she'll hate me when she sees this

Schuyler Defeated, Reimagined.
  • Me: Since when are you voting Republican?
  • Friend who voted Trump: Since doing it put America on the up and up again!
  • Me: No one knows Trump's mind or ideology!
  • Friend: I don't need to know him, I just hate Hillary.
  • Me: Excuse me?
  • Friend: Oh, the Swamp thinks she's great
  • She'll always be adored by the things that she creates
  • But elsewhere--
  • Me: Wait.
  • Friend: People think she's crooked.
  • MAGA speaks to me, so I voted!
  • Me: I've always considered you a friend.
  • Friend: I don't see why that has to end.
  • Me: You cast a ballot for a man who puts the KKK in awe!
  • Friend: I cast a ballot and seized the opportunity I saw.
  • Me: I swear, your pride will be the death of us all.
  • Beware, it goeth before the fall.

Some of you guys already hate Volpina because she could maybe do something that you think would interrupt the Love Square somehow, but when I tell you that based on the evidence given it’s almost guaranteed she’ll be in the last episode some of you are like “okay but are we really sure”