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Another AU for Meuloz

This one based on Lunar Chronicles

It’s been like twelve hours and I’m still sad about seeing someone I was friends with from elementary through high school say on fb that gays are bad for kids

Part of me knows better than to throw puns and awful jokes into things that are meant to skew at least somewhat darker.  Unfortunately, given an opportunity, it rarely wins.  This is why I don’t write anything really DAAARK for too long, it’s going to turn somewhere and next thing you know some major antagonist is pulling a fucking Darth Vader dad joke.  

Imagine Being Crowley’s Daughter And Him Not Approving Of Your Attire

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“Y/N,” Crowley called as you sprinted to the door, and you groaned with frustration as he summoned you back to the throne room, “What in the bloody name of Lucifer are you wearing?” You looked at your shorts, t-shirt, and Converse.

“I don’t know, clothes?” you said bluntly.

“Where are you going dressed like that?”

“Out. With my friends.”

“Are there going to be any boys with these ‘friends’?”

“Stop,” you held up your hand, “Dad, stop right there. Don’t start. I’m a teenager but I’m not that stupid. I’m a demon. I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

“Wait…” Crowley tried calling you back, “Y/N…Y/N!!! Don’t you walk away from me! I’m your father! I’m the King of Hell! I..I’m sending demons to supervise you!”

(For Anon)

remember how a while back I explained to my mom about my asexuality during a video chat? well the next time we talked, I was preparing myself to tell her I’m not straight, and make it super clear this time, and I was leading up to it, when we got off topic and ended up having another fight. lmao #fail