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the chronicles of narnia fancast → Quvenzhané Wallis as Lucy Pevensie

“I think—I don’t know—but I think I could be brave enough.”

Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.

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I love your Andromeda work!! Especially the Scott/Jaal stuff, it's even better now cause you can romance Jaal as Scott!(I'm so excited I got both my Ryder twins loaded up, I can't wait to play as my bro!Ryder) Have you ever tried drawing Vetra? I think she'd look amazing in your style! Sorry if I'm rambling, I just love your art so much!

Hey, thanks! :D Yeah, I’m so glad that they patched it in. (Have fun! I’m currently replaying for this as well haha)

and no, not before, but here u go;

Cultural pessimism is always fashionable, and, since we are human, there are always grounds for it. It has the negative consequence of depressing the level of aspiration, the sense of the possible. And from time to time it has the extremely negative consequence of encouraging a kind of somber panic, a collective dream-state in which recourse to terrible remedies is inspired by delusions of mortal threat. If there is anything in the life of any culture or period that gives good ground for alarm, it is the rise of cultural pessimism, whose major passion is bitter hostility toward many or most of the people within the very culture the pessimists always feel that they are intent on rescuing. When panic on one side is creating alarm on the other, it is easy to forget that there are always as good ground for optimism as for pessimism - exactly the same grounds, in fact - that is, because we are human. We still have every potential for good we have ever had, and the same presumptive claim to respect, our own respect and one another’s. We are still creatures of singular interest and value, agile of soul as we have always been and as we will continue to be even despite our errors and depredations, for as long as we abide on this earth. To value one another is our greatest safety, and to indulge in fear and contempt is our gravest error.
—  Marilynne Robinson, ‘Reformation’. From The Givenness of Things.

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hey, just wanted to say that I had never considered Rhajat as Azura's kid... until I came across your blog. How did I not notice how pretty Azura!Rhajat is before

Aqua!Rhajat is best Rhajat!

… Well, not in terms of stats obviously but Aqua!Rhajat is my wife and I love her to death.
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I’m sure most of you have seen this already, but for those who didn’t (and my own sense of completion),my short ‘undercover’ fic for this month’s trope. I still have hope of finishing the other one, but…

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It's cute cause when I met Aubrey I had my Harris jersey on and we talked for a good while tbh and she literally looks up to ash so much and credits her for a lot of her improvement and said she'd make an amazing GK coach in the future. I CRY



his dark materials fan month: week one

favourite character: Marisa Coulter

“The pitiless agent of the Church, the fanatical persecutor of children, the inventor of hideous machines to slice them apart and look in their terrified little beings for any evidence of sin —and along comes a foul-mouthed, ignorant little brat with dirty fingernails, and you cluck and settle your feathers over her like a hen.”



So a long time ago I was watching Modern Family and Cam was defending Meryl Streep’s acting skills by saying “Meryl Streep could play Batman!” And you know what? Mery Streep as Batman would be fucking awesome.

There is an Earth in the DC universe that has a female Batman named Betty Wayne. So what if Streep played Betty Wayne who still creates the Batman persona because A) Criminals would probably be more intimidated by a man and that is a major part in Batman’s MO and B) It would further keep people from figuring out that she is both Betty Wayne and Batman. Now I had thought about Meryl Streep simply as Batwoman- which would still be awesome as hell, but this post is about the quote of her playing BatMAN.

Now imagine Meryl Streep being the somewhat aged Batman in the DCEU instead of Affleck (nothing against him, I like Batfleck) because of her getting to meet Wonder Woman. The sexual tension would still be there because Diana is freaking bi people- she loves women too. Imagine Diana trying to understand why Betty Wayne chooses to disguise herself as a man when she’s fighting crime. Gal and Meryl dancing together, fighting together, just being batman and Wonder Woman together. 

Or just Meryl being the charming billionaire playgirl and then turning around and being the kick ass superhero with all the cool gadgets and is 20 steps ahead of everyone. I just honestly think Meryl Streep could play Batman and I have not stopped thinking about it.

God dammit I want a worst witch au.

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So we know that Lucy definitely won't die. But then What about Lockwood

I feel like with the ‘antony lockwood gallery’ his chances of survival are getting lower…