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ya know, the only person Force Ghosts Anakin and Obi Wan haven't annoyed yet is Ahsoka (who is alive because reasons) just a suggestion

Hahahaha, I have kicked around a few ideas for Ahsoka a couple of times. The thing with her, much like Texting Vader, is that you’ve gotta be careful because it’s very easy to veer off the course of Crack and into Really Depressing or Very Very Sappy. BECAUSE THERE’S SO MANY FEELINGS.

SNK Sausage Movement
  • Sasha: Everybody say "sausage" keep it going! Potatoes, bread, meat, and SAUSAGE!
  • Connie: Shorter than Heichou, got a bigger SAUSAGE!
  • Annie: I showed him rock hard when he showed me his SAUSAGE!
  • Krista: Queen of the World, don't need that SAUSAGE!
  • Ymir: Freckles likes ladies, I don't want the SAUSAGE!
  • Armin: Aryan Coconut with a foot long SAUSAGE!
  • Erwin: Eyebrows so huge they're thick like a SAUSAGE!
  • Mike: Miles away I could smell that SAUSAGE!
  • Reiner: I'm a beefcake that likes pork SAUSAGE!
  • Bertholdt: Really damn tall, so I got a big SAUSAGE!
  • Marco: Got bit in half but I kept my whole SAUSAGE!
  • Jean: Horse face, yeah, but I got a horse SAUSAGE!
  • Pixis: Drunk on the job, just might whip out my SAUSAGE!
  • Levi: Mock my height and I'll tear off your sausage.
  • Hange: Stare at Titans or Levi's SAUSAGE!
  • Nile: MP Life - can eat real SAUSAGE!
  • Eren: Shift into a Titan, no longer have a SAUSAGE!
  • Mikasa: I really love Eren, let me sit on his sausage.
  • Everyone: sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-SAUSAGE!

Page Ruth called Luke Hemmings a child on Periscope! And she comfirmed that Arzaylea cheated on him! I’m dying laughing 

when ur mom laughs at a transphobic joke and u are trans and she knows ur trans

  • Furuta, describing TGre to everyone in one phrase: whoa, guro!

Some of you guys already hate Volpina because she could maybe do something that you think would interrupt the Love Square somehow, but when I tell you that based on the evidence given it’s almost guaranteed she’ll be in the last episode some of you are like “okay but are we really sure”

Closed RP

Rue had just started this working and it was already hectic. With her in college and working to achieve her dream of being a singer left on short on time and cash. After all, those dance classes weren’t cheap. And to top if all off she recently found a bunch of little fluffy angels abandoned in an alley. Rue didn’t care what her situation was, there was no way she would leave six kittens all alone.
She started working as a maid to cover it. Though it was hard to get started she got a lot of calls from men who thought she was offering… *ahem* other services. (Being so beautiful really was a curse)
Rue was going to give up when she had finally gotten a call. “Saphir huh..?” He didn’t sound creepy, and he lived next door. That was WAY too good to pass up.
“Maid Service!” She rang the doorbell, dressed in her favorite maid outfit and ready to work. Rue had no idea 6 fluffy disasters had followed her and made themselves at home in Saphir’s apartment. sxpphire-sky