Alright, let’s take a look at the character who got blamed by the fandom for something they did:

  • carl grimes for causing dales death
  • andrea for leaving michonne
  • lori for not properly looking out for carl
  • rick for being the reason that the group got captured by negan and his men

character’s who didn’t get blamed by the fandom:

  • daryl dixon for being the reason that glenn died +bonus: in order to get another man pain storyline, these character had to die: 
  • beth, merle and denise

i’m sorry but im tired that people are defending daryl for his action but constantly still bashing on the other characters, specially andrea and lori who are already dead.

So much is required of him (Ronaldo). He gives a lot and will continue to. There’s no doubt he’ll come back and make his mark. Ronaldo is a difficult player to match, it will take many years to see another player as good as him.

Iker Casillas (Twitter Q&A, 24th October, 2016)

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