sheâs always in my hair


Before and after! I like to pretend i’m pretty once in a while… I mean I’m not but I can still pretend

Bonus, the in-between

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anonymous asked:

Every time I'm in business or first I'm so anxious who I'm gonna be in the flight with. Hah what a ride for you!

Hahaha, well, planes have always felt like a safe place to me, so that’s mostly why I’ve been taken aback big time! I’ve got more problems with my client’s place, you never know who you could run into. I have a lot of embarrassing memories 😑

 yeaaah to make up for my awkward intervention in the stream the other night i sorta drew elentori ??? heh :D


Inktober 25: The Black Order

I drew (some of) my (MANY) faves!! I was going to make them all Cool and Detailed, maybe color them too, but some people told me to keep these the way they are? I’m not convinced but here you go…