicking female fighter, person with vengeance issues, individual with a big dark unknown family secret, etc. etc. etc. But tropes, well-used, are very enjoyable things in narrative. Heather’s story has intrigued me in Race to the Edge, and I cannot get enough of what I’ve seen.

Who knows? Maybe we will get more! I imagine she could be back in future episodes.

It will be really fascinating to see where she goes from here.


Faolan- A recovering alcoholic and drug addict. He had been drinking up until recently to dull the pain and forget the past. Once Faolan is completely recovered, he may get to move out but not until then. Anyway, his name means wolf for a reason.

Morgana- A confident and motherly woman. She is proficient in shape shifting magic, pissing off Dabria, not standing for this families bullshit and raising Quinn. Also known to have the smell of dragon’s breath and a fiery aura.

Cailleach Rhona- Called Rhona by outsiders, Cally by family. Though she struggles to be strong, she is magnificent at faking it. Her emotional life is a mess, making her unpredictable at times. Though slightly unstable, she is very talented.

Quinn- A very powerful little kid. To stop their magic from becoming a threat, England put them in cold irons when they were very young, meaning they have never had a chance to try to learn how to control it. Also, Faolan keeps forgetting they exist.

Dabria- See meaning of name to know what she’s like. Also, ring leader of the family. She kind of forced the family to let her lead and rules with an iron fist. The woman plays people and uses them as pawns in her own little game. Of course, she’d never let the outside world know this and keep up the sweet front.

M!A: Nyotalia Begin! (0/5)

Shelter (fluffy Tom One Shot)

I don’t really have a Christmas story for you guys this year but maybe I can make it up by giving you a little fluffy Tom.

This is the first of a few prompts I’ve been working on, the idea was given to me by the wonderful and kind @jossisgod, I hope you don’t mind I’ve tampered with the details a bit ;)

Tom walks into an animal shelter looking for a furry companion but maybe he finds something more than that…

This is pure fluff so no warning this time, I hope this fits the Christmas spirit.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every one of my followers and readers for their support over the past year, I can not say this enough but all the Likes, Comments, Followers and Messages mean the world to me. THANK YOU!



There he was, mister big shot actor Hiddleston, with his smooth silky voice, gorgeous eyes, killer smile and endlessly long legs. Cara told her he had been immensely charming on the phone but it was nothing compared to actually seeing the man up close and in person.
Connie had laughed it off when Cara swooned over how amazing Mr Hiddleston was, she wasn’t in the business of admiring celebrities, maybe in her younger years but not anymore.

But she had to admit she was taken aback by his natural charisma now that he was standing before her, she could see this man being a total heartbreaker and a source of many fantasies for young girls, and grown older women.

She tried her best not to stare when he extended his hand to her,’ Hi, I’m Tom, I called in earlier about adopting one of your cats. I’m not sure if you’re the one I spoke to on the phone?’
He only let go of her hand once he was done talking and he kept his eyes on hers in a friendly stare.

‘That was Cara, my intern,’ she explained,’ I’m Connie, the manager of this place, it’s nice to meet you, Tom. What can I do for you?’

She hoped that sounded professional enough, his beautiful soft blue eyes were distracting her and she could actually feel her knees buckle. It had been a very long time since she had seen a man that beautiful, come to think of it he may just be the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

‘Well, I’m looking for a cat, obviously,’ he let out a little adorable chuckle,’ a friend of mine recommended this place, he said you rescue stray cats?’
‘We rescue all kinds of cats that need rescuing and try to find them a suitable worthy owner.’
‘Excellent,’ he smiled.

‘Are you worthy, Mr Hiddleston?’ she gave him a serious, critical look but the smile on her face was more flirty than she had intended,’ you’re an actor, right?’
‘Yes,’ he looked down in a little embarrassed smile.

‘Do you really need a pet if you spend so much time traveling and working abroad?’
‘Actually I signed a contract last week that will keep me in London for the next two years.’
He could see her opening her mouth to comment but he quickly continued before she had a chance,’ my mother comes by quite often and has already offered to take care of it when I’m not there.’

Connie let out a little chuckle. Of course, she gave it six months before the cat lived with his mum.

‘Look,’ he spoke more softly when he noticed the look of disapproval on her face,’ I live alone, the house is big and empty, my career doesn’t really allow me to start a family right now but it would be nice to have someone there to welcome me home after a long day.’
‘If it’s affection you seek you really might get more out of a dog.’

‘A dog is too much work for someone with my schedule,’ he confessed,’ I need something more…’
‘Low maintenance,’ she finished his sentence and nodded her head.

‘Yes,’ he sighed,’ god, that sounds awful when I say it like that but yes.’
‘At least you’re honest about it,’ she stepped from behind the counter and walked out in front of him towards the back of the shop,’ so what exactly are you looking for?’
‘Why don’t you show me which ones you have,’ he followed her.

Connie walked right past the first cages to the ones in the back where the newest youngest kittens were kept but she noticed Tom was taking his time and taking a careful look inside every cage he passed.

‘I think you’ll find what you want here, Tom,’ she informed him,’ those are a few of the older ones, they’ve been with us for quite some time since they aren’t really ideal pet material.’

After browsing for a bit she noticed he stopped at one of the first cages and totally ignored her words,’ and who is this here?’

Connie stepped back to him and shook her head in a smile when she noticed where he was standing,’ you don’t want her, she’s old and damaged.’
‘She was abused by her previous owner and then left for dead.’

‘Oh my god, poor thing, who would do that?’ he only had eyes for the light grey cat inside the cage now. She sat all the way at the back and looked quite frightened by the big strange man in front of her but to Connie’s surprise she was completely calm.
Customers usually weren’t allowed to come close to this one as she started scratching and hissing at the first sight of a stranger but Tom seemed to have a calming effect on her.

Connie rolled her eyes. Well of course he did, there was not a pussy in the world left unaffected by a man like that. She muffled a giggle while she stepped closer to him.

‘What’s her name?’ Tom asked.

‘Desdemona,’ his eyes lit up when he spoke the name,’ how fitting, a Shakespearean name.’
‘It means her fate is troubled, there’s nothing poetic about it.’

He looked up at Connie now and shook his head,’ anyone’s fate can change at any time, I think I want this one, Connie.’
She felt a little shiver run up her arms when he spoke her name.

‘Are you sure? We have several beautiful young kittens over there, in perfect health.’

‘Not interested,’ he was looking back at the cat in front of him, it was clear he had made up his mind and he put his fingers inside the cage.

‘I’d be careful if I were you, she’s very defensive and she’s known to bite if you come too close,’ but while she spoke the words Desdemona slowly crawled closer to Tom and carefully nudged his fingers with her head.

Tom’s laughter filled the room while he petted the cat’s ears,’ yes, I’m shivering with fear.’

‘Well fuck me,’ Connie shook her head in disbelief,’ she has never done that before.’
‘I guess we’re a match made in heaven.’

His smile was so warm and loving it made her knees buckle again and for a moment she felt jealous of this cat, if Mr Hiddleston wanted to take her home she wouldn’t protest either.
Desdemona was a smart girl, and a very lucky girl.

‘Are you sure I can’t help you with a younger healthy kitten?’
‘Why would you think younger is automatically better?’

‘Because…this one is damaged,’ Connie insisted.
‘Experienced,’ he threw back.
‘She can be unstable.’
‘So she has character.’
‘She also limps a little bit.’
‘Adorable little flaw.’

‘She might need more care than the young ones, Tom.’
‘Then I will provide that for her,’ his voice was soft again and his eyes were now solely focussed on Connie and no longer on the cat,’ I won’t neglect her, I promise.’
‘That’s what they all say,’ she sighed but she took the key from the cage anyway and opened it to take the cat out.

Tom didn’t hesitate and he took Desdemona on his arm, the cat didn’t protest. Connie noticed she shivered a little bit but as soon as she was in Tom’s arms she visibly relaxed and she could have sworn the cat was looking at her in a defiant ‘yes I stole your man’ stare. The smug little shit!

‘See, she likes me,’ Tom smiled.
‘Of course she does,’ Connie rolled her eyes,’ it’s been a while since someone paid any attention to her.’
‘Now that’s a real shame, because she is beautiful and she deserves someone who gives her all the attention and affection she requires.’

His eyes stayed on Connie in a flirty stare while he spoke the words. Was he still talking about the cat?

‘I want her,’ he repeated and Connie watched him stroke the cat softly, her mouth dropped when Desdemona started purring against his hand very softly.

If he calmed down that cat within minutes she couldn’t help but wonder what else those hands were capable of.
‘You seem to have a magic touch there.’

She would have given anything to experience that magic touch for herself and she suddenly wondered if he was the kind of man that would let his cat sleep in the bed with him, maybe just at the foot of the bed or maybe he even liked to snuggle up to her during a cold night.

‘So, I can just take her home now?’ Tom interrupted her thoughts.
‘You just need to fill in some forms and sign and she’s all yours,’ Connie said,’ maybe you should put her back in there while we finish the paper work.’

He carefully put Desdemona back in her cage and followed Connie to the desk in front of the shop.
Tom leaned against the counter while she took some papers and handed him a pen. She noticed how he gently let his fingers brush against her hand when he took it from her. This man was an unmistakeable flirt.

‘You’re really doing amazing work here, Connie,’ he then said in a thankful voice,’ I admire you a lot, all of the people working here and giving their time for such a good cause. You are a remarkable woman.’

She was at a loss for words when he looked up from the form and gave her a warm smile.

‘Well…it’s nothing really,’ she waved away his compliment,’ I guess…I just feel connected to these animals. They’ve had a rough time, you know, I can relate to that. And I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves love, and affection, and a second chance. They might need it more than us humans.’
‘How about you?’ he then asked.

‘Do you have someone to give you all that love and affection you so kindly give to others?’
She shrugged her shoulders,’ I get everything I need from them.’

He smiled,’ I meant love from another human.’

His eyes stayed on her a little bit longer and he handed her back the forms, when she reached out her hand to take them he slowly grabbed it, forcing her to look him in the eyes.
‘Let me take you out for coffee,’ he then said.

She shook her head firmly,’ why on earth would you do that?’
‘Because I want to.’
‘Please,’ she shrugged,’ I don’t need you to feel sorry for an old lady, I’ve had my fair share of men in my life, trust me, I’m good.’

’No, not because I feel sorry for you,’ he continued,’ I want to because you seem like an intriguing, interesting woman that I’d like to get to know better, because you’re stunningly beautiful and you have a sensitive warm soul.’

She swallowed when he softly rubbed his thumb over her palm and looked deeper into his eyes.
‘Tom,’ she sighed and she could feel the blush rising up on her cheeks.

‘And please stop referring to yourself as old,’ he added,’ you’re not old at all, and you have no idea how sexy you are.’

And now she was really blushing.

‘You can’t just do that,’ she shook her head.
‘Do what? Ask you out?’
‘Why not?’

‘Because…I’m not a stray cat you can just take home with you. I don’t need to be rescued.’
‘Well, that’s a damn shame because I’d trade in Desdemona for you any day,’ he flirted and she couldn’t help but smile before she shook her head.

‘Maybe I should think twice about giving her to you if you’re going to trade her in for the first woman you fancy.’
‘You’re not the first woman, or just any woman,’ he pulled at her hand and leaned in over the desk to bring his face closer to hers,’ Is it yes or no?’

His eyes were so gorgeous up close, it suddenly seemed very hard to talk or even think so she stayed quiet, making Tom shake his head in a little disappointed nod.
‘So you’re not attracted to me at all then?’ he sighed.

‘I am immensely attracted to you,’ she confessed softly.

His face lit up in a smile and he carefully leaned his forehead against hers,’ then have coffee with me.’
‘You don’t really want to have coffee with me.’

‘No, you’re right,’ he admitted,’ the coffee is just a poor excuse until I work up the courage to ask you what I really want.’
‘What is that?’ her voice was shaking and for the first time she allowed herself to lean in against his touch.

He put his hand on her shoulder and slowly caressed her arm down to her elbow where he held his hand and looked into her eyes.
‘I can’t wait to have you naked in between the sheets with me and give you all the attention you so much deserve,’ he whispered.

She grabbed his chest with both hands and bit her lip in a little smile.
‘All you have to do is say yes,’ he spoke softly and let his lips ghost over hers until they brushed her mouth in a featherlight kiss. He smiled relieved when she kissed him back, full on the lips, and they both suppressed a giggle.

‘So, what do you say?’ he asked,’ can I take her home now?’

‘She…she may look like a fighter but she’s not as strong as she appears to be,’ she spoke softly,’ she’s fragile. She’s been hurt pretty bad before, you can’t just invite her into your bed…I mean home, and then kick her to the curb again. I’m not really sure how much more of that she can take.’

He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.
‘I wouldn’t do that to her,’ he whispered,’ I promise, please give me a chance to prove it.’

She nodded her head and looked deep into his eyes.

‘Are you saying yes?’ he asked with a hopeful smile.

Of course she said yes, she would have been a fool not to, this wonderful man in front of her had given her no reason to doubt him or his intentions. Plus the army of butterflies in her stomach would never forgive her if she didn’t see this through and took a leap of faith.  

After all, Desdemona clearly thought he was worthy, if she couldn’t trust her own instincts there was no doubt in her mind she could trust the cat.

‘Alright,’ Connie smiled,’ Yes, take us home.’

anonymous asked:

What's the significance of having a kakugan in your right or left eye?

I couldn’t find any particular meaning in the Japanese culture (if someone finds something I’d love to read it), but in many cultures “right” tends to be considered as good, while “left” is considered as wrong or bad.  

In English, the word “right” comes from “riht” which means just, good, fair, proper, fitting and straight. However, the word “left” comes from “lyft”, which means weak, idle and foolish. Later on, “left” replaced the word “winestra”, the opposite of right; this word was used to refer to sinister stuff, but it’s literal meaning was friendlier (so that people wouldn’t have bad luck when using it).

Talking about Tokyo Ghoul, the people whose Kakugan is in the right eye are Nashiro, Eto, Mutsuki and Shirazu. All of them are stable and have no issues controlling themselves and their Kagune: 

  • Although Nashiro attacked Suzuya as desperately as her sister, she was a little more careful and ran away with her sister as soon as she realised they wouldn’t be able to win.
  • Eto is sadistic, but she is skilled fighting and has perfect control of her Ukaku and Kakuja.
  • Mutsuki can’t use his Kagune, but he is doing the best he can to not be a burden and try to control himself (he doesn’t want to end up like Kaneki, so I assume he’ll do his best to avoid that).
  • Shirazu showed in the latest chapter that he can analyze the situation and come out with a plan when they were in a really precarious situation.
  • Also, there’s the possibility of Amon being an One-Eyed-Ghoul now; based on the hints we’ve gotten, his Kakugan would be in the right eye. There’s a huge chance that his strong will prevented him from going insane.

On the other hand, the ones with Kakugan in the left eye are Kurona, Seidou, Urie, Saiko and Kaneki. These people are more driven by feelings than the other ones, even when it’s not the best option: 

  • Kurona attacked recklessly Suzuya even when she saw how he easily defeated her sister. 
  • Seidou has been acting violently just for the pleasure it causes him (and to eat).
  • Urie just wants promotion and doesn’t care for anyone’s safety (not even his).
  • We have yet to see Saiko in a desperate situation, but it’s been hinted that either she has perfect control of her Kagune or she will become an unstable little ghoul.
  • Kaneki’s bigger motivation has always been protecting others, which is not always a good thing (he’s never shown any care to his own safety).
  • Also, Seidou and Kaneki can get pretty out of control to the point of extreme sadism (and insanity in Kaneki’s case).

It’s safe to say that the One-Eyed-Ghouls/Quinx whose Kakugan is in the right side tend to be more assertive than the ones with Kakugan in the left eye.

Unstable child.

It was a nice cool evening. The birds were now in their nests and people were heading home from work. A young girl walked on the sidewalk with a huff, her guard clearly up. “Hey!!” Called a voice. “There! Her! Its her!!” A teen boy hissed as he pointed at the girl, who looked back at him startled. Her face and hair hidden by her hoodie since the hood was up.

“Crap!” She called and ran away.

“Get back her you unstable little brat!!” The boy called out in anger as he chased her, a few of his friends close behind. They began to throw rocks at her. A few actually hit the girl, some of those drew blood. “Get back here! You are dead you freak!!” The girl looked back at the four to see them gaining slowly. One rock hit her forehead, above her right eye. She yelped in pain then ran faster.

“… I just need to outrun them…” The girl gulped under her breath as she skid to a stop then turned down an alley, hiding quickly. The four boys soon turned down the same alley way and began to look for her, the girl panting under a dumpster and trying not to shriek or make any noise to cause them to find her.