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park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,2k words. fluff/angst. au

—it couldn’t hold onto those letters forever. Neither could he hold onto her.

this one is for Liv @xiuminsm

Dear Chanyeol, 

I’m not quite sure whether to classify you as dumb or cute. Seriously, Park Chanyeol? You sent a ring along with a letter with the words “will you marry me?”and a doodle of yourself kneeling, I can’t believe you!

Oh, and PS: Yes, I will.

Love, ____.

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Say you won’t let go

I really wanted to do another song fic and I love this song so much. 

Song- Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

I met you in the dark, You lit me up. 

You made me feel as though I was enough

Newt spotted you from across the bar. He was taken to celebrate his book by Tina and Queenie and Jacob. He sat in the corner, nursing a glass of firewhiskey when he sees you. 

You stand at the bar ordering some gigglewater. Your presence lit up the room in his mind. Something about you enticed him. He made his way next to you, ordered a drink and stood there awkwardly. 

It wasn’t until you smiled at him that he worked up the courage to talk to you. 

We danced the night away, We drank too much 

I held your hair back when You were throwing up

You and Newt hit it off rather well. You found him quirky and adorable and he found you stunning and interesting. You talked for most of the evening. when your favorite song came on you dragged Newt to the dance floor. It took a while but he warmed up to dancing. 

Unfortunately, you had drunk a little too much. You were in the bathroom with 

Newt next to you rubbing your back, “You don’t have to be here. You should be with your friends” you murmur. 

“I think you need me a little more than they do” he replied.

Then you smiled over your shoulder, For a minute I was stone-cold sober

I pulled you closer to my chest 

You looked up and smiled weakly at Newt. You had only met this man but he made you feel so special. Newt’s eyes lit up, he never felt like this before. 

He pulled you into a hug on the cold bathroom floor. He rubbed your shoulder and set his chin on your head. He knew that he wasn’t going to let you go. 

And you asked me to stay over, I said, I already told you I think that you 

should get some rest 

Newt was walking you to your apartment. You were all wrapped up in his coat and you were still a little tipsy and weak. 

“You should come up to my room Newt, I'm sure you’d love it” you offer. Newt walked you to your door and opened the door for you. 

“Love, I think you should get some rest tonight, maybe another time” he replies. 

He starts to walk off when you call out to him “Newt, your coat!” He turns and smiles at you. 

“Keep it, I’ll get it next time I see you”

I knew I loved you then, But you’d never know

‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go

Newt walked slowly back to Tina and Queenie’s apartment. He had a smile on his face he couldn’t get rid of. He couldn’t figure out how someone had managed to steal his heart so quickly. 

The last time he felt like this was, Leta. Worry clouded his mind. He knew he loved you but he was afriad it was going to turn out like last time. He decided to keep his love for you a secret. 

Maybe after a few dates, he would tell you how he really felt, if it ever made it that far.

I knew I needed you, But I never showed

But I wanna stay with you until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

It had been a few months and they were someone of the best months of Newt’s life. You were absolutely perfect to him. 

You were kind, caring, compassionate, smart, Newt could go on and on about you. But, his own insecurities kept him from telling you. 

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. He wrote it all down in a letter and he kept it in a drawer until the time was right.

I wake you up with some breakfast in bed I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss

on your head

Newt never understood your love for coffee but he still made you some ever morning. He walked into your room and saw you asleep. He smiled and observed you for a second. 

Your chest rose and fell at such a peaceful rhythm. he leaned down and kissed you on your forehead. You stirred a bit and saw him above you. He had a cup of coffee and some toast in his hands. 

“Thank you Newt” you mumble. 

“Anything for you, love” 

And I’ll take the kids to school, Wave them goodbye And I’ll thank my 

lucky stars for that night 

“Hey Y/n, I’m going to look after our children.” Newt said, his head popping out of his case. 

“Our children? I thought they were yours, mummy” you teased. 

“Well, I may be their mummy but they still love you, would you like to help me feed them?” Newt asked. 

Your eyes lit up and you scrambled out of bed to get in the case. Newt watched with loving eyes as you interacted with his creatures. 

You belonged there, in his case, with him. 

When you looked over your shoulder, for a minute, I forget that I’m older

I wanna dance with you right now, oh and you look as beautiful as ever

And I swear that every day you’ll get better You make me feel this way


Newt watched you as you laid on the couch and read. It was peaceful but a bit boring. Newt stood up and walked over to the old record played. You looked up from your book when you heard soft melodies fill the air. Newt was standing with a flow in his hand. 

“Care to dance?” he asked, his hand out for you to take. 

You set your book down and take his hand. You both danced around like it was your first time. 

“You were a much better dancer when I first met you” you teased 

“I am a bit better at dancing when I’ve had a drink or two” Newt confessed. Laughter filled the air as you both danced the night away. 

I’m so in love with you and I hope you know

Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold

You and Newt were in Arizona. It had been a few years filled with wonderful memories. It was late and you out in the middle of the desert. Newt had set up a small picnic with some blankets. You laid side by side, hands intertwined. 

“That’s the constellation Andromeda, in greek mythology she was chained to a rock by her mother but was saved by Perseus and she eventually became the founder of Persia” you explained pointing to the beautiful night sky. 

Newt looks at you in amazement, he was never that good at astronomy. 

“That’s amazing, does Perseus have a constellation?” he asked. 

“Yep he’s right over there” you said. 

That night was filled with beauty and bad star jokes.

We’ve come so far my dear Look how we’ve grown

And I wanna stay with you until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

Newt was pacing, a letter and a box in his pocket. It was your birthday but you were forced to work that day. Newt had thought it over and he wanted you to know how much he loved you. 

You entered your apartment to find Newt standing in a tux with flowers floating in the air. 

“Y/n L/n, You have made my life everything I could have imagined. When I first met you I knew that you were the one, I even have this letter I wrote to you a couple months after meeting you. Every day I wake up, I thank Merlin you’re lying next to me and I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life, until we’re gray and old. Will you Marry me?” Newt kneeled and held the box. 

You ran to him and kissed him before he could even open the box. Happy tears flowed from your eyes. 

“Of course I will” 

I wanna live with you Even when we’re ghosts

‘Cause you were always there for me, When I needed you most

“Newton Scamander you better not be out of bed” you yelled. 

Newt froze and slowly backed away from his case. You stood at the door with a disapproving look on your face. 

“Newt, you have a very high fever. You are in no condition to work” you say. Newt smiled sheepishly at you and made his way back to bed. 

“it’s like you’re a ghost or something, you came out of nowhere”: Newt noticed. you smirked and set some tea down by his bed. 

“If i’m a ghost then I’ll be just as I am now, very mother-like, minus the floating through walls thing” you joked. 

Newt’s face changed to a small frown, “Well I certainly hope you don’t haunt me, I wouldn’t want to be left on earth without you in a physical form” he said. You suppressed a laugh, the fever was getting to him. 

“Tell you what Newt, we can be ghosts together” you said as you lean and plant a kiss on his forehead.

I’m gonna love you 'til My lungs give out

I promise till death we part Like in our vows

You frowned as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You had grown older and you felt a little self-conscious, Newt still looked amazing, of course. Newt leaned on the door frame and he watched you. He still thought you were the most stunning person on the entire planet. He walked over and wrapped his arms around you. 

“You look amazing love” he whispered in your ear. 

“Yeah well you have to say that, we’re married” you muttered. 

“Anyone with eyes can see how beautiful you look.” you laughed, he always knew how to cheer you up. 

“I love you and I’m never going to stop”

So I wrote this song for you Now everybody knows

That it’s just you and me Until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

Newt holds a piece of parchment in his hand, it’s your anniversary today. You hand Newt a box, he opens it to find a new scarf, one hand knit. It had the colors of Hogwarts and Ilvermorny together in a spiral. 

“Because we can never agree on which school is best, I thought you could represent both” you say excitedly. 

You worked really hard on it and you really hope Newt likes it. Newt’s face broke out into a smile. 

“I love it, It’s perfect. I’ve never gotten something that had this much thought and love in it” he says admiring the scarf. 

“So, um about my gift. I’m not really a poet or a creative writer so I asked Queenie for help but I wrote this for you” Newt hands you the parchment and waits anxiously as you read it over. 

Your eyes start to water, the “song” brought back so many wonderful memories. Like when you first met, to proposing. It was more then you could have asked for. 

“Oh Newt” you hug Newt and pepper kisses all over his face.

”This is, the best thing anyone has ever given me” you say. You bury your head in his neck and let a few tears slip. 

“I’m never letting go of you Newt, ever”

This turned out to be one of my favorites tbh.

More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 1

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


There are five holiday breaks in Norway. During those breaks kids don’t have to go to school so even if for whatever reason you don’t celebrate those festivities you still don’t have class. That makes it a good chance to go somewhere else and relax, spend time with your family, maybe even make new friends.

Five holidays breaks that go along the year.

The summer break, the biggest of them all, starts on late June and ends on August. After that, the school year begins and it’s not until late September/early October when the autumn break comes, it only lasts a week but it’s something. Then Christmas arrives, 2 weeks without going to school, 2 weeks to relax. Just like autumn has its break, winter also has one, this one takes place on late February/early March and just like the previous season’s break it lasts a week. Then finally comes Easter, every April, kids, and also teenagers of course, have a free week.

As said before, these breaks give families the best chance to spend some time together, far away from the city.

For Yousef’s family that means going to the cabin in the woods. Every year, almost every holiday, they go there. The cabin in the woods is a pretty big house with four bedrooms, not that they need the four bedrooms, and two floors. Yousef always takes the room in the attic, he loves the views and the calm that comes with it. At first Yousef loved going to the cabin but as he grows up he starts to get bored, he rather spend his breaks back in Oslo with his friends. His family rents the house for the first month of summer, the autumn break, the second half of Christmas and the first 4 days of Easter. Someone would say that the Acar family are the best costumers for that cabin, but they aren’t actually the only ones who stay a big part of their year there.

Sana’s family started to rent that house for holiday breaks before Sana had even been born. As if they were taking turns with the Acar family, though they had never met and they wouldn’t for a really long time, the Bakkoush family would stay in that cabin during the second month of summer, the first week of Christmas, the winter break and finally the last 4 days of Easter. Sana had to fight a lot with her two brothers, Abdu and Elias, to let her take the attic room. Eventually she won the battle and the room was hers. She likes being there. She has never been a very social girl. Sure, she has friends but not as many as her brothers have. In fact, she has never taken any friend to the cabin, unlike her brothers who always have guests. That may be the reason why Sana starts to dread going to the cabin, she always feels alone there.


SUMMER 2011 (11 and 13 years old)

On the summer of 2011 as Yousef had been in that cabin for almost three weeks already, he was starting to get on his nerves. He kept pacing around the room trying to think about something entertaining to do. Of course, nothing came to his mind. He was about to give up when suddenly he tripped and almost fell. When he looked down to the floor to try to find out what had made him trip he realize that there was a loose slab. He kneeled to the floor and took the slab in his hands. In the spot it had left on the floor there was a gap, big enough to hide something. For a moment he got excited, what if someone had hid something there and he was about to discover it? But the hole was empty. He was a little disappointed at first but then an idea came to his mind. What if he was the one that would hide something there? But now the question was…what should he hide? It wasn’t like he had anything he wanted to get rid of. For 15 minutes he sat on the floor looking around the room trying to think about something good. His eyes stopped in the wooden wardrobe that had a broken door. He remembered how the first time he got there that summer, three weeks ago, as he was about to open the wardrobe, the door fell and hit him in the foot. In that moment he wished someone, a previous tenant, would’ve warned him. What if he did exactly that? What if he wrote a note for the next tenant warning them about the broken door, that was a good thing to do, right?

He stood up and grabbed a notebook and a pen.

“Hello there unknown person. If you’re reading this you’ve found the loose slab on the floor and just like me you’ve been curious enough to look in the hole hoping that you’d find something. Congratulations! You found me. Sorry if I’m not what you were waiting for. But I’m actually here with a good tip. Be careful when you open the wardrobe door. Unless it gets fixed after I leave next week (it’s July 2011, just in case you don’t see this until like a million years) if you try to open it too hard it’s going to fall on your feet and hurt you, trust me, it happened to me. I don’t really know what else to say, I’m actually feeling kind of stupid for writing this when no one is probably going to see it. I’ll feel like a complete dumbass when I get back here on autumn break and find this same piece of paper with no answer on it. Anyway, at least I’ve tried. Hope your stay here is more interesting than mine, but honestly, that wouldn’t be that difficult. Well, bye!”

He folded the paper and placed it in the hole. Then he took the slab and put it back in its place. Yousef knew that he probably wouldn’t get an answer, but at least now he had a reason to look forward to his next visit to the cabin.


Sana sighed, only three more days and she finally would be back in Oslo. Not that her life was that interesting back home, but at least she didn’t have to be in the same place for a month. She was sitting on the bed looking at the floor trying to think about something that would entertain her. From her room she could hear her brothers’ laughs, they had brought some friends and were playing outside. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t let her play with them. On the contrary, Abdu and Elias always asked her if she wanted to hang out with them, but the truth was that most of the time Sana just wanted to be left alone. As she was lost in her thoughts something caught her attention. There was a slab on the floor that seemed out of place. She hadn’t noticed it before. She frowned and kneeled down. Sana took the slab and found a hole under it, big enough to hide something there. Without even thinking about it, Sana introduced her hand in the hole and tried to find something. She was about to give up when her fingers touched a piece of paper. She took it and unfolded it eagerly. There was a message, a short message from a previous tenant, and they had been there almost at the same time as her –the note said it was July 2011 and now it was August-. She looked at her wounded foot as she read the part about the broken wardrobe door. It had fallen on her foot the first night there. As she finished reading she thought for a moment. Should she answer? What if it was a psychopath trying to get her attention? But it really didn’t look like it and she didn’t have to reveal any fact about herself to answer. Besides, that person had tried to warn her about the door, the polite thing to do was to say thanks, right?

She grabbed a pen from her desk and started writing.

“Hi! How are you? Well, I guess it doesn’t make much sense to ask you that. It’s August 2032 here, guess it’s been awhile since you wrote that letter…Kidding!! It’s August 2011 so just a few weeks after you left, I guess? I just wanted to thank you for the tip even though I read this note way too late. Me and my wounded foot say hi to you. Since you gave me a tip, I’ll give you another. I don’t know when you’ll be back, if you’ll be back, but a word of advice? Don’t sleep with your window opened in summer, the mosquitoes will kill you. I’ve been bitten so badly this summer and I only slept with my window opened one night. At least next time I’ll be here it’ll be during Christmas break so I won’t have to worry about them, right? Well, I guess that’s pretty much what I wanted to tell you. Thanks again for the tip and don’t feel stupid, you got your answer ;)”


AUTUMN 2011 (11 and 14 years old)

To say that Yousef had spent the rest of the summer thinking about the possibility of him finding an answer to his note when he’d come back to the cabin would be a lie. Being honest he had pretty much forgotten about it as soon as he had arrived back to Oslo.

But when September came and it was time for him to go back to the cabin he found himself thinking about that every day.

As soon as he stepped into the cabin that autumn the first thing he did was run to his bedroom and close the door. He sat on the floor and took a deep breath before taking the loose slab in his hands. His heart beat fast in his chest as he introduced his hand in the hole and picked up the paper. He unfolded and grinned widely when he saw that his handwriting wasn’t the only one in the paper, someone had answered.

He laughed a little while reading it and as soon as he ended he grabbed a pen and wrote an answer

“I’m sorry to hear about your foot! Hope it’s okay now. And yeah I got bitten by the mosquitoes too, guess our blood is really tasty hahah…Okay that was a lame joke. Sorry!. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a reply, I guess we all get bored here in the cabin, right? By the way, I’m also going to be back here for Christmas…hmmm…I wonder how that will work. Guess we’ll know in a few months. Thank you for your answer and I hope you have a good autumn!”


CHRISTMAS 2011 (12 and 14 years old)

“I’m always here the first week of Christmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas in my family so we like to get away from the city. But on the second week we go back and spend some time with the rest of the family. A word of advice? When you come here next week don’t sleep with your window opened, you won’t get bitten by mosquitoes but you will literally freeze. Oh and by the way, yeah your joke was kind of lame but I’ve heard them worse, so don’t worry”


“Oh, I see, I’m always here the second week of Christmas. It’s pretty much the same with my family but in reverse order. We spend the week with the family and then we come here for the second week and celebrate New Year’s Eve here, exciting…I know. And of course I won’t sleep with my window opened! It’s December, do you think I’m crazy??? Oh and thanks for being nice about the joke but you shouldn’t be that nice, you’ll make me think that it’s okay to say lame jokes and you’ll never hear the end of it. Happy New Year by the way! I guess this question doesn’t make much sense but…when do you come back?”


WINTER BREAK 2012  (12 and 14 years old)


Happy new year to you too!! I’m back here again! (it’s winter break, 2012) Well in that case I hate your lame jokes please don’t make one like that again! (jk, it wasn’t that bad). And hey, I was just trying to prevent you from getting frozen but okay…girl? Boy?…I just realized I don’t really know anything about you. Maybe you could tell me something, like your age for example? Please tell me you’re not a 40 years old man, that’d be creepy. I don’t want you to tell me your name though, I like the anonymous thing, it’s interesting and it feels safe, if you know what I mean. I’ll be back on the last four days of Easter, hope there’s an answer when I come back”


EASTER 2012  (12 and 14 years old)


“I’m not a 40 years old man!! I’m 38! Haha just kidding, another lame joke. I’m a 14 years old boy actually. And I agree with you with the anonymous thing, I think it’s better if we don’t know much about each other’s personal life, it’s more interesting this way. By the way I’m here for the first 4 days of Easter so I guess you’ll come back after I leave. It feels as if we were taking turns to be in the cabin hahah. Guess it was destiny that we would meet…well not meet, but talk.”


“Ufff, I feel a lot better now. I’m a 12 years old girl, yeah yeah, I’m a little kid whatever…I’m sure I’m more mature than you. I actually think that I saw your car leaving when I got here? A nice white car? You know what? Forget about it, we’re trying to be anonymous here, we can’t know which kind of car we have either…I guess? So I won’t be back until summer, will you be here like last year?? I pretty much come the same dates every year so I guess now you know when I’ll be here. What about you? Was this year an exception or is it the rule? And yes I guess destiny was trying to make us meet…write…whatever. I’ll read you on summer!”


Well this is the first chapter!! 

I really hope you’ve liked it

I’ll tag all the chapters with “more than words au” and I’ll also post it on ao3 in case someone prefers to read it there

Thank you so much for reading and I hope it wasn’t confusing with so many time jumps

[the way that we are]

title: the way that we are

fandom: boku no hero academia

pairing: some ojiro/tooru

notes: super quick thing i wrote in between other stuff. alternatively titled “five facts about tooru hagakure”. [1117 words] | [ao3 link] edit: no longer on ao3.


It’s kind of silly, the way this whole thing works out. By the time Tooru’s Quirk manifests, she’d already had a half-baked plan in mind about what she wanted to do without one. Then bam, just like that, it goes down the drain in a second.

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Piano Lessons

This is for the ever wonderful @ariadne1004​.Thank you for always being in my notifications. I hope you always remain there! I hope you enjoy this! 

To the newbies here, follow, reblog, like, leave a comment, get in my ask box, anything! I love everyone here! 

I don’t think there are any warnings- there’s some kissing, and a little bit of suggestive context, but nothing sexual.

PS- I’m hoping this is the end to my writer’s block. I’m getting sick of this whole ‘fuck I feel worthless because I can’t even write stories to some of my best followers’ feeling. 

PPS- The song is Lonestar’s Amazed. 


Piano lesson 7:00

Theodosia couldn’t figure out who her soulmate was. Whoever he was, he must be really bad at piano. Every week, at least three times a week, piano lesson would show up on her arm. It had taken her four or five occasions of having it scribbled messily on her arm to actually figure out what it said. Theodosia, ever the perfectionist, was disgusted at the scribbles that covered her arms. All. The. Time.

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Saphael High School AU

Simon had to bite his lip to keep himself from laughing. He was in biology and Raphael, the kid who sat in front of him, was making these stupid comments to himself that were so salty and awful and they were hilarious. Raphael was hilarious; he was also very good looking, quiet and he gave off a slight mysterious/bad boy type of vibe.

Simon glanced up to make sure the teacher wasn’t looking before leaning forward and poking Raphael in the shoulder with his pencil. He had decided that he was going to tell Raphael he liked him. Well, more like Clary had threatened to do it if he didn’t but still, it was totally still his decision.

Raphael’s shoulders tensed but he ignored Simon. Simon frowned and poked him again, hoping for him to do something to acknowledge him. Raphael did no such thing. He kept his attention forward and studiously ignored Simon. One more poke and Simon huffed at the lack of response. He quietly ripped a chunk of his paper off, balled it up and threw it at the back of Raphael’s head. He knew he was being slightly childish at this point, but he didn’t really care. Raphael tensed again and Simon could see him clenching his hands on his desk.

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Boku dake ga inai machi: Another Record

Kenya’s part: Chapter 1

The Murderer’s part

It should be a summary, but we ends up translating 75% of the chapter. O|¯|_ You read it right. Expects another 2 or 3 parts to come.

Warning: Manga Spoiler. I translated this from a friend who’s reading this novel. It’s not the most complete, or grammatical correct translation, but this is as close as we could get from working together via several long phone calls.

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How to Look up to Heroes

Summary: There is a reason why Robbie is the the way he is in LazyTown and it has something to do with Number 9. Sportacus was able to fix Robbie but is it really helping him?

Word count: 7275

Inspired by: ‘Sick of Losing Soulmates’ by Dodie Clark (oh boy my friends will kill me) — and yes, the lyrics play a role throughout the story.

Author’s note: This is the 2nd longest fic I’ve ever done for any fandom. It builds up on who I think Robbie is. This is probably my biggest contribution to the LazyTown fandom. Also there were times that I wanted to ended this story earlier but it just ended up being this long cuz it just builds character.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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anonymous asked:

Baekyeol ~ Chanyeol moved to America when he was about twelve. He's eighteen now and a senior in high school. A cute exchange student, who's also a senior, from Korea comes in and gets made fun of for his lack of English speaking abilities. During the midst of the bullying one day, the entire class is immensely surprised to hear chanyeol, one of the most popular boys, speaking in korean to the nearly crying exchange student. Things change after that.

Someone Similar = Chanyeol gave Baekhyun a little bit of confidence.
» baekyeol. fluff.

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25 More OMG Stories From People On The Internet That Will Definitely Make Your Heart Stop

1. My grandmother told me this and I believe it just because of the way she tells this story: She was 11 years old and on vacation at her aunts house in Turkey, Yozgat (small village called Sarikaya, which means “Yellow field”). It was early in the morning. Before she woke up, she dreamed of her aunt and how she was standing in the kitchen and staring out of the window with a cup of coffee, like nearly every morning. In the dream, my grandmother says, she said “Good morning.” Her aunt would turn to her, smile and let her sit at the table, where they usually have breakfast and say calmly: “Tell your mum to wake me up. Don’t wake me up yourself, ok? And if you see a brown bird, follow the bird.” She awoke from this odd dream and told her mum to wake up her sister.

My grandmother had to leave her aunt’s house the same day. After a long day at school (she was visiting a private school at this time, the kind where they give children uniforms: after the Ataturkian revolution this was mandatory) she was on the way home, where suddenly a chirping bird was in front her. She tried to pass the bird but it would just not leave my grandmothers path and soon would chirp louder. At this moment she finally noticed that the bird had a brownly color and she remembered what her aunt was saying in the dream: “Follow the bird.” The weird thing was, she said, the bird wasnt flying at all. It just was jumping away from her and she soon followed it, till she reached the door of a police station, where an officer just opened the door and see the little girl which was my grandmother. The officer but soon would look behind her, to see a person with a black pouch accompanied with some kind of farmer truck waiting for this odd person. Needless to say, those persons have been kidnappers, which decided to flee immadiately. The officer decided to bring her home that day. Eventually, she found out that her aunt died. Most likely at the day she left her house. English is not my first language, but I wanted to share this with you.

2. I married my college sweetheart right after we graduated. After about a year, it wasn’t going well, and it seemed like it would be best for me to move out.

My brother, who is a few years older than me, lived on the other side of town, where he has a fairly large house. He is actually planning to move to another city, and staying there in rented accommodation pretty much all the time. He agreed that I can stay in house until I get myself sorted out or until he sells the house, whichever comes first. His house was actually kind of run down. He had been planning to fix it up, but was so busy with his job that he never really got that much done. I had plenty of time on my hands at evenings and weekends, so I volunteered to do some fixing and decorating for him.

Over a few months, I repainted all the rooms, fixed all the wooden floors, and even retiled both the bathrooms, put in a new toilet and shower, etc. My brother paid for all the materials (he gave me a prepaid debit card), but I did all the labor for free of course. The last room that I was doing was a bedroom. It had a built-in wardrobe cupboard, kind of built into the wall. I decided to paint the inside of the cupboard as well as the room itself, since the cupboard is dirty yellow inside with lots of black marks on the walls. I used the last of the white paint to paint the inside, and left the doors open for it to dry. That was my Friday night, then I went to bed.

Next day was a Saturday, and the last thing to do is paint the walls of the room, which include a dark red lower half, and a cream upper half (there’s a rail between them, and it didn’t look as horrible as it sounds). I went to get the red paint from the corridor, where I had been using it too touch up a spot that I had missed. I then went back to the corridor to get the red paint tray with the roller and brush in it. I tripped as I entered the room, the tray and roller fell on the floor (which fortunately was covered), but the brush went into the cupboard and hit the wall. It left a mark that looked like an elongated S with a long line going straight down underneath it. Now I was pissed, because I would have to repaint the inside of the cupboard – at least a couple of coats to cover the dark red – which means I will have to go out and buy more white paint as well. I picked up the brush, and start to write SHIT using the elongated S for the initial letter. The H however came out looking more like an A, so I write SATAN instead. There was still a long line of paint running vertically under the S, so I made that into the vertical stroke of a K, and wrote KILL.

I thought nothing of it, and then got on with painting the rest of the room. I spent several hours painting the entire room, and by the time I was finished, it was dark and late, and I was aching and really hungry. I decided to go downstairs to get some food and then go to sleep. As I was leaving the room, SATAN KILL caught my eye, and for some reason I decided to write in ORDERS YOU TO after SATAN, making the message SATAN ORDERS YOU TO KILL. It didn’t seem important, as I am planning to paint over it anyway.

First thing Sunday morning, I went out and bought a tub of white paint. When I got back I paint over SATAN ORDERS YOU TO KILL, but you can still read it through the white paint. I then started on the second coat on the room proper. When I finished them room, I redid white roller over SATAN ORDERS YOU TO KILL in the cupboard again, but you can still read it. For the next week, every morning before I leave for work, and when I get back from working in the evening, I rollered another layer of white paint over SATAN ORDERS YOU TO KILL. I was convinced that it was still faintly visible.

The next weekend my brother came over, so I showed him the cupboard, and asked him if he can see any message written inside it. He said that he couldn’t. But I was still convinced that is was faintly visible. I told myself that it is my mind playing tricks with me, and thatI must take his word for it. Nevertheless, just to be sure, I did add a few more layers of paint over the next few days. During this time, there are periodically people who come with the realtor to look at the house. My brother was after all trying to sell it. I do particularly remember one family (mother, father and teenage boy) who spent ages looking over the house one Saturday – I think (not sure) if this is the same family that reappears later in this story.

I soon moved out, and moved away to another town. Got a new job, rented my own place. My brother eventually sold the house. I met a new girl, etc. At Christmas, my brother invited me and my girl over to his large apartment in a major city. We went to visit. When we are talking, he tells me that he is so glad that he is rid of that house, since it always gave him the creeps. Asks me if it ever gave me the creeps. (It didn’t). Then the killer revelation: The family who bought the house – the teenage son killed his parents, and hid their bodies in a cupboard.

3. When I was growing up I lived in rural Alabama, about 30 miles north of a place called Mount Pinson. There really wasn’t anything around. Just houses, nothing like a neighborhood in the traditional sense. No stores nothing. We had a one police officer and he was pretty friendly. He was my best friends uncle. He would often let us ride around with him because nothing really ever happened. There wasn’t a recorded murder or anything beyond someone being drunk and a public nuisance. He didn’t even arrest people for that, he just ferried them home.

Well we had this lady who was all alone.. Her husband and died a few years earlier and she was lonely. She called this one cop over everything. If some kids were in her yard playing, she’d call the cops saying she was being harassed. She did it because she was lonely and wanted company. No one could figure out why she just wasn’t nicer to the kids or anyone around the neighborhood. One day there was this new kid kicking around near this little spot we liked to hang out, it had a nice climbing tree and a rope swing. There wasn’t any grass, just dirt. It was fun to kick the dirt up and stir it up and get all dirty.

My and my friend being interested in this kid introduced ourselves. He told us stories of living in a big city and how much fun it was. We were mesmerized at the time. He taught us some new games to play. We generally had a good time. Well his father was a real prick. It turned out this kid was the mean old ladies grandson and his father had lost his job and went back to say with his mom while he recouped and stuff. Since the kid was around she had warmed up a little to us and would invite us over for snacks and stuff. We obliged being kids we were always down for some free treats. One day the new kid never showed up to our little spot. So we figured he was busy with his grandma or was doing something else. A couple of days went by and my friend told his uncle. His uncle said he’d take a look. He let us tag along because he never imagined anything weird happening.

It took about 10 minutes to make it up the windy dirt road to her house. It was quicker just to walk through the field. Took maybe two minutes to do. Well, we get up there and he instructs us to stay by the car. We oblige him. He knocks and knocks. No answer. Their car is there. He knocked again this time louder. So he circled around to look in the back. My friend and I decided to try knocking. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time. So went up to the door and knocked. Nothing. My friend grabbed the doorknob and turned and I was like, what are you doing?! And he pushed the door open. We both almost threw up instantly. It was like the smell was a physical force and pushed up against us. It was so vile.

Friends uncle made his way around and when he got to the porch and he took a smell he knew immediately what had happened. He instructed us to go to the car and wait. He went in and looked around and came bolting out of the house and threw up. He had tears in his eyes. Not like he was crying, but he just so upset. He went to his car to contact someone. My friend took off and I went after him. He was intrigued and so I was I. I felt a little more bolder following him in. We tip toed in… the first room was completely clean.. we went into the kitchen…

The kid was stuffed into the oven.. burnt.. he had clawed at the glass front of the door and actually scratched it. You could see his hands. His face. It looked like he was still alive trying to get out. My friend and I just sat there. In complete shock for what seemed like eternity. It was so surreal. My friends uncle snapped us back to reality as he came running in the house and grabbed us, screaming yelling, telling us never to disobey him again like that. He took us both outside.. we just sat there… the entire evening we didn’t say a word to each other or anyone.. My friends uncle dropped me off. I never saw my friend again. Uncle said he couldn’t handle it and went to live with some family members in the city.. My family moved a year later. I’ve never been near that house again.

Uncle ended up drinking himself to death and was depressed.

A farm that was near the house ended up having some sort of infestation and they lost all their crops. This weird circle of death expanded around the house.

4. I have Google Voice set to transcribe any voicemails I get and send them to me via text message. So, I get a call from an unknown number, so I let it go to voicemail and the transcription that it sends me via text message is “Hi, Fritz.”

So later that day I check my Google Voice page and listen to the voicemail. It is 30 seconds of absolute silence. Google Voice transcribed the block of silence into the greeting “Hi, Fritz”. The creepy part about it is, the only person who called me by my nickname of “Fritz” was my grandfather, who has been dead for 3 years.

5. I grew up in a tiny, tiny town in Northern Ontario. Every Friday, most of the neighborhood would gather in Ginette and Emil’s kitchen and tell stories for hours. I was only five or six, the only kid on the block, so I’d usually read or play with my toys in one of the two guest bedrooms until I fell asleep. One night, I couldn’t sleep because I could hear a baby crying. I came out into the kitchen, and complained to my mom. She told me to go back to sleep, but Ginette, an experienced grandmother at the time, pulled a cookie out from the cookie jar and sent me to the living room to watch TV instead.

Because of the way the house was laid out, the living room was right next to the kitchen, and I could hear the adults talking. I’m 22 now, in Texas, and it STILL creeps me the fuck out.

“When we first moved here,” Ginette started, “There was a cross hanging up in the guest room. We’re not really religious, and there was a lot of other crap from the old owners hanging up so we took it all down.”
Their bedroom was in the basement, closest to the heater, and the kitchen, living room and guest rooms were all upstairs. “We used to hear something running around upstairs, like a kid, eh? We thought it was just the dog, or the cat. But one weekend, Emil took the dogs hunting and the cat wouldn’t come in that night. So I was downstairs, alone, and I heard the footsteps. I came up to investigate, and I could hear a baby crying.”
Now, the neighbors were too far apart for it to be one of their kids. And their house backed up into a field that went on for miles and miles. She was confused, and wound up calling the cops because the baby just would NOT stop crying. The OPP came, a grizzled older guy and his partner, and the older man remembered the house from when he’d been called there three years ago- when the Harrison’s toddler was found dead in its crib. They searched the yard and the house, but didn’t hear anything. Offhandedly, they suggested she find the cross, and put it back on the wall.

She did. And she never heard the baby again. When my mother went in to get my stuff so we could leave, she realized that when I was playing, I’d knocked the small cross off the wall.

6. Once, when I was a teenager, I was waiting at an abandoned gas station in downtown Akron to meet a dealer to buy some weed. This was in about 1993 or 1994, so pay phones were still functional and in pretty common use. As I was waiting, the pay phone in the parking lot started ringing. Bear in mind, it was at about sunset on the outskirts of downtown and not another single person was around. Out of curiosity, I picked it up. The man on the other line asked, “Is this Chad?” My name isn’t Chad so I said no. The man ignored me and said, “Chad, I want you to do bad things to me.” I stated again that I wasn’t Chad and asked him what he wanted, if he knew where he was calling, etc. He ignored me again and went into very explicit and specific detail about all the things he wanted Chad to do to him sexually. I was laughing and told him again that I wasn’t Chad. Finally, he said he knew for sure I was Chad and described to me what Chad looks like. He described me perfectly down to the color of my shirt and what type of shoes I was wearing. I immediately hung up and looked around. There was nobody, I mean not a single person, around. I got into my car and got the fuck out of there.

7. I was 7, lying in my bed, reading, when a woman I had never seen walked up and sat on the edge of the bed. She wasn’t scary at all, in fact, she somehow made me calmer. She said “Don’t look out the window. Just keep looking at me.” Then she started singing a song I had never heard. She kept singing it over and over, quietly, and petting my hair. Every so often she would stop and tell me not to look at the window.

A few years later, I saw a picture of the woman from that night at my grandmother’s house. It was her mother, who died when she was 10. She had just gotten the photo from her step-mother, who had been going through her father’s belongings. Before that, she had never had a photo of her mother. I’d dismiss it as something I saw at Great-Grandma Dixie’s house instead and had a dream about, except that I never in my life went to Great-Grandma Dixie’s house. Any time I saw her I saw her at a church or a family picnic. A few years after that, I heard the song again. The song was Molly Malone, which I had never heard in any other context. I still remembered the words. I asked my grandmother if she had ever heard the song, and she had. It was the song my great-grandmother used to sing to her children to calm her down before she died.

When I told my mother about it, she asked when it was. Since it was a few days before Easter when I was seven, I was able to give her a vague idea. Turns out, right around that same time, her girlfriend was having nightmares that a ghost was floating outside my bedroom window, trying to pull me out. Much like you, I’ve always had weird things happen to me, and this is just the most vividly remembered and bizarre.

8. A long time ago my dad was deer hunting in the mountains. Practically in the middle of no where. He was staying in this campground and a family of four invited him to eat dinner with them. While they were eating this other hunter that the family invited to eat kept asking my dad if he wanted to hunt with him tomorrow. The guy seemed kind of skrewy and my dad didn’t trust him so he kept declining the guys offer. After dinner the guy kept up “Are you sure you don’t want to go out with me tomorrow its supposed to be a good day.” My dad got extremely creeped out by this, threw all his gear in his truck and got the hell out of there. A month or so later in the news rangers found a bunch of hunters bodies in that area. Apparently someone was killing hunters in the middle of the wilderness.

9. One night I was having this really odd dream. It was one of those ridiculously long dreams, that seems like it lasts for years while you are asleep. This one lasted a whole lifetime.

I watched a woman live her life. I watched as she was a child, as she grew up. I watched her go through school, college. I watched her social life evolve, I watched her romance and her marriage and her pregnancy. I watched her live her mid-life, raise her children and then grow old. It was a pretty normal life, I didn’t see any trauma. I didn’t remember how she died, but the moment it was over I woke up.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I stumbled out of bed, probably 4 in a morning in a most-asleep daze and went to the bathroom. As I sat and peed, I saw her face looking at me through the window. There she was, old, wrinkled, wide eyed and gaping mouth with the most horrible, scornful face looking at me.

It didn’t phase me at the time. I got up and walked back to bed and fell right asleep. I didn’t realize until the next morning the horrifying thing I had seen.

10. When I was 8 my mom, dad, and younger brother were visiting some relatives. We ended up staying the night, with my brother and I sleeping on cots near my parents bed.

In the middle of the night, I distinctly remember feeling incredibly cold and waking up. While attempting to rearrange my sheets, I looked up and saw my dad wide awake and staring intently at something behind me. When I turned to see, I saw several small little glowing balls floating down towards my brother and I. Turning back to my dad, we made eye contact and I jumped up into bed with him, but he did not move or speak at all. Even under the comforter I was chilled to the bone.

He was visibly tense and concentrating very hard, and I swear I could see the little glowing balls get pushed away from us, but it wasn’t quite enough before they reached my brother.

When they did, I didn’t feel as cold anymore, but I felt very strange, like a mix of dozens of emotions without being any particular one. I looked at my dad, who looked very sullen, who put his arm around me and went back to sleep.

The next morning, we were awoken by my brother throwing up all over the carpet. This continued for hours, he had a terrible fever, chills, and had a really hard time speaking. My father moved him downstairs and gave him some pain killer, but my brother said that it didn’t work.

About lunch time, we decided to take an early leave and go home. Less than 20 minutes into the car ride, my brother was completely fine again.

My father and I talked about this a few years ago, and only more recently told my brother and mom about it. We have since slept there in different rooms without incident, but my mom sleeping in there once on a trip had a similar experience (vomiting, fever, chills) only to be fine minutes later after leaving the house. We don’t sleep in that room anymore.

11. My grandmother, in Italy, during WWII, went to market and bumped into a friend of hers. They talked briefly, her friend seemed distracted and in a hurry. Later that day, my grandmother was talking to a neighbour and told them that she’d seen her friend on the way to market earlier that day.

“That’s impossible,” said the neighbour. “She died two days ago, the funeral was this morning.”

Yeah, my Nonna bumped into her friend on the way to her own funeral.

12. One night, this guy was driving back home from his girlfriend’s house when a large dog ran out in front of his car. My friend had no time to swerve and hit the dog dead on. Being an animal lover, he jumps out of the car to see if the dog is alright or not. But before he can come around to the front, he sees the dog get up on two legs and run off into the field next to him.

13. My brother went through a pretty nasty divorce after two years of marriage, and having two kids with the girl. My niece was at her day care, and she says, without being provoked, “my mommy is dead in the woods.” Well of course the day care workers are very confused by this and call my brother to come talk to my niece. He asked her why she would say something like that, and my niece replied, “because i saw her there.” The creepy part is, her mother ran away about a month before this happened with a very, lets say questionable guy, and we still have no idea where the fuck she is. This happened about a year ago, my niece was four at the time.

14. I used to live in a house next to an abandoned train station, and one day a friend of mine and I decided to explore it. We had obviously done this before, but this time something was different. One of the old train wagons standing there suddenly had curtains. Naturally I tried to peek inside, but as I got close to the windows, the curtains suddenly flung open and an elderly woman stared back at me with a terrified look in her face.

I have honestly never been more scared in my entire life, and naturally I just sprinted the heck out of there. To this day I have no idea why that woman was inside there and I do not know what happened to her. Years later I walked past the train station at night, and I could see a TV with static standing inside the building that used to be the station office. Creepy place, never been a fan.

15. I baked sourdough bread for years as a hobby. I’d make more than could eat and give the loaves away to friends and family.

When I moved to Albuquerque for work, I started baking bread again not long after. With no friends or family to fatten, I gave the extra loaves to boys living in the condo next door with their mother. I’d probably given them a dozen loaves over a year or so.

I came home from work one day to find the entire police department camped in the parking lot, including one of those large crime scene labs-on-wheels, yellow crime scene tape, etc. I asked what was going on and was told there had been a homicide and that I would have to sleep somewhere else for the night.

I went to a hotel, tuned in to the local news, and learned that the mother of three boys mentioned above had shot all three of her children in the head with a .38 caliber handgun, one by one as they came home from school… …and she used loaves of bread to muffle the sound of the gunshots.

16. My uncle died alone and was kind of an outsider/black sheep of the family. My dad and I went to his farmhouse in Oklahoma to inventory his stuff and begin clearing it out to sell the place. We go to the barn out back and open it up. About five paces in, a pitchfork flies out of nowhere and sticks into the wall next to my dad, barely missing him. I’m immediately looking for a place where the thing could have been resting, such that it fell when we opened the barn, or some sort of mechanism that could have flung it at us. I find nothing. Then I think maybe someone was in the barn, we startled them and they chucked it at us. Again I find no signs of anything.

Then I notice that my dad is eerily calm and quiet, seemingly not even interested in figuring out what just happened — but he’s as white as a sheet. I think he’s having a heart attack or something, and I ask him if he’s ok. Bear in mind he’s a scientist. He believes in nothing supernatural, but he proceeds to tell me that there is a family secret that I don’t know involving this barn, my uncle, and a pitchfork. And that I must never bring the matter up again. Ever.

17. I was in Bermuda in the off season (I think) with my Mom, Dad, little brother. I must have been about 5 or so, it was before my other brother was born and my sister was born.

I remember the hotel was empty and a man with a red vest/shirt got me some milk (I think).

I remember the beach was empty. Just so you know, most of the place was empty. Cheaper maybe for us to go?

I was on the beach with my parents and like 2-3 year old brother was with them. I ran off to explore. I saw my mom on the beach. “Come on Nate!”

There was a thicket area of scrubby bushes and trees along the beach. She went up into it. There was this cement square with pipes or vents or something coming out of it. She stood there, then saw me coming and kept walking into the thicket. I felt something was wrong, but didn’t want to be defiant so I pretended I was really interested in the pipe things and said aloud “I wonder what these are for?” or something. So if she got mad I could say I was interested in the pipes or something, not just disobeying.

As soon as she went out of view into the thicket, my Dad came up from the beach into where I was and yelled “Where have you been!? Don’t wander off like that!” or something similar. He took my hand roughly and lead me back the beach where my mother and brother were.

I still don’t know what the fuck happened. The woman looked exactly like my mom but felt wrong…

18. I was living with my girlfriend at the time and it was about 10 years ago. One night we were in bed and i woke up and i saw standing over my girlfriend a young man, i shit myself and jumped over my girlfriend and took a great big swing at this man standing over the bed hoping to knco him out by surprise. All i suceeded in doing was falling off the bed and waking my girlfriend when i hit the floor.

She asked what the hell was i doing, and i told her about the young man standing above her. She asked to describe him, to which i did and she replied, thats my friend who was killed a couple of years ago. He was a lumberjack and a tree fell on him while at work.

She showed me a photo the next day. Sure enough that was the guy standing over our bed.

19. When I was 14 I was sleeping over at my friend Dave’s house. His grandma was there watching us because his parents were out of the country. When it was time to go to bed his grandma gave us both a hug good night. When she hugged me she grabbed my ass and slipped her tongue into my ear. Creeped me out so bad I don’t think I slept all night and never again at Dave’s house. Fucking creepy, man…

20. One night, as we are watching tv, our dog starts to bark, going crazy at the door. Much more so than he ever does, which is MAYBE once every couple months. But he was really different about it this time. Fast forward two weeks, cops are combing through the small forest that is behind our backyard fence. Turns out a woman was raped and brutally murdered there.

21. A friend of mine related this story to me:

He and his wife decided to take their three young kids to Mexico on vacation. They’re the type that want to see the ‘real’ Mexico, not the tourist towns. They talked to some people they knew from the area they were interested in (sorry, can’t remember) and were told that it’s a great idea, just don’t drive from city to city at night.

So they drove down and heeded the advice to only travel between cities during the day for a couple weeks.

One day, they realize that the city they want to see next is going to involve an overnight drive unless they take a flight and rent another car. They decide that nothing bad has happened so far and to just go for it. It’s well after sunset and the road they’re on has gone into a canyon and the canyon is getting really twisy, the road really narrow.

They come around a sharp turn in the road and see a massive boulder in the center of the road. With some amazing luck he manages to avoid crashing into this thing and goes flying around the other side of the rock. There’s about 20 people just standing there looking at them, all with various farm implements and weapons at the ready. They also notice a car that obviously didn’t avoid the boulder in the road, and bodies on the ground next to it.

22. In 2004, there was a girl I really liked. One night I summed up the courage to ask her on a date. We went to a restaurant, drank some wine, and at about 11pm we decided to go to a beach called Mokapu, which is near Honolulu. It was really dark and there was hardly anyone out. We talked about each others lives and experiences and we laid down and listened to the ocean for a few hours. At about 2am strange things started happening. Me and the girl I was with felt our hands being touched by something small. We thought it was miniature crabs, but when we looked, there was nothing there. The moon was full that night so you could see a lot of stuff, but we saw no crabs. Then the weirdest sound was heard by both of us. It sounded like a baby crying. Keep in mind it was 2am and no one was around. The nearest house is about 5 miles away. We kept on hearing the crying. We both thought that it was cat crying or something, but when we looked at the direction of the crying, there was no cat to be found. We kept on feeling our hands being touched too. We both had had enough and we decided to leave. I just put it to the back of my mind thinking that it was crabs and a cat.

Two months later I was sitting with my hair stylist, who is a local, and we began talking about strange things that happen on the island. We were talking about Night Marchers and haunted burial grounds. Then she started talking about Mokapu. I asked what is so scary about that place? She said that a long time ago, Hawaiians used to take the deformed babies and kill them at Mokapu. She told me some people say that if you stay there long enough you will hear them crying. She told me that she heard them herself one night when she was there. The hair on my neck and on my entire body stood up. I told her what happened to me there.

23. On the night of September 10th, 2001 I had a couple of very vivid dreams. The kind where you are half awake and almost daydreaming.
In the first one I don’t remember how it started, but I saw an airplane crash into a huge metal structure with a lot of windows. To be honest I thought it was a train, but I was confused because it wasn’t lying flat on the ground like a train. I then heard screams and they were so real to me that they woke me up. I was sweating and panicked. It took me about an hour to calm down and fall asleep.
Then, I had the exact same dream again and it woke me up again at the exact same moment and those screams sounded just as real. This time it took me almost 2 hours to fall asleep as I was deeply disturbed that I would have the exact same dream so vividly twice in one night.

When I finally fell asleep again I had one last dream. There were a bunch of people in the air and they were flying. Not in a plane, but just flying with their arms out like superman, zooming all over the place. Everyone was smiling and having fun. Then, all at once they stopped and started to fall. They all started screaming and I could see their terrified faces as they fell. Once again I woke up from the screams. I didn’t sleep well the rest of the night.

The next morning I slept in (I was in college and only had late classes that day). At about 9:30 I was woken up by my girlfriend calling me to tell me about the plane crashing into the world trade center. I honestly had never seen the WTC before, so I didn’t know what I was about to see when I turned on the TV. All the pieces from my dreams the night before seemed to come together in this one event. It was horrible. I am being completely honest here and have not embellished one bit. I really wish this wasn’t true. It troubled me so deeply that I couldn’t finish the semester at school and failed and dropped out of most of my classes even though it was my senior year and I was getting ready to graduate. I have tried to get over this for years, but I still have horrible guilt and nightmares about it.

24. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Allegany National Park. Its a park on the border of NY and PA. The road is Wolf Run Road, though on the park maps I believe it shows up as Dead End Road. One night after it rained my family and I were riding in our van when we stopped on this road so my dad could collect some frogs. as he was standing at the side of the van putting the frogs into a container there was a VERY loud , deep throated growl from behind him. He spun and had me shine the flashlight in the direction of the growl and there was nothing there. At the side of the road there’s about 10 ft of grass before the ground rises so steeply it nearly forms a cliff face. After hearing the growl, my dad ran into the van and we hauled ass out of there.

Another time, on the same road, I was walking on my own on one side of the road while my sister and friend were on the other. On the side of the road they were on, there’s some logging roads that run a short way into the woods. I noticed they stopped and were just standing there looking at something. When I walked over, thinking they seen an animal or something, I seen a large black human shape down the road just standing there. The shape was all black like it was standing in shadow, except it wasn’t. The part of the road it was on was in broad daylight. I ended seeing the exact same shadowy figure a few years later on the same road after hearing very loud crashing noises as it walked through well lit woods.

25. When I was about 9 my parents had our house fumigated for termites. Since we had to stay out for a few days we got some clothes and rented a room in a motel on the edge of town. It was a two bed room, and my brother and I had one bed and my mom and dad had another.

It was summer, so our parents just dropped us off at our friend’s house during the day, then pick us up at night and we’d sleep in the motel. So the first night, right before I fall asleep, the bed shakes a few times. I think its my brother, so I kick him and tell him to knock it off. It happens a few more times and I keep telling my brother to knock it off, and he keeps saying that he isn’t doing anything.

So anyways, my parents drop us off to play again the next day, we come back, and its the same thing, every 30 minutes or so the bed shakes. The next morning I complain to my dad about the shaking, and to prove to me that there isn’t any monsters or anything he lifts the mattress up off of the box spring, and there’s a lady tied up with multiple stab wounds.
According to the coroner, she had died that night.

For creepypastaisrad sixpenceee and their followers

Let me tell you how things look for me, guys.

Quinn is dead. There’s no way around that. It was made clear during the episode that his prognosis was ominous and that the chances of waking up and going back to the Quinn we knew were close, if not equal to zero. The light entering the window was meant to be a symbol of what Quinn wrote in the letter. That he wanted Carrie to see him as a beacon of light for her. That’s why Carrie smiled at that moment. We’re supposed to be touched by how she sees him now as some sort of guardian angel for her.

Well, guess what, he has been his guardian angel for the past 4 years, so no, I’m not going to feel satisfied with that bullshit consolation price.

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