she'll make it happen


Hanging out? Like, the four of us?


I owned every second
That this world could give

I saw so many places
The things that I did
With every broken bone
I swear I lived

Imagine Being Crowley’s Daughter And Him Not Approving Of Your Attire

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“Y/N,” Crowley called as you sprinted to the door, and you groaned with frustration as he summoned you back to the throne room, “What in the bloody name of Lucifer are you wearing?” You looked at your shorts, t-shirt, and Converse.

“I don’t know, clothes?” you said bluntly.

“Where are you going dressed like that?”

“Out. With my friends.”

“Are there going to be any boys with these ‘friends’?”

“Stop,” you held up your hand, “Dad, stop right there. Don’t start. I’m a teenager but I’m not that stupid. I’m a demon. I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

“Wait…” Crowley tried calling you back, “Y/N…Y/N!!! Don’t you walk away from me! I’m your father! I’m the King of Hell! I..I’m sending demons to supervise you!”

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So long story short Skeleton King needs to be overthrown so Princess!Nova enlists the help of Cowboy!Sprx to get her there and she drags her bodyguard Knight!Otto along with her. Along the way they run into Vampire!Gibson, who helps them out both because they’re totally helpless without his medical help and because he’s really lonely okay. 

Aaand they’ll probably also get Ghost!Antauri and Zombie-Monster!Chiro along the way. And maybe Mummy!Mandarin. 

And there you go an AU I’ll never do anything with except cute sketches. Drawing cowboy hats is fun and you should all check out the captions. It’s 2 AM I am tired.

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Of course callie is never coming back, and if she does, which won't happen anyway, she'll just make an appearance... calzona is over get over it ! 😘

As much as you anons like to tell me to get over Calzona….maybe you should get over my liking Calzona.

Just a thought ;)

one thing i like about Klein rotating through his… personas? is that it’s clearly part of a game he’s had with Weiss for a long time - he makes a show of hiding behind the tray before bringing out Grumpy, and the comments about Jacques and the flailing with Sneezy - all to make her laugh and smile (”happy little snowflake”)

he was probably the closest she had to a friend before she got to Beacon

I’m making too much out of this. It’s just a text. We text all the time. I’m an idiot, aren’t I?

Yes you are but that’s not the point here. First of all, calm the fuck down. Worrying over that asscrack is doing no good. Second of all, it’s just a crush. It’ll work itself out eventually. Give it time, kid.

Yeah… I guess you’re right.

You’re damn right I’m right.

au description | part 1

Now that I’m thinking about an older Perona why not indulge a bit.

Imagine Perona guarding the castle regardless if Mihawk is around or not. She doesn’t seem like much at first, but she’s been honing her devil fruit abilities with each passing day. And unknown to most people she’s secretly been trained by Mihawk as well. Don’t let that umbrella fool you. She can fight with it and fight with it well. If there is a need for it, she can unsheathe the sword that resides within. For any who put up a challenge, be wary when she combines her hollow-hollow with her sword skills.

This Perona is like a secret boss. The kind of secret boss that will kick your sorry tookus to the last save file. Over and over and over again.

If she deems you unworthy she’ll grace you with the same sass Mihawk gave to Zoro when they first met. Yes, that little cross was gifted to her by Mihawk.

i honestly feel like we are finally gonna get our hug this season, and as much as i’ve said im ready for it upon some introspection i really don’t think i am…

i think it might actually kill me