she zoomed in at the moment


- in the scene before, emori kisses murphy’s jaw & we cut over to clarke where she looks away awkwardly. but then flickers her gaze back. i read this as desperate longing for companionship. desperate longing for her lost love.
- we start with the illumination of the gas powered fire. a blue flame. just like the chip. just like lexa. we zoom in on clarke to orient ourselves in relation to the flame.
- pan around the room but we’re behind her– this shows the privacy of the moment– we aren’t allowed to see her first reaction– thats hers to have. the tones of the room are much the same to the tones used in lexa’s chambers.
- she looks at the bed and her eyes are shifting so much, as if she’s recounting memories– the last time she was in a real bed was with lexa when they had sex. especially the fur that’s at the end of the bed. it’s a call out to said moment.
- she touches the comforter & stains it black. this is not only a signifier that she’s dirty– but it is again a call out to lexa’s nightblood. clarke is stained by it. wherever she goes.
- she looks at herself in the mirror & it’s been a while since she’s seen herself. she can’t look at herself in the eye so she looks at her whole form. she has a moment, and then does that small curt smile that shows that she’s aggrieved. it’s a bitter statement towards herself– an affirmation of– yes. you are dirty. you DON’T deserve this. (this being the bed, the nice things, goodness).
- we cut to the power on button & only get a shot of clarke’s hand. this is supposed to show her disconnect. we know it’s clarke’s hand because she’s the only one in the room. but the fact that it’s just a hand, not connected to anything else, is supposed to give us that disjucted feeling that clarke is experience between her reality & her traumatic thoughts.
- we get a shot of the water washing down on us. again, it’s disembodied. there is no body, there is no form. we become clarke in that moment. we’re brought into the disconnect she has with herself.
- the next shot is clarke feeling the water on her. her eyes flicker, as if she doesn’t realize that water is on her. it’s not a moment of peace. it’s heavier, lonelier, and there’s no visbile sign of relief from clarke. she just allows the water to flow over her & loses herself in the feeling of it.
- then we pan out from that & see her in the reflection of the glass. it’s not her, but rather a representation of her. just like clarke right now is not herself. but rather a representation of herself. she is putting on an understood ‘clarke face’. this pans again, over to the blue flame. to lexa. to what’s on clarke’s mind.
- this overlays over clarke pulling her hair from out of her shirt. she’s walking over towards the bed. again, we don’t see her first reaction to it. instead see the shot from the back of her head. it mimics the disconnected feeling.
- we pan to her face. she stares, but her eyes are flickering again. remembering. she lingers at the edge of the bed longer than normal. her mouth moves. in the way that she’s recalling something she doesn’t want to. & then presses it down by closing her mouth & pursing her lips. swallowing by pressing her tongue to the roof of her mouth. it’s distaste. she doesn’t want to distrub the bed. doesn’t want to be swaddled in that moment. so she decides to sleep over the covers. & not allow herself to get to comfortable.
- she’s proven right, that she can’t put her guards down when she hears the noise. it reaffirms that she made the right choice in keeping herself guarded. she cannot afford to relax.

Stay With Me (E2 Harrison Wells x Reader)

Request: Can you please write a work where in season two when E-2 Harrison was shot, it was the reader instead? She took the bullet for him?

Prompt: Reader takes a bullet for Harry.


Warnings: Mentions of blood and reader gets shot

A/n: Happy Reading!

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“I don’t think we should give Barry the serum.” you cross your arms in annoyance at Harry’s arrogance at the moment.

“That is up to him, isn’t it? If he wants to stop Zoom, this is what he needs.” he places the serum liquid into the needle, his serious expression telling you he wasn’t going to change his mind.

“Jay said it could hurt Barry.” Caitlin says with concern laced in her voice.

“Well, Jay is a coward.” he spits back not even bothering to look up from the serum gun.

“Jay is a scientist who knows a lot about speedsters.” Caitlin defended her voice becoming more and more irritated by the second.

“You are scientists, Snow and y/l/n. You both know Barry is nowhere near as fast as he needs to be. This other Harrison Wells did not want him to reach his full potential, but I do.”

“You know, you are really starting to sound a lot like him.” Caitlin turns around and leaves the room, the frustration clear on her face. Once she is out sight you slowly walk up to Harry.

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“You know she is right, this is way too risky.” you say as calmly as possible. He takes a deep breath and nods. You reach for his hand and smiled when you notice the faint grin that appeared on his face.

“I know it is risky, but we really-”

“Put your hands in the air.” Startled by the voice you both turn around and see Patty walk in with her gun pointed at Wells.

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It’s my fault [Barry Allen]

Barry Allen. 


For a while now, Barry and Team Flash have been plotting a plan against Zoom, but so far they hadn’t succeeded. They are always so close but then he turns everything around and they are the ones who are being chased. For once, Central City seemed to slow down and take a breather. Zoom hadn’t made an appearance in over a week, but of course, Barry didn’t relax for one moment. He was convinced that Zoom was near, ready to attack, to scare, ready to finally take down The Flash, ready to hurt anyone Barry cared about. 

He couldn’t let that happen, especially when the girl he loved was on the team. She was involved, more than Barry wanted. 

“Barry,” (y/n) strolled into the room where the scarlet speedster was running on the treadmill, for over 15 minutes now. It didn’t look like he was planning on slowing down anytime soon. Barry knew that Zoom was faster, and he wanted to match his speed as fast as possible. “Barry!” She repeated, but this time louder. 

The speedster looked at her and turned the treadmill off, slowly stepping off and walking to pick up a water bottle. His chestnut hair was messy and his expression was blank. 

“You need to stop for a minute.” She explained quietly. 

“You know I can’t do that. Zoom could be lurking around, waiting until no one is ready and I can’t let him hurt anyone, not anymore.” Barry’s voice was raspy from the lack of speaking today. (y/n) was sure that the sun had began to set by now.

“Okay, but come eat something, and then you can carry on running.” He sighed and nodded. (y/n) held out her pale hand and Barry took a hold of it. He gave her a gentle squeeze and the couple walked out of the room, back into the cortex. 

“You owe me.” Caitlyn said to Cisco. He sighed dramatically and nodded, continuing to eat his Big Belly Burger. 

“Why do you keep betting?” (y/n) asked arching her brows. 

“Don’t take my fun away.” Cisco threw a fry in his mouth. (y/n) pulled Barry around the table and he sat down. She was about to walk to an empty chair but Barry pulled her into his lap. (y/n) felt her face become hot and she looked down. Her (y/h/c) hair well into her face, creating a curtain effect. 

“Are you hungry?” Barry asked in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. He wrapped his free arm around her waist to make sure nothing happens and with his other hand he took some fries out of the bag. Not feeling particularly hungry, he left the burger untouched. (y/n) shook her head. 

“I ate a few minutes ago.” Barry hummed in response, his fingers drummed against (y/n)’s hip until she left his arms faster than Barry could even register what had happened. There she was, in Zoom’s grasp. His black, covered hand was tightly wrapped around (y/n)’s neck. She was choking for air. Barry quickly jumped up and the second he reached Zoom, (y/n) was thrown against the table, and the side of it made half of her upper body lean back, pain shot through her back and she yelped out.  She could feel gusts of wind all around the room until the disappeared and (y/n) felt two pairs of arms lean her upwards and she opened her eyes but everything was blurry from the tears that were threatening to spill. 

“It’ll be okay.” Caitlyn spoke softly. (y/n) was placed on a hospital bed in the lab, stomach down. Her back hurt more than anything. 

A few minutes passed, and she heard Barry’s voice. 

“He’s gone… for now.” He stated and walked closer to his girlfriend that was in tears from the pain. Caitlyn pulled (y/n)’s shirt up and on her back was a bruise that was stretched across the middle of (y/n)’s back, in a straight line. The bruise was a dark purple color and there were some noticeable specks of blood that were under a thin layer of skin. 

Caitlyn ran her hands down (y/n)’s legs and asked, “Can you feel this?” 

(y/n) nodded slowly, “Y-yes.” Her voice was slightly shaky from crying. 

“It looks worse than it is. I’ll give you some painkillers now and more for later.” She walked over to the cabinet that was on the other side of the room and pulled out a small bottle of painkillers. 

“I’ll take it from here.” Barry said and took the painkillers from Caitlyn. 

Harry, Cisco and Caitlyn left the room to leave Barry and (y/n) alone. 

Barry pulled up a chair and sat next to his hurt girlfriend. She had became slightly more calm. He placed the bottle of pills on the table right next to the bed and wiped the tears off of (y/n)’s cheeks. She was still laying on her stomach, afraid to move. 

“It’s my fault.” The speedster sighed sadly and placed his hand on her hot cheek. 

“No, it’s not. It was Zoom’s fault. It’s okay, I promise.” 

“You do realize how massive the bruise is, right? You could have broken your spine, you could of been paralysed.” 

“Could have, not did or are. Use this as motivation, if you have to.” She smiled weakly. 

“What am I going to do with you?” Barry chuckled softly and ran his warm hand down her arm. 

“Take me home and give me painkillers.” 

On the subject of being super nervous for the finale, here are some of the sad ‘what if’ scenarios for Ren and Nora I’ve been using to torture my friend. I’ll write exactly what I texted her.

Don’t think about Nora jumping in to fight to protect Ren and she gets killed and Ren is distraught and doesn’t want to live with out his best friend so he sacrifices himself.

Don’t imagine just a real close zoom in on Ren’s face as you can see the moment his heart breaks and then cut to the life fading from Nora’s eyes and he gets real teary and then pissed for the first time in the series. Or even the opposite, Ren tries to sneak up on it but gets killed. Nora goes berserk. What if she lost it and overused her lightning and fried herself or leaps at it and lets herself get stabbed to electrocute it. Make sure you don’t think about that.

So like what if they’re all bloody and shit, maybe some rain coming down and causing their blood to mix and stream along the ground together around them, and Nora just takes Ren’s hand and whispers “least i’ve still got you here wit me.”

I didn’t say they die that time. It’s not like I said they’re bleeding out on the pavement, torn up and maybe missing limbs, blood and tears stinging their eyes, crawling to each other to hold hands. Ruby and Jaune are still trying to fight in the back ground, but the noise dims and becomes a low buzz in the background as they stare at each other and think about how lucky they were to have found each other, besides losing everything multiple times and going through so much, at least they have each other right up until the very end. At least they don’t have to live without each other.

Consider Nora with a serious wound about to die and she tells Ren how much she cares about him and that he needs to ‘fight and stay alive, to be brave, live, please Ren’. She reaches up to touch his nose and her last words are a feeble ‘boop’. Cue lightning up ahead or something symbolic.

Alternatively: Ren has the mortal wound. Nora rushes to him, frantic, desperate to find help. He just pulls her close into a long, final hug, probably getting blood all over her. He tells her it’s okay, he tells her how much she means to him, how he cherished their time together, before going limp in her arms. 

In all seriousness, I don’t think they’ll die, this is just how my brain chooses to pass time, by making me sad.

Mingling Dimensions - Regrets and Meanings (Part 5)

 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Summary: Reader and Barry have been dating for a while when they start arguing about how Barry always drops their plans because of Iris. Before they can resolve things, Zoom transports her to earth-2 where she meets Barry from earth 2 and they fall in love with each other. However just when things start to get serious, Team Flash from Earth 1 is there and trying to bring her back?

~Meanwhile on Earth Prime~

“I’m an idiot.”

“I think that’s quite an understatement at the moment, man.” Cisco shook his head at Barry.

“How did Zoom manage to get her?”

“Besides the fact that he took your moment of weakness and the fact that he can run faster than you in consideration?”

“Yes, besides that.”

“Look. He’ll take any chance he can get to ruffle your feathers.”

“Feathers, really? My girlfriend just got kidnapped and you’re pulling a terrible joke?”

“Technically, she isn’t your girlfriend anymore. Y/N is single.” Harry stated in an absolute tone.

Barry’s body froze, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

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Ai’s Soliloquy

I had intended to do an analysis on this in the future but seeing as many of the asks we’ve received are pertaining to this, I decided I would post it before posting any of our other analysis’.

Ai’s soliloquy seemed to be the big thing everyone zoomed in on when this chapter came out. Immediately, ZeKi’s made an analysis about how Ai was paralleling her unrequited love to Kaname and how Yuuki never loved Kaname. That because his love was unrequited, that’s why he threw his heart into the furnace and the rest of it.

This is absolutely absurd. 

It completely undoes the whole plot of Vampire Knight. Let us for a moment remember what Vampire Knight was in it’s truest essence. For me, this is the first arc. This was when Hino had a precise plan for what she wanted for Vampire Knight, the characters had been freshly modeled and developed, the plot was straightforward, there was no “reading between the lines”, and overall, Vampire Knight was well, the Vampire Knight that everyone fell in love with and why the fans of today have stuck with it for as long as they have.

Looking back then, you see Vampire Knight was about a proper love triangle. Meaning, Yuuki is in love with both Kaname and Zero. Who she loves more is debatable but obviously, I’m going to say that she loves Kaname more. To me, this is proven by Hino’s portrayal of Yuuki’s thoughts and actions. All the way up to when Yuuki gave up her life, her love for Kaname was passionate and showed all the readers just how deep a love can move someone.

If you don’t think my opinion is good enough then let’s look at all the times Hino took it upon herself to show us that Yuuki loved Kaname. Which she hasn’t really done with Zero and Yuuki yet since Yuuki has never said quote on quote “I love him” or “I love Zero”. 

I put a “Keep Reading” because the analysis and the pictures I use in said analysis make this post so long and because I don’t want to clog everyone’s dashboard, please continue to read below. 

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When Johnny saw Winona for the first time he was 26 and she was 18. They were every adolescent’s dream - he was a teen idol and she was little more than a teenager. They knew of one another through their movies but they met in person at the premiere of Great Balls of Fire, Winona wore white and was in the hall drinking a Coke. “It was a classic glance,” said Depp, “like the zoom lenses in West Side Story, and everything else gets foggy.” “It wasn’t a long moment – echoed Winona - but it was suspended.”

They met again several months later at Johnny’s ‘home’ at the Chateau Marmont and they talked about their mutual love ofCatcher in the Rye and the soundtrack from The Mission. A week or so later their union was blessed during their first official date, by the LSD guru, Timothy Leary, who, just like in a screenplay of a dark rom-com, was the godfather of “I have never had a boyfriend and I stay at home with my mum and watch old movies”Winona and the idol of the Beat Generation “I finished trying out all the drugs there were at 14" Johnny. 
Shortly after that she had a ring on her finger and he had “Winona forever” tattooed on his biceps.

She said things like: "When I met Johnny, I was pure virgin. He changed that. He was my first everything. My first real kiss. My first real boyfriend. My first fiancé. The first guy I had sex with. So he’ll always be in my heart. Forever. Kind of funny that word."  
He responded with: ”I’d die for her. I love her so much. I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s going through a lot right now. I wish I could just kiss away the pain, make it go away, stop it, kill it! If she, you know, I don’t know what I would do. I’d kill myself. I love that girl. I love her. I love her almost more than I love myself.” Or: “Believe me, this Winona Forever tattoo is not something I took lightly…Her eyes kill me”.

anonymous asked:

I understand your frustration regarding Gaiden but I wanted to ask how you would've handled the ending? Would Sasuke really kiss his wife in front of their child..? There's a reason Sarada's face was zoomed in to showcase how she was ostensibly the reason why he had been reluctant to kiss Sakura. But i would like to hear your thoughts! :)

You make a valid point anon and you’re honestly right about the whole PDA thing. It’s a cute/funny moment but I think the timing was very poor. My resentment towards gaiden has grown exponentially over the years simply because, after it ended, I still had a glimmer of hope that there would be other content of Sasuke and Sakura’s development during the blank period like most of the other pairings got…, but now that it’s 2017, and there was absolutely nothing, I’m just left bitter and unsatisfied.

When Gaiden came out I was 100% invested (I made a fanart for every chapter for christs sake) because there was so much build up towards a resolution that was going to scream loud and clear that Sakura was Sarada’s mother and Sasuke loved his family and I was just so. god. damn. excited. for it.

so, in regards to the ending, Sasuke hugging Sarada when she tears up/poking her forehead was great. Like, you can really tell he loves his daughter. That was the one thing from the ending that was clear as day.

Posts that were spawned from that: “ok but imagine him hugging/looking at Sakura like that, ~!”

Why should we have to imagine? This mini series presented a massive opportunity for a flashback of Sarada’s birth/a peek into Sasuke and Sakura’s development during the blank period, as the grand finale to all of this, and now it’s lost. forever.

Instead, after 10 chapters of build up/being yanked around, we got a page of Karin yelling at Suigetsu and one little panel of her explaining that Sakura and Sasuke traveled together/Sakura got pregnant/gave birth at Karin’s hideout (which was botched by so many translations. I’ve seen ones where she says Sakura found out she was pregnant and had to ask for Karin’s help to track Sasuke down which sounds fucking horrible honestly) and then a family photo with text to the extent of “see it’s the real deal! thanks for reading!” which, while very nice to look at, just felt SO rushed and insufficient.

I remember finishing chapter 10 and being like “……..that’s it?”



People ask about this every so often, so here’s what little we know about how Digger ended up in the future and met Meloni Thawne.

[For new readers: Meloni Thawne is a distant descendent of Eobard, born in the 30th century.  She’s the mother of the second Captain Boomerang, Owen Mercer.  And she’s also the mother of Bart Allen, who is the grandson of Barry.]

Here’s what happened.  Wally and the Zooms were travelling through time so Hunter Zolomon could make him relive the moment when his unborn twins had died.  Digger was being chased by Ralph Dibny at some point in history, but the passage of the Cosmic Treadmill disrupted that moment and Digger was thrown through a rift in time.  He ended up in the future with amnesia, where he met Meloni.

He looked unusually handsome and apparently isn’t a jerk when he’s lost his memory, so that probably explains why she ended up with him.  And at some point Owen was born to the two of them.  But we don’t know how or when Digger and Owen got back to the present day, and nearly everything about this plotline is a mystery.

You and Me (I Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Of You)

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Rated T

Words: 4.602

Summary: An alternate ending to 2x22. A much happier ending. A continuation of the dinner scene. Barry and Iris can’t keep their eyes off each other and that proves problematic when they aren’t the only ones at the table. 

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What do you say you and I give this a shot?

How on earth is she supposed to do turn that down? Not like she wants to in the first place. But the way he’s grinning at her, the way he’s so damn happy in this moment has her agreeing, smiling back at him.

Yeah I’d like that.

She really does like that idea. It’s all she wanted for a while, but things keep getting in the way. And she knows there’s never going to be a right time, Zoom may be gone for the moment, but he’ll be back. And right now she thinks they should be allowed to have some happiness, to make most of the time they have right now before things inevitably go to shit.

Wally walks over to the table and she clears her throat reluctantly moving away from Barry to pretend to fix the placemat in front of her. It’s not like she’s trying to hide what’s going on between her and Barry, it’s more of the fact that they haven’t put a label on what they are yet and she doesn’t want everyone in their business. Though there’s a part of her that has a feeling her friends and family are picking up on the change in their relationship.

Soon Jesse and her father are joining them at the table. She pays no attention to the conversation Wally and Jesse are having, instead she glances over at Barry, noticing the way his eyes are lingering on her and she can’t hide the smile on her face, especially when she sees his eyes travel to her back and she just knows that he’s enjoying the opening on the back of her dress. Smirking to herself she turns her head to him catching him in the act, raising an eyebrow at him silently asking him, like what you see? In response he rubs the back of his neck looking away from her. She’s aware that Joe is watching them and she ducks her head down as well, straightening the silverware once again. She needs something to do; otherwise she won’t be able to stop looking at Barry.

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Did you think Jess zooming in and cropping her pic was the writers being meta about hiding her bump? I hope it was, I laughed so hard at that part for that reason. She was hilarious this episode.

Not sure. I just kept thinking of “Young Adult” when Nick told her she looked good in that photo her students sent her with the devil horns. You’re probably right that that was supposed to be a meta moment just like how Genevieve told Jess that no one liked her in “James Wonder.” Definitely good version of Jess this episode since they let her act like an actual human being. She’s great when they allow her to be vulnerable.

Oh my gosh, imagine Zelda on the Speed Boost Elixir though.

She already talks a mile a minute when she sees something she likes… she’d ramp up to chimpunk speed and just… be zooming everywhere, poking her nose into ALL of the things, running a million experiments at once…

…she’d probably wear herself out double-time and fall asleep at her desk.

Link just… looking on, like…

What has science wrought.

spacetoaster  asked:


Kara grinned up at James, stepping closer to him. 

He was very tempted, but said, “Cat could come back from lunch at any moment.”

In a rush of speed, Kara zoomed them into a supply closet. She grinned up at him again.

“Is that really the best use of Supergirl’s powers?” he asked, but he was already putting his hands on her waist.

“Well, I thought about melting the door shut so we’d be guaranteed privacy but it felt like too much,” she said.

He laughed and kissed her lovingly. She kissed back eagerly.

When they pulled away, she murmured, “Mmm. I can’t believe how nice this feels.”

He raised an eyebrow and teasingly asked, “You were expecting it not to?”

“No, no,” she wrinkled up her face, embarrassed. “The opposite. I meant, like… I can’t believe it lives up to all the anticipation…” She buried her face in her hands as she realized what she’d just said.

He gently pulled her hands away from her face and smiled down at her. “I’m glad I could live up to your expectations, Kara Danvers. It feels pretty nice for me too.”

Raven wasn’t even sure how far she had been running; she just knew that she had to get away. The adrenaline rushing through her body made the trees around her zoom past. Her heart was thumping out of her chest when she heard the park of dogs in the distance. She knew exactly what it meant. They knew she left; they were looking for her.

Her head turned back to see how much distance there was between them before she ran into someone and rolled to the ground. She looked up to see the a male staring back at her. There was a moment’s pause before she scrambled to her feet and started running again.

She was so focused on getting away, that she didn’t notice that when she fell, her cut, bruised, and scarred body was open for the male to see.


Hey you know that part in Endgame where that bus explodes and Artemis half jumps/is pushed away by the force of the explosion and she’s just suspended in the air for like half a second in this badass pose, and then Wally zooms in out of nowhere and scoops her up like it’s no big deal at all?

And neither of them look at the explosion?

That’s one of my favorite Spitfire moments ever.

It was no secret that you and Harry were probably the silliest couple around. Besides pulling pranks on practically everyone and skipping on the streets with your arms linked together, you two would also pull faces at each other whenever you had the chance. 

So, naturally, when Harry was speaking to the crowd, you had to do something to try and making him laugh. You stuck your tongue out and blew a raspberry, your eyes crossing as Harry caught sight of you halfway through his little speech. 

“And we jus’ want to thank yo- hold on, Y/N’s being an idiot right now.” Harry sighed playfully, pausing for a second before blowing a raspberry in your direction, the fans laughing for a brief moment as the camera zoomed in on your little war with Harry. “She’s a dork, isn’t she?” He laughed, rolling his eyes. “As I was saying..” 


tfw u don’t know if you used british slang correctly

gif isn’t mine!

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How could you tell the Fell skeleton was a David Baines?

well, the first time i had stumbled upon them, it was a time when i was helping pops look for his getter. i saw them fighting, as i described before. zooming in slightly on them i could hear them as well. he was yelling in a very rough accent…it was mostly cursing, but i managed to pick out that he was calling her ‘belladonna’ apparently.

heh, during said fight, belladonna had shouted at him  “Sorry David, baby, but I got no bones to jump.  Not getting old and forgetful on me now, are you?” she then wiggled her lower half at him tauntingly. he then proceeded to pull his hat off yet again and started twisting it. she started laughing at it. it was a few moments later that pops had come back in, so we had to start looking elsewhere again.

Amateur Hour

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)


A thump. A curse. There was a blinding light and Violet’s rouged lips, slowly, came into focus.

Her breathe fogged up the screen: “Is it on?”

“If the little light is red, then yes it’s on. Remind me again how you’re suppoused to be the future of drag?”

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