she's a liar tbh

fun bpd things #4: I’m generally really good at reading the emotions of others to a super specific extent but a) i have no fucking clue how to figure out my own emotions and b) i can’t tell if you’re content or silently extremely angry and about to lash out at me

a lot of people are annoyed by Vanessa being paranoid and don’t get it but I think it’s hilarious and tbh totally fits her personality. She’s a professional liar, analyst, facial expression reader. She puts heavy value into the cues she picks up because she makes money off it, a lot of money. I mean, all her theories are ridiculous and she’s totally losing it, but it’s probably due to the fact that the big brother house is a crock pot of lying and manipulation and so she’s overloaded with small cues she’s used to being able to read in a much more controlled situation.

Shout out to Alison

But can we also get a shout out for Alison, because honestly the girl has been through hell and back?!?!  

  • - She was almost drowned in the bathtub when she was a baby by her own sister.
  • - Growing up, its pretty obvious her mom hated her guts and gave her a hard time.
  • - She got stalked and harassed when she was barely 15 years old.
  • - Then one night she disappeared, ‘cause her own sister hit her in the head with a rock and her own mother buried her. might I add ALIVE.
  • - Then she was saved but couldn’t get back home because the person harassing her was still out there.
  • - She finally reaches for Emily to meet with her but Spencer follows them and Ali feels betrayed by the person she trusted the most in the whole world.
  • - She comes home finally, but her mom gets killed.
  • - Then her own best friends doubt her and accuse her of being -A. The person she thought was most loyal actually tries to frame her.(helloo emily)
  • -A tries to strangle her.
  • - Finally she is arrested and accused of Mona’s murder. She spends time in prison.
  • - The girls ignore her.
  • - Then she gets out but her best friends are kidnapped.
  • - She then discovers she has an older brother named Charles.
  • - She finds his grave and thinks he is dead.
  • - Then she finds out he is actually alive and the one torturing her friends and family.
  • - And when she finally meets him, she finds out he is actually CeCe Drake.

 And after all this bullcrap, Ali still finds the strength to forgive her sister get over all the accusations and be bffs with the girls again.

I know people always accuse Alison of being such a bitch and I know she did so much shit that was completely wrong, but also look at all that she has gone through. and it’s not even all of it. Like yes, she is a bitch, but maybe she wouldn’t have even survived half of this without being one.

Like if you can’t see the character development in all this, then I don’t know what to say,man..