she'd probably go for it


4x16 // 5x06

my tablet was broken for like a week but! im back! and i drew nina as a princess because thats basically what she is already

also! i tried to record this as a speedpaint and i kinda messed up but you can watch it here if you’d like !

it’s gotten to the point where no matter how irrational or improbable it is, anytime a character in the new Twin Peaks talks about someone without mentioning them by name, my mind immediately goes: “AUDREY”

the anonymous billionaire who’s funding the glass box project? Audrey. the person who hired those two people to kill Cooper’s doppelganger? Audrey. the woman Albert and Gordon were talking about bringing to the prison to take a look at “Cooper”? Audrey. that barista who sold Tracey her two cups of coffee? wasn’t even mentioned at all but hell, that’s Audrey too.


for @lucretiaweek! made this edit for fun (and to see if i could pull it off using the limited resources i had)

thanks so much to the mod for hosting a great week i lov lucretia sm 💘💘

an annoyed older nico looking at his sister being all lovey dovey with thalia in the distance (to be drawn later stay tuned xoxo)

~bianca survives au~

I love how detailed Maggie Stiefvater is with her Raven Cycle like ok Adam Parrish. Long story short back in the good old days there was a term “on the parish” wherein working class individuals who couldn’t make enough money through agricultural or household labour were supported through the parish of the church and as a result were in a position of servitude to those who held this  power over their life. This is literally everything that Adam abhors, everything he hopes to leave behind, and ironically enough… he literally lives on the parish above St. Agnes and his name is an allusion to the act like… Layers guys. Like an onion.

You were strange to him… Very strange. Especially since you blindly followed the instructions of some stranger who was messaging you through some app. He couldn’t tell if you were just pure and trusting, or downright stupid… But as strange as you were, oddly enough, he had always been fascinated by weird things.

Tumblr request of UnknownXMC fluff I guess haha. Idk MC is licking him.

I haven’t been able to play FNV in quite awhile cause I had broke my mouse like an idiot(it’s hard playing it with a laptop touchpad). I’ll get one soon so I can play again!

But I remember in my game I ran into a game breaking glitch where I couldn’t continue for the NCR so Bette ends up going with Yes Man. 

Now story wise to explain this, I did two DLCs so far mid game. OWB and Dead Money. I was just starting Lonesome Road. But I would like to think upon dealing with OWB and even though Bette got her brain back, the whole situation still messes with her. She’d probably stop doing things for the NCR and in general. Get too carried away drinking and whatnot. 

I’m not sure what would possibly get her out of that yet though. But she would go to her next best option to work with Yes Man. She knows the stuff she did wasn’t great and it’s her fault for not keeping up with the NCR. But after all she did for them no matter what and not being allowed anymore left a bad taste in her mouth. 


“Maybe I haven’t done my best to make friends in this house. It’s very difficult for me to go around and be buddy-buddy with everybody when I want to beat all of them and be number one. It’s just not my goal, really, to befriend everyone in the house.”

overwatch heroes rated by their likely responses to having their purse snatched by a purse snatcher on a motorcycle,an ultimate shitpost:
  • genji: have you ever seen someone outrun a cyborg ninja? no? there's a reason for that. 5/10
  • mccree: this is a man we have already established to be incredibly dramatic,in addition to having the ability to summon tumbleweed and eagles at will. he would probably manage to whistle for a horse in the middle of the city somehow,and ride up alongside the purse snatcher to casually grab his purse back,while delivering a quip like "that wasn't much of a purse-uit,now was it?". lone ranger/10
  • pharah: would probably give them like 5 seconds head start,before soaring into the air and knocking their motorcycle over with her concussive blast,casually landing to pluck her purse from their unconscious form. (what do you mean,she doesn't wear full armor while going about daily business?) 9/10
  • reaper: doesn't need to respond,because he probably carries a leather purse 100% covered in various spikes,pins and studs,making it totally punk. good luck grabbing that thing. 9/10
  • soldier 76: probably carries one of those purses designed to detach from the strap when pulled,but sprints after them anyway. keeps up just long enough with the motorcycle to tackle them down and kick the shit out of them. (all that super soldier serum wasn't for nothing.) 4/10
  • sombra: they seem to get away at first,but soon a mysterious skull emblem appears everywhere they look. every camera and screen turns to display them and anything they touch bricks. after a while,they are never seen again. [data corrupted]/10
  • tracer: would easily blink after them and kick the purse out of their hand,or just rewind and give them a good roundhouse kick off their motorcycle when they try to come at her. 5/10
  • bastion: any bag she carries would probably just be filled with pretty rocks and leaves,as well as bugs and worms for ganymede. she'd probably just shrug and go back to hugging a tree or whatever. 0/10
  • hanzo: if mccree is present,refer to mccree's entry. if not,he'd probably try to expertly shoot out their tires,only to accidentally hit them in the knee or something. would also spend the entire time loudly insisting that it's a murse. 4/10
  • junkrat: would try to mine jump onto them,only to land flat on his face. 1/10
  • mei: petrol fuel can probably melt ice beams. would try to put up a wall to block them,only to fuck up and place it just slightly behind them. 2/10
  • torbjorn: carries a 200 pound purse from ikea. if anyone tries to ride by and snatch it they'd be dragged right down. 8/10
  • widowmaker: probably would actually carry some expensive french shit with a spider motif or something. she'd grapple onto the nearest surface and swing off it to kick them off their bike. wall-crawler/10
  • instantly summons her mech to give chase,flies after them and rams them to the ground live on stream. makes sure to pose for news photos after and gives an interview so that the korean army can use it for recruitment. for several months after,image and video edits of the incident become a meme where her mech is replaced with various other objects. 9/10
  • reinhardt: smashes the ground to knock them down with the shockwave,then tosses his hammer aside and challenges them to unarmed combat for the contents of his purse. it won't end well for them,but it's the honor that counts. (of course he carries his hammer with him at all times.) 9/10
  • roadhog: they won't get far. also gets back junkrat's purse for him. 8/10
  • winston: his spare glasses are in there. boosts straight onto them and lets them get away with everything except his glasses. the only other things in there were peanut butter and bananas anyway. 7/10
  • zarya: instinctively grabs onto the back of their motorcycle and laughs as the wheels spin. lifts them over the top of her head for show,before placing them back down and turning them away with a stern warning. this also gets recorded and turned into a meme. women everywhere swoon. wet panties/10
  • ana: like mother,like daughter. she just fires a sleep dart at them and leaves them lying in the road. 8/10
  • lucio: lets them get away with it,they need whatever's in there more than him. within a few days,the area his purse got snatched receives sizable anonymous donations for the purposes of development and welfare. eradicating the root causes of crime/10
  • mercy: the caduceus staff is surprisingly heavy. 6/10
  • zenyatta: doesn't react. just sends the orb of discord to follow them and waits for them to turn around and give it back to him. also gives a lecture about non-attachment and invites them to begin a path of self-cultivation. zen out of ten.
  • symmetra: she carries a turret in her purse. 11/10

do u ever just… think abt how touch starved ur muse is…

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If a small one request is possible: Nightwing and Starfire having their daughter cuddle in bed with them during a very frightening thunderstorm outside pretty please

Aw! Cute! Yes. I want this too.


As a loud clap of thunder vibrated through the night sky, a flash of lightening accompanied it soon after. Dick mumbled in his sleep as he turned over and threw an arm over his wife’s waist, inwardly smiling at her warmth.

Subconsciously, Starfire snuggled back against him and exhaled in her own slumber.

The storm had been raging for over an hour now and there was a wonder if it would be stopping at all before the night was out.

Dick woke slightly as his ears perked up. The sound of their bedroom door opening was what caused him to stir and as he blinked himself awake, he noticed an unstable purple glow around the room. The light kept fading and reappearing as if not fully controlled.

He’d know that glow anywhere.

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I took the pottermore test for Hana as well and I got Gryffindor.. ? I can see why she’d be seen as such, but i don’t necessarily agree..? It’s like a 75% agreement. I actually see her being more of a Hufflepuff

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Lotor reminds me more of Azula! Like after her friends betrayed her if for whatever reason she wasn't allowed to go back to the fire nation?? If she had no friends/allies and was being hunted down she'd probably go the Good Guys also. not so much because she really believes in what they're doing or anything, more like she has nowhere else to go and no other options. That's what Lotor's doing, imo. (also those parental issues parallels)

yeah i mean, lotor and azula are quite different too, but if you asked me whether he was more similar to zuko or azula i’d defo pick azula lol. (side note: that scene of lotor’s generals betraying him made me think of that scene where mai and ty lee betray azula lmao.) tbh i couldn’t really see azula doing the same thing where she pretends to switch sides, but …. i could see lotor having a somewhat similar narrative in which he slowly isolates himself from everyone in his pursuit of power & kinda becomes his own downfall in the end.  

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I am here for more Wonder Woman fics! I love Marvel, but Diana has always been, and always will be, my favorite comic book character. Shipping her with Tony is genius. She'd probably go for Natasha, too.

Oh I think Natasha would trip over her own feet to get close to Diana. Like WW would be impressed because Nat is like tiny but fierce. And Nat would just stare up at her with hearts in her eyes as all the guys watch and stare in annoyance/jealousy because they finally get another girl on the team and of course her and Natasha are into each other

Because our Amazon Queen said it best “men are necessary for procreation but not for pleasure.”

Suck it, boys.

Me and Black Widow and Wonder Woman are going to go have a party