she would have been such a beautiful woman

What really sucks about the way Joss Whedon writes is that he sort of has this idea that if he writes about women being strong and confident, that is all it takes for women to appreciate his work. Like, even if the villain constantly belittles a woman for being a woman and people are constantly harassing her and sexualizing her, it’s okay because she’s strong and she can take it.

The biggest difference between Whedon’s version of Wonder Woman and Jenkins is that in Whedon’s version Wonder Woman is A Woman. She (and the audience) must be constantly aware that she is a Woman, that she is Sexy, that she is overcoming incredible odds because she has the terrible disadvantage of Being Born A Woman.

Whereas in Jenkins’ film Diana simply exists. There are some points made by other characters about her being a woman, like when Steve won’t sleep with her because he feels it’s improper, or when his secretary says, “Oh yes, put specs on her, like after that she won’t be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen”, but Diana is almost completely unaware of her status as a Dreaded Woman. Her excitement over a baby? She’s literally never seen one before. Her little makeover seen? Spends the whole thing looking for something comfortable she can fight in. She basically never mentions the difference between men and women, never even says that women are better or whatever because she was raised by them. 

Joss Whedon would have never let Wonder Woman forget she was a Woman. She would have constantly been making comments about it, wether positive or negative, as would everyone around her. In Whedon’s heyday that might have flown a lot better, but now women seem to be a little sick of grrrrl power. They just want power. They just want to exist, both on screen and in life, without constant reminders that they are Women and that they must pay for that at every turn.


My novel, All the Crooked Saints, comes out tomorrow (10/10), but since I’ll be talking about that tomorrow, I thought today I’d instead talk about books that you could also snag while you were wandering or clicking through a bookstore — these are books I’ve either loved, have just picked up, or are about to pick up myself.

Titles and first lines:

LESS, by Andrew Sean Greer.

From where I sit, the story of Arthur Less is not so bad. Look at him: seated primly on the hotel lobby’s plush round sofa, blue suit and white shirt, legs knee-crossed so that one polished loafer hangs free of its heel. The pose of a young man. His slim shadow is, in fact, still that of his younger self, but at nearly fifty he is like those bronze statues in public parks that, despite one lucky knee rubbed raw by schoolchildren, discolor beautifully until they match the trees. So has Arthur Less, once pink and gold with youth, faded like the sofa he sits on, tapping one finger on his knee and staring at the grandfather clock.

DISAPPEARED, by Francisco X. Stork.

On the morning of November 14, the day she was kidnapped, Linda Fuentes opened the door to my house, where my family was having breakfast. As usual, I wasn’t ready. 

ABSOLUTELY ON MUSIC, by Haruki Murakami & Seiji Ozawa.

Until we started the interviews in this book, I had never had a serious conversation with Seiji Ozawa about music. True, I lived in Boston from 1993 to 1995, while he was still music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and I would often go to concerts he conducted, but I was just another anonymous fan in the audience.

WILD BEAUTY, by Anna-Marie McLemore.

Later, they would blame what happened on the little wooden horses. Estrella had found them when she was five, the set of them dust-frosted and forgotten on a high shelf. They had been small enough to fit in her hands, carved wooden wings sprouting from their backs.

LOVE MINUS EIGHTY, by Will McIntosh.

The woman across the aisle from Rob yammered on as the micro-T rose above street level, threading through the Perrydot Building, lit offices buzzing past in a colorful blur. He should have taken his Scamp. Public transport was simpler, but he always seemed to share a compartment with someone who didn’t have the courtesy to subvocalize.

MOONGLOW, by Michael Chabon.

This is how I heard the story. When Alger Hiss got out of prison, he had a hard time finding a job. He was a graduate of Harvard Law School, had clerked Oliver Wendell Holmes and helped charter the United Nations, yet he was also a convicted perjurer and notorious as a tool of international communism. He had published a memoir, but it was dull stuff and no one wanted to read it.


What’s surprised me most about seeing my sister dead is the lingering smirk on her face. Her pale lips are turned up ever so slightly, and someone has filled in her patchy eyebrows with a black pencil. The top half of her face is angry — like she’s ready to stab someone — and the bottom half is almost smug. This is not the Olga I knew.

THE STONE SKY, by N. K. Jemisin.

Time grows short, my love. Let’s end with the beginning of the world, shall we? Yes. We shall. It’s strange, though. My memories are like insects fossilized in amber. They are rarely intact, these frozen, long-lost lives. Usually there’s just a leg, some wing-scales, a bit of lower thorax—a whole that can only be inferred from fragments, and everything blurred together through jagged, dirty cracks.

THUNDERHEAD, by Neal Shusterman.

Peach velvet with embroidered baby-blue trim. Honorable Scythe Brahms loved his robe. True, the velvet became uncomfortably hot in the summer months, but it was something he had grown accustomed to in his sixty-three years as a scythe. He had recently turned the corner again, resetting his physical age back to a spry twenty-five — and now, in his third youth, he found his appetite for gleaning was stronger than ever.


Shelly Beukes stood at the bottom of the driveway, squinting up at our pink-sandstone ranch as if she had never seen it before. She wore a trench coat fit for Humphrey Bogart and carried a big cloth handbag printed with pineapples and tropical flowers. She could’ve been on her way to the supermarket, if there were one in walking distance, which there wasn’t. I had to look twice before I registered what was wrong with the picture: She had forgotten to put on her shoes, and her feet were filthy, almost black with grime.

My grandma lived under the house

by reddit user chewingskin

Before you read these moments from my life, I’d like to apologize for the language, but I’m trying to recall it from the exact detail.

During the months of June, July, and August, I spent many hot summers of my childhood at my Grandmother’s house further west on the island of Cape Breton. The forest was plentiful, the plains were a vibrant green, and my Grandmother’s house was a rickety old two-story that was built sometime in the 50’s and looked like it didn’t belong.

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Never Would Have

Requests: “Could you do an imagine where the reader is also a witch and with Kai. Just after he died the reader found out she was pregnant. She had twins (whatever genders). When Kai came back in the latest episode, Damon calls her to tell her that he’s back when him and Kai are in the car and Kai hears the twins in the background (maybe they call her mom or something and he knows she’s their mother). Then the reader brings the twins to see him? Thanks xx” (Credits to gif owners!)

“You guys be good, Damon is calling.” Y/N gave a stern look to her son who was about to tackle his sister. The twins stopped, nodded and sat on the floor together to watch cartoons. The ringing phone reminded Y/N that she had to answer soon or else it would go straight to voicemail. Lately when Damon called it was important. She gave it a second after pressing the answer button, “Hello?”

Damon was in the car. She knew that much. A window was down and there was heavy breathing. “Y/N!” She knew the vampire was smiling. “How is my favorite…household?” Y/N wiped her forehead. What? “Uh look, you don’t have to answer that.” He was struggling. “Can uh…can you stop by my place? Say, ten minutes?”

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one of the lines in ring of keys (in all of fun home, really) that makes me the most emotional is “it’s prob'ly conceited to say, but i think we’re alike in a certain way.”

like, you have this butch lesbian, with her crew cut and work boots and jeans, looking like the antithesis of what femininity was (and overwhelmingly still is) expected to be. most straight people likely would have been absolutely disgusted by it. and alison just thinks…that’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. she’s so absolutely stunned by this delivery woman that she thinks that feeling a similarity to her is vanity. straight people probably found her practically horrifying, but small alison just feels this wonderful, incredible, amazing connection to her that’s so strong she doesn’t care about what other people might think. she just feels so overjoyed to see herself in someone else that it’s like seeing an angel.

anyway, i love to cry.

anonymous asked:

Jonsa isn't happening. The show wouldn't waste time on creating a relationship between Jon and Daenerys only to forget about it in season 8. There is only 6 episodes left. Not enough time for anything. JONSA ISN'T HAPPENING. I'm even a fan of the ship but I know it's not happening in the show (or the books)

The show wouldn’t have wasted time on creating a relationship FULL of romantic tropes and parallels between Jon/Sansa and Ned/Cat, Jaimie/Brienne, Gilly/Sam, Robb/Talisa, and even Cercei/Jaimie, only to forget about it in Season 8 🙃

They would not have wasted screentime on creating a relationship, between Jon and Sansa, where they work as a team, where they take back their home TOGETHER, where Sansa is the mind and Jon is the sword, where they complement each other, where Jon starts acknowledging her intelligence, and actually begins listening to her, where they deeply bond and form a strong relationship based on trust, openness, partnership, companionship, communication, love and support, only to forget about it in Season 8 🙃

Jon is as closed as a pearl shell with Dandelion, he hasn’t told her A SINGLE thing about himself. Idk abt you, but I’m 1000% sure Jon isn’t in love with her, and 1000% sure that Dany is in love with the idea of him, and that’s it. 

Like for crying out loud, she doesn’t know anything about him! He hasn’t shared not even a small piece of personal information with her. THAT is HOW you bond with a person, the bonding has happened on her part only, only she, kept sharing personal stuff with him, it has been one sided since day 1. Which, has literally given Jon access to HER weaknesses and soft spots.

All she knows about him, is that he’s honorable, brave, a good commander/fighter, that the people love him and admire him, thus they chose him to be their King, to lead them, and that he took a knife to the heart, died for his people, and then came back to life. 

I repeat, she’s in love with the idea of him, because, she thinks, she sees herself in him, because she thinks he’s as magical as her lol Only, they could not be more different from one another. They have different goals, different ways of approaching certain situations, one would die to protect those he loves, for the greater good, the other has seen the army of the dead, 100.000+ of them, and yet still hesitates to help, because she is too self absorbed and obsessed with power and ruling. But she doesn’t know just how different they are, she doesn’t know what and how he really thinks, because she knows/because he hasn’t shared NOTHING personal about him/himself. I mean look at it this way, boasts around all these titles, “the unburnt”, while jon calls himself The King In The North and that’s pretty much it, we don’t see him calling himself, “the resurrected”, or “the undead”, idk, they ARE opposite of each other. 

Dandelion is entitled, tyrannical, pyromanic, narcissistic, power hungry, unpredictable, impulsive, doesn’t know how to rule, has no respect for other cultures and their traditions, doesn’t care about “the people”, she likes to say that she does, I think part of her/her ego believes that she does, but she doesn’t, at all, it’s all about her image, how she wants to be perceived, it’s all a facade, deep down she’s not like that at all. She wants people falling at her feet in adoration, that’s her narcissistic side, she has a golden child too (Drogon), also part of being a narcissist, she like to be in the center of the attention, she likes power. Shecan sometimes display mercy and goodness, but only if it serves to preserve her image, and even then, her impulsiveness can get in the way of her “I am a good person, I care for the people” idea of herself and murder in cold blood (Randyll and Dickon)

Jon is none of those things, idk how some of you

He hasn’t told her anything about Sansa, about Bran and Arya, as if they don’t exist, he doesn’t give any info away to her about himself about his family, because he’s weary of her, and fears/he thinks she might find his weakness, or the Starks’ weakness, and use them against him, his family and his people, he can’t afford something like that. He does not trust her, and love, cannot exist without trust. Just look at how quickly he opened up to Gendry, he smiled, and laughed, and joked with him, from second 1 lmao THAT is how our Jon is, and not this “weary, always calculating and watching what he says” version we’ve seen with Dandelion.

I honestly don’t know where y'all Jondelion fans see love between them, but you do you, whatever floats your boat, I guess 😅😅

Their bond is supposedly based on what? Oh yes, talking about the Night King, and about the Wights, oh and yes, talking about the Night King, and of course the Night King too, also the White Walkers, oh and I almost forgot, The Night King as well, you lost two brothers too *crickets*, The army of the dead, The Night King, you took a knife to the heart *doesn’t open up about it, denies it (but he did tell Sansa all about it and more)*, the Night King, they’re going to come see you for WHAT you are (not WHOM, but WHAT, that s*it sounds ominous af), The Army ofthe dead, and the The Night King, we’re all gonna die if you don’t help, the Night King, the Wights. Like seriously, what even lmao

WHERE is the bonding? Just, WHERE?

Jon looks at Sansa in a way he’s never looked at Dany, he looses himself in her eyes, more times than we can count, and Sansa was fully clothed the whole time, just sayin’ 🤗 Sansa “can TWIST him, like no one else”. We’ve never seen Jon look at Dany tenderly, smiling tenderly and genuinely at her, we never saw him, sighing at her, while he lingered longingly on her eyes, he never longingly stared at her lips, not even in the boatbang scene lol The lip staring, seems like something Kit does, a lot, when he’s around a love interest in movies etc. it’s kind of his signature move. I mean he did it with Sansa/Sophie, why not doit with Dany/Emilia too? If he’s so in love with her? hm?

Care to explain the need of this VERY “platonic” scene, with VERY “platonic” looks and lip staring contests? 🙃

The above scene was intense AF. You can try and fight me on this. I agree brothers might give their sisters a foreheard kisses, I get it, okay, but that forehead kiss is usually followed by a sweet, tender smile, a pat on the back or a pat on the head even, idk, but in no universe brothers stare with that type of intensity in their sister’s eyes after a forehead kiss, okay? 

If y'all brothers do that, they’re broken, and need repairing asap lol Jokes aside, I’d be worried and creeped tf out, if my brother kissed me like that, and then leaned in a little, stared deeply, intensively, and seriously into my eyes, and THEN stared at my LIPS!!! Oh hell no 🤢😷😖😖

There should’ve been a smile from the two of them, if they meant to pass this forehead kiss as platonic, the smiles would’ve added a familial feel to the kiss. Instead, Jon is all serious and has intense heart eyes for her, in the first gif, he LEANS IN towards her, after ending the kiss (for a second there, many people thought he was gonna kiss her. I watched that episode, with two male friends, whom I should add, both have sisters, and let me tell you, they were confused af by this kiss). 

Sansa was just as bloody confused as my friends (lol), by what Jon kissing her made her feel, you can literally see it on her face (3rd GIF), when Jon ends the kiss, she had to legit take a moment to recollect herself and, then, she looked at his lips for a moment, and then straight up in his eyes, no smile from her either, instead, she looked at him with a rather, vulnerable, confused look.

Care to explain these very “platonic” looks and strong “platonic” moments between them too?

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I’m Not a Kid

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 4.2k

Genre: smut

Parts: one | two

“Y/N” you heard Jungkook sing song. He had been bothering you for the past three weeks. Jungkook was your boss’s son and he had been trying to get you to go out with him since day one.

You had given the papers to your secretary and turned to face him. “Jungkook,” you sighed and walked back over to your office. You walked inside your office and turned to close your door but Jungkook stopped it and walked in. You sighed again and went to sit at your desk. You got on your computer, not looking at him, “Yes, Jungkook.”

“Oh, Y/N” he laughed. “I love when you call me that.”

You looked over at him, “It is your name.”

He just stood there and smiled with a wink. You rolled your eyes, “What did you need?”

He walked over and sat at the on the edge of your desk. “Well, I need a date to dinner tonight?”

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Swan Thief?

Neal and Emma honestly had the potential to be the ship of OUAT, the big Alpha pairing, the OTP to end OTPs. They were so poetic, the child of the dark one with the product of true love, the one the curse was built for and the one who would break the curse. There is no doubt that they were the original endgame, what with Tallahassee being mentioned as early as the second episode of Season One. There is so much foundation laid for this ship, and it was all for nothing, and I will never not be bitter over that.

Emma and Neal are so natural together. They just fit together so effortlessly, two lost children searching for home and finding it with one another. They are easy and light and free with one another, they smile, they laugh, they give and take and build one another up. Their rhythm is natural and real and so incredibly endearing to watch and there was so much more to explore in their relationship, and so much left to repair and rebuild.

Neal always wanted what was best for Emma and Emma never stopped loving or wanting Neal. Neal made a mistake when he left her, but one can’t really blame him for running from his father (which was essentially what he was doing). And he never forgave himself for hurting her, and when he returned, he never pressured her to forgive him, never pushed her into giving him a second chance, instead he simply let her know how sorry he was and how he would be there for her if she needed him, no strings attached. He wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him. He loved her so much, and always tried to do right by her.

Emma, in turn, connected with Neal on a deeper level than she did with anyone else. She opened herself up to him, planned a future with him, saw him when she thought of the person she wanted to spend her life with. She forgave him for running and genuinely wanted to be with him. By her own admission, she never got over him.

So many of the story lines which have played out would have been so much better with Neal around. Emma losing control of her magic could have been beautifully juxtaposed with Neal’s fear of magic in general, Emma losing her loved one and marching into Hell for him would have been so much more emotional for someone like Neal whom she has so much history with and loved so much, and Emma as the Dark One would have been amazing, what with Neal’s history with his father. Imagine the emotional impact of Neal losing not only his father but the woman he loves to Darkness. Such a wasted opportunity.

Neal and Emma could have been beautiful, amazing, epic. They had so much history and so much love and such a deep connection between them, not to mention that they also have a son together. The fact that this relationship and Neal’s character were thrown under the bus for Rapey McPirate is and will always remain a travesty.


Requested: no.

Warnings: none.

This is really different but I really like it. I’m proud of this one. Hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted by dreamilygloriousarcade

Would you believe me, if I said I went To the same church as Justin Bieber? I doubt it. People never did. But then again, who would?

But I do. And I have for a while now.

It’s not like we’ve talked or anything. In fact, I don’t think Justin even knows my name, but I still see him every week. So much that seeing him around isn’t even a shock anymore.

To me, he’s now just a normal person, attending church on a Sunday - who goes upon there normal day just like any one else would.

The church I attended was a private one. Very closed off and self kept. It was no wonder Justin came along.

At first, he would come along with his family. Sometimes alone. Basically just came to say grace, attend mass then leave. And it was like that for around a year, before I noticed someone else.

A girl who’s name I learnt to be Y/N. She was sweet from what I had seen. A religious girl who had good intentions. It surprised me to see her considering we usually don’t get a lot of new faces here.

She was friendly to everyone - including Justin. They looked like a couple of old friends who had grown up together and I actually think that’s what they were.

From what I had heard from my mother they have been best friends since as long as they could remember. And apparently Y/N’s normal Church closed down, so Justin invited her to join him at ours until she found a new parish.

But What was supposed to be a one time thing turned into a series of repetitive events, and after a month, she was considered a member of the church.

I honestly didn’t mind. It wasn’t like she was bothering me or anything and she was rather friendly. I liked her.

Months had passed and everyone in the church had begun to see a change in attitude around the two. It was as if they both a had a secret they were too afraid to tell each other but otherwise tried to act as if it wasn’t there.

But everyone else in the church had noticed. I remember my mother talking to Mrs smith one weekend after church about the two - they were saying how they ‘had seen this coming since the day Justin brought her to the church.’ Whatever that meant.

What did they see coming?

It wasn’t until weeks later I realised what they were talking about. One week at mass I watched them intensely, there was something about them that was just so interesting.

I may have been sitting a few seats behind them, but it was impossible to miss the way they were looking at each other when the other wasn’t. The love in there eyes.

That’s when I knew that they both had feelings for each other, they were just too afraid to admit it.

Time went by and nothing had changed. The problem about our church though is the church mothers love to gossip, and the kids love there media.

Apparently, some of the teen girls had seen on tmz some rumours that the two were dating, and they must have passed that message to there parents because it wasn’t long before the whole church was talking about it.

I didn’t believe it. I never believed anything the church mothers talked about. They’re always full of crap. But it came as a surprise the next Sunday when justin and Y/N walked in, smiling at each other with so much love, hand in hand.

Honestly, I was glad. It was about time. If I’m being honest, I think they looked cute together.

They were touchy throughout mass. Rubbing each other backs, winding their fingers through each other’s and even giving each other short, small pecks throughout.

It was honestly adorable.

And of course the church talked. No one in this place can keep there mouths shut but I didn’t mind talking about them. They were fascinating to me. And no one was saying anything bad.

A couple months had gone by and nothing had changed. They still had the same amount of love and passion in there eyes for each other. Sometimes they would show up looking a little pissed and avoided each other, but the next week they’d come back as if nothing had happened.

Just like a normal couple.

Justin continued making music and I even heard that Y/N got into modelling. Good for her, she had the body for it.

But that got the church talking once again. I think the girls were jealous honestly since from then on out people began throwing crap Y/N’s way. But after a while it passed.

Years had gone by and i think they were around 23 now. I know because Justin was exactly 6 years older then me. And I had just turned 17.

They still attended church, still sat in the same seats and shared the same love but one thing was different. Not only did they seem a lot more happy, but something in particular seemed to stand out.

Of course, this had the Parrish gossiping like crazy. Especially once they caught the size of the 27 carat diamond engagement ring wrapped around Y/N’s slender finger.

From that day on, the church began looking at her differently which was really uncalled for and rude. She had done nothing wrong and minded her own business - not disturbing anyone. But the Parrish saw her as spoiled and a gold digger.

Which didn’t make sense. It wasn’t like she askedfor the ring. It was Justin’s idea to propose. And they were a beautiful couple. Not just by looks but by personality as well.

Yet the couple went unphased. And a couple months later they both sported another ring each. Both just a simple wedding band.

Of course I didn’t attend the wedding personally but I heard they got married in the Parrish church. And the photos that flooded the internet only proved that theory.

Everything about the two was perfect. And they continued to attend mass together like a normal couple would.

All until a few weeks later. When Y/N walked in looking tired and saddened. Alone.

No Justin. And it was like that for a little while. She was alone.

I couldn’t believe it and apparently neither could the Parrish. They talked like crazy, some saying that they saw it coming and knew they wouldn’t last but others in as much shock as I was.

I couldn’t believe that they had broke up. They were so happy. I just couldnt figure out what went wrong.

But if you think that was a surprise, then you had to see how much more surprised we were to realise a couple months later, that Y/N’s stomach had grown.

No not fat. But Baby weight.

She was pregnant.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt so sympathetic for Justin. And the church couldn’t either. The news and rumours spread so fast after that and I even remember the day I heard it.

It was from Mrs Banks, the young housewife with the twin girls. Her daughters where bitches.but I remember my mother talking to her, and the way the news slipped Mrs banks lips, as if she was talking about a convict in prison. So much disgust.

‘She cheated on him.’

She said.

'she got pregnant with the other mans baby and poor Justin couldn’t take the heartbreak - left the sorry women just like she deserved.’

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe such a sweet women could do such a terrible thing. Or maybe she wasn’t as sweet as i thought.

I avoided her for a long while after that. She tried being friendly, tried to say hello or throw a smile at me but I kept my distance. I was surprised father Gabriel hadn’t kicked her out.

A few more weeks went by, her stomach grew and so did the gossip and rumours. But suddenly, a month or two later, something happened. Something so small, yet it caused the whole church to shut there mouths.

Justin showed up one day. Not alone. Not with family. But with Y/N. Smiling.

He was walking behind her, with one hand on her swelling stomach and the other clutching her hand which also rest on her stomach. He guided her down the isle and into there usual seats, cuddling next to her.

Like nothing had happened.

Every pair of eyes where on them. Even father Gabriel’s.

Everyone was confused. Why had Justin gotten back with her? After what she did. I would never have forgiven her.

But it wasn’t long for word to get around. The truth. A girl who was a fan of Justin had actually asked him.

I don’t know how. I would have been so embarrassed. Thats such an invasion of privacy, yet she did it and I’m honestly glad she did.

Y/N never cheated. And the baby was Justin’s! The reason she showed up alone was because Justin had been on tour and everyone had overreacted.

I told you the woman were full of crap.

Anyways, months passed and Y/N’s stomach continued to grow. Swelling with life and beauty. Justin and herself looked so happy. And every time they walked in, I couldn’t help but notice how Justin clutched her stomach. It was so beautiful.

Everything was normal until one day, they both just stopped showing up.

It disappointed me. I really enjoyed watching the two from a distance, examining there lives. I wondered where they went. And hoped they would come back to the Parrish.

But they didn’t. Not the next week, or the week after that. Not even the week after that. They were both MIA.

I was convinced they had found a new Parrish. One with less crap and gossip. I wouldn’t blame them.

But that wasn’t the case, and we all found that out when they finally one Sunday, showed up again. This time, Y/N was not pregnant.

And Justin seemed a lot happier. So did Y/N but she also seemed tired. Not sad though. It was like a happy tired.

It was pretty obvious what had happened but I was still shocked when Justin’s body came into full view.

In his hands, he held a beautiful baby girl, dressed in a pink dress with a white flower band on her hair.

The girl was stunning. She had a full head of hair which was obviously inherited from her mothers thick dark brown hair, but was a dirty blonde like her father. Long thick eyelashes supported her eyes and a cute button nose sat on her face.

She was really small. But I think she was actually premature by a couple of weeks. So it made sense that the two weren’t at church for the last few weeks. They were busy looking after there new born baby girl.

And although Y/N brought a pram along with her, Justin didn’t put his little girl down. It was obvious he was proud of his little beauty. I would be too. She was really cute.

And well behaved. I hadn’t heard her cry all mass. There was a few times when the baby girl would stir, become a little restless but all Justin would need to do was say “shh it’s alright” and she would settle.

It truly was adorable.

And it wasn’t until Justin wrapped his arm around his wife, as Y/N placed a hand on her daughters leg and another around Justin’s torso that I truly realised.

This family was unbreakable.

Why Linda McCartney is amazing:
  • Pursued a successful career as a photographer BY ACCIDENT, in her own right. 
  • Had several affairs with famous rock stars when she was single not married, just to make that clear. (Like: Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix (Although she says Jimi was just her friend)) 
  • Was already a muse at the age of 1. Yep, Paul McCartney was NOT the first musician to write a song about Linda, it was actually Jack Lawrence a famous musician of the 40’s. His song is called ‘Linda’.
  • Being a Beatles fan herself she often joked about “marrying a Beatle” when she had not yet met any of them….she ended up ACTUALLY marrying Beatle Paul McCartney.
  • Also, her favorite Beatle was John, not Paul.
  • Was an extraordinary mother to all of her children. She always put them first and were her main concern. 
  • Even though she often got criticized for any little thing she did, she was not afraid to fight for animals’ rights.  She often said she preferred spending time with animals than with people. For years she defended animals and when she passed away she was given the title of “The animals’ guardian angel”. She saved thousands of animals with her campaigns and her vegetarian cookbooks, and frozen food line. 
  • Redefined what “marriage” was back then in the 60’s and 70’s. Back then it was the normal thing for the wife to be a stay at home mom who cooked meals for her husband and the husband to work all day to pay the rent. But Linda and Paul’s marriage was quite the opposite. They were one of the first famous couple’s to redefine that word. Linda and Paul lived on the road (very often), BOTH working hard and helping each other. They took their children with them on tours. Really, both of them contributed the same amount to their marriage.
  • Although fans (of Paul’s and The Beatles) and critics hated Linda in the first years she was with Paul, and often criticized her voice and her skills in playing instruments she kept her head up and continued doing what she enjoyed without letting the reviews bother her. She really was doing the “Just because you’re not entirely good at something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, GO FOR IT! Let the haters hate” thing. 
  • She also got criticized A LOT for not dressing fashionably and not doing her makeup. Linda was a very casual person. She never wore make up (very rarely anyway), and just threw on whatever felt comfortable, she could give a rats ass about being “in style”. BUT of course the world judged her on her looks. She was SO pressured into being what everyone wanted her to be yet she never gave in. She stayed herself completely and never changed who she really was just to please the public. 
  • Oh, and she also often let her leg and armpit hair grow, basically, Linda was a very NATURAL human being. Which is bloody amazing, imo.
  • She is OFTEN described as a “very kind, and endearing person” by people who knew her personally. Which, isn’t surprising at all. 
  • She helped Paul in his time of depression when the Beatles had broke up. Paul went into a very deep depression and often stayed in bed ALL day and let his beard grow and drank hard liquor since very early in the morning. Paul has said that he felt his world was crumbing down and he was going downhill but Linda helped him get out of that. She helped him get out of that depression and that is when Paul wrote the beautiful song called “Maybe I’m Amazed” for the Lovely Linda (:
  • She was also one of the reasons Paul stayed so humble, being a Beatle and all it wouldn’t be too difficult thinking you’re all that. Being a casual, simple, nature girl she showed Paul how to live a simple life (Mainly when they spent time in Scotland). You would think Paul would have a maid or something but they both did all the house work, they both fed themselves and took care of their own children, just like a normal family!
  • She was a warrior. She fought cancer for years and stayed so strong about it. It has been said by one of her close mates, Danny Fields, that she NEVER complained about her illness. Of course, she was suffering and also caught depression but she always tried to stay positive about it. 
  • She was an extraordinary woman who was so very beautiful on the inside and the outside. The is no doubt why Paul loved and still loves her so much. ♥
  • THE END. (:

stars-glow-for-you  asked:

As I was talking over with a friend, I somehow had the bizarre, random thought of what would happen if Yurio found/was from the Court of Cats? Sorry, sorry-- but I thought I'd share? XD

These are two very different questions.

If he found the Court of Cats, if he was led there by some Cait Sidhe fan with a sense of humor, he would wake up by the side of the road with a mouth that tasted like glitter and champagne, and a lifelong ache in his bones, a yearning for something he had seen once, but would never see again.  She might come to him later, when he was skating with a melancholy maturity unmatched in all the world.  She might say she was sorry.

She might not.

But if he was from the Court of Cats…oh, if he was from the Court, how he would rage at the fact that Victor, Rusalka half-blood that he is (and we never speak of the Daoine Sidhe in his veins, never speak of the beautiful woman with the lips as red as blood, the hair as black as snow, who bewitched his poor father so, that she would turn away from good Russian fae and seek the charms of a daughter of Oberon) would leave his own Court behind to go to Japan, to help some two-bit nobody of a Selkie boy whose skin washed up on the wrong shore, who would never have a Cait Sidhe’s elegance or a Rusalka’s poise.

He could have been a King, he would tell Yakov, furious and flailing.  He had given it all away for the ice.  Couldn’t Victor have managed half that much?

And his heart would break every day, for a cat is not a dog, to follow love around the world, but a cat still knows its people, and half his heart would be so very far away.

Post-Rescue Kara and Alex (on guilt and on love)

She flew Maggie there.

She could tell Maggie hated it.

She could tell Maggie wanted to throw up.

She could tell because she could hear Maggie’s heartbeat, she could feel Maggie’s stomach roiling.

She could tell because she wanted to throw up, too.

And when they found her?

When they found her, and she spilled out of the water, the longest moment of Kara’s entire life was the moment before Alex did the most beautiful thing Alex had ever done.


She’d held on.

She’d held on.

She’d held on.

And now Maggie was holding on to her, and Alex was holding on to Maggie, and Kara knows that this morning, she would have been jealous. This morning, she would have been territorial. This morning, she would have been angry.

Because this morning, Maggie was an arrogant cop who only barely deserved her sister.

But right now? Maggie is the woman who loves her sister so much that she saved her.


They saved her.


And Kara? Kara will never look at Maggie the same way again.

But she needs Alex. Just Alex. 

She needs her sister.

Because Alex is breathing, breathing, breathing, and they’re loading her onto a stretcher but Kara doesn’t want that. Kara just wants to fly her home, fly her home in her own arms, because she never wants Alex to leave her arms again.

And she doesn’t.

Because the medics must know.

They must know that if they try to pry either Maggie or Kara away from Alex’s barely conscious form, all hell will break loose.

So they work around the women.

The women who love her most in the world.

It takes hours for Alex to rouse from when she passes out on the way back to the DEO.

Hours during which James and Winn have to pry Kara from her side so she can eat, so she can rest, so she can breathe, breathe, breathe.

But only after, of course, they’ve done their share of touching her, of crying over her and pretending they’re not, of watching her chest rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall, because she’s only sleeping, only resting, not dead, not dead, very much not dead.

J’onn tries to reason with Maggie. James tries to reason with Maggie. Winn tries to reason with Maggie.

She won’t move from the room.

Kara decides that Alex is adequately protected.

So she lets Winn and James take her away, take her to get out of her suit, to shower, to eat, to try, just for a moment, to breathe.

And when she checks in on her sister less than an hour later – they couldn’t keep her (or themselves) away longer than that – she’s awake, and she’s busy.

Busy making out with the woman who loves her, busy wiping tears from Maggie’s eyes, from her own eyes, in between open mouthed kisses, in between foreheads pressed against each other and I love yous whispered over and over and over again.

Kara smiles, and Kara nods, and Kara waits.

She waits, and she waits, and she waits, and she wonders vaguely how someone who just nearly drowned can possibly kiss someone for that long, but then again, if anyone can figure out a way, it’s her sister. 

Her sister who’s alive, alive, alive.

“Kara,” she hears, and Alex’s voice is weak. Weak and somehow strong at the same time.

Weak with exhaustion and weak with tears and weak with something that sounds an awful lot like happiness. Like relief. Like being alive, alive, alive.

She crosses into the room so fast it blows Maggie’s hair back, blows Alex back with an oof onto the bed, and Kara apologizes desperately, but Alex just wheezes a laugh and pats the bed next to her. 

Maggie stands and then bends to kiss Alex’s hand – one knuckle at a time, slow, staring into her eyes the entire time, and Kara thinks with a jolt of Lena before shoving the thought away – and then she’s touching Kara’s shoulder, and she’s hesitating, and she’s leaning down to kiss Kara’s cheek for a long, lingering moment.

“Thank you, Kara,” she whispers, and Kara splutters.

“For what?”

“For bringing her back to us.”

“Maggie, you – “

But Maggie just puts her finger on Kara’s lip affectionately and makes to leave. “Spend time with your sister, Little Danvers. I’ll go get extra potstickers for when you inevitably need to refuel.”

Alex laughs softly. “I love you, Maggie Sawyer,” she calls out as Maggie leaves.

Maggie stops full in her tracks, her smile too big for her face, for the room, for the world, for the universe.

“I love you, Alex Danvers.”

She leaves without another word, and Kara raises her eyebrows at her sister as she links their fingers together.

“Well that’s new.”

Alex shakes her head, still smiling like she didn’t just nearly die.

“No, it’s not. It’s just new to be saying it out loud.”

Kara smiles and leans down to kiss Alex’s face.

“I thought I lost you.” Her lips quake – her entire body quakes – against Alex’s forehead, and Alex raises her hands to hold her sister close to her.

“Can’t snag the title of only badass in the family that easy,” she quips, and Kara just sobs harder.

“It’s not funny, Alex.”

Her voice cracks, and Alex almost breaks.

“I know. I know. I know.”

“It was my fault,” Kara squeaks, her face now buried in Alex’s shoulder, her body shaking so uncontrollably she jolts up from the bed so she won’t accidentally break Alex’s bones.

So she won’t accidentally hurt her. Again, again, again.

Alex furrows her brow and tries to sit up.

“Kara, what – “

“All of it, it’s my fault! That he knew who I was, that he knew to target you! That… that you broke your arm. I broke your arm, Alex. And then I… the water, it…”


“You would have been fine, we would have worked it out, I… the water, you almost drowned, Alex, I can’t… I can’t imagine how scared you were, I… and that was my fault, Alex, mine, mine, and I don’t expect you to ever forgive me, but I – “

“Kara, stop it. Please.”

“Alex, it’s all my – “

“Kara. Listen to me. Can you do that? For me? Please?” She sounds exhausted and she sounds exhilarated and she sounds worn out and she sounds alive, alive, alive. So Kara stops, and Kara worries at her lip, and Kara wrings her hands, and at Alex’s weakened beckoning, Kara sits.

“Kara, none of this was your fault. Okay? None of it. None. Not the plan, not the… the water…”

Kara shakes and starts to sob again, and Alex lays a hand on her thigh.

“Hey, hey, listen to me. Remember… remember that surf competition, when I was a junior in high school?”

Kara adjusts her glasses and sighs out a soft laugh. “Yeah, you wiped out and nearly dr – oh. Oh.”

Alex grimaces, too, but she shakes her head. “When we were kids, I… what I thought about, then, was… was how much I wanted to tell you. About how you weren’t just… an annoyance, you weren’t a hindrance on my life. You weren’t a nuisance, you were… you were my everything. And you still are. Kara, I… this time?” 

Alex shudders and Kara knows there will be long nights, and there will be nightmares, and they will be so much different than after that surf competition, because that wasn’t deliberate and it wasn’t torture. Traumatizing. Very. But not… not this.

But Alex presses on, and Kara files it away for later.

“This time, I knew… I knew you know how much I love you. I knew you know… Kara, that was… short of hurting you, or threatening you, that was the scariest thing that anyone has ever done to me. But I… Kara, I would do it a thousand times, a million, more, if it was to protect you. If it was to keep you safe, keep you from being blackmailed like that again.”

She doesn’t say that next time, it could have been James. Winn. J’onn. Lena. Cat. Maggie. She doesn’t say any of it, because she can barely bring herself to think it.

All in all, she’s grateful.

Grateful it was her, not any of the other people Kara loves.

“Alex, I would never want you to – “

“I know. I know you wouldn’t, but Kara, I just… I love you. I love you, and I would do anything for you. But I don’t have to anymore, not right now. Because look! I’m safe, and I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. Okay? I promise.”

Kara sobs again, and this time, when she curls down onto Alex’s chest, Alex sobs, too.

She breaks her promise when Maggie comes in and Kara shifts back out, to replenish the water she’d drained from her tear ducts onto Alex’s shirt, to try to stave off the brutal headache from her crying session.

She breaks her promise because she unleashes her puppy eyes on Maggie, and Maggie is helpless, and Maggie is all but forced to help her limp out of bed, and Kara can’t do anything but beam, because if the way Alex breaks her promise to not go anywhere is simply by stumbling away from her bed with her girlfriend’s strong, loving arms around her?

That’s something that Kara can definitely, definitely live with.

“I Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love”

Request: Hey love :) I hope I can give you an idea for an imagine. You and buck live together in his Apartment in Bucharest and you’re really happy but he feels bad one day cause he can’t give you a better live. Then later that day you prepare something romantic and you cuddle together while you reassure him how much you love him and that you wouldn’t want another life. Sooo he feels better and you even share a Little make-out session but it’s mostly cuddling that night and just fluff? :)

Warnings: angst, then fluff, drunk driving situation

Word Count: 1877

A/N: one of four requests! hopefully this is what you wanted! i might have veered a little. i will work on the other ones this week! if you wanna be on my taglist shoot me an ask! please leave feedback. dont drive when youve been drinking. the title comes from “I Cant Help Falling In Love With You” originally by Elvis but my favorite version is by Haley Reinhart

Originally posted by v-writings

She moved to Bucharest after she lost everything. She needed a fresh start. Y/N never knew that fresh start would involve falling in love with a kind-hearted ex assassin. James Buchanan Barnes, that beautiful bastard. He was everything Y/N had ever dreamed in a man. He was the man a father would love for his daughter to have. Too bad Bucky didn’t see that.

Her parents were killed in a car accident along with her little brother, he was only ten years old. A drunk driver ran a red light and crashed directly into their car. That night she lost everything that ever mattered to her. She sold everything she owned, her bakery included. She backed the few things she had and bought a plane ticket out of the only state and country she had ever known.

Bucharest, Romania, the place she picked to start her new life. She didn’t speak Romanian and she had no idea around the city, but it’s exactly what she needed. She wanted the refreshing feeling of learning new things and meeting new people. No one here would look at her with pity or sympathy. She was just an all-American girl looking for her own happy ending.

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Frost (Chapter Thirteen)

Tony solves the “frost” problem so he and Loki can be together, but Loki doesn’t react very well to the whole idea, so there is some angst, and Tony has to lay some tough love (and I don’t mean rough sex lol) on Loki to get him to calm down. And then just the start to some NSFW because you actually have to wait until Fourteen for the smut and I enjoy torturing you!

Let me know what you think :)   (about the chapter, not about me making you wait for smut lol)

Magic number is 170 likes/reblogs and Ill post chapter fourteen today too!


Enjoy :)

“There’s the prettiest women in the realm.” Tony stood in the doorway of the healing room and sent the women his best smile.

“Anthony.” A slim woman with dark hair nearly to her waist stood and embraced him. “What brings you to the healing chambers? Surely you are not sick?”

Surely you aren’t.” A blonde that barely came to his shoulder had to stand on her absolute tip toes to kiss his cheek, but she did anyway. “We did such a wonderful job this last session with you.”

“You did.” Tony kissed each back, calling a hello to the three other women in the huge room. “But I came to ask a favor, if I could.”

“Of course Anthony.” The blonde led him to a chair and he blushed when her hand lingered on his shoulder. “Whatever you need.”

Tony took a moment to relax into their always unbelievably comfortable chairs, to glance around the calming space that smelled of lavender and something sweet. The healers themselves were old enough that even Thor called them ancient, though they were all shockingly beautiful and looked no older than their mid twenties. Tony had enjoyed the weeks he had spent in their company as they healed his body, and they had enjoyed his charm and wit and easy flirtations as they worked.

“I need a spell or a potion or something magic that only you beauties would know.” Tony began, and grinned when they all giggled. Just lovely, lovely women. “I need something to protect me from Loki’s frost giant form.”

“Oh.” Soft, concerned murmurs, and one of the women in the corner made her way over.

“You have been threatened, Sir Anthony?”

“Nothing like that.” Tony cleared his throat. “I would just rather not be… frozen when he and I are close.”

“I see.” She tapped her upper lip thoughtfully. “Something that simply protects you, and does not interfere with more pleasurable pursuits.”

“A woman after my own heart.” Tony clasped his hands over his heart dramatically. “Please. If you would.”

“I would very pleased to help.” She was already moving, gathering supplies, and Tony kicked himself for not remembering their names, especially now when he very well could have written her poems of thanks. But in his defense, being ancient came along with names no one could pronounce anymore, so he supposed it wasn’t his fault.

“You are very special to us, do you realize?” A fourth woman asked, this one a red head with curls down to her shoulders. “The one chosen for both Our King and Our Prince. The tales of the chosen Hjartslattur were old even when we came to be.”

“Really?” Tony blinked at her and she smiled.

“Of course. We have long waited to meet you. And when you came to us so broken we were afraid… afraid that we were not strong enough to help you.”

“Terrified, really.” Another chimed in. “Thank the gods you healed.”

“Yes.” The one mixing the potion brought it to him in a delicate crystal bottle, with words written out on the tag she attached. “You healed and now are fulfilling the hjartslattur bond and it is wonderful.”

“This, before midnight, and the spell three times.” she instructed and Tony raised his eyebrows.

“Every day?”

“Just the once.” She looked at him disapprovingly. “What sort of healer would I be if my spells and charms only worked once?”

Most would call you a sorceress.” Tony teased and she bent to kiss his forehead.

Most would be correct. Now go. Take it before midnight tonight.”

“Thank you.” Tony bowed low, and blew kisses just to make them all giggle and went on his way.

Really, just the loveliest ladies.

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Who’s the RFA virgin?

Gurl. GUUURL! This was so interesting to write what the heck?! 

Hope you enjoy! :3

- some of these have rather intense and heavy content so for those who are sensitive to it, read with auction
P.S.S – changed some of the character symbols to make it prettier and more fitting in my opinion
P.S.S.S – Rika was aged up for plot purposes, because the actual MM time line is messed up and inconsistent to say the least


♬ Zen was rather young when he lost his virginity, maybe a little too young, only fifteen years old

♬ he’d just been kicked out by his parents and found himself stumbling from one troubling situation to the other

♬ he was homeless, lonely and all for a dream he didn’t even know whether it would come true or not; in other words, he was vulnerable

♬ in a life where everything was changing and sadly for the worse the only positive constant were Zen’s stunning looks, something he soon learned to use to his advantage

♬ he knew how women responded to him and somehow that made him feel good – if he ignored the quiet voice of disgust nagging at the back of his mind

♬ Zen lost his virginity to the wife of the gang leader, an older, mature woman that couldn’t be described as anything cougar

♬ when he husband was busy and couldn’t take care of her needs he allowed her to keep a pet, in this case it turned out to be Zen

♬ she took control of the situation, taking whatever she wanted from his young body while Zen merely watched with admiration, pleasure claiming the both of them

♬ she made rode him until she’d come twice before finally taking care of him, showing him what pleasure could feel like

♬ he learned a lot from her over the course of the next year and while it was his sexual awakening, it was also the beginning of a downfall


★ he was a virgin until you stumbled into his life

★ the two of you dated for quite some time until you finally had sex

★ not because you wanted to wait, but because he was scared shitless at the idea of having sex with you for the first time

★ what if he sucked?!

★ he was so nervous about the whole ordeal, you were actually the one to initiate it

★ it wasn’t the most romantic or glorious of first times, but it also wasn’t half bad

★ for one, the whole thing was over pretty quickly, since Yoosung didn’t really last long

★ who knew excessive jerking off didn’t help at all!!

★ still, Yoosung was extremely gentle, making sure to hurt you as little as possible as well as trying his best to take care of you even when he was finished himself

★ it reminded you a little of Bambi learning to walk but hey, once they walk they learn to run and boy did Yoosung learn over time


♛ he was so celibate until he met you, you could have called him Saint Jumin

♛ not for lack of sexual desire, he just had better things to spend his time with

♛ but then you came along and boy did you wake the animal inside of him

♛ suddenly he was so overwhelmed with desire he almost broke the vow he’d made to himself

♛ but, being the man of his words he reigned in his suddenly overwhelming urges and married you instead

♛ you shared your first time during the honeymoon and while it was a surprisingly passionate affaire, as expected from Jumin Han it was also very…calculated?

♛ it was obvious that Jumin tried to compensate his lack of experience with a lot of research, a fact that made you laugh once you imagined Jumin googling sex tips and tricks

♛ it’s also important to note that Jumin is a very generous lover, worshipping every inch of you

♛ he made sure you came at least once before he even thought about actually penetrating you

♛ by the end of the honeymoon he’d learned quite a couple of tricks and you were pleasantly worn out and sated


☽ Saeyoung too was a virgin until he met you, both by circumstance as well as choice

☽ despite experiencing certain needs, Saeyoung had always made sure to control himself and keep his focus trained on more important things; like his work

☽ he might seem scatter brained to a lot of people, but he actually always had things under control and knew that it had to remain so in order to keep his brother safe

☽ when he met you, however, his priorities started to waver and shift as his interest in you grew beyond anything he’d ever experienced

☽ luckily he managed to push you away long enough to safe his brother and keep his conscience clean

☽ much like Jumin, Saeyoung too insisted on waiting until after you were married

☽ for one it was due to religious reasons, but it also gave him the chance to sort his life and himself out, finally being a man he thought was good enough for you

☽ your first time together went surprisingly smooth, considering both your lack of experience

☽ in fact, it was quite the pleasant experience mostly due to the fact that you’d gotten to know one another so well in theory it made the actual practice so much easier

☽ it was like the two of you finally found the part that had been missing and no amount of inexperience could ruin such a holy bound


☾ much like Zen, Saeran lost his virginity too soon and under wrong circumstances

☾ it was one of those moments in life that in the moment seem like not that big of a deal, good even, but later on come to haunt you in ways you never expected them to

☾ Saeran had just lost his brother and his home, forced to live with a young woman he didn’t know and didn’t trust

☾ lucky for him, Rika was a good person unlike his mother had been

☾ she was beautiful and kind with a soothing voice and an even more soothing touch

☾ the older he got, the more demanding Rika became, however and instead of soothing her words grew cold and cutting

☾ Saeran would have done anything to please her, just so he could get the kind Rika back, the one that had saved him

☾ little did he know that it was all part of her plan and so was the night they spent together where she seduced him, binging him to her once and for all

☾ Saeran did very little, old enough to understand what was going on but too young to fully process it

☾ it was the first of many night to follow, the step towards his downfall


☼ Jihyun much like Saeran lost his virginity to Rika, although the events were much less traumatizing

☼ him and Rika had been dating for a while, steadily falling in love

☼ they’d just moved in together, happily starting their new life when they decided to take the next step in their relationship

☼ neither of them had ever really dated and most certainly not been as in love as they were with one another

☼ they decided to lose their virginity to one another together, planning the entire event

☼ both of them wanted it to be a special moment, something they’d never regret looking back on

☼ they went out on a fancy date in the evening, returning home late in the night pleasantly buzzed from the nice wine but far from drunk

☼ they lit scented candles in the bedroom, even going to the length of spreading rose paddled on the sheets

☼ they took things slow, exploring one another until finally becoming one

☼ despite everything that happened after, despite the horrible things they did to one another, it was that very moment that they’d never came to regret no matter what

hi yes remember me???????? i’m back with a list of black females who need more resources so y’all can stop using gross ppl like selena gomez and the hadid sisters. step ur fucking female game up.

  • lauren london — HONESTLY? yall are disrespectful for this woman having absolutely NO resources.
  • cassie ventura — AGAIN!!!! both of these women just starred in a movie in march of 2016. c’mon, now.
  • dascha polanco — AGAIN, THEY ALL THREE STARRED IN THE PERFECT MATCH. also, dascha is afro-dominican. win-win.
  • yaya dacosta — i feel like she has no resources. i’m mad about it. are you?
  • laverne cox — MORE REPRESENTATION 2017
  • solange knowles — i’m…….disgusted. offended. where are the solange resources after all this woman has done for us.
  • samira wiley — hello??????/
  • danielle brooks — my queen. my everything. shut up.
  • uzo aduba — MY LIFE.
  • octavia spencer — i genuinely would like to see more octavias out here.
  • keke palmer — she does have resources, but not enough.
  • logan browning — did we………did we forget about dear logan?
  • raye boyce — a make up artist. a queen.
  • anaya roderick/theanayal8ter — not only did she have vine videos, but she has a whole ass youtube channel. stop playing with me.
  • joan smalls — a woman.
  • jourdan dunn — another amazing woman.
  • jasmine tookes — more woman. fucc a k*ndall!!!
  • chanel iman — ARE YALL EVEN TRYING AT THIS POINT G????
  • miracle watts — i can assure yall, resources can be made for this woman.
  • yaris sanchez — want a model who is also an Art Queen? use yaris!
  • sza — its a shame that yall are ignoring wonderful women in favor of trAsh!
  • candice patton — i dont really see resources for her. hm. wonder why.
  • nicole beharie — again……..yall zont even look.
  • simone missick — yall truly dont look.
  • tae heckard — i feel like yall forgot about this gem.
  • sherise cromwell/th*inkreese  — she is mixed with black, and also has the videos for resources.
  • mila j — we remember jhene, but not mila. tragic.
  • kali uchis — shes not black but she needs resources, i just wanted to slide that in here real quick. thanks, b.

and i’m missing PLENTY more women, rest assured. but like i said, i’m so??? sick of seeing the same fucking face claims that yall use as your ugly ass tokens when theres a sea full of beautiful and amazingly underused women with not a single goddamned resource on this damn hell site. yall yelp for diversity all this other shit but never wanna actually put forth any effort. step it up 2017, folks!!!

many things can be reinforced in a quick sentence if several things must be assumed for it to be true. “like she would ever be raped” relies on the idea that rape is an unintentional consequence of uncontrollable male lust for beautiful women, that women can be put on a scale of ugly to beautiful, and that women should, and then also that the scale is then accepted fact that is understood in all men to adhere, as in it’s objective, and that “ugly” women who claim to have been raped can be disregarded as lying, which can extend that there can be circumstances for any woman lying, so therefore even “objectively beautiful” women could lie, and then in that sentence the burden of rape, or lack thereof/the possibility, lies at the woman, so of course it means that rape is a woman’s fault, and really so much more could be said about the layers that are being enforced in six words.

most cultural platitudes are the same, and are hard to fight because of their very nature of being so heavy in context while appearing to be light and undeniable. 

read very carefully, always. it’s long hard work, but take apart things word by word and always try to do it over and over and over again. 

Tending to the Fire (Nessian Collab, Part Two)

So as promised a couple of weeks ago, @tacmc and I have been working on a Nessian collab. As of right now, it is only two parts, but it could end up with more if there is request for it! There’s nothing we enjoy more than getting to work with our best friend.

Part 1 can be found HERE, in Nesta’s POV, from my ultra-talented bff, @tacmc.

Part 2 is from Cassian’s POV.

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