she's a complete badass and cutie

So, an anon asked what I liked about the companions, I hope this time the last three aren’t cut off again ;_;

Cait: she’s badass, she doesn’t take shit from anyone abut is very loving at the same time which is awesome, I feel like I perhaps identify with her the most? Her fish out of water thing is relatable, being Irish but raised in another country (England) myself, there’s a parallel :3 I’d like to know where accent came from though, would Atlantic travel still be viable? Or would it be due to Bostons big Irish population?

Curie: HIGHLY intelligent with a wide curiosity about everything, she’s a ferocious fighter, have you seen her throwing raiders around? :D she’s also just a complete cutie with a beautiful French accent and multilingual perhaps? She’s definitely bilingual as she speaks Japanese to Takahashi, she’s just great <3

Codsworth: The awesome robot butler anyone? It’s adorable how much he cares about Sole, he waited for 210 for them ;_; he’s also a roaming ball of death in battle, but does it in such a calm, dignified way

Danse: A tough guy with a heart of gold, incredibly loyal, example being the Brotherhood and Sole, but he’s also willing to change for those he cares about, i.e. Sole, he’s also kind of an introvert but tries his hardest to say what he needs to, if you’ve reached max affinity you’ll know what I mean, he’s just wonderful <3

Deacon: Kinda like that one friend everyone has, that even know you know is lying, you’d listen to their stories for days, but he’s also got a genuine honesty when he needs to and it feels very real, also that killer pompadour and skill with disguises, imagine him on Halloween? :D

Dogmeat: A cute, loyal, brave, lovable little doggy, who doesn’t love Dogmeat? Especially with the welding googles on <3

Hancock: The cool ghoul mayor, I’d vote for him for definite. He’s such a chilled and genuine guy, he’s not ashamed about what he enjoys and is very honest an a little self conscious which of course is relatable, he cares for others and wants to do right by them, Hancock is a lovely as they come

MacCready: he’s the adorable merc, he’s like everyone at first, he shows real development as you go further with him, like with Sole, at first just Macs employer but by the end a friend/ lover. Mac is very caring by the lengths he goes to for Sole and Duncan. He’s genuine in his feeling, like with Duncan, he feels great regret/guilt about leaving Duncan and it’s shown in the way he talks to Sole about it and the lengths he goes to. Macs just truly awesome <3

Nick: suave and charismatic as they come. He’s a noire cop for christs sake, what’s not to like? :D He’s a very heartfelt character, he cares deeply for Sole and for people in generally, constantly wanting to do right by everyone, from his golden eyes, his voice and his style he’s just incredible <3

Piper: Intrepid beauty with a killer trench coat and boots to match. Piper doesn’t take shit from anyone, similar to Cait, and seeks the truth constantly, how awesome is that? She’s a very genuine character and feels like a real person, her dialogue feels like it would be said in a genuine conversation and her love for blue feels genuine on how her comments and the way she offers them food/Nuka Cola, like a friend/lover would. Pipers just amazing really

Preston: 100% cinnamon roll, just wants to help people however he can, he’s thoughtful and has a deep set of morals that get him through. He also feels like how you would in your first relationship, if romanced forever calling Sole “babe” actually like someone I know xD

Strong: do people actually dislike strong? Some of the stuff he comes out with is pure gold, he kind of feels like an olde brother in how protective he gets over Sole but is also true to the Super Mutant formula, Strong is just pure gold <3

X6-88: what I like is that he is completely opposite to the first impression, when I first started traveling with him I thought he’d be one of the more boring characters, but he’s actually incredible, like strong the stuff he comes out with is golden, and when you reach max affinity with X the feeling is amazing, like Mac he also shows a real development, from not being happy to have to go with you at first, to completely adoring you as a companion, X6 is just wonderful

What do you guys like about our favorite gang of misfits?

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the first i love yous!

(Thanks for the prompt nonnie! I combined it with an idea I had, sorry if its longer than you wanted but I promise they’re in there!)

The alarm had just sounded to call another town hall meeting, the trio continued to just look to each other in disbelief.

“This is not happening, this can’t be happening”

“Just our luck, huh” Carmilla said, shaking her head. Of course they wouldn’t be given a moments peace, she really did hate this place.

“What are we gonna do?” LaF asked.

“Honestly, I think Laura’s call is our best option. We pack a bag and get as far away from here as we can”

“Yeah but how?”

Laura looked to the vampire expectantly.

“I’ve got it covered. You just round up your wife, big red and the puppy and meet us behind Student Health Service pronto”

“Got it” LaF raced out of there, determined more than ever to be free of this supernatural crap.

“Please tell me you actually have a plan and weren’t just saying all of that”

Carmilla smiled, pecking her on the lips.

“There’s an old beat up truck used for transporting..well, god only knows what, but it’s big enough to drive us all out of here, which is why you need to get packing your bag, cutie.”

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