she would have been such a beautiful woman

when women write effortlessly perfect women, the character is a Mary-Sue hero complex. there is no woman, we are reminded, who would be a hero without flaws. the critique of bella swan is not her abusive relationship, it’s that she comes two-dimensional, saves the day by existing, loved by all, pure of heart. no real problems but her love life. no real depth but beautiful above all nature. we laugh at the authors of goddess-heroines, we call them lazy and immature, self-inserts, horrifically over-talented and unrealistic. women who write these women are selfish and talentless.

but when men write this same woman, they are just following the pattern of things. how many bella swans have been on the arms of action heroes - but no, since it isn’t her story, her character flaws go without mention. when men write strangely sexualized powerful ladies, they are always the same wet dream - but men who write these death queens are called heroes of feminism for their smirking portrayals of the same classically attractive sword-wielding back-talking girl-with-three-brothers. her father always wanted a boy and that’s her biggest problem. the woman he loves is a cheesy dress-wearing pixie girl, but the movie is still cute. how many perfect women are sitting pretty in their pale faces beside the leading man. it doesn’t matter at least she has a speaking role. at least once or twice she’s funny. little girls learn that a man’s picture of what is perfect is more true than a woman’s idea of the same thing. the same three pictures, painted over and over again, by people who are revolutionaries or geniuses but all men. calm down. it’s just artistic licence. 

calm down. calm down. stop making a big deal out of everything.


(So I just realized I spelled ‘taught’ wrong, sorry for the misunderstanding~)

“So, Captain Levi…  Some citizens in the city informed me that here I would have found ‘humanity’s strongest’, but all that I see is just the same little, annoying brat I had to bear a long time ago” you stated, sarcasm dripping from your voice.

You had barged into Levi’s study without even knocking, causing the Corporal to glare hardly at you. The (H\C) woman had been rather sassy and rude, but in his eyes you had never been more beautiful and charming; your (E\C) eyes glittered with excitement and mocking spirit, while you put your foot on the Captain’s desk.

“And I see the same, old, sour spinster I had to listen to a long time ago; is that a wrinkle I see on your face?” he smirked, satisfied with his remark. He would never admit it out loud, but he had missed you, very much so.

“Well it might be. Or it’s just your sight getting worse and worse because of old age” you smiled with mirth and smugness. Back to the old days, the two of you had shared the same kind of arguments everyday, never getting bored of bickering like an old married couple. He had missed that part of you too.

You sat in the chair in front of the man, crossing your legs and planning on testing your long lost student just a little more.

“So shorty, I assume that you’re still the same cleaning obsessed moron you have always been, aren’t you?”

“Yes, just like you’re still the same pathetic old hag you’ve always been” 

“Well I’m happy to hear you say that because starting today I’ll be residing here and now I know for sure that this pathetic old hag won’t be sharing a room with you”

“Tsk like if I would let that happen”

“Oh and who exactly are you to tell me what I have to do, brat?”

“I’m the reason you’re here, aren’t I?” he smirked again thinking about the good old memories he had shared with you.

After all that was just their way of flirting

Sherlock x Reader: Insecurities and Jealously

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A/N: For anyone reading this: you are beautiful. x

Irene Adler was the most perfect woman you could think of. From a young age you have been told that perfection isn’t a thing because everyone/everything has faults. But Irene was the ideal girl. She has stunning cat-like eyes and beautiful silky hair. She has a gorgeous body and has incredible cheekbones. On top of that, she was very intelligent. She was like a mortal goddess if you compared her to yourself. Everyone else would think that you matched her beauty. You were beautiful, charming, and kind but you never saw yourself as any of those things. You saw beauty is everything except from yourself. However you were beautiful. Everyone told you that you were pretty but you never believed them. Even Irene herself had brought up your beauty! You first met Irene on the ‘Scandal In Belgravia’ case with John and Sherlock. Both you and John had thought that Irene was dead after that case so it was a shock when she suddenly appeared on the doorstep of 221B. The three of you helped her with a case before she moved away again. She had gone to a different country this time. Germany is where she said she was going. It was obvious that when you first met Irene, Sherlock somewhat fell for her. Sherlock didn’t fall for her a second time but you were still worried he liked her because she was stunning. Sherlock had deduced that you felt insecure but didn’t point it out because he didn’t really know how to bring it up.


You were having a salad for diner at 221B. Sherlock was sat opposite you reading a newspaper. He had passed on dinner like usual. You had made him clear all of his experiments off of he table which he did reluctantly.

“You’re picking at your food Y/N,” He stated putting his paper down.

“Yeah,” You replied as you looked up from your dinner. “So?”

“It mean you are either hungry or insecure. It is most likely the second option.”

“What makes you think that?”

“You’ve always been conscious about your appearance. Especially your weight. You try to hide your concerns from me but I still notice. A lot of things you now do subconsciously. Like picking at your food. Now, what could have triggered this? You have always had these worries but they’ve got worse. Someone must have caused this. Not by their actions but by being there. It can’t be Mary or Molly. There is noting wrong with them of course and you find them beautiful. They have just been around too long so they cannot have caused the sudden distress. There are your childhood friends but again they cannot have caused this. So who, a female, has recently arrived and could have caused this. Ah! I know. Irene Adler.”

There was no response.

“Y/N, I notice everything. Especially you.”

Again there was no reply.

“Y/N speak to me.”

“Okay,” You said quietly. “You are right.”

Sherlock took your hand before speaking. “You are perfect.”

“You don’t believe in beauty or perfection.”

“No but if someone was to ask me who I would view as perfect, then I would reply with your name.”

“Not Irene then?”

“Why would I say Irene?”

“Because she’s gorgeous and very smart!”

“You are. Y/N, I don’t love her. I love you.”

“I thought you didn’t love either.”

“I didn’t think I did. You proved me wrong. Another reason why I love you.”

You smiled for the first time that day. “I love you too Sherlock.”

not to be that guy but i think all of us with BOC (brains of colour) know that tomi lahren would never in a million years have been given cupcakes by trevor noah if she was not a conventionally beautiful white woman but an average looking white guy with the same bigoted, racist,  xenophobic views 

It occurred to Childermass that she would probably have been considered handsome by the people who cares about such things.
—  Childermass spotting Lady Emma Pole, a woman who’s regularly described as the most beautiful person in the room. So why didn’t anyone tell me John Childermass is asexual?

Ive spammed all my other social media and this is borderline cheesy but Ill say this here.
Tonight I was with a hillary 08 campaigner. And, like most hillary campaigners, you could just feel it oozing out of him that he deeply loved this woman. We were gathered in a circle to talk about our thoughts on the election and when it came to his turn, he was just heartbroken over how hard it must have been for her. She wanted this so badly and she did eveything right… and everything went so wrong. And yet. Yet she still woke up and delivered a beautiful and gracious concession speech despite knowing that her opponent would not have done the same. And despite knowing that she had actually won the popular vote. But she always does that because that’s the type of person she is.

Later on, I asked him about what it was like working for her in 2008. He talked about how hard she worked and how the team would constantly defy the odds and pull off miraculous wins when everyone thought she was done. She had actually won the popular vote against Obama and essentially tied the delegates. She had a legitimate case for why she should have been the nominee. But she was not that type of person. When the time came, she always stepped aside to allow someone else their spotlight. My friend could remember specific excerpts from her speech at the DNC. He remembered the part where she kept chanting, “and that is why we must elect Barrack Obama, our next president.” The first few times, it was like daggers for her supporters who campaigned their heart outs for her. But by the end of the speech, everyone had rallied behind Obama. Hillary, who wanted to win so badly she donated a good chunk of her own money to the campaign, managed to balance genuinely endorsing obama to genuinely talking to her own supporters. She balanced that and she did that because she is that type of person.

And my friend had missed his mothers birthday while campaigning for her during the primaries in another state. And, classic Hillary, she sent a handwritten birthday note to his mother. Across the board, there are hundreds of stories exactly like this. Some of my other friends campaigned their hearts out for Hillary this year, but theyre not high ranking officials… just enthusiastic volunteers. Today, after delivering that heartbreaking concession speech, she managed to somehow find the strength to stay after and greet her supporters and she tried to hug them all individually . She is that type of person.

Again and again she smiles through all this shit and acts graciously even when she should be crying. We were all crying. At this point, though I have never met her, I am deeply fond and protective of her as well. We had the opportunity to elect this incredible woman as our madam president, whose fatal flaw was a belief in the goodness of the American people. I cannot agree more with everyone who has posted on facebook saying that we did not deserve her.

Hillary didnt deserve this.
We didnt deserve her.

Let’s talk about Orochimaru hand raising several orphaned children and how they turned out okay considering??

Like Karin is becoming a beautiful woman that doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit because she’s been taught that she’s better than that. She’s incredibly intelligent and her skills are off the charts. If she didn’t say so the other characters would have no idea she is loyal to Orochimaru.

Juugo was often restrained but has not had the peacefulness abused out of him.

Kabuto is a wreck but he was an incredibly intelligent capable wreck. Until he had that interpersonal apocalypse crisis. Can’t justify Orochimaru’s manipulation much but you know without him Kabuto surely would have been long dead.

And don’t get me started on Kimimaro. Kimi turned out to be a beautiful, patient & determined boy albeit a bit intense. You almost can’t tell he grew up in a cage devoid of contact.

Villains with a heart - Gaston

he had been born a hunter, with warm hands and a compassionate heart
he had never killed an animal out of pleasure or for the simple fact to kill a breathing being
and when she came along, her voice quoted the most beautiful stories, rivers of love and affection poured right into his arms
when she left him for another man he felt the thrill of the hunt rushing through his veins, a cruel sensation
woman became his prey
and no woman would ever have his heart again


Top 10 TMNT 2012 Characters - #9:Tang-Shen

I was honestly nervous about how Tang-Shen would be done. We knew she existed to die and give Splinter his reason to leave Japan, but that’s it. We didn’t know about her as a character and she could have just been the typical ‘pure girl’ with no real personality. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. First, Tan-Shen is by far the most beautiful character int he show. Second, she only gets one episode since… you know, she’s dead. But it was done perfectly. She’s a calm, caring woman but also strong-willed and independent. As understanding as she is about Yoshi’s devotion to this family, she’s not going to out up with his flip flopping. Her priority is her child and she’s not going to put up with anyone’s crap. She’s strong and incredibly brave, giving her life to protect the man she loved in the end. It’s a shame she died, but you can see why Splinter loved this woman and for her one episode, Shen made her mark on the series. Best mother and wife by far. 

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Erin even though you predicted it months ago, do you feel a little better knowing that if our Lexa was alive this season she would have been protected with her nightblood?

well, it would have torn my soul out seeing Lexa basically helpless to save her people and the woman she loves. Being a nightblood is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in this moment that it would save her, but a curse that she will live while the people she loves dies. Can you imagine Lexa crying has helplessness washed over her as she cradles Clarke in her arms? Clarke’s face covered in lesions, but Lexa still only sees Clarke’s beauty. Lexa would, without hesitation, open a vein for Clarke for a chance to save her. 

And to answer your question, “do you feel a little better knowing that if our Lexa was alive this season she would have been protected with her nightblood?” no, actually it makes me more pissed about her death. Lexa could have been even more involved in the Arkadia storyline and help save all of humanity. But, I'm trying not to dwell on my anger about her death because I don’t want to be in that negative head space again. It was very very detrimental to my emotional and physical health. 

IMDB doesn’t know why Barry loves A “girl like that.” At first I was upset, then I started to think. Maybe they have a point. 

Iris is only a A Beautiful BLACK Woman who can wear the hell out of a velvet dress and anything else she decides to wear. 

She’s only done nothing but love and Support Barry since they were kids. 

She’s only smart, funny, intuitive and damn good at her job. 

She only loves Barry unconditionally and has been his best friend for years. 

She’s only his lightning rod, his biggest support system and the woman of his dreams. 

Who would ever want someone like that?

Do better, Barry. 

Break The Rules • Obi-Wan Kenobi

I’ve been in the hospital all day (for my mom) and so here’s a little something :)) this wasn’t requested hopefully you guys don’t mind.


She was outstanding. If elegance was a person, it would have been her. The Duchess Satine of Mandalore was many things. Proper, beautiful, lovely. However, intelligent wasn’t one of them, especially not to you.

You stood, shocked to hear some of the words leaving the woman’s mouth. Not only was she drastically underestimating the Separatists, but she was putting her people’s lives in danger.

Your partner and the man you adored, Obi-Wan, was growing impatient with the Duchess. Maybe it was because she was naive. Maybe it was because he banked on never seeing her again.

When you first arrived on Mandalore, you learned that Obi-Wan was quite familiar with Satine. This, of course, wasn’t the greatest thing you had heard.

Now, as you navigated through space, Satine tried to force her ideas onto others. You lost count of the amount of times Satine criticized the Jedi. You were growing angrier and angrier by every word she spoke. Maybe it was because she was being selfish. Maybe it was because she had captured Obi-Wan’s heart before and she could very well do it again.

“At least I am making an effort to keep the peace. What do you do, Obi-Wan? You cause problems where they have yet to exist just like every other Jedi. I will not allow you to do that to my planet” Satine barked, drawing you from your thoughts.

If she would have come directly at you, you would have brushed it off. But now she was insulting Obi-Wan, and you wouldn’t stand for it. Anakin glanced at you with a pleading look, but you ignored it.

“You cannot sit around and wait for peace!” You exclaimed. “That is the most naive thing I have heard. Obi-Wan is a helpful, kind, selfless man. He does not deserve the insults being thrown at him by you, none of us do. Maybe if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn’t have to shove your beliefs in our faces. Though, someone as gullible as yourself has to resort to that kind of force to have any supporters, don’t they? I’m sure you know all about that”

The words were like verbal diarrhea leaking from your mouth. A Jedi should never succumb to anger, but you just did.

Satine stiffened in her chair, fixing her glare on you.

“Excuse me?” She asked incredulously. “How dare you? You are a Jedi, you know nothing of politics and peace. You’re a peacekeeper who fails to keep the peace!” She roared.

“Because the separatists are dangerous and unpredictable. Do you think we like to kill people? We have to! If we did not, the Separatists would crush us. You have not seen what I have seen. You have no idea what you are up against. So, if I were you, I would let the experienced ones do what they’ve been trained to do” You snapped back.

“Master (y/n), this is hardly the time for this discussion. We are here to protect, not challenge” Anakin spoke up. You glanced to Obi-Wan, who met your gaze with a concerned look.

Obi-Wan was worried for you. You were always an obedient Jedi. You held your tongue all the time. He had never seen you so angry, mostly because you weren’t an angry person.

“Exactly” Satine nodded briefly. “If you can’t handle a mission, how are you expected to handle a whole ship full of people?” She asked.

Something close to a growl escaped your lips. Obi-Wan grabbed your arm before you could advance toward her.

“You are a greedy, selfish, ignorant child!” You exclaimed, your fury taking over. “Your people suffer because of you!” Obi-Wan felt terrible. There must have been something wrong with you if you were acting this way.

“Come on, (y/n), we need to check on the troops” Obi-Wan murmured softly. Finally, your glare left Satine. You stared at Obi-Wan for a moment before you realized that you had messed up big time.


“I know you’ve only dragged me along to scold me, Obi-Wan” you muttered. “I’m not a Padawan, you don’t need to discipline me” you reminded him.

Obi-Wan frowned and rested his hand on your shoulder.

“I’m not here to scold you, (y/n), im here to help you. Obviously you must be going through something, you’re not acting like yourself” he spoke softly.

You shook your head, immediately shutting yourself down and building your walls up.

“It’s nothing, Obi-Wan. That Duchess is just getting to me is all. I just need to meditate” you explained.

It was obvious by the look Obi-Wan gave you that he didn’t believe you.

“I can only help you if you tell me what’s going on” Obi-Wan told you.

“I don’t need your help, Obi-Wan” you finally snapped. You were growing quite bitter towards him as well.

He followed the Jedi Code closely, he wouldn’t ever feel the way you did. And if he ever did have romantic feelings for someone, it was Satine.

Obi-Wan stepped back slightly, his brows furrowing in confusion. “(Y/n)…” he trailed off. “I’ve never seen you like this. What’s happened?” he demanded.

Your lip trembled as tears formed in your eyes. You hated feeling this way. You hated the fact that you weren’t able to let your feelings go.

“You wouldn’t understand, you’ve never felt this way” you sniffled, turning away from Obi so he wouldn’t see you cry.

He reached forward and cupped your face in his hands, staring into your (e/c) eyes.

“Oh dear, does this have something to do with the Dark Side?” he asked incredulously. You scoffed and shook your head.

“I knew you wouldn’t understand” you sighed, stepping away from him. Obi-Wan stepped forward, now grabbing your hands.

“Please stop hiding from me. Please” he begged. You could tell you were hurting him by keeping things from him.

“The attachment rule” you hiccuped, wiping your eyes furiously. “I’ve broken it..” you trailed off.

Obi-Wan sighed as his gaze fell. “Unfortunately, I do know” he mumbled quietly.

Your face heated up as you thought about him with Satine.

“No, you don’t! I love you and you don’t feel the same. This isn’t like you with Satine because if you wanted to break the code for her you could have. Even if I did break the code for you, you wouldn’t care because you love Satine and I love you” you ranted, your anger coming back.

Obi-Wan looked more than shocked at your words. Before he could speak, you cut him off.

“Don’t even say anything. I’m going to check on my troops. You should get back to her” you hissed, turning on your heel to walk away.

Before you could take another step, Obi-Wan spun you around. Before you could protest, he crashed his lips onto yours.

You breath caught in your throat as he kissed you soundly. It only took a moment before you wrapped your fingers through his hair and pulled him even closer.

Obi-Wan sighed into the kiss and pulled away slightly, his lips brushing against yours.

“Obi-Wan, why-” you began, but he shushed you.

“When I told you I understood, I didn’t mean Satine, I meant you, my love” He whispered.

His breath fanned across your face and you closed your eyes, smiling slightly.

“I thought you still loved Satine” you breathed out shakily. “I thought you wouldn’t break the code for anyone, let alone me” you smiled.

Obi-Wan pulled away from you and frowned.

“Darling, you are the only person I would break the code for” he informed you, pressing another kiss to your lips.

You were okay. Satine could have insulted you over and over again and you wouldn’t have even cared. Maybe it was because you were over it.

Maybe it was because the man you loved finally loved you back….

Ok just a friendly  reminder that this did happen…

For someone that can handle a weapon with ease and precision, he can’t  do something as simple as carry a water bottle or stay steady on his feet in front of a beautiful woman. 

I mean just look at this poor guy… That could not have gone worse if he tried. And  the rubbing of the forhead,   you can almost read his thoughts  ‘what the fuck was that dumass?’ and ‘crap she’s looking at me..’   If there had been a big enough rock around he probably would’ve hid behind it. He’s so embarassed  and it’s so frikkin adorable it just melted my heart. 

And Carol is just looking at him like he is just so damn precious  to her, and you can tell that she loves this awkward dork to bits. 

And let me remind everyone that this precious is a CANON moment of Daryl being fumbly and awkward around Carol.  Just sayin.

I mean she’s got that poor guy all twitterpated  dosen’t she?   It’s the most beautiful fucking thing i’ve ever  seen.  It just totally gives me life :) 

Yeah, whatever. Frida didn’t teach me much about being a faithful woman but she did show me that hairy women are beautiful. Cuban, native Crow, Irish, Dutch, German, French there’s really no getting out of it. I’ve been pretty, you know, to myself about growing it out. The first thing people think when they see hair is “ew.” but why? It’s natural, it’s there for a reason. I’ll remove the hair when I feel like it but people shouldn’t make me feel insecure about something that everyone has… I would get laughed at for having lip hair, leg hair, armpit stubble, a unibrow growing up. I’ve come to a point in my life where I just don’t give a rats ass. It doesn’t make me dirty, it doesn’t make me smell bad, I shower. I pamper and take care of myself I just don’t fully agree with shaving extremely sensitive areas of MY body to appease someone else’s opinion of MY body. I have a GREAT man who loves me and I don’t need the approval of anyone else. 💁🏻✊🏻

Let’s get one thing straight. This post was not made to get people off. If you’re into that you may admire from a distance I guess..? Please do not reblog or steal photos of my face to put on your porn blogs or hair fetish blogs. That’s not what this is for. Thanks!
Meanwhile in the Ghost Cafe
  • Yoda: Seeing this you are?
  • Qui-Gon Jinn: In all my years I have never seen a Jedi who is as impressive , skilled and kind as this girl
  • Obi Wan: Indeed. Rey is very capable young woman. She would have been a very valued member of our council
  • Mace Windu: If only she had been the Chosen One
  • Qui-Gon Jinn: That would have been amazing
  • Obi Wan: I would have led a long and proud life if she had been the Chosen One
  • Yoda: Galaxy better would have been done
  • Padme Amidala: And she is so beautiful and loyal to her loved ones
  • Anakin Skywalker: I can fucking hear you guys

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"Once Upon a Dream" ummmmm either Luna/Theo OR any pairing that comes to mind. If you haven't already done this song. Please and thank you!!!!!

Hope you don’t mind that I changed this to Luna/Rolf? Between working on my own Luna/Rolf fic and the awesome update of Toothpaste Kisses from @calebski … I’ve been in this kind of mood. This also keeps with this crazy headcanon I have of their first meeting. 

Have you seen the Luna soaking wet art by @upthehillart ? Imagine that…

Rolf couldn’t believe his eyes, so much so that he cast a quick clearing charm to his sight to ensure he was really, truly seeing the woman…the goddess..before him. At first, he had wondered if she was a nymph or a veela, for her beauty was so entrancing but the charmed beads around his neck would have vibrated if he was near a creature like that. A necessary protection for a wizard who spent most of his time alone amongst many magical creatures, many of whom would use beauty as a trap.

She was though the most, glorious… thing he had ever seen before and felt pulled to move closer from his place behind an oak tree to watch her. The young woman had long blonde hair spotted with the occasional small plait and silver bead that was dripping wet midway down her back. down her back. Her skin, her body, was barely covered by a soaked, sheer white dress that accentuated the curves of her hips and… oh sweet Circe… her delicious derriere. There was nothing hidden from his greedy eyes to devour except for the front of her which he prayed would be revealed soon.

There was something about her, something that was stirring more than just lust inside of him. Something he could not yet place. She swayed her hips back and forth slowly, her bum mesmerizing him like a Muggle hypnotist’s watch as she hummed a soft melody and walked deeper into the lake.

“Damn,” he whispered, wishing she would walk in the opposite direction as his body was becoming more and more…eh, alert... to her stunning presence. He could have stayed there for hours watching her but knew there was no honor in that. Rolf stepped even closer, preparing to call out to her to at least let her know she wasn’t alone but as he did, she turned her head and smiled at him.

Like a flash of lighting, everything in his world changed. Her smile alone had him wanting to fall to his knees in worship but then he saw her eyes. Gray, blue and silver all together surrounded by soft, brown lashes that beckoned him to her. He was ready in an instant to do whatever it would take to smile at him that way again. He was unexplainable completely hers in that moment, his entire being feeling as if she had come from a hidden dream within his own soul.

“Do I know you, miss?” The words felt funny to him to even ask because of course he knew her. He felt it the moment she had turned to look at him, that she was part of him. Whoever this goddess of woman was, she was his. There was a magic he had never before discovered coming alive within him and then buzzing all around him, confirming what he was feeling.

He was made for her and she was made for him. No reason was needed, not now, he only had to listen to his heart and soul to know everything he wanted in this world resided with this woman.

She turned then, revealing more splendors hardly hidden by the wet dress that was clinging to her every curve and smiled again. He barely registered that he had sunk to his knees in awe of her and the intense emotions awakening in him until he noticed that she was coming closer to him, the sound of the water sloshing around her as she walked like a matching tattoo to his heart’s own rhythm.

Slowly she came out of the water, and he watched transfixed as one particular drop ran a path down her pale neck passed her collarbone to rest where the sheer fabric clung right above the swell of her breasts. Then she was there, standing in front of him as he gazed up to where her fair hair was illuminated by the sun, thanking every god and ancient wizard he knew of for the pleasure of being at her feet.

“Of course you know me,” she said in a voice that sang right into his very soul before she kneeled down and pressed her forehead against his, both taking a moment to breathe and feel the connection between them. They embraced suddenly and he pulled her tight against him, cradling her in his arms as if he had known her his whole life and was just now finding her again after years apart.  

It was unexplainable in ordinary terms, but for once he didn’t care to explain it. Before she pressed her pink lips to his and exploded his world into a million, shining pieces to solidify their soul’s bond together, she added, “I dreamt of you once upon a dream.”

Under all this is my need to write The Doctor In Love again. I think we’ve handled it exactly right for Series Three: he’d never fall in love with Martha, because he can’t just love the next woman to walk through the door, after Rose. That would cheapen the whole thing. Martha’s unrequited love for the Doctor is beautiful. She deserves to grow out of that, so leaves, giving us a nice year-long bridge. Penny is walking into the Doctor’s life at just the right time. The first time that the Doctor sees Penny, it should be like - wham! Both hearts.
—  Russell T Davies brainstorming a romantic arc between the Doctor and planned series 4 companion Penny, from The Writer’s Tale
The Schuyler Sisters Sorted

Fulfilling my requests - keep them coming folks! This one is for @oneheartoverthemoon

I have talked about Angelica before, but let’s go again, hm? Sit down kids because I am about to prove to you that my beautiful Angelica Schuyler is a complete and utter Ravenclaw.

Before you Gryffindors jump on my heiny, I do have some back up here… Right from the start of the show Angelica is presented to us as a woman that is beyond clever. Lin has called her the smartest person in the show, and in a different world she would have been a Founding Mother of the United States. But being a Ravenclaw is far more than just having natural wits, it is about what drives and motivates a person, as well as what they value most in people, which I can all provide evidence for.

So, what does Angelica value in somebody? Look no further than her very first number (excluding opener, obviously). She’s looking for a mind at work. She wants somebody that challenges her mind, and when she does she falls hard for him. Her first conversation with Alexander has her swooning, because she meets somebody at her level and ‘sees the light’. One conversation with him, somebody as intelligent and witty as she is, and she is yearning and craving for me.

“The conversation lasted two minutes, maybe three minutes, every we said in total agreement! It’s a dream…”

Now, her drive and her motivation. Satisfied takes us on a wild, quick rap through Angelica’s thoughts, the speed of which is used throughout the show to present a quick-thinking and revolutionary person (example: Ham in My Shot blowing away his new pals with his mad spits), but time-wise that rewind only covers a few minutes. Most of it takes place only as she introduces Ham to Eliza, only a few moments. But her brain works ten million miles an hour, covering an entire essay of her complicated reasons for why she can’t have Alexander.

In that time she logically thinks her way through everything, covering both sides of her own inner debate from the time that she sees how helpless Eliza is to saying “I’ll leave you to it”. Angelica knows that if she confided her love for Hamilton, she could have him, Eliza would stand back as soon as she found out. But Angelica doesn’t take that road. She ignores the yearning in her head and listens to her mind, all the logic and reasoning behind why she isn’t going to be the one to marry Alexander.

When the time comes for her to choose, Angelica chooses her mind. She is, true as can be, a Ravenclaw.

BOOM SORTED. Now for out blessed Eliza…

To me, Eliza is a difficult split between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Slytherin and Ravenclaw are easily crossed out for me, which I doubt many people would argue against, given that is takes just one listen to songs like ‘That Would Be Enough’ and ‘Take a Break’ show us that Eliza doesn’t have that unsatisfied attitude, she isn’t craving challenge or fortune or anything greater, she isn’t driven by her ambition nor a craving for knowledge.

“We don’t need a legacy, we don’t need money…” So, she isn’t a Slytherin and she isn’t a Ravenclaw. But that much was obvious.

Gryffindors are known for their daring, nerve and chivalry. Eliza is undoubtedly brave and strong, but these words don’t strike me as applicable to her. We certainly see her take control during Burn, but ultimately she is a softer soul. She doesn’t scream ‘chivalry’, she isn’t proud and she doesn’t have the honour complex that her husband seems to have. Like she says in Helpless, “I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight…” I think that Eliza is a brave woman, she sees Alexander and she takes her chances to get him, but she is not driven by the Gryffindor attitude. She just doesn’t fit that Gryffindor House perfectly.

As though my choice isn’t obvious, here we go… What drives Eliza? As we see in Take a Break, her family is her number one priority. She loves her children and her husband, she asks nothing more than to have just some of his time to come upstate with her. As we see in The Schuyler Sisters, Angelica is out there to find ‘A Mind at Work’, but Eliza just wants to relish in “how lucky we are to be alive right now!” She doesn’t seek money or the promise of a prominent future from Alexander, it is enough for her to be with her husband… her motivation is those closest to her, those she loves.

So what is her deep nature? She stands by her husband’s side as he delves into a shaky political career, is there for him as he battles Jefferson all while being there for her children while their father works. Angelica gives us the strongest light on Eliza’s true nature - she knows that if she told Eliza that she loved Alexander, Eliza would stand down in a heartbeat. She would never even consider fighting for the man she cares about if it meant her sister couldn’t have him… and, in my opinion, one of the most pivotal things about Eliza is that she forgives Alexander. She has the kind of heart that would forgive him and comfort him during their loss.

The Hufflepuff traits are: kindness, loyalty, patience, trust, hard work and dedication. The two fundamental pieces of evidence for Eliza being a Hufflepuff completely prove this, to me at least, but surely you’d have to be crazy to disagree. In Satisfied, Angelica says it quite plainly for us to hear, “I know my sister like I know my own mind - you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind…” So, she is trusting and kind. Tick, tick.

Lastly, Eliza’s entire relationship with her husband just allows everything to fall perfectly into place. As I brushed over, she stands by him through everything he goes through, even when he isn’t there for her and forgives him when he betrays her, finding it within herself to comfort him as he needs. She is always reminding him, a man who is never satisfied and always fighting for more, that what he does is enough for her. That fulfils patience and loyalty perfectly, can we agree? Finally, hard work and dedication. Eliza never felt the need for a legacy, to be remembered by generations, but when her husbands life is cut short she dedicates the rest of her days to preserving his legacy and wishes for the future. She knows what he would want, what he would stand for if he’d had the time, and she does everything she can to do what he would be doing and more. Sounds like dedication and hard work, does it not??

Gorgeous Eliza Hamilton is, in fact, a Hufflepuff.

All the Schuyler sisters were requested, and I don’t plan on letting people down here, but we see little to nothing of Miss Peggy Schuyler. But hell, I’m making the call: Peggy is a Hufflepuff. She is anxious about being downtown after sundown, but she is there with her sisters because she is loyal and would follow them to her ends. She isn’t loud or rambunctious, she isn’t the quick and blatant genius that Angelica is and is often glossed over (sound like Hufflepuff, much?). She loves her family, she’s out living life without that loud ambition of people like Angelica and Alexander so chicka plao I’m making the executive Hufflepuff Decision.

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