she's a cutie ok

Warning: This is a weird post, but I just want to say in my defense, I have been thinking about this for way too damn long and I just wanna get it out.

So we all know that Emma gets up on her cute-ass tiptoes to kiss Killian ALL THE TIME because of that lil height difference and bc she’s a fucking cutie pie ok.

But then there’s that kiss from 4x09 when Killian is all worried that she’s been sucked into the hat so when he sees she’s okay he just goes running to her and hugs her, then smooches the living daylights outta her. It doesn’t show their full bodies, but Killian does this little shuffle/wiggle motion that, to me, looks like he’s adjusting how he’s standing and also makes him gain a couple inches in height. PARDON MY SHITTY GIF:

So I have legit been thinking, in my mind, that this time and probably several other times, Killian adjusts his height to kiss Emma by just making his stance stupidly wide (instead of leaning down like a normal person) and looking like a dork. And I’m not sure why, but I find that idea really endearing?


Smol emma on tiptoes? Or less smol killian being ridiculous?

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  • me: *is okay*
  • me: *thinks about harry potter*
  • me: *is no longer okay*

One of my favorite blogs, @huskyhuddle has been going through some rough patches, and as a result, didn’t really get to celebrate halloween, which if I remember is her favorite holiday, so, I decided to do a few little doodles of her dogs in halloween costumes, (it somehow ended up all being batman themed lol) Noodle as two-face, Ani as bat woman, Balto as Batman, and last but not least Hubble as Robin.  

I hope I was able to make you smile, Im sending good vibes, and I hope Noodle has a speedy recovery. :) 

160721 Fansite sister sent kkt to Donghae mum &  asked about his condition.

Donghae mum returned the call & said that he accidentally sprain his arm while performing. It’s nothing serious. She also said he’s fine and he should be still at home? She said that when Donghae saw your message , he thanks you all for your concern. She also said that he’s fine . Afterall , it’s nothing serious at all !

Lastly , Donghae mum asked them if they seen Haru new bag & necklace?? really nice looking ! she also recommend haru new released products to them ~~. [c]