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I want to give a shoutout to @cloversdreams for not only being such an amazing commissioner to work with, but a wonderful friend who is such an amazing support///// I couldnt have asked for anything better and I rly enjoyed these commissions! thank you again rly, I am so grateful, and enjoy the heck out of these ships because I know I do //wiggles eyebrows //SHOT

What I Want from QoAaD (LoS spoilers below)

•Julian releasing his anger and sadness and frustration (i.e. throwing and breaking things) and Emma finding him and calming him down (He breaks down in her arms and just sobs for hours)
•Julian not shutting anyone out, but taking time alone to channel his emotions into painting
•Everyone to realize Livvy died a freaking hero. She saved Julian and who knows who else that saved in the end too.
•None of the Blackthorns fall into a serious state of depression after Livvy’s death (especially Ty)
•Kit *really* being there for Ty.
•I want what happened to bring the Blackthorns closer, especially in Dru’s case.
•Badass Blackthorns™+Emma and Cristina and Diana (and Kieran?) avenging Livvy. And for them to realize how much of this is Zara and her Cohort’s fault, and like, destroying them.
•Zara to be ended one way or another (death, imprisonment, something beyond exile bc she’s not worthy of it)
•The Cohort’s failure. The Registry not to be passed. CC stated that The Wicked Powers is going to be set to resolve some problems from TDA that left some people short of their rights.
•Cristina to end the Cold Peace
•More Cristina x Mark
•More Kit x Ty
•Dru being the real badass we all know she is
•Diana to become head of the LA Institute (Mortal Sword is gone). Or Helen with Diana as the tutor like before. I can’t choose
•No more Blackthorn deaths. None.
•Cristina and Diana can’t die either
•Clace engagement (or even wedding)
•The Lightwoods take time to grieve but Simon and Izzy still get married
•Magnus is okay! Tessa is okay! All the warlocks are okay! (except for Malcolm. He can rot in hell)
•So much of Emma’s sass and sarcasm
•Helen’s exile to be lifted. Helen should run the LA Institute with Aline and be close to her family, but if she can’t, Diana should definitely get the job.
•Malec exploring the idea of marriage???
•Kit really showing off his Herondale™
•Ty to be the one to avenge Livvy (killing Annabel? idk)
•The r u i n a t i o n of Julian and Emma’s parabatai bond if it means they can be together. Can’t Cortana cut through anything? Cut the runes with it idk
•If they can remain parabatai and be together, that would also be splendid. Even better. FIND A WAY.
•More Jem and Tessa. They were absent during like all of Lord of Shadows
•More Sherlock and Watson moments between Ty and Kit
•THE EXPLANATION OF HOW BRIDGET IS ALIVE SHES A N C I E N T (is it in the last hours? or the bane chronicles? i’m planning on reading tbc next so i guess i’ll see)
•More Wise™ Cristina
•Okay who tf is Ash? Is he really Sebastian’s son? Please make him not-bad. He’s a child. He can be good
•Dru to have a major storyline with the thingy Jaime left (for her)?
•Go, Diego, go!

Lena after single handedly saving the entire alien population in National City and leading to the arrest of her evil step-mom, aka the leader of CADMUS.

Dani is a great hero but...

She might make a better (and more disturbing) villain. She would be the hardest for Danny to fight once she was stabilized because she has all the same powers as him and they seem to becoming in faster than his are (bc Danny didn’t know about his ecto blasts till he was in a fight but dani had them at a few days old). Dani was probably never taught how to read or write so it would make for an interesting weakness. But their would also be Danny trying to save her from herself but Dani doesn’t see much wrong with what she’s doing as long as no one drops dead. Even then I don’t think she would fully grasp death in the way others would bc she helped kill the other clones without any remorse. And she might no realize she killed someone due to her own ghostly powers she can tell their soul is still where she left it so it’s fine.
But it might get the attention of other rouges that there’s a new power house in the game and when they go to meet her they are floored by it really being a little kid who doesn’t really understand the world or the way it works they all make a silent agreement to keep her from doing anything too bad that once some parts of life fall into place for her she won’t feel too bad about it (or she might just turn out like all of them and not really care). But they start seeing her more in other hero’s cities while she travels. Even though she’s a criminal she’s still a kid who just doesn’t really understand and Danny just kept going on about justice but all she really has for justice is the dictionary definition not the feeling behind it so she doesn’t feel bad.
What freaks the heroes and villains out though is how causal she is when she mentions how abusive Vlad was to her without blinking. She’s planning a heist with captain cold and her accidentally wacks her with something and after he apologizes she just says “it’s fine my dad hit me harder and he never apologized” and doesn’t even blink and Len is just haunted by how causal she is about something like that.
She’s facing Batman down in Gotham after teaming up with poison ivy and Harley Quinn to rob a green house because she’s never seen the plants they were keeping there. Batman tells he can get her help she needs, she doesn’t need to go down this road and Dani just doesn’t get it “the person who built me didn’t want me why does anyone else?” This just shocks Bruce because batman doesn’t get shocked and her just lack of real self preservation went facing down people she’s met before like if she’s met a hero or a villain once before she’ll just stay put to talk with them as if they didn’t fight the last time they saw each other.
Dani is just a disturbed child tries to fit in with the rouges and eventually ends up getting adopted the central city rouges, but is prone to disappear and show back up with shop lifted post cards from other countries.
One day she leaves on a trip after telling heat wave that she’ll be gone for two days or so she’s off but she isn’t back in a week and the rouges start to put off crimes until they know where she is, but two weeks pass and Dani is just gone. They don’t have a clue where the kid went and after four weeks one of them but they never found out who told the flash, Dani was missing. Flash knows that Dani has been working with his rouges even though she should by all accounts be one of phantom’s but for some reason she just told him the mayor of the town freaks her out. So he tells phantom and the look on his face told the flash Phantom knew why she would disappear and told him it could be the guys in white and explained they were government ghost hunters or it could be the man who created her. And the thought of the man who made a child so disturbed that they would ask why someone wanted them and it was okay to not of apologize for hitting them made ever rouge in central city gear up for the most painful beat down they ever gave to someone.

jmkfan  asked:

May I ask how Vulcans/Amanda/etc. are coded as Jewish? I ask not out of disagreement, but out of curiosity and, as a gentile, only have a basic understanding of Judaism. I do understand that Leonard Nimoy was Jewish (& Will Shatner too I think?). The coding just isn't as obvious to me. Thank you bluespock <3

There isn’t “hard solid canon evidence” for this, it’s more just a widespread accepted fan interpretation based on what Leonard Nimoy said in interviews compounded with “Jewish vibes” surrounding Vulcans as a whole, to the point that Spock and the other Vulcans being Jewish became “canon”. Sorta like all the first names given pre-2009, or Uhura being from the United States of Africa  (since all that was explicitly stated in canon before then was that her first language was Swahili). Hopefully I’m not projecting too much, but considering that other Jewish fans have been repeating these same ideas for years, I think everything I’m saying here is coming from a very legitimate place of recognizing Jew-coding when I see it. 

So the first and probably most prominent, unavoidable thing is the Vulcan salute. That story of how it came to be gets passed around everywhere, since the fact that Nimoy came up with such a culturally significant icon based on a synagogue blessing he witnessed as a child is rather remarkable. My mom said that she was familiar with the same blessing (you’re not supposed to look, but of course all the children do anyway), and when she had watched Spock do that on TV, she freaked out over it. Spock was one of her childhood heroes, and seeing him blatantly “be Jewish” meant a lot to her, because there weren’t (and still aren’t) too many Jewish characters where their entire personalities didn’t revolve around tired antisemitic stereotypes. 

Another thing that I noticed was the Vulcan ear discrimination that Spock was subjected to acting as this…placeholder…for Jewish nose insults. I seem to remember bigoted humans/other aliens on TOS smirking snidely at Spock and going “oh, I can tell that you’re a Vulcan because of your pointed ears.” This isn’t to say that the Vulcan ear jokes come with the same negative connotations and power dynamics as Jewish nose jokes do, because it’s not rooted in the same oppression system at all. It’s more just sorta like hearing “you know, if your ears (nose) weren’t so damn pointy, you could almost pass for a human (gentile)!” It acts as a way to “other” Spock from his crew of humans, the same way that Jewish nose stereotypes act to “other” Jewish people from society. This parallel isn’t as discussed from what I’ve seen, but I noticed it right away and couldn’t forget about it.

Then there’s the Vulcan Mysticism, which is basically Kabbalah. That one can be confirmed by Nimoy himself, because he started practicing it around the same time he was working on Search For Spock and developed the entire concept of Vulcan Mystics being able to reconstruct eternal souls. Unfortunately, I don’t know a whole lot about Kabbalah and can’t really discuss specific parallels beyond general ideas, but what I can tell you is the fact that both Vulcan Mysticism and Kabbalah exist outside the “mainstream” ideology of Vulcan culture and Jewish religion/culture. For example, I don’t think you’re supposed to start practicing Kabbalah until you’re around 40 years old, and you don’t learn/do it through a synagogue either—you do it with Kabbalah-specific communities. With the Vulcan Mystics, they were all elders who were sort of “outsiders” to mainstream Vulcan society. They were obviously very well-respected and accepted by other Vulcans, it’s more just that their focus on spirituality and the intangible/unexplainable parts of life had no place in the mainstream Vulcan scientific/political institutions and Surak’s teachings. That constructed separation between leaders of spirituality and leaders of mainstream ideology is something that seems to be very heavily Jewish-influenced. 

Moving on from cultural parallels, we get climate/genetic parallels. Vulcan as a planet is very similar in climate to the deserts of the middle east where Jews as a whole originated from. Another cool thing is that Vulcans appear as many different races, just as Jews do. You can be ethnically Jewish and literally any race, which is seen in Vulcans across multiple shows. However, the most common presentation of Vulcans is olive skin, thick dark brown or black hair, and dark brown almond shaped eyes. Sort of like how people view the “archetypal Jew”, minus the curly hair (okay but real talk, literally all of my cousins look exactly like this, so…just saying). Then there was a really cool detail that made me laugh a little bit too hard—the whole “third eyelid” thing with Vulcans. It’s a very common Jewish phenotype to have multiple eyelid creases or “hooded” eyelids. I think it’s pretty common for a lot of middle easterners to have eye shapes like that, but the fact that even the whitest whites of Jews STILL have that eyelid trait distinguisher after all those generations of living all over Eastern and Northern Europe is pretty cool. I noticed it in myself for the first time when I tried to use eyeshadow palettes that instructed one color go over the crease, and my first response was “which one?” 

On the topic of ideology, there are parallels in the perpetual struggle between logic and emotion that Vulcans face (since they’re deeply emotional beings, but they use strict logical disciplines to control and counteract it). I don’t know if this is a Jewish-specific struggle, but I at least think it’s worth noting that our culturally-significant attempts to be more peaceful and rational in our approaches to life are often cut short by having to fight back against widespread institutionalized oppression. There definitely seems to be a struggle between what the teachings say and how it actually plays out emotionally on both the individual and societal levels. However, like I said, that likely isn’t a Jewish-specific problem. 

Finally, we get to a much more general ideological topic, which is just that Vulcans valuing peace, logic, knowledge, and wisdom above all else is very much at home with Jewish values. Like the Vulcans dissecting and discussing Surak’s teachings (which doesn’t happen in TOS very much, but it happens in the novels and TV show Enterprise quite frequently), much of Jewish religion focuses on the why of the specific texts. People within the synagogue are encouraged to ask the rabbi questions about specific passages, beliefs in G-d, mortality, and Jewish ideology in general. My mom said that one of the things she loved about Judaism was how deeply it encouraged free thought and asking questions (at least in her synagogue, since I’m certain that people will have different experiences with this). Even if she didn’t believe a damn thing about a deity or an afterlife, she still enjoyed engaging in philosophical banter with the community she was in. 

I hope that helped make things clearer for you. Part of the reason I relate to Spock so much is because I’m only half ethnically Jewish, and it’s led to rejection from both groups in 100% direct parallels to Spock’s life. Watching how he handled it really inspired me, and even if I relate to him for reasons that come from a place of pain, it’s good to see my culture being represented in a way that highlights the positive attributes of it so well. I think Leonard Nimoy was happy with the results of Jew-coding Vulcans as a whole beyond just Spock, to say the least. 


endless list of favorite characters + Meredith Grey

“ I think you can’t wait for someone to fly underneath and save you and save your life. I think you have to save yourself. “


Showcase of a Dad Moment: Ochako’s Father

I’m throwing in a “jumpscare warning” in the description because Ochako wasn’t the only one who was freaked out.

Anyways, this is the cutest gosh darn freaking thing in the whole episode right after All Might giving out hugs to all the winners (or trying to). I wanted to find the scene where Ochako gets a call from her dad and he tells her how proud he is and how she did a wonderful job. I think they did a really good job showing that he loves his daughter and just wants her to be happy no matter what, and all that love and nurturing from both him and her mom cultivates into her desire to be a licensed hero to help them out.


Honestly the fact that there is more Kylo Ren merchandise than Rey merchandise is one of the most irritatingly sexist things

To the right person, your height is perfect. Your eye colour is their favourite colour. They will adore your laugh, and they will love that you play video games, or board games, or no games at all. And they won’t give a shit how much hair you have on your body. You might not meet them tomorrow, or the next day, but you will eventually.
—  Aislinn Paul

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I think people forget that the sorting hat takes account of the person request like it did with Harry, so even if the hat (like with harry) wanted to put Clarke in Slytherin, Clarke could simply ask "not slytherin" and end up a Gryffindor

 Ok, I will use this opportunity to explain why I see Clarke as a Slytherin and this is going to be a little longer than I thought, are y’all ready? 

Clarke could have asked the hat to be in any house, that’s true. But I do love to think that Clarke, the protagonist, is in the unappreciated & misunderstood house of Slytherin. 

And because Clarke is the protagonist it’s easier to relate and see yourself in her, that’s why we all see her differently. She takes us through this journey and initially we think: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

No, joke lol but her physical appearance combined with the way she is first introduced (Finn calling her: “Princess" in reference to her position as the daughter of the elite in Arkadia) we think she’s going to be sweet, naive and nice. 

Clarke is a BADASS! The only ‘Princess’ in Clarke is her blond pretty hair and Disney Princess appearance. Clarke is strong and intelligent. She knew she was the one who had to lead when the 1OO first got in the ground. She knew what the 1OO had to do to survive.

She’s a fast learner and every time she was required to make choices that were best for her people at the expense of others’ lives and at the cost of any shred of hope or innocence she had left in her she took it.  

Clarke is NOT impulsive, she’s observant: Do you remember when Anya died(delete this Anya is alive). So when that happened she cut off her braid before the sky people disposed her body. She had probably observed the significance of braid-cutting in the grounder’s culture: She was already anticipating on using it for her own gain before she even had a reason to. That becomes a fact when she takes the braid to Lexa. SHE ALREADY KNEW LEXA WAS ANYA’S SECOND and she used that information in her advantage. She omitted how Anya really died and used their friendship bond to manipulate Lexa. 

I see Clarke as a Slytherin because for me she is the Wanheda, Commander of Death ~The Antiheroine. She is not the conventional hero and I think that’s freaking beautiful!

She makes mistakes, she isn’t honest, she fights dirty, she’s not impulsive: she’s manipulative and cunning. She uses intimidation tactics and knows how to use situations in her advantage. She does not hesitate to take any opportunity when it presents itself. She’s extremely resourceful and guess what? that doesn’t make her evil.

The fact that she manipulates people isn’t because she is ‘evil’ but because she is EMPATHIC, she takes time to understand and read people and with this same trait she also inspires and encourages them. 

Somebody stop me because If i continue writing I will end up with an essay. But the fact that Clarke Griffin is a Slytherin is amazing! Slytherin is the misunderstood house, the house that gets blamed for shit they don’t actually deserve *cough cough* (much like someone we know?). Clarke could be is a Slytherin, and that so empowering because people can’t see how much of a Slytherin she is. Just proves to me that there is a huge misconception when it comes to this house. Come on guys! Self-interest is seeing as something evil when we clearly see Clarke using situations for her own benefit.


Yes, and guess who else does it for their people? That’s right: Slytherins. One of the main traits of Slytherin is: Fraternity. Most people fail to acknowledge this trait. Haven’t heard that little Hogwarts logic? no? here it is:

Slytherins are so loyal to their friends and families that they will kill for them, if necessary. Do I need to mention Mount Weather or Finn here or you guys are good? 

Sorry D and all of you who think Clarke Griffin is a Gryffindor, Clarke is a proud, beautiful and the PERFECT example of a Slytherin! Misunderstood, misread and accused of shit they don’t deserve.

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Clarke is such a Slytherin that Salazar Slytherin and Merlin would be proud. 


You can tell Marvel’s claim that the reason their comic sales are doing badly because “people hate diversity” is BS by the fact that new DC characters like Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Jaime Reyes, and many others have been received well and people are buying their comics.

Maybe if Marvel did more than just make characters whose only defining characteristic is how “diverse” they are they’d do better, and if they stopped blaming their fans/customers for their failures.

I honestly believe Kamala doing so well was a (good) freak accident. I almost wish she was a DC hero so Marvel would stop running her into the ground….

Magnum Opus: Chapter 18

You can read Chapter 18 on Ao3 Here

Chapter 18:

           Marissa was waiting for him when he pulled up to the school the next day. In lieu of a quality Fall coat, he wore the silly FBI windbreaker, backpack strapped across the back to hide the letters. He didn’t want to admit it, but the hoodie and jacket were the best clothes he had, apart from some fishing gear his father had bought. He climbed out of the truck, and he ignored her, zipping up the jacket against the brisk cold. He looked out towards the soccer fields, brown with the incoming weather, and he avoided her expectant stare.

           “How’s…Abigail?” she asked when he didn’t speak. She was dressed warmly, a pea coat and scarf buttoned and wrapped with fashionable ease.

           “She’s fine,” he said, an autopilot response.

           “Everyone’s talking about it…you’re some kind of hero, she’s some kind of freak.” Marissa scuffed the boot of her shoe on the ground.

           “Maybe they have it backwards,” Will said, shrugging.

           “Maybe,” Marissa agreed. She paused, then folded her arms tightly across her chest. “Do you think she’d want to see me?”

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I've got this weird theory

that the author of the Percy Jackson series is, in fact, Sally Jackson. She wrote the first five books with Percy’s help. Since the fact that Percy recorded himself to tell the whole story, Sally couldn’t help but writing the books in first person. Because her son is too hilarous, guys.
(Annabeth almost killed her boyfriend when she read about Rachel kissing him in the first chapter of the Last Olympian. Percy went to his mother: “couldn’t you freaking delete that part…? damn it…”)

Then she wrote the Heroes of Olympus recording every testimony of the Seven + Reyna and Nico.
(Reyna did it just because she admires Sally. Only reason.)

The Trials of Apollo? Lol. Apollo BEGGED Sally to write that one. Because he’s too handsome. He promised her a free haiku for every chapter. Sally accepted at just one condition: no swearing, no fucks and shits and assholes and stuff. Apollo whined a little, but then accepted.
(Will Solace is still panicking because he doesn’t want his father to make fun of Solangelo in this one. He wants to bury himself alive. Nico keeps telling him that it’s not a good idea.)

That’s it. I’m fandom trash.