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Dad left him there for a lesson, ya know? Not because he wanted Dean to stay there forever or that he was careless but the kid had to learn. He couldn’t keep sneaking out at night, hanging out with those kids that were nothing but trouble, drinking and getting into trouble.

Usually Dad would bail him out, either that or wave around that fake badge that he had to get Dean out. He would scold Dean, get onto him for being stupid like that, that he wouldn’t always be there to bail Dean out when he got into trouble and Dean would apologize, keep his head ducked and say that he wouldn’t sneak out again. and John believed it right up until the moment that he got yet again another call late into the night from the sheriff saying that his son was in county lock up.

So John was going to leave him there for the night. Let him sleep on that hard cot, surrounded by the drunks and the homeless and let him learn his lesson. He had said that he wouldn’t always be there for him and it was about time that he start to realize that.

And he explained that to Sam. when Sam asked why he wasn’t going to get Dean, John explained that Dean was going to be spending the night there because he needed to learn, Sam starting crying.

John’s never been good at the touchy-feely crap. When Sam was a baby and he started crying, he tried to comfort the child, brush his hair back from his face, pat his back, anything to stop the crying. Dean would watch from the other side of the room, eyes narrowed as he watched Dad try to quiet down Sammy and after a while Dean would walk over and take the small child in his arms and Sam would almost immediately quiet down. John would ask what Dean did and Dean would just shrug because he didn’t really know and eventually Dean took over the job of quieting down Sam.

It hurt John. It hurt him a lot being that his oldest was the one that could calm down his baby brother and nothing that he did seemed to work but that’s just how it was. It was always Sam and Dean, them together forever.

But Sam started crying and John knew that it was because he wanted his brother but Dean needed to learn.

Sam blinked through teary eyes and nodded his head, saying that he understood why Dean needed to stay there but he didn’t stop crying.

Sam went to bed that night, with tears still in his eyes and he curled up underneath the blankets on Dean’s side of the bed, burying his head in Dean’s pillow and John watched as Sam’s small body shook with sobs.

When Sam had finally fallen into a restless sleep, John grabbed the keys to the Impala and drove down to county lock up, apologizing for his son.

“Don’t do this again to your brother.” John said simply as they got in the car.

And Dean looked at his father, eyes wide with guilt as he swallowed thickly and nodded and this time John believed him.

When they got back to the motel, the sound of the door opening pulled Sam from his sleep and he blinked through the darkness only to see the form of his big brother standing there in the doorway. He restrained himself from jumping up and wrapping his brother in a hug but the moment that Dad laid down and Dean slipped into bed, Sam wrapped his arms around Dean and held him as close as he possibly could, threatening to never let him go.

61/365 | based of this headcanon x )

“I live with the mindset that I’m married to photographs. I got divorced 20 years ago. It was my first love, whom I met in high school. That person was always studying; even after marrying me, she taught seniors in high school as a tutor. I guess that’s why she didn’t live with a person like me and left. After she left for the U.S. to study, I raised two children on my own. While I felt that family was important, she was someone who thought much bigger. She always said things like, ‘Graduating college, earning money and giving back the scholarship I got, and going on a trip around the world is my dream.’ She went away like that, and I heard that she graduated college at 61.”

“저는 사진하고 결혼했다는 마음으로 살아요. 20년 전에 이혼을 했어요. 고등학생때 처음 만난 첫사랑이었어요. 그사람 참 공부벌레였지. 나랑 결혼하고 나서도 가정교사로 고3 아이들을 가르칠 정도였으니까. 그래서 나 같은 사람이랑 안 살고 떠났나 봐요. 그 사람 미국 가서 공부하겠다고 떠난 뒤로 자식 둘을 혼자 키웠어요. 저는 가정이 중요했지만 그 여자는 무대가 넓은 사람이었던 거지. 늘 ‘대학 나오는 것, 돈 벌어서 장학금 환불하는 것, 세계일주가 꿈’이라고 했었어요. 그렇게 가서는 육십 하나에 대학을 졸업했다고 하더라고.”

700 Celebration (4/100)

Request: Anonymous:  “ hey ho! i have a request for the lovely flower @aubzylynn with 15, 40, 51, 61 Tony (wow that sounds like a phone number or something). i trust your mad writing skills, so thank you in advance!”

15: “What happened to your shirt?”

40: “I sense shenanigans, and I want in.”

51: “Nobody knows… Except Wanda. She knows everything.”

61: “I’m pretty sure this many candles counts as a fire hazard.”

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You and Tony hadn’t had much time together recently, and it was beginning to weigh on you both. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault. Tony was spending the majority of his days and a good portion of his nights in the conference room with Steve trying to hammer out a new and improved version of the Accords that was more agreeable to everyone involved. You did what you could to support the process, glad everyone was together again and trying to make compromises and alleviate the suffering the rift had caused.

You weren’t allowed in the proceedings themselves, but you did what you could to make it easier for them: frequent coffee trips and occasionally forcing them to take a breather. For the most part though, you kept yourself busy with your own work and a few personal projects to keep your morale up. The most you saw of Tony these days beyond the brief intermissions in the Accords meetings were the four hours he spent passed out in bed next to you before dragging himself up and back to work.

This morning, things were going a little differently.

Tony was already gone by the time you woke up; that part was the same, though you noticed you had acquired a new companion at some point. Wanda was curled up in Tony’s place, her eyes fluttering open to stare at you sleepily when she felt you shifting.

“You know you don’t have to do this, right?” you asked with a fond smile as you sat up.

“I don’t want you to be lonely,” she said simply, and you felt a flow of warmth and gratitude towards the woman who had recently made it her personal mission to take care of you while you did your best to take care of everyone else.

“I don’t suppose you ate breakfast before coming in here?”

She shook her head, eyes still heavy with sleep, so you pulled her up with you and headed towards the kitchen together. You came to an abrupt halt at the sight of Tony seated at the kitchen island, flicking impatiently through a series of holographic images. He was quick to fling them all back to his phone once he saw you, flipping the device face down on the counter as you drew closer with a quick smile.

“Tony? What are you doing in here?”

“Well, it’s nice to see you too, dear,” he said dryly, pulling you into a hug when you continued to blink owlishly at him.

“Are you – did you finish? With the Accords?”

“Hmm? Oh, you know… dotting t’s and crossing i’s.” You opened your mouth to ask a follow-up question, but he was already on to a different topic. “Actually I went by your favorite bakery this morning and picked you up something. Well, kind of. I sent someone else to do it. Anyway, I figured you would enjoy breakfast in bed, but since you’re in here, I’m guessing you either didn’t notice the bag on the nightstand or we have a thief in our midst. FRIDAY, what’s the status on breakfast?”

“No entries besides Miss Maximoff.”

“So probably still on the table then.”

You were still looking at Tony as though he had grown a second head as he ushered you out of the kitchen rather insistently.

“O – okay… Well, I guess I’ll… see you later, then?” you asked hesitantly, glancing over Tony’s shoulder to raise your eyebrows questioningly at Wanda who only offered a helpless shrug in response.

“Count on it,” he said with a smile, kissing the tip of your nose before turning you around and giving you a gentle push into the hallway.

Wanda eyed Tony narrowly for a few minutes over the rim of her coffee mug as he settled back into his seat, enough intensity in her stare that if he didn’t know better he may have accused her of dipping into his mind again. As it was, he felt no unfamiliar presence, saw no distortions in his vision or disruptions in his thoughts.

“Can I help you?” he asked innocently, if somewhat snarkily, tilting his head to the side.

“I sense shenanigans,” she said lowly, setting her mug down on the counter and walking slowly around the kitchen island to stand in front of him. “I want in.”

Tony’s brows shot up in surprise.

“I’m sorry, did I hear that correctly? You’re actually offering to help me with something?”

“In this case, I think yes. It’s for Y/N, right? She’s sweet; I like her. She’s good for you, for all of us.”

“Alright then, Maximoff; have it your way. Let’s get to work.”

“I still don’t understand what’s happening,” you huffed as Wanda instructed you to take another right turn.

“I told you! If I try to explain, it won’t make any sense. Stop here!”

You pulled the car to the curb she had pointed towards, turning in your seat to look at her expectantly.

“Well what are you sitting there staring for? Get out!” she said, nudging your shoulder.

“What, why?”

“Just…” Wanda sighed impatiently, jumping out of the car and circling around to open your door and pull you out before claiming the driver’s seat.


“Go to the roof!”

You stood gaping as she made shooing motions and closed the car door, finally moving to the sidewalk with quick steps when she started pulling away. With a sigh and a helpless shrug you headed towards the door of the building you had stopped in front of, noting nothing particularly helpful in uncovering your mystery as you found the elevators and made your way to the top. Whatever concerns you had about finding the roof access vanished when the elevator doors slid open at the top floor. A line of candles started at your feet and trailed off down the hallway, eventually leading you to the right door. Even the short flight of stairs up to the roof was lined with candles.

The extravagant display could only have been set up by one person, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the proud grin on Tony’s face when you emerged from the stairwell and onto the rooftop. Besides a narrow walkway leading to a beautifully appointed table in the middle of the roof, ever available inch of the floor was populated by an endless array of candles.


“Too much?” He pulled you into a hug, much tighter and longer than the one you had gotten from him this morning. “I for one think we should redecorate the compound immediately. Floor space is overrated, and I happen to have it on pretty good authority that you look fantastic in candlelight.”

“Do I?” you laughed, unable to tear your eyes away from the goofy grin he was still sporting. You hadn’t seen him this happy in a long time, and God did he deserve it. “Well, I hate to ruin your plans, but I’m pretty sure this many candles counts as a fire hazard.”

A far cry from the laugh you were expecting, Tony cleared his throat self-consciously and tugged his jacket a little closer to his body, a light dusting of pink coloring his cheeks.

“Tony, what did you do?” you asked in your best mom voice, tapping the underside of his chin and forcing him to meet your eyes.

“Me? Nothing. You know, just planned a huge romantic gesture. No big deal.”

You narrowed your eyes, reaching quickly to tug the panels of his jacket to the sides and gaping at what was revealed to you.

“What happened to your shirt?” You reached out to tug at the scorched hemline for emphasis. “Anthony Edward Stark, did you light yourself on fire?”

“Just once or twice. It’s not – would you relax, please? You’re stressing me out. Your stress is stressing me out. I think we need more candles. You’re ruining the zen I have created.”

“My apologies. Because why would I be at all concerned to find you’ve managed to light yourself on fire? That’s just irrational.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, this roof is almost entirely covered with candles. Some leaning over was necessary.”

You rolled your eyes at this, but still you felt a smile spreading across your face.

“Is it weird that I missed this? Bickering with you?”

“It’s what we do best,” Tony said with a smile, gesturing for you to walk ahead of him to the table where dinner was waiting. “Which is why I have stolen you away to an unsecured, unmonitored location far from the work that’s been keeping us from bickering for far too long. We were almost peaceful. It was unbearable.”

You giggled at that as he pulled your chair out for you before taking his seat at your side.

“Nobody knows we’re here… Except Wanda. She knows everything, but she has been sworn to secrecy. Unless there happens to be a global catastrophe in the next few hours, no one will be bothering us. And even then, I’m not sure I’m sold on leaving, quite frankly. We might just wait it out up here.”

“Sounds like a plan,” you said with a smile, reaching over to take his hand. 

rp sentence starters. change pronouns/text as needed!

1. ‘ oof, my hair. ’
2. ‘ mom, put your seatbelt on. ’
3. ‘ i don’t want to wear one, i don’t like it. ’
4. ‘ it will ruin my shirt and, we don’t have iron in the car. ’
5. ‘ what kind of thing is that? ’
6. ‘ hold on! don’t go yet! we have to kiss the quran. ’
7. ‘ mom, i don’t wanna kiss it. ’
8. ‘ take it, you have to. ’
9. ‘ you take it. ’
10. ‘ fine just give it to me. ’
11. ‘ one kiss, two kiss, three kiss. thank you! ’
12. ‘ ugh, i’m so hot! ’
13. ‘ can you turn the AC on a little bit? ’
14. ‘ yeah, turn it higher– higher! higher, lower. lower, higher. a little higher? lower! ’
15. ‘ no that’s too high. ’
16. ‘ actually, turn it off– turn it off. we open window. ’
17. ‘ you are seriously driving me crazy. ’
18. ‘ i said don’t go over bump like that! i’m putting my lipstick on! ’
19. ‘ be careful! ’
20. ‘ ugh, so hot. ’
21. ‘ look at this, i went to lord & taylor– brand new michael kors! ’
22. ‘ top designer, brand new! ’
23. ‘ they had twenty-five percent coupon, then they gave me ten dollar off, michael kors bag two-hundred! ’
24. ‘ everything is in it– are you hungry? ’
25. ‘ do you want food? ’
26. ‘ you want water? you don’t want water? ’
27. ‘ you want tea? ’
28. ‘ you want water? i have water. ’
29. ‘ you want my coffee? ’
30. ‘ you want banana? i have banana. ’
31. ‘ it’s in my michael kors bag. ’
32. ‘ organic chai, since you are so healthy. ’
33. ‘ i have red one! it’s cherry! ’
34. ‘ you want pistachio? ’
35. ‘ i’m not gonna get it in your car, calm down. ’
36. ‘ i brought you koresh! ’
37. ‘ banana, clementine, it’s good! vitamin, potassium. ’
38. ‘ eat! ’
39. ‘ eat the pistachio! it’s persian pistachio from iran! ’
40. ‘ oh, you’re not proud from iran?! ’
41. ‘ you want pistachio from california, organic. ’
42. ‘ be careful when you drive please. ’
43. ‘ no hormone– which is good because you have too many hormone already. ’
44. ‘ ya-ali. ’
45. ‘ eh! eh! slow down, stop! stop! it’s ___! ’
46. ‘ ___! ___! hello! ’
47. ‘ hi! how are you? how is your husband? ’
48. ‘ how is your son? how’s ___? ’
49. ‘ well she’s driving me somewhere, driving me crazy, i dunno– we’re never gonna get there. ’
50. ‘ how is school? are you having graduation party? ’
51. ‘ when is the party? ’
52. ‘ yeah we’re gonna come! everybody gonna come! ’
53. ‘ mom, i don’t want to go to the party. ’
54. ‘ yes you are going to come, you are going to come. ’
55. ‘ okay! i’ll be there. ’
56. ‘ of course she is going to come, she’ll be so happy to come! ’
57. ‘ okay, you look beautiful! ’
58. ‘ tell everybody hi! ’
59. ‘ tell everybody bye! kiss everybody! ’
60. ‘ did you see what she was wearing? ’
61. ‘ turn music on– can you put the music on for me please? ’
62. ‘ i dunno– something nice, something persian. ’
63. ‘ maybe– googoosh? can you put googoosh on the radio? why not? you can’t put googoosh? ’
64. ‘ what about andy? what about shahram shabpareh? shahram solati? sasy mankan? ’
65. ‘ what’s hip-hop? ’
66. ‘ you make me want to hip-hop out of the car. ’
67. ‘ what about a little googoosh– ’ *starts singing* 
68. ‘ SLOW! Slow. ’
69. ‘ STOP! ’
70. ‘ put your signal on. ’


well hi it’s been awhile, hasn’t it! i hope my next fic won’t take this long to be posted….i don’t own anything and enjoy!! Also this is a reaction fic to 5x19
Finally getting to leave the firehouse after being on shift for hours was like getting chains removed from her hands and feet and boulders taken off of her shoulders. Sylvie couldn’t remember the last time she was so distracted during work. Even when Antonio and her had broken up months prior, she had thrown herself into her calls for a distraction. She knew why this time was different, though.

How could you distract yourself with something that constantly reminded you of what you were trying to forget?

She had tried to be logical with herself, that the important thing was her and Gabby passed the retraining course and could put all of their focus back into their work. Plus, they got incredibly high scores! She should be proud of herself. She did so much studying—

She cringed at the thought. Studying. What Gabby had not done, zero effort. Every day she had paid no attention to the instructor and doodled away in her notebook. But still was able to pull off a perfect score. While Sylvie was the perfect, diligent student. She took notes, participated in class, and made flash cards for herself! When she wasn’t at the class or work, she was studying at home.

The fact that Gabby got a higher score than her wasn’t what was bothering her. She wasn’t the type who wanted to be the best of everything, she wanted to do the best that she could do.

Yes, she had gotten a 98 on the retraining exam. With a lot of studying. While Gabby pulled off a freaking one hundred percent without barely putting up a finger. What does that say about Sylvie’s own skills as a paramedic? She was the paramedic in charge of Ambulance 61, shouldn’t she had known all of the test answers like Gabby? What if one of those questions was a scenario in real life, would she have then froze and ultimately killed her patient?

Gabby had tried to talk to her about it, Sylvie could tell that she felt bad. Since it wasn’t her fault, it was Sylvie’s own insecurities that were the cause to this internal dilemma, but despite this she didn’t want to hear her apologies. It only made Sylvie feel more guilty for the emotions she was feeling.

Everyone else was heading to Molly’s for the fundraiser of the families and loved ones of the fallen members of squad 6. As she was in a down mood, she decided not to go, giving a lame excuse to Matt and shoved money into his hands. Thankfully he didn’t question her, but the concerned look on his face told her that he probably was going to ask Gabby about what happened.

At least she had a day off before she had to face Gabby again. Maybe then she would be in a different mindset, and it wouldn’t go as bad as she imagined it would be if they talked right now.

Her internal conversation with herself abruptly ended when she spotted Antonio’s car right next to her own. And the man himself was leaning against his, lifting his hand up to wave as Sylvie approached. Gabby must have said something to her brother.

“Hey, stranger.” She greeted him with a half hearted wave back. Instead of getting back into his car now that she had arrived, he waited until she was an arms length away before stepping forward to pull her into his arms.

Appreciating the love and support he was giving her through actions instead of words, she wrapped her own arms around his back, pushing her face into his leather clad chest. She wished that this, an embrace with her boyfriend, could be the solution to her current problems. Without the use of words and confrontation of feelings. It would be a lot simpler.

Antonio was the one that broke them apart, pressing his lips on the crown of her head before he stepped back and opened his car door. Sylvie walked to the other side, trying to maintain her composure, which she was doing remarkably well at.

Before he could say anything, she made sure to get the first words. “Can we not talk about it until we get to your apartment?” She asked, not wanting to get into a deep discussion in the car. “We can just pretend that you wanted to be a cute boyfriend and pick me up from work with no other intentions.” She offered, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I’m fine with being a cute boyfriend.” He agreed to her request, before asking a question after a moment of hesitation. “No talking, at all?”

Guilt filled her body. They had barely seen each other since she started her retraining course, with her spending all of her time at her own apartment. He probably not only came to pick her up because her current state of mind, but also because he had missed her.

“I would love to talk,” She made sure to let him know. As it was the truth, she wanted nothing more to hear about his day, how work was going and how Diego and Eva were. However, she realized she wasn’t in the place to be able to accurately listen and give him her full attention. That wouldn’t be fair. “But I don’t think I’m in the place for it, right now. That and listening.” She explained with a grimace.

Thankfully, he understood completely. “No problem,” He reassured her, lifting his hand off of the wheel for a brief moment to squeeze her thigh. “Being with you is enough. And when we get back to my place, don’t bother on asking about me. I’m sure you have today’s events to get off of your plate.”

Her heart warmed at his consideration. This was typical behavior of Antonio and she could hardly be surprised. He had a demanding job, two kids, and a ex wife who was filled with drama. Sylvie understood that due to him having other priorities, she couldn’t always be first.

She couldn’t resist looping one of her arms around his bicep, trying to show her appreciation without the use of words. They continued their car ride back to his apartment in peaceful silence.

“Sylvie.” She dimly heard the sound of her name being called, but she was still in the haze of unconsciousness rather than consciousness. When her name was called again, and her shoulder was gently prodded with, she realized where she was and what she was doing.

A yawn escaped her when she opened her mouth to speak. She honestly hadn’t realized how tired she was. “Sorry,” She apologized, shaking her head rapidly side to side as if her sleepiness would go away. “I guess my exhaustion snuck up on me.” She shrugged her shoulders, unbuckling her seatbelt and got out of the car.

“How late were you up studying last night?” He asked when he walked around his car and got to her side. Their hands came together to intertwine as they began walking towards his apartment building.

The small reminder of why she was upset caused her cheeks to flame red. And the fact that hit the bullseye. She was late up studying, running through her flash cards like she was an assembly line. “Late.” She gave him a vague answer, hurrying in in front of him when he held open the door for her.

Although she was slightly stung by the remembrance of today’s events, she couldn’t help but crack a tiny smile at the sound of Antonio’s scoff. “Love how much detail you put into your answer.” He sarcastically remarked, giving her an exasperated look as they waited for the elevator to arrive.

Sylvie’s lip quirked up again, but the negative emotions continued to churn in her stomach. She knew she would have to push through her tiredness and confide in Antonio tonight. She couldn’t let herself sleep on this, even if she fell asleep right away, she would be bound to have a restless night. Her thoughts and emotions needed to be let out into the world. Well, in this case, Antonio.

The elevator’s doors slid open. Thankfully, no one else was inside. She prided herself for being great at small talking with strangers, but she was certainly not in the mood for that type of interaction right now.

The ride up was silent. It was so quiet that if she wasn’t standing up, Sylvie was sure she would be sleeping by now. Her eyes focused on the flashing numbers, until they landed on the number 7 and a ding was heard, signaling that they had reached the floor they had requested.

“We can talk in the morning,” Antonio voiced aloud the thought she was tempting with minutes prior, digging in his pockets for his keys. Sylvie wondered why he didn’t grab them out when they were waiting in the elevator, but she kept this thought to herself. “You deserve some sleep, after all the hard work you put into that class, while still working full time.” He unlocked his apartment, letting her go in first so he could lock the door behind him.

The moment had arrived. She couldn’t ignore it for any longer. “I don’t want to sleep on these thoughts.” She disagreed with him, watching as surprise came across his face. Understanding quickly overtook to become the main emotion, as he silently moved forward to take her hand and lead her to the couch.

“Talk to me.” Antonio demanded gently, taking her hands into his lap, rubbing his thumb against the back of her hand.

The soft expression on his face, showing so much concern for her, made her feel slightly foolish. Yes, jealously was a natural human emotion, one she rarely felt. It was the instigator, as she was more bothered my herself than Gabby. When it comes to admitting jealously however, that was a difficult part, she realized. Ideally, you should be able to love yourself despite your apparent flaws.

“I got a 98 on my test.” She began slowly, not wanting to dive immediately in. It was better to dip her toes instead of getting herself uncomfortable right away. “Gabby got a perfect score. One hundred percent.”

“That’s great for the both of you.” He complimented both her and his sister, with a slight wariness. He knew there was more to the story. Despite for their short duration of their relationship, he was always extremely intuitive. If she was in a better mood, she would playfully complain about this, striking a joking jab on his age being the reason.

“Except for the fact that I spent every waking minute studying, while Gabby didn’t do anything.”

“That’s just Gabby—”

She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of frustration at him focusing on Gabby’s part in her internal dilemma. The problem was more with herself than her fellow paramedic, and since she had barely voiced her feelings since he picked her up she knew she couldn’t vocalize her displeasure. That would hardly help, and definitely wouldn’t be fair. “This isn’t about Gabby,” She interrupted him before he could explain his sister’s behavior, wanting him to not get anymore wrapped in his own reasonings why she was upset. The truth would get them through this conversation quickly. Which would mean going to bed sooner, a goal for both of them considering how demanding their jobs were. “It’s about me. And my capability at my job.”

Realization dawned in his eyes, which then turned to sadness. It made sense—her being upset over her own worth was much more depressing than typical jealously. His hands now cradled her face, leaving her empty hands to rest in his lap. “You are an amazing paramedic.” He stressed the word amazing, not breaking eye contact to show how serious he was. “Tests scores don’t define how you perform your job. Plus, I know you said this isn’t about Gabby, but I remember how in school she never had to study for anything. It always bothered me, but some people are just like that, you know?”

He was trying to help, which she appreciated. But what he was saying wasn’t having any affect on her, and so she felt obligated to point this out to him. “You two are in completely different occupations now though.” She rose her hands to gently touch his forearms, giving him the clue that she wanted to not have her face held for any longer. He got the hint, dropping his arms slowly. The moment they weren’t touching anymore, one of Sylvie’s hands reached forward to grasp his jean clad kneecap, both wanting to still feel his presence and let him know that she wasn’t upset with him. “And this isn’t really about Gabby and other people.” She added, wanting him to stop bringing her up. As the words left her mouth, she realized that by saying that, she wasn’t exactly saying the truth. If Gabby didn’t get the higher grade, she wouldn’t be fighting against her inner demons about if she was good enough or not. “Well, it sort of is.” She said with a shrug of her shoulders, not sure on where to go next. Words were just spilling out of her mouth, and she could only hope that her boyfriend was keeping up.

“Okay, okay. I get what you mean.” He thankfully took over, and to Sylvie’s relief, without asking a question. “What Gabby does isn’t always right,” He tried again, taking a different approach. She cringed when he yet again brought up Gabby, but stayed quiet to give him the benefit of the doubt. “Like remember that time she threw that woman’s phone? Yes, my sister is a great paramedic, but sometimes she lets her hot head get the best of her. I know that because I’m the same way.”

A snort found its way out of her nose at his remark. That couldn’t be more true about the Dawson siblings. Antonio’s lips curled up into a smile at the sight of her amusement, before continuing with his advice, encouraged by her positive reaction. “Besides the procedures and technical skills you have to learn, there is much more to your job than that. Which you already know.” He placed his hand on top of hers, rubbing his thumb against her skin. “You bring different qualities than Gabby, and she brings her own as well.”

“Like what?” She couldn’t help but ask, her mind beginning to see the logic of what he was saying. There was so many aspects to any job, especially one as unique and chaotic as hers. Despite slowly starting to agree with his words, her own curiosity got the best of her. She wanted to know what qualities he was thinking of, pushing down the thoughts that were telling her to be quiet.

“You’re patient, level headed. You bring a calming presence to your victims.” With each compliment Sylvie’s cheeks became darker, but at the same time her heart grew and grew as well. He was right. While Gabby certainly never showed any signs of being rude or uncaring to the injured, sometimes she has caught eyes going back to her for a sign of reassurance.

“Unfortunately not all paramedics can say that about themselves.” He pushed back a loose piece of hair behind her ear, waiting for her response. “Right?” He pressed when she didn’t answer right away.

She nodded back. “Right.” She echoed. Instead of vocalizing her appreciation, she leaned forward to press her lips lightly against his. “Thank you.” She murmured right against his lips, so close that when she spoke they ended up briefly touching. “You knew exactly what to say.”

“Happy to help.” A yawn escaped her lips before he could rejoin their mouths. That broke the short lasting romantic moment. They could have easily went back to kissing, but Antonio stood up, ignoring Sylvie’s protests. He held his hand out, which she took while she grumbled complaints.

“We could have had just five minutes..” She sighed in annoyance, but couldn’t help but smile when she hears him chuckle.

“And have you fall asleep on me? No thanks.” He nudged open his already cracked door, letting Sylvie go in first. When she saw the bed, she realized that he did make the right decision. She really was exhausted. Changing out of her clothes seemed like it would take too much effort.

After whipping off her jeans and shirt, she unhooked her bra and grabbed one of Antonio’s shirts out of his dresser. She had plenty of her own shirts available, she preferred to wear his when she was sleeping. Also she knew for a fact that he liked when she wore his clothes.

Antonio was still in the bathroom when she crawled into the bed and under the covers. Though her body was fighting against her, she didn’t want to fall asleep until he got out. But the next thing she knew, a pair of lips brushed against her forehead, which made her eyes shoot open with surprise. She had failed at keeping herself awake. Judging by how easily she had waken up though, she must have not been out for long.

“Mhm.” She let out a soft noise of content as his arms wrapped around her body. “Night.” She mumbled, too tired to turn around to face him. Exhaustion had really hit her unexpectedly hard.

He said the same word back to her, the last thing she heard before she finally succumbed to unconsciousness.

Wanna know why I need feminism?

Sit down, I’m gonna tell you a story about Clara Schumann.

I’m assuming many of you have heard the name Schumann. Robert was a Romantic German pianist and is widely acknowledged as a great composer. He wanted to be the greatest pianist of all time, but because he was an idiot and used unconventional methods of strengthening and stretching his fingers, thus injuring himself and losing what talent he had, he turned to composing for the rest of his life. He married his piano teacher’s daughter, Clara, against her father’s will.

Clara Schumann was also a pianist and a composer. She had a 61 year long performance career that started at age 13 and was one of the first to ever play any Brahms music (kind of a big deal). She was one of the first to ever perform memorized repertoire (which all musicians should hate her for like really what’s wrong with music but i digress). It’s suggested that she’s the real reason Robert Schumann’s work is even popular today, as her performances promoted his work. She was arguably more talented than her husband, but was quoted, “I once believed that I possessed creative talent, but I have given up this idea; a woman must not desire to compose — there has never yet been one able to do it. Should I expect to be the one?”

I need feminism because one of the best pianists of all time is virtually ignored in an amateur musician’s knowledge. I need feminism because I lived 19 years without knowing about her. I need feminism because Clara had a much more successful career and yet her legacy is primarily “Robert Schumann’s husband.” I need feminism because when you google “Schumann” her name appears once. I need feminism so the Clara’s of today aren’t stifled by the patriarchy. 

Links to wiki pages: Clara  Robert

101 Endings for Rory Gilmore that would have been better

1. She accepts a TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) position and travels the world teaching kids. 

2.Enlists in the foreign service and works their press division. 

3. Was discovered by Zooey Deschenel and becomes a blogger for Hello Giggles. 

4. Works for Buzzfeed. 

5.Runs a blog of her own, gains a HUGE online following, and gets a book deal because of it. 

6. Winds up discovering the truth about “Dean Forester” and becomes a hunter. 


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I hate that I've been so busy but here's 116 prompts inspired by things I was told or heard this weekend

1. I can tell. You’re wincing.
2. This is what I was looking forward to.
3. Why are you being nice all of the sudden?
4. Oh, we’re having a bath?
5. I’m taking that one to the grave.
6. I’m not going to audition for your attention.
7. Hop on up here.
8. It’s a lot of work for no reward.
9. It tastes like one of those Medieval feasts.
10. I won’t be seeing you as much.
11. Did you find what you were looking for?
12. I think you’re lying.
13. No, you weren’t the hardest one to say goodbye to.
14. You went all out.
15. This isn’t a conspiracy.
16. I’m just going to sit here and finish my wine.
17. Do you mind if I chant?
18. Are you going to get up?
19. What time were we supposed to be there ?
20. I’m embarrassed for him.
21. That was a great album.
22. I dropped my beer and I’m still upset about it.
23. I love your breasts.
24. Is it too much?
25. I’m trying to look at your butt.
26. That was really fast.
27. This sounds like a you problem.
28. I’m going to miss you.
29. I know you hate cancelling trips 
30. You are so guarded right now.
31. Don’t be shy, I’m excited.
32. It looks weird.
33. I can’t relate…I’ve never been in that position.
34. Does that feel better?
35. You need to change your attitude.
36. You didn’t tell me that you had that.
37. I don’t want to clean up.
38. It’s hard to talk to that many people.
39. This hurts my skull.
40. It smells like sex in here.
41. Do you think they know I’m back?
42. I don’t do it for you.
43. You spoil me.
44. Your skin is so soft right now.
45. Maybe you will believe me one day
46. He should be answering me.
47. There’s a rat in the other room!
48. I just saw one!
49. Yes, sweetie, don’t worry about it.
50. You’re full of shit.
51. I’m going to tell him.
52. I’ve never been bird watching before.
53. What did you see in her?
54. They’re screaming. It’s insane.
55. You do not look like a potato.
56. I’d love you anyway too.
57. Don’t forget to bring it with you.
58. I can’t see you again if you’re going to be like that.
59. Did we just interrupt them doing what I think they’re doing?
60. It’s just a few friends
61. She was dancing when we met.
62. Do you want to just ride?
63. You’ve been lazy.
64. It couldn’t have been all bad.
65. You made me a mix?
66. You’re naked in the reflection.
67. No one cares!
68. Well, believe me, it’s a problem!
69. Hang tough.
70. It sounds like you just made that shit up off the top of your head.
71. Be smarter.
72. Don’t freak her out with all your demons.
73. I just don’t know what’s going to happen next.
74. Who are you thinking about?
75. Are you being adorable?
76. I’d rather you didn’t.
77. What if I don’t get better than this?
78. It’s nothing a blow job can’t fix.
79. Without a doubt, it was not worth it.
80. What if you give me a month?
81. You’re surprised that I like that?
82. I can be fancy.
83. Stop thinking about them.
84. I’m ready to go home and take off your clothes now.
85. We just sat in a coat room and listened to a stranger sing a part of an Opera.
86. What do you think?
87. Good choice.
88. Are you ready now?
89. You’re giving me deja vu.
90. You never have chocolate and you always want it.
91. Is delicious better than good?
92. I’m not attacking you!
93. You’re surprisingly drunk already
94. Are you finished now?
95. Do you want to know how this works?
96. Just don’t go out with that biker.
97. She’s so bad for you.
98. How don’t you see this?
99. Put on a nice dress.
100. Are you pretending we’re spies?
101. Don’t distract me. I know what’s happening.
102. You don’t know best though!
103. You are beautiful and I’m not the only one who thinks that.
104. That’s the only reason I go.
105. I go to the gym so we can have sex forever.
106. Nothing will save you.
107. It’s not an ugly sweater!
108. It was full of blindfolds.
109. Bring me that butt.
110. Why are you so far away?
111. Let me know what you decide.
112. I hate flying.
113. Remember that birthday?
114. I’ll be thinking of you no matter who I’m with.
115. We are the best.
116. He has said really mean things to you.

anonymous asked:

hey i'm quite new to the fandom and i dont really know who to follow. do you have any carry on blog recs??

dont worry pal, here are a few of my favs 

@baz-snow-pitch @sncwbaz @simonsnowbro @pitchonthepitch @snowsmagic @snazzybaz @fyeahsnowbaz @lannyloch and @littlestpersimmon (for amazing art) @starsinyourprettyblueeyes @incorrectsimonsnowquotes @basiltxnpitch @snowbazpitch @grimmmpitch @theinsidiouspitch @fanbows @snowbazilisk @carryonbazpitch @snowbazrosebuds @magicath @simonandhisscones @shittycarryonaus @arituzz @eroticgropefest oh and @simonandtyrannus (for some quality memes)

but for real, you need to follow @chapter-61 , she is a really small blog but she has been on here for a while and she really deserves some more followers (although she is a furry so if you can’t accept her for who she is then oh well) 

sorry i missed out a lot of really cool blogs but i need to go to work in like ten minutes, so these are just a few of the blogs i follow but there are still a whole load of other blogs out there so yeah

75 reasons why I love Hinata Hyuga

Needless to say, these are my reasons why Hinata Hyuga is one of my all time favorite female fictional characters. So let’s start counting.

1. She is shy.

2. She is sweet.

3. She is kind.

4. She is caring.

5. She’s Kishimoto’s favorite girl.

6. She is polite.

7. She is very respectful towards others.

8. She’s a strong girl.

9. Her twin lion fists is an anime technique I’d like to have in real life(It’s a badass technique).

10. She perserveres.

11. She is headstrong.

12. She is smart.

13. She is honest.

14. She has never caused harm or deceived her allies or family.

15. She’s a great big sister.

16. Hanabi and her are adorable together.

17. She is beautiful.

18. She is the strongest Hyuga that ever lived.

19. She shows self worth.

20. Hinata (along with Kaguya) is canonically the only princess to possess one of the three great dojutsus.

21. She never held a grudge against her family for the way they treated her.

22. She is Naruto’s greatest strength and weakness.

23. She is extremely courageous.

24. She’s cute.

25. She blushes.

26. She inspired me to be more outspoken and confident as a kid.

27. She is elegant.

28. She is not loud or obnoxious.

29. Her fighting style is amazing to look at.

30. She has great judgement skills.

31. She never listened to her elders about Naruto.

32. She is a great team member.

33. Her love for Naruto has never affected her decision-making.

34. She doesn’t glorify Naruto.

35. She kept her promise to Hanabi, despite her being extremely exhausted from training.

36. She has never wronged anybody.

37. Has the personality of an angel.

38. She has an angelic smile.

39. Values her family over anything.

40. Sacrificed herself to save her loved one.

41. Her actions alone saved Naruto and helped save their village.

42. She has a decent back story.

43. Gave birth to two beautiful children.

44. She’s a great wife and mother.

45. Saved the world from destruction by stopping the moon.

46. Slapped some sense back into Naruto and reiterated his ninja way to prevent him from giving up.

47. She is the first person to acknowledge Naruto as a human being.(Kishimoto even agrees)

48. Her proud failure speech.

49. She can be intimidating.

50. She can combine her 64 palms technique with her twin lion fists (Overkill).

51. She is considerate, even on a date.

52. She is loyal.

53. She is not a stalker.

54. I love her blue hair.

55. She considered Neji as her brother and loved him like one, despite him nearly killing her over a trivial matter

56. She doesn’t cheat on exams.

57. She’ll offer you to look at her paper during an exam.

58. She hangs out with team members that utilize dog piss and creepy insects and yet she never complains.

59. She will rip out your eyes if you mess with her and give zero f**ks about it.

60. She knows how to knit.

61. She knows how to cook well.

62. She’s a dog person.

63. Possesses amazing reflexes.

64. Shoots out invisible, high-speed blasts of air from the palm of her hands.

65. She can hit an opponent 64 times in a few seconds.

66. She is the successor to Hamura’s will.

67. Her name means “sunny place”.

68. Hinata and I love to wear hoodies.

69. She is serene.

70. She proves that shy people can be strong too.

71. She doesn’t like violence despite being great at it.

72. Kurenai and her have a mother-daughter-like relationship.

73. Loves snowball fights.

74. She likes cinnamon rolls.

75.Her boobs are awesome.

I could go further but I decided to stop at 75 XD.

“She is a miracle,” he said.

“A miracle that will never happen to me.”

—  L.W. // Forgotten Words #61 // She is not my miracle
A Glitching Flower (1)

Monster AU

Wordcount: 1491
Pairing: Yixing x Reader(Attendant 4.0) ft Chanyeol

A/N: I know it’s been a while since i updated fighting with fire, but i’m still working on perfecting the end of the next chapter and changing some bits up. It’s almost done but in the meantime here’s another little thing because I like robots and Yixing was making me feel some things.

Attendant 4.0 had a glitch that meant she sometimes forgot she wasn’t human.

She wasn’t supposed have impractical reasoning, or emotional responses. She wasn’t supposed to think for herself and dream-and she definitely wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

But she did.

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a mix of 70 songs Michael has tweeted about at some point.

1. uptown funk by mark ronson ft. bruno mars. 2. drown by bring me the horizon. 3. shake it off by taylor swift. 4. hit me with your best shot by pat benatar. 5. bohemian rhapsody by queen. 6. anna molly by incubus. 7. party in the usa by miley cyrus. 8. spray on pants by kisschasy 9. vermilion by slipknot. 10. breaking the habit by linkin park. 11. i miss you by incubus. 12. echo by trapt. 13. sic transit gloria.. glory fades by brand new. 14. psychosocial by slipknot. 15. elevated by state champs. 16. famous last words by my chemical romance. 17. wish you were here by incubus. 18. bleeding love by leona lewis. 19. im lost without you by blink 182. 20. hands held high by linkin park. 21. good girls by 5 seconds of summer. 22. lost realist by trapt. 23. nothing on my back by sum 41. 24. stellar by incubus. 25. king for a day by pierce the veil. 26. are you gonna be my girl by jet. 27. lose yourself by eminem. 28. cry by the used. 29. somebody told me by the killers. 30. kick me when im high by sum 41. 31. machines by biffy clyro. 32. ocean size by goldfinger. 33. wrapped around your finger by 5 seconds of summer 34. lost in stereo by all time low. 35. disconnected by 5 seconds of summer. 36. we wont give up by the afters. 37. baby come back by player. 38. rebel yell by billy idol. 39. the taste of ink by the used. 40. work by jimmy eat world. 41. hold onto me by mayday parade. 42. what i like about you by the romantics. 43. heartache on the big screen by 5 seconds of summer. 44. bring me to life by evanescence. 45. kiss me by sixpence none the richer. 46. social casualty by 5 seconds of summer. 47. first date by blink 182. 48. the only reason by 5 seconds of summer. 49. walking disaster by sum 41. 50. amnesia by 5 seconds of summer. 51. 1985 by bowling for soup. 52. basket case by green day. 53. keep the change, you filthy animal by all time low. 54. fat lip by sum 41. 55. almost by bowling for soup. 56. girl like that by every avenue. 57. bad enough for you by all time low. 58. give me novacaine by green day. 59. (here) in your arms by hellogoodbye. 60. summer love by one direction. 61. she wants to be me by busted. 62. build me up buttercup by the foundations. 63. lost boy by 5 seconds of summer. 64. don’t stop believin’ by journey. 65. be your everything by boys like girls. 66. another girl, another planet by blink 182. 67. say anything by good charlotte. 68. im on one by dj khaled. 69. last night on earth by green day. 70. dirty little secret by all american rejects. 


143 prompts cause the subway is stalled

1. Shut up.
2. I’m wrong, I know.
3. Can we not talk about it?
4. We’re still walking home.
5. I don’t want to hear your reasons.
6. I have bad intentions.
7. New York, LA, it’s all the same
8. I’ll take what I can get
9. Finders keepers
10. I’ll show you the ropes
11. By then, I’ll be gone.
12. I don’t have a clue
13. I can still hear you from in there
14. You’re still stuck
15. I’m on my own now
16. Let me down easy
17. I’ll break all the windows
18. Make me believe
19. I don’t need a key
20. You still haunt me
21. You’ve got a foolish heart.
22. It feels like a knife in my back
23. I wondered what happened to you
24. I wasn’t anticipating a second attack
25. I’m not a quitter
26. Couldn’t hear you over the radio
27. You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
28. For a second there, we were something.
29. I was innocent
30. You kissed me
31. That was what I wanted
32. You should have seen your face.
33. I didn’t ask for much
34. It was a wrong place, wrong time thing.
35. I can hear you.
36. I’m covered in swear
37. You always want to know ‘why’
38. There’s pain in your voice.
39. You took the lead
40. I told her 'no’
41. I don’t have a choice
42. She’s begging me
43. I’m not going to run away
44. Watch your hands
45. Nobody was home
46. I’m better off alone
47. I should move on
48. Don’t take it to heart
49. Tell your brother for me
50. They’re getting married
51. I didn’t reply
52. It wasn’t meant to be
53. You’re smiling
54. The floor is still a mess
56. I had lunch with your friend
57. You’re late again
58. You called a lawyer
59. I thought they liked  me
60. Why don’t you just tell me yourself ?
61. She says sorry
62. I don’t know what you’re thinking
63. Lower your expectations
64. That won’t do us any good.
65. That’s a big promise to make
66. San Francisco was perfect.
67. You have to forgive me
68. Are you buying it ?
69. It’ll cost you though.
70. I know how to fly.
71. You broke every window in the hotel.
72. You were five! 
73. Consider me an angel
74. You’re going to get us into trouble
75. I won’t ever be rich
76. This is a strange town
77. I miss our conversations
78. You’re on every station
79. We could have been better than that
80. Why did you run away?
81. Say you want me
82. My hands are shaking
83. Try to understand
84. I’m just as scared as you
85. Just can’t watch you go
86. If that’s what you need
87. Is it too late?
88. Am I withdrawn?
89. It feels pointless
90. A storm is coming…
91. Take it day by day
92. I’m reaching but you’re not easy to grab
93. What did I forget?
94. I know you want me.
95. He’s in love with a great girl
96. I’m sexy and you know it.
97. Let me touch it
98. We’re going to need a mop.
99. I’m holding on until you let me go
100. I’m hurting too.
101. I’m backing down
102. Are you starting over?
103. Keep running. 
104. I don’t stand a chance
105. I took the hit for you.
106. You were my James Dean
107. She’s the one with the red lips
108. Keep it on the low
109. You said it was nothing at all
110. You knew I wouldn’t be able to let it go
111. Don’t play me again
112. Nice tux.
113. I have to leave you
114. Are you getting a good vibe?
115. It’s a bit overwhelming
116. Was I too close for comfort ?
117. Will you let me apologize ?
118. I wasn’t trying to make you cry
119. I know you must have your reasons
120. It’s getting late 
121. I’m lost for words.
122. I wrote it down on paper.
123. You want to do this right now?
124. It’s the game you love.
125. I’m not looking for love.
126. I should have kept my clothes on
127. You’re desperate and stoned.
128. Stop bossing me around
129. Keep your hands to yourself
130. Open up.
131. I’m having the same doubts
132. I always figured I’d be more prepared
133. What’s going on in your head now?
134. Is it something I said ?
135. You can lie to me
136. Close your eyes
137. It’s driving me crazy!
138. You asked me to.
139. Meet you there.
140. The world is full of back stabbers
141. I’ll drive all night.
142. Dance with me
143. If only you had the guts

anonymous asked:

Do you think Eto wants to make Kaneki her One Eyed King? But why would Kaneki join them I thought he hates Aoigiri?

As a rule of a reply, please consider what follows to be either my own thoughts on the matter. More importantly, I could be completely wrong. Just an observation.

13 years go, with that extermination of her small band of ghouls came the realization that Eto lacked the power, which would change the current order. She wasn’t able to develop a path that may revolutionize the “birdcage system”. As for myself, I think, the legend of the One-Eyed King is an idealization of a leader or savior. One, who aspires to make a change. Given her nature as a novelist, this might be the reason why she molded an ideal, her “God”, known as the One-Eyed King. A powerful leader, who could succeed the dream of “a world in which ghouls can live openly and freely” (:re Chapter 61), where she failed. After all Eto’s true aim is “to smoke out the liars” (Chapter 87), the V organisation, “the warped root that lurks behind all of this” (:re Chapter 61). However, her idealized God “is not an almighty father, but rather a [child] with an absurd amount of power” (:re Chapter 43), who is similar to herself and her own childish, dark nature.

To Kaneki
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
 “…brat.” (Eto, :re Chapter 55)
“I will make you my child.” (Eto,:re Chapter 56)
“[…] We are totally the same.” (Eto, :re Chapter 56)
■ :re Chapter 56 title was “The Second King”

:re Chapter 60
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Furuta:“[…] you strike me as nothing more than an exceptionally skilled child. Oh, forgive me!”
Kaneki: "It’s fine. Truth be told, I am really a [child]. […]“

Throughout the story, Kaneki was confirmed to be the “One-Eyed Ghoul”, who resembles to be the bridge between human and ghoul world. This was strongly hinted by Yoshimura. “Even ghouls have feelings. That part is no different than a human. […] I am the only one that can notice it. And the only one, who can tell others about it. […] I have to deliver the message.” (Ken Kaneki, Chapter 25) Ironically he also requested to Kaneki to save his child, “who has succumbed to despair and has no hope for anyone” (:re Chapter 39). So becoming the “One-Eyed King” could possibly be his “love and revolution”. It certainly looks that Eto desires for Kaneki to be the key, which heralds the new era outside of this birdcage. However, this sounds like becoming a martyr against CCG (more likely V), suffering death for refusing to advocate a belief and uniting both races all for once.

 Did the (first) One-Eyed King certainly exist? Was he the reason why CCG was found as a recent counterpart to protect the human race? Did he already die? Or does we have another candidate for the throne?

I would certainly be interested to see how things will unfold - especially with Arima, Furuta and V. We will get a wild ride starting from here one. There is more than meets the eyes.

Possibly this is why Eto predicts “a great change” in their organization (beside the leadership change). Kaneki’s character absolutely doesn’t fit with Aogiri’s current methodology. For example: Provided that he still cares for the Manager, Kaneki would not tolerate what is happening to Yoshimura (Kakuhou farming). It doesn’t seem likely to come true. That being said, at this point in time I see no reason for Kaneki to ally himself with Aoigiri. It was always his opposite of agenda. He need a convincing, reasonable event to even consider it. We may allow ourselves to see it soon. But for now, I would like to leave things as they are.