she'll get up and talk to you

How does Nora feel about femdom? (Asked by anon)
  • Nora, sitting with her team, a puzzled look on her face: I'm not sure what that is? Do you guys know?
  • Nora, after getting a collective shake of heads, stands up: Ah well, I'm gonna head off to the little girl's room. I'll ask Blake on my way back, maybe she'll know.
  • ~~~
  • Ren, sipping his tea while talking to his teammates: Mhm, Jaune you have gotten much better in your combat, though I still think you should get a little more mobi-
  • Nora, slamming a tight grip down onto Ren's shoulder, leaning into his ear: We need to
  • Jaune, watching Nora run off with Ren in tow: Ah...must be something about that thing she asked Blake, huh Pyrrha?
  • Pyrrha, holding onto her bright red cheek with one hand, the other holding her scroll, a lustful look on her face: Oh....oh my...
  • Jaune, raising an inquisitive eyebrow: Umm...Pyrrha?
BTS' Reaction to Gf teasing them, saying she'll be the 8th member~

Requested by an Anonie, I hope you enjoy it like I enjoyed writing it! When I saw this request I laughed out loud~ It was cute. 😂💛💛💛💛💛

Jin/Kim Seokjin-

You usually like to watch the boys practice and they never seem to mind. At some point Jin sort of tripped, he didn’t get hurt but he tripped~ You then stood in Jin’s position and said, “Alright, until he gets up I’m the 8th member, boys~”

Jin on the side, “Excuse me? but no.” smiles. 

Suga/Min Yoongi-

The boys were talking about how there’s more vocalists than rappers. Jungkook can rap but he’s sub rap. That’s when you cut in, “I’ll be a rapper, count in your 8th member.”

“You can barely rap..” Yoongi says.

“Shut up, I can rap, me and Taehyung gonna make our own mixtape.”

“I don’t know if I should be worrying or finding this cute…”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok-

You enjoyed learning their choreo and once Hobi had praised you for learning some quickly this time you responded with something other than thank you, “Can I be your 8th member then?? I can dance, sleep, and eat. Boom. Skill.”

Hoseok would laugh and support this, he’s a kind soul. 

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon- 

You came in to watch a Run! BTS recording process and when you noticed Namjoon wasn’t there you’d introduce yourself as the 7th member of BTS until he finally came in. 

“Hey I’m Y/N 7th and member and leada of BTS, you must be the 8th member, our lead dancer.” and you said this knowing he wasn’t 100% great at dancing. 

“Sorry honey that’s my position, you can be the 8th member, how about it hmm?” tease war.

Jimin/Park Jimin-

It was a good day so you walked into their dorms without any hesitation saying “The 8th BTS member has arrived~”

Jimin: Hmm.. No, sorry baby. -cute scrunched up face-

V/Kim Taehyung-

Taehyung kept asking to be in the next cypher, the rappers of course were just rejecting or ignoring him. You got up and hugged Tae from behind. “Don’t worry handsome, I’ll be the 8th member, we’ll make our own cypher.”


Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook-

You watched them during a dance practice, they looked so tired afterwards. “You all look so dead.. Do you need in 8th member?” 

Jungkook just let out a small laugh went up to you and squished your cheeks making you do a fishy face. “You.Are.So.Cute”

The Signs as I know them Pt. 2  (Virgo boy perspective)
  • Aries: I havnen't known him for too long, but he's really funny and pretty out there. Likes screamo music and wear s somewhat emo clothes, but they're not black. Light skin ,auburn brown hair and slight freckles.
  • Taurus: She's really athletic and sporty. I didn't like her when I first met her but now she's pretty cool. She isn't a good secret keeper. We have this thing where we hug a lot because she's not feeling good emotionally or something like that. Hair is always dyed, somewhat tan skin, clear expressions.
  • Gemini: So artistically talented. She draws mermaids and is amazing at watercolor painting. Really chill, and mostly introverted. We'll be talking and she'll say something so funny out of nowhere and it takes me by surprise (in a good way). Tall, really light features, serious face.
  • Cancer: One of the sweetest people I know. Gives me hugs all the time and she's so nice. Bubbly and mostly happy. People are mean to her for no reason though which kills me on the inside. Stopped caring for people altogether. Tan skin, brown thick hair. Lit up eyes.
  • Leo: She looks kind of mean from far away but super nice once you get to know her. Watch out if you get on her bad side though! Talks and laughs a lot. Smiles and talks enthusiastically. Somewhat tall but not short. Nice smile.
  • Virgo: Really booksmart and gets lovesick quite easily. We have a lot in common and appreciate those things. We give each other great advice and help each other out when we're not feeling well. Kind of bristly when you first meet her but she's pretty nice once you know her. Short, dark features.
  • Libra: She seems like she hates the rest of the world, but she really just hates school. Brutally honest about everything and everyone, but really funny. Smiles a lot and is all about gossip. Is really nice to teachers and is pretty smart. A little tall but not short, expressive eyes.
  • Scorpio: DRAMATIC. He overreacts about every little situation and it gets a little annoying. Not as bad if you actually have a conversation with him though. Does nice things for people but can be really mean for no reason.
  • Dark features, fast movements.
  • Sagittarius: New this year to our school, she's really funny and we talk a lot on the bus. Doesn't need people to survive in a social setting and is perfectly fine alone. Into memes and all that kind of stuff and has a strong sense of morals. Light skin, dark hair, somewhat short.
  • Capricorn: I think he was born responsible to be honest. Got a job at 14 and loves to work. He was really polite when he first met me and he somewhat opened up to me. Me and my friend were being really petty to him though and I felt bad about it but they're super close so I also don't. Tall, straight nose, slow walk.
  • Aquarius: Can play a few different instruments, has some social struggles. She and I both kind of hate the world and have pretty good talks. She's pretty crazy once you get to know her and it's pretty cool. Smooth skin, thin, observant eyes.
  • Pisces: We've been there for each other emotionally. (I think it's the whole opposites thing but idk). When she was afraid to do something I kept encouraging her and good things came from it. She's a really nice person and loves music. She knows two languages. Black hair, tall, athletic.
When Mike Needs To Talk To His GF Drunk
  • Mike: Wait, wait, wait! I gotta text my girlfriend!
  • Ash: Dude, no! Why don't you just call her?
  • Rosita: You can't tell her that you were at a bar getting drunk!
  • Gunter: Just lie!
  • Mike: nO!
  • Johnny: LIE!
  • Mike: NO!
  • Buster: Are you that honest?

anonymous asked:

Tommorow I'll lose my girlfrend. She's got tired of me because of my bpd. I couldn't keep a promise, I did't get better. She said she'll break up personaly on tommorow morning. I tried to talk to her but she said she won't change her mind. I'm crying and shaking I haven't eaten anything fo whole day. I don't know what to do.

I’m so sorry, Anon… I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything better, but unfortunately, I can’t. I guess the best advice I can give you is that if she wasn’t willing to be patient and understanding with you (especially because of your bpd), then she doesn’t deserve you. Though it may seem like the end of the world now, don’t worry – there are plenty of fish in the sea, so eventually you will find a lovely sapphic lady who will treasure you and treat you right.

Who should you fight: AFK edition
  • Hydra: He's scrawny and solely lives off ramen, a stiff breeze could knock him over. Definitely fight Hydra.
  • Cerberus: Fight Cerberus. Yes, he's built like a brick shithouse but he'll take your attempts to fight him in good nature. If you REALLY want to fight, he'll teach you.
  • Chimera: It will be an easy fight until he decides it won't be. Use caution.
  • Medusa: Do not fight Medusa. Do not even think about fighting Medusa. She will ruin your entire life.
  • Hades: If you fight Hades you'll enter the Underworld as a celebrity. Enjoy the fame before you have to sit in boiling oil for eternity.
  • MC: Do you have a death wish? DO NOT FIGHT THE MC.
  • May: You could beat up May, but you can't beat up all the people that follow her blog who are thirsty for fanfic. Do not fight May.
  • Cyprin: are you satan
  • Hercules: Distract him first by getting him to check his appearance, then kick him in the groin and run away.
  • Persephone: You can try fighting Persephone, but she'll talk you down and get you to confess what the real issue is. You will probably cry.
  • Helios: You could fight him but you'll invoke the wrath of his sister Selene.
  • Selene: Do not fight Selene. If you've already fought Helios she will hunt you down, beat you up, and humiliate you.
  • Erin: Fight Erin outside of her bar. She'll hand your ass to you but serve you a stiff drink afterwards.
  • Charybdis: It will be an interesting fight. She'll use the surroundings to her advantage. Choose your venue wisely.
  • Scylla: Fight Scylla, she'll make it an even fight. If you've already fought Erin, Scylla will take that personally and beat the crap out of you instead.
  • Aphrodite: Risk to reward ratio is incredibly low. Save yourself the time and punch yourself in the face instead.
  • Zeus: Definitely fight Zeus. Everyone wants you to fight Zeus. He'll curb stomp you but people will cheer you on and you'll walk away a legend.

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The hardest part is knowing that from now on, especially after the Star Wars celebration, nobody will be talking much about Carrie anymore. I'm sure she'll come up plenty during TLJ's press tour, especially regarding Leia, but then that's it. And so far we've somehow got new stories and new quotes here and there but now it will be a rare occasion. And that is beyond sad. As hard as the past 4 months have been, reading tributes after tributes has both broke and warmed my heart.

I get you, I love the tributes but depending on the day they are very hard to watch. In the end, that’s just how life is, though. Her legacy will live on forever, don’t forget that.

Rangers at the Club
  • Billy: Uhh... I found Trini.
  • Jason: You did? Why isn't she with you?
  • Billy: Oh... You know... Reasons.
  • Kim: Like what kind of reasons?
  • Zack: She give you glare number 9? That's always a really scary one, dude.
  • Jason: You think ALL her glares are scary.
  • Zack: For good reason! Especially number 9! I mean... That last monster practically blew itself up after seeing it!
  • Kim: You're being ridiculous, Zack. There's no way her glare did that.
  • Zack: That's what she wants you to think. So that way, she'll get you when you least expect it!
  • (The trio look at him for a moment before shaking their heads.)
  • Jason: Anyways! What's the reasons, buddy?
  • Billy: (Shudders some) Y'all remember that girl she was talkin' too earlier?
  • Kim: The one she was talking Martial Arts with?
  • Billy: Yep, that's the one!
  • Zack: Those two didn't actually go in the parking lot and spar did they?
  • Billy: Uhh... You could say that.
  • Jason: What do you mean?
  • Billy: Let's just say that their uhh... 'Sparring' is really fogging up some windows.
  • (The trio think about that for a moment before it hits them)
  • Jason and Kim: SHE'S DOING WHAT!?
  • Zack: (Practically dying of laughter) GO TRINI!
The Signs as Girlfriends
  • Aries: The girlfriend who'll keep you on your feet. Definitely the type to wake you up with kisses. The one who'll sneak photos of you just because she thinks you look cute. Very impatient, however she does not like being rushed. Is quick with the comebacks, and loves to be sarcastic. Not really the worrying type, and is quite a daredevil herself.
  • Taurus: The girlfriend who takes it slow. She's like a hot bath on a cold night, you'll melt at her touch. She feels safe around you and will always want to be near you in some way. Very very touchy. Very very loving. She'll make sure you go to bed feeling wanted every night. She can be a bit possessive over you at times, but it's only because she cares.
  • Gemini: The girlfriend who makes you feel like time's stopped. She's a breath of fresh air once you get past her tough exterior. A completely different person once you get to know her, she'll open your mind up to a world you never knew existed. She'll put you before anything. The type to talk to her friends nonstop about how happy you make her.
  • Cancer: The girlfriend who makes you feel like Prince Charming. She'll go to the ends of the Earth to make you feel loved. You're constantly on her mind, and if you're upset, she'll drop everything to make you feel better. The type to write lots of sappy poetry about you. She can be very jealous and overprotective of you, and is very public about your relationship. Super touchy and sweet, almost like a puppy.
  • Leo: The girlfriend who know's she's a good girlfriend. Is confident about your relationship to the umpteenth degree. Loves loves loves to show you off. She loves attention and feeling nurtured. The type to start fights if someone looks at their partner for too long. She may be a bit bossy, but she's aware if she gets out of hand.
  • Virgo: The girlfriend you'll want to protect. Sweet sweet sweet like sugar. The type to stay cuddled up next to you in bed hours after she's woken up. She will baby you like no other. She loves to take care of people and you are no exception. She can be very hard on herself at times. The type to pout when things don't go her way, she can be a bit hardheaded at some points in time.
  • Libra: The girlfriend who'll make you feel like you're the lead in a romantic comedy. Loves buying you little gifts or nicknacks to show you she cares. The type to call you at 4 am to tell you she loves you. Very people-oriented. She loves being out and about and doesn't like being contained to a room with 4 walls. She can be very indecisive and picky, especially when it comes to making plans.
  • Scorpio: The girlfriend you'll admire. She's quite independent. Not all too big on PDA. She'll push you in everything you do. Basically your own personal little cheerleader. Wants to hear about the things you're passionate about. She could spend hours listening to you speak. Quite the magnetic personality. It can seem like she's a bit secretive at times, but she opens up to those she trusts very easily.
  • Sagittarius: The girlfriend who makes you feel like a kid again. The kind to jump on the bed to wake you up. She is very honest, and will tell you everything about herself once she finds she trusts you enough. Loves making stupid puns because she knows she'll see you smile. Not afraid to make a fool out of herself. Optimistic to the point where it almost seems fake, but that's just how pleasant her mind is.
  • Capricorn: The girlfriend who makes you kiss her goodbye 5 times for good measure. Always has to have their hands on you. She takes a little bit to open up to you completely, but boy is she worth it. The type to tell everyone about you. Will go to any length to make your relationship work. A very old fashioned type of love. Think one milkshake with two straws.
  • Aquarius: The girlfriend who you'll admire every second. Is constantly looking for ways to better someone's day. The type to kiss you all over when she's wearing bright lipstick. Unbelievably honest. She won't hide a thing from you. She falls for people quick, and because of this, she's definitely got a couple of trust issues. Be patient with her.
  • Pisces: The girlfriend you'll want to explore other countries with. She's quite the adventurous type and will always leave you guessing. Very very very sympathetic. She can be naive as well. Is very stubborn when it comes to things she think she knows. The type of girl to document everything you do together just so she could look back on the memories by herself.
A meeting of the Sans
  • sans1 has just created the room
  • sans2 has joined the room
  • sans1: hey sans.
  • sans2: hi sans.
  • sans1: any change over in your timeline?
  • sans2: eh. not really. the kid keeps botching his genocide run.
  • sans1: they still haven't given up on that, have they?
  • sans2: in a way. they always stop at my bro, thank god. speaking of, how is he on your end? you got a pacifist run, right?
  • sans1: yeah. he's studying for his permit. undyne is teaching him the ropes.
  • sans2: niiiiiice. what caught on fire this time?
  • sans3 has joined the room
  • sans1: nothing, but they did manage to destroy an old warehouse the other day. we've been told we're saving the city millions by letting them practice in destruction zones.
  • sans3: hey sans and sans. talking about papyrus?
  • sans1: hey, sans. yeah, post-pacifist and learning to drive from undyne.
  • sans3: nice. what caught on fire this time?
  • sans1: nothing.
  • sans3: really?
  • sans2: i know, i'm so proud of him.
  • sans3: hey sans. still on botched genocide?
  • sans2: yeah. hope the kid gives up soon, it's giving me a heart attack every time they approach papyrus.
  • sans3: yeah... god i miss him.
  • sans1: don't tell me. genocide?
  • sans3: the kid's taking a break from being dunked on.
  • sans2: how many times have you won?
  • sans3: 107. i know it's only a matter of time, but isn't that approaching the record?
  • sans1: dude, i think the record was 618.
  • sans4 has joined the room
  • sans3: oh man, really? so much for my record.
  • sans4: hey guys. dunking record?
  • sans3: yup. 107.
  • sans4: dude, nice.
  • sans3: oh, actually make that 108. brb
  • sans3 has left the room
  • sans2: christ how does he keep that up?
  • sans1: i hear the sanses in the genocide runs get numb a lot faster.
  • sans2: that's hard to believe for me. i still break into a cold sweat when my papyrus is facing the kid, and he always backs down in my timeline.
  • sans4: they're still at that?
  • sans2: yeah. can we move on to a lighter topic of conversation?
  • sans4: ah man sans, i didn't mean to rattle your bones or anything.
  • sans1: tibia honest, i didn't wanna make light of your situation.
  • sans2: heh. want me to pull papyrus in here? he'd hate this.
  • sans5 has joined the room
  • sans4: nah. he deserves a break every once in awhile.
  • sans5: hey guys. can't stay for long, about to head out. just wanted to check in.
  • sans1: hey sans. what's the rush?
  • sans5: date.
  • sans2: oooooooooh
  • sans1: oh oh oh oh
  • sans4: c'mon spill the beans man
  • sans5: heh, alright. post pacifist, toriel.
  • sans4: i can relate. i'm with toriel in my timeline, too.
  • sans5: how long?
  • sans4: about two years, now. first date on your end?
  • sans5: that obvious?
  • sans4: i can't even see you and i can tell you're rattling your bones.
  • sans2: wait, who's toriel?
  • sans1: the lady behind the door.
  • sans1: let's focus on what's important right now. namely, embarrassing sans before he goes on his first date.
  • sans5: wait. what.
  • sans4: i agree totally. hey sans, toriel really likes touching the rib cage. just saying.
  • sans5: oh
  • sans4: and watch it, she's a cuddler. like, you've seen how she hugs frisk? just wait until she gets her paws on you. like being wrapped in a thick, furry blanket.
  • sans5: oooooooooh
  • sans4: and if it goes well, she has this really cute dress that
  • sans5: i came here to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • sans2: guys if i laugh any harder i'll wake papyrus up
  • sans4: alright alright. seriously though, she prefers white wine, she'll expect a kiss at the end but she'll be fine if you're too flustered, and avoid talking about asgore, unless you immediately turn it into a pun. her favorite is the "my aim is getting better" one. if she's comfortable enough to initiate that herself, you're golden. that help?
  • sans5: yeah. thanks.
  • sans4: also, she has this sweet spot right at her thigh. she'll make this adorable bleating/giggle and you know you've got the right spot.
  • sans5: okay wow it looks like time i should go
  • sans5 has left the room
  • sans4: he'll be fine.
  • sans1: so toriel, huh? weird.
  • sans4: why's that?
  • sans1: honestly, i can't see myself with anyone but mettaton.
  • sans4: oh my god, mettaton?
  • sans2: dude. dude. whoa.
  • sans1: what? what's wrong with that?
  • sans4: my papyrus is dating mettaton in my timeline.
  • sans1: your papyrus is in a relationship? mine's aro.
  • sans2: and meanwhile i'm sitting in a timeline where papyrus just has a huge crush on the rectangle.
  • sans6 has joined the room
  • sans1: that's just... bizarre.
  • sans2: and chatting with parallel timeline versions of yourself isn't?
  • sans1: point taken.
  • sans6: hey guys. what's up?
  • sans4: quick, who are you in a relationship with?
  • sans6: uh... gaster?
  • sans2: ...
  • sans4: uh, ew.
  • sans1: whoa.
  • sans6: hey man, don't kinkshame me bro.
  • sans4: dude, he's my dad in my timeline?
  • sans6: your dad? freaky.
  • sans2: oh you poor soul. he was just my lab partner in my timeline.
  • sans1: it's... weird for me.
  • sans4: okay, i'm really curious. how weird?
  • sans1: well, "gaster" is actually the name me and pap used to call ourselves before he split into us two.
  • sans6: oh yeah, i've met a sans like that.
  • sans2: i sure haven't. when does he get on?
  • sans6: time is relative, but i think early morning?
  • sans2: ah. that explains it.
  • sans4: yeah, the only reason i get out of bed in the mornings is because toriel practically drags me out on my feet.
  • sans2: papyrus does the same for me.
  • sans6: so... wait. does this mean, from a multiversal sense, i'm engaging in both incest and selfcest?
  • sans1: hey, this is a judgement free zone dude.
  • sans3 has joined the room
  • sans4: you're the one who said not to kinkshame you.
  • sans3: back. 108 now. man i walked into a weird conversation.
  • sans2: c'mon sans, we've had weirder.
  • sans6: wait, 108 what?
  • sans4: speak for yourself. i'm getting weird mental images with me and gaster, now.
  • sans3: dunks. end of genocide route.
  • sans2: hey, remember when amalgamate sans entered the chat?
  • sans4: okay, i'll admit that was weirder.
  • sans6: and really sad. i think that was the only time alphys ever joined the chat.
  • sans1: yeah. i wonder how they're doing?
  • sans6: amalgamate sans or alphys?
  • sans1: both.
  • Core Frisk has joined the room
  • sans6: well hopefully
  • sans2: wait who's this?
  • sans1: frisk? wait, what?
  • sans4: oh, hey frisk.
  • Core Frisk: Hello Sanses. Sorry, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
  • sans6: uh. hey kid. this is a little hard to explain, but
  • Core Frisk: Don't bother. I'm not your Frisk, anyway.
  • sans4: yeah, he's a frisk that fell into the core and now he's kinda omniscient.
  • sans1: wait, what?
  • sans3: whoa.
  • sans6: and gaster was worried about nearly falling into the core.
  • sans1: he had every right to be.
  • Core Frisk: I just wanted to pop in and saying the particular sans amalgamate you were talking about a moment ago is doing fine, in a manner of speaking. He insists that he's happy so long as Papyrus is with him.
  • sans1: that's a relief, i guess.
  • Core Frisk: Oh, and Sans? The one who's been married to Toriel for two years?
  • sans4: yeah?
  • Core Frisk: Just a heads up, sans' first date went fine, but he's plotting a revenge prank on you.
  • sans4: wow kid, that's real cool of you to let me know.
  • Core Frisk: Don't thank me. He asked me to pull the prank myself. Undyne is going to be hunting for you to get her eyepatches back.
  • sans4: what.
  • Core Frisk: if you start running now, you may just get a head-start! :-)
  • sans4: ...
  • sans4 has left the room
  • sans3: that was ice cold, kid.
  • sans6: and amazing. teach me your ways, o master of pranks.
  • Core Frisk: Aw, well I did learn from the best. Namely, you. You're gonna teach me that one in a few months when I visit you.
  • sans6: niiiiiice.
  • sans2: hey, kid? you know all possibilities across all the timelines, right?
  • Core Frisk: Yes. Your Frisk will finally quit at the King Papyrus ending. It'll be lonely for him, but so long as you're with him, he'll be fine. You're a great second-hand man and an even better brother.
  • sans2: ...i gotta run, guys. i, uh... i gotta tell my bro i love him.
  • sans2 has left the room
  • sans3: oh, same here. kid's back for more. don't tell me if i end up beating the record, i wanna find out for myself.
  • sans3 has left the room
  • sans1:, does he?
  • Core Frisk: Where would the fun be if I told you that?
  • sans1: fair enough. alright, i'd better head out. i need to go read papyrus his bedtime story.
  • sans6: and then have fun times with mettaton?
  • sans1: i'm ace.
  • sans6: oh.
  • sans1: ...i don't want to know what you do with gaster, do I?
  • Core Frisk: No, you really don't.
  • sans1: heh. alright, goodnight frisk. goodnight sans.
  • Core Frisk: Night, Sans!
  • sans6: night sans
  • sans1 has left the room
  • sans6 has left the room
  • sans7 has joined the room
  • sans7: i missed the chat again, didn't i?
  • Core Frisk: Yeah. Outertale, right?
  • sans7: ?
  • Core Frisk: Space?
  • sans7: oh. yeah. why?
  • Core Frisk: Well... I've always wanted to try out a jetpack.
  • sans7: you can jump across timelines, right?
  • Core Frisk: You HAVE met me, haven't you?
  • Core Frisk: That was a rhetorical question. I know that you've met me. Omniscient and all.
  • sans7: heh. get over here, i'll grab a pack for you.
  • Core Frisk: =D
  • Core Frisk has left the room
  • sans7 has left the room

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Okay this is gonna sound super angst but I crAve it with every fiber of my being. Hc with RFA members (reacting) where everyone is, as usual, comparing MC to Rika, and finally she kinda loses it and gets upset because like,,, she can go without constant reminders that she'll never live up to Rika's beauty and greatness okAy

angsty Rika- I mean MC coming up

(on a side note: Happy new year!!)

“Rika did this… Rika liked that-”

Everyone’s talking about Rika every single time and you’re so done with hearing everything. You don’t even know who this lady is in the first place. Sure you’ve seen her photos, you know she’s V’s fiancée and Yoosung’s cousin, but still you have no single clue about her. Everyone’s been saying she’s the best woman ever lived and no one can compare to her. And yet all they’ve been doing is comparing you to Rika. At first you tolerated it, but even you had your limits.


- “Would you like this darling? Rika loved this colour.”

- you immediately yell at him

- you didn’t care whether everyone in the store is looking at the both of you but you just couldn’t hold it in

- you guys are supposed to enjoy a quiet shopping trip and he just had to bring her name up

- he’s confused as to why you yelled and he thinks you dislike the colour you dumb trust fund kid

- “Who are you buying this dress for? Me or Rika?!”

- when he doesn’t answer, you just run out of the store crying

- you outrun all his security guards and immediately grab a cab back to his suite

- you start taking out your briefcase and clothes

- but soon he returns and when he runs into the room, he hugs you from behind and stops you from packing

- he keeps apologising but he still doesn’t know what’s the actual reason as to why you’re so angry and upset

- when you told him about how you felt, he looks like he’s in a daze

- but then he apologises again and says he never meant to compare you to Rika

- because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him

- he loves you for who you are and that you were his


- you rush backstage as soon as the play ended

- you hand him a bouquet of red roses to congratulate on his outstanding performance

- “Thanks babe! You know, Rika gave me this too when I first met her.”

- you immediately went silent when he kept on talking about that day and you didn’t want to hear it

- so you immediately took off without saying anything

- he catches up to you of course just before you exit the back door

- he’s surprised to see you crying and he wants to wipe off the tears but you push away his hand

- “Why do you always keep talking about Rika?!”

- you couldn’t keep your frustration out from your voice

- he immediately apologises, saying he didn’t had the intention of making you jealous

- you told him it had nothing to do with jealously, but rather you felt insecure

- he promises that he’ll never bring up Rika anymore because he cares for you so much and he doesn’t want you to feel unloved

- when you accept his apology, he kisses you so passionately while holding you tight


- you swear that every word that comes out from his mouth is either ‘LOLLOL’ or ‘Rika’

- he never shuts up about Rika or Rika’s deeds in the past

- and he never ever stops comparing you to Rika like ever

- and then comes one day when you guys are just sitting on the couch watching television and a charity event advertisement plays

- “Rika’s just so good at holding charity events you know? She’s the best and no one can ever replace her.”

- you stand up from the couch and switch off the television

- you are irritated that this is the third time he’s mentioned how great she is for the day but you’re more upset that he doesn’t think you’re good

- you’ve replaced Rika’s role and you’re the main person of RFA now but he still doesn’t see you as who you are

- “Then if Rika’s so great why isn’t she here?!”

- you know that’s so messed up saying that but you’re just so frustrated you couldn’t hold it in

- you can definitely see his face change and he doesn’t know what to do or say

- when you are about to leave the living room, he grabs your hand and stands up

- he deeply apologises for not supporting you lately and you can see that he’s very hurt

- he vows not to compare you to Rika anymore, but he will still respect her since she’d changed his life

- it’s a start so you give in

- you apologise too for being rude and the two of you hug quietly


- to be honest, Jaehee is just as frustrated as how you are

- Jumin’s always telling her that she’s not as capable as Rika when it comes to handling events and you always tell Jumin off for being insensitive

- but when the other RFA members compare you to Rika, she’s always quiet

- you thought that she would at least stick up for you but she doesn’t and you feel hurt

- then she comes home one night looking sulky and you assume she had a bad day at work

- “Rika’s just so good finding clients… this next party is going to be a total wreck.”

- you snap at her

- you just can’t believe that she doesn’t believe the next RFA party will be successful

- it’s your third time planning it and you’re the head of the organising party and Jaehee’s your assistant

- you feel upset that she doesn’t think that she and you are good enough to execute the party

- “then what’s the point of us in the RFA?!”

- she’s so shocked to suddenly hear you scream

- but she immediately understands and she apologises

- Jaehee’s always full of confidence but she’s not herself lately

- maybe the stress got to her and you never considered that

- so you straight away apologise, but she says it’s her fault for not believing hard enough

- from that night onwards, the two of you promised to give your best and if anyone in the RFA dare to compare yourselves to Rika, you guys will tell them straight to their face that you’re not Rika but you’re awesome in your own ways


- this boy will joke about how you and Rika are carrying the same duties but are completely different people

- sometimes his jokes are too far

- and today it crossed the line

- “Rika was so great at choosing guests! but you can’t even read the emails!”

- you glare at him but he’s still laughing 

- you had enough of being told how incompetent you are as compared to Rika and this had to stop

- “Saeyoung Choi, that’s enough. I hate being compared to Rika! What’s so good about her anyway?!”

- he knows you’re angry when you use his real full name

- with that you just storm out of his house because you need fresh air

- you just walk around the park for about an hour

- it’s getting dark and even though you’re still upset with him, you want to go home since you’re feeling cold

- the only problem is that you still can’t speak Arabic

- just then you hear him shouting your name

- you didn’t look at him when he approached you

- but when he was apologising to you, you can hear him sobbing

- you feel so guilty you immediately turn to hug him

- he hugs back and keeps apologising to you

- he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings at all and he makes sure that the jokes he tell next have nothing to do with Rika and you

- and to make it up, he lets you eat one full bag of honey buddah chips


- he has loved Rika so deeply and he even gave up everything just to make her happy

- you know it’s going to be hard for him to move on

- but you didn’t expect him to compare you to Rika whenever you did things that remind him of her

- he’ll always say that he remembers how Rika used to do it

- “Oh, Rika always made me this tea. I love this aroma.”

- and to make it worse, he says that with his fondest smile

- he’ll never smile that wide whenever he’s with you

- and one day when he mentions Rika again, you couldn’t take it anymore

- “Do you love me or is your heart still with Rika?”

- and when you asked that, you couldn’t stop your tears from falling

- you could already feel your heart being torn into pieces

- he probably still loves Rika no matter what and that thought has never left your mind

- but he stands up and holds your hands gently yet firmly

- he explains that he loves you and even though his heart still aches from all that has happened, he has moved on

- he wants to start afresh with you and he assures you that you’re the only one he wants

- he apologises if he had made you uncomfortable and insecure then he promises to always be your side

(not doing Saeran because that’s really messed up)

After Everything - In the Depths of the Heart
  • Kumatetsu: oh...OH! I GET IT NOW!
  • Kyuuta: What?
  • Kumatetsu: You want to go to College, eh? Suuure you do...
  • Kyuuta: What are you talking about, idiot?!
  • Kumatetsu: Tell me, IS IT THE COLLEGE OF KAEDE?
  • Kyuuta: WHAT?! NO!
  • Kyuuta: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
  • Kyuuta: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

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Are you open for ships? :3

you actually want to ship?? with me?? akdhkjashdk ;—;; i’m flattered, thank you!! well, mini’s twitter is where the rp-magic happens, but she’s not available for any long-term things, if that makes sense. she’s pretty open to talking to people though, so don’t be shy!! as for my other characters, if i ever get around to making them twitter accounts…. {{~: we’ll see!! xoxoxo

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Mun, Elita needs to get up off her pink aft and talk to someone! Closing up from the world AND Optimus isn't gonna solve anything. If I were Ratchet, I would hack the door, drag her sorry butt out and sit them both down until they sort this mess out! lol Baaaaae


Lol god no, she scares me WAYYYY too much to force her into ANYTHING before she’s ready. One thing I’ve learnt in my years rp’ing with Lita, it’s best to just let her do things on her own time…. with gentle guiding if required…. or not. I really have no control over her.

The Cast of Overwatch as People I've had on the Self Checkouts @ Canadian Tire
  • Soldier 76: Takes him a minute to realize it's the self-checkouts and not just a tiny till. Doesn't ask for help if something goes wrong, just stands there and waits for you to realize
  • Reaper: Curses out the self-checks as he uses them. Constantly telling them to "shut the fuck up", but refuses to use the mute button. Actually punches the self checkout sceens
  • Sombra: She's always done her transaction before you realize she's even there. Never takes her Canadian Tire Money, yet comes in bi-weekly to get it put on her card
  • Tracer (and Emily): Tracer is constantly remembering things to add to the bill last minute, be it a drink, chips, or the thing they came in for specifically. They also stand there and kiss/grab each others asses while they wait for the payment to go through. Tracer's card never is accepted for tapping
  • Ana: She marches right up to you and hands you her item, waiting for you to scan it for her (which you do-- it's your job). Always buys something heavy, but waits until the last moment to ask for a hand out, even if you already asked her if she needed one and she said no
  • Mercy: Shoves her hands in your hair, then informs you that you "have bad dandruff". Always picks the same, broken, SCO, and wonders why we haven't fixed it yet
  • Always has a 5$ bill that doesn't work, but refuses to swap it out. "It's fine, no worries!" she says, putting a crisp, new 100$ bill in for her 3.50$ purchase.
  • Lucio: There's always an issue with his SCO, but he's polite about it. Fluffs the bags when he takes one, and tries to put any that fall off back for you.
  • Reinhardt: Puts his basket of things on the weight scale and acts confused when the machine screams at him to take it off. Somehow manages to fit enough stuff on the scale that it overloads and we have to move things into a second cart
  • Torbjorn: complains because you have to scan in every item individually. Makes jokes about grabbing a hammer and "fixing" the machines for you
  • Junkrat: Lets you know, with pride in his voice, that his disgusting Canadian Tire money was found in a dumpster and that's why it's wet. Uses change for what the bills don't cover.
  • Winston: Very polite, but needs help with almost everything. Leans on the weight scale and you have to ask hm to stop 4 or 5 times
  • Zenyatta: Everything goes perfectly. You joke about them being broken, but "liking him" and he agrees. You feel like you've spoken to the Self-Checkouts master
  • Hanzo: Grunts when you say hello at first, but is friendly when you go to help him deal with a useless UPC code. Forgets his cashback 9 out of 10 times, but you always catch him before he leaves
  • Genji: He buys the weirdest things, and always asked you to help him find things you're not sure you have in store ("Sir, what is a greased nipple used for?") Walks into the window because he thinks it's the out doors
  • Roadhog: Doesn't talk much, but askes for large bags or garbage bags to carry his things in. Never takes his reciept
  • McCree: Complains that we think he's stealing when things have to be walked up, and hits the self-checkouts with more force than nessasary. Wants to know how we can stand being there all day while the computer talks
  • Mei: Double Bags everything, up to and including her bags of chips. Wants a sale or discount price on something with damaged packaging but perfect product.
  • Zarya: Doesn't want help getting her things outside and is, frankly, offended that you asked. Also doesn't let you scan things for her, and complains that the self-checkouts are stealing jobs
  • Widowmaker: Brings ammo up to the self-checkouts, and is disgusted when you tell her she'll have to go through the tills. If she does use the SCO's, she puts her purse on the weight scale.
  • Pharah: Checks and double checks every price for the things she rings in. Leaves 3-4 times to check the price, and is surprised (and happy) when you give her the week before price on something.
  • Symmetra: Hates the Self-Checkouts. Makes snide comments to it, but is v happy about the mute button. Has over 3000$ canadian tire money on her card, but doesn't use it. Lets you know when the till tape is almost finished.
  • Bastion: is a self-checkout

What Gardienne can do with the April fools fish

Nevra: *says something flirty*

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Ezarel: *says something snarky*

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Valkyon: *doesn’t smile*

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Leiftan: *acts suspicious*

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Kero: *gets flustered*

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Chrome: *eats your food*

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Jamon: *locks you in a cage*

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Ykhar: *gets stressed out*

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Alajéa: *talks about someone behind their back*

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Eweleïn: *tries to feed you medicine without telling you what it is*

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Yvoni: *tries to eat you*

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Miiko: *yells at you*

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How they'd comfort you.
  • Ryuko: She's been through quite a lot, so she understands completely how you feel when you're at your lowest. She'd ask if you wanted company, because she knows sometimes it feels better to be alone. If you said yes, she'd set up a home movie night for you two, complete with popcorn and candy. She doesn't like to talk about feelings much, so she'll show how much she cares through action and physical affection.
  • Mako: She'd immediately get you ready and push you out the door for a day out on the town! She believes in a strict philosophy of never sitting down when you're sad, so she tries to fill the day with as many fun activities as possible to keep your mind occupied. At the end of the day, she'll offer her ear for anything you want to vent about, although she's not very good at giving advice.
  • Satsuki: Her solution is always tea. She'd get you a nice, comfy robe and make some tea for you, and then leave you alone. She's used to remaining stoic and holding her emotions in, so she's not sure how to react.
  • Nonon: She'd still tease you, but she'd be a lot nicer about it. She'd turn on some relaxing music and curl around you like cat, and try to get you to tell her what's wrong. She's a good listener. Most of the day she'd cuddle with you and just try to make you feel relaxed.
  • Gamagoori: He'd be at a loss and feel awkward. He'd try to talk to you, but he wouldn't be sure of what to say. He'd probably leave you alone for most of the day. If you asked, he'd sit with you in silence and hold your hand while you talked to him about your problems.
  • Inumuta: He'd want to make you feel better immediately. He'd spend the day playing video games with you and eating junk. If you tried to tell him your problems, he'd probably try to google them for solutions. It's better you keep him away from the computer today. He'd offer to just lay down and cuddle, and would spoon you and hold you close. He's very sensitive.
  • Uzu: He'd try to get you out of the house to play some sports or go hiking. He feels like nature can be the best medicine at certain times. If you didn't feel like going out, he'd cook you some comfort food and set up a nest for you in bed. He'd be over-zealous in trying to solve your problems, but he'd still listen to you.
The Founding Fathers in a Water Fight
  • George Washington: This super tall motherf*cker would dominate everything, and everyone.He's athletic as hell, so you better watch out.He's gonna douse you.
  • Chance of beating you: 1000000%
  • Weapon of choice: Hose
  • John Adams: "His Rotundity". Wouldn't be able to get very far, but he'll be loud. Very loud. It's best if you just don't go near him. Sometimes he pairs up with his wife Abigail, and she'll beat your puny ass.
  • Chance of beating you: 30%
  • Weapon of Choice: Water balloons
  • Thomas Jefferson: He'd totally find a way to ambush you via horse. He's outdoorsy and fast, so proceed with caution. Most likely to get attacked by both Adams and Washington. After the game, he'll probably write something nasty about you anonymously.
  • However, he's got bad aim, so you might be able to beat him.
  • Chance of beating you: 60%
  • Weapon of choice: Bucket
  • Alexander Hamilton: He's all talk, and he'll keep threatening you. He's got a decent aim, but once his clothes get wet, you've already won. He's also very competitive.
  • Chance of beating you: 40%
  • Weapon of choice: Water pistol(s)
  • Benjamin Franklin: He may be old, but don't underestimate him. This old man will speed around in his motorized wheel chair with some high-tech über gun that'll get you so fast you can't even say "french girls".
  • Chance of beating you: 80%
  • Weapon of choice: Nerf Super Soaker, or something like that.
  • James Madison: Like Hamilton, he hates getting wet. He'll probably get pneumonia by the end of the game, he's a fragile guy. Also, he doesn't move around- but he's got a great weapon. Madison has a good chance of getting you before you get him. He almost beat Washington.
  • Chance of beating you: 50%
  • Weapon of choice: Water cannon
  • Aaron Burr: Aaron doesn't deal with this sh*t, he sits back and watches the whole spectacle.If you do get him on your team however, he'll probably betray you at some point.
  • If you get him wet, he'll try to duel you.
  • Chance of beating you: 20%
  • Weapon: nothing

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RFA seeing MC serious all day, claiming she's fine. At sunset she says she's going out for a walk. When they offer to go with her, she replies she just wants to be alone for a while. After two hours she calls to tell them she'll be back after sunrise and hangs up before they can ask anything. The next day she returns home but they can't get anything out of her, later they get a call from one of her friends telling them that they saw MC midnight alone at beach crying, how would they confront MC?


  • Initially he’d be really sad - he thought you trusted him to know anything, but apparently this was false.
  • He’d want to speak to you right away, but he would talk to you calmly instead of rush into things.
  • He’d hold your hand, embrace you, do anything to you that would make you feel safe.
  • And when you told him, he’d make you feel so proud of yourself.

Jumin Han:

  • He’d be kind of angry, because he’s always told you everything on his mind and for you not to do the same, he thought, was a sign of you taking advantage of the relationship.
  • But he realised that it was a secret you kept safe for a reason, and if it wasn’t for Zen spotting you, you would never have told a soul.
  • He’d walk up, and he’d be so unprepared that he would just say “Zen saw you, tell me what is wrong.”
  • Again, he’d give you positive reinforcement for telling him, making sure that you knew that he was trustworthy.

Jaehee Kang:

  • She’d make you snacks, make you a drink, and sit you down on the sofa.
  • She’d tell you bluntly that someone saw you crying.
  • And you’d spill all.
  • She would hug you, tell you that it will all be okay, and try her best to resolve the issue at hand.


  • He would meet you out at the beach, which is actually where you spent the whole night and morning.
  • He’d be so upset at your sorrow that he couldn’t wait to see you that morning, he had to speak to you that very night.
  • To stop you crying, he’d ask to time your breathing to the sound of the ocean.
  • And after you told him, he’d try to make you laugh by running into the ocean and splashing around.
  • Jokes on you, he ended up swallowing some sea water.


  • He’d also meet you out at the beach, and instead of making you confront your issue, he’d just make sure that you’d join him in the ocean.
  • You would both have races, splash each other, and at one time he would give you a piggyback along the edge of the ocean.
  • And you would just forget what had made you cry just an hour earlier.
  • The next morning, he asked what was the matter, and you’d tell him in confidence that he’d make it all better.
Paulie confronting Frank
  • Paulie: She's good, she'll be fine, she's not making a big deal about it. But I just wanna say....I know your joking and all that stuff. But....that just don't sit right with me. I mean, (inaudible) maybe with my girlfriends. But you don't want that sh*t.
  • Frank stumbling over his words. Leaning in close to listen.
  • Paulie: I see how that gets her.....You saw how that got her...I mean, I didn't believe it when she was like.....I was like naaah, I don't think Frank would do that. But then, when she freaked out. Like you can't be doin' that.
  • Frank:'s just the way I grew up, bro.
  • Paulie: I get it. You're f**ing around, it's just...
  • Frank: Well....yeah.
  • Paulie: Cause I'm just thinking like, if that was my sister I would be like, who the F*** is this guy? And like, imagine one day we're gonna have like, f***ing baby girls and...
  • Frank: Well....I F*** around with my family.
  • Paulie: I mess around with my girlfriends, and my sister (does a pushing motion with his hand) but.....the line is there. I talked to her (Day) and....I think there's just a lot. She's missing her daughter. And this is video taped and all that sh*t. And she doesn't want her daughter thinking this is acceptable. And I get it.
  • Frank (listening intently): Yeah.
  • Paulie: But I'm just telling you...boy to boy. I'm not going to F*ing blow your sh** up in front of people.
  • Frank: Yeah Yeah. (he nods, very quiet)
  • They are both sitting, angling toward each other, leaning in. Both of them have their arms resting on their knees, each have their hands clasped together. Whispering very low, the whole time.
  • Paulie: I'm just telling you, like that.
  • Frank: Yeah, absolutely.
  • Paulie: She'll be fine by tomorrow.
  • Frank leans back: I'll try talking to her tomorrow.
  • Paulie: Yeah she'll be fine by tomorrow, you'll be able to sit her down and talk to her. And be like, Hey....I'm sorry. You know, how I grew up, from my perspective, it doesn't mean how it's being took.
  • Frank nods: Yeah. Absolutely.
  • They bro-slap hands together.
  • Frank: Alright. It's good bro.
  • They return to HOH where Bridgette is and convo goes right to being lighthearted. Paulie says Day is fine, and you know how this house can get to you.