she yelled while she clutched her chest

On a silver platter - Dylan O’Brien

Description: Dylan is early to a hangout with Y/N and overhears some things he maybe shouldn’t have heard. This is smut you guys, if you didn’t notice it by my vague description. 
Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader 
(involves Teen Wolf if you want - I had a part 2 in mind)
Word count: 2063

You can read part 2 here!

A/N: I told myself that if my first post ever got 50 notes, I’d immediately post another thing I had written. So here you go. Let me know what you think!

I grin and nod my head as I pass Tyler, waving shortly at him before disappearing around the corner. I promised Y/n we would hang out tonight, and seeing as how I had to bail on her the last three times due to problems during shooting, I thought I’d make it up to her by appearing almost an hour early. 
I’m nervous, although I’m not completely sure why.

Y/n was always very understanding of our dismissive schedule and even five minutes spent together was enough for her. Any other girl would’ve had my ass by now. But Y/n wasn’t like most. And she wasn’t mine either - something I’m painfully reminded by every time Stiles has to make out with her and she starts laughing as soon as the scene is over and I’m left with a tent in my boxers.
From afar I can already see the door to her trailer is ajar, as well as hear the heartily chatter of Holland and Y/n herself. I lick my lips as my hand lands on the door handle, abruptly stopped by their conversation.

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Comatose-Chapter 12

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Roaming the halls in search of Steve and the rest of the team, you sense her before you see her.

“Come out, Natalia,” you sneer.

She materializes out of a dark corner, her trademark smirk on her face. “(Y/N),” she greets.

“What do you want?” you demand.

“I want him,” she answers simply. “You are in the way.”

You groan inwardly. How could a woman who was touted as the world’s greatest spy be so damn dense?

“You are clearly unstable, (Y/N).I won’t let you destroy him,” she emphasizes the last part as she lunges at you.

Sighing, you stop her mid attack with nothing more than the flick of your wrist. “Honestly, I am so fucking done with the lot of you,” you say tiredly, rubbing at your eyes as she flails around in mid air. “If you want him so bad, go get him.”


Logan’s voice rumbles behind you, sending you jumping nearly a foot in the air. Whirling around, a protesting Natasha forgotten momentarily  you yell, “Jesus!” while clutching at your chest. “Why is everyone sneaking up on me today?”

Logan chuckles wryly. “What’s up with the floating broad?”  

You snicker softly. “She thought she could attack me. I decided to prove her wrong.”

He sighs out your name. “Put her down,” he orders, grabbing you by the waist, and pulling you to his chest. “I have a better idea for how you could use your powers, and they don’t include no dumbass redhead,” he growls into your ear, lowering his voice to whisper incredibly naughty suggestions.

Giggling softly, surprised by his action, you set Natasha down on the floor. Turning toward her, you smile a full baring of teeth. “Come at me again and I will smack seven kinds of snot out of you. If he wants to be with you, he will tell you. Trying to get rid of me is not going to help your case.” You walk away hand in hand with Logan, leaving a terrified Natasha to contemplate your parting words.

“You alrigh?” Logan asks as he leads you toward the common room.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just want to go home. I should never have come back here,” you answer truthfully.

He nods. Taking a deep breath he says, “Hey, I really wanted to talk to ya about-”

He’s cut off mid sentence as alarms start to blare in the compound. F.R.I.D.A.Y informs you that you that the compound is under attack.

“We have to find the others!” you yell over the screaming sirens. Pulling Logan along the hallway, you try to detect any kind of foreign minds.

Rounding the corner, you run into a stray Hydra agent. Reflexively aiming a punch at his throat, he doubles over gasping for air. You follow it up with a knee to the solar plexus while simultaneously bringing your elbow down onto the crown of his head. He crumples to the floor. You have no idea if he’s dead or not.

Logan grunts his approval, claws out. The Wolverine taking over, he takes a defensive stance as approaching footsteps catch you attention. You form a ball of power, ready to hurl it at the person who’s unlucky enough to round the corner. When that person just happens to be Bucky, you sigh in relief as he scans you both.

“We good?” he calls  

“All good,” Logan replies as the three of you hurry toward Tony’s lab.

“How did they get in?” you wonder out loud.

“I wish I fuckin knew,” Bucky replies ushering you into the elevator.

Logan growls slightly as Bucky’s hand makes contact with your lower back. You send him a warning glare, and he looks momentarily sheepish. It fades quickly, replaced with his usual confident swagger as he steps in after you. The ride up is silent, tension thick and uncomfortable. You practically sprint out when the elevator stops at the correct floor, scanning briefly for hostile forces.

Finding none you enter the lab where the Avengers team is gathered, looking slightly worse for wear. You quirk a brow at a grumbling Tony.

“Well, this looks cozy,” you quip.

The corner of his mouth lifts slightly. “What can I say, darling? There ain’t no party like a couple of Hydra agents trying to murder you while you try and upgrade your suits,” he remarks dryly.

You chuckle briefly. It’s such a Stark thing to say. “Are they taken care of?”

Steve snorts, bruised and bloodied, from the corner. “All of them who got in were taken out, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try again,” he says, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

You can’t tell whether his discomfort is pain related, or because you freaked him out so badly, or if it’s the tension radiating between Bucky and Logan that’s making him uncomfortable.  

“They really have a hard on for you and the tin can,” Tony remarks thoughtfully, drawing your attention off Steve.

Logan bares his teeth snarling, “Over my dead fuckin’ body!” His claws make an involuntarily reappearance.

“Alright, wolf man. Calm your shit. We can sort this out,” Tony quips.

You make a disapproving noise at Tony’s blasé attitude. He looks momentarily guilty before winking at you. You roll your eyes at the billionaire’s antics.

Clapping your hands together you cheerfully say, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to take them out first.” The entire room regards you skeptically.

Bucky, being the first to pipe up, asks sarcastically, “And how do you expect to do that?”  

You turn and give Logan a predatory smile, one which makes him wince.

“Ah hell,” he mutters before reaching for his phone. Dialing a number, he grumbles under his breath as it rings three times before Charles answers.

“Professor,” Logan drawls. “We got a problem… again.” He listens to Charles for a full ten seconds before saying, “Alright I’ll let them know.” He shuts off the phone and turns to regard Tony. “Ya better get the spare rooms ready, bub.”

Tony’s looks at him in mild panic.

Logan smirks, a cigar appearing from his pocket. He strikes a match and lights it, drawing in a long plume of smoke. He breathes it out and chuckles darkly. “The X-Men are coming.”

Hope flares in your chest. With a full team of X-Men and the entire Avengers Team in house, Hydra didn’t stand a chance.

Tags: See? Not so bad this time right?

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Beautiful Accidents | Peaky Blinders |

A sudden stroke of inspiration, another 3 part series. (Based in an AU where Ada doesn’t exist) The only Shelby girl has a one-night stand, leading to an accidental pregnancy and a baby daddy who wants nothing to do with it or you. Set after season 2.

Summary: It was only one night, one night that would change your life forever.

Warnings: Mentions of sex, accidental pregnancy, swearing, and a little bit of violence and blood. Not too much though.

Originally posted by theembodimentoflife

As the only girl in the Shelby family, your brothers took it upon themselves to protect you from all of the dangers the world had to offer. Though, through doing this, they just made you sneakier. The only who ever caught you was Aunt Polly, and she was proud enough of your efforts to sneak out, that she kept her mouth shut. You were always safe, never wanting to be one of those girls, at least you thought you were always safe.

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Us, Plus Two

BTS; Yoongi/Suga

Genre: Fluffyfluffflufffff | Barely smut | Parent! Yoongi

Word count: 1.7k

Description: You and Yoongi sharing a moment, relishing in the glow of your growing family when your daughter has a nightmare, and Yoongi has to take care of those pesky monsters.

A/N: I was having major parent Yoongi feels today so I wrote this little drabble to get them out. I like crying over Yoongi as a father. I hope you do too.

Originally posted by yoongijae

Yoongi plopped down on the bed next to you and sighed. He had just gotten home from work, earlier than normal, but still kind of late.

“So how’s my momma and little Jiwoon?” he smiled widely before kissing your forehead then rubbing his hand over your seven month pregnant belly. You blushed at his light touches then grasped his neck and pulled him down to your lips to which he gladly returned a kiss.

“A little tired today daddy, but we are fine,” you smiled warmly at him as he stared lovingly down at you and ran his thumb gently over your stomach. He kissed your nose then got up to go to the adjacent bathroom to wash up for bed.

He came back in his basketball shorts and a t-shirt, climbing into bed with you and pulling the comforter up over him before snuggling into the soft mattress with you as he lay his arm just above the bump on your middle.

“How was my princess today? I hate not being able to see her before she goes to bed,” he pouted out his lower lip slightly. He always wanted you to keep her up if he wasn’t home before her bedtime, but you just looked at him sternly and he knew it was better that she slept.

“She was good today. I think we are finally past that terrible threes age,” you sighed in relief. “Her birthday is coming up in a month.”

“I know,” he looked over at you with a smug look on his face. “How could I forget my little girl’s birthday?”

“I was just reminding you, Yoongi. I know how busy you get at work and sometimes you forget—“

“I would never forget the best day of my life, baby,” he cut you off before pulling himself closer to you and kissing your temple and you felt butterflies fill your stomach— that wasn’t the growing baby— and your heart thump a little faster in your chest. “I just can’t believe it has been four years since she was born. It seems like just yesterday I was giving her, her first bath—she screamed the whole time—and hearing her first word—appa—”

“Well, in two months or less you will be able to do it all again,” you smiled over at him and ran your fingers lightly over his jaw. “I can’t believe it really. This pregnancy has just gone by so fast.”

“I know, it feels like we were just finding out that we were adding this little future rap-god to our family,” you chuckled and slapped his chest lightly. He laughed with you, his smile stretching up to his eyes.

“You do realize that Eungi talks faster than you now, right? I think she is gonna be our little rap-god,” you rolled over to face him and he wrapped his arm around your shoulder to pull you into his chest as he felt your swollen belly barely touch him before he placed his large hand flat on the skin under your shirt. “I think she gets more of your sass everyday. If she is anything more like you, we are gonna have our hands full, you know that?”

“You’re right, and this little guy is gonna be our star basketball player,” Yoongi chuckled lowly in his throat as he thought about it. “I love you so much. I’m so glad we are completing our little family with this little guy here,” his thumb swiped over your soft skin and your hand reached up to cup his face and his eyes flicked up to yours before moving forward to capture your lips with his. His lips moved gently over yours as his hand slid to your lower back and pulled you as close to him as he could before your belly was flush against his.

You whispered against his lips, “I love you too,” you pushed your lips back against his and threaded your fingers through his hair, squeezing tightly to the locks as he kissed you with passion laced intentions. He finally pulled away with a few light pecks to your lips, leaving you wanting more and both of your heavy breaths fanned each others faces as you both smiled with swollen lips at one another. Yoongi moved so he was propped up on his elbow and slid his thigh between yours and you whimpered as it brushed your core.

“Yoongi,” his name barely left your lips as he leaned over you again and pressed his finger to your lips before cupping your face and pecking your lips and down your jaw as his leg moved slightly and you bit down on your bottom lip to try and keep your sounds at bay. He moved down and sucked on your neck as his thigh grinded against your sensitive core, pressing harder with each movement.

“Oh god…” You whimpered as you felt his hot breaths against the wetness of your skin where his mouth was and his erection getting harder against your thigh. Your leg moved up so you could brush against him and he groaned lowly in his throat.

Yoongi suddenly stopped his movements and looked over his shoulder quickly.

“Eomma… Appa…”

Oh shit,’ You thought as you still held Yoongi’s shirt, and he had moved slightly to face more toward the bedroom door to see the sniffling little girl in the doorway, her pale skin shining under the moonlight, just like Yoongi’s as she held the arm of the white bunny she never let go of—that Jungkook gave her for her second birthday.

“Oh baby, what happened?” you cooed at the toddler as Yoongi moved to sit up next to you, then slid achingly off the bed, making his way over to the door.

“I had a bad dream,” the child whined as a tear fell down her delicate cheekbones that resembled yours and her bottom lip quivered that was most definitely his. Yoongi made it over to her just in time to crouch down and catch the tear with his finger before scooping her up in his arms. “Appa, there’s monsters in my room.”

“There are?” Yoongi questioned dramatically as he peaked over his shoulder to see you moving to get out of bed before he protested by shaking his hand in the air. “Daddy is gonna make sure all those monsters are gone so you can sleep, princess.” He turned to you, “I’ll be right back babe.”

You nodded your head and slid back to your spot on the bed as the two disappeared into the dark hallway.

Yoongi’s feet padded along the hardwood floors down to the little yellow room just three doors down from the master bedroom. He passed the threshold into the room and stepped over toys that were scattered over the floor before setting Eungi on the bed and tucking her under the comforter.

“Where are those monsters at?” he folded his arms over his chest and stared down at the little girl, a smile plastered on his face. She pulled on his shirt and pointed to under her bed with a clearly terrified look in her eyes. Yoongi knelt down to the ground and pointed toward the underneath of the bed and the girl confirmed with a small nod of her head while brushing her soft dark hair from her face. He looked down at the ground and laughed under his breath a little before pulling back the bed skirt yelling and making growling sounds while swiping his arm under the bed over and over until she was giggling above him. He came back up and sat back on the floor, breathing heavily and clutching his chest.

“Those were some scary monsters Eungi, but I think your daddy is scarier!” he jumped up and lightly tackled the child’s giggling form to the bed, tickling her until she was uncontrollably in a fit of laughter. He stopped his attack then kissed her cheek, “the only monster you need to be afraid of is the tickle monster!” He held his hand up and wiggled his fingers at her and she smiled all the way up to her eyes and it looked almost identical like his. He stood up off the bed and tucked her into the blankets again before kissing her forehead. “Can you sleep now that appa scared all the monsters off?”

Her tiny face went skeptical for a moment and that’s the only answer Yoongi needed before he climbed into the tiny bed with her. “You want me to stay with you until you fall asleep princess?” Her head nodded as her lip pouted out a little bit.

“Appa make sure no monsters come up and get me while I’m sleeping, okay?”

“Okay Eungi,” his arms scooped her up and held her into his chest as he kissed the top of her head. “You sleep now baby.” She nodded and closed her eyes as she held the stuffed rabbit into her chest.

You had drifted off to sleep, but woke up suddenly and reached over to find his side of the bed still cold. You looked over at the clock and saw that you had slept for over an hour and it was nearing midnight. You groggily made your way out of the bed and made your way wearily down the hall to Eungi’s room and pushed the door open slowly then crossed your arms and shook your head at the sight in front of you.

The two loves of your life curled up in a tiny bed, Yoongi’s feet hanging off the end of it despite his crunched up position. He still held her tiny form in his arms, although a little looser than it had started off. Eungi’s little finger curled around his blonde hair as she held her bunbun in her other hand. Their mouths both parted slightly in the same way made your heart flutter at the adorable sight. How they were so much alike in so many ways that he didn’t even catch onto, but of course you did.

You sighed softly to yourself as you cracked the door and made your way back to bed, the sweet images in your head to lull you back to sleep as you stroked your stomach and thought about how much you loved your little family that the wonderful man helped you start.

Paint and Metal and Everything in Between (2/4)

Hey I’m back with part 2. So, there’s a…surprise in this chapter - a particular reveal about a certain character - and I want it to be as much of a surprise for the reader as it is for Jeremy, so. (Don’t worry, it’s a pleasant surprise, there are no unpleasant ones.) If you want at least a hint of what it is check my tags, but otherwise just go ahead and read it! Again, Jeremwood, set in FAHC AU. There’s a NSFW scene. 

(Part 1, Part 3Part 4general tag)

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Sebastian Stan - Requested: We’re Better Together.

Could you possibly do #2. Jealousy looks good on you. and #7. Call 911 you motherfucker with Bucky or Sebastian?

Requests? Open - here’s my two prompt lists if you want to request one from there: Prompt One / Prompt Two - My Masterlist

Warnings? Fluff / TinyAngst 

People: Daddy!Sebastian / Reader / Chris Evans 


“No mama, no. No mama no.”

This is what I’d been hearing for the last five minutes.

Well- that and faint the sound of Al Roker making a terrible pun about the weather’s stormy sky matching Matt’s suit or some bullshit like that.

It was too early for her to be up, and so she was cranky and was NOT feeling her normal Cheerio’s for breakfast. We had to leave though at 6:15 to catch the flight at 7 a.m. that would to bring us to Atlanta.

Sebastian had been filming away in Atlanta again, now for Civil War. This time it was a hard shoot, the amount of effort that Seb put into getting into shape for this movie was ridiculous.

It made me realize more and more that glitz and glamour lifestyles you read on Hollywoodlife and PerezHilton really are just shiny worlds that cover the grit and grime these actors and actresses go through. From all the fan criticism to extensive training to emotionally carrying a new human identity… it blew my mind everytime I’d learn something new about Acting as a career throughout the years, dating Seb.

         Married for three years, and blissfully in love. Even though he was almost 800 miles away from you and your lovely three year old, Phoebe. She was the epitome of Sebastian in almost any way possible. Her attitude, her smile, the hair that would never cease growing. Phoebe also was like Sebastian in the way she tuned out of every conversation around her. Some daycares were concerned about it but I knew it was because of her damn handsome father…

“Muma?” Phoebe was questioning me as I held one hand near her as she sat on the counter, eating Cheerios without any milk because; “Milk looks like eyeball juice.”

She was also a nutball; just like her father.

“What my love?” I was shoving all the documents into my purse that would be needed at the airport while Phoebe watched, unfazed by the chaos that was my anxiety.

“Why are you so fast today? It’s Web-nesday!” Throwing her hands up in the air in excitement, her Cheerios went flying, some clinging onto my sweater and 90% landing on the floor with a puddle of milk forming two inches from my feet.


“Stanley, come! Food!” Taking the easy way out, I let our three year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel come fast into the kitchen to lick and eat up the mess as a ‘treat’. Just a few hours ago he had been sleeping peacefully with Phoebe wrapped around him in her Avenger’s blanket an hour ago as I got dressed in the room just down the hall.

“Phoebe, can you say Stan-lee?” I was always questioning her with saying words. She was a very slow starter in speech- which as new generational parents, made Sebastian and I freak out. But the doctor assured us she was extremely intelligent, just shy. She internalized a lot, just like her father.

Whom I was extremely anxious in seeing for the first time in months. We had a flight out of Laguardia Airport in - oh fuckin’ shit.

“Phoebe, let’s put some ‘nana’s in a little plastic cuppy and some wah-teh-her so we can head off and see Da, okay?” (Water was the one word she couldn’t seem to get down right.”

When she heard her father’s name those little ears perk up and her cheeks turn into a deep pink.

“Da! Nana’s in jar, now! Muma!” Helping her out of her seat as she squirmed to get away I gave her the warning look with her harsh, demanding words and she just giggled, heading for her Captain America mini- suitcase packed at the door.

“Kiss! It’s C-iss!” She pointed at Chris’s face on her suitcase and touched it. Poking the nose and pretending to rub his head. Making me burst into a huge smile as I saw her pretend to cuddle Chris. I nodded at her question and quickly went rushing to fill her cuppy and grab my own bag- mentally checking off my tasks to get out the door.

“Stanley, go into your cage.”

“Wa do you say Muma?” Smirking, I added a soft please whilst my lovely trained dog went peacefully into his cozy cage.I let it close and grabbed my bag off the kitchen table along with two banana’s for Phe and I. 

Tucking the cuppy in my side backpack pocket I gave my little lady a couple tickles on her stomach as she jumped up and down, excited in knowing that she’d be well on her way to see her Da.


It took a lot not to just walk off set the moment I saw his hands grasp for her ass but I was stopped by an excited Christopher Evans. 

Which basically meant a jumping jelly bean full of hugs and shouting- he was Italian and Bostonian after all. 

      I just so happened to be unfortunate enough to come onto set when Sebastian was doing a scene with Scarlett Johansson, whom was straddling his neck; basically scissoring him in the face as he held onto her ass in the fighting sequence I was sure to make the fans stir with either seething jealousy or shipping horny teenage fantasy.

“YN! It’s been so long, commere girl!” I was squeezed tightly to his very hard chest, making my cheek bone ache from almost breaking.

“Goo- good too see, you.. Too, Evans.” Finally getting out of his grasp I panted from the lack of oxygen and smiled up at the lovable oaf that was my daughter’s Godfather.

(Well, technically Godfather, since Mackie was also Co-Godfather- it was almost a civil war in of itself on who got to be the little tikes father if Sebastian and I were to die.)

“Where’s my ladybug?” Chris asked and I pointed to the door leading out to the brutally hot Atlanta heat which I was trying to keep Pheebs from. She was standing at the door- pushing on it with sheer will in opening it with those tiny muscles in her three year old body. 

She was out of luck though, since the door had a the latch up above her head that opened it, and she’d need a couple years of growing in order to reach it, much to her dismay. Chris laughed at her, clutching his chest tightly as he went to clutch his left boob as per normal. I giggled a bit at her huffs and puffs from pushing on that damn door so hard.

“What is she even doing?” Shaking my head I let out a sigh and held my head in my cheeks, rubbing my jaw a bit, trying to relieve the tight tension in it.

“Trying to go outside. She thinkings Sebastian’s outside, I didn’t want her to see the porno going on a few doors down,” Pointing behind me, Chris smirked at my words and giggled like a tween, pissing my hormonal body off a bit more-

 “What’s so funny about my husband’s face stuffed a goof friend of mine’s vagina? You would be too happy if-”

          “Hey, hey! I’m not laughin’ at ya, I’m just… yeah. It’s pretty pornographic, isn’t it?” Turning around, I nodded at the scene that was about to be repeated again, grimacing until I heard Chris mumble behind me to himself. “Sebastian always said that jealousy looks good on you, he was right.” I gave him the evil eye with a bit of a wink when I turned around but quickly let my eyes rest on something more horrific than watching my husband get scissored by someone else.  

      Hearing a loud thump and then a shrieking cry that I would know from a thousand miles away, I took off to find my baby laying the floor, on her belly in front of the unopening door. 


Running over to her I saw her screeching in tears as she clutched her head, crying tears that made my eyes water up too. I hated when she was in pain. It almost put me in physical pain in seeing my baby hurt. I went to my knees as Chris joined me along with a couple of crew members standing by.

“Muma! Mu, Ma! My-” Phoebe went into another screeching spell, unable to say she hurt her head. I knew immediately what had happened as soon as I saw her position on the floor; she must’ve slipped and hit her head hard against the hard door. Falling onto the concrete studio floor.

Chris stumbled behind me, bewildered in the situation he wanted to solve but anxiously had no idea on how to do so.

“Wha-what should I do! YN, what can I do-” I interrupted him in order to scream at my husband whom froze from the screech that echoed off the studio walls, “Call 911, you motherfucker!- Sebastian! Anthony-l taie! Ia-ți fundul aici, chiar acum Sebastian!” I yelled in Romanian so Phoebe wouldn’t know I was swearing, pissed as fuck at her father.

Translation was basically:

I could hear nothing but Phoebe’s cries while I slowly lifted her and then picked her up to rest on my hip. My eyes were blurred with tears but I let them go too see my daughter clearly. She clutched my tank top tightly, letting her tiny nails dig into my skin. She still held her hand to the left of her forehead. 

          Cooing, I gently guided Phoebe’s head to lean on my chest as I rocked us back and forth. Trying to sooth her in any way that I could. With a shaky breath, I tried to pull of the calmest Mommy voice my vocal chords could produce. 

 “Baby? Can you let Muma see? Drăguţă, lemme see? Let Muma see… please?”

Gently I placed my hand on top of her tiny one that held the spot she’d bumped against the door, slowly I got her to drop it down so I could take a look at the situation. It was bloody, and Phoebe was not good with blood. 

Especially when she saw it came from her and was all over her hand.

“MUMA! NO! I DON’T LIKE IT! MUMA! NO RED! I DON’T LIKE IT! NO! NO!” Clenching my teeth from her loud shrieks, I tried to keep her in my arms best as well as I could with only one arm to keep her steady.

       Gently rocking her I started walking towards the couch that was in the backstage area near the snacks. Grabbing my sunhat and sunglasses, as well as her Iron Man blankey, draping it over her head to block the sun from her eyes.

“What the fuck is going on! Move! Get the fuc- YN?”

I whipped my head angrily at Sebastian who looked taken aback at my not so loving tone and attitude. I grumbled for him to get his stuff and walked towards the other exit of the Studio that was nearest to the entrance were the ambulance would arrive.

Not taking a second to think, he shuffled some papers out of his chair, letting them scatter to the floor and grabbed his sunglasses and wallet.

Running to catch up with Chris and I.

“I need something to cover it, to S-T-O-P the…” Chris and Sebastian knew what I was gesturing for, so as to not make Phoebe any more terrified and upset than she already was. Sebastian ran ahead of us to a bathroom that was open, coming out he had paper towels in his hands.

He hadn’t even gotten to see Phoebe yet since we arrived only an hour ago and it just so happened to be the hour he was going to be shooting back to back fighting scenes. I didn’t want Phoebe seeing that, and she didn’t like seeing her Da in fake pain. So I kept her from Sebastian and the set until it was ending time for them to cut Sebastian loose for the rest of the day.

Since her eyes were shut while she cried into my chest. He rubbed her back softly, and used two fingers to crawl up her arm- something he always did when he went to surprise her from behind her back.

Opening one eye she saw her Da and had a moment of contentment. Getting the tears and jerking around to stop so I was able to use the paper towels and slowly press them too her forehead as gently as I could do stop the bleeding and clot it as best as I could without making her scream in pain. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown and hearing her cry out in pain because of me would send me over the edge.

She was too mesmerized by her father she’d completely forgotten the blood, and reached out for his fingers. She loved hooking her hands around them when they took their morning walks when Sebastian wasn’t shooting.

“..Da?” She sniffled and he let out a smile, nodding. It was such a sad, guilt ridden smile. Holding her bloodied hand, Sebastian used an extra paper towel, softly wiping away what he could of the red staining her hand.

“I didn’t even know you and Muma were gonna be here my, rățușcă. You surprised me!”

He was trying to give her excitement in hopes of distracting the three year old. I saw a small smile reach her damp lips that had drool and snot and tears from her sobbing. She was still tucked into my neck and wasn’t planning on letting go, even as Sebastian continued to soothe her as the ambulance arrived promptly, letting us climb in together. Even though the EMT was adamant on only one person allowed to travel with Phoebe, Sebastian wouldn’t move an inch from Phoebe. Nor was I. She held eye contact with Sebastian the whole ride as he told stories in hopes of distracting her, but never left my arms. Refusing even when the EMT insisted she be laid down on the stretcher, but I knew if I made her lay there she’d find a way out. She was like a wiggle worm.

        He held that tiny red stained hand all the way to Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital. He was there even when she got her butterfly stitches in her cut that the doctor said wasn’t showing any signs of internal bleeding or brain damage. He still ordered a CAT and X-RAY of her brain to make sure.

We had to wait in the room next to where Phoebe was getting her CAT scan done. Neither of us had said a word to each other since I cried out for him back at the studio. Not even in the ambulance, all our attention rested on our little duck in the cradle, getting music put into her ears so she could hear the loud noises.

All we did was hold each other. I tucked myself in Sebastian’s arms which he accepted immediately, kissing my head, smoothing out my hair and rubbing circles into my back.

As she finally when into the scanner, I let myself cry out of panic and stress in the last two hours of sheer torture to watch. From the cries to the tears to the blood- it felt almost unbearable. It wasn’t until now as he rubbed small then large circles all down my aching back, that I realized he was still in his Winter Soldier uniform.

Sebastian beat me to the punch though when I was about to question the feeling of his hand on my back. “I didn’t have time to change, and grab any of my clothes. So it looks like I’m gonna be Mr. Barnes for the next 24-48 hours. I smiled into his chest and bent my head up, letting out a sigh of relief in seeing his face stare down at me in a teary smile. He was here. I was here. Phoebe was here. We were here right now all in this moment together.

“I missed your eyes.” I whimpered up to him, my chin quivering as tears flooded my cheeks. He kissed my lips unexpectedly as a soothing way to calm my concerns, just like he normally did back home. 

“My dragă, I don’t think you know how much I missed my ladies…” His head tilted up to see Phoebe coming slowly out of the machine, getting ready to be unlocked and let back into our concerned arms again.

“You mean, you didn’t miss your little secret as well? Whom, I should say is not liking it here and is kicking the shit out of my bladder and kidneys.” His eyes brightened and immediately moved his eyes down to the beginning to get quite expanded belly.

He held one hand over the top of it and felt the harsh kicks that I’d been receiving since we’d stepped off of the airplane. Now I think he was just doing it to spite me.

“Any new names for the kicker?” I just smiled and put my hand over Sebastian’s that rested on my stomach, tilting my head up to lock my eyes with his shining blue ones.

“No. Still the same.” I shook my head, giggling.

“You two… God..” Rubbing my eyes, I hugged myself into Sebastian even more, letting his smell bring me back down to earth, grounding my anxiety-filled balloon.

“What about us?” He giggled,

“Your both the most stubborn head-sharks I’ve ever seen. I’m going to have my hands full if this one comes out like you two!” I gestured to the rambunctious baby boy rolling around in my head, I could tell he was going to be a runner as soon as his feet could hit the floor.

I felt a kick and grimaced a bit from the sharp stab of his foot. “Ugh, tell your boy to calm down. He’s kickin’ like a mad fetus!” Chuckling, Sebastian bent down and rubbed the side of my belly where he was situated more, “Hey there, lil’ băiat, can you calm down for Muma? Little Maximilian Evander Stan.” I smirked at the new middle name Sebastian had added onto Max’s name.

“So you really are on board with Maximilian?” I nodded at the doe eyed Sebastian below me. I reached down and gently caressed his cheek with one hand and lifted my other off of my belly to run it through his long chocolate locks, making sure not to snag the extensions in there. Sebastian beamed a smile so bright it was shining like a star, that little Astronomy nerd.

“I told you, doll. Stan’s are determined people. How do you think I got you?”

“With you three times begging me and then a date in central park. Add that all onto that magnificent intelligence under your gorgeous hair and looks which still stun me every morning I wake up, Sebastian. That’s not determination, baby… that’s just you.”

Coming up slowly he tenderly held my tensed jaw which eased under his hand and pulled my head in, letting our lips catch each others. Stimulating electric shocks in each of our bodies, just like the first time we had kissed. The kiss didn’t last as long as we both wanted it too, but then again, we had our whole world all ready to come out and get signed out of the emergency room.

       Finally, after six hours in there and two horrid cups of midnight cafeteria coffee to keep our brains functioning while the doctors fed us information-

     We were all tired and ready to fall asleep together in our godly bed. The doctor told us to keep Phoebe with us at all times tonight, and wake her up every two hours for some water or anything to make sure she can walk normally, hold a coherent conversation, and can think about things from her past. It was about to be dawn in two hours and Sebastian was going to have to return to work in six.

“We’ll come to set, and just sit on that comfy couch, I’ll bring my laptop and her little technology and functional stuff to keep her busy. Some crayons will be easy to fi-”  I felt lips on mine again as Sebastian pulled me in again to silence my racing thoughts.

Holding my puffy cheeks from the crying earlier, he made our eyes fixate on each others. “Baby, we’re here. We’re all here, we’re all okay. We are all going to be just fine. Let’s just take it two hours at a time, okay.” Looking at each other, so intimately, with our bodies holding the other lovingly always made each other level out whenever either of us had anxious thoughts or feelings.

We balanced each other so well when we were together. We made the other present in the moments we were living each day. We saw the pediatric emergency care doctor come around the corner with our precious girl in his arms. She was sucking her thumbs, her eyes fluttering as she fought sleep.

The doc put Phoebe in Sebastian’s arms and told us all was good.

All was good, right here, now and forever more.


Six Months Later 

Maximilian Evander Stan  - born April 5, 2016


Drăguţă - baby

Rățușcă - duckling

Dragă - love, dear

Băiat - boy

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FT Fluff Week 2k15: Day 3 (Starlight)

Title: Under the starlight.

Summary: That night of summer, the stars being the only witnesses, Lucy and Natsu shared their memories from their darkest days and promised each other that they wouldn’t ever be lost souls looking for the starlight in the darkness.

Pairing: NaLu.

Prompt: Starlight.

Disclaimer: We don’t own Fairy Tail Universe or its characters, they belong to Mashima sensei.

A/N: Hi! This is Sil (myentropicmess) and here’s my only submission for Fluff Week. I’d like to participate more, but these weeks I’m very busy studying for my finals and I have very few time for writing. I chose this prompt because Starlight from Muse is one of my favorite songs of all time and I always wanted to write something inspired in it. I want to thank my betas Sara (worshiperofunknownstories), Marta (mavis-118) and San (onlywordswithoutsense) because even if they always have compromises, they save time for correcting my fics and support me. I hope that you’ll enjoy this fic as much as I did writing it! ^^

Remember that you can also read it on and AO3… Reviews are always welcome! :)

Far away

The ship is taking me far away

Far away from the memories

Of the people who care if I live or die.

Lucy still remembered how her beloved friend, the water mage Juvia, had defined her darkest days, the ones when she was at the Phantom Lord guild. The bluenette told her that she had felt sadness and solitude on her childhood, but that couldn’t have been compared to what she suffered when she was one of the Element Four. In that time, she was a totally different person, consumed by emptiness. Depression wasn’t just sadness or hopelessness. It was more like not caring about anything after a long period of rainy journeys. When she was in her worst days, she thought that there wasn’t any point on fighting, because she didn’t consider herself able to change that situation. Juvia felt defeated and couldn’t see the rays of light between the gloomy clouds. The celestial mage could relate to that. Lucy remembered that fateful year when Natsu and Happy went to train by themselves and the guild got disbanded. At first, even if she understood their situation, she couldn’t help feeling betrayed and angry at them for leaving her behind. But as days passed, even if the rage and the tears of sorrow were still there, she felt how emptiness began to consume her. The blonde mage lost her self confidence and her will to fight another battle. She was just tired. Tired of waiting and being disappointed. Tired of not being able to see the stars on the cleared sky at night, even if she knew that they were there. That situation changed when Natsu and Happy returned, bringing her light back. But those days wouldn’t last long. The battle against Zeref and END happened, leaving all of them with both physical and emotional wounds. The ghosts of past came back not to haunt Lucy but to torment her best friend and loved one. But they also achieved to overcome that. Well, they did their best anyways.

And there they were. Side by side lying on the soft sand of the beach in that warm night of summer. Lucy had persuaded Natsu to do that mission together so the fire dragon slayer could get his self confidence back and to show him that he could use his powers to help people. After all that had happened on that journey, she realized that she had done a good choice bringing him there. For the first time, she saw the Natsu of the past, the one that enjoyed the battle and smiled while using his magic. And she wouldn’t change that view for nothing in this world.

Suddenly, Natsu shifted his position to face the celestial mage before lightly touching her cheek with one of his hands, pulling her out of her own thoughts.

“What are you thinking about, Luce?” he whispered as she turned her head to look at him. “You’re too quiet.”

“Nothing… I was just… Thinking about the stars…” Lucy said, looking at the sky again. “They were always there, you know? Even in times when I wasn’t able to see them, they were taking care of me. When I was younger, I used to look at them whenever I felt lonely.” She sat down, pulling her knees to her chest and putting her arms around them as she looked at the ground. “Which was all the time since my mom had died…” she chuckled nervously.

“I used to do the same… When… You know… That year…” he sighed, sitting on the sand while looking upwards. “When I wasn’t training or keeping myself busy, I felt… I felt lonely. But then, while Happy was sleeping as he is doing right now…” Natsu briefly looked at the blue cat, who was purring in his sleep between them. “I used to look at the stars and I felt like someone was looking at me. Yeah, sounds creepy, but I liked to think that behind those tiny points of light maybe you were there giving me strength or Igneel was protecting me and that’s what gave me the will to keep fighting.”

“I wish I had felt the same way… That year…” Lucy said in such a low voice that, if Natsu didn’t have enhanced hearing, he couldn’t be able to hear.

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Okay, so, Draco and Hermione when Scorpius is a baby. Cute as hell, right? So stay with me.

Hermione wanting to get back to work as soon as possible but also wanting to be with her baby so a month after Scorpius is born, she goes back to work and brings Scorpius with her (who’s going to tell her she can’t? no one).

Draco being scared whenever he holds, feeds, or changes Scorpius because he doesn’t want to hurt him.

Hermione singing Scorpius to sleep while Draco is standing in the doorway of the room, looking at her lovingly.

Draco falling asleep in a rocking chair with Scorpius on his chest.

Hermione reading Scorpius her old school books during the day and muggle story books at night.

Draco making sure that he always leaves work on time because he wants to spend as much time as he can with his wife and baby.

Hermione losing Scorpius when he starts to crawl and Hermione searching every room in the house, panicking.

Draco getting a call while at work from Hermione while she’s crying, saying that she’s lost the baby and him leaving work right away. 

Hermione bawling her eyes out by the time Draco gets home and them searching the whole house together for Scorpius. 

Draco finding Scorpius outside, playing with one of the house elves.

Hermione clutching a confused Scorpius to her chest after they find him.

Draco taking Scorpius to the park every Sunday.

Hermione reading parenting books to make sure she’s doing everything right.

Draco teaching Scorpius how to walk and yelling for Hermione when Scorpius starts to get it.

Hermione dancing around the house with Scorpius on her hip and singing to him while she cleans.

Draco getting excited when Scorpius says ‘Dada’ for the first time.

Hermione showing off Scorpius to everyone and boasting about how much he looks like his father.

Draco making Scorpius laugh by making silly faces.

Hermione kissing Scorpius’s cheeks whenever she picks him up.

Draco taking Scorpius for broom rides against Hermione’s wishes.

Hermione exposing Scorpius to magic as soon as she can so he doesn’t grow up without magic like she had to.

Draco telling Scorpius that he loves him every morning and night. 

Hermione loving her two boys more than anything.      

Draco stressing out and yelling at Hermione because he’s scared that he’s a horrible father.

Hermione calming Draco down when he gets scared he’s not a good dad by holding him and whispering all the wonderful things that he’s done with Scorpius already and how he’s ten times the father that his dad was.

Zootopia: The Field Trip

By @zootopiahustle and @foxrabbit92

It was a typical rainy day in the Rainforest District. It was field trip day for Gabriella’s class and they were visiting different landmarks in the area. Unfortunately, the poor black bunny for herself separated from her group. She spotted a red fox nearby and decided to ask him for help.

She pulled on his shirt. “Excuse me, sir. Can you help me?”

The fox turned around and looked down at the small bunny. “Hello there,” the Fox said while taking his sunglasses off and placing them in his pocket. “How can I help you?”

The little bunny twiddled her thumbs, a little embarrassed that she was lost. “Well, I got separated from my class, sir. A- and I can’t seem to find them. Can you help me find them?” she asked.

She wished that she had payed better attention to her teacher. If she had she would know which landmark they were probably seeing next. 

“I’m Gabriella,” she replied.

The kit thought a moment trying to remember the different places they were supposed to visit.

“I think they might be either at Jungle Junction or Bugaburger,” she answered.

“Hmm OK let’s check Bugaburger first.” The fox said. “I think I saw a class when I was finishing up my lunch break” 

The kit binkied for joy. “Oh, thank you Officer Wilde!” exclaimed Gabriella.

She followed the fox to the fast food restaurant. If she didn’t find her class in time she would miss the bus back home. The kit was probably going to be in trouble anyways. 

Gabriella looked around trying to spot any of her classmates. Her ears drooped when she saw no one.

“No, I don’t see anybody. I’m going to be in so much trouble,” she answered as she pulled on her ears.

The kit was becoming very upset. This wasn’t the first time she ever got separated on a field trip. If her teacher had to call her father or the police again she would no longer be allowed to go on anymore trips.

Gabriella nodded, “OK, they have to be there or else they’ve already left for home.”

“Dont worry kiddo I’m sure we’ll be able to find your class in time.” The fox said, kneeling down. “I was actually in a similar situation when I was your age. Let’s go over to Jungle Junction”

She followed the officer, close to his side. It helped her avoid getting crushed by passing mammals.

Jungle Junction was a type of museum aimed at kids. It had many different exhibits, each with its own theme. Gabriella had been looking forward to this trip and she was going to miss most of it.

She got excited when the building came into sight.

The fox was in awe by the size of the building. He never been to this part of the Rainforest before and he was astounded by all of the interesting looking exhibits.“Whoa, wish I got to go here when I was your age. Let’s look for your class”

The little doe nodded her head in acknowledgement. She went up to the front desk where a jaguar sat. “Excuse me, sir, did you know where the Burrow Elementary class group is?” she asked loud enough for him to hear.

The large feline looked down at her. “Yeah, they should be in the space exhibit right now. Better hurry. They should be leaving soon,” he answered.

Gabriella grabbed Nick’s paw as she followed the signs to the correct exhibit. They received many glares from passersby.

Suddenly Nick spotted a small group of young bunnies being lead around by a much older one. “Hey Gabriella. Is that your group over there?”

Gabriella looked to where Nick was pointing and saw her class. “It is! Thank you, Officer Wilde!” she exclaimed.

She hugged the fox was about to leave for her class when her teacher spotted her. “Gabriella, get away from that fox! Just because your father is one doesn’t mean you should trust their kind!” she yelled.

The little bunny’s ears drooped. “B- but…”

“No buts! Get away from him!” The teacher scolded. She grabbed the kit’s wrist and started pulling her away.

“Ow! You’re hurting me!” Gabby cried.

Nick’s small smile quickly fell when he saw Gabby being hurt. “Hey!” The fox said, running towards the group. “Be careful with her. She’s just a kid!” 

The teacher shot a glare at the fox. “Mind your own business, fox. You have some nerve impersonating an officer just so you could lure away one of my students. Now get lost before I mace you!” she hissed as she pulled out the fox repellent.

Gabriella tried her best to pull away from her teacher. “Let go! He is too a cop!” she yelled.

The little bunny then attempted to go for the spray. The last thing she wanted was for Officer Wilde to get hurt. The teacher fought with her over the small can until she accidentally sprayed the kit in the face.

Gabriella began to scream in pain as she tried to wipe her eyes.

“Gabby!” Nick yelled. Nick quickly took his badge out of his pocket and showed it to the teacher while getting Gabby out of the teacher’s grasp. Nick quickly reached into his other pocket for his cell phone but couldn’t find it, he left it back in his car. Nick looked at the teacher. “Call an ambulance!”

Gabriella clutched to Nick’s uniform as she nuzzled his chest to remove the spray from her eyes. “It hurts! It hurts!” she cried.

The teacher paled when she saw the badge. She scrambled for her cell phone. “Yes, 911? A bunny kit has been maced in the face at Jungle Junction. Yes, could you please send an ambulance?” asked the panicking rabbit. Surely, she would be fired for this.

She glared at the kit. “Gabriella Grave, I hope you’re happy! I’m going to lose my job because of you!” she hissed, forgetting that her phone was still connected to the 911 dispatcher.

The other bunny kits huddled together.

Nick glared at the teacher silently. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived. Nick guided Gabby outside of Jungle Junction and to the ambulance. “I’m so sorry this happened kid.” Nick said.

Tears continued to fall from Gabriella’s burning eyes. She tried to keep a hold of Nick as paramedics tried washing out the spray.

“P- please, don’t leave me,” she begged. The kit had never been in an ambulance before and she was frightened.

As they loaded her up one of paramedics turned to the fox officer. “Are you riding along, sir?” he asked.

Gabriella’s teacher huffed, “I’ll inform the kit’s father.”

Nick looked at the paramedic and nodded. “I am” he replied. The fox climbed into the ambulance and sat down besides Gabby. “Don’t worry kid” Nick said. “You’re gonna be OK”

Gabriella nodded in response. She whimpered the entire way to the hospital. Breathing started to become difficult for the small kit. The paramedics noticed and out a breathing mask on her.

One of them talked on a phone. “Sir, the kit might be having an allergic reaction to the fox spray.”

Once at the hospital they carted her off to the emergency room.

It wasn’t long before the kit’s father, an albino fox, was there trying to get information about his daughter.

Nick noticed the albino fox and went up to him. “Excuse me sir,” Nick said. “Are you Gabby’s father?”

The white fox answered, “Yes, I am. So you know what happened? No one will tell me anything.”

The poor father was a worried wreck. He practically killed himself trying to get to the hospital as fast as he could. He was begging for answers at this point.

“Yes I do,” Nick answered grimly. “You see Gabby got separated from her class and got lost in the Rainforest District and she asked me to help her. We managed to find her class at Jungle Junction but the teacher was being too rough with her and thought I was a fake cop and threatened to mace me. Gabby tried to get the Fox Repellent away from the teacher but… she got sprayed by it in the face. Sir I am so sorry.”

The white fox let out an angry growl. That stupid teacher had given him and Gabriella enough problems, but getting his kit in the emergency room!? She was going to get it from him later.

He calmed himself before readdressing the officer. The father offered his paw for a handshake. “I’m Joseph, and you have nothing to be sorry about. You were only helping her,” he reassured.

A doctor came out to speak with the kit’s father. “I’m looking for Gabriella Grave’s father,” he announced.

Joseph motioned him over. “I’m her father,” he answered.

The doctor came up with a grim expression. “Sir, I’m sorry to tell you this, but your daughter is not responding well to treatment. She’s having an extreme allergic reaction to the fox spray. We are doing the best we can. I’ll inform you when something happens.”

The doctor then left.

Nick’s eyes grew with worry as he looked over at Joseph. “Joseph, I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?” Nick asked.

Joseph slumped into a nearby chair. His paws covered his face. He looked up at the officer. “I… I don’t know. I can’t… I can’t lose her,” he answered.

The albino was at a loss for words. He couldn’t live without his daughter. It was that teacher’s fault.

“I swear, when I get my paws her…”

“Has the teacher always been this way to Gabby?” Nick asked.

Joseph nodded, “Yes, she hates me and Gabriella. She’s always accusing Gabby of misbehaving, but all the other school employees never have a problem with her.”

A disgusted look grew on Nick’s face. “That’s awful.” He said. “Have you told anyone else about the teacher?”

Joseph nodded again, “Yes, many times, but they always told me that there wasn’t any proof to back up my claims.”

The doctor came out and towards the two foxes. “Your daughter is stabilized, but currently is asleep. However, if you wish I can take you both to see her,” he informed.

The white fox shot up. “Yes! We want to see her. Thank you,” he replied.

Nick followed the Doctor and Joseph down a long hallway. Nick quickly walked at Joseph’s pace and spoke. “By the way Joseph my name is Nick. Nick Wilde”

Joseph glanced at the officer and the went back to focusing on the doctor. “It’s good to meet you, Nick. Thank you for taking care of my daughter,” he replied.

The doctor then turned into a room and Joseph followed. Inside the room was Gabriella laying on a medical bed hooked up to an IV, heart monitor, and breathing apparatus. The white fox went to his kit’s side and grabbed her tiny paw.

“I’ll give you some time to be alone,” the doctor said as he left.

Joseph stroke her paw. “I’m here now, sweetie. You’re going to be alright. That nice officer is also here to see you,” he said gently.

One of Gabriella’s eyes popped opened and looked at the two foxes. “Hi, Papa. Hi, Officer Wilde,” she whispered.

Nick walked over to the kit and kneeled down besides her, his smile hiding his worry. “Hey kiddo,” Nick said. “Are you feeling any better?”

“A little… I’m tired though,” Gabby replied.

Joseph kissed the kit’s forehead. “Get some rest then, sweetheart. I’ll be here when you wake up again,” he said.

The little bunny nodded, “OK, Papa.” She then closed her eyes to back to sleep.

“Of all the things that could have sent her here… It had to be fox spray,” the fox said grimly.

Nick shook his head. “I can’t believe they still make stuff like that.” Nick said “it’s awful.” Nick put his hands in his pockets and suddenly felt something. Nick suddenly got an idea. “Joseph, I think I have a solution for your problem with the teacher”

Joseph’s ears perked. “What do you mean?” he asked.

If there was anything that Joseph could do to prove his complaints against that teacher he would do it. She needed to be held accountable.

“When Gabby got sprayed I was looking for my cell phone,” Nick said “but I accidentally pressed this,” Nick pulled what looked like a small carrot out of his pocket. “This is a recorder that my best friend gave me. If my hunch is right it recorded what the teacher said to Gabby.” Nick pressed the play button. The recorder squeaked and then played back what the teacher said to Gabby.

Recording: “Gabriella Grave, I hope you’re happy! I’m going to lose my job because of you!”

Joseph looked up at Nick. “You think that will be enough?” he asked hopeful.

A thought then occurred to him. “Actually, with this and your testimony of what went down I’m sure the school will have no choice but to act,” he said.

Nick nodded. “I definitely have confidence that it will be enough. It’s her own word against her’s”

Joseph smiled gratefully. It was comforting to know that something good came out of this horrible tragedy.

His cell phone went off and he answered. “Hello? Yes, this is he. Yes, I will be pressing charges. It is her fault and there’s evidence and witness to back it up. Yes, we be here. See you soon then”

The fox hung up. “Looks like the principle wants to speak with us and the teacher personally.”

“Alright let’s go over there,” Nick said putting the carrot recorder back into his pocket. “We can use my car to get there. ”

Joseph nodded and gave his daughter a kiss goodbye. He followed the officer to his car.

Once they arrived at the school Joseph lead Nick to office. The principle, a tan flop-eared bunny, ushered them to come in. The teacher from earlier, Mrs. Lucfoot, was already there.

“Please, have a seat,” the principle said gesturing to the seats.

Joseph sat as he was asked.

“Officer, will you please show me the evidence Mr. Grave informed about and could you please tell me what you saw at the incident,” the flop-ear asked.

“Yes sir,” Nick said. “You see Gabriella got separated from her group and asked me to help her. I agreed and we found the group at Jungle Junction. Her teacher was being rough with her. I tried to stop her but then she said I was not a real officer and threatened to spray me with Fox Repellent. Gabriella tried to get the Repellent away from her teacher but she got sprayed instead. I also have further evidence of the incident.” Nick then took the carrot pen and played back the recording.

The teacher paled when she heard the recording. “S- sir, I can explain…”

The principle raised his paw to silent her. “Mrs. Lucfoot, not only did you threaten an officer of the law, but also caused a student to be sent to the hospital. And, based on what I just heard you were more concerned with your job than you were for that kit. I’m sorry, but I will have to dismiss you.”

The lop-ear then turned to the two foxes. “I apologize for the events that have occurred. I hope Gabriella recovers quickly. We will discuss further details of your lawsuit and insurance paperwork at a latter time. I’m sure you’re eager to get back to your kit.”

Joseph nodded, “Thank you, sir.” The fox then got up to leave, but not before seeing the death glare from the former teacher.

Nick closed the door behind him and whispered under his breath “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart.” Nick turned and looked at Joseph. “Let’s get back to the hospital.” 

Joseph smirked at Nick’s comment. He nodded, “Yeah, let’s go.”

It wasn’t long before they were back at the hospital. When they returned to Gabriella’s room the kit was awake and eating. She waved at the two foxes. “Hi, guys! I was wondering where you went,” she greeted.

Joseph smiled and went over to his daughter. “Sorry, sweetie. We had to work out some things things with your principle. You won’t have to worry about your teacher anymore thanks to Officer Wilde,” he explained.

Gabriella looked over at Nick. “Really?”

Nick nodded with a grin on his face. “Yep,” Nick said while taking the carrot recorder out of his pocket. “And it’s all thanks to this. By the way Gabby I wanted to give something to you”

Gabriella squealed in excitement. “Oh my goodness, what is it!?” she asked.

Joseph put a paw on her to calm down. “Take it easy there, sweetie. You’re still recovering,” he said.

“It’s not much,” Nick said as he reached into the pocket of his shirt. “But I think you might like it.” Nick took out a small sheet of stickers in the shape of a badge and his sunglasses and handed them to Gabby.

Gabriella grinned ear to ear as she accepted the gifts. She quickly put on the sunglasses and put one of the stickers on her gown. “Thank you, Mr. Wilde! You’re the best!” she thanked.

Joseph smiled at her excitement. “Hey, I thought I was the best?” he said jokingly.

Gabby laughed, “You’re both the best!”

Nick chuckled “No problem kiddo” he said while sitting down in a chair “I’m glad you like it.”

Joseph then sat down on the other chair. “Thanks for everything, Officer Wilde. Perhaps when everything has settled you could stop by and see us. I could then treat to nice meal as thanks.”

After a few hours it began to get dark. Gabriella was now asleep. The doctor informed them that she would need to stay over night just in case, but that she could probably go home tomorrow.

Nick smiled. “Sure Joseph, that would be great. Thanks for the offer.

Joseph patted Nick on the shoulder. “I’m sure you need to get home. We’ll be alright,” he suggested.

Joseph accepted the number and wrote down his own gave it to Nick. “Thanks, and here’s mine. It was a pleasure to me too. Until we again, Officer Wilde,” he said.

“You’re right.” Nick said. “By the way here’s by number Joseph.” Nick took out a small notebook and wrote down his cell phone number on it. “It was nice to meet you.”

The white fox waved at the officer and returned to his daughter’s bed side. He was grateful for everything the red fox did for them.

Operation Nico

Day 1: Operation Convince the Rock

Nico hated the theatre.

First, there were the flamboyant costumes with so many colors they all mushed together messily, transforming the stage into a mucky brown swirl of bodies.

The stage always looked just like a toddlers painting. Like, when a toddler was hyped by the freedom of the brush and the paints that they could use to bring their imagination to life, and added every color to the canvas until they all mixed to make brown.

Secondly, there were the actors. The melodramatics. The overly passionate hobbyists that dedicated all their efforts and emotions to fake realities. To fantasies. To surreal worlds and stories that made no sense.

Thirdly, there was the audience. Always ouu-ing and aww-ing at the right moments. All joined together and in perfect sync with everyone in the theatre for that night, like one big happy family gathered together to forget their real lives for the smallest fraction of a day.

And then there were his friends. Percy playing Poseidon, Jason playing Zeus, Annabeth as Athena, and Piper as Aphrodite. And then there was Will Solace, who was Apollo.

Nico was friends with all of them because Percy and Jason’s father’s worked in the school board of Olympus High, their High School, with his father. Their father’s were good friends and would get together outside of work, bringing their children along for play dates since they were born.

He was friends with Annabeth because she was Percy’s girlfriend and Piper because she was Jason’s.

Will was the only exception. He was friends with Will because Will befriended him. Will had become friends with all of Nico’s other friends because they were all part of the theatre group, and that’s how he met Nico, the shy kid who was often alone and cloaked in black. He then made it a goal to become Nico’s best friend. And he became the friend Nico needed because, yes, he had other friends, but Jason had Piper first on his priority list, and the same went for Percy and Annabeth.

The only thing he didn’t hate about the theatre were his friends, who were annoying but they stuck with him, so he couldn’t complain (especially since he knew he could be a pain in the but as well).

And they were trying to convince him, Nico, of all people, to join. Trying to do that was like trying to convince a rock to talk.

“But Nico, you’d be a perfect Hades!” Percy exclaimed.

The play was a classic on Greek mythology, and they were due to perform it in exactly a weeks time. And just when everything was coming together and they had polished the final scenes and transitions and costumes, and it was allperfect, things started falling apart. The evil side of perfection showed itself; the side that doesn’t allow for perfection, that’s just too sneaky and always finds a way to send people spiraling down into the darkest, deepest pit disasters.

Hazel, his step sister, was supposed to be playing Hades. She’d finally gotten her makeup to look right after nights of practicing it. With a jet black wig to cover her thick golden brown curls and some pale foundation to make her tan disappear, she was pretty impressive and godlike.

But then she had to break her leg in practice.

After much begging and being victim of the cutest ever puppy dog eyes all afternoon, Nico had finally caved. Hazel had been dying to show him the play they’d pieced together, and since he hated crowds and refused to attend the actual show, she wouldn’t take no for an answer when she’d asked him to watch it during practice. It was their second to last run through before the actual show, and Hazel had been squealing and babbling about it constantly for what seemed like all eternity.

He was half zoned out and half aware of the movements and voices on the stage, seated in an uncomfortable wooden chair, complaining to himself like a terrible brother when there was a loud thump and a high pitched shriek.

Hazel lay on the ground with Percy hovering a over her worriedly.

Panic filled his chest and for a moment he thought he’d lost another one of his sisters. He thought he’d let another family member he loved slip out of his fingers while he was too busy selfishly running around in his own head.

But then she yelled, “I- I think it’s broken. My leg- I think it’s broken!” And then she choked and sobbed hysterically, clutched her knee and looking around with wild eyes, while Percy successively apologized for bumping into the ladder when he’d been stupidly walking backwards.

“I’m not joining your stupid play,” Nico huffed.

Jason, who was walking on Nico’s right side as Percy skipped to his left on their way home from school, suddenly stuck his arm out to block Nico’s way. He spun around to face Nico and bent down so his eyes lined up perfectly with Nico’s, then made a puppy dog face and said, “C'mon, Neeks. Please, for me?”

Since when was everyone aware of his weakness? He just couldn’t resist puppy dog eyes. Especially Percy’s. But then he pictured a theatre hall filled with people, lights blinding his vision, colors swarming around him like annoying buzzing bugs that he couldn’t swat away no matter how hard he tried, and worst of all, laughter suffocating his ears, his mind, his body, as he stumbled over his lines.

“No,” he asserted. “And don’t bother asking again.”

Jason sighed. “I really didn’t want it to come down to this…” he trailed off but before Nico could do more than start forming worries about what Jason was about to do, he yelled, “Piper!”

The girls had been trailing behind them, waiting to see if the boys would succeed. He heard Annabeth mumble, “I knew it.” Then Piper was calling Nico over to have a “friendly little chat”.


Day 2: Operation transform Nico into Hades

Nico wore a lot of black. But there was a difference between wearing a lot of black because you didn’t want to stand out, and wearing a lot of black because you wanted to stand out. And the next day as he stood behind heavy black curtains that draped from the high theatre ceiling to the stage in elegant waves, he started getting sick of the color black. It stuck to his limbs from head to toe as he was transformed into the famous greek God, Hades. Staring at the black curtains, he realized his fate, which lay right behind the thick fabric. His costume weighed on his shoulders and pushed him to slump and drag his feet. He didn’t think it was possible for someone to layer themselves in so many layers of so many textures of black. It made him nauseous.

In his thin fingers he held a heavy booklet that had been held by Hazel’s hands previously, and it’s weight made him regret his inability to resist Piper’s “friendly chats” that always made him agree to things he ought not to be agreeing to. He’d read over the booklet last night, page after page of robotic lines, and it had taken him two whole hours of whacking his forehead and scrambling to understand what most of it meant.

The play was written by their High School’s drama teacher, who lovedShakespearean plays and the Elizabethan style, which to Nico was like a million intricate puzzle pieces that didn’t fit together.

His school specialized in the arts: musical arts, theater arts, and fine arts. He didn’t fit completely into any of those categories. He wasn’t the only one like that, though. Their school took any students that were zoned for it or that had passed the entrance exam, but most students who applied did so because they were artistic. Nico did so because his father was part of the school board (along with most of his friends parents) and he lived close by. He wasn’t half bad at drawing, but he wasn’t an aspiring artist who dedicated themselves to it like most of the students studying fine arts.

So he was stuck in between. Floating between groups; going wherever he was needed. Sometimes he’d work behind the scenes for the many shows their school put on, but he never imagined that he’d end up in one of the shows.

It still hadn’t hit him completely.

“Nico!” Percy was standing mid stage, waving his arm frantically. “Nico! You’re up.”

That woke him up. He looked down at the script which had a picture of the Greek Gods assembled together, weapons in hand. He started flipping pages and scrambling his brain for where they were, but it seemed hopeless. He should’ve highlighted his lines, that would’ve made finding his first line loads easier.

“Page 7,” Percy whisper yelled, with his hands around his mouth. “We’re on page 7. You’re the third line.”

Nico flipped seven pages then ran up to Percy, whispering “Thanks” as he went.

He started reading his line but heard a few giggles from behind him. He ignored them, annoyed but not surprised. They got louder and louder until Percy ripped the script out of his hands with a laugh.

“Nico, I didn’t mean the 7th page in the booklet. I meant page 7 in the script, as in the number at the top right corner.” Percy whacked Nico’s head and smiled. “And people call me seaweed brain.” He pointed at himself, making a flabbergasted expression.

“Oh.” Nico covered his face with his hands, beyond embarrassed, and groaned. His brain was fried because of the nerves.

“That was one of my lines,” Jason said from the back. “From when Poseidon took me on a boat ride because he refused to fly.” He laughed. “Percy, as Poseidon, just greeted you and asked you how you’ve been. And you started talking about how you never want to smell seawater again.” He was bent over, clutching his stomach. “It was so funny. How did you not realize?”

“Enough!” Piper said from beside him, while smacking his head lightly. “Give him a break. It’s his first day and he probably can’t think straight.”

“I agree,” said Annabeth, approaching Percy and him with two bottles of water. “He’s obviously nervous and I doubt he was even aware of the words coming out of his mouth.”

She handed him the water with a smile.

“It’s tough, the first day,” Will added. “ I remember when I auditioned for my first play in grade 7, and it was a rendition of Beauty and the Beast. I planned to audition for the beast.” He shook his head with a smile. “But as soon as I stepped in front of the teachers, I couldn’t get words out of my mouth. I didn’t try out for another play until grade 8.” He smiled at Nico. “And then I did great, just like you will if you keep trying.” Will started walking towards him, along with the rest of his friends.

They surrounded him in a protective looking circle. He started to wonder when he’d ended up with so many good friends. He just hadn’t realized it until then.

“Thanks,” Nico said quietly. He opened the water bottle and downed half of it in seconds.

“Are you okay to try again?” Piper asked.

Nico thought about saying no. He thought about running away and quitting and never again putting himself in an uncomfortable situation. But then Will came and stood right in front of him, looking deep into his eyes, and put a hand on each of his shoulders. They both smiled, then Jason swooped in and tackled him into a hug.

“C'mon guys, you’re all acting as if I’ve just been asked to save the world from an army of zombies.” Nico waved them off. “Besides, it wasn’t even my mess up. It was Percy being a dumbass again.”

“What?” Percy exclaimed. “I was just helping you out!” He threw his arms up in surrender. “And you were the one spaced out and unaware of where we were in the script.”

“Well… whatever.” Nico had no arguments at hand. “Let’s just try again.”

Percy huffed and mumbled, “And I’m the one with a brain clogged with seaweed?”

Annabeth whacked his arm. “Percy! Quit acting like a 3 year old!”

Nico laughed, feeling much better, and even a bit hopeful.


Day 3: Operation Spot the Earthquake of Emotions

Nico was settled on a bench just off the stage, silently watching the rest of practice, relieved that all of his parts were over.

Will was currently sighting his monologue, while prancing back and forth on stage and making sincere gestures and expressions to make it all seem so real. He was really beautiful when he came to life on stage like that.

Nico hadn’t realised that Piper had come to sit next to him, so when she spoke he jumped, and not only because of what she said, which was, “Will really is beautiful on stage, huh?”

Could she read minds too? Oh no.

He must have been looking at her like she’d just turned into a flesh eating zombie because immediately her face turned soft and she added, “Anyone with eyes could see it.” She laughed.

Nico relaxed back into the wooden bench.

“Will’s actually really shy, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. But he loves to put on a show, even when he’s not on stage…”

“That’s for sure. But, don’t we all?”

“I suppose.”

“It’s like we’re all so dead set on putting makeup and costumes on just to go outside of our house. Like the only real place where we’re not acting is when we’re alone.”


“Hey, Nico?”


“I like you better without a mask on.”


“It’s just, I can see through it. I can see through most people’s. And you’re really beautiful, just like Will is, when you take off that mask.”

“What are you talking about, Piper?”

“Look at Will right now. Look at him the way you were before we starting talking.”


“Just do it.”


Nico turned around to face the stage again and channeled his hearing to the words coming out of Will’s mouth. He felt his facial expressions change immediately, he couldn’t help it when he was watching Will. Will frowned when the words, “Sometime’s I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a god” came out of his mouth. He sounded so distraught.

“Most people in the theatre are in it to put on a mask. It’s relieving for them to take off their own mask and replace it with another for awhile.”

Nico just listened. Listened to her and to Will’s voice in the background, which soothed him.

“Will’s different, though.” She paused. “Do you know why?”

Nico thought for a moment. Everything about Will was different, special. But he didn’t think that’s what Piper meant. He shook his head.

“Will’s not in the theatre to put on a different mask for awhile. He’s in it to not have to wear any masks at all.”

This was getting confusing. Nico looked up at her, his eyebrows scrunched together.

“My point is, he’s not acting. He feels every word. He finds a way to relate to every word. To him, it’s all true, it’s not fiction. The theater is where he feels he can express his emotions without a barrier, and without being embarrassed or laughed at.”


“He didn’t use to be able to do that, though. He used to be more disconnected. But I think he learned how to block out everyone else and get lost in his words.”

Nico looked back at Will, wondering if it was true. If he actually felt all these emotions. If he had all these complicated sides to him. If he was actually that deep and that damaged and that knowledgeable. Will was quite a piece of art, so it must be true.

“Sometimes I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a god,” Nico remembered Will saying. What did he mean when he said that?

“It really is beautiful to see him up there.” She smiled.

“Yeah.” Nico smiled too. “Yeah, it is.”

“Hey, Nico?”


“Can I ask you one last thing and can you promise to just take off your mask for a minute, just a minute, to answer me honestly.”

“Uh… sure?” He didn’t sound very sure.


“I guess…”

“Okay…” She sighed. “Do you like Will?”

He spun his head to look at her, shocked. Did he like Will? What did she mean by that? By ‘like’, did she mean admire? Or like him as a person? Or as a friend? Because those were all obvious yes’s. Or did she mean more? No, that can’t be. She couldn’t possibly know.

“Of course I like him,” he replied with a breeze.

“Yeah, that’s obvious. But do you like like him?” She looked in his eyes, unblinking and completely serious.

He opened his mouth. Then shut it. Then opened it. Then shut it. Then frowned. Then opened it again. This continued for awhile, and he started wondering if he was glitching like a robot low on battery.

Piper just kept watching him patiently, expectantly. Which was really annoying because he knew it was another one of her mind tricks.

Eventually, and cautiously, he said, “What do you mean, exactly?”

“You know. Do you like Will as more than a friend?”

She smiled slightly. She kind of looked like a puppy, a too innocent one.


She smiled wider. “Is that your answer?”


She pat his head. “You hesitated. I’ll take that as a yes. Not that I even had to ask.” She stood up. “I’m glad we could have this talk, Nico.”

He stared at her wide-eyed as she turned around to walk away.

As his eyebrows scrunched together and he started to play their conversation over again in his head, she turned back around to add, “I”m also glad you’re not as blind as I thought you might be. I think you’ve finally spotted the earthquake. I think you’re starting to understand all those earth-shaking emotions. And trust me, Will is too. And it’s a good thing, you know. I think you two are perfect for each other.” Then she winked and walked away.

Uh… what just happened?


Day 4: Operation Melt the Glacier

Once his disastrous scene finished, he stumbled off stage and fell to the floor in his favorite corner, between the rack of costumes and the door with a giant EXIT sign, where the thick fabric of the costumes provided a shield and a sense of security, and the door an escape. It hit him like a pile of bricks, he was going to be standing in front of hundreds of people in three days, and even in front of just the theatre crew he kept messing up. He just didn’t fit in these kinds of things. He just couldn’t do it, he couldn’t do anything properly while others were watching him. It made his skin crawl with nerves and made his limbs feel wrong, bent at odd angles and like they didn’t belong to him. He was just too awkward.

His heartbeat quickened and his breaths came in short, panicky heaves and he just couldn’t handle this anymore. He stood up abruptly, still in his black robe, and gave himself a pat on the back for the hiding spot he’d chosen when he was able to escape within seconds.

The cold air smacked him in the face and he breathed it in slowly. The cold was relieving. It pushed his worries away. Or rather, it froze them in place so he could come back and visit them later. There were so many nerves it felt like he’d formed a whole glacier and he just wanted to get as far from it as possible. He was only standing there for seconds when he heard the scraping of the metal door as it unhinged and burst open.

Jumping around, he was met with blue the opposite of ice. Blue like the ocean gleaming in the sun on a hot summer afternoon. Warmth and… worry? He looked at the face of Will Solace, then behind at the hectic happenings of behind the scenes and he felt an overwhelming sense of repulsion; a need to get away, anywhere but back inside the theatre that was so large and full of craziness that was bound to eventually swallow him whole. Away from his fate, from the reality that three days would force him to face.

And his body twisted and his legs forced it off the ground again and again as he ran. The world a blur and his body numb, he just kept moving. He kept running even as he heard footsteps behind him, and as he heard his name being shouted. He ran as the melodic voice of Will begged for him to stop, to calm down so they could talk.

He ran until he crashed into a fence and fell back onto the cement painfully.

Soon there were two hands gripping his forearms and pulling him away from the icy cement.

He slumped into the warm body supporting his weight and finally gave into his emotions. Salty tears streamed down his cheeks to his mouth, which was letting out short, scared breaths of air. His throat felt clogged up, blocking the oxygen from flowing smoothly into his lungs. His body was aching and covered in a thin sheet of sweat, his hair was sticking out abnormally, his whole body was a mess, but his mind won the award for the biggest mess of all.

Poisoned thoughts picked at his brain like a million piercing needles.

“I- I can’t do it, Will.” He was shaking. “I just can’t.”

When Will didn’t respond, Nico glanced up to his face. Will’s eyes were watery and it looked like he was going to cry. Nico immediately jumped out of his embrace. “What- what did I do? What’s wrong?” he yelped out.

Will took a few breaths. “I hate seeing people cry, especially you. I hate to see you like this, Nico.” He clenched his eyes shut. “And I feel like it’s all my fault.”

“What?” Why would it be his fault? Nico was confused.

“It’s just- I dunno, like, I’m your best friend, or at least I think I am, and I knew you didn’t like this sort of thing. I knew you’d hate the theatre. I knew.” He looked so angry at himself. “I knew and I still tried to convince you to join and I let Piper do all her creepy mind tricks on you and I just kept keeping silent while this whole mess got bigger.” He sighed. “I just- I dunno.”

“Will?” He didn’t like seeing Will like this, either.

“I just can’t do anything right, especially when it comes to you.” He was clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Look at me, Will. Are you serious?”

Now Will looked confused.

“It’s not like you signed me up for this without my permission or anything. Don’t blame yourself for my actions. You know I chose to do this, right?”

“Yeah, but-”

“No buts. I’m the one who agreed to it. I don’t let other people make my decisions for me, Will.”

“I know that…”

“Then stop pulling all this self deprecating crap.”

“I feel like our roles are reversed right now.” He sighed. “I should be the one comforting you…”

“This probably worked better than your silly ‘the sun shines on everyone’ advice ever would, to be honest.” He chuckled. “You got me so worked up I completely forgot about everything else.”

“What? My advice isn’t silly!”

Nico laughed again. “It kinda is. I mean who would believe all that cliche hallmark-card-like stuff.”

“I thought you did…”

“Don’t worry, Will. It’s not about you giving good advice, it’s about you being there to give advice. And somehow you always manage to show me what I need to see.”


“Thanks for being here…”

“Oh my god, Nico. Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah…”

Will was staring at him like he’d grown a second head. He stared back.

“What’s with all this touchy feely stuff all of the sudden?”

Nico frowned. “Oh no. I think the theater is turning me into a sap.”

Will laughed. “I kinda like it.”

Nico punched his shoulder lightly. “Shut up.”

“Okay. How about we take a walk before going back in.”

Nico nodded. “Sounds good.”

He looked up at Will’s smile and wondered if that was a ‘mask’ as Piper would say. Then he wondered if he was wearing a ‘mask’ looking at Will right now. It didn’t feel like it. But how was he to know? He wasn’t the expert.

When Will threw his arm around Nico’s shoulders and started guiding him away from the school and towards the nearby park, Nico thought about what Piper had said about the two of them. He felt his face heat up, but when he looked up at Will he found a solid answer to her question: yes.

When Nico walked back in the theatre later with Will at his side, Will’s arm still slung over his shoulders, he didn’t feel as if there was such a huge glacier weighing him down anymore. He felt warmer. Especially when Piper gave him a knowing look and his face heated up to what felt like its boiling point.


Day 5: Operation Make Friends with the Stage

It was just past 9 pm when practice ended and Nico was absolutely exhausted. The rest of the crew had spent months perfecting their performance and memorizing their lines, but Nico only had days. And he wasn’t going to quit and let his friends down now. He kind of felt like the whole play was riding on him at this point. The rest of the actors were solid, they’d done all their work and they were sure to perform up to par. But he had one of the main characters and he was still pretty rocky.

As people buzzed around putting away equipment and chatting away before going home, Nico stayed on the stage, sitting on the edge with his feet dangling. People slowly started leaving in groups, and eventually it was completely silent.

He sighed, relieved. Then he let himself fall back onto the stiff stage and extended his arms so that he looked kind of like a starfish.

He took long, deep breaths and tried to get comfortable with the idea of thisthing he was lying on top of. He hate the word stage, it felt too grand and too menacing. With a stage came a performance and an audience, and he just didn’t want to think about that. He didn’t want to make it real in his head. He wanted to pretend he was actually lying in bed, on the soft black sheets, watching TV or reading or even studying. Anything but this, anywhere but here.

He pictured himself lying in the snow in the winter with Bianca by his side before she passed away. He looked to the side and he could almost see her laughing, her eyes twinkling.

He closed his eyes and started moving his arms and legs like he was making a snow angel. He felt himself escaping into his imagination when-

“What-” Laughing. It sounded like Will but Nico hoped it was his mind playing tricks on him. “What are you doing, Nico?”

Nico jumped up and spun around. It was Will. Great.

“Oh my god, what were you doing?” He sounded so incredulous it made Nico want to melt into a puddle of dread and drip into a sewer and live there for the rest of his life, forever regretting this moment.

“Um… wishing the word ‘stage’ didn’t exist?”

“Then why were you, I don’t even know. Hugging it? Rubbing it? I don’t even know.”

“Geez, I was making a snow angel!”

“What? There’s no snow!”

“So?” He was getting defensive. Will noticed.

“Can I join you, then?”


Will didn’t wait for an answer, he came and lied down beside Nico, mimicking the motions Nico was making previously.

After a few moments of Nico just watching him, Will said, “So, what are you doing here so late?”

“I dunno. Trying to accept it all. Trying to take everything in.”

Will nodded.

They lied in silence for awhile, leaving each other alone with their own thought and emotions.

Will broke the silence. “You were trying to imagine the stage was snow, weren’t you?”


“You know, the stage isn’t really all that scary when you stop thinking of it as an almighty stage and start treating it a what it is, just another floor that’s been walked on a million times by a million different people. Some of them like you, terrified of the floor beneath their feet.”

Nico tilted his head so he could see the floor of the stage. He pictured a small boy like him, years in the past, lying right in this sport making snow angels. He laughed. “I don’t think there’s ever been anyone quite like me before, making snow angels on a stage.”

Will laughed, too. “No, there definitely hasn’t been anyone quite like you before, Nico. But there has certainly been people who were conflicted by this stage. And who knows, maybe they lied down on it too and imagined it was a beach and pretended to swim. We’re all so different at the same time as we’re so alike.”


“I used to pretend I was in my bedroom, reciting my lines to my Super Mario Bros poster.”

Nico looked over at him dubiously.

“I still do, actually. Sometimes. Other times I picture myself taking to my parents, or to you.”

Nico’s eyes widened. “Me?”

“Yeah, believe it or not, you’re really easy to talk to, Nico. And I like talking to you, you’re actually kind of fun to be around.”

“You mean Nico, like, me?”

“Yeah silly!”

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself…” Nico looked away, embarrassed.

Will whacked his arm. “Don’t get all touchy feely on me again. I like you fine just the way you are.” He smiled as Nico turned back around to look at him. “But… thanks, Nico. It means a lot.”

Nico nodded.

Will sat up and ran a hand through his blond curls.

“Just think of it as your friend, the stage. Not your enemy, It’s not gonna bare fangs and eat you, you know. If anything, it’ll grow fur to cushion your fall.”

“My fall?”

“Which won’t happen because you absolutely will not fall!” Will added in a rush. “And I’ll be there to catch you if you do, so it won’t even have to grow fur.”

“Whatever you say, Romeo.”


Day 6: Operation Stop Fleeing From the Earthquake

The next day, Nico payed closer attention to Will as he performed in their final practice session.

He wondered if Will was imagining him standing there, and if Will was talking to him alone within the entire crew. That made him feel warm inside.

Will must have noticed how closely Nico was watching him because everytime he turned around to face away from the rows and rows of seats, he would catch Nico’s eyes and keep them locked there until he turned back around.

It made Nico feel special, and maybe he was.

When Will winked at him during his love confession scene as Apollo, Nico just smiled. He didn’t run. Though his face did heat up quite a bit and he felt like he should run and get an ice pack to cool it down.

When it was Nico’s turn to perform, he decided to use Will as his anchor, so he pretending they were back sitting on the swings in the park behind the school, talking about random things. Everytime he looked at Will, who was watching him just like he’d watched Will, he felt a surge of confidence. It was only Will he was speaking to, he didn’t have to be afraid where Will was concerned. So he spilled all his emotions to Will, and even though it was as Hades, he still felt lighter than ever.

Later, when they were both off stage, Nico spotted Will settled on the bench he’d been on when Piper had talked to him the other day. He decided to go sit beside him, and when Will scooched closer to him right away (a little too close), he didn’t move away. He didn’t even flinch when he felt Will’s breath on his ear and heard him whisper a barely audible, “You’re amazing, Nico.” Instead, he turned his head so their noses were touching. “All because of you, Will,” he whispered back, even quieter.


Day 7: Operation Obliterate Obstacles

Nico had hated the theatre.

But then the world decided to alter his fate, all within seven short days.

He was the last domino, the tip of an intricate pattern made of millions of identical dominoes, and he had to watch as every domino tipped and hit the next. Then the one before him was getting larger and larger until he felt it crash into him. He was the last the hit the ground. The end of the domino effect.

He was the last straw in the haystack.

He was the final blow before the victim crumbled to the ground, unconscious and beaten to bits.

He was the last chance, the last resort, after a play slowly started falling apart.

He was a replacement. He was taking the spot of an actor with a broken leg.

But he was a good replacement. He was the savior of a play that’d been thrown into a dark and dirty ditch. He was the blow that finally allowed an escape for the victim, who lay unconscious and free of pain. He was the lightest straw in the haystack, and after him, all the work was done and it was time to relax. He was at the most exciting part of the domino effect, as he fell, cheers erupted because the effect had made it all the way around.

He was a lot of lasts and few firsts. But being a late bloomer doesn’t mean he’d never bloom. Being at the end of the line didn’t mean he’d never get his chance for victory.

He hated the theater, yes, but that was before the domino effect had finished. That was when it would always fail, and his domino would never get knocked over.

Once he gave it a chance, even though it was as a last resort, he realized when last resorts had their time of victory, it was the most powerful victory ever. When the last domino finally had its turn to fall, it was the most powerful effect. It meant more. It meant the most difficult job was finally completed, and completed well. It meant relief that everything had worked out. It meant happiness and sadness that it was over.

It meant that things don’t always go according to plan, but those are the best kinds of things.

It meant change can be change for the better.

It meant that Nico di Angelo was capable of succeeding on stage.

It meant he was capable of loving. He was capable of loving the theatre. He was capable of loving a boy.

He was capable of loving a boy in the theatre.

He smiled genuinely as the entire theatre crew enveloped him a huge bear hug. It felt squishy and suffocating. Too many of his limbs were touching too many of other people’s limbs and they were sticky with sweat. It smelt gross. But if felt safe, and warm. Will pushed through to the middle and wrapped both of his arms around Nico’s neck, resting them on his shoulder’s.

“Guys, he doesn’t like human contact!” Will exclaimed.

The he pushed through the block of bodies backwards, pulling Nico by the neck in front of him, acting as his shield. When they escaped, Nico said, “Will, you didn’t have to do that…”

“No, I didn’t. But I wanted to!” He squeezed Nico tighter. “I wanted to hug you all by myself.”

When Will let go he said, “Good job, Nico.”

“Thanks,” Nico replied with a smile.

He looked into Will’s crystal blue eyes. He didn’t see any more obstacles in his way, so he leaned in.


Wow, I can’t believe I got this done. Honestly, in spirit of solangelo weekend, I was scrolling through fics that I’d written ages ago but had never posted, fics that were left unfinished in my drafts, and I stumbled upon this one. I had already written Days 1, 2, and 7, but had never filled in the gaps. And this evening I started filling in those holes and I ended up writing up ‘till midnight to finish it this weekend and I’d say that’s pretty successful considering it’s 6000 words long. Anyway, I hope it’s good and not all over the place, especially since I’m half asleep writing this aha :D  Happy solangelo weekend!

101 Fluffy Prompts

A prompt taken from this post. Feel free to send me a number!

On queue: #22, #59, and #05 in that particular order

This was requested by an anon. I’m working on number 22 so that should be up soon. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expected but I’m a bit loopy on cough medicine so sorry.

Written in Lucas’ POV (I know it’s a bit weird). Set in their freshman year of college. Riley and Maya are best friends and so are Farkle and Lucas. There’s no core four. Lucas and Maya are pretty much just plot devices in this story. 

#021 “He/She’s quite stunning isn’t, isn’t he/she?”

“Farkle did you find the book? The librarian said it should be over here somewhere.” 

Lucas spotted Farkle crouching behind a bookshelf, a gap strategically placed between two books. He was holding a thick book Lucas assumed was the one they needed to finally finish their papers for their prerequisite history class. Farkle was so engrossed in whatever was on the other side that he didn’t hear Lucas come up beside him. 

Lucas peered around his shoulder. “Whatcha looking at?”

Farkle jumped quickly shoving the two volumes together before Lucas could see what was on the other side. 


He was blushing which only served to make Lucas curious as to what his friend could have been staring at.

A quick peek around the shelf revealed a pretty brunette sitting alone, reading glasses precariously perched on her nose. Books were strewn all over the table and she was furiously writing notes into her notebook.

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anonymous asked:

How about Dazai's s/o taking a bullet that was meant for him? Love your blog btw!

Finally I get to write some angst on this blob! I sounded way to happy trust me I’m not that sadistic I don’t really want to break Dazai

It happened so fast. One minute she was there, by his side defending his back. The next, a deathly scream echoed the battle field as a splatter of blood  spread across Dazai’s face as he watched the figure dive in front of him . Suddenly everything went to slow motion for Dazai while he watched ___ collapse limp on to the  cold, hard floor in front of him. She clutched her chest in agonizing pain as the red liquid oozed out of her, staining her clothes and hands.
“___!” Dazai yelled dropping to his knees before picking up her injured body and holding her tightly in his arms “___!”. The girl slowly opened her eyes to meet Dazai’s panicked expression. His eyes traveled down her body to the fresh deep wound on her chest. It was too late to save her, there would be no way to get the bullet out of her and even if they did the lack of blood would take her anyway. By now ___ had already realized what her fate had come to and felt the tears well up in her eyes. “Wh-why…” is all Dazai could mutter “Why did you do this?!”. A smile formed on his partner now pale face “You…already..know the…answer to that….”. Every breath was strained and getting weaker by the second “You….deserve….life…more..”. Tears now ran down Dazais face as he sniffed and continued to stare at his lover slowly lose consciousness. “B-But you promised we’d go together! Th-the two of us!” Dazai sobbed, giving up on hiding his emotions “We’d l-leave this world together!”. The girls breath got slower and deeper but she managed to raise her hand to Dazai’s face. Even if she was shaking uncontrollably, ___ still managed to use the last of her strength to wipe away the remainder of tears away from his face while still smiling weakly up at him.

“Don’t worry……we…….will be….in…a…..better….place…together………soon”

With that she felt her eyelids weigh down and as well as her body, her arm dropped down to her side. Without thinking, Dazai bent down and placed a kiss on ___ ‘s lips. They were ice cold and dry but Dazai kept his lips sealed with hers for as long as he could. Weakly, she did kiss back but soon the man felt the kiss break and the weight in his arms suddenly get heavier. It was clear to Dazai what happened but he didn’t want to face the harsh reality.

“N-Not yet……please don’t leave me……idoit………

I loved you……..”

K bye guys you can all hate me now

Lady Raptors---Part 5

*inserts myself into your dashboard*

Drake bit his lip at the enticing picture. He looked up to see a semi-conscious Chubbs staring at him with a knowing look. Drake shook his head at him and turned to Wayne.

“I’m gonna go make a call.” He stood up.

“Whatever nigga.” He slurred. “You betta be calling Nic’s fine ass.” Chubbs agreed with a mumbled speech. Drake ignored them and stood up.

He climbed up his marble stairs and strolled down the hallway, unlocking his phone. He pushed open his room doors and sat on his California King bed. Drake dialed her number and listened to the long beeps. Nic answered on the second ring.

“Yes.” He heard her voice whisper huskily.

“You should have stayed.”

“So your friends could watch us fuck?” She wrapped the towel around herself and grabbed body oils. Nic plopped on her bed and almost melted from his laugh.

“Nah.” He laughed lowly. “You got me feeling some type a way.” He groaned rubbing the slight bulge in his pants.

“Then you need to bring yo ass over here and fuck me.” Nic said biting her lip.

“Stop saying shit like that over the phone baby.” He warned.

“I’m so wet right now Drake.” She moaned. Her hand fluttered to her lower lips to see that her statement was more than true. She didn’t know what it was about him, but she wanted him now more than anything. Nic had long since tossed her pride out the window.

“Come see me….please.” She mumbled.

“Text me your address.” Drake hung up the phone and jogged down the stairs. He grabbed his keys and headed to the front door. Completely forgetting he had company.

“Nigga, where you going?” Chubbs said with squinted eyes. Drake opened the door and shut it behind him. He got in his car and cranked it up. His phone went off and he read the message with a smirk.

Drake broke all speed limits getting to her place. He parked in her driveway haphazardly and walked up her driveway. He rang the doorbell and heard her sweet voice call out asking for a minute. Nic opened the door in a towel with her hair wet.

“Took you long enough pretty boy.” She smirked holding out her arms for him. Drake smiled at her and stepped in kicking the door shut behind him.
He picked her up easily and gripped her ass through the unraveling towel. She attacked his lips, gripping his still wild hair. Elicting groans from deep in his chest. Their tongues meshed and there was lip-biting.

Nic pulled away slowly, panting, and hopped down from his tight grasp. She turned around without a word and walked up her stairs. Drake stood there looking at her retreating back dumb-founded. Nic laughed and dropped her towel.

“Are you coming?”

She lead him into her room and turned around with her hands on her hips. Drake thought she looked extremely sexy. He stepped forward confidently and wrapped an arm around her waist. He lifted her effortlessly and placed her on the bed. He didn’t bother with foreplay this time. There would be plenty of other times for that. He wanted her right then. And looking down at her, he could see she didn’t mind.

He pulled off his constricting pants and spread her legs. Hovered over her, he pressed his forehead against hers. They locked eyes as he slid inside her perfectly. They cursed loudly and Nic clutched his back tightly. Drake kissed up and down her sweet chest.

“You feel so good baby.” Drake complimented her.

“Faster.” She whimpered at his impossibly increasing size. Drake sped up and growled into her ear as her walls squeezed him tightly.

“Fuck me Drake!” Nic yelled running her nails down his sides. He pushed in to the hilt and she opened her mouth in a silent cry. “That’s what I’m talking bout.” He said as she tightened around him climaxing.

Nic slapped her palms against the bed and gripped her sheets. Drake increased his speed while kissed her deeply. He hit a spot inside her and saw her jump slightly in his arms. So, he focused on that one spot.

“Right there!” She moaned against his wet lips in pleasure as he smiled down at her. He loved that she was so vocal and not embarrassed by it. Drake gripped her sides and pulled her lower body to meet his pummeling thrusts.

“Oh my God!” Nic yelled arching her back.
Drake grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to him. He keep her seated firmly on his lap. She rested her head on his shoulder and Drake thrusted up inside her.

“Drake!” She screamed, her head shooting up. He gripped her ass hard and slammed her body down on his forcefully. He waited as she adjusted to his size. And bit his lip  when she ground her hips into his trying to take it all in.

“That’s it baby.” He moaned sucking on her neck.  Nic raised her arms and pulled her hair up, her mewls filling the steamy room.Drake grabbed her bouncing breasts and pulled and pinched her little erect nipples.

“You are so fucking perfect.” Drake mumbled to her, kissing her exposed neck.

“Shut up.” She laughed.

They continued until Drake felt his stomach tightening. He let his head fall back in ecstasy. Nic felt him pulsate inside of her and she whispered in his ear.

“You gonna come for me Drake?”

When he didn’t answer she clenched her walls around him viciously. He jerked and slapped her ass. Unknowingly, sending her into her building orgasm. Drake grunted as he felt his cum shoot deep inside her and gripped her tightly, pressing her to his chest. Nic whimpered and kissed his chest softly.
When he relaxed, he released her slowly and smoothed out a loose hair of hair on her face. Nic fell back against her pink plush pillows and looked up at him. Drake crawled over to her limp, nude body and pulled her close to him. He rested his head on her belly in contentment.

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What would you like to happen in the bamon reunion scene? (fingers crossed we get one and it's not brushed off like in season 5).

Oh we’re getting our reunion this time. Otherwise I am walking down to Covington myself and me and some people are gonna have WORDS.

Actual words tho because I’m a lover not a fighter

I want him to be alone when he finds Bonnie in the gym.

She’s at a point where she’s truly lost all hope. Maybe the bear thing didn’t work, maybe it never found Damon, maybe he didn’t recognize it if it did.

She’s come to a place where she thinks Kai won’t expect her to go, hiding in the barricaded gym of the high school. She’s hungry, and weak, and tired, and her wound isn’t healing.

She realizes she’s going to die there. Completely alone. And no one will ever know.

She envisions better times, holiday dinners with Grams, and spending Christmas Eve at the Gilbert house because her dad was out of town, waking up at 4 in the morning with Elena and running down the stairs to attack the presents under the tree.

At some point she collapses against the wall. She’s been feverish, she thinks her wound might be infected.

She’ll realize that Grams wouldn’t have wanted it to end like this, that Grams made a sacrifice to ensure she would be happy. But she takes comfort in the fact that Grams will never know.

And then she hears the banging on the door. Someone is trying to get in. Kai’s found her, she thinks. She’s too weak and woozy, she can’t do anything but cry and yell for Kai to leave her alone and just at least let her die in peace.

When the doors finally burst open, she thinks she must be hallucinating, because the man standing there doesn’t look like Kai. It looks like Damon.

He flashes over to her, and pulls her into his arms like he had back in the cave. She pushes him away, still confused and not trusting that it’s not some sort of trick.

But he tears into his wrist, and feeds her his blood, and clutches her to his chest because he’s finally found her. And all the while his lips are pressed to her hair, and she can hear him murmuring, “It’s okay, I got you. You’re safe. I got you.”

     First day of first grade. Abigail clutched her lunchbox to her chest as she walked to the room. It was full of kids running around and yelling while teachers and parents tried to get a hold of the situation. Abigail just wanted to find her friend whom she had met in day care just a couple years ago. Nervously, the child finally took a step into the room. It seemed every child in there had a parents with them. Not her, though. She looked down at the floor. A piece of her short brunette hair came untucked from her ear and fell in front of her face. She had on a purple shirt (her favorite color) and blue jeans. Even her shoes were purple.

Her eyes scanned the large room. None of the toys in there really stuck out to her. She took her backpack off her shoulders and zipped it up. Inside was a box of pencils, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. More importantly, her favorite stuffed animal. It was a grey puppy, but it didn’t really look like a puppy anymore. It had been in Abigail’s possession since she was a newborn. It was missing it’s right eye, had a torn left hear, and had no stuffing in the back left leg.

She stuffed her lunchbox into her backpack, zipped it back up, and slung it over her shoulder. At last, she finally took another step into the room. Parents were beginning to leave now. They all were kissing their children goodbye. Her eyes scanned the room again and she finally caught sight of her friend, Delsin. An audible, relieved sigh escaped her and she went trotting over to him.

“Hi, Delsin,” she greeted.

In Your Wedding Dress

Oliver Queen had never had the best track record with women. He hurt them, he used them and he betrayed them; Laurel being the worst of all. He never let himself get attached, always the one to pull away as soon as she got close. Everything was a game. How far could he push her until she ran away? And then he would chase her, get her back, and they would start the game all over again.

Other women were no different. Other people were no different. He’d gotten punched in the face by more than a few of his friends for sleeping with their girlfriends. Sex was just sex. He enjoyed it. He had fun; especially when it was a girl who should have been off-limits to him. There was nothing hotter than finally fucking the quarterback’s girlfriend in the backseat of his car after she’d spent months trying to resist him. He liked the chase.

Laurel reached through to him on some level. She always forgave him, and he was so sure that she would be the one to change him. Fix him. Save him. But Ollie was still Ollie, and whenever he thought she was close doing any of those things, he fought against it. It wasn’t love; it was hope. He subconsciously put the part of himself that wished he could be a better man into Laurel Lance. But the problem was that she couldn’t change him. She couldn’t fix him or save him. And he spent too many years feeling sorry for that.

All of that changed when he met one girl. One tiny, fast-speaking, brilliant blonde with the biggest heart he’d ever known. She didn’t accept his past. She didn’t believe it. For some reason, she couldn’t connect the man that she met in the IT department to the ruthless playboy who loved to break hearts more than he loved any one person. She just didn’t see that vile, heartless kind of man when she looked at him.

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This is a quickie. smut warning. 
As requested by anon.


Robbie’s point of view 

“Did you have to look miserable the entire time?” Y/N scolds me just as soon as we’re out of her best friends apartment. I clench my jaw, trying to keep my anger from flying out of my mouth but it’s no use. “Don’t even fucking start with me. I told you I didn’t want to come out tonight.” I growl back.

I can feel my face heat up as I walk quickly down the hallway towards the elevators. I hear y/n’s heels clicking behind me, struggling to catch up. I usually give her my arm when she wears heels that high, but I’m beyond pissed at her right now.

Y/N and I rarely fight, but I can tell this one is going to be bad. Once I start there’s no shutting up my mouth and she never admits she’s wrong. To make matters worse, neither of us like losing a fight. I jab the ‘down’ button repeatedly. I want out of this building. “That won’t make it come it come any faster, you know” Y/N mutters beside me. Hell no. I turn my body towards Y/N and raise my eyebrow at her, my lips pursed. She stares unblinkingly at me and raises her eyebrow back, crossing her arms in front of her at the same time-it was like we were getting ready for battle.

Her face is beginning to flush with anger and her eyes are razor sharp, cutting through me. In spite of my anger all I want to do is rip that stupid sparkly dress off her body and devour her. Instead, I sigh in frustration.

The slowest elevator on the face of the earth finally arrives on the 19th floor and we both get in. “Press L, we have to go to the lobby to get to the parking lot” Y/N says miserably. “Why don’t you press L?” I yell at her. She was being completely ridiculous and I had no patience for her bull. All I wanted to do tonight was go over to her house, order some pizza and snuggle with her. Yeah, I like to snuggle my girlfriend. But no, she was determined to ruin my night. “Well, I know how much you like to press buttons. I’m just being considerate.”  “Oh God”  I mutter, pressing L.

“She’s my best friend, Robbie. And you were a complete asshole up there to her and Greg –at their own housewarming party of all times and places!” Round one. “Kayla, Greg and their apartment can go screw themselves for all I care. Who the hell throws a passed h'orderves house warming party in a ghetto apartment building? We’re all 19 years old! Who does that?” I exclaim. Y/N shakes her head but keeps quiet. She’s got no comeback for me.

The elevator suddenly jolts and Y/N gasps loudly. “We’re not moving” she says, looking slightly panicked. She moves her way up to the button panel and presses the L button repeatedly. When that doesn’t work she tries the Door Open one. Still nothing.  “That won’t make it move any faster” I mock her. “Shut up! We’re stuck you idiot” she screams. “Inside voice, love”  I chuckle to myself and watch her panic for a moment. She hates enclosed spaces. When I see her bottom lip start to tremble slightly I finally interject and press the speaker button at the bottom of the button panel.

“Building security” A voice blares out from the speaker. “Yes, hi. We’re stuck on elevator 4, I think? Floor 15. The elevator isn’t moving and my girlfriend is about to have a panic attack” I add, just for kicks. Y/N swats my arm hard with her clutch. “No I’m not!” she yells. “Alright Sir, I’m calling the fire department. Hang tight”

This is just great, I think to myself. “I hate this apartment building!” Y/N screams. “Why did you make us come here then?” I shoot back at her. “Why can’t you just play nice once in a while?” she hisses, her chest rising and falling quickly with anger. My eyes are drawn down to the deep V of her dress, her breasts pressing up against the material with each breath she takes. I laugh at her and pull my fingers through my hair. Fuck it, I think as I step towards her and back her into the corner of the elevator. “So you want to play now?” I growl at her and shove my body against hers, bringing my head down so I can stare right into her wide eyes. “Well then, let’s play.”

 I grab her face and kiss her mouth hard, finally shutting her up. Y/N tries to mumble something between our kiss but I ignore it, my anger completely dissolving into pure uncontrollable lust. I move my hands down from Y/N’s face and grab her breasts, but I can’t even feel her nipples through the thick fabric. “ I hate your dress” I pant against her mouth, moving my lips from her face and down her neck. I suck on it hard and she yelps out.  “What the hell are you doing?” Y/N asks, sounding a bit breathless herself.  I bring my hands down to the hem of her dress and pull up to her waist. “Stop, what if the elevator starts moving?” she asks “Then I’ll pull your dress back down” I cup her ass firmly with my hands and lift her up. Her arms wrap around my neck and her legs are around my middle. I have her pinned against the wall and I’m grinding frantically against her. Y/N starts moaning softly into my ear and my mouth starts to water in response.

 “Unzip me quick.” I whisper hoarsely to her. She complies immediately and brings her hand down to my pants and struggles for a few seconds before she undoes them. She glides her hands into my boxers and pulls out my stiff dick. “Fast, before this thing starts moving” i feel her hand move her panties aside and she pulls me in to her wet entrance. I slip right into her and we both moan out. I begin thrusting into her quickly, looking at Y/N’s face. She smiles wickedly at me and bites her bottom lip as I start to move fast against her.

I can feel her walls start to spasm around me and her fingernails dig into my back. Just then the elevator jolts again and we look at each other alarmed. “Just come, Robbie!” I groan loudly and fuck her hard, not caring if we get caught at this point. Y/N walls are gripping at me and I feel her body relax in my arms. I thrust myself in one more time and I come in her, my body jerking slightly at the intense release. “Put me down” Y/N breathes as she unlatches her legs from my waist. I set her down quickly and tuck myself in my boxers again, hoping the wetness wouldn’t seep through my pants.

Y/N fixes her dress and looks at me shyly. “Did we just do that?” she asks, picking up her clutch from the floor. “I think so” I laugh and kiss her gently on her sweet lips. “Robbie? Are we still not moving?” she asks me, panic crossing her face again. “Nope. I guess we didn’t have to be in such a hurry to finish after all” I smirk. Y/N swats my arm playfully this time and moves back to the button panel, pressing the speaker button “Excuse me, sir? we’re still stuck here.”

Stilinski Family Beach Vacation

Packing in the Stilinski family is an absolute nightmare.

The Sheriff asks Claudia where his sunglasses are three times while four year old Stiles spends one moment desperately trying to cram every single one of his toys into a suitcase and the next trying to fit his best friend Scott in the suitcase too.

Claudia thinks he must really like that Scott McCall since he’s willing to sacrifice most of his toys to try to fit Scott in the case.

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