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- And you’ve been a critic, you’ve been a cheerleader and some say that you are a friend.
- Well, I would like to think so.

Reasons Buffy Summers is Awesome
  • Because even as a sixteen year old she willingly goes to sacrifice her freaking life to save the world.
  • Because she keeps on fighting even when she has nothing but herself.
  • Because she has the most badass quips ever.
  • Because she has the most badass hair ever.
  • Because she’s been hurt by so many people. Angel. Spike. Willow. Faith. And she forgives them all even though it would be completely understandable if she didn’t.
  • Because she basically owns the Watchers’ Council’s asses multiple times.
  • Because she cares so damn much about all her friends and family. She’ll do anything for them. It gets harder for her to get attached to people as she grows older, but when she loves, she loves with her whole heart.
  • Because she’s not perfect. She makes mistakes. She sometimes almost gives up. But in the end, she’ll always do what’s right.
  • Because in Season Six, she didn’t want to be alive and she couldn’t tell her friends because they had all these expectations of her and she was afraid of what she was becoming and she had to work at the freaking Doublemeat Palace and she hated herself and she STILL kicked ass and continued to pretend she was okay and took care of everyone even though everything was falling apart. And because despite all the pain she overcame all that, learned to live again.
  • Because she changed the story of Slayers forever. She didn’t just save the world, she changed it.
  • Because she’s just a girl, and she’s what monsters have nightmares about. She walks, she talks, she shops, she sneezes. She loves, gives, and forgives. I could go on forever. She is Buffy Anne Summers and she is my favorite character in my favorite TV show because she is fucking amazing and beautiful in every single way. Okay? Okay.
Random Buffyverse Thought

Perhaps part of the reason Tara is so empathetic towards Buffy in Dead Things is because she spend most of her life thinking she was a demon. The situations are different (for Tara, realizing she’s human fixes a lot more than it does for Buffy) but Tara still knows what it’s like to think that she’s wrong. Just like in The Body, Tara understands what Buffy is going through better than anyone else can, because she went through it too.

A Gift for Adrien- A Miraculous One-Shot

Synopsis: Chat Noir has noticed something. Lately, whenever they finish patrol, his lady happens to pull out some yarn from the bag she’s taken to carrying. Oddly enough, his classmate Marinette is working on the same gift. There’s no way they could be…? Could it?

Author’s Note: I’m still trucking along and this time, with a fluffy Adrinette/ Ladynoir reveal fic requested by Soggy on AO3! Enjoy!

Chat Noir scaled the side of the Eiffel Tower with ease, landing on a steel beam, his eyes glowing in the evening gloom. His ears twitched and his nose caught the whiff of something rather lovely. He lifted it in the air. Licking his lips, he strolled across the beam until he joined Ladybug where she sat on the edge, swinging her legs back and forth as she hummed lightly to herself. She leaned her head just enough to acknowledge his approach. Her bluebell eyes didn’t turn to face him as she was completely engrossed with something in her hands. He smiled. Sitting next to her, he stared at the movements of her hands.

“How’d it go,” she asked, still hooking and wrapping the yarn in a technique he’d remembered as crocheting. He shrugged.

“Not bad. Managed to catch some guy harassing a couple of ladies on their way home but for the most part, it was quiet.”

She nodded. “Yeah. It was pretty quiet on my end too.” A smirk appeared on her lips and she paused in her work long enough to reach to the other side of her seat and toss him an all too familiar bag. With the emblem “TS” on the front, Chat licked his lips as the goodies landed in his lap. He opened the bag quickly. Inside was an assortment of cookies and croissants which he greedily searched through until he found one with chocolate, his favorite. He sat the bag back between them.

“Thanks LB.” She muttered in response. They sat in silence for sometime until curiosity finally got the best of him. “So what are you making? You’ve been working on it pretty hard for the last week or so.” She hesitated, her fingers slowing around the yarn. She didn’t stop though. Absently, she replied, “It’s a birthday gift for one of my classmates.” He smirked.

“Really? That’s awesome. You know, my birthday is coming up soon too.” She blinked. A soft smile crossed her face.

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Why Ochako Is Actually the Best WSJ Heroine Out There

Alright alright alright alright alright alright

I was going to make a post for Ochako sometime in the future but I recently saw some twats on the internet made a poll for worst WSJ heroine and I saw Ochako on there as the worst and I’m so sorry but as an individual who has SO MUCH LOVE for this character, I can’t sit still and allow people to call her the worst WSJ heroine. I just can’t. Hate her all you want, this world isn’t filled with love and positivity and rainbows all the time but to call her the WORST? No way man. No way.

I mean to start she is such a loving and caring and honest character who is positive and tries the best in everything she does. Sure she needs help once in a while but you know who ELSE needed help? Bakugou when the evil alien thingy was swallowing him up. Izuku needed help both mentally and physically when it came to his new quirk. Hell even a pro hero needed help from Iida to go warn the others. Does that make them automatically weak and not able to take care of themselves?? Absolutely not.

Ochako isn’t a damsel in distress so why are people making her out to be that way??

I mean did you not see how WELL she handled herself at the entrance exam?

Did you not see how WELL she handled the USJ incident?

Did you not see how EXCEPTIONALLY WELL she fought against Bakugou during the Sports Festival?

Or what about the end of the term test?

Or what about when she was fighting with Himiko?

Yea, last time I checked, she can handle and take care of herself pretty ok.

And adding on top of that, she isn’t some character that is only there to either suck the dick of the MC or even there to show her tits off to every single male character in the series.

To start off, I mean have you seen hero costume?? Or even her school uniform?

She is literally covered from head to toe and doesn’t have the tits the size of Erza or even Meiko. She’s incredibly modest and her character legit doesn’t revolve sex appeal or any of that stuff that most Shounens contain. The most “fanservice” we got from her is when she appeared with her hero costume

But as you can see, it’s not even real fanservice. It’s just Deku finding a GIRL HIS AGE ATTRACTIVE WHO IS WEARING A REALLY CUTE HERO COSTUME AND LOOKS CUTE IN IT (because apparently a male character can’t find a character attractive unless her tits are hanging out and he falls head first in them smdh).

And let’s forget she’s not just there so Deku can have a girl on the side who he can fuck after the series is over like no. As much Izuocha is a prevalent ship in the series and the one that’s most likely going to be canon unless Deku discovers he is gay and goes after Todoroki’s ass, she’s not there to cater to the MC’s needs or be the individual who puts her life at risk EVERY TIME for the MC and doesn’t have any other goal than to ride his ass at the end. Like no.

This is a girl who is going through all of this hero training so she can help provide for her family. She’s not doing this so she can roll around in a pool of money. She wants to be able to help her family and be there for them. I mean look at this:

She even tried to help her mom and dad when she was a LITTLE kid but her parents told her to pursue her dream WHICH she is doing so she can help them out.

I mean oh my gosh I know I have so much more to say on this and I will probably write a better version of this since this is mostly me just ranting uncontrollably because someone messed with one of my all-time favorite character but I’m just BAFFLED that someone could say she’s the worst WSJ heroine out there. Like??? Not to call out their characters but have you SEEN some of the other heroines in other shounens cuz?? They’re not always as well written as Ochako is, js.

do you think kuroiro has pets that no one knows about

he takes monoma home

kuroiro: monoma i have something to tell you
monoma: aww im glad you trust me enough to–

kuroiro, pulling the cover off his fishtanks. inside one is two squids, another tank has a blue ringed octopus, and the third houses parrot fishes.

kuroiro, dunking his hand into the blue ringed octopus’ tank: do you still accept me?

all i wanted to do was see if there was any confirmed reasoning for how Sophie’s curse works, why did i have to read a huge ass essay on why she’s a bland character and the movie destroyed her? 

yes the film is different from the book, but if you think movie!Sophie is bland then you’re probably part of the problematic ideology of a woman only being ‘strong’ or ‘relevant’ to the story if she has powers or can physically fight. 

strength comes in many different forms. she is the hero of the story, and if you can’t see that, simply because she has no magic, then i cant help you. 

Is it Possible to have Two Soulmates?

Summary: You’ve been attending Beacon Hills high school forever and you’re best friends with Stiles and Scott. You have been and always will be in love with Stiles. However, one night with the pack, things take a turn. You end up saving someones life who could be vital to the pack. Everyday, the two of you become closer and closer.  I used Peter from the amazing spider-man as the guy you’re seeing. Except he isn’t spider man, he’s just a normal dude- well kinda. Stiles starts to get jealous. Enjoy!

Ship: Stiles x Fem!Reader

Warning: Jealousy, LOADS OF FLUFF, awkwardness, swearing (of course), dorky peeps, blood, etc. 

Your P.O.V

I lean against the cold, concrete wall. It was soothing considering the circumstances. Stiles and Scott were on each side of me. Scott’s arm stuck outward, protectively. My heart was beating out of my chest. Scott turned his head, speaking softly. “Calm down (Y/n). Everything’s going to be okay. Just stick to the plan.” I nodded, taking deep slow breaths. All of a sudden, I heard a loud bang come from in front of us. We all glance up to see a gigantic, alpha drop something on the concrete floor. I squint to get a better view. It was..a body.. Oh god.. Why would he bring a body here? Unless he was important..

I glance at Stiles, his terrified expression copied my own. Scott flashes a light at Derek and Issac. There bodies tense up at this action; ready to make a move at his sudden command. Everything was going fine, until the alpha let out a heinous, low, cackle. He picked up his enormous foot and hovered it over the unconscious body. He was going to kill that poor kid.. Before I could comprehend my actions, I bolted forward. My feet collided with the beast. He stumbled to the ground, getting back up within no time. I hovered over the boy, checking his heart rate. Active. Thank god.. I glance at the now pissed off Alpha. Even though my heart rate was at an all time high, I sent him the most evil and terrifying glance that I could do under these circumstances.

He grinned wickedly, running forward. I turned toward the boy, spreading myself out so I could protect him. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see blue missed spew out and shock him. He stumbled back, completely dazed. I then look back at the boy whose hands are glowing. My jaw dropped as it started to disperse. Lydia and Stiles ran over to my aid, glaring at my sudden suicide mission. I roll my eyes. “Look, give me the talk later. Stiles, go grab your jeep. We need to get him to safety. Lydia help me get him up.” She nods, following the command that I gave, wrapping her arm under his pit. I lift up most of his body weight and hoist him up into Stile’s jeep. I lay him down gently, checking his vitals. “Stiles! Lydia! Let’s go! We’ve got to get this guy to a hospital now!” Immediately, they hopped in the front seat and hit the pedal. Please be okay.. Please be okay..

After a few hours..

All of a sudden, my restful slumber was disturbed when I felt a gentle hand tap on my shoulder. My eyes bulge open, exhaling drastically. “He’s awake if you would like to see him.” Immediately, I stood up; shaking my head. “How is he?” She smiled. “You got him here just in time. You saved his life.” I shrugged, rubbing the back of my neck. “It’s not big deal-” She rolled her eyes. “Stop it. You’re a hero. Would you like to see him?” I shake my head. “Nah. I’ve got to get home. Thank you for everything.” I wave goodbye to her as I hop into Stile’s jeep. He sends me an adorable smile. Lydia turns around, facing me. “That was a dick move.” I rolled my eyes. “Look, you can mother me tomorrow. I need a shower, okay?” She exhales, frustrated. “Fine.” 

The next day..

I tap my pen on my head repetitively, trying to stay awake. God..this is excruciating.. The coach continued talking absolute nonsense, often hitting the board with a long ruler. I shivered with fear that one day it would hit me. As I was about to glance at the clock, I heard the bell ring. I bolt out of my seat, running away from that room as fast as I could. I heard a sweet, sarcastic voice come from behind me. “You really wanted to get out of that class, didn’t ya?” I turn to see Stiles leaning against a locker, smirking. I roll my eyes. “What can I say, I hate that class. I’m petrified that coach’ll hit me one day with that massive ruler he carries around. He acts like it’s a sword. I’m afraid he’s just gonna stab me out of nowhere.” Stiles bursts out laughing. This simple action makes my heart ache. “I completely agree. To be honest, I’m surprised he hasn’t hit you yet. You just play with your pen most of the class.” I shrug. “I don’t know. Hah.” 

I swing my locker shut, turning my head. We head over to lunch when all of a sudden, I hit my head, cussing under my breath. “Shit..” Stiles stops and looks at me. “You okay?” I shake my head. “Yeah. I forgot to get some paper work from the office to give to my mom. I’ll meet you at the table.” He nods, walking away. Once I enter the office, I greet the little old lady at the desk. “Morning Mrs. Nail. I was wondering if you had the paperwork for my mom from the guidance counselor?” She gave me a sweet smile, before shuffling through some paper work. “Here ya go honey!” I thanked her and stuffed the paperwork in my bag. My thoughts came to a stop when I heard a low voice ask one of the ladies at the front desk “Please! You have to help me! I’m looking for a (Y/n) (Y/L/N). Do you know where I could find her?” 

My heart stopped. What would he want with me? And who was he? The lady spoke in a soothing tone. “She’s right over there.” My head swiveled in their direction. When the our eyes meet, I drop my paperwork. He was absolutely breathtaking. His rough features had an innocence to them. His eyes were a deep green and blue combo. He was fit, not overly muscular but obviously toned. Immediately, we both reached down to pick up my books. Our heads colliding in the process. How cheesy, am I right? We both apologized, completely flustered. When our eyes met once more, he was absolutely breath taking. Quickly, I stuffed my things in my bag; muttering a thank you on the way out. 

Seconds later, he stormed right in front of me. “You’re (Y/n) right?” I nod, blushing. He grinned. “You’re the one who saved me two nights ago. I’m Peter.” I shook his hand. “(Y/n). But you already knew that?-” We both burst out laughing. “I wanted to thank you for saving my life in person. I would like to repay you if I may?” I shrugged. “It’s okay. It’s not that big of a deal.” He scoffed. “You saved my life. Without you, I’d be dead. Let me repay a piece of that favor, by umm..let me take you out for ice cream?” When he smiled, my heart leaped out of my chest. It was so innocent, so sweet. I roll my eyes, blushing. “Sure, why not.” He grinned like child, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen. “Here’s my number. Text me whatever time works for you.” 

He turns to walk away, fist pumping the air. I turn around, giggling. When I take a seat, Lydia wacks me on the back of my head. I groan, giving her a weird look. “What the hell Lydia?” If looks could kill, my mom would be speaking at my funeral right now. “Number one, you could have gotten yourself killed! That was a risky move you pulled.“ I rolled eyes. “But I didn’t. Look I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking about the situation. We planned on taking him from behind and that plan failed when the monster went for that guy. I had to do something, and my body moved before my head did. So, I’m sorry..” She exhaled. “Ugh.. I can’t be mad at you.” I smirked. She hit the back of my head again. “What was that for?” She squinted. “Did you get that cute boys number?” 

I noticed the rest of the pack stop eating at this sudden statement. I smirked, shrugging. “That cute boy I believe you’re referring to is also the guy we saved that night.” The packs eyes widened, along with Lydia. Scott intruded. “What did he say to you?” I shrugged. “He wanted to thank me for saving his life.” Lydia scoffed. “Well, did you get his number?” Allison smirked at me as I stood up. Soon, they were both on my tail, giggling. “He’s really cute. Did you get his number? Are you guys gonna hang out?” I walk up to the lunch line, buying a water bottle. “Yes, I did get his number. And yes, he’s taking me out to get ice cream.” They both screamed like school girls. “Our little girl is growing up so fast hahah.” I roll my eyes, returning to spot. 

Halfway through lunch.. 

“Oh.. (Y/n).” I glance up at Lydia. “Guess who’s been watching you almost the whole lunch period?” My brows furrow as I look in the direction of which she’s pointing. I look up to see Peter smirking at me. My cheeks started to burn. He sent me a wink, making me even more flustered. 

I buried my face in my jacket, blushing even more. I punched Allison’s arm and glared at Lydia. She merely rolled her eyes, smirking. “I hate you both.” Lydia scoffed. “No you don’t. You love us.” I shook my head smirking. 

Stiles P.O.V

My nostrils flared. What the hell was she doing with that guy? And why the hell did she agree to go on a date with him? I don’t trust that bastard. He’s up to something.. Scott kept his hand on my shoulder to steady me. “I don’t like him Scott..” He rolled his eyes. “Why not?” I scoffed. “This guy could be insane. There must be some weird reason is to why the beast took him right?” His brows furrowed as he turned to (Y/n). “Hey (Y/n), when you go on your date, can you get some details about him. Figure out why he’s here and why he was kidnapped?” She gave him a irritated look as he continued. “Please. I need to know that this town is going to be safe.” She rolled her eyes before nodding. He always did have a good way with approaching people. I sent continuous glares at him throughout lunch. I wasn’t going to let some sick bastard hurt my best friend. 

Your P.O.V

After school..

I paced back and forth, often glancing at my phone which was lying on my bed. You can do this (Y/n)..It can’t be that hard..Wait I can’t do this..I’m in love with Stiles..Than again, he only cares and talk about Lydia..He’ll never look at me the way I want him to.. I’m just his friend..nothing more..I laced my fingers through my hair before typing. Hey, it’s (Y/n). Wanna get ice cream after school tomorrow? I threw my phone on my bed and began to pace back and forth. In a matter of a few seconds, my phone buzzed. I jumped on the bed, swiping it open. Yeah, sure thing! By the way, you should probably bring shades tomorrow. It’s suppose to be sunny. I nodded my head. All of a sudden, my phone went off again. And a bathing suit ;) My eyes grow wide. Oh god, are you taking me to the beach? Seconds later my phone buzzed. Something like that.. ;) Bring a towel and spare clothes as well. I slapped my head, hard. This outta be good.. 

The next day after school.. 

My fingers clicked obnoxiously against my desk for relief. I was nervous. Scratch that, more than nervous. I was fucking petrified. I haven’t been on a date with a guy in a well-shit I don’t remember the last time I went on a date with someone. I’ve always liked Stiles. It’s never been someone else. He was my batman. He’s the love of my life. I’ve been fawning over him longer than he’s been fawning over Lydia. But I needed this. I needed to get over him. I needed to feel confident and fall in love and be happy. I deserved that. I take a deep breath as the final bell rings. I take my books and shuffle over to my locker. After shoving all of my essentials into my backpack, I peer over to see Peter leaning against the locker next to mine. “Hey.” He says, sweetly. 

I gasp. “Hey!’ He starts to giggle. “I’m sorry, did I startle you?” I shake my head. “A little bit. But I think I’ll live.” He grinned. “Ready to go?” I nodded, hulling my backpack over my shoulder. He stuck his arm out, speaking in a British accent. “Your chariot awaits m’lady.” I wrap my hand around his arm, laughing. Once we get outside, he runs ahead, opening the door for me. Immediately, I stop and gawk. “Dude, your car is awesome!” He grinned. “Ahh, you know cars?” I shrugged. “A little bit.” His smile grows wide as I hop in. 

After a little while of driving, we pulled up to the nearest ice cream shop. He hopped out of the car and swung the door open, giving me a hand on the way out. I giggle. “What a gentleman.” He shrugs, blushing. “I try.” After a while of talking inside, we started having hilarious competitions. “I bet you I could chug down this hot fudge faster than you can?” He scoffs. “Bring it on cupcake.” We count in unison. “3..2..1..GO!” I shove the heavy, warm liquid down my throat. Moaning in appreciation for its gorgeous taste. After a few seconds, Peter plops his empty container down on the table, smirking. “So what did I win?” I wink. “What do you want?’ He bites his bottom lip. “A kiss?” I looked down. “Maybe later-” I get up and walk out the door. Immediately, I could hear his footsteps behind me. Thank you Lydia. Playing hard to get with this guy, definitely worked. We went back to his car. “So, why did I need my bathing suit?” He smirked. “You’ll have to wait and see princess.” I rolled my eyes, blushing as I stared out the window. 

I heard the radio get louder as I look over to see Peter lip syncing Say My Name by Destiny Child. I burst out laughing. He grinned as he continued. Once he finish, I applauded his wonderful performance. “I bet you couldn’t do better than me.” I scoffed. “Bring it on, twinkle toes.” The next song that came on was Get Ugly by Jason Derulo. He giggled every so often as I winked at him. Finally, we pulled up to a huge house. My jaw dropped as we got out. “This is your house?” He merely nodded. “Wow..” I said, breathless. As we walked through, I merely gawked. I looked to the left of me to see an indoor pool. My eyes widened. “YOU HAVE AN INDOOR POOL?!” He laughed. “Yeah.-” As I turned my head to look at him, my face flushed. He was completely shirtless. “You like what you see?” I began to panic. “Ahh- uh- yeah- uh- spl- uh.” He laughed. “If you wanna get changed in the bathroom, it’s right behind you.” I nodded, running off. You can do this.. You’re gonna be okay. 

After putting on my outfit. I took a once over and exhaled. You’ve got this.. Be confident.. I took another deep breath and walked out. His head was under the water when I walked in. I bit my lip, taking off the towel that covered my body. Once I turned around Peter and I make eye contact. His jaw dropped lower than I thought was humanly possible. His eyes scanned every nook and cranny of my body. I couldn’t help but blush. He laughed. “Well, ya gonna come in? Or am I gonna have to push you in?” I rolled my eyes and jumped in, splashing him as soon as entered the water. We stayed like this for a few hours. Occasionally playing marco polo or just talking. It was quite fun. 

“So, I have to ask. Why did that beast take you?” He looked down and then back up at me. “I’ll explain everything over coffee.” He took my hand, gently pulling me out of the cool water. Once we finished getting dressed, I sat across from him, perplexed. “That beast took me because I-” He stopped, taking a deep breath. “I’m a supernatural being.” My brows furrowed. “What kind of supernatural being?” He smiled. “I’m an angel. Not like the angels from God, more like rogue supernatural.” I shake my head. “Why was he after you?” He shrugged. “Well, I’m a cupid.” My brows furrowed. “Cupid?” He nodded. “My job is to bring two soulmates together.” I shake my head. “Than why did that beast go after you?” He looked down. “The beast wanted to use me for negative purposes. He thought he could force two people to fall for each other when in reality, that’s not how it works.” Before I could ask another question, he helped me up. “Come on. I don’t wanna keep you out late.”

He wraps a blanket around my shoulders, handing me my bag. “I had a really fun day. Thank you.” He grinned. “I hope we get to do it again.” I nodded. “Me too.” The drive home was quiet and comfortable. Once we pulled up to my house, I hoped out of the car. He followed close behind. I reached the door and turned to thank him. But once I did, our lips collided. He was rough but sweet. When he let go, he winked at me; hopping in his car. “See ya later darling.” I wave goodbye and stumble inside, grinning. 

Stiles’s P.O.V

I groan. “SCOTT, STOP HITTING ME WILL YOU!” He stumbled to the ground, rolling his eyes. “Oh shut up. Why the hell are we here again?” I scoff. “I don’t trust this douche canoe! And the last time you doubted me, I was right.” He rolled his eyes. “Okay okay, we get it.” I nodded. “Now, shut up and listen.” I watched as (Y/n) was walked to her door. Peter turned and looked directly at Scott and I, smirking. I glance at him with a pinch of fear. When (Y/n) turns around, he kisses her. All of a sudden, I jumped out from the bushes. Scott pulled me down to the ground. Never in my life had I been this angry before. He looked at me as if I were psychotic. “Stiles! Stop! What are you doing!?” I try to push his arm off of me. “He’s kissing her!!” He scoffs. “Yeah, so? You’ve never had a problem with people going for her before?” I glare at him. “Scott! Let! Me! Go!” I watch as he pulls out and drives away. The anger is slowly deflating from me. 

I let out a long sigh. “I don’t trust that bastard. Come on.” He follows after me, huffing. “Why are you so mad that he kissed her?” I shake my head, ignoring his question. “Stiles!” I turn around, angry now. “I don’t know okay! I don’t know! I’m protective?” He scoffed. “That sounds more like a question than an actual theory.” I shake my head, shuffling forward. He yells again. “STILES!” I turn around, spewing out words before I could even comprehend it. “CAUSE I LOVE HER!!” Both our jaws drop. “Holy.. shit.. I’m in love..I’m in love with (Y/n)..” Scott grins. “How long have you known?” I shake my head. “I’m not sure. She’s always been there for me, ya know? I think it finally hit me when I saw someone else flirting with her..” He pats me on the back. “Go get her dude. Sweep her off her feet.” I nodded, stumbling over to her house. 

I bang on the door, muttering to myself. “Holy shit.. I’m in love..” A few seconds later, (Y/n) opened the door, looking breath taking as ever. “Hey Stiles, what’s up?” I take a big gulp. “(Y/n), there’s something I need to tell you. Something that I should have told you ages ago, but I was too much of a cock to do so..” Her brows furrow. “Is everything okay Stiles?” I nod, gulping agiain. “It would be better if I just showed you.” Before she could speak, I stepped foward, our lips colliding. In a matter of seconds, she kissed back, shutting the door. When our lips separated, I grinned. “I should have told you ages ago. When I saw him kiss you, I lost it. I want you. I always have. I just didn’t know it until I thought I lost you.” She giggles, pulling me closer. “You idiot. You’ll never lose me.” She looks to her right, I follow her gaze. Peter stands across the street smiling. And just like that, he was gone. “What the hell?” She merely smiled. “I was going to tell you guys tomorrow, but I guess now’s a good time. He’s an angel. More like a cupid.”

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My brows furrowed as she continued. “He was pushing two people together. Soulmates. Us..” My cheeks darkened. “We’re soulmates?” She nodded, kissing me again. “I love you Stiles..” My heart fluttered. “I love you too (Y/n). So damn much..” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 




Prompt: Reid and the reader are dating after he saved her from a case.


“Where are you going pretty boy?“

Morgan asked Spencer because he saw the guy run away.
Hearing the question, Spencer stopped and looked at his friend.

“I umh… have to go home. I have to see a… person.”

“Mhh… a person, you mean a girl?”

“No!… Maybe.”

“And who is the lucky lady?”

Spencer thought about what to reply. The lady was you, the victim that the BAU saved from the last case. When they found you, malnourished and full of bruises, Spencer hugged you and, for a moment, you felt good.
You met each other after that and you liked him as he liked you.

“Her name is (y/n).”

Morgan was shocked.

“Do you mean that (y/n)? The girl we saved?”


For a bit, Derek didn’t talk, but after the silencer, he decided to talk to his young friend.

“Are you two together?”

Spencer blushed.

“Well, no. Why do you ask me?”

“I can see you like this girl. You never run home, so I don’t want to be rude. But have you ever think about… maybe she likes you because you saved her. She sees you as a hero.”

Spencer has never been mad at his best friend, but that time, he was very mad.

“Why can’t you just see the happy side of it Derek? Why can’t you be happy for me? I am happy with her and she is happy with me. I am sorry, but you have to get over it.”

“Over what?”

“Over the fact I am happy!”

And after that, Spencer left him in the bullpen.

He waited for you for about half an hour when you arrived.
When you saw him, your eyes shone. He was the most handsome guy for you, he was your hero, he was the man who brought you away from the hell.

The hell. Your mind didn’t want to forget about that. Since that day, you were scared of everything, even of going to the supermarket.
Your mind was always focused on these day, every single day, every single minute, every single second…

“(y/n), what is happening? Why are you crying?”

Spencer dried some of your tears. You didn’t even noticed you were crying, for you it was an habit.

“I am ok Spencer, don’t worry.”

You were so ashemed that you woke up from his couch. But immediately he hugged you from behind.

“How can’t I be worried? You are crying.”

“I know, it is just… it is just…”

But after that phrase, you were just able to sob.

“Please, calm down. Please.”

To calm her down, he kissed her neck and hold her harder.
That scene lasted ten minutes before you were been able to calm down yourself.

“I am so scared Spencer.”

“I know, I know you are scared. But I promise that the nightmares will disappear.”

“How do you know I have nightmares?”

“I just know. I am here, I will be always here.”

“You will get tired of me.”

“I will never be.”

“You promise me?”

Spencer rolled you away and kissed your lips lightly.

“I promise. You will be safe Ashley. No one will hurt you again. I promise.”

And after all, he really kept his promise.

All That Matters Is That I Love Her.(Grant Gustin Imagine)

Request: I wanted to request a grant imagine were the reader and him are married and she’s a surgeon and in an interview with the flash cast the interviewer (who is kind of a jerk) asks grant why he married a doctor instead of an actress or model

I’m so so so sorry I haven’t uploaded all week! I’m thinking about posting imagines whenever I have time or on the weekends since I won’t have school on those times. 

I’m incredibly sorry that I haven’t been as active as many of you thought I would’ve been. 

I hope you enjoy! 

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Many were surprised when Grant finally confessed that he was dating a new person. Some found it romantic that you were completely different from what was expected. However, some found it completely unbelievable and were very vocal on their distaste for you and your relationship.

Throughout the months, you found it easier and easier to brush off the rude commentary but there were times were you wanted to crawl up into a ball and hide forever. Those times were made easier when Grant would wrap himself around you and tell you that you are all he ever wanted in a girl and that he’s more than happy when you’re around. 

Grant was about to hop on into an interview along with the rest of the Flash cast. He was frantically texting you in an attempt to wake you up and get you to watch the interview live instead of recording it for later. On his third call, you finally answered groggily. 

“Baby, I’m about to go on the interview.” He laughed at your complaints. “Pleaaaase watch it.” He begged. 

“Alright fine, Grant. You better be thankful I love you.” You yawned. 

“How was the surgery yesterday?” He questioned as you struggled to find the remote. In the background you could hear someone yell three minutes. 

“It went fine but it took longer than expected.” You filled him in. “That’s why I’m so bloody tired.” 

“I love you, (Y/N).” Grant told you as you switched to the channel of his interview. The same person yelled one minute.

“I love you, too. Now go kill ‘em.” The both of you hung up as you waited for the interview to begin. 

The television show rolled in on your screen. “Now, let us all give a warm welcome to the Flash Cast!” The host cheered and you couldn’t help but give a small yelp of excitement as Grant ran center stage. “Season 3 is rolling back around in early October. How are you all feeling about it?” 

“We’re incredibly excited.” Candice answered. “It’s amazing how far the show’s gotten in the past years.” 

“It must be hard to leave your loved ones for the long periods of time for the show. How do you all keep relationships stable?” Grant smiled, remembering that you’re watching back home in LA. “Grant, you recently confirmed that you’ve been off the market for a while now. How do you keep a relationship going?”

“You have to make an equal amount of effort, on both sides, to keep the relationship going. You have to keep communicating-” Grant began but was cut off. 

“But she’s a surgeon.” The interviewer said, bluntly. You scoffed, offended by his tone, and Grant’s smile was wiped clean. The rest of the cast gave each other a worried look. “She wouldn’t really understand what it’s like being an actor, being a famous person. You know? She’s in her little reality while you’re living a fantasy.” 

“I mean, it shouldn’t matter what she does for a living. I play a superhero, cool. I get it. But she’s a real life hero. Yesterday she saved a life, actually.” Grant explained, you could practically see him tense and you’re sure whoever is watching could as well. 

The topic was really sensitive for the both of you. The fact that people brought up and made fun of your profession was a big obstacle in your relationship. It’s threatened it so many times throughout your shared history. 

“But don’t you think she’s into you for the money, the free advertising for her hospital-”

Grant exhaled rather aggressively as he rolled his eyes.“Look, pal. I don’t care what you think of my girlfriend. But keep it to yourself. She get’s enough hate as is she doesn’t need to be painted as a gold digger when in fact she makes more money than I do on a daily basis. She works hard for her job and she makes me happy. It doesn’t matter that she’s not an actress or a model. All That Matters Is That I Love Her.

Good Guy (Frank Castle)

“Are you hungry?” Lily asked and you paused the movie. You turned to look at the eight year old. “Why? Are you hungry?” You asked her. “…Maybe.” She replied and you smiled. “C'mon, let’s go make you some soup.” You told her, getting up from the couch and making your way towards the kitchen.

She went to the pantry where she grabbed the orange packet and handed it to you. “Alright, where’re the pots?” You asked her. As she went to find a pot large enough for the soup, you walked back into the living room to grab your phone and began to play Type of Way by Rich Homie Quan.

She jumped onto to the counter as you began to crush the package. “Crush this while I pour the water and heat the stove.” You told her, walking to the sink and turning on the water. You filled the pot almost half way and turned on the stove, setting the pot on top of the stove.

Lily finished crushing the package and you ripped it open, pouring the maruchan into the pot. “How long will it take?” She asked. “A few minutes, you can go watch the movie, I’ll turn off the music.” You told her. She hopped off the counter, “Good.” She said, making her way back to the couch. “What’s wrong with Rich Homie Quan?” You asked. “Everything.” She replied, unpausing the movie.

You smiled, turning off the music and checking the news. You froze when you heard something moving from the backyard, turning around and looked out of the slider doors, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. “Lil?” You called out. “Yeah?” She asked. “You okay?” You asked her. “Yeah, why?” She questioned. “Nothing, I thought I heard something.” You told her.

I’m being paranoid. Everything is fine.

You would have believed yourself if the dogs didn’t start barking. You quickly turned off the stove and ran to Lily. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “I need you to be quiet, Lil. Do like we practice and go to your room.” You instructed her. She turned off the TV and walked to her room as you made sure the doors were locked. “Y/N/N?” Lily called out. “Yeah, honey?” You asked, making your way to her. You turned a corner and let out a scream.

Frank was leaning on the wall, blood dripping from him and onto the floor, staining the wall. Lily came running and screamed when she saw the bloody man. “W-who is he?” Lily asked. You gently pulled her behind you, “What do you want, Frank?” You asked him. “Um, some medical attention would be pretty good.” He said. “Lily, I need you to go into your room and lock the door.” You told her. “She’s safe, I made sure no one followed me here.” Frank told you.

“Is…is he the Punisher?” Lily asked. “I…yes.” You said. She smiled and moved past you to hug Frank’s legs. It shocked you both, Frank most of all. “Thank you.” She told him. “Lil, what’re you doing?” You asked her. She let him go and turned to look at you. “He’s a hero. A good guy, right?” She asked you. You could see Frank’s eyes shed a few tears. You smiled at her, “Go get the first aid kit.” You told her, she nodded and ran into her parents’ bedroom then into the bathroom and grabbed the kit.

You helped Frank to the couch, “Get me a towel!” You called out. Frank sat on the couch and chuckled, “You worried I’ll stain your couch?” He asked. “Kinda, my sister will kill me if anything happens to them.” You told him. “What happened?” You asked, checking his wounds. “Well, I was shot, stabbed and they tried to burn me with a torch.” He explained.

Lily came and gave you the towel, setting the kit on the floor next to you. “It’s almost 10, you should go to sleep. Your mom will kill me if you’re out of bed after 10.” You told her, making Frank stand up so you could put the towel under him. “But, I think she’ll understand. We’re helping a hero!” She told you. “You cannot tell your mom about this.” You stated. “Why?” She asked. “Well…not a lot of people like the Punisher.” You told her. “But why? He’s like Captain America.” Lily stated causing Frank to chuckle. “Yeah, except I don’t wearing the American flag and…un-alive bad people.” He told her. She smiled, causing Frank to smile at her.

“She your niece?” Frank asked as you grabbed the hydrogen peroxide and drenched a piece of cloth with the liquid. “Yeah.” You answered. “How old are you?” Frank asked her as you cleaned the bleeding wound on his arm. He didn’t even flinch, being used to the pain. “8.” Lily smiled. “Well, I think you should listen to your aunt, wouldn’t want mommy to get mad.” Frank told her. She giggled, “Okay.” She told Frank. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from the bad guys.” He said. “Goodnight.” She told you and Frank, walking towards her bedroom.

“You’re pretty good with kids.” You told him. He nodded, “I need you to take off your shirt so I can see the slashes.” You said. As he took off his shirt, you grabbed the needle and thread from the kit. When you turned back to look at him, you cursed. “How are you still breathing?” You asked him, seeing he had many deep knife slashes and a bullet hole. “I’m fine, just fix me up so I can finish what I started.” Frank told you.

“You need to go to the hospital.” You told him. “I said I’m fine.” He told you. “You know, your recklessness was the main reason I stopped hanging out with you.” You stated, beginning to clean the blood from his chest. “Yeah? What else is knew?” He asked. “Well, did you know you’re a complete idiot?” You asked him and he chuckled. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I ordered sarcasm with my stitching.” He told you, rephrasing what you told Lily not too long ago. “You heard that?” You asked, grabbing more cloth.

“Oh yeah, nice dancing by the way.” He commented. “How long were you watching us?” You asked him. “A few minutes, had to make sure I lost them before breaking into the house.” He stated and you nodded.

After cleaning his bloody chest and making sure the wounds wouldn’t be infected, you began to stitch the knife slashes. “So, you want to pull the bullet out of you or just leave it in?” You asked him. “What?” He asked. “Well, I’m not putting my finger in there.” You stated. “Why not?” He asked you. “There is a difference between being an  Ex-S.H.I.E.L.D agent and sticking fingers in someone’s chest to pull out a bullet.” You told him. “You just need pliers.” He stated. “No, that’s a line I have not and will not cross.” You told him and he scoffed. “You’ve done worse.” He told you.

“No, I really haven’t.” You said.


“I’m always tempted to have that,” Kreisberg says of Cat recognizing Supergirl as Kara. “Calista and I have discussed it. There’s a moment when she says, ‘I see the hero in you,’ and she looks to the sky. It’s like, ‘Does she know?’ I like that there’s this feeling out there that maybe she does know and maybe she’s just going along with it, because that’s part of the ruse that she understands that.” (x)

Since the ramblings and brief prologue I’d written for my Darekitten AU has gotten so much love, lately, I decided to go ahead and post the one other scene I had written for that story before getting distracted with other projects.

Now, this is for my take on a blind!Adrien AU, so it may or not be consistent with the very fantastic Blind Spots AU developed by @girlwithribbon, @qookyquiche, and @laundromatic.

Anyhow. Shutting up. Enjoy!

Chat Noir plummeted towards the ground at breakneck speed, the air rushing up past him and filling him with a burst of adrenaline. As he drew closer to inevitable demise – or at the very least, crippling injury – the hero extended his baton, holding it out before and beneath him. A second later, the staff caught between the railings of two fire escapes and he gripped it tightly, using it to swing his momentum upwards. Somersaulting up through the air, he landed safely upon a nearby roof a moment later, throwing his arms to the sky like a gymnastic champion.

“And Chat Noir executes a flawless landing!” the teen hero spoke to the night in an announcer’s voice. “Perfect form through the double flying somersault, ladies and gents. Let’s see if it’s enough to please the judges.”

“CHAT NOIR!” Ladybug berated sharply as she swung up to join him. He could hear her heart beating a little more rapidly than that bit of exertion would account for.

“Me-owch!” he declared, shaking his head sadly. “The judges do not seem pleased, at all, folks. Better luck to our hero next time.”

She sputtered exasperatedly at him. “Just because you can see in the dark, doesn’t mean you should pull such… such… reckless stunts!” the girl chastised. Oh, if only she knew.

“Relax, LB,” Chat Noir replied, turning towards his partner with an unrepentant grin. He placed a hand over his heart and donned his most sincere expression. “Do you honestly think that I would risk a single hair on this beautiful head of mine?”

Ladybug huffed at him. “It was still stupid,” she muttered.

He wished, not for the first time, that he could actually see her face. Would her cheeks be flushed beneath her mask? Does she have freckles? Chat Noir didn’t know. As it was, he could only just make out that she was pouting at him. Chat’s grin returned.

“But think of the possibilities, My Lady,” he coaxed. “Just imagine it. Giant billboard, a picture of yours truly across it, of course, and the words: ‘Chat Noir – Darekitten!'”

“More like 'dumb kitten’,” Ladybug replied with a scoff. Chat didn’t miss the hint of fondness in her tone, however. “You’re going to break your neck one of these times.”

“Ah, but not tonight,” the boy replied pleasantly, his gaze sweeping over a world of greenish outlines and few details. “Honestly, you shouldn’t be such a worrywart. I’ve proven my capabilities by now, haven’t I?”

Ladybug turned her head only slightly, probably glaring at him out of the corner of her eye. “I’d stop being a worrywart if you stopped trying to give me a heart attack.”

Chat Noir only smirked in response.