she'll find you and she'll kill you

the signs as things my mum has told me to stop saying

Aries: Can you do something for me? Yeah, just murder me. Right now.

Taurus: *groans loudly* It’s fine, I’m fine.

Gemini: Time to die!!!

Cancer: Don’t worry, I’ve already cried like 3 times today.

Leo: If you don’t mind, I’ll just go shove an entire cactus up my ass, thanks.

Virgo: It’s not me, it’s the damn system.

Libra: I’m too white for this shit.

Scorpio: Well fuck me right up the ass.

Sagittarius: Seems like death is upon us, friends.

Capricorn: I feel like death hahaha

Aquarius: I’m too sober for this shit.

Pisces: I can literally feel my brain melting out my ears.