she's a cute pig


Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

It is so strange to me how so many people share all these cute videos/pictures of cows, pigs, and chickens on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. and y’all still continue to eat these animals. Okay you want to eat animals whatever but why are you sharing a video of Esther the pig who was in a factory farm but is now living her life at a sanctuary and commenting on how cute she is and how pigs are so smart when yesterday you had bacon for breakfast? 

People do not see the meat they eat as an actual living being. You have absolutely no connection to the meat on your plate but when you see a pig, cow or chicken “acting” like a dog, suddenly you see the value in this animal and you think it is cute.

Can we just cut the bullshit? Stop calling yourself an “animal lover.” You are not an animal lover because if you were, you would not eat them. You would not continue to support the torture, exploitation, and slaughter of animals. You are a “cat and dog” lover. That is it. Be real. 


this is doreen! she’s six and a half years old (the vet didn’t quite believe it because she’s in such good health and looks great) and she enjoys naps, bossing around the younger pigs and having possession of the pig house. she doesn’t much like being photographed which sucks because she is honestly so cute that I can’t stop cuddling her.

pansy parkinson

• pansy is the worst cook in the world - only beaten by draco
• draco and pansy tried to cook together once
• it was never spoken of again
• pansy likes to cuddle - once she trusts someone, she puts her legs in their lap, plays with their hair, holds their hands
• but only if she trusts them, and she only trusts like… three people
• hermione is the only one allowed to touch pansy’s hair. “everyone else ruins it,” she says. “hermione’s got gentle fingers.”
• she’s usually quite harsh, but has the ability to be sweet and gentle and kind - once in a blue moon
• she calls everyone ‘darling’
• when she’s really angry, her voice goes entirely soft and it’s the most terrifying thing anyone has ever heard
• she has a cute laugh and she hates it, says it sounds like a pig
• draco agrees, “but it’s a very cute pig” he says and smirks because he knows it pisses her off
• she blushes when hermione kisses her, and she hates that too