she's 61

Michigan (16), Florida (29) , Arizona (11), New Hampshire(4), Wisconsin (10). Those are the states Hillary would have won if Gary Johnson hadn’t siphoned off the needed about 4% to beat Trump. 70 votes in the electoral college. As I post this, she just needs 61 more. That’s an election right there. I hope 3rd party voters are happy because in a presidential race–maybe not House, but in a Presidential race, this is how it works.

Its my mom’s birthday today she turned 61. Everyone should wish her a happy birthday I will tell her people on the internet are sending her good vibes on her special day.

“She is a miracle,” he said.

“A miracle that will never happen to me.”

—  L.W. // Forgotten Words #61 // She is not my miracle

Kim Gordon’s rip on Lana is remarkably anti-feminist and it’s just a ploy to sell her book.

She’s literally retweeting all the hate she’s getting on her twitter, like she’s in high school. She’s 61. Old people can be so pathetic to rejuivinate their carrers.


Finished People.
My mom @cssipple jams with me to my metal music. Knows all the lyrics to #SleepingGiant #FinishedPeople now. This album 👌

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