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So... what is Deadendia about exactly? I haven't really been keeping up but I remember watching an animated short and the pages I've been seeing don't exactly remind me of that short.

Hey! Yeah I directed a short of DeadEndia in sorta 2013/2014 called Dead End.

The only thing that’s really transferred from the short to the comic series are the characters, the setting of a haunted house (though very changed) and some of the humour. 

The comic series is about the employees of a theme park haunted house who deal with the fact that the house also serves as a portal to the 13 demonic planes. Barney is (was) the janitor, a homeless trans guy who sleeps at work but is now living with his boyfriend Logs/Logan. Norma is the manager of the place but is currently a ghost inside her own body. She may also be quarter demon. Pugsley was their magical talking dog friend but he’s urr… not in it anymore. Deathslide is a fellow employee of the theme park but has just revealed to magical as well. And Courtney is their demon friend who works as the emissary to the demon worlds.

Plot-wise, last “season” was about a time travelling giant headed mutant called The Watcher trying to recruit our heroes into his ghost army. This season concerns the Demon Kings, who hope to vilify our heroes as a distraction to stop their subjects wanting to invade the angel planes. 

But ultimately its just a queer YA comedy drama about ghosts and demons. The tone has become pretty different to the original short but I think there’s a shared spirit still there. 

It can be read in full starting here -

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DC and YR turn against each other after the Ran incident and are now fighting to the death, but deep inside they're reluctant and wished this whole thing had never happened.

Why had she forced his hand? Chung wondered, staring over his Silver Shooter at the girl standing across from him, her spear at the ready.  Why had she done this?  Why had she protected that demon, and why had she tried to join the Elgang?  More than that, why couldn’t he let go of his stupid pride for long enough to try and negotiate a truce with her?

Eun coiled inside her mind, but for once the fox offered no word of comfort, no solicitous pun.  Ara’s own thoughts were company enough as she nervously adjusted her grip on the handle of her spear.  Why couldn’t she let her brother go?  Why couldn’t this fierce assassin-guardian standing across from her, his gun leveled at her chest, understand why she needed to save him?  Why couldn’t this all be worked out in words?  Why couldn’t she just let go of her stupid loyalty for long enough to negotiate?

Pride, loyalty, stupidity, it had all led to this moment, and neither wanted to take the risk of backing down.  So with heavy hearts and deadly weapons, Ara and Chung leapt towards each other, and the decisive fight began.

So I’ve never understood the whole, “I’m so bad, I don’t deserve love.” thing. But that’s partially because when I was little I asked my mom, “Do demons fall in love?” and (despite my religion not even having demons) she said yes, and quoted some notable examples.

So if even demons can fall in love and be loved, so can you.

  • Aries: wants everyone to love them but can't love anybody back
  • Taurus: wants people to appreciate what they do for them but forgets to appreciate people
  • Gemini: is the flakiest person alive but hates when people flake on them
  • Cancer: is highly emotional but hates when people are too emotional around them
  • Leo: is super flirty with everyone and it means nothing but hates when people flirt with them when it means nothing
  • Virgo: wants people to be direct with what they want from them but is constantly passive aggressive
  • Libra: wants everyone to support them but forgets to support others
  • Scorpio: wants to read your every thought but hates when people are intrusive
  • Sagittarius: wants respect and to be heard but is oblivious to the wants of others
  • Capricorn: is impassive but hates when people are expressionless
  • Aquarius: wants you to be there for them always but can't be there for you ever
  • Pisces: is preoccupied mentally all the time but hates when people can't give them their full attention

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