she would lol

Y'all mind if I uhhhhhhhhhhhhh think about how brave and strong Allura is (even when she thinks she’s weak), and how smart, ruthless, and strategic she is, but also how forgiving, kind, and compassionate she is, and how Allura isn’t perfect but she’s always willing to try and improve, and how at the end of the day she just wants… peace. Y'all mind if I love Allura.

5 hours into my spring break and im already spending it drawing cute girls smh

when gentle sweet girl falls in love with even sweeter shy girl 🌺❤️🌼

i spent 4578 yen to celebrate valentine’s day reading nothing but manga…

“Bubblegum Billie” - Digital Oil Painting

When I saw her wearing this pink fur, I had to give her some pink hair to match! It was challenging to get all the textures painted right, but I am so happy with how it turned out. ^_^

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I want to be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

i happened upon this picture of Melissa bts and it’s just…too much??? like. the tshirt?? cradling the tiny precious dog?! and look at her fucking arm. i mean i really have a soft spot for athletes lol but are you joking?? get this away from me.

It’s been 16 days since...

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And all I can think about is how I wish that video went on for just 10 more seconds so I could hear Alycia rap the rest of the verse, talking dirty like… Don’t wanna talk it out, can we fuck it out
‘Cause we gon’ be up all night, fuck a decaf
You say I’m a tall thug, guess I’m a G-raffe
If ya want safe-sex, baby use the knee pads
Freaky with the sticky icky
Baby give me kitty kitty


Love this moment. 

It’s almost like she knows J is in that helicopter coming to get her and she’s looking at the Squad thinking, “Yeah, you and I can handle them easy.” 

This little moment subtly reminds the audience that they are a team and that Harley is only there to get back with her puddin. Really does show what Harley is willing do to, willing to betray, to get back to Mistah J.