I've just finished rewatching 6x14 and I've decided that I ship Clark/Nora. They make a beautiful and sexy couple. I remember when Nora first appeared in season 4 and I really liked her scenes with Angela & Clark. She brings up the fire in him and I LOVE. IT.

That was a tribute to Nora who we’ll probably never see again since I’m assuming that Clark is not a cheating bastard. I’m wondering if they’ll tell us why they broke up because they seemed so ga-ga about each other. 

I need spoilers. When I create posts for characters that we’ve only seen once or twice, that’s when you know I’m in a serious Bones withdrawal…

I… don’t really know how to respond to this?

Yes, I’m basing my theories on the words as they were written. Yes, they’re probably hard to argue against if you haven’t learned the language. 

Yes, it’s absolutely unfair that the official translations are not reliable enough to work with.

But that is not my fault. I’ve spent nine years learning Japanese in order to help fix that situation, in order to help open up the nuances of the canon to those who don’t have the time or inclination to learn an entire language just for this one thing.

I am absolutely not demanding that anyone put absolute trust in me, and I never, ever would. I make stupid mistakes all the time, and miss things, and forget things, and I own up to them immediately whenever I notice that I’ve done so (while panicking, usually, because I struggle pretty badly with anxiety). Being trusted absolutely would be terrifying, tbh. I write disclaimers all over the place about how not-fluent I am and how grateful I would be for feedback. I’m human, not an infallible translation machine, and I’ve tried to be as clear about that as I possibly can.

And yes, of course it’s possible that some of these things are just plot holes. I’m not ignoring that at all. I’m just… being fannish? Theorizing is kind of what this corner of fandom does, haha. Filling in the gaps, extrapolating, guessing, all of that. There are so many mysteries here that we might never run out, and that’s why it’s fun. I’ll probably turn out to be dead wrong about half the stuff I’ve said, and if so, I’ll be okay with it! This is for fun. It’s always been for fun, and if that ever changes I’ll probably leave the next day and never look back, lol.

So, I’m… not really sure what you want me to do here? Stop sharing things, even though people are enjoying them, and even though those who don’t enjoy them have the option of muting or blocking me? I am truly sorry that you feel intimidated, I don’t want that at all, but I honestly don’t know what to do about it.

Help me out here.

Miss Fluffy got back! Her creatinin (an indicator for kidney issues) is heightened more than earlier, which means she’s now really a kidney patient. As the only option is ‘kidney diet’ for now, we’re going to stick to the senior food (as the kidney diet gives her diarrea. No proteins in her urine (yet), that’s good news.

For everything else she got a clean bill of health! No diabetes or thyroid issues. It could be she just had an off week last week (kidney issues tend to do that). The vet cleaned her teeth of the tiny bit of calculus she had. She still has excellent teeth, lucky kitty <3  They also clipped her nails.