she's 24 but i still love her

Day 24: Favorite Scion

Regardless of what anyone says, Alphinaud is lovable and admirable. I love him so. D: I see him like the little brother we’re trying to help guide towards a very bright and prosperous future. He has ambitions and regardless of what he’s faced he still wants to help people and protect the world. His character grow has been amazing from ARR to HW and I can’t wait till see more of him in SB.

I would have also drawn in Alisae because she is my favorite NPC but I don’t consider her part of the Scions.

Obviously I love pretty much everything about Lena Luthor but I feel that making her character 24 years old in canon was a mistake. I understand that she is an actual genius, which would account for her being so accomplished at such a young age, but the thought that she is only a year older than I am is ridiculous. I am pretty sure that i am still a child, but Lena Luthor is a WOMAN. She just gives off the persona of being at least being in her late twenties, if not early thirties.

Dating Justin Foley includes...


Warning: profanity

Request: here ya go bby and this one

Note: its amazing how one can gain so many followers so fast! I already have 50 followers! Thank you sm! I also have 200+ notes on my Jeff/Alex imagines, thank u sm! I’m nikki btw!!

  • Random make-out sessions

“Hey Justin do you think potatoes or broccoli wins-”

*insert Justin grabbing your waist and starts making out with you*

  • Finding out about his home issues


“I didn’t want you to worry so mu-”


  • Helping him through his domestic violence
  • Cuddles forever
  • Secretly Justin is a virgin bc he wanted the perfect person to do it with
  • And he chose you
  • *squeals*
  • You embarrass Justin. Like a lot.


“God Y/n.”

  • Justin getting annoyed at you but you make it up to him with hugs.
  • You always giving him back hugs

  • Your parents bring him into your house, just because of what you told them


“Is this what you have to deal with 24/7”

  • Justin getting along with your parents very well

“Babe you got some brownie, um, all over your face idiot.”


  • Singing in your bedroom
  • Your boy knows how to rap Rap God ;)
  • Kisses on cheeks

“Is it wrong if I love you and still love Jess?”

“It would be wrong not to still love her Justin.”

  • He stops drugs for you, he knows its bad
  • You stay the FUCK away from Bryce because you know better now
  • You knew Hannah but not well, she seemed more of a rebel and that was not you.
  • You weren’t on the tapes but you were handed a pair of headphones from Tony bc he said 

“Hannah really liked you Y/n, you were just so perfect. I bet you two would’ve been best friends.”

Soon you found out what Justin did

“I’m sorry Justin I love you but can I have some time? I really want to understand what truly happened.”

“Yeah okay.”

  • He was miserable but you came back to him in 2 days, you just needed time to process it, you forgave him for what he did
  • He loved you
  • He loved you more than Jess
  • He wanted to fucking marry you
  • You loved him too
  • You loved him so much
  • You wished this could last forever and you hoped it did too

i honestly get so frustrated seeing karamels being like “omg he made her breakfast in bed!!!! so abusive *sarcasm* lmaooo @ antis!!” 

because guess what? abusers aren’t abusive 24/7. my mum also cooks me really delicious meals and tells me she loves me every now an then, but that doesn’t change the fact that she hits me and acts like she owns me and guilt trips and manipulates and silences and yells at me basically every single day. not always all at once and sometimes really subtly, but she still does it. just like mon el. so can you please stop invalidating and making fun of abuse victims?

this is not intended to be hateful in any way, i’m literally just trying to get y’all to understand our point of view and stop treating this as some kind of joke.

To Speak

To my dearest Nonny, I hope you are smiling, I hope you find happiness- I am still here if you need me. All of us here are family you can count on. 


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Coffee, Tea, or Hot Coco?: BATB Edition
  • Belle: Tea, usually something very sweet and fruit flavored
  • Adam: The biggest fucking coffee snob. Like literally had a paragraph long description for his order and probably brews his morning cup with an expensive French press.
  • Maurice: Likes a good cup of tea after he's finished working on one of his projects - sugary things make his hands shake to much to get precise details/
  • Lumiere: Coffee with two shots of expresso. He's usually energetic but he just needs that extra boost sometimes
  • Cogsworth: Coffee as well - it's how he copes with Lumiere. But he also has a soft spot for hot coco that he won't admit.
  • Plumette: Probably likes really fancy hot coco that tastes like chocolate covered cherries.
  • Mrs Potts: I think you all know.
  • Chip: Drinks tea because his mom makes it 24/7 but like any kiddo he loves hot chocolate
  • Garderobe: Green tea with honey is good for the vocal chords, so she usually has a cup or two before her performances.
  • Cadenza: Coffee has inspired some of his best compositions when he's working late into the night.
  • Gaston: Black coffee with no sugar or cream. He is hardcore in his breakfast and black coffee goes well with 5 dozen eggs.
  • Lefou: Actually a tea guy. Likes unusual flavors like lavender and creme brulee but is still a sucker for Earl Grey.
  • Stanley: Literally the boy makes hot coco like Ned Flanders in The Simpsons Movie with a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a toasted marshmallow. Sometimes he'll add sprinkles.

some kuwei headcanons (not necessarily modern):

- david and genya adopt him the moment he sets foot on ravkan soil, that’s not even a question
- nikolai, the ultimate sexy dad, announces kuwei is his favourite kid and he really is bc he’s an orphan like him and he’s been neglected like him so long story short he shares custody with david and genya
- which doesn’t mean kuwei is spoiled or privileged in ANY way or shape, it just means he’s appreciated and seen
- however, he wants to pursue science and chemistry and all that jazz so nikolai enrolls him into the best school and david is his private tutor and his dad DID create jurda parem so needless to say the kid is a walking prodigy in maths and physics
- in a modern setting, kuwei is comfortable enough to use grindr and stuff and all he ever knows is acceptance and love and he’s never ever shamed for wanting to express his sexuality
- best friends with nadia!!! since she’s a bit of an underdog herself (she’s always been a part of the team but guess what? she’s also always been slept on just like kuwei) and i honestly don’t see her ~click~ with zoya or the other girls at the palace so they could both use a friend
- kuwei is THE HOTTEST thing in ravka
- kuwei juggles two casual boyfriends bc he’s not looking for anything serious and neither are they but then he meets nadia and adrik is there
- one week and three clumsy kisses in the dark later they start dating bc kuwei deserves a soft boy who’d worship the ground he walks on and have heart eyes for him 24/7 and that’s adrik 10000% (i headcanon adrik as yet another bi icon btw)
- alina pops over for tea every once in awhile and she’s like “you remind me of someone”
- (i’m crying, you’re crying, baghra is crying from the other side)
- but then she looks at his eyes and sees they’re gold not silver and she smiles to herself, “nevermind”
- and she LOVES kuwei like she’s fiercely protective of this nice, quiet orphan kid who just wanted an actual home and maybe a new family
- and now he has two bc the dregs still visit him everytime inej has business in ravka with her ship and nina’s there like all the time so!!
- speaking of nina, she probably feeds kuwei waffles bc it’s ~food for the soul~ and she just wants kuwei to finally be happy where he is
- kuwei is quiet, almost shy, (like david) but his ears are always turned in the newest gossip’s direction (like genya)
- he always Knows Things™
- but he’s smart enough to only say them when it would benefit him/his situation, otherwise he’s actually very good at keeping secrets
- that’s actually it, he’s hella smart and it throws people off bc they’re like “hahahaha well he doesn’t even talk that much!!” and then kuwei smiles at them, plots a quick, bloodless revenge in his head and five minutes later they’re being exiled on grounds of discrimination and treachery, bitch you thought™
- even kaz admits he’d like to take him on one of his kruge hunts but nikolai is like brekker pls this is my son we’re talking about
- kuwei in the background: technically, i’m not your-
- idk why but i feel like he’d grow out his hair?? and maybe keep it in a fancy ponytail?? and it’d look so good on him

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I am only doing this because we need something to contrast all the Sadrien exploding across our feeds from Angst Week. And because I made the horrible mistake of reading @geek-fashionista ‘s contribution to it >_> 

(An excerpt from “The Trials of Marinette Agreste- or how to sleep with your best friend, who is also your husband) 

the scene: 

Marinette has been plotting. She has arranged for Tom and Sabine to take baby Emma for the night. (She is only a little concerned that she might have to break down her parents door to get her back tomorrow.) Finally, she can have some alone time with her husband. 

Adrien is grabbing some baby supplies from the store so he has no idea.  He will come home and there will be no distractions, no obligations, no Emma crying right when they are FINALLY about to do it… 

She hears the front door to their apartment open and grins. 

“I’m back bugaboo. How are my two lovely ladies?” 

“Just one lovely lady tonight,” Marinette smiled flirtatiously, “Emma is with Maman and Papa.” 

“Really?” Adrien grinned, setting the bags down on the floor and putting his arms around her waist, “So what are we going to be doing with our evening off then?” 

“Well I am sure we can figure something out…” 

She leaned forward, giving her husband a long, lingering kiss. His hands ran up and down her back and she shivered in anticipation of where this night was heading. 

“What do you say we move this to-” 

Marinette was cut off by the shrill beeping of her cell phone. She glared at the offensive object, the small red notification light blinking mockingly at her from across the room. 

Adrien gave her a quick amused peck on the lips. “You go get that, it could be important. I’ll put the groceries away. Meet you in the bedroom when you’re done?” He picked up the bags and began sorting through the purchases. 

Marinette stalked across the room and grabbed up her phone, making her way to the den so she could tell whoever it was to go away without Adrien overhearing and making a fuss about manners or responsibilities. 

She closed the door behind her and finally glanced down at the call screen before blinking in surprise at the ID. 

“Hello?” She asked worried. 

“Oh, Marinette thank god,” Chloe’s voice called, “this is a complete disaster and I need your help right away.” 

“Is there a new villain? Have you told Alya already? Where are-”

“Oh, it’s nothing like that! Jeez!” Chloe laughed. “No I have a press conference tomorrow and I cannot figure out which shoes go best with this outfit. Sabrina out of town and Adrikins has turned into a walking zombie since you guys popped out my precious baby god daugher-” 

“Ayla’s her godmother,” Marinette muttered for the thousandth time. 

“-so clearly you were the obvious choice. I mean let’s face it, Alya and Nino are the definition of fashion challenged. You on the other hand actually understand the importance of style.” 

Marinette bit her lip and tried to hold back a scream of frustration. As much as she was glad that Chloe had found a place in their little circle of friends, as thrilled as it had made Adrien that the girl had gotten over her teenage bullying, and as much as she loved and appreciated all the good things Chloe had done since getting her own miraculous- the woman still had the amazing ability to drive her completely insane. 

“Chloe,” she growled, “I am trying to spend a night alone with my husband if you know what I mean.” 

“You can do that any night, where as I am on a 24 hour deadline.” 

“I’ll drop by in the morning.”

“But I already have everything laid out.” 

“Chloe, unless the Eiffel Tower is on FIRE I don’t want to be bothered right now!” 

“Ugh, fine. You really do need to get laid. I’ll see you in the morning then.” 

Marinette ended the call and turned off the phone. 

She hurried into the bedroom to find Adrien sprawled out face first on the bed, snoring. 

24 Hours of Torture

Spencer Reid x Reader 

Part 2 of this 

The team had been waiting in the hospital waiting room for more than 12 hours. Penelope was asleep on Derek’s shoulder cuddling a massive pink bunny that she had bought for Annabel. Derek was flipping through Highlights, the only magazine left available. Aaron and David were sitting in the corner quietly talking. JJ was reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar to Henry, who had insisted on coming to see Uncle Spence and his baby cousin.

It had been 23 hours since Y/N had gone into labor, 5 days after her due date. She was still in the active labor phase and was only 5 cm dilated and had to reach 10 cm before any pushing could occur.

“Are you FUCKING kidding me?” screamed out Y/N as a contraction overcame her.

“Just breathe through it Y/N, you can do it” said Spencer to help ease the love of his life.

“Shut the hell up Spencer, I’ve been at this for almost 24 hours. I DON’T WANT TO BREATHE THROUGH IT” shrieked Y/N while squeezing Spencer’s hand.

“SHIT. Y/N don’t squeeze so hard” yelped Spence.

“Unless you have a cantaloupe pushing it’s way through your fucking asshole don’t tell me what to fucking do” Y/N screeched as another contraction pushed it’s way through her.

Spencer was at a loss for how to respond and simply said, “I love you Y/N”, before wiping the sweat off her forehead and placing a kiss.

After another 20 minutes, Y/N had finally dozed off. Spencer looked at his beautiful and loving wife and thought about the day he finally worked up the courage to propose. They had been dating for almost 4 years and Penelope and Derek were badgering him for the 1000th time about when we was going to ask his “Lil’ Mama” to marry him. What he didn’t tell them was that a couple weekends prior he had gone with JJ to buy Y/N’s ring. It was a round cut 18 carat white gold diamond engagement ring. It was simple yet elegant. He couldn’t wait till he could see it on her hand every morning when they woke up and every night before they went to sleep.

It was the 4th of July weekend and Spencer and Y/N had planned a small getaway to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. They had booked a room at The Villas at Hatteras Landing. Their room had a queen sized bed, a living area, a massive bathroom, a private balcony, and even a small kitchen of their own. They spent most of their trip sleeping in and laying on the beach. That Saturday was the day Spencer finally did it. He woke up early and made an elaborate breakfast, well elaborate for him, of bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon, and coffee. After they spent a very lazy morning in the room the couple finally got ready to head out for the day.

Spencer had booked a boat tour for the two at 2 pm. After the boat tour they spent the day shopping. Spencer happily followed after Y/N as she smelt every single candle and looked through all the homemade soaps. He just held her hand as they hit all the souvenir shops on Highway 12  and Y/N looked through the tacky gifts. After an amazing afternoon, Spencer and Y/N had dinner reservations, at a restaurant that Y/N and her family went to every summer they spent at the Outer Banks, Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant. They had their fill in fresh seafood and wine. After they ate till they couldn’t eat another bite the duo went on a romantic walk on the beach during sunset. During the walk, Spencer got down on one knee.

“Y/N, ever since you joined the team 5 years ago I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of you. You were everything that I had ever imagined yet everything I also thought I would never have. The day you agreed to go out with me was the best day of my life. The past four years with you have been amazing. You’re the one I go to when I have a nightmare. You’re the one that takes care of me when I’m sick. I can always go to you with any problems. You make me a better person. You’re beautiful, loving, caring, selfless, and my entire world. So here I am, asking if you would do me the honor, of marrying me” said Spencer.

Y/N had tears streaming down her face and a look of awe.

“Babe, you have to answer me soon before I throw my bad knee out” said Spencer jokingly, although he had an irrational fear that she would say no.

Y/N, with tears still running down her face, rapidly nodded her head before saying, “Yes you idiot. Of course I’ll marry you”.

At that point Spencer, with a grin plastered onto his face, slid the ring onto the correct finger before standing straight. He pushed Y/N’s hair out of her face and wiped off her tears before saying, “I love you”, and pressed his lips to Y/N as she wrapped her hands around his neck sending shivers down Spencer’s spine. Y/N smirked into the kiss as Spencer’s arms grasped Y/N’s waist tighter and his thumb grazed the free skin available to him from the cutout on her dress.

Spencer jostled back into reality and rushed to his wife’s side as he heard Y/N scream, finally ready to push after hours of torturous labor. And after thirty more excruciating minutes they heard the angelic cry of Annabel Diana Reid.

“Look at her Spence, she’s gorgeous” said Y/N holding their baby girl for the first time.

“She already takes after her amazing mom” said Spencer before taking Y/N’s hand and gently kissing it.

A/N I wrote this piece because you guys liked the first part so much that it now has over 200 notes! You guys are freaking amazing! Also, I’m still accepting requests!

It’s moms day!! !

And if you know me, you know that my mom is literally a goddess to me. And I’ll fight anyone to the death who tells me otherwise.

She is so chill af, so sweet, and yet even with all the stuff that happens she never lets it affect how she treats others. And shes just my #1 role model in life. I love her to bits and I bother her 24/7 when I get the chance too lol. 

So just Happy Moms Day to all of you who have a mom thats part of your world! And if you don’t I’ll adopt you I’ll be your mom (even if you have a rl mom but if shes shit i’ll still adopt you). 

I think we all need to appreciate Starlight’s side-glare abilities, because she’s the best side-glaring technicolor pony I’ve ever seen.


First picture: Ollie, shih tzu, age 7. Ollie’s favorite treats are ice cubes, he forgets how stairs work on a daily basis, and wants to be held 24/7. He’s honestly the dumbest dog I’ve ever met, but he tries his best and I love him.

Second picture: Gidget, shih tzu, age 10. Gidget likes to be left alone a lot of the time, but she still enjoys a good ear scratch and snuggling when she’s in the mood. She is also way too smart for her own good. Her nemesis is the gardner snake that lives in the backyard. She’s a good lil bean, even if she likes to eat her poop sometimes.

Third picture: Buddy, golden doodle, age 11 months. Buddy actually happens to be my father’s dog, thus I take no responsibility for his name. He’s a rambunctious pup that never runs out of energy, puts everything in his mouth, and will nip at your ankles when you least expect it. He is a good boy™ when treats are involved though.

I love all my children.

A New Day in the Sun (A BATB fanfic)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the days that followed the curse being broken and everyone adjusting to their curse-free lives. So I decided to write Adam’s morning the day after the curse was broken. Enjoy!

Adam awoke with a start, immediately feeling disoriented. He struggled to place the feeling. He knew where he was, but there was a split second where he wasn’t quite sure who he was. He looked down to see his own human hands before him. A smile of relief spread across his face. It truly was real after all. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, his feet hitting the cool floor a second later than what he felt they should have, and made his way to his bedroom window. The faintest hint of dawn was beginning to seep into the horizon. He really should be more tired, he thought to himself. Everyone in the castle had stayed up well into the night talking, telling stories, getting reacquainted with loved ones. Several of his staff’s newly reunited family members had stayed the night at the castle at his invitation. Having everyone there chatting around the fire the night before had felt nice. Comfortable even. He’d even managed to get a laugh out of everyone at one point. That was something he certainly never expected to experience. But then, he never truly expected to be human again. This new life was bound to be full of surprises.

Abandoning any efforts to try and go back to sleep, Adam got dressed, washed his face – pausing a moment to get used to the face staring back at him in the mirror – and made his way down to the stables. He never did get the chance to say hello to Phillipe in all the excitement yesterday. He’d really grown rather fond of Belle’s family horse during the time they’d spent together. Phillipe had proven himself quite the intelligent horse and an even better listener. Making his way through the kitchen, Adam grabbed a few carrots for his equine friend.

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Tag some of your favorite blogs and why? I hate seeing all this hate that is going around in the community

I feel you, bro

@marvelous-fvcks *heart eyes* Mi wifey! Everything she does is brilliant, tore my heart to pieces and put it back again, her imagination knows no bounds. So pretty she could be a model for artists. 

@mellifluous-melodramas Little wife, poet, fighter, amazing writer, funniest gal, listens to me bitch and make weird sexual innuendos, gives all her love to Logan but still manages to find some time for her wives. 

@mcuimxgine Little bunny, cutest person ever, I just want to hug her 24/7, she’s a great writer and a theatre girl, I think she also plays an instrument (see she’s so talented!) My heart aches for Hannah ♥ 

@barnesndnobles Real life Steve Rogers! She’s a freaking encyclopedia, remembers everything, the best musician ever and will fight for you. 100% recommend!

@sebseyesandbuckysthighs Gosh! She’s the sweetest person on this damn website and a fantastic writer (Love is For Children and All my Friends are Heathens are masterpieces…) She’s out of this world!

@just-some-drabbles I don’t know them much, they’re amazing and incredibly talented. I want to binge-read their master list, but I’m also afraid I’ll read it too fast. DILEMMA!! also *coughs* firefighter!Bucky *coughs*

@ursulaismymiddlename Mama of the cutest Steve ever, her mythology!Aus are just mind blowing, a daily ray of sunshine!

@buckysbackpackbuckle Her love for Tony fuels me, Heart on the Line is sooooo good it gave me a nosebleed, she’s the kindest but she takes no bullshit

@buckyywiththegoodhair She’s such a positive person, always so kind and sweet, her writing is wonderful, has the face of an angel and hair better than Bucky

@avengerofyourheart Writing goals (btw I’m going to spam you soon. I need to read In the Arms of Justice), a true and kind person, we need more people like her…

@abovethesmokestacks​ She was already killing me with fluff and angst aka Oh, How We’ve Grown but now she writes smut too… well,I’m dead. 

And of course there’s also @winterboobaer a beauty and a sweetheart, @callamint one talented gal! @lancefuckrr a sunshine and a great writer (she’ll be famous one day, just you wait and see) @lenavonschweetz I will never be over Show me Love 

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Can you do 18, 24 and 30?

Thank you for the asks Anon. Here we go!

#18: Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?

 The first time he had confessed to her that he loved her she wasn’t even awake. They had been watching a movie, sprawled on the Cooper lounge, her head resting against his chest. It hadn’t taken her long to fall asleep the twists and turns into the murder of Jason Blossom had taken their toll on them both.
“I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you Betty. I know you think that there is something wrong with you, that there is a darkness threatening to break out but I love you, all of you even the bits you don’t like about yourself.” His voice caught in his throat as she stirred. He held still, berating himself for exposing himself, until she started deep breathing again and he was certain she was asleep. Not being able to restrain himself he tells her how much he loves her one more time.

#24: Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

 "Dance with me.“ He extends his hand out waiting for her to grasp it.
“Don’t be ridiculous. ” she responds, wiping her forehead a streak of flour left in its place. She was preparing a batch of cupcakes for Veronica. Her dad’s trial was tomorrow and she wanted to spoil her with a girl’s night of cupcakes and chick flicks. Jughead had invited himself over to ‘help’. But she was pretty sure he was just angling for a sample of her baking.
“Humor me.” he responded his hand still outstretched, palm open waiting for her. She huffed, taking it reluctantly as he pulled her towards him, catching her in his arms. She couldn’t help but smile as his hands rested on her hips and they swayed in time to the music.

He knew that she was upset and stressed, with Polly due to give birth any day and Veronica dad’s trial she was a bundle of nerves. He wanted to provide some respite, even for a moment, to spoil her, just as she spoiled and cared for those around her. She rested her head against his chest as they continued to sway to the song playing on the radio. Her arms wrapped around his torso, she though about how even after these past few months he could still surprise her. As the song ended she looked up at him and he smiled back in adoration at her.

“Thank you.” She says before she presses a kiss to his cheek. He surprises her again and she giggles as he lifts her up and twirls her around, lips capturing hers in a soft and gentle kiss.

#30: Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?

“I just feel it is like admitting defeat.” She looked at him confused. “Wearing them, needing to wear them.”

“It’s just a pair of glasses.”

“Makes me feel old.” He pouts.

“That’s cause you are.” She said swatting his arm playfully. You would have thought the world had ended when he came home with the announcement that he needed glasses. He had slumped in his chair in his office, opened his laptop, put on his headphones and played with the new case containing the very source of his bad mood.

He was still there when she had come in to tell him that dinner was ready. The girls were at Grandma Coopers and they had the house to themselves.

“Can I at least see them on.” She smiled, softly taking them from his hands, before placing them on his face.

“I look like an old man, they might as well give you a cardigan and slippers to go with them.” He sighed. He looked into her eyes gauging her reaction. She was no longer smiling in fact her smile had been replaced by something all together different.

“I wouldn’t say that.” She breathed before straddling his lap, her legs either side of his own and crashing her lips against his in a hungry kiss. Her hands moved into his hair, pulling roughly back so that she could meet his eyes again.

“I take it you like them.” She nodded, her fingers playing with the collar of his shirt. Her breathing heavy. “Guess I could get used to them then.” he said pulling her in for another kiss.


Not a bad episode, since Caleb wasn’t there my main reason to watch kind of disappeared. I feel like 7x14 was a fan theory I read somewhere lol. So here are my thoughts on the episode, spoilers ahead.

1. Ill start with something that really shocked me (no not Lucas yet…) but the fact they made Emily and Paige kiss. I get they want to satisfy all shippers but honestly how many people like them.

2. The baby is Emily’s, SHOCKER, Said no one on Tumblr ever. There are a million different ways to bring a ship together, THIS isn’t one.

3. Now its making me second guess Emison because its seems like Emily would only be staying with Ali because of the baby. Kind of sucks they need to bring in this kind of drama instead of just letting ships be together.

4. I feel terrible for Emily and Alison what a sick way to be brought together…

5. Have I mentioned yet that I miss Caleb, hope he having a nice recovery wherever he is.

6. I’m not even going to talk about Ezra because he should have been in jail like 7 seasons ago. BOTH Aria and Nicole deserve better then him.

7. If Ezra isn’t AD, in jail, or dead by the end of the show I’m gonna be mad. NOW I’m done talking about Ezra.

8. I KNEW Mary killed Jessica. They couldn’t reveal Mary as the killer at the time because we didn’t know about her. BUT YOU KNOW WHO DID KNOW ABOUT MARY?

9. Ted

10. Oh how I missed Hanna’s dad, oh wait he isn’t Hanna’s dad, even though PLL’s twitter account thinks he is.

11. Ashley and Ted aren’t together anymore? JUST LET THE MARIN GIRLS BE HAPPY!

12. NOOOOO Ashley slept with Jason (EWWW but hey, not incest) that’s why they broke up? OR was it because Hanna was in jail at the time… Okay Ted, I get it, I would leave that mess too.

13. I knew the second they walked up to that house it was going to be Ted and Mary was with him. OH AND Ted is Charlottes Dad, I mean why not at this point just make it Peter. No one would question it because he cant keep it in his pants.

14. No Ted, Hanna is no longer engaged but will be again very soon…


16. Friends with Charlotte for awhile and went to a camp for troubled boys? AD is avenging Charlotte’s death AND WHO WAS FRIENDS WITH CHARLOTTE? LUCAS.

17. I feel so bad for Hanna though, another friend she trusted is AD, working for AD or hiding something from her and having different motives.

18. Can Caleb come back next episode to hug her at least?

19. Maybe Lucas liked Hanna because she reminded him of Charlotte? It will forever bug me that Alison was compared to Cece and Hanna was compared to Alison, yet no one compared Hanna and Charlotte. God I hope they aren’t related besides being almost step sisters.

20. Lucas’s girlfriend in season 5 is Charlotte IM CALLING IT!

21. AD FaceTiming, trying to be all modern and shit.

22. Namaste bitch girl is back for the most anticlimactic reveal yet

23. “Im AD” Yeah and Im AD too. Seriously WHO IS DRIVING THE CAR?

24. Aria is going dark behind the girls back. HEY at least she is making progress on an episode that includes Ezra. Imagine that, Aria can still do stuff when he is around.

25. But now because Aria is playing “on the winning team” Hanna has to go play again. Poor girl cant catch a break.

26. OH and have I mentioned Hanna should leave Lucas apartment because he is creepy and probably watches her sleep…

27. Cute Spencer and Hanna scenes glad they didn’t let the worst written love triangle get between them.

28. And Spencer slept with Marco because she felt bad for Toby? Okay. Why not.



30. Mona is way too excited about the game,at least someone will be there for Hanna during her second turn. Since someone, not saying names (Caleb), wont be there AGAIN.

31. Maybe Caleb isn’t in the next episode because he is planning his proposal.

32. And someone is going to jail *crosses fingers its not Hanna. I would prefer a non jail themed wedding. BUT ILL TAKE ANYTHING.

33. And Marco is just now thinking the girls are involved. Rosewood only hires the best police.


Lucas- no point in hiding it anymore, you’re involved. BUT JUST HOW MUCH?

Ezra- Honestly did nothing this episode, I just hate him.

Alison- Had some weird moments tonight. Not saying she is AD, just acting funny. Ill let her off because of the whole baby thing.

See you guys in two weeks (boo)

Namaste bitch.

ada254  asked:

For the shipping ask I kinda want to be obvious and say eisuke x mc but what about mc x mamoru!!!!!? :)



who’s the cuddler: mc. eisuke’s too damn proud to initiate any cuddling (even though we all know he’s thirsty af), but he’ll melt into a puddle of goo if mc snuggles with him. 

who makes the bed: mc. she’s 100x better at fixing beds than he is, that’s for damn sure. though who knows how many times they did the Nasty the night before lmao

who wakes up first: eisuke, usually. he likes watching her sleep, and this is the only time he’s ever honest and vulnerable. he strokes her hair and whispers all his unspoken feelings to her while she sleeps. when she wakes up, mc says she’s had the best dream ever, to which eisuke just smiles in return.

who has the weird taste in music: mc. her playlist is a mix of idol music and really sappy love songs. eisuke doesn’t really have a musical preference (though he’s been known to hum some jazz every once in a while). 

who is more protective: eisuke, full stop. anyone who even breathes in mc’s direction the wrong way probably won’t see the light of day ever again. though mc is more likely to defend eisuke if someone talks shit about him.

who sings in the shower: mc! eisuke finds it adorable, and often he joins her in the shower for some Nasty times

who cries during movies: mc. eisuke rolls his eyes, but hugs her while she cries anyway.

who spends the most while out shopping: eisuke. need i say more? this guy burns money like it’s fucking nothing. nothing is too much for her. hell, he’d buy mc the moon if she wanted it.

who kisses more roughly: eisuke. he doesn’t know how to chill because he’s always ready to go, 24/7 (not that mc minds ;))))

who is more dominate: eisuke, like 90% of the time. still, he’s not averse to letting mc take the lead every once in a while.he secretly thinks it’s sexy. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: dang, you probably know how biased i am about this ship lol…. well, all things considered, i’ll give them a 10/10 because i fuckin love their dynamic (especially in season 3!!!) so much you have no idea


who’s the cuddler: both of them!! especially when they’re in bed. mamoru’s like a teddy bear.

who makes the bed: mc. she has to bribe mamoru with food if she ever wants him to make the bed. even if he does, he does a pretty lame job at it lmao

who wakes up first: mc. good mcfuckin luck trying to wake mamoru up before noon (unless he smells breakfast).

who has the weird taste in music: mc. mamoru doesn’t listen to music that much, and he’s kinda intimidated by the sheer number of revance songs on her phone.

who is more protective: mamoru. he’s lowkey about it, but he’ll do anything to make sure she’s safe. if she asks him, he’ll try to play it cool and deny it.

who sings in the shower: mc, even is she is a bit off-key. mamoru jokingly tells her she sucks, to which she responds by throwing a soap bar at him.

who cries during movies: mc!! she blows her nose onto his shirt sometimes, too. he gets mad about it, but seeing her sappy crying face keeps him from getting too mad.

who spends the most while out shopping: neither of them, really. they’re both kinda frugal, but sometimes they’d splurge on food once in a while.

who kisses more roughly: mamoru. he looks like he doesn’t care, but damn, this guy knows how to kiss.

who is more dominate: can go either way depending on the mood. if mamoru’s too lazy to take the lead, mc’ll be on top (and he loves the view from the bottom tbh).

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 8/10 because honestly, these two are precious. i love how casual they are with each other <3

Pull me Closer (Part 2)

Summary: You visit the Harvelles.
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Other Characters: Sam Winchester, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle
Word Counting: 1.1k
Chapter: 2/35
Chapter name: Harvelle
Warnings: Set in season 2. Cannon divergence. Jealous Dean. The Winchesters are literally ignoring John’s death and pretending things are just fine. Gifs aren’t mine

(Series Masterlist)

Y/N could not take her eyes off the scene in front of her. Her gaze followed Dean under the Impala as he fixed Baby.

He was dealing well with all that was happening better than her and Sammy, and that was scary.

In over a week with Bobby and even after the letter, they hadn’t talked about John’s death or that the yellowed eye demon was behind it.

Much less the fact that he had given his life for her.

She had talked to Sam. She cried on his shoulder and he had cried along with her.

She felt guilty somehow, even when John had done it without asking or saying something to her. Even though Sam had comforted her and said it wasn’t her fault, it was still difficult.

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Dating Rosé would include...

  • first off Rosé is a beautiful angel that need protecting
  • a lot of it
  • it’s #RoséProtectionSquad level
  • she’s so clumsy around you
  • like she could be walking across smooth glass and trip
  • then grab onto you cuz “save me babe”
  • she’s almost set the apartment on fire several times
  • “oh there’s a candle right there”
  • tries to stay away from the candle
  • trips, falls, sets the carpet on fire
  • you run out of the shower like wtf
  • she’s just pouring water on it like “shhhh”
  • now whenever you walk past the burnt spot you laugh
  • waking up to her adorable face
  • it’s 11/10
  • if she can’t be with you she’ll leave notes
  • like “good morning sunshine sorry I had to go into work early”
  • they’re honestly all over the place
  • some are in English or Korean or whatever your native language is
  • she’ll sit up late at night trying to copy “I love you” in your native tongue
  • she makes everyone soft
  • your parents love her
  • it’s crazy
  • you’re pretty sure they lowkey want to adopt her and kick you out of the family
  • snapchats 24/7
  • it’s usually random stuff but
  • ??? she’s still so cute
  • it could be the set for an mv and she’s taking a picture of a cloud
  • “it looks like Jennie’s fluffy hair”
  • or it’ll be of her hyping the girls
  • “look how cute Lisa looks ❤️”
  • her learning how to play your favorite songs on her guitar
  • like you’re coming home and hear Goodbye by 2NE1 playing
  • but like ??¿? it’s not coming from a speaker
  • you walk in your room and Rosé is on the bed with her guitar
  • “hi babe I learned a new song”
  • being that one couple everyone makes fun of but secretly loves
  • “omg y'all are so nasty” –Lisa probably
  • the girls making fun of you 25/8
  • like you’ll hug and they’ll be like
  • “oh wow” 👀
  • then start dramatically imitating you
  • but they lowkey love it
  • you’re the fifth member of BLACKPINK
  • Rosé takes you everywhere
  • oh she’s going to the studio?
  • gotta take the gf
  • oh she’s filming a variety show
  • gotta take the gf
  • you two are honestly attached at the hip
  • but it’s aight cuz the Blinks ship y'all real hard
  • #1 cutest couple in kpop