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Endless List of Why I Ship Jane & Kurt

EDITED (20 May 2017) post season 2 finale and we are over 200 reasons! WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS SHIP!

EDITED (10 April 2017) to add all the reasons (five months later) to the original post.

original post: so, I know the jeller morale is down, and the kurt hate is on the rise, and I am not telling people how to feel or what to ship, but I’m gonna start a “why I will always ship Jeller” list, and if you guys feel like it, reblog with your own reason(s). And if you don’t feel the same, just don’t reblog, and especially don’t reblog with hate, ok? This is a happy place. So here goes

1. Because he is her starting point
2. Because they are in this together
3. Because he notices when she gets a haircut
4. Because he will risk his life to protect her
5. Because she will risk her life to protect his family
6. Because he will risk sarin poisoning to save her
7. Because he believes in her
8. Because they both wanted her to be Taylor more than anything
9. Because when something good happens to him she’s the first person he thinks about
10. Because she dreams of them being together
11. Because he’s her bunny
12. Because he doesn’t believe she will betray them
13. Because he trusts her instincts
14. Because she did what she did to protect him
15. Because she wanted a moment that was just them
16. Because he still owes her two drinks
17. Because they will always have game night with Sawyer
18. Because sometimes he just needs to hear her voice and for her to tell him everything will be ok
19. Because she couldn’t take the shot
20. Because he couldn’t take the shot
21. Because they always have each other’s back
22. Because just the mention of an undercover op makes them both smile like idiots
23. Because he gets jealous if she even looks at another guy
24. Because Kurt has never looked at another woman the way he looks at Jane
25. Because she believes in him even when he does not believe in himself
26. Because she never stops
27. Because they’re both stubborn
28. Because they always find a way to touch each other even when it is not even necessary
29. Because she’s his wife
30. Because Kurt always looks at Jane whether things go wrong or right
31. Because she likes the jealous type
32. Because she wouldn’t bare something happening to him
33. Because he would kill the deputy director of the CIA with his bare hands for her
34. Because she doesn’t blame him for hating her
35. Because despite everything he doesn’t hate her
36. Because he’s not just protecting her
37. Because he cannot be objective
38. Because he went to the park
39. Because she wanted more than anything to go to the park
40. Because they’ll always have the locker room
41. Because everyone else sees it
42. Because Rich Dotcom
43. Because even though she lied to him she still loves him
44. Because he still loves her but he’s confused
45. Because his name is on her back
46. Because Smuckles
47. Because heart eyes
48. Because Jane has a drawing of him in her sketchbook
49. Because when she got fired the first thing he thought about was that he could kiss her now
50. Because he doesn’t think she looks ridiculous in that dress
51. Because they danced in the Hamptons
52. Because she wants them to go undercover as a married couple again
53. Because he doesn’t care what anyone says, she is not a killer
54. Because she never meant to fall in love
55. Because she is more than just one mistake (and so is he)
56. Because there’s something between them even if he doesn’t know what it is
57. Because she beat him up the stairs and rubbed it in his face
58. Because she was scared out of her mind when the door shut and she heard the gun shots
59. Because she was never just a case to him
60. Because no matter what she will make sure he will come home to his family
61. Because has absolutely no chill when he’s worried about her
62. Because he will miss her if something happened to her
63. Because they are two thirds of Rich and the Feds
64. Because when they’re not together the chemistry on the team is all off
65. Because she went to see his dying father just to it easier on him
66. Because he took a chance on her
67. Because he always needs her by his side
68. Because the polygraph knew he lied about her
69. Because when everyone thought she was the mole he still fought for her
70. Because he knows Jane
71. Because he’s her someone special
72. Because she can totally kick his ass (and he knows it)
73. Because she has his phone number memorized
74. Because he wouldn’t let her say goodbye when she thought she’d never see him again
75. Because he would never believe that she would betray the team
76. Because all she cares about is his safety
77. Because she gets to tease him about him being stubborn and he lets her
78. Because she gets to tease him about his cooking and he lets her
79. Because he’ll get her back before they shut down Sandstorm for good
80. Because she just needs to say the word and he’ll be there

81. Because they are uniquely capable of understanding each other in a way that nobody else can. -MG
82. Because they’re going to be ok those two. -MG
83. Because they have a bond that is hard to break. -MG
84. Jane and Kurt’s relationship is always gonna be the emotional driving force for the show. -MG
85. Because they have an indelible bond that we’re never going to tamper with. -MG
86. Because Martin Gero ships them!

Rich Dotcom Reasons! (because he’s the captain of our ship and we must respect him)

87. Because they’re so badass
88. Because they keep him focused
89. Because they sold being a married couple to one of the smartest conmen in the world
90. Because, holy derby, they look good
91. Because they had some serious chemistry in the Hamptons
92. Because  every time something goes wrong, or goes right for that matter, Kurt looks at Jane
93. Because when Kurt talks to Jane it looks pretty intense
94. Because life’s too short and they should just tell each other how they feel
95. Because the chemistry is all off when they’re on the outs
96. Because the emotional distance is unbearable
97. Because Kurt is clearly still in love with her but he’s just confused
98. Because Kurt has the brawn and Jane has everything else
99. Because the three of them can take down anybody they wanted
100. Because they’re his favorite couple

101. Because he would never question her loyalties
102. Because he doesn’t care who is around them, he will hug her in the middle of the office
103. Because he will risk his career to keep her brother safe
104. Because she’s grateful he almost killed a man in cold blood for her
105. Because he was not objective and he got the best out of her
106. Because they both believe that having her memory erased was the best thing that happened to her (because it brought them together)
107. Because SUV heart eyes
108. Because he will always worry about her
109. Because she knows when something is bothering him
110. Because he trusts her enough to open up to her and show her his pain
111. Because she was worried he was also moving to Colorado and leaving her
112. Because there’s no point of them feeling alone when they can spend time together
113. Because Pennsylvania beer
114. Because her brother shot him (and they can joke about it)
115. Because she got excited about his year book
116. Because it took her 2 seconds to recognize him as a 15 year old
117. Because he wanted to impress her with his high school basketball glory days
118. Because she knows how to make him smile
119. Because feelings have to be earned
120. Because she would never be expendable to him
121. Because she is super proud of her assistant director of the FBI husband
122. Because he should just grab her before anyone else does (and use her to make billions of dollars?)
123. Because he wishes she was there to see him shoot Rich (and she wishes she was there too)
124. Because if she’s happy, he’s happy (even if it means she has a date with someone else)
125. Because she knows how important Emma and Taylor were to him and is only trying to protect him
126. Because he’s taking time to help her brother regain some memories
127. Because he ignores everyone’s concerns and takes her brother out to the field to help him regain some memories
128. Because he’s worried about the guy she’s dating (worried not jealous, nope, not at all)
129. Because everyone can see that he’s crazy jealous
130. Because her ability to see the good in people is just one of his many many favorite things about her
131. Because he kinda likes her brother
132. Because he saved her brother
133. Because when she comes over, she doesn’t need to knock, she can just let herself in.
134. Because her word is law in the Weller household. If Jane says they don’t need to toast with every shot, then they don’t toast with every shot.
135. Because she can go snooping around the apartment if she feels like it (and he will only give her heart eyes in return)
136. Because she thinks he did a great job with the nursery.
137. Because of all the people in his life, she is the only one who can ask personal questions and she is the only one he talks to about Allie and the baby.
138. Because she is the only one who can help him calm down when he’s pissed off about Shepherd.
139. Because he refuses to work with someone who tried to kill her and just wants to throw them in jail.
140. Because it was different between them - there never was any baggage.
141. Because he couldn’t stand the idea of her being so unsettled.
142. Because he watched Jane struggle with her past to become the amazing woman she is now
143. Because in her absence he looked out for her brother
144. Because he doesn’t care what the psychiatrist says, he will release her brother from his glass cage and let him move in with her.
145. Because he knows exactly what it means to her
146. Because he will do anything to make her smile
147. Because when someone is really right for you, you make room
148. Because they’re like proud parents whenever Roman does well
149. Because there’s no team without him
150. Because they’re relationship isn’t just professional
151. Because they’re on the same page
152. Because even Matthew Weitz knows they’re in love
153. Because normal ain’t so bad (if it means taking a quiet stall together)
154. Because she just wants to make sure he’s fine
155. Because the best thing (and the worst) was her penetrating his walls and getting inside them.
156. Because he is honest and loyal
157. Because she trusts him with her life
158. Because he was never forced to work with her
159. Because it doesn’t matter that Shepherd’s the reason they’re there
160. Because all of this led him to her and her to him
161. Because this is something he would never want to undo
 162. Because he wants to cook his famous Thai curry for her (and her brother)
163. Because she only likes to him to protect him
164. Because when something is off between them, the whole office feels it
165. Because he knows she is not the same person she was before
166. Because he has forgiven the things she has done before
167. Because even when he is hurting as a result of something she did, she remains the one person he can open up to
168. Because she is the only one he tells his deepest secrets to
169. Because he can cry around her
170. Because he never canceled dinner
171. Because he wishes he could just flip a switch and get over the hurt
172. Because she wishes she could go back and change the past
173. And so does he.
174. Because no matter what she will always be the only one he trusts.
175. Because he is sorry he made her lie to Roman.
176. Because they flirt while disarming a bomb.
177. Because “don’t die” is the new “I love you”.
178. Because he refuses to accept that she is responsible for anything that Sandstorm are doing.
179. Because he was willing to take a bullet for her.
180. Because he’d never let her be the one who takes out her brother.
181. Because they are not their families.
182. Because he knows her heart and knows who she is.
183.Because when he says “I am not leaving my people” what he really means is “I am not leaving Jane”.
184. Because hand on knee.
185. And hand on heart.
186. And holding hands just before he leaves.
187. And because he just wants to keep her safe.
188. And because he fluffed her pillow.
189. Because after everything that has happened she is still the only one he trusts.
Because she is worried about him.
191. Because when Director Hirst tells her she is free to go to wherever it is she would like to go, Jane thinks of Kurt.
192. Because running through SIOC and hugging fiercely in front of everyone.
193. Because if there is something he wants to say to her, he shouldn’t put it off.
194. Because they are both allowed to be happy.
195. Because he will drive the ambulance full of nukes away as long as she remains somewhere safe.
196. Because she won’t let him go alone.
197. Because he won’t let her be the one to shoot her own brother.
198. Because he wants her to stay here with him.
199. Because “I love you, Jane, I love you.”
200. Because this is where she wants to be.
201. Because “I love you, too, Kurt”.
202. Because she still has longing in her eyes.
203. Because he traveled to the ends of the world searching for her.
204. Because he cannot believe he finally found her.
205. Because he was scared and she is sorry.
206. Because it needs both of them to work.
207. Because he is still wearing his ring.
208. Because their fates are forever intertwined.
209. Because his first thought after being in a crash is of her.
210. And because her first thought is of him.
211. Because MARRIED!

it was snowing, and a sense of celebration mingling with exhaustion hung around the mansion she’d once called home. she couldn’t remember how they’d brought darkseid down, just that she’d abandoned her team, had fought selfishly in a way so typical of her. she tried not to think about it, instead took this quiet moment within the library, sat by the window as she watched what was sure to be one of the last snowfalls of the new year. her mind wandered to the last few christmases, how she’d worked herself tirelessly through the winter in a bid to forget every warm christmas eve spent by the fire back in this very place, in oxford, in anywhere she wasn’t ALONE. she thought of charles, every christmas he spent without family since she’d left, and tears sprung to her eyes. raven sniffed, unable but to smile humourlessly at the idea of her they all shared. the cold, hard, shell of a person these visitors knew her as. was she to lose herself completely in the future?

the door swung open and she lifted her head sharply, her eyes still misty as she hastily wiped them clean. ‘ shouldn’t you be recuperating with the rest of them? ’ she asked coldly, gaze snapping away. ‘ took quite a beating out there. ’

To Anyone who says Kichie is not “Endgame”

Allow me to present the following reasons that foreshadow why they are:

1. Because they had an instant starcrossed connection:

2. Because he saw her pain:

3. Because they trusted each other first:

4. Because he cared about her feelings:

5. Because of “this is all happening for a reason”:

6. Because they kissed each other TWICE: 

7. Because they see the best in each other:

8. Because his brother was made aware of his interest in her first:

9. Because they expressed jealousy of each other:

10. Because of their hands:

11. Because she is “not like them”

12. Because he foresaw her death which paralleled him getting shot:

13. Because he would kill and die for her:

14. Because he was protective of her:

15. Because he protected her brother for her:

16. Because of “lover boy”

17. Because he touched her lingerie:

18. Because they don’t look at anyone else like they do each other:

19. Because they made each other smile easily:

20. Because they shared blood:

21. Because his powers manifested over grief of her death:

22. Because the blood well resurrected her through her blood-sharing hand:

23. Because he was terrified of losing her:

24. Because he can’t bear hurting her:

25. Because he ran after her:

26. Because he tried to put her safety above everything else:

27. Because of “I don’t want you to leave”:

28. Because she said “love” to him more than once:

29. Because he foresaw her asking him to undress her:

30. Because he wouldn’t turn her:

31. Because she brings out his humanity:

32. Because he looks at her with complete heart-eyes:

33. Because he blew off the sexy dancing girl when he saw her:

34. Because he saw into her soul:

35. Because he took an interest in her faith:

36. Because they bicker like a married couple:

37. Because she thought about him while she was with his brother:

38. “Because of “that would be despicable”:

39. Because of “I want you to feel what I’m feeling”:

40. Because of “true love is loving the unlovable”:

41. Because he silently said her name in pain after she died:

42. Because he was with her brother at the moment of her death:

43. Because of “she’s not even supposed to be here!”:

44. Because his voice broke when he told his brother she was dead:

45. Because she trusted his knife would miss her:

46. Because she is his simple human connection:

47. Because they understand each other:

48. Because they’re kindred spirits:

49. Because of “I’ve been waiting a lot longer”

50. Because they had a cigarette together:

51. Because of “maybe this is where you’re really supposed to be”:

52. Because he listened to her when no one else would:

53. Because he encouraged her to talk to her father again:

54. Because Malvado sensed their connection:

55. Because she wanted him to reconcile with his brother:

56. Because he tried to bargain his life in exchange for hers:

57. Because she called herself his girl:

58. Because he immediately jumped in to protect her from Malvado:

59. Because her eye was in his blood-sharing hand:

60. Because of “I didn’t kill Kate!”:

61. Because his brother kept bringing up his love life:

62. Because he said the word “love” for the first time echoing her:

63. Because of “I saw her [you] die”:

64. Because of his face when he saw her AGAIN:

65. Because of “trying to protect you” echos what he told her:

66. Because he used his powers instead of his knife on the demon possessing her:

67. Because the demon possessing her affected him physically:

68. Because of his broken voice when he said “it wasn’t Kate”:

69. Because of “I tried to stop Kate, but I couldn’t”:

70. Because he is determined to save her from Amaru:

71. Because he refuses to let her go:

72. Because of the relief he felt when he realized she was still alive:

73. Because she has a strange fixation with him:

74. Because of “this Richie he’s dangerous, I felt it when he touched me”:

75. Because he couldn’t hurt Amaru knowing she was still in there:

76. Because he mouthed her name when Amaru grabbed him:

77. Because he risked his life to save innocent strangers from Amaru to spare her more pain:

78. Because Amaru knows about his true feelings for her:

79. Because of “didn’t your daddy tell you…”:

80. Because of seeing beyond:

81. Because of “remember what we shared”:

82. Because of “I’ll be having Kate-cakes for dessert”:

83. Because her brother was made aware of his interest in her:

84. Because of “sometimes eternity isn’t forever”:

85. Because he is taking care of her brother for her:

86. Because he got offended when his brother compared her to a dog:

87. Because of “we can’t kill her”:

88. Because of how visibly angry he was confronting her killer:

89. Because he wasn’t willing to sacrifice her [to Malvado]:  

90. Because he tried to compose himself when he saw her again:

91. Because of his heart’s desire:

92. Because of “at least he hasn’t lied to us”:

93. Because he escaped the motel with her in his arms:

94. Because he’s severely protective of her possessed vessel:

95. Because he protected her from the bomb he set off:

96. Because of their “hell of a reunion”:

97. Because of “set me free”

98. Because of how they looked at each other when she challenged him:

And there are your reasons for why these two are meant to be. 


To say that Steph was way out of her depth was pretty much the understatement of the day. As rigorous as training to be Robin or Batgirl had been it hadn’t exactly prepared her to fight monsters from other planets. And after her fight with Doomsday she was running low on steam. Still, she wasn’t planning on giving up the fight anytime soon. Even if it meant fighting till her last breath. Some called it tenacity and others thought it was just her being hard headed. Whatever it was it allowed her to keep going, taking down groups of the alien thugs. Just as she had taken out the last alien in the horde surrounding her she heard a buzzing noise nearby and looked up to see one of the aliens flying by close to the ground. It swooped down to strike her but Stephanie dodged the blow, running away a couple of feet to put some distance between them. That’s when inspiration struck her. The blonde grabbed her grappling gun and shot out at the low flying parademon in an attempt to pull it down, but it seemed to have other plans and caught the wire, maneuvering it so that it managed to got caught around the blonde’s foot on her end. It had been a trap the whole time. Steph was knocked down and being dragged around as a bunch of the aliens took swings at her. She tried to cut herself loose with a batarang but she couldn’t reach the wire with all of the aliens on her. “GUYS? A little help here?!” She shouted out, trying to get anyone’s attention.

anonymous asked:

When historia blushed at eren in front of mikasa she got jealous, but when armin blushed at eren in front of her she didn't (chp. 73) what do you think that means? Does that means armin's blush at him wasn't romantic to get mikasa jealous?


I’m not able to do a meta right now, but let me give you some quick and easy answers to that question:

1. Mikasa may simply have failed to entertain the question “what if Eren isn’t into girls?”. She’s been shown to worry about Eren’s feelings for other girls before, so she might have been too fixated on the female threats (many think she realized Eren’s feelings for Armin in 73, too).

2. Eren and Armin have been blushing and smiling at each other since childhood. They’re so close there’s even a rumor they’re “too close” - so 73 wouldn’t be the first time Mikasa sees it. Meaning, it’s easily something she wouldn’t process simply out of familiarity.

3. Mikasa has been constantly growing internally. Since the Historia thing, she may have come to accept that Eren feels whatever he wants to feel, and that this is ok.

4. Given how close they are, Mikasa may feel ok with stepping down if her fellow contender is Armin; she knows he makes Eren happy, and if Eren gets with Armin, there’s no threat of a fourth person breaking up their trio, so she knows she wouldn’t lose Eren.

5. It may have been too dark to see the actual blush. Even with a torch, colors are different in the dark. She may just have seen the smile.

Also, I’d like to add that Mikasa can make an educated guess, but she cannot know for certain what is and isn’t romantic of nature if it comes from somebody else. So even if the reason was that she thought Historia was flirty and Armin wasn’t, that doesn’t mean that’s a correct assumption on her part. Given Historia’s situation I’d say it’s even less likely to be this black/hvite. And personally, I thought 73 was suspiciously romantic for a bro-talk.

she had never run THIS FAST before. she had heard of her father and wally being able to time travel but had they ever gone from the 30th century to… what looks to be the the 21st century. ‘ okay, that was awesome and i can’t wait to tell don about it– but can you tell me what year i ran into ? ‘

i just love when a new person comes to your house and your dumbass brain is like “honk honk bitch all board the non-verbal train!! gotta make a shitty impression on whoever the fuck is here!! gotta maintain that home cryptid aesthetic!!”

the ongoing masterpost of my translations on this blog




homeric hymns:

orphic hymns:







xenophanes of colophon:







  • de signis (most authoritative are the [signs]…)

apollonius of rhodes:










christodorus of thebes:

hippocratic corpus:



publilius syrus:



  • odes 1.1 (the ivy, reward of learned brows…)
  • odes 1.4 (bitter winter dissolves…)
  • odes 1.11 (don’t ask–it’s forbidden to know…)
  • odes 2.19 5-8 (euhoe! my mind shudders…)






pliny the elder:

gaius valerius flaccus:



carmina burana:



        she lays prone, and this, however subtle, is the first thing she’s aware of. for, how DISORIENTING it is to fall unconscious with a reinforcing bar tucked between the ribs and pelvic girdle, and awake with one’s eyes to the sky ( or, perhaps it’s the CEILING - she can’t tell, through the haze of precipitous pain and fever ). crikey, peggy bites down, hard – she swallows copper, and her gaze tentatively SEARCHES her lower abdomen for the piece of rogue iron. though, while crimson seeps to stain vulnerable blue cotton ( a shirt on loan from angie; DAMN. oh, she’ll buy her a new one ), the long piece of rusty metal seems to have vanished. pale fingertips graze the damage and blood curls EAGERLY under her fingernails.

                          how, on earth, is she going to get herself out of this one?

a concept: private abraham woodhull is getting a drink at the tavern co-owned by townsend and rivington. a hooded figure in a dress enters, and sits at the table across from abe.

“what is it?” he asks. the person takes off the cloak to reveal mary woodhull. abe is adequately shocked.

“what the hell are you doin’ here, mary?” he exclaims. mary doesn’t react, but looks him dead in the eye.

“i miss the summer of ‘73,” she finally says, her tone serious and brokering finality.

Esma Redžepova, the Queen of Gypsy Music and Macedonia’s #eurovision 2013 singer, has passed away aged 73. She was a singer, a personality and, perhaps most importantly, a humanitarian who performed at countless charity events and fostered 47 children. Our thoughts are with her and her family. Her music and memory will live on forever. 🇲🇰😞