she's been so kind with her resources

so like!! some kind of modern au setting that i’ve been thinking of since i drew this

  • not exactly canon setting where yagiri tries marrying namie off to izaya bc he’s just a good kind of resource to have in the family
  • namie is the heiress
  • They meet at a fancy dinner party thrown just for the sake of introducing them to each other and so yagiri can make the proposition (against namie’s will)
  • izaya isn’t interested in marriage at all but he’s interested in namie
  • particularly because he asked her for a dance earlier because she looked annoyed and he wanted to annoy her more and now she hates him
  • he acts like he’s definitely very interested in marriage now and she hates him more and then idk he starts courting her and she cant very well say no because her father and like obligations
  • even tho they both know that the whole dating thing isn’t real
  • they fight abt it sometimes like why bother doing this if they both know it’s not real
  • like she knows he’s just having fun and he knows she’s being sort of forced into it but they don’t break it off for some reason
  • but then they start having sex and it’s good relief at least he’s not half bad in bed
  • he’s extremely irritating but he treats her like a lover buying her things and stuff so she’s like well whatever
  • but then she starts falling for him because he is charming, she cant deny that
  • and also he calls her petnames at times which is extremely annoying at first but she grows fond of them
  • very secretly tho, he must never find out
  • izaya realizes earlier on that he’s starting to catch feelings and he has to rethink his life but he doesn’t let it show
  • except namie does notice that he’s been a bit more gentle with her lately and his jabs aren’t as sharp as they used to be tho she doesn’t know why
  • she just takes the opportunity to jab at him harder
  • they just kinda dance around each other for a while ‘dating’ but they both don’t know that they’re actually dating
  • then one day he just kisses her gently outside her door while he’s dropping her home and he doesn’t do that ever he doesn’t even kiss her unless its to be annoying
  • and she just kisses him back because you know
  • they never actually say the L word but they both know they’re kinda in love with each other

specifically in the scene where riza talks about counting her own steps to figure out the circle, its a great contrast of the different types of intelligence in the room lol. like we know roy is a genius - he mastered one of the craziest kinds of alchemy, he’s a powerful strategist, we get it. and alphonse has Seen God you dont get smarter than that. but neither of them wouldve ever thought to calculate their footsteps and strides so they could use that information later. riza is so lovely and SO smart and yall know she couldve been an alchemist if her father hadnt traumatized her away from even considering it


oh my! i actually kind of like that idea. What about the other gems? Would Lapis still have been in the mirror? Ames still late in coming out?

Currently working w/ @boringartist on the story (she’s been awesome~), but so far:

  • Lapis was never put into the mirror, so she’s definitely less traumatized & still actively living on Homeworld.
  • Since Earth wasn’t abandoned, Homeworld isn’t as low on resources as it is in canon, so Era 2 Peridots would be ‘normal’ regular sized Peridots.
  • Amethyst was still late in emerging, and spent her whole life alone on the Earth colony, hiding from Homeworld forces. Since she’s technically an off-color, she’d more than likely be shattered if found, so she tries to lay low. She’s still scrappy & shapeshifts all the time, but more out of survival.
  • Again, Jasper’s something of a bodyguard for Steven, and is like mom #2 alongside Pearl.
  • Pearl was punished for not speaking up about Pink’s rebellion in the first place by White Diamond. So she has cracks on her neck, which doesn’t allow her to speak through normal means. She mostly uses her holograms to communicate.
  • As for Sapphire & Ruby, they’re still a WIP, but Ruby was let off lightly for not being able to protect Sapphire during the time of her prediction, seeing as Rose was actually Pink. So it was a ‘oh, she stood no chance so whatever.’ Ruby feels guilty about it, but Sapphire soon personally requests Ruby to her personal guard.

 I was really impressed with Sansa in the last two eps.  The fact that she was so worried about ensuring there were enough resources for everyone. I know it’s a small thing in comparison to everything else that went on…  But it really stood out to me. 
Sansa has always been compassionate and kind… so it’s not surprising her first thoughts were  to ensure that there are enough resources, for everyone

Yet, I feel there is more to it as well.  Sansa has seen first hand the effects of hunger on people. In Kings Landing- she, Cersei, Tyrion and Joffrey were attacked by starving people. She was assaulted and nearly killed for this.  Sansa has learnt a lot over the years. She has learnt from the failures of those that once surrounded her.  It might feed (ha!) into why she is so insistent they have enough grain for everyone atm. Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing.  She saw how true hunger can drive good people to terrible acts. She saw that it could also make them hate and turn on their monarch.  Sansa wants to avoid that. For both parties sake. 

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Urban fantasy AU, please?

I think I can bring in an old one here that just needs a bit of dusting off! The Ghost Hunters’ AU.

Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are rookie ghost hunters, all for very different reasons.

Lance doesn’t have the Sight- he’s by nearly all accounts a perfectly ordinary human. Nearly- because when he was a kid he cleaned up a battered old shrine in a cave and accidentally thus became the chosen vessel of a long-forgotten sea goddess. He’s thus able to at least get a feeling around certain supernatural things, and is able to bless water. Also sometimes Blue uses his body, which he has absolutely zero problem with but early on it definitely freaks Hunk out. 

Blue has much keener supernatural instincts than Lance and they have a fair amount in common personality-wise, Blue’s just more laid back and laconic, and occasionally accidentally drops hints that she’s been alive for thousands of years.

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A/N: A request from @raveenasblog for a team x reader/spencer x reader where she is a high-powered lawyer and does not appreciate the way Linda Barnes is treating the team, so she digs up a little something.

She hated seeing him so helpless.

Spencer was anything but helpless, but what was anyone supposed to do when the assistant director of the FBI was threatening to dismantle your family - pick you off one by one. 

“Am I supposed to stand by? Let her drag Emily through the mud? Y/N, I don’t know what to do!” He was practically pulling his hair out as he paced the apartment. “I work for the FBI and I have no power to do anything!”

The tears started to flow freely. “I’ve changed since prison, Y/N…I can’t-”

“Spence, I know!” She exclaimed, cradling his face in her hands. How could he not change? Spencer was the same man he’d always been - kind, giving, intelligent, funny - but so much had changed and he wasn’t the type to sit around anymore and wait to deal with the aftermath of all the bad in the world. Now he wanted to be proactive. Take charge. But he didn’t know where to start.

That’s where Y/N came in.

“What if I used my considerable resources to dig up a little dirt on your new assistant director?” She asked coyly, feeling better when Spencer finally broke out into a smile. “If I find anything, I can approach her with it…tell her to back off.”

Spencer pulled her close and kissed her forehead. “Thank you. I just…I have to find a way to get her to back off.”

“I know. Keep doing your job and I’ll do mine.”

Linda Barnes seemed to be squeaky clean, but in all her years as a lawyer Y/N knew that deep down the only way to hide the stains was the scrub like there was no tomorrow, and someone like Linda Barnes would no doubt have scrubbed her record clean, bribed whoever she had to in order to obtain what she wanted - power. 

Over the next two weeks, she dug and she dug deeper and deeper until the dirt was firmly entrenched underneath her fingernails. That’s when she stumbled on it - well, not stumbled on, worked really hard for. 

When she was working for DC Metro, she had quite a number of high-profile cases swept under the rug. She wrote out the documents, said all the right things, and made friends with all the right people in order to keep her rich friends out of prison. She’d done a damn good job of trying to hide things. There was very little paper trail, but what there was…it was irrefutable. 

With the help of a hacker friend (so as to keep Garcia out of any further trouble), Y/N double and triple-checked her sources, ensuring that she would have Barnes on the ropes before approaching her.

But now she had her.

“Dr. Reid, you will be reassigned as a full-time professor for-”

“No, actually, he won’t,” Y/N said, emerging from the elevator. “None of them will be doing anything. Except possibly going out for a round of drinks on me after I expel your ass from the office.”

Barnes turned around, looking indignantly at Y/N as Spencer began to smile. 

“Excuse me, but who do you think you are?”

She knew who Y/N was. It wasn’t a secret. 

“I’m your downfall, unless you leave…now.”

She said nothing, leaving Y/N the time to approach, documents in hand. “Brandon Carmichael, DUI and manslaughter, somehow…swept under the rug.” Handing over the documents (which she’d made copies of), she presented Barnes with the paper trail. “Natalie Light, possession and sale of heroin. Daughter of Senator Michael Light. How convenient. Christopher Durant, son of Bradley Durant, the CEO of Symbiocorp, rape at a frat party. I have all the receipts right here, and there are more, I just figured I’d give everyone the short list because the rule of threes, you know? You did a damn good job at trying to hide them, but not quite good enough. Back off now or this all goes very, very public.”

“You’re blackmailing me?” She said, almost not believing the words coming out of her own mouth.

The faces of the BAU behind Barnes was enough to keep Y/N going. “Yes I am. Leave. Now. Do not threaten this team again or these receipts will be sent to every major newspaper and station in the area.”

Walking over to Spencer, she kissed him and rallied around the team she’d come to know and love - the ones that strove for justice and love each other fiercely. “Now.”

Like a beaten dog, she turned to leave. “Burn those.”

“Like hell. They’re my leverage.”

As soon as they elevator doors closed behind her, the team whooped and hollered like she’d never heard them before. Spencer picked Y/N up and spun her around, kissing her as the team cheered. “How did you get all that on her?”

“I told you I had it covered,” she laughed.

talked to @slightly-fanatic today about all the shit elphaba endured in the maguire book, how we slowly witness her declining mental health as she experiences one shitty thing after the next, all the while never getting the love and care she so desperately needed and deserved, and how there were multiple times in the book where i told myself: “elphaba could really use a therapist or at least some antidepressants” even though both are completely nonexistent in her world. and that it’s so frustrating because if she did have the resources, or at least someone who could genuinely love and care for her who was still alive (cough glinda if the world wasn’t so fucked up cough)

in response liz (slightly-fanatic) articulated really well that that’s what frustrating about these kinds of stories…knowing that the characters are like you and could have been helped in our world but not in theirs, that we have access to therapists and resources that can help us believe we are not alone and that life can be worth living even in your darkest and loneliest moments…and god i think it makes elphaba’s death in the book all the more devastating…that she could’ve been saved.

if it wasn’t so complicated…i feel in another world that if glinda had been able to stay with elphaba she could’ve been the light she needed, and that they could’ve made a better future together. i guess it’s one of the few things the book and the musical have in common; that together they really would’ve been unlimited.

in summary this is me rn:

every so often we long to steal

to the land of what-might-have-been

but that doesn’t soften the ache we feel

when reality sets back in


MariChat fanfic:

The sun was just starting to set as Marinette climbed to her rooftop view, her eyebrows furrowed together and her mouth set in a grim line. It had not been a good day at all. She was late for school again this morning because a little boy had lost his mother in a crowd of people; and by the time she managed to get into school, her History exam was already 30 minutes in. She barely finished half the exam by the time she had to hand it in. But really, that was almost a walk in the park to what happened later in the afternoon. Adrien and Nino had walked up to herself and Alya after school and Adrien had specifically asked her if she wanted to come to a charity event that he had to go to, key words: with him.

“It’s going to be so boring by myself, and my Dad isn’t the biggest fan of Nino.”
“Man, your dad hates me, big time.”

“So, did you want to keep me company, Marinette?”

And what did Marinette do at this once in a lifetime opportunity to go out with Adrien, alone, in a date-like capacity. Fainted.

She had just woken up 30 minutes previously, at home, where Adrien and his driver had dropped her off with her parents. Her mother kindly informed her that, “That nice model boy from your school dropped you home after making the school nurse make sure you were okay. He said he hopes you feel better. Isn’t that sweet?”

Marinette just couldn’t take her mother’s probing about her relationship with that nice young man. Mostly because Marinette didn’t have a relationship with him. She could barely get out two words on a good day to him; if she couldn’t talk to him what chance did she have of ever going on a date with him. Answer: No chance.

A heavy sigh left her mouth and she slid down the fence until she was sitting on the ground, her knees tucked in and her head resting on them. She wasn’t ever going to live this down, and worse, she wasn’t ever going to get anywhere with Adrien. It was just all so humiliating.

Cat Noir landed stealthily just beside where her head rested, a deep purr rumbling. “Marinette, what paw-fect timing. I wanted to see if you were okay.”

Marinette raised her head slightly so she could look into Cat’s. To the untrained eye, he might just look like his normal flirty self, but to her, she saw the worry. It was the slight downwards turn of his lip and the gentle furrow between his eyes. If news of her idiocy had already gotten to Cat Noir, Marinette’s life may as well be over. Without any preamble, Marinette rested her forehead on her knees and began to sob. She knew it was even more pathetic; she knew that it would cause the kind-hearted kitty to worry even more about her, but she just couldn’t help it. It had been an awful awful day, and it just wasn’t getting any better.

Cat Noir instantly went into protective mode, leaping down next to the crying girl and wrapping his arms around her shoulders. “Marinette. What’s wrong? Please?”

Marinette flung her arms around his neck and continued to sob noisily into his catsuits shoulder. “I-I ruined e-e-everything!” Her sobs seemed to be getting louder and more desperate and Cat just held her even closer, murmuring reassuring things in her ear.

“Shhhh. Shhh. Nothing is ruined. You’re okay.”

She seemed to disagree with that, as she shook her head against his shoulder, her sobs, impossibly getting even louder. It was maybe 20 minutes later that Marienette had finally cried herself out, her face red and blotchy, but no longer streaming with tears. Cat still held her tightly in a hug, smoothing her hair back from her face. Once even her sniffles had quietened, Cat Noir, with an effortless grace, picked up the lovely girl and carried her, bridal style, back to her room. He sat them both on the bed,  depositing her snuggly in his lap to continue holding her.

They sat like that in silence, his arms wrapped snugly around her waist and hers still securely clasped behind his neck, until Marinette cleared her throat and looked up at the cat before her. “I’m sorry, kitty, I’m a mess tonight.”

Shaking his head softly, he tsked his tongue. “No need to apologize, sweetheart.” Not quite sure why he did, Cat Noir nuzzled his nose against the side of her neck gently, his lips finding the spot under her ear. Her startled gasp turned into a quiet moan, and Cat grinned against her neck. “I do want to know what you think you ruined though. Because I bet you it’s not as bad as you think.”

Marinette chuckled without mirth; her mouth slanting down in a frown again. “Trust me, kitty. I really messed things up.” His green cats eyes stared at her, patiently, imploringly. “The boy at school; the one I’ve told you about. I missed my chance today.” A lone tear spilled out the side of one eye just thinking about it again.

Without missing a beat Cat kissed the cheek that the tear was sliding down, stopping it in its tracks. “He’s a stupid boy then. He should be so lucky to date you.” Fondly, Cat raised a paw and ran it through Marinette’s unbound hair, brushing it out softly.

“No, no. He didn’t do anything. I was the stupid one. He asked me to an event, a charity thing.” Cat’s eyes went wide as saucers, his breath completely stopping. Marinette forged on, unaware of Cat’s surprise. “And I just… I fainted. Which I’m sure you know, that’s why you’re here. I just… I can’t even talk to him, kitty. I get all tongue tied and flushed and I… I don’t know what to do.” Marinette laid her head against his shoulder, tightening her hold a little as she began to wallow again.

“I… Marinette, this boy…”

A helpless sigh, “Is wonderful, kitty. And I’m a moron.”

No matter that it was actually him that was the imbecile here, Cat just couldn’t let Marinette think such thoughts about herself. “No, you aren’t. You’re kind, and clever, and selfless and resourceful and… Marinette, you’re wonderful. Don’t you know that?” A paw came up and raised her chin so she could look him in the eyes, so she could see the truth in them.

Marinette sniffed delicately and wiped a tear from her cheek. “Kitty…”

He heard the disagreement in her voice, and before she could argue with him he did the only thing that he could think of; the only thing he had been able to think of since he got to her balcony. He kissed her.

He tried, oh he tried, to be gentle. To keep the kiss sweet and innocent and new. But Marinette was almost addicting. Her lips was the softest things he had ever felt, and he could feel her smiling against him. Slowly, he let his tongue dart out and lick at her bottom lip before nipping at it, sucking, basking in her cherry sweet taste. And just when he was almost certain that he could reign himself back in, that he could pull away and allow her to talk, she let out a quiet but desperate moan. It was one word, “Kitty.” And he was undone all over again. Hands were in hair, and teeth nibbled and sucked while tongues danced. In the chaos, Marinette had wiggled in his hold and ended up straddling his lap in an effort to get closer. She was warm and soft in his arms, and Cat Noir could do nothing to resist her.

An eternity later, as Cat was pecking kisses against her collarbone, Marinette’s head tilted back, he had a thought. Another kiss against her throat, “Sweetheart.”

An answering whimper.

“I have a surprise for you. I think you’ll like it.” He leaned up to nibble on her ear, pulling at it gently with his teeth.

She grinned at him, eyebrows raised even as her eyes were still shut with pleasure. “Are you being dirty, kitty?”

He scoffed, mentally filing away the images that that sentence had conjured in his mind for later. “Not at all. It’s an actual surprise.”

Marinette tilted her head down and cocked it to the side cutely. “Oh, what is it?”

Cat Noir grinned like the cheshire cat he was and pecked the lovely girl on the lips once more. “Claws in, Plagg!”

Marinette began to protest, straining in his grasp to get away from him; to cover her eyes. But it was too late. As soon as he had uttered the words, Cat Noir, the superhero that she was straddling, had morphed into Adrien Agreste. It took not even two seconds for Marinette to faint this time.

Orphic - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Can I request Sirius x Ravenclaw!Reader with “lifetime of waiting” kind of theme? Story that spans from their Hogwarts days until Sirius’s death. So reader’s been in love with Sirius since first year, but Sirius never noticed her and moved on from girl to girl until their seventh year, the only time he started noticing her and falling for her. They had a very happy yet really brief time together until Sirius was taken to Azkaban. She knew he was innocent, and waited for him to return. (½)
When Sirius escaped from Azkaban he didn’t meet her because he needed to go into hiding. The only time they reunited was when during the reformation of the Order and he told her what’s he got to do, she wanted to join but he won’t let her because of the dangers and risks. But they spent that whole special day with each other, they made love (mentioned only in passing, not written as full-blown smut), and she told him she’d keep waiting. They never saw each other again since then. (2/3)
And finally, she learned he got killed. She then holds her own private “funeral” for him and says her goodbye, reminiscing all about his memories of him, about how he’s the only man she’s loved for fifteen years, etc. (3/3)
Warnings: My English, language, some mentions of intimate moments, um… sadness. Pics aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.
A/N: I am back! Maybe this isn’t that great but I am really proud I started writing again. Thank you for being supportive. 
Orphic: mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding.
Word Count~7k+
Pending Requests

   She was the softest bruises, she was pulsing neon, she was burning roses. She had the hands of a lover and the lips of a sinner. She could break him in two if she wanted, but if he was lucky she would break him into a thousand pieces and pour the gasoline. She was late nights and arrows in the backs of lovers and poison perfume. The moans of a forgotten lover at the back of his mind would turn loud when her eyes met his. But their gazes took too long to meet each other
For her, it was always him. Since the first moment of her new life until the last moment of his-and even after that. She was eleven and she had no idea what happened that moment. The moment her eyes fell on him. She had never felt anything like it before, and she would never again. But his eyes never met hers. He was sitting on the Gryffindor table, alongside his new friends, happy, smiling unaware of her. She was seated next to her friends on the Ravenclaw table. ‘He must have been brave, for the Hat to place him there’ she thought. And it was true, as she would later learn. He had been brave and strong, foolishly brave sometimes but that never changed the way she saw him. She tried to convince herself that it was just excitement, nothing more. He was a pretty boy. And she was successful. For about two seconds. But she was more determined than that. She wouldn’t let whatever that was to mess with her mind. She was a clever and creative witch, she had been accepted to Hogwarts, she was going to create a future for herself- a bright one.  
And so she did. Her first year was an interesting one, full of new discoveries and knowledge, full of academical achievements from the very beginning. She wasn’t boring, on the contrary. She was one of the most fun people to be around. Smart, but not just that. She was creative and resourceful, kind and always smiling, no matter what life threw her way. She was McGonagall’s second favorite student because her first ones were the four Gryffindor boys. And he was one of them. She grew used to ignoring and forgetting him because she did it every day. After a while, it became easier. She passed his table and didn’t bother looking at him, she heard his voice and didn’t turn her head just to see him. Slowly she convinced herself that she was just a silly girl and that was just a childish crush.
Thing got even easier as the years passed. She became a well-poised, mature, independent young woman. She was envied by the other girls because she wasn’t just smart and beautiful. She had an exceptional mind and a very kind heart. She was soft and gentle yet everything about her screamed power. She was in control of her life, of her mind and will. Or so she thought. She had forced her entire life to fit into schedules and tiny boundaries, while in fact, she craved for more, for so much more.  She was jealous of the heroines of the books she read in her spear time. They got to do all those things she had forbidden herself; be adventurous, go and have fun, fall in love. No, she wouldn’t do that. But life wasn’t always so obedient to her commands. Her mind might have been easier to fool but her heart was always wild and untamed, even though to everyone she was the exemplary student, witch.. person. Always so focused and so determined. But what they didn’t know was that she was always so not herself for a reason. Well, multiple but one had always been a bit…more important. That was up until she got her first date with a fellow Ravenclaw. They went out, had fun, almost shared a kiss. Almost. She saw a flash of silver and she froze. The person in front of her was not the person her heart was screaming for. Her entire being was consumed by the fire that burnt inside her whenever she thought of him. And that happened a lot. Four years went by.
Four years of patience and well-thought words and actions. Four years of trying not to be herself. Because she knew who she was… Everyone else didn’t. That was about to change and so when the fifth year kicked in she was a completely different person. Actually, she was truly herself, or so she thought. People just didn’t know her that well before. They were in for a big surprise. Maybe it was her teenage years that pushed her into taking her life into her own hands. Maybe she realized that life will always be too unexpected and too short to waste it and try to plan it. Maybe it was her heart screaming to break free from the cage she used to keep it locked away. Maybe it was her mind, yearning for feelings, experiences and new things beyond academics and career. Maybe it was none of the above or all together. One thing was for sure. She would never go back to her old self, to that dark place, even if continue walking down the new path made her feet bleed. She was a very strong-minded person, stubborn even. She was going to make everything work out for the best.
For the first time in a very long time, she didn’t care about him. It was all about her. She wasn’t going to let a stupid, little boy ruin her determination and her new-found wildfire inside her. She didn’t give a flying fuck - as she informed Lily, her best friend who had obviously known for a while about her feelings- if she was being looked at by him or not. She had her own goals, life, and a brand new mindset to explore. And she loved it.
Her fellow classmates and every single student looked at her when she walked into the Great Hall that day. It wasn’t the first day back… It wasn’t Halloween or anything. It was just a day… One of the many days that had passed and one of the many to follow. But she wasn’t the girl that she had been or the girl that she would become.
One boy in specific was too absorbed staring at Marlene that missed yet another chance to meet her eyes that defied her and wandered his way. She was fast and withdrew her glance before it became gaze. No one noticed. And most importantly, he didn’t. If he had, they would have more time.
It wasn’t just her appearance that had changed, and it had… drastically, but her entire figure gave out a very different vibe than she used to. And that new vibe was addictive to many people. McGonagall didn’t really approve her new attitude towards her homework and classes but if anyone could understand what had happened to that girl, it was her. She could recognize some of it… The girl in front of her had grown tired of being pushed around by her own self, she was sick of being the wise and smart one and she needed a change. She had blossomed into a very dangerous young woman. Dangerous for the others but mostly herself… Minerva knew that she still had high walls and fences around her heart and without realizing it her eyes drifted over to the one boy she knew that he had put up the same obstacles to prevent him from hurting more. But that wasn’t the way to live. That was merely the way to get by. They were both so young and so broken that it felt like destiny. Even if Minerva didn’t believe in such thing as destiny… With them something made her heart ache. For their eyes hadn’t crossed paths yet.
She wasn’t the excellent student she used to be. She was still the very best but she didn’t try that much, she got bored easily and she wouldn’t do everything that had been assigned to her. She, however, never missed a party or a night out. She was having fun for the very first time in her life. She would never admit it to anyone, not even herself but wherever she went, she was always searching for a pair of grey eyes that set her soul on fire. And when she found those eyes in a huge crowd, she would grab something with plenty of alcohol in it and down it right away and let herself be consumed by meaningless mouths and raw hands that were never able to reach her soul and pick her very essence. She didn’t stop them though. They created such great destructions, she almost forgot all about her bleeding heart.
And he never paid any attention to her. And she hated. Why? Why couldn’t she be the one he wanted? Why not her? She had never questioned herself before but now, it was only natural she thought. She wasn’t good enough. She would never be. Not for him. She had to get away from everything and everyone for a little bit. Maybe just become numb, right? That could work, right? She was barely there when the fifth year came to an end.
All it took was one hell of a summer. She was up all night, getting lost in alcohol and sex, she was sleeping all day. Lily was that worried that she went all the way to her house to check on her. She hadn’t written back and Lily didn’t know what to think.
But Lily discovered nothing new when she went there. Her parents weren’t home and when her friend opened up, she still had makeup on from the previous night. That wasn’t her friend, Lily thought. What had happened?
“Hey” Lily softly greeted her but she didn’t return it. She just opened up the door a bit more, in order for Lily to get inside. That was something. After several awkward minutes that none of them had said anything, Lily finally broke the silence.
“What’s wrong? And don’t tell me it’s nothing” she said a bit more firm that she intended but she was worried about her friend. And at that moment, every single facade dropped and the strong girl that never cried broke down.
“It hurts, Lily” she whispered before losing it completely. She wasn’t living her life, she was wasting it. She was drinking and sleeping around because it hurt to be rejected by the one she would never get over. She wasn’t stupid. She knew she was very much in love with him. Sure, he hadn’t even looked at her. She knew him all too well. Through Lily, Remus, James… And she could read him. She knew that he had suffered by his mother before it slipped James’ mouth. And there was nothing she could do. Unrequited love and bullshit. Merlin, it hurt. It hurt like hell.
That was the day she decided to grow as a human being. And that was her purpose the entire sixth year. She wanted to be better for herself. Because she realized that life wasn’t about finding herself but rather creating it.
She started seeing everything and everyone around her as her own creations. Every obstacle she ever faced had been put there by her, sort of. She figured out that whatever it was to come, it would whenever she was ready to deal with it and accept it. She was so much more than before. She was so many things… A daughter, a friend, a student, a witch… But above all, she was a soul that craved to be treated a bit better, softer and with more love. She would take care of herself in the best possible way.
She became the excellent student again, but she found out that in life, you didn’t have to choose one over another. So she did it. She had fun and she repeated her OWLs with Outstanding results. She grew up because within one year nothing could stay the same. Every single professor was proud of her. She was no longer a girl, nor a young lady. She was a human, a woman, and a very beautiful person. It was almost visible… Her friends gained so much from just being around her. She had become the sun itself, even if she preferred the stars. Not the moon. She never exactly liked the moon. It wasn’t as constant as the stars. It would hide behind clouds or completely disappear and she didn’t hide anymore. She became bold but gentle, serene but passionate. Her way of thinking changed. And she almost didn’t care that he hadn’t even looked at her because for once in her life, it felt like she had finally gained control over herself, thoughts and emotions. Almost. That tiny bit of her mind that screamed for him all those years before, still did. However, she didn’t seek for anyone’s attention nor did she need it. She liked the person she had become and cherished her life. So what if one guy hadn’t noticed her for six years now? She had friends, a relationship and great opportunities that revealed themselves one by one, leaving her all the more excited each time. She deserved all the good things in the world and she truly believed that. Everyone deserved everything… Almost. She focused her attention and energy on those already in her life. She became a better friend, a better girlfriend and a better person.
At some point down the road, she understood that people confused love for attachment. She learned the differences because humans were easily attached. She, herself had been attached to objects, events, and even people. However, attachments were where she became self-centered, where she fed her needs with things and yes, people. And there was the catch. People will always tend to get attached to people because of how other people let them feel. She figured out that attachment had always been a need for her to fill a void in her life and in her self-esteem. And that was when she broke up with her partner. She wasn’t in love with that person… She was in love with the feeling. She cared deeply but she wasn’t in love. She didn’t want the 'I want you to be happy with me’ type of relationship. She truly wanted the 'I want you to be happy. If that’s with me, great. If not, I want your happiness’. Idealistic? Perhaps. But she felt it so she knew the difference. She didn’t expect anything in return. She was able to be happy with the success of another and hope for the best for… Him. It was always him. It would always be him. She knew it. She had accepted that her heart, mind, and soul had stopped at him. She knew it from the very first moment.
And so she blossomed into a beautiful creature, a kind and loving soul with the fire of a lion inside her, even though she was no Gryffindor. And so her sixth year went by without any more drama. She had come to realize that the answer she was seeking was always within and never out there. Once she let go, everything started falling into place. Effortlessly, like things were meant to be and even if it felt kind of alarming, it also felt nice. She felt good. And that did show.
When September first finally arrived, she felt happy and sad simultaneously. She was extremely excited to return and be with her friends but she got a bit depressed because it was the last first day of school she would ever experience. She had changed, evolved and matured, she had become an entirely different person, someone would say. From a quiet little girl to a rebellious and bold teen and finally to a very well-poised and educated, open-minded and attractive woman. She knew that sometimes the only way for her to get what she truly deserved was to forget what she wanted. Not that it stopped her from wanting the same thing she wanted seven years ago.
This time, she joined Lily at the feast and she sat down right across the one person she wouldn’t want to. However, she swallowed her awkwardness and after a while, she started talking with Remus. It wasn’t until she laughed with all her heart at Remus’ poor attempt to joke, that he noticed her.He glanced up towards her, removing his gaze from Marlene’s chest and instead he looked at the new girl’s eyes. Everything else seemed to grow quiet. Her laugh felt like melody and nothing made sense. Who was she and why hadn’t he noticed her earlier?
He knew her, of course, he did. He had never really seen her. And why was she laughing at Remus’ jokes? Why did her eyes feel so… Warm? Was that even a feeling? He furrowed his eyebrows and tried not to stare at her but failed miserably. Her existence made him feel electrified and struck by a lightning of some sort, a jolt of energy - a new kind of it- rushed through his veins.
“Mate! Snap out of it!” James snorted at him making him blush. Since when? It was all kinds of weird. The only thing that truly bothered him was that she didn’t look at him. She was completely focused on Remus. Of course. She was a Ravenclaw, as her uniform gave away, and he has actually been acknowledging her all these years now as it seemed. He couldn’t figure out why on Earth he hadn’t looked at her closely and he found himself studying her face, how her eyes were truly smiling along with her lips… Merlin, her lips. They could write poems on his skin anytime she felt inspired. Her cheekbones were highlighted by a natural pink color that simply magnified her beauty. She was breathtaking to him. She was like the sun, but more like the moon, if that made any sense, he thought. Bright and wise, soft and gentle, bold and provocative in a way she didn’t mean to. It flowed naturally. She was the ocean and he was just a fish. Oh, Merlin.
She felt his gaze fixed upon her and shivered.
She carefully looked at him.It was like painting the horizon a brand new color that didn’t exist for anyone else in the universe. Their eyes finally locked, their gazes finally met and their souls could begin to seek out each other. All those years, she wished and wished for him to look at her. To see her, and see beyond the surface. In a world that couldn’t even begin to understand a sentence, she was a poem. She was beauty, harmony, and grace and he was hate, chaos, and disaster. Why was her heart pulled towards him, was unknown to her. One thing was for sure. It didn’t matter anymore if she would live one thousand days or ten because her soul was finally able to breathe. She hadn’t realized that all this time she longed for just one glance of his. She hadn’t quite understood she hadn’t just wanted it, she needed it like she needed air to live. There was something different, though… and that was why she had fallen in love with herself before he looked at her. She was what was different. She wasn’t the girl that took an instant liking to him since the moment she saw him. She was the woman who had lived through the fire and pain, who had fought and blossomed. She might have been a rose, but not just any rose. She was the one rose that blossomed in adversity and that was the rarest and most beautiful of all. From that moment, Sirius was utterly hers. All it took was one glance and their lives were forever changed and intertwined. She wasn’t easy as he found out soon enough. And she definitely wasn’t a one night stand. After just three months, they had grown fond of each other. She had taught him how to love genuinely, how to never hold grudges, how to let go of his anger and move on… She had been the one he craved whenever she wasn’t next to him. She became his best friend and well, he hoped to become more. But no matter what, he was beyond grateful she existed in his life. He couldn’t think of how much time he had wasted on meaningless people just to fill the void inside him… never noticing her. He was stupid and he knew it, even if she never believed that about him. He was smart, he had just been disoriented for a while. Their friends had seen it, the entire school knew it, even the Professors. McGonagall was ecstatic, even if she never let them off the hook whenever they hadn’t done their homework because they had preferred a cup of cocoa and each other’s company instead… and for a Ravenclaw that meant something. They belonged together. It was like the moon had finally met the sun and they both shined.
It was a rather cold night and she couldn’t sleep. She was the only one in that room because she was Head Girl. At first, she had thought of it as a good thing, but now, she truly wanted someone else there. Without a second thought, she climbed down from her bed and put on her fuzzy socks, so she could wander around her common room with ease. It was true, their common room was mesmerizing and it had a breathtaking view of the sky. It was a tower after all. It wasn’t cozy as the Gryffindor’s but it was just what she wanted. She reached the huge windows and opened them, letting the cold wind of the night inside. She was admiring the view up until she heard whispers outside the entrance. Maybe a drunk student? She felt kind of bad, so she went and opened the door from the inside. And everything became silver. Like his eyes.
“Sirius! What are you doing here?” she asked him, shocked by his very presence. He smiled at her, warmly and her insides melted away.
“Hello, moonlight. I was just passing by. And this stupid thing wasn’t letting me in” he confidently said as he pointed at the knob.
“You couldn’t solve the riddle” she concluded, laughing a bit at his annoyed face. He huffed and got himself inside the tower. She closed the door behind him and soon, joined him by the same window she had opened.
“It’s not my fault. It was a hard one” he tried to smooth things over, mainly because he didn’t want her to think of him as an idiot. She chuckled lightly and she nodded with understanding. He took out one of his cigarettes and lighted it. Merlin, she craved to be the smoke of it.
“What was it?” she asked, her voice small and her eyes glued to the velvet night sky… He took a drug, downed the smoke and let it out. He turned his face towards hers. She had no other option but to look at him as well.
“What gets broken without being held…” he informed her. It was rather strange, he thought. He had never been inside this tower, even though he sure had many chances to. It felt like it was only her presence that lighted up the entire room with a soft and gentle light. She was the stars tonight.
“A Promise” she answered and looked away, seemingly searching for something in the patterns of the stars. Silence settled between them, as neither of them could say what they truly meant to. Just as he was about to take the last drag of his cigarette, she took it from his slender fingers and placed it between her lips. He wasn’t able to remove his gaze from her as she inhaled the nicotine and exhaled the smoke, tossing whatever was left out of the window. He knew that she smoked before, that she was a wild child, but why was that so damn attractive, he could never understand. That moment felt like the violet hour when the sun was setting and the sky turned purple, but not exactly. More like the blue hour. Everything was quiet, a bit sad, a bit lovely and Sirius was harmonized with her entire world. He would gladly drop every facade, every act of nonsense, just to be there with her, as she was gazing at the sky and he was mesmerized by her eyes. He had to do something, he wouldn’t be able to stand this much longer.
“I know it’s selfish, probably the most selfish thing I have ever done, but I want you to know something…” he trailed off, not sure if his voice was audible. They were old enough to speak their minds without lies, a war was approaching and their entire world wouldn’t be the same. He had to make sure she knew that she was the one for him. Her eyes pierced his, making it extremely difficult for him to breathe.
“I’m not gonna lie to you. I had never truly looked at you before this year and I will have to live with that, knowing that I could have been there since day one. But, my blue moon, once I had the privilege of looking into your eyes, every inch of me was pulled towards you in a way I had never experienced before. It wasn’t, still isn’t just physical. I like how your touch is able to make my demons shut up, how your eyes never lie and even when they do, they are incapable of concealing it, how your peacefully chaotic mind is always attracted to other chaoses, how you are caring and soft, gentle and almost like water you flow… and that’s something I can’t shake off… I am in love with you”.
The night stood still, the stars stopped dancing and looked down, the moon smiled, the wind became a breeze and their hearts were beating to the same melody. It was a tale of war and love. A beautiful, enchanting and captivating story that made their souls dance and their lives become entangled. She was the longing glances and the loving soul, he was the desperate touches and the madness within. She took his hands in hers, held them like they were gold and slowly pressed her lips against his. It wasn’t a hungry or crazy kiss. It was a poem in motion. His arms were wrapped around her, enveloping her in a tender hug while her hands cupped his face, caressing his soft skin.
After that night, nothing was the same and everything was so much better. She was smiling at him and he was lost in her world. He was kissing her and she felt complete. Shortly after they graduated, they moved in together. Everyone who knew them could see that they were indeed made for each other. It felt like they had been shaped from the same star, burning brightly for each other and never once burning out. Something in the way they held hands and smiled, made Lily and James believe that they could make it as parents. They were genuinely happy. Sirius was finally peaceful and the only thing he wanted was to be with her for as long as she would have him.
Life, however, had a very different plan for them. A dark, vicious and heartbreaking one. And the worst part was that they thought they had time. With little Harry making a fool out of Sirius, she suddenly wanted a family of her own. Seeing him like that made her heart yearn for something she had never really thought about. He caught her loving gaze upon them, smiled with a different kind of love and nodded his head with the slightest of movement. He wanted a family with her. He wanted a future with her. He wanted her. How strange, he thought. He dreamt of her even when he was wide awake. She was more than just a dream… something so beautiful. No words could ever describe her… At least, he couldn’t.
He dragged Lily to every single jewelry shop in the entire London. Even though she was complaining, she really did adore the way he wanted to make sure everything would be perfect for that day when he would pop the question. Lily was happy for him and her friend. They truly deserved to be happy.
He bought a beautiful white gold ring, with a single black diamond in a shape of a heart, simple yet elegant and unique. He could barely contain his excitement when he decided to finally ask her to marry him.
October, 31st.
She had just said yes. Next thing they knew was that there was no future for them. She screamed and fought but it was useless. They had just taken her life away. 

Living was not living at all. For the next year, she wasn’t able to face anyone. She had lost Sirius, Lily, and James. Remus couldn’t help. Harry was given to Petunia, which just broke her even more. She closed herself to the apartment they had bought together, trying to remain sane. But the memories were haunting her every breathing second. She knew he was innocent. He couldn’t have done it. He was with her the entire day. He was innocent. Innocent. He was…
And she was not. She was still there, alone. Alone. Alone. Again. That was her breaking point. That was when she went mad and furious. She wanted to save some things but everything hurt. She kept her ring, never taking it off. And she lighted up the apartment as she stood outside, watching it being burnt down to the ground. Remus found her and said nothing. Simply, took her to his place and drew her a bath. She was collapsing and it hurt her.
Almost a year after living with Remus, she wanted to stand on her own again. She wasn’t alright but she couldn’t fade away. Harry was alive and at some point, he would attend Hogwarts and then, he would want answers. She had to be there for him. After all, Sirius was his godfather. And she was his…
Days felt like months, months like years… but the years passed her by. She waited for him to return. Maybe it was a stupid thing to do but she did it anyway. She waited for them to build the life they wanted. She knew, deep inside, she was just fooling herself. She was very well aware. But she couldn’t help it. She loved him and loved him. It was all she felt. Since she was eleven. And so she waited.
“Harry asked me about you” Remus told her one day. He was the new DADA teacher and Harry loved him. Well, everyone did. He was kind and gentle and a very good teacher. She was proud of him. Even though they didn’t see eye to eye when it came to Sirius - he knew Sirius couldn’t have done it but he needed proof - he had been there for her and she was there every single full moon and every day trying to help any way she could. She looked at him, coffee on one hand, with raised eyebrows that melted into a soft smile.
“He saw a picture of you with Lily. He said you looked so happy and he just wanted to know about you. Funny thing, he knew your name. I guess he remembered it, after all” he begun telling her all about Harry and her desire to meet him only grew stronger. What she did not know was that Remus was keeping something from her.
She figured out some time later. When she finally met Harry and he told her that Sirius would be thrilled to see her again. Like, he was out. And he never showed. She didn’t know what to feel. Betrayed? Angry? She thought about the reasons behind that fact and realized why he hadn’t seen her. It still hurt though.
The moment her eyes landed on him, everything came rushing back. The way she had felt since she was eleven, the first kiss, her ring that was still in place after all that time. He saw her too. She hadn’t changed one bit. She was the same ethereal creature. She was love. She was his. And he was hers. They didn’t move. She was frozen and afraid that what she was witnessing might end up being a dream. He was longing to touch her but he was scared that she would push him away. She was every right to. She was the one to walk towards him… once she reached him, she slapped him leaving him stunned and then hugged him like her life depended on it because it might as well had.
Everyone else walked away, leaving them in the room alone. The tension was too much for them to handle. She had every right to be furious and he had every right to be worried. They had missed each other and loved each other… now they were testing each other’s limits. She stepped back a bit.
“I want to join Sirius. I have to. This is why I’m here. Well, that and… you never came to me, after all” she bitterly said. Her teary eyes were threating.
“I am not going to put you in danger. If I came to you first, they would find you too. I’m sorry but I will not hurt you. I love you too much to do it. Please understand me” he told her, knowing that she would put up a fight. She wished he would devour her, take her mouth in his and mark her for the world to see because her soul was already created using his echoes. He backed away like he had hurt her. He would never hurt her. He would never let anything and anyone hurt her. Yet, here he was… causing her pain.
“From the very first moment, my heart fell without my permission and placed the bloody barely beating broken pieces in your hand- that night, the night the stars first watched us collide… And there is rage and madness inside our souls but there is a love worthy of burning the world down, that screams all the way till it reaches my mind but it’s no longer there when our lips create galaxies on each other. I refuse to lose you, for without you I would lose my reason. I refuse to lose you because you think you’re not good enough, Sirius. Because you are. And I refuse to lose you because you think it will be dangerous. We have been through hell and we are still here…  we found our way back to each other. I can’t lose you” she told him almost desperately. Her voice broke a couple of times but she refused to stop. She poured her heart out and put herself out there for him. Always him.
“It’s always you. Always you. You. You” she finally admitted but her eyes betrayed her until she couldn’t control her tears anymore. After everything they had been through, she refused to think that he wouldn’t be by her side. He couldn’t stop himself from lifting her into his arms and kissing her with all his essence. It was mad and feverish, loving and tender. As if their bodies knew it would be the last time they held each other. He held her in his arms and went to the room he used to call his.
She was lost more than ten years of her life waiting for him but he was here, holding her, kissing her and touching her. He was here. After all those torturous years, the thought of her being the only thing that kept him sane, she was there in his arms, not a fading dream. She was there. She never believed he was guilty of such a horrific crime… She would try to convince him to let her join and he knew it…but she also knew that he wouldn’t listen to her. Somewhere between the kisses and the lingering and hot touches, words were exchanged… words that would haunt her for the rest of her life.
“You’re wearing the ring, my blue moon” he whispered and leaned down to kiss her neck, leaving her breathless. She wanted to tell him how much he meant to her but all she mustered was to chant his name along with the words 'I-love-you’, over and over again.
“I am not gonna leave you again. I will always find my way back to you” he promised her that night. They spent it together, loving each other as much as their hearts could handle and even more. They knew that when morning came, he had to say goodbye. He promised to marry her. She promised to wait.
They weren’t promised forever, though. 

There was something ironic about life. It gave her happiness only to take it back and replace it with eternal grief. She was waiting for them to return from the Department of Mysteries. And waited. Walburga was screaming and insulting her but she didn’t care. She had talked with Remus and she knew that Sirius would stop after that day and they would live what was taken away from them. She kept waiting for a while. She never really believed in superstition but everything made her tick and wonder if he was alright. Her heart was hammering and her mind would not shut up. Once the door opened, she jumped up and her eyes searched for him. Instead, she saw a heartbroken Remus and a teary Dora. No. They exchanged looks before they finally looked at her with sadness in their eyes.
“Where is he?” she questioned but she already knew the answer. Her heart just dropped and crushed and broke into a million pieces. When they didn’t answer, she asked again, and they heard the insanity creeping into her voice.
“Where is Sirius?”. Again, no one answered. Remus began to apologize but she wasn’t able to hear any of it. A scream of agony and pain broke the silence and even Walburga stopped. She wasn’t alive anymore… When he died, she died. When the sun stopped existing, the moon lost its purpose and fell from the sky into an eternal abyss. 

She apparated away.
What was life anyway? Why did they come into this world? Why did they fell in love if it wasn’t going to last? Why did the chase forever when forever was always slipping away from them? Why did they believe that they could make it? Why was she still alive when her soul was dead?
When he kissed her, she tasted the metal, smoke, and stardust that ran through his veins and she knew she never wanted to taste something else. When his hands touched her body, she felt alive, like there was a fire under her skin… like there was nothing else she could be or would ever want to. When he asked her to be with him, she was flowing like a cloud in the sky. When they moved in together, she thought she would die from all that happiness. When he asked her to marry him, she remembered everything they had been through. The first war and all the hell that followed…
When he was taken away, she died a bit inside but waited, living on with the memory of him. Every single touch, every single glance… When she saw him again, she cried because she loved him and he was there… and somehow, with her naive mind, she thought that maybe this time, luck was in their favor. That maybe life was done being a bitch and would actually let them be happy. But it never happened. He had made everything fall into place, but he wasn’t there anymore.
“I’d rather die than live without you because the world is cold and hollow and there’s an empty space in my chest where you used to beat. So I have to believe that the universe will grant us a miracle, will grant me a miracle, and you’ll rise from the ruinous below and come running back into my arms because, my love, we deserve that much. Everything has been taken away from us. Please, I can’t go on without you” she whispered in the wind and the light breeze that wrapped her felt like his touch. What gets broken without being held? A promise. She smiled at the memory and her heart craved him. The only man she ever loved. He was war and she was love. He was battle scars and she was rose’s petals. He was fire and she was water. And they loved each other. Oh, how they loved each other. A love like theirs couldn’t be compared with the mortal ones… Maybe Ares and Aphrodite could understand them… Maybe.
One thing was for sure.
Their eyes would meet again.

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The White Queen

olicity || ao3 || mature || angst || 1682 || more fics

summary: How do you break a man that is already so very broken? You break the love of his life, of course. (prompt by @chlodeckers )
a/n: [rubs my hands together evilly] So, I might have taken this prompt to an even dark place than originally intended, but… that’s just the kind of person I am. I hope y’all enjoy it anyway. 

warnings: depictions of violence & torture (altho i tried not to be too graphic)

Felicity had been working endlessly for the last two weeks. She was using every spare minute she had to look for Oliver, which wasn’t many. Helix had her working overtime to make up for the resources she was using. It felt like she was never going to get the chance to really look for Oliver and it was driving her crazy. She knew that signing on to Helix was like signing her soul away. It might look like she was stupid for joining them, but she knew that they had what she needed to find Oliver. And that was the most important thing.

She was just so tired now. Emotionally and physically drained. The thought that she might not find him, might not to get to tell him that she loves him, it haunted her every moment. She couldn’t even remember the last time that she actually slept past a few minutes of dozing at her desk. Not that she could seriously entertain the idea of sleeping while Oliver was missing.

At nearly four in the morning, she left Helix’s home base to go back to the bunker. She hadn’t been in the loft for awhile. It didn’t feel right. It hadn’t felt right since she and Oliver had broken up, but now there was something so cold and empty about their once home. She didn’t care that the bunker was destroyed either. It did hurt to see the place trashed. It’d happened before, but this time it was by Oliver’s hands. The pain and anger he must have felt at the time was enough to make her chest ache.

As she reached her car, she fumbled with her keys. She probably shouldn’t have been driving, but she couldn’t very well sleep in the car. The keys slipped out of her hands and on to the ground.

“Fuck,” she muttered.

Before she even got the chance to bend down and pick them up, she felt a sharp pain in her back. It made her gasp and fall forward onto the car.

“What the hell…” she reached behind her and grabbed onto what felt like one of Oliver’s tranquilizers.

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pentapoda  asked:

for star wars fic prompts: i would love anything with leia and poe re: poe clearly being leia's chosen protege/much better son. whether it's poe's thoughts on kyle ben, or poe helping finn/rey get to know his general/space mom/legendary leader of the rebellion or something else entirely. Also 100% here for poe as leia's boytoy

LOL the first and last parts I did in the previous two prompts, but I’m really loving the idea of Poe having to like, explain Leia to a scavenger and a first order trooper is lol:


“So she demoted you, but she didn’t beat you?” Rey asks, messing around with some wiring that Poe’s pretty sure she’s not supposed to be messing with.

Poe has been relegated to Tool Holder for the day, and he’s really feeling it. “Well,” he confessed, “She did kinda slap me.”

“That’s something you can file a complaint for,” Rose pipes up, nudging Rey over as she crawls toward the next pipe that’s emitting some sort of steam that’s… green. That’s probably not good. “I know our Entity Resources department has kind of been decimated, but J’‘Kuul will totally write the general up if you feel that you’ve been subjected to an unsafe work environment.”

“Thanks, Rose,” Poe says glumly.

Rey cranes her neck to gape at Rose. “So she’s not suppose to beat him?” she asks.

There are two “no!”s and one “well, yeah,” and that one comes from Finn, who’s working on yet another part of the pipe. This part is dribbling some sort of pink liquid. Also probably not good. Poe’s really revising their chances of this ship coming out of hyperspace downward with every passing second.

“Finn, no,” he says, “Superior officers aren’t supposed to beat their underlings if they do something wrong.”

Both Rey and Finn stare at him, unblinking, until a third part of the pipe busts a hole in it.

“Oh hey, orange,” Poe observes bleakly as they scramble to fix it.

Sweet Dreams

NaLu Fluff Week 2018

Prompt: Day 3: Comfort/Blanket 

Summary: He sat there on the floor near the bed, taking in her sleeping form. He could sit there, watching over her forever. He wouldn’t let anyone put even a scratch on her. Not even himself. (Contains some subtle spoilers to the manga)

Genre: Angst/Romance

Rating: K+

It was a bright sunny day and the whole guild was in a cheery mood. It was festive time.  Even in broad daylight everyone drank, continued their fun banter, picked fights and made merry.

But today, Natsu wasn’t making a ruckus, or breaking things, or even fighting with Gray or Gajeel. Quite unlike him, today he was the silent spectator. He didn’t know what they were celebrating, but nevertheless, he was having a good time.

“Looks like Lucy is rubbing off on you,” said Erza who was sitting at the other end of the table. Natsu shrugged, and then smiled as the sound of Lucy’s laughter drew his attention. He watched as she clapped happily at the dance performance being put up by Mirajane and Lisanna.

But the whole world seemed to blur, and focus only on Lucy. Her flowing long blonde hair and beautiful doe eyes shining as if they had entrapped the stars in them. Her smiles biting at his heart, leaving him feel a little uneasy.

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Are We Watching the Same Show?
  • I keep seeing posts complaining that Lance and Hunk never get any focus, and referring to Keith and Shiro as 'the main characters' and 'the only characters the writers care about'. Are we watching the same show? Voltron Legendary Defender has an ENSEMBLE cast, which means that instead of one main character, the story has several. So let's take a closer look at the amount of focus given to each character in each season and see just how accurate these claims are.
  • VLD Season One: Pidge's arc spans the first five episodes, and culminates in her trusting the rest of the team enough to reveal her secret to them. It also shows her resourcefulness when she alone can defend the castle. Hunk's arc spans four episodes, with him aiming to get back to the Balmera as quickly as possible so that he can help the people there. It shows that he's kind and loyal, but also very single-minded as Shay, who he knew, came before what could've been a genuine distress call. Said distress call also proves how good his instincts are. Shiro gets some character focus during Pidge's arc, and again towards the end. Lance is placed as the focal character in the first episode, and gets some focus in episodes four and six. In comparison to the other characters, Keith gets very little focus until the final two episodes. Allura's major character focus comes in episode nine, but she is also important in episodes two, eight, and ten. Coran plays off Allura in episode two, being the nicer of the two of them when it comes to training the paladins, and gets some character focus when he's helping Lance with his homesickness in episode four too. Overall, all of the main seven get their moments in the spotlight, but the major character arcs go to Pidge and Hunk.
  • VLD Season Two: Massive focus on Keith. His character arc plays a major role in episodes three, six, and eight, and he also gets significant focus in episodes one, nine, and twelve. Shiro also gets a lot of focus in this season, playing an important role in Keith's arc as well as having his own arc playing Black Lion tug-of-war with Zarkon. Allura's arc tied into Keith's as of episode six, but actually started earlier. With Ulaz. Episode four is undeniably Pidge's episode, and she also has a major breakthrough in her own personal mission later in the season. Contrary to popular opinion, Hunk and Lance DID recieve some character focus this season. Arguably more than Keith did last season. They were the only main characters who appeared in episode two, in which Lance was the focus. Hunk also recieved varying amounts of focus in episodes five, six, and nine. Lance definitely recieved the least amount of character focus this season, but he played a major role in episode ten, and the insecurities touched upon in that episode are clearly going to be important next season. Coran had a good portion of episodes five and seven dedicated to him. Again, the main seven characters all had their moments. The major arcs this season just happened to go to Keith, Shiro, and Allura, none of whom had a major arc in the previous season.
  • In conclusion, Voltron Legendary Defender has an ENSEMBLE cast. Not everybody can be the main focus every season, but I personally think the writers do a damn good job at giving everyone a decent amount of focus. Keith had little focus in season one, but lots in season two. Hunk had his own arc in season one, and less focus in season two. It. All. Balances. Out.

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dragon age 2 companions react to bethany joining the circle after the deep roads pls?

Aveline: When she hears the news, she is shocked. Then she is worried about Leandra and Hawke, as harbouring an apostate is considered a crime by the Chantry. Once she finds out they are safe, she lets herself share in their grief. Their second twin is now gone, and there is nothing Aveline could do. For the first time in a while…since Wesley…she feels powerless. 

Fenris: He could see the mages in the Gallows are frightened, but he’d always assumed they were weak mages, and it is best to have the most dangerous of their kind hidden away. But this is Bethany. Kind, gentle and absolutely in-control Bethany. Every Circle mage in the Gallows Courtyard suddenly has her face. He consoles himself with the thought that if anyone would benefit from the knowledge and resources of the Circle, it was her. And if anyone could survive it, she could.

Isabela: Nobody deserves that; being locked away from the world and shunned. Especially not Hawke’s sweet sister. The first night, Isabela gets drunk. Very drunk. So drunk that sneaking into the Circle and breaking Bethany out suddenly seems like a fabulous idea…

Varric: Is devastated. He’d have to have been blind to miss how the mages in the Gallows were abused and terrified, and now Hawke’s gentle sister had been thrown to those Templar wolves? He immediately sets about organising his contacts inside the Circle to keep an eye on her, and make sure she’s not getting any unwanted attention. He may not be able to see her again, but he’ll make damn sure she’ll be safe. 

Merrill: Bethany had always been so open and kind to her. She’d never judged her harshly for using blood magic, and the two had often had a wonderful time discussing magical theories and teaching each other things. So Merrill is heartbroken when she hears the news. She knows all too well the feeling of hopelessness to the Chantry…as most elves do. The Dalish too frequently lost a mage child to the templars, and Merrill struggles to keep her fury in check. They have taken so much from her, and they still keep taking. 

Sebastian: After joining the group, he begins to hear about their enigmatic leader’s sister. He sees how much it affects Hawke and their group, and so he offers to pass on messages to Bethany and keep in contact with her during his occasional visits to the Circle. He quickly bonds with her, and sees her resemblance to Hawke and Leandra. It was a shame that the Circle saw fit to lock away the best of people for something they could not hide. 

Anders: This was his fault, he knows. He should have worked harder, done more. This shouldn’t have happened. Nobody deserved to be locked away for being a mage, especially not Bethany. She was the kindest of them, and still they took her. Justice uses this as fuel, whispering in his thoughts that they have to work harder, do more…for her. He immediately begins making preparations to save her, to take her away from that prison. He’ll do whatever it takes to save her. 

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I don’t think I’ve ever been more conflicted with the ending of a series before. It pains me to see him stuck as a troll/human hybrid and having to leave Toby of all people behind. Like yes jim and Claire are dating but Toby and jim have been together far longer and it just pains me to see that taken away from them. God the ending just makes me so frustrated. I wish they would have ended it on a different note.

Toby really should’ve went with him. Like no offense to Claire, but Toby’s known Jim his entire life. Toby’s experienced a whole life with Jim that Claire hasn’t. Jim wasn’t even sure what to talk about on his date with Claire because they don’t know each other that well. They only met a couple months ago. Nobody knows Jim better than Toby, and Jim needs that kind of support now more than ever. They began this adventure together and they should be continuing it together too. It feels awful for them to be separated like this, when so many major things are happening in their lives.

If someone had to stay behind, it should’ve been Claire. Her parents are still alive. She just got her baby brother back. Her life is in Arcadia, more so than Toby, who only has his Nana. I know Toby has his hammer and she lost her staff, but she’s smart and resourceful and her staff didn’t deal much damage anyway. She could easily get her hands on a different, probably better weapon to defend Arcadia with if she had to.

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what are your thoughts on It Could've Been Great? Particularly, when the CGs and Peridot started to disagree over their views of Homeworld's effects on Earth.

Part of it is, as utterly insensitive as Peridot seems to the CG, who look at that colonized map and see the total extinction of humanity and every other biological organism on Earth- including Greg, including Steven- taking what we know from Too Short To Ride, the Crystal Gems at that point looked pretty insensitive from Peridot’s perspective, too!

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I need to share a post-war headcanon for my Shep that’s been buzzing around my head this cold snowy sunday morning.

The Alliance was pretty ready to let Shepard die. They dressed it up in words like “let her rest”, “she did her duty” and “she’s suffered enough” but really she’s just kind of… awkward to have around now. What do you do with a galactic saviour after the galaxy’s been saved? Too many people owe her too much. She’s much more useful as a fallen hero. 

Alive, she’s a problem.

It’s not that she can’t be saved. Rani’s in terrible shape but Miranda’s there, ready and willing to get to work on her. Sure, she doesn’t have the near limitless resources she had before, but Shepard’s not actually dead this time so she reckons she’s already ahead of the game. But the Alliance brass still don’t trust an ex-Cerberus officer, and they decide it’d be the kindest thing to take Shepard off life support and let her slip away quietly. 

Which is when Miranda and Jack (who’s been helping with clear up and rescue efforts along with her students) break a comatose Shepard out of her hospital bed and spirit her away to an old Cerberus-run facility that was involved in the Lazarus research. Most of the building’s been pretty thoroughly gutted but the high security labs are still intact and full of prototypes and data, and Miranda has the access codes.

When the Normandy finally limps home, six or more months later, the crew are told that Shepard was kidnapped by Cerberus remnants, her status and whereabouts unknown. Kaidan and Liara immediately join the search operation, and when her location is finally found the rest of the crew are with them on the front line of the assault.

(Side headcanon time! Rani’s mother, who is a disgraced ex-marine, fights with Anderson’s resistance. She was in Vancouver when the Reapers arrived, trying to get in to see her daughter. Naturally, she demands to join the rescue op too.)

But it’s not what they expected. The Cerberus facility is now an open hospital and refuge, full of people with nothing and nowhere else to go. Jacob’s joined them and has been scrounging equipment and food and recruiting more volunteers. It’s Jack that meets them at the doors and it’s Miranda who leads them through the hallways and wards to a private room… 

She’s in a wheelchair (Miranda’s still looking for a specialist to help get her back on her feet, but it’s not like she can just get a referral, so they’re doing what they can), she’s covered in burns, her cybernetic scars are worse than ever and she’s never looked so tired, but it’s Shepard; alive and awake, and clearly things are not as they’ve been told. 


Feeling kind of a little lost writing long fics lately so welcome to my “Karoline is Definitely Endgame” future mini scenarios. All will vary in time and theme. Hope you like them!

This came to me from that adorable Joseph Morgan interview about the TVD finale (check it out if you haven’t).

Carousel Bar: New Orleans - seven weeks later…

“Did you want to make it any harder to find you?” Her familiar voice rang out around the bar, causing onlookers to stare at them curiously. No one dared abuse the Original Hybrid and the King of New Orleans, especially in public.

He finished the last sip of his neat whiskey and pushed the empty glass downwards towards the barman. Closing his eyes briefly, Klaus gathered his thoughts. He’d figured she might come into town one day but didn’t think it would be so soon, not to mention so confrontational and public.

Apparently making a generous donation to a worthy cause made you public enemy number one. Forget witches and other supernatural creatures, Caroline Forbes was another kind of beast.

He turned around finally, his eyes perusing those blonde waves and expressive, blue eyes he’d committed to memory. His gaze flickered downwards, trying to ignore just how beautiful she looked so casually attired in jeans and a fitted, white shirt.

Funnily enough public embarrassment was usually a punishable offence but Klaus wasn’t going to complain in this case. He’d been waiting for her to walk back into his life for a while now, even if she was pissed. He had to admit that flustered state just made her look more beautiful.

“Given your resourceful and tenacious attributes, I’m surprised you had difficulty, love,” he murmured, resisting the urge to lick his lips . She sent him a particularly dirty glance before placing her hands firmly on those shapely hips.

“I was distracted,” she huffed. Klaus could tell by her expression that it was indeed true. “That’s what happens when people send unexpected gifts in the mail.”

“And here I thought gifts were usually welcome.”

“Care to step outside?” Klaus shrugged by way of response. Whilst he was happy she was there he figured this conversation was best conducted away from prying eyes, given his reputation.

“I have something for you,” she scowled once they arrived in the neighbouring alley, throwing the cheque in his direction.

“Do you always act so childishly when people give you things? Remind me not to get you any birthday presents in the future.”

“I can’t be bought,” Caroline argued. “This is too extravagant and I won’t accept it.”

“This isn’t about buying anyone, especially you,” he shot back, trying to hand the cheque back in the process.

“You gave me money, three million dollars in fact,” she hissed. “I’m not Roxanne you know.”

“Roxanne?” Klaus asked temporarily confused.

“And here I thought the 1000 year-old Hybrid would understand,” Caroline muttered. “You don’t have to put on the red light?” Klaus knew exactly where she was going now but couldn’t help teasing her, she was just too adorably feisty when she was frustrated. “You don’t have to sell your body to the night?”

“I’ve always loved The Police,” he answered, the glimmer of recognition now crossing his face for her benefit. “Don’t tell me, you don’t have to wear that dress tonight?”

“I can’t believe you’re teasing me right now, Mikaelson.”

“It’s easier to joke about things when it’s obvious you’re trying to assert that I consider you some kind of prostitute, Caroline.”

“What was I supposed to think?” She squeaked.

“That I was investing money into a very noble cause,” he insisted. “If I knew it was going to cause such a fuss I would have written the cheque out to Alaric instead.”

“So, you’re not trying to…”

“No,” he replied simply, unable to keep a straight face, a very telling smile tugging at the edges of those crimson lips. “But between you and I, that expression is telling me you’re a little disappointed.”

“Glad to see that ego is still well and truly intact.”

“Well, who would I be without that, love?” He asked, noticing that she was momentarily lost for words. She really was cute in this dumbfounded state and it was taking all of his willpower not to push her against the wall and rub his lips against her and that was only the beginning of what he wanted to do to her. But Klaus had no intention of stepping over that line. His donation was meant in goodwill and he wanted her to know that.

“I’m not taking it,” she asserted.

“Well, that’s entirely up to you but I suggest you think about the children before you make that decision.”

“Way to throw the kids back in my face,” she mumbled.

“Just consider it,” he reiterated.

“And when I do, you’ll take it back?”

“Yes, but you’re going to have to return it in person,” he instructed, trying not to smile. Her torn expression was telling Klaus that she was confused. He just hoped she’d keep it so as to benefit her school and students.

“Fine,” she huffed. “When I come back to return this cheque, I fully expect some beignets on my arrival.”

“Consider it done. You know however long it takes and all.” He couldn’t miss the telling smile she gave as he uttered those four words they both knew so well.

Turns out the next time Caroline came to New Orleans three months later, it was to live for good and she didn’t need beignets because she could get them anytime she wanted.

Klaus, however, made it his mission to make her favourite sweets available at all times and couldn’t help but sing Roxanne just for her benefit. Surprisingly enough she wasn’t keen on it being the first dance at their wedding though.

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From what we've seen, White Diamond is probably going to be very different from the other Diamonds. However, now I'm wondering if she's going to end up being this ultra-humble, enigmatic gem that no one really understands. Yellow and Blue are really in change of the two biggest parts of the society (might and manners), so what does she do? Preserver of History and Planner of the Future?

That’s an interesting thought. Personally, I kind of picture White Diamond as being extremely calm but very very powerful, to the point that Yellow and Blue are kind of beneath her, you know? Like, there’s like a statue of her on Homeworld, which seems significant. I also feel like there’s a reason she wasn’t present at the trial and why Yellow and Blue don’t seem bothered by the fact that she wasn’t, like she has more important things to do (or they’re scared of her?). I’m totally with you on the enigmatic part, though, like I feel like even Blue and Yellow don’t really ‘get’ White.

There’s been this long-standing theory that Gems are kind of at war with some other race (sometimes theorized to be their creators) and that’s why they’re so pressed for resources and why they would even need a geoweapon (the Cluster). So I could see White Diamond being the one who deals with that situation head on while the other two (formerly three) were in charge of bolstering their numbers, harvesting planets, developing weapons, and general societal stuff that need to be taken care of.

But honestly there’s a lot of ways they could take White Diamond. I just feel like it’s gotta be something big since they’re still just ominously hinting at White while we’ve already been introduced to the others.