she's a badass lawyer

just throwing something out there before going to sleep:

So if we have Bad!Pearl as a trouble maker

and Garnet as a Cop…

What about Sardonyx as a Lawyer?

She would be a badass lawyer who would razzle dazzle everyone.

Sardy would be the female embodiment of Billy Flynn (from the musical Chicago) and this idea has been cooking in my head for centuries. If you have never seen Chicago, you can find the musical numbers from the movie on youtube. Check for "All I Care About" /  “We Both Reached for the Gun”  / “Razzle Dazzle” they all have Billy Flynn on them but instead of Richard Gere try to picture Sardonyx.

It’s kind of NSFW-ish because there’s a lot of skin, so watch out.

p.s.: and yes I already have the whole SU cast as Characters of Chicago in my head and basically “he had it coming” is a fusion song with Rainbow Quartz, Malachite, Sugilite, Opal, Garnet and Alexandrite in this order.


Okay, okay, and I just need you to hold up and listen ‘cause I need to get this off my chest like we all know Athena to be headstrong and stubborn and she barely thinks of the consequences of her actions once she gets her mind set on something. I am one hundred percent sure she will have no qualms staking her life and standing on the defense bench because, really, that’s just how the Wright Anything Agency rolls - BUT after Phoenix placed Simon into the equation, she just suddenly recoils and NRRGH…SIMON…like she wants to deal some badass lawyering smackdown with her weird hairstyle attorney family but she cares deeply for Simon that she can’t just throw away her life when he had fought hard to protect it and SHE KNOWS SIMON WILL LITERALLY CUT THE HOLY MOTHER HERSELF IF ATHENA GETS HURT IN ANY WAY AND SOMEONE JUST STAB ME NOW BECAUSE I CAN’T DEAL WITH THESE PSYCHOLOGY DORKS.

concept: season 33 of survivor has only one cast member, none other than third-time returnee and badass cop-hating lawyer “chaos kass” mcquillen. she competes against herself for immunity every week, must compete for rewards, strategizes with herself, talks to jeff about herself for 10 minutes at tribal, and casts the sole vote to eliminate herself every episode before casting the sole vote for herself to win a million dollars on finale night.

astarreborn  asked:

Because I am bitter for the yellow daughter: top 5 reasons to love Athena Cykes


5. Because Athena does not give up on people ever. Because Juniper and Simon wee ready to take the fall for crimes they didn’t commit but Athena would not let such a thing happen. Athena will not let people give up on themselves and will do all in her power to right these wrongs.

4. Because Athena is fucking HILARIOUS with Apollo. Because their back and forth is as good as Phoenix and Maya’s in the classic trilogy. Because she is hilarious in making fun of him and giving him so much shit, but the two of them are also great partners in court together.

3. Because Athena is a goddamn genius who spent all her teenage years studying law AND psychology AND multiple languages, to not only become a lawyer at the age of 18, but to become a lawyer with her own signature style that she herself invented! 

2. Because Athena wears her heart on her sleeve. Because Athena is unafraid of her emotions - everything she feels she feels deeply and she lets everyone know. Because she gets her strength from her anger at injustice and her happiness in helping her clients.

1. Because Athena Cykes is most probably the single most badass lawyer in the entire series. YES, SHE GODDAMN IS. Because Athena has GODDAMN PTSD FROM JUST BEING IN A COURTROOM. Because even now it fills her with fear and makes her afraid she will not be able to speak. And yet despite her past trauma, and despite many people telling this woman to SHUT UP, she conquers that fear again and again to stand in court and do her job. ATHENA CYKES IS THE MOST FUCKING BADASS OF ALL.

My Boys

Pairing: Dean and Sam x Mom!Reader

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Word count: 2,354

Request: hey! i have this cute idea /au? dean (9) and sam ( 5) get sent back to bobby where they meet the reader whose around 20 a lawyer and it ends up that the reader takes them to her home and she starts to raise them as her own children and they hunt during the weekend but still go to school and i just like to see the moments like once dean gets arrested and dean thinks shes angry but instead she’s like “YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH MY SON” and like in the beginning dean doesnt trust her (By liveinanimeworld)

Warnings: Cussing, Angst, Violence, Character Death


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All Blue Skies ~ Ch5 ~ OFBB

Word Count: 30k+   Rating: T   Pairing: Olicity   Warnings: Language

Summary: 3-year-old Addy Queen has her father wrapped around her little finger. Oliver is happy as a single dad, but juggling a toddler, being CFO and keeping his parents in check doesn’t leave much time for dating. After a string of bad dates he doesn’t even have the time for, he is about ready to hang the towel – when a surprising meeting (in Blockbuster of all places) takes his breath away.

Chapter 5 

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The wine slipped lazily down her throat, sharp and heady and exactly what she needed.

“Honestly, would it be that much of a stretch that I’d be friends with Oliver?”

Anne and Iris had told her to let it all out, and it was exactly what she was doing. She laid on her bed, carton of wine balanced against her thigh, her phone on speaker and her best friends on the line -if not as buzzed as she was, getting there.

“I thought you didn’t want anyone to know about you guys,” Iris pointed out.

“I don’t,” Felicity said. “But …look, I know I’m not ugly, but I’m not a model either. I’m like a six, right? Seven in a good day, and Oliver is a solid 10-”

Iris clicked her tongue disapprovingly, but she didn’t interrupt her.

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