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I Love My Redneck

Daryl Dixon x Reader | SmutAF | 18+ Only Warning!

Request #1: I’m so happy that now we can make requests lmao. Would you do one with lap dance? Like … Daryl find some old CD of some band that YN likes (Led Zep for ex) and she do a lap dance on him and … you know how end up hehe ! Love your work, sincerely!

Request #2: One that YN get calling by one man that she finds in a run, he says something like “can’t believe you’re with a old redneck” and that’s hurt Daryl and then when you two got back, he gets quite and then you two make love, all kind and eye in the eye 😍

Summary: Early Season 4. Prison Era. Daryl and the Reader have been dating for a while, they go out on a run to scavenge for supplies and the Reader turns Daryl on. Smut ensues. Reader finds a radio with some tapes including Daryl’s favorite band, Led Zeppelin. Reader takes it intending to treat Daryl with a lap dance later. Later that night they are around the campfire at the prison when to younger men ask the Reader why she is with an old redneck. The reader responds and later finds out Daryl is upset by it. The reader comforts Daryl and treats him to a lap dance. They make love afterwards, salty and sweetly.

(A/N: This one was really fun to write, I hope you all enjoy it! A great way to send off the Daryl smut before Macmanus March.)


You trip and scrape your knee as you run quickly through the forest and trip and fall onto the asphalt of the nearby town you were scavenging as a group.

“Gah!” You cry out in pain as you sit up and cradle the blood scraped knee, on the ground.

Suddenly, from the corner of your eye you see Daryl rush over and sit beside you, not worried about anything else but you.

You smile softly over at him and roll your eyes, “I’m okay, baby. I am just a klutz, you say chuckling to yourself and reaching your hand out to him.

He smiles softly and nods his head, standing back up and taking both of your arms in his big strong hands and pulling you back to safety and back into his arms. You wrap your arms loosely around his shoulders and sway your body back and forth lovingly in front of him, smiling as his hands rest softly on the small of your back.

You hear a throat clear behind you and your eyes turn quickly to the source. Rick stands there trying to remain in serious mode, but grinning a little that he had to pull you two off of each other, yet again.

He nods to you and up to Daryl, who smirks uncontrollably at his friend, shrugging his shoulders at his fatherly stare. Rick chuckled and nodded his head to the ground, kicking the dirt with his boot a few times before turning an easy smile back towards you both.

You grin and square your shoulders, standing next to Daryl, pressing your shoulder to his, as you reach down and grab his hand.

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Next to my own skin, her pearls. My mistress
bids me wear them, warm them, until evening
when I’ll brush her hair. At six, I place them
round her cool, white throat. All day I think of her,

resting in the Yellow Room, contemplating silk
or taffeta, which gown tonight? She fans herself
whilst I work willingly, my slow heat entering
each pearl. Slack on my neck, her rope.

She’s beautiful. I dream about her
in my attic bed; picture her dancing
with tall men, puzzled by my faint, persistent scent
beneath her French perfume, her milky stones.

I dust her shoulders with a rabbit’s foot,
watch the soft blush seep through her skin
like an indolent sigh. In her looking-glass
my red lips part as though I want to speak.

Full moon. Her carriage brings her home. I see
her every movement in my head…. Undressing,
taking off her jewels, her slim hand reaching
for the case, slipping naked into bed, the way

she always does…. And I lie here awake,
knowing the pearls are cooling even now
in the room where my mistress sleeps. All night
I feel their absence and I burn.

—  Carol Ann Duffy, Warmng Her Pearls
The last thing you see.

@marvelfanlife:​ Emily smut idea could be that Emily gets jealous when Morgan flirts with the reader even though they are in a relationship but only the team expect Morgan knows and Emily punches Morgan and says there dating and takes the reader home and show her that she loves and they have sex or something along the lines of that

A/N: This is just part 1 until my mind starts working again, hopefully part 2 sill be out tomorrow.

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Y/N’s hips swayed rhythmically with the sound of the music, tight black dress hugging her in all the right places while laughing along with JJ and Penelope on the dancefloor. However, her hips suddenly stiffened when she felt two hands run along her waist, their hips pressing firmly into her from behind.

“You don’t have to stop dancing, Babygirl.” Derek chuckled lowly in her ear, wrapping one hand around her so it fell flat on her stomach. Though, Y/N glanced over at her girlfriend who was sitting with the others, Emily’s jaw tense with frustration at her co-workers actions. Y/N turned around to face Derek, subtly edging herself away from the man.

“Come on, you don’t have to stop because I’m here.” Derek assured, pushing a strand of hair away from her face but Y/N shook her head, lips parted to speak but she grew increasingly uncomfortable at his touch. His wandering hands made Emily growl, her mind flicking on a dime as she fiercely strutted over to the pair.

“Actually, I don’t think we-” Before Y/N could explain, Emily pushed between the two if them, nudging Derek harshly out of the way before cupping Y/N’s face and locking their lips firmly making Y/N groan at the unexpected touch. When Emily pulled away with a soft tug on Y/N’s lower lip, she turned to Derek, his jaw dropped in confusion.

“Even think to touch my girlfriend again and I will guarantee I will be the last thing you see.” Emily grunted, pushing her hand into the man’s chest but he was lost for words, unsure on what had just happened. The soft grip on her shoulders, urged Emily away from the man, making her turn to be met with Y/N’s lips immediately.

“Come on.” Emily whispered, grasping onto her hand tightly and pulling her across the dancefloor, heading outside. The cool breeze prickled across Y/N’s exposed skin, stumbling along the concrete as Emily dragged her to the car wordlessly.

“Emily?” Y/N uttered but before she could think, Emily turned her to the side of the car, body flush against Y/N’s as she took her lips passionately into hers once more. Y/N hummed contently as Emily’s tongue grazed across her lower lip, her girlfriends sweet sound making Emily smile into the kiss.

“Mine.” Emily whispered sweetly into her lips, her hands grazing down Y/N’s waist before landing on her hips, squeezing slightly. Y/N wrapped her arms around her neck, deepening the kiss when she pulled slightly at her hair.

“Lets go home.” Emily smirked against her, sucking on her lower lip as she pulled away from her girlfriend.

When Emily got into the drivers seat, Y/N already in the car, her girlfriend placed a hand on her thigh and began kissing her jaw softly. Emily let out a breathy chuckle, starting the car but as soon as she went to drive, Y/N began sucking passionately at her pressure point, tongue grazing across the skin.

“Y/N, we’re not going to be able to get home if you carry on.” Emily whined but Y/N continued her actions, wandering hands hiking further up the inside of her girlfriends thigh.

“Am I distracting you?” Y/N giggled as her lips drifted up to her ear, nibbling on the soft skin gently. Emily groaned slightly, turning her head to eagerly lock their lips together, tongues clashing with one another.

“Wait until we get home, darling.” Emily whispered into her lips, hand placed firmly underneath the black fabric hugging her thighs as she squeezed tightly.

“I can’t.” Y/N whispered, making Emily smirk devilishly as she sat back in her chair, finally starting the car while she massaged Y/N’s bare thigh, thumb grazing down her panties lightly.

“Don’t tease.” Y/N squirmed, gripping at Emily’s wrist but not pulling her away. Suddenly, Emily pressed her fingers against Y/N’s panties, immediately finding her awaiting bundle of nerves causing a soft moan to elicit from her parted lips.

“You’re making this really difficult.” Emily grunted, speeding up as she flickered her eyes over to her girlfriend who grinded against her fingers.

“Keep your eyes on the road, babe.”


“Sweet mother, I cannot weave. Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.”

A girl whose nose crinkles when she laughs, whose brown eyes gleam in the sun.

She smiles into kisses and hugs me from behind.
She likes to dance.
She’s not too good at it, but she looks so beautiful when she tilts her head back and giggles at her movements that I love to watch her anyway.

She is sunflowers, lazy mornings, reading books aloud.
She is boardwalks with too big a sweatshirt pulled over her bikini, watching the sunset, hair pulled sloppily into a bun, a mess of half-dry hair.

She is mine.

Sweet mother,
“Sweet mother, I cannot weave. Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.”

—  O.R.E. {how did I get this lucky to hold her in my arms}

Ladies of Les Mis Aesthetic: Mythical Figures

Fantine as Medusa, cursed Gorgon of Greek mythology I had to their stories work so well together

To those who dare to love
To stare into deep eyes
Stay forever divine
Medusa’s love struck statues
Frozen in time - Lekalina

Eponine as Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld

She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell. - Nikita Gill

Cosette as Amaterasu, Shinto Goddess, Ruler of the Universe

Exist by the sun and love by the moon, for you must live in light to embrace the shadows it so perfectly casts. - Becca Lee

Musichetta as Oshun, African Goddess of Beauty, Love, Prosperity, Order and Fertility

When She possesses her followers she dances, flirts and then weeps- because no one can love her enough and the world is not as beautiful as she knows it could possibly be.

Les Amis Ver.

RebelCaptain AU || High School Teachers

In which Jyn is a recently hired english teacher who has a no bullshit approach when it comes to teacheing and Cassian is the chemistry teacher across the hall who is every student’s favorite. First impressions would tell many that the two shouldn’t work. Examples; she’s snobby and he’s a dork, she’s the ice queen and he’s a ball of sunshine, she’s abstract and he’s fact, she-….he’s….oh who are we kidding! The students and staff know these two have been sucking face every chance they get since they chaperoned that homecoming dance a month ago. Principal Mothma is just relieved their teaching isn’t as bad as their sneaking, or she’d have to find two new staff members by the next school year.

Molly is exactly the kind of friend you’d ring up in the evening, when you’re like on your period and had a bad day at work and she’ll invite you round for a sleepover straight away and when you get there she’ll have already ordered pizza, you’ll drink wine and she’ll just listen to you rant and talk to you about your favourite things to take your mind of the bad things, and then when the wine kicks in you’d both listen and dance to cheesy pop music and laugh into the early hours of the morning this was supposed to be a tiny thought that actually turned out to be a full fledged concept lmao

Monsta x as fathers

hold on y’all i’m back with more of these


  • would look at his daughter with all the love in the world.
  • no matter how busy he is, there is always time for tea parties.
  • he’d have trouble fitting in the tiny plastic chair but he’ll make it work.
  • him scooting it up to the tiny plastic table and lifting the tiny plastic tea cup out of humble respect because your little girl declared she was the queen.
  • would let her stand on his toes and dance around the room. 
  • work out sessions would be him doing push ups and her sitting on his back pretending he was a pony and squealing with laughter.
  • then he’d hug her when he’s all sweaty and she’d squeal with disgust. 
  • tucking her into bed with a lil kiss on the forehead every night.
  • he’s so tall so every time she wants to talk to him, she just tugs his pant sleeve and he will just drop and sit criss crossed on the ground to be at eye level and hear what she wants to say.
  • his hand is also very big so he gives her his finger to hold while crossing the street.
  • he’s the dad in the crowd with the little girl sitting on his shoulders
  • yes, that’s him
  • all her friends would be scared of him but he’s the gentlest thing ever and she knows it very well
  • his children would be his entire world 
  • no exceptions


  • i feel like he’d have three sons can you imagine living with him and three s o n s 
  • sometimes it’s like you have four sons
  • so much screaming and horseplay and fake wrestling
  • if they hold up lil finger guns and shoot him, there goes all the drama.
  • he’d fall down, never mind if they’re in public, and fake screams of pain and curl and spazz on the floor of the super market or something.
  • like the oranges are rolling out of the fallen hand basket and they’re giggling with so much amusement and your foot is nudging his limp arm.
  • “don’t do this again. people are staring.”
  • he’d do the thing where he’d lift up their shirts and blow into their bellies with his entire mouth 
  • idk its a dad thing
  • working out with three little weights as his bench press
  • bad influence
  • if you pass by a pet store it’s all gone
  • four pairs of puppy eyes and the ‘please can we get a pet snake’
  • he’d buy them all junk food and chase after the ice cream truck with them
  • it’s not even for fun, like he needs that ice cream. he will tell them to hang onto his back and sprint if he has to. 
  • will buy them all violent video games when they’re underage and be subjected to your lecturing
  • so they play in secret
  • your kid’s classmates give him the ‘best dad ever’ award

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Kowalski Children | Headcanons
  • Jacob and Queenie have a big family – and I mean BIG – because they can’t keep their hands off each other to be honest
  • Toby is an overprotective brother – a boy picks on his sisters or brothers? He steps in and stops the bully. When his sisters are older and dating (he shudders at the thought), he makes sure to give their boyfriends the stink-eye for weeks (and then for months after they break up). Someone says that one of his brothers is weird and he overhears? You can bet he’s there, pushing into the conversation and telling that person off.
  • Daisy enjoys helping her daddy in the bakery, and she loves getting to try new pastries; she’s convinced that she wants to be a baker when she’s older, working in the Kowalski bakery if she can. She also enjoys dancing, especially in her little tutu skirts (because, of course, she gets to do ballet – what the kids want the kids get), and often wears her dark hair in a ballet bun.
  • Ruth is as girly as they come; she enjoys dressing up (usually in her mother’s clothes tbh), loves the colour pink, and enjoys mothering her twin brother. She’s got blonde curls and is the prettiest little thing ever. As girly as she is, however, if you mess with her twin brother then she will hurt you – don’t underestimate her.
  • Abel is quiet – so quiet he barely says a word. He speaks most often to his twin sister, Ruth, and even then his voice is only a whisper. He simply doesn’t have much to say. He’s quite happy just to sit and read, or to help his mother in the kitchen or his father in the bakery – he stays quiet and he stays out of the way. He’s far from stupid, however – he can read before any of the kids in his classes can, and at Ilvermorny he masters charms quickly. Also very kind-hearted and open – he may stay out of the way, but if someone’s hurting then he’s there comforting them.
  • Abel is a Legilimens like his mother.
  • Elijah is a sweet little cherub with dark hair and Queenie’s big blue-green eyes (and I mean big blue-green eyes – the kind that makes all the girls jealous). He got the nickname “monkey” from Ruth because he’s forever climbing/running/playing – he’s a very hyperactive child. The nickname sticks and soon all the family call him “monkey” affectionately. He’s also very fond of music, eagerly listening to the wireless whenever he can.
  • All of the kids love getting to see their British cousins – usually because seeing the Scamander children means getting to see Uncle Newt and his wonderful suitcase of fantastic beasts (Jacob makes all of the children beast-inspired pastries to eat as a picnic in the case)
  • At home, Queenie makes a habit of singing the children to sleep every night – sometimes the children join in, resulting in less sleep but more fun.
  • Okay, but imagine Jacob giving all of the kids piggy-back rides, like…??? How freaking adorable is that?!
  • Like, honestly, all of the kids are so sweet and pure because how could they not be when their parents are Jacob and Queenie Kowalski, like seriously??
  • Jacob and Queenie are just wonderful and amazing loving parents who adore their children.

I’m working on teaching her to do things she does normally (talk, dance, etc) on command. I’d love to get all her words she says on commands because I love when she talks.

EXO Reacts To Someone Saying Racist To You

A/N: I only included 4 of the boys in this part because I feel that it is going to be super longgg. SO! Look forward to pt.2 and 3 maybe… I ranted in these.

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He walked into the dressin room where you’d be practicing for your performance when he heard your makeup artist making fun of your skin tone.

“First off, that was incredibly rude to say about someone you work for, also really fucking stupid. She may be darker than you but who is the one working for the other? Pack your kit, you’re not needed here anymore.” He glared at her as she started rushing to pack her stuff. 

When she was leaving he stopped her and added “Before you find a job do yourself a favor and learn some manners.”

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You had texted Channie earlier telling him to come to your dance room. He was taking too long so you decided to start practicing your dancing.

Your manager had walked in and started watching you, you heard sighs and annoyed groans coming from your manager so you stopped the music and asked what was wrong.

He glared at you and proceeded to call you racial slurs, telling you how you weren’t good enough to be apart of a Kpop girl group, how you needed to quit before he made you.

You went to reply but before you could you heard Channie’s voice come into the room.

“Excuse me but who the fuck are you to say anything like that to her? You have no right to speak to anyone like that!” He yelled, stepping in between you and your manager. 

Your manager bowed and kept uttering apologies to Channie. 

“Don’t apologize to me, you should apologize to her.” Channie said giving a slight glance over his shoulder.

Your manager looked in your direction and spit. 

You were pushed backwards by Channie as he punched your manager.

“Channie stop!” You yelled, grabbing at his arm.

“Stay back Y/n!” Channie screamed as he kept hitting the manager. 

He finally got off of him but not before uttering one last response “Learn some respect.”

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 You were accepting your very first Chinese Award when the people who presented the award to you suddenly stopped and told you, “You should not have this award. There are plenty of native Chinese artist that deserve this award more than you do.”

You were so dumbfounded at the fact that someone could do something to cruel to you. 

Lay walked up on the stage and wrapped his arm around you, slightly pulling you behind him. 

“I do not appreciate you speaking that way to her. She won fair and square. Please apologize.” Lay said sternly to the older men,

They looked at you and bowed, muttering a quick apology. 

Lay looked at you and gave you a kiss on the nose, “Good job baobei!”

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Your 3 year old daughter ran around the playground with the other kids while you sat and watched, waiting for your husband to return with the hot chocolate he promised his daughter.

“Excuse me. is that your daughter?” An older woman pointed at your little girl.

“Yes, why?” You questioned.

“Well I was just wondering why you’re letting her play with our kids.”

You raised your eyebrows at the woman, “Excuse me?”

The woman looked at you and started laughing, “I mean she’s not even Korean.”

You laughed and stood up from the bench, “ Firstly, who the hell do you think you are? Secondly. how dare you try to separate children based on race, you got mine fucked up. They are children for fucks sake and it’s people like you who create stereotypes and embed hatred into them!”

The woman raised her hand to hit you when you saw a hand stop her.

Suho glared at the woman, “ My daughter doesn’t have to have two Korean parents to be Korean. You are so simple minded and it disgusts me. Stop being so damn ignorant and open your eyes.” He said before letting go of her hand and pulling you away from her, towards your daughter.

Mother and daughter on the streets of Milan, Italy, a few weeks ago.

Caterina, the daughter, started to dance when she was 3 years old. “I always said to my mother that I want to become a ballerina.” And Barbara, the mother, always supported her.

They both moved to Milan from their small town so Caterina could fulfil her dream and study ballet from an early age in one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Her brother and her father had to remain home, a few hundred kilometres away.

Art requires huge sacrifices, years of hard work and difficulties, but great things never come easy.

Just imagine how Barbara feels today when she sees Caterina dancing on one of the most famous stages in the world: the stage of La Scala.

Rowaelin, Modern AU, But she’s looking at You, Part 1

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

Maeve owns the best club in the city, but when Aelin shows up demanding answers from her Aunt, she is forced into one month of working as a DJ in her Aunt’s club in exchange for information. Along the way she meets Rowan and the rest of the cadre, who are working as bartenders in the club… and Rowan is given the task of babysitting Aelin for the month.

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En Paix (Newt Scamander x Ballerina!Reader

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“The what?” Newt sat on the couch of the Goldstein’s sisters apartment. He had just come back for a quick break the week before and was taking the time to relax and work on his book when Jacob had come up to him dressed in his winter coat with Queenie grinning beside him.

“The Swan Lake its actually a fairy tale and the ballet is just as good, it’s basically a performance where they tell the story through dancing, my mother used to make me go whenever she could get the tickets for cheap” He explained to the wizard.

“You’ll definitely like it Newt it’s beautiful the way they move and they look its just too wonderful” Queenie cooed with a dreamy sigh looping her arm through Jacob’s as she leaned on him. 

“Come on Scamander you’ve been doing nothing but working on your  work and you rarely come outta your case” Tine piped in buttoning up her coat. 

With a sigh Newt got up and quickly got on his coat, not before checking on all of his babes, and they headed out into the snow filled night. The opera house was crowded with hundreds of muggles and only a few wizards or witches here and there.

“Mommy! Papa! Hurry up or we won’t see Y/N!!” A little girl whined from in front of Newt pulling on both the parents hands.

“Now sweetie I’m sure she hasn’t come out just yet” the father chuckled.

“Oh Jacob Y/N L/N is performing tonight aren’t we lucky!?” Queenie exclaimed taking her seat. They had managed to get balcony tickets and the view was perfect to see the entire stage.

“Who’s Y/N L/N?” Newt asked.

“Oh she’s one of the best dancers I’ve seen” Queenie said shrugging off her coat “some say she traveled to England, Paris, and even Russia just to train for her whole life and by the time she was 17 she was already a dancing prodigy” 

The flickering lights caused a hush throughout the loud theatre and music from the orchestra began as lights settled onto the stage where the curtains rose. 

The first few minutes were a blur to Newt as he watched the girls and the men dressed in their costumes leaping and spinning graceful without a single mistake. They all honestly looked the same to him and bored him, that was until he saw her. 

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Odette, Jacob had told him, was the role you were playing. The girl who is cursed to turn into a swan by the moon. The way you danced, how poised and graceful you turned and jumped was incredible. He even found himself leaning forward as he scowled at the man who was suppose to fall in love with Odette danced with hands on your body.

Once the performance had ended the the entire room shook with the loud applause and shouts of praise as you bowed alongside the others. Roses, and bouquets of just about every flower were thrown in your direction.

Newt found himself also on his feet cheering your name and even producing a flower from his coat tossing it down you caught it in your hands giving him a glance you gave him a smile as you brought the flower to your nose.


“What a night huh Y/N?” Your close friend Elena asked from beside you as you sat in your dressing room twirling the flower that brown haired man had thrown in your direction.

Oui what a night indeed” You hummed.

“Ugh I swear those suitors just don’t know when to catch a break, one of these days you need to just pick one of them up!” She huffed standing from the couch she stomped over to the door throwing them open.

“OI! Miss.L/N is not looking for a relationship so why don’t ya bugger off-” 

“Lena! What she meant to say was I am in fact looking for a stable relationship, just not at this..exact uh….moment…” You trailed off off catching sight of the most beautiful golden brown eyes. 

Some of the men shuffled away with broken hearts not before leaving you with gifts and flowers that covered just about half of the room. All except him.

“I-I really enjoyed your performance ah Miss.Y/N” He softly complimented you finally looking up at your face. You offered him a kind smile bringing the flower up to your nose just as you did on stage.

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Merci monsiuer-”

Y/N Hurry up its bloody cold out there and I don’t want to have to stay here longer then needed Lena pulled you back into the room slamming the door you still had that love struck smile on your face as you sat onto the couch with a soft sigh.

You twirled the flower between your fingers enjoying the sparkles that came off completely captivated not only by its magic, but by the man who had managed to steal your heart. 

Love In This Club (Optional Bias x Reader)

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You regretted agreeing to the girls’ night out, and you were only in the club for fifteen minutes.

Your best friend, Chante, wanted some time out and about because she had just gotten into an argument with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, and she wanted to blow off some steam. Instead of being a responsible adult and talking through her problems, she liked to slightly escalate them. And by slightly, you meant that she wanted to dance with other guys, put it on Snapchat, and make sure her whatever-he-was-classified-as dude she was talking to would see it.

And you being her best friend that wasn’t working that night was forcibly dragged along.

You came to be her caretaker. Chante was a lightweight when it came to drinking, and while she had never gotten herself publicly drunk before, you still wouldn’t put it past her, considering the extent of the argument she had had. Mainly, you were there to make sure she didn’t end up walking out with some random guy and leaving you to ward off her boyfriend’s angry calls.

Not at all comfortable with the club scene, you found a good secluded spot at the bar, away from drunken idiots and potential hazards. You had a good view of Chante on the dance floor, no hesitation from her to press herself against two guys all the while laughing, dancing, and of course, recording. At least she wasn’t drunk yet.

After thirty minutes of sober watching, you finally decided it was time for you to have a drink. You ordered a simple and easy mix, something your taste buds could handle and something that wouldn’t have you on your ass in five minutes.

You leaned sideways against the bar, watching your friend have fun on the dance floor. To the onlooker, you seemed bored, casually sipping on your drink and eyeing the mosh-pit of bodies with blank interest. However, internally, you were jealous. Anxious. You wanted to be out there and enjoying yourself. You wanted to let go for once and not worry about what others may think of you. You wanted to be pressed against some guy’s body knowing damn well you’d never see him again. But you also knew that even with all of your desire to do those things, you wouldn’t. It wasn’t your element, you admitted to yourself. It probably never would be, and while you regretted being such an introvert, that’s how it always was. She was the sizzling fire, and you were the chilly ice. She was a boy’s fantasy, and you were their boring reality. You sipped your drink again. At least you were decent enough to look at for once. You weren’t as scantily clad as most girls in the confined space, but you knew that you caught several eyes with your fitted tank top and tight light-washed jeans that showed off your generous curves.

“You look like you’re having fun,” a deep voice sounded in your ears, making you jump out of your thoughts and almost spill your drink. You turned slightly, back now against the bar, and met the eyes of what your mind could only process as a real life demi-god. Tall, lean yet muscular, and drop dead gorgeous, a man who looked about your age if not a few years older smiled down at you. He seemed almost an entire foot taller than you, your head just barely reaching his shoulders. His hair was dark and messy, but it was a damn good look on him. Clothed in black leather pants that showed every muscle and tendon in his legs, a plain white fitted v-neck, and amazingly white high-top Nike Air Force Ones, the guy that stood beside you was the epitome of dangerously sexy, and he, for whatever reason, decided to talk to you.

“I’m having loads of fun,” you managed to say after swallowing all the drool that accumulated in your mouth in the few seconds you greedily looked him over. “Can’t you tell?” you added rhetorically, taking another swig of your alcohol. You were minutely disappointed at the fact that you gathered more water and ice in that sip than liquor.

He gave a deep chuckle that made your toes curl. It low-key terrified you at how quickly and easily your body was responding to this dude you just met. What was he? “I’m B/N.”

“Y/N.” Your eyes finally traveled away from him and back to the mass of sweaty bodies on the dance floor. Your friend was obscured by the crowd. You sighed. You’d find her later.

“What were you drinking?” the stranger inquired, gaining your attention once more.

“A cran-vodka.”

Without a word, he waved down the bartender. “Give me another one,” he said, gesturing to your drink. The bartender nodded, expertly whipping up your drink in a matter of seconds. The stranger paid for the drink and slid it to you with a smile. You smiled back, although to him, it looked forced.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with a slight frown, seeing you hesitantly take the drink.

“Trying to get me drunk?” you asked. It sounded like a joke of a question, but both you and he knew that you were serious, that you were being cautious. He gave you a kind smile, a smile that couldn’t be managed by a creep, even a skilled one.

“Not at all. But you look really afraid of me and maybe a little more liquid confidence is needed for you to talk to me.”

Surprisingly, you laughed, a genuine sound. “Well, you are a giant compared to me. Do you blame a girl for being a bit intimidated?”

“I’m a gentle giant though,” he pouted cutely before giving you a wink and a smile that had you believing him. He didn’t really seem like a club predator. He didn’t give you that vibe at all. However, those were the ones you had to watch out for. Nonetheless, he looked dangerously handsome in the dim multicolored lighting, the kind of dangerous that either got you drunk off enough liquor to violate you without you remembering or got you drunk off the mere taste of him that would make you forget your name in the process of screaming his. You weren’t a daredevil nor were you as open as your best friend was, but you silently hoped that he was the latter version of dangerous. A little thrill never hurt anyone, and even though you two had just met three minutes ago, you felt that you could trust him. As far as trusting a sexy, mysterious stranger in a crowded club could go. Speaking of forgetting names…

“What was your name again?” you asked coyly, eyeing him blatantly behind the cup and earning yourself a gorgeous smirk from him. He leaned in close, body inches from pressing you into the bar itself now. His lips grazed the shell of your ear just barely before he chuckled softly. A pleasurable chill coursed through your spine.

“B/N. Remember it this time, Y/N.”

You definitely planned on it. Especially if he continued to say yours in that low deep drawl he had adopted just for your ears only.

You bit your lip and brought your cup to your lips, taking a generous drink. Never taking his eyes off of you, he gently took the cup from your lips only to place it to his and drink whatever you had left over. He sat the empty cup on the bar and slid his hand down your bare arm slowly, eyes never leaving yours. Leaving gooseflesh in his wake, his hand finally met yours and he grabbed it. Then he pulled you from your safe haven and out to the dance floor. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, you let him lead you to the middle of the masses.

With the bass of the sultry R&B song pulsing through both your bodies, B/N pulled you against him. With the height difference, you thought it would be a bit difficult, but he accommodated, bending only slightly so that your body and his were flush against each other. He never broke eye contact, seemingly trying to read your mind as your inhibitions quickly melted away and you allowed him to move your body with his to the beat. Eventually, you turned around and following your lead this time, he allowed you to grind and move your hips against his, your back to his front, his fingers hooked in your front belt loops, keeping you close. Your hand reached backwards and upwards until it was buried in his hair, and the groan that left his lips made your body quiver. All of your worries, all of the surrounding people, and all of the background noise disappeared as you two danced. Not as raunchy and sexual as those surrounding you, but still oh so sensual. You could feel the effect you were having on him, his leather pants unable to hide anything. His face found refuge in the crook of your neck where another needy groan found your ears. He pressed harder against you, and you rotated your hips even more in response. Before either of you knew it, more than a handful of songs had passed, but neither of your cared enough to pull apart. Instead, he turned you back facing him, and with a lick of his lips, leaned forward for you to hear him.

“You want to get out of here?”

His tone was breathless and hopeful, innocent almost. He asked it as if he was asking you out for dinner or to help him study. But his eyes did nothing to hide the pure want and need he had for you. He was filled with shameless lust, and he desired you. You bit your lip and B/N stared, mesmerized, wanting nothing else but the chance to press his mouth on yours, make you moan, make you scream.

“I can’t,” you said with a shake of your head, breaking the heated trace you were in. “As much as I want to,” and damn it, you really did, “I can’t.”

You couldn’t sleep with a stranger. Even if he was walking sex on legs, you couldn’t see yourself actually having a one night stand. Your inner prude was surfacing, and she didn’t want you to do something you’d regret, even if it would have probably been the best sex you ever had. You took a step back, pulling away from the heat of his skin and touch, the only connection between you two being his hands on your waist.

You thought that he would ask again, demand you or try to convince you, but he only smiled.

“Fair enough.”

You were a little surprised at his compliance, but nonetheless, was relieved. He grabbed your hand similar to like he had did almost a half an hour ago, and led you back to your meeting place at the bar. Nestled between the bar stools once more, you looked at him, blatantly checking him out, figuring that you’d never see a beautiful specimen like him again. He smirked, gladly doing the same to you, his earlier lust still hidden behind his dark eyes, still for you.

“I guess this is the end,” you mumbled sadly to him.

He opened his mouth to say something, but his eyes then darted to somewhere behind you. “I think your friend is looking for you,” he spoke after a second. He pointed behind you, chuckling at your dazed sluggishness, and when you finally detached your eyes from him and turned, you indeed saw Chante eyeing you from down the bar with a shit-eating grin. She waggled her eyebrows suggestively and mouthed some words to you before waving you over, and you sighed. It seemed that she had had her fill of fun and was ready to go. Now your fairytale was ending.

You turned to bid your dance floor lover goodbye, not hiding your deflated aura in the least, only to be pulled back against him. Eyes boring into yours for the umpteenth time tonight, he slid his hands ever so slowly down your sides towards your back and downwards until he had both hands firm on your backside. He slipped his hands into your back pockets and squeezed, earning a gasp in his ear that he would replay in his mind over and over. Then without any hesitation, he attached his lips to yours. If it had been any other male, you would’ve pulled away and given him a hard punch to the face. But B/N, he had been teasing you all night, and it would have been a lie if you had said you didn’t want his mouth on yours. You trembled, hands gripping his t-shirt for dear life, moaning as his tongue easily penetrated your lips and swiped greedily over yours, and instantly started to rethink your resolve. However, before you could take back your rejection, he pulled away and licked his lips as if he had just ate the best meal.

“Better than I imagined,” he huffed in your ears before letting you go completely and walking away.

Breathless, embarrassed, and tremendously disappointed, you stared at his disappearing figure until you lost him in the crowd. You finally snapped out of your dreamlike state and met up with Chante.

You two left the club minutes later, your friend’s focus solely on drilling you about the tall, dark man you had found entertainment in tonight. However, you didn’t want to think about him. Why think about a stranger you wouldn’t ever see again? All the conversation did was make you more upset, which only pissed you off because you shouldn’t have been upset about him in the first place. Did you expect for love at first sight or for him to chase after you like some gross chick-flick? No. This was the real world, and in the real world, men like that moved on when they didn’t get what they wanted the first time. You couldn’t help but be disappointed, though. Even if he was stranger that you had just met, you wished that you could’ve at least had gotten a number or something. You sighed. What you did know was that you wouldn’t ever go clubbing with Chante again. You loved her, but all the crappy things happened to you while she was out and actually having fun.

You two arrived at your apartment, and with a few parting words, she dropped you off. You entered your apartment, kicked off your shoes, and sat heavily on the couch. You were back up seconds later, something poking you in your backside. You patted your jeans pockets and reached inside to pull out a semi-crumpled business card. It was from the club, and you recognized the bartender’s name on it. However, you didn’t remember ever being handed one or taking one. Flipping it over, your mouth dropped slightly as heat flooded to your cheeks. You laughed a bit, your lips and body tingling in anticipation, as you knew that you would definitely be giving him a call.

                                    It doesn’t have to be the end



~Admin Ice

Little hamilton details (in no particular order)

-During the Reynolds pamphlet, Jefferson and Madison take Phillip and show him the pamphlet, and his face just falls and he walks offstage
-king George stays onstage after I know him and reacts to the following songs. During Reynolds pamphlet, he stats on the balcony for most of it then comes down at the end and does a really funny hip hop dance
-in the scene before nonstop and after dear theodosia when alex finds out that Laurens has been killed, Laurens stands in the corner with a sort of blue light on him and sings The story of tonight. Eliza reads the letter to alex and when she’s finished she asks him if he’s okay and he says “I have so much work to do,” then exits
-Jefferson drops the mic and Madison catches it in the first cabinet battle
-burr comes on at the beginning of Washington on your side and Jefferson looks confused as to where he came from
-Ariana debose is the bullet, and in the world was wide enough she travels slowly while alex is talking, and other ensemble members hold her up and eventually, she travels to him
-in blow us all away, when Phillip goes to see eacker at the theatre, Betsy struxness and another ensemble member (I couldn’t tell who it was) are acting out a show but stop to look at Phillip angrily when he’s talking loudly
-in the Reynolds pamphlet, Maria lurks on stage right the whole time, watching
-in hurricane, the stage is lit up like a hurricane swirl, and alex stands right in the middle
-in the Adams administration when alex “publishes his response” to John Adams, he stands on the balcony and drops papers all the way down, and the lights around him turn red
-in you’ll be back, when king George says “everybody” he’s super mad like “EVERYBODY SING NOW.”
-in Washington on your side, the only people on stage are burr, Madison, and Jefferson until the end and there’s not really a lot of choreography but they killed it
-in what comes next, when king George says “I’m so blue” he stomps angrily and the stage lights up blue
-In the story of tonight, Laurens and alex stare at each other and they slowly walk closer and then hug
-seriously there’s way more hamilton/Laurens fluff than I ever expected
-during the “heys” at the end of a winter’s ball, the boys just sort of walk in a line doing this step move and look at each other saying “hey” over and over
-at the end of the world was wide enough after alex is shot, he sort of hangs over and the stage moves him. Two ensemble members sit on either side of him and mime rowing
-in nonstop, when Washington is asking hamilton to be his right hand man again, Washington stands on the balcony and Alex looks at him from below, repeating “treasury or state?” When Washington says treasury, Hamilton gets this really funny smile when he says “lez go”
-There’s no overture so it’s kind of crazy, the lights dim and then you hear BUM BU DA DA DA BUM BUM and it just /starts/
-the cabinet battles are really fun because they really interact with you and tell you to cheer at the beginning when Washington announces the cabinet meeting
-during it’s quiet uptown Eliza doesn’t talk to or look at alexander at all, until “she takes his hand” and it’s so sad and heartbreaking
-when groff is doing his dancing on the side of the stage after I know him, Leslie turns to look at him and he just cracked a laugh it was so funny
-room where it happens is so cool in the end because they’re doing all this intense choreography and Leslie sounded so good
-in right hand man I can’t stress how sick it was when the cannons went off it was so loud and so powerful omg
-I can’t even explain how awesome Yorktown was I mean it’s one of my favorite songs but it was so amazing seeing it on stage and the dancing was i n s a n e.
-Anthony is adorable as Phillip and then it’s so sad
-I missed a little bit of what did I miss bc the bathroom line, but Jefferson was just doing this awesome bouncing dance it was so funny
-in nonstop when they all sing “like history has its eyes on you” it was so good and sounded amazing and I just ugh
-for who lives who dies who tells your story, most of the characters are in regular ensemble costumes, like jasmine is in this yellow gown and j groff isn’t in his king George costume and they all just stand in different spots on the stage or the balcony
-The whole thing was so surreal and so incredible, and part of the reason I’m writing this is so I don’t ever forget these little amazing moments that make the show.


Y’all can criticize Maddie’s dancing all you want. But last night she suffered a major wardrobe malfunction and still performed her heart out.

Moreover, she incorporated that fact that she had to be holding up her leotard with her hand, into the actual choreography. 

She didn’t allow it to impede her performance. She worked with it and made it look as though her clutching her chest was part of the dance.

So yes, Maddie isn’t the best dancer, she doesn’t have great technique, or the best lines - but she went above and beyond the call of duty when a wardrobe malfunction, such as this, occurs. 

props to Maddie.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: A Subtle Sincerity

Had a strange moment the other day when I saw an old friend for the first time in years. Had a lot of conflicting emotions come over me all at once, so I sort of wrote them down all at once and turned them into this.

So I guess enjoy my first Alyanette story :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: A Subtle Sincerity 

Summary: She almost expected for the moment that ended it all to be a little more dramatic, a little more ostentatious, a little bit more sudden. But, like everything else with Marinette it was soft. Soft like the sheets they were cuddled into. Soft like the pillows under their head. Soft like the murmur of Paris waking up on Sunday morning. Soft like the small specks of dust dancing in the slices of sunlight. Soft like Marinette’s lips.

A Subtle Sincerity 

When Alya came back from work on Saturdays, she’d always find Marinette sound asleep in her bed.

Marinette’s shift at the bakery ended before Alya’s shift at work did. At the beginning, she’d just wait until Alya was home and come right over. But Alya’s family had gotten into the habit of letting Marinette into the apartment whether Alya was there or not, so Marinette would head over right after her shift, let herself into Alya’s room, and nap in her bed for the two hours until she came home.

Alya tucked Marinette’s shoes underneath the bed and dropped her coat and bag onto her desk chair. Fridays were always the days when Marinette procrastinated all her homework and stayed up until four in the morning catching up on all the designs she hadn’t finished. Coffee was enough to keep her alert to handle the registers on Saturday mornings, but she always crashed by the time she came to Alya’s house. Alya tended to let her sleep an extra hour and work on the Ladyblog in the meantime until dinner was served.

She tucked her laptop under her arm and crawled onto the left side of the bed, smiling when Marinette slid over to give Alya space while still completely unconscious. Alya opened her laptop and started to screen all of the day’s Ladyblog comments when her mother texted her from the kitchen. Wake Marinette up at 8 for dinner. I made her favorite tonight.

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Gift Fic: Gifts


Rated: T



Request from @dominatewolf18

Fluffy Christmas Gajevy

Canon Divergence

Levy was quietly walking around her home, a small smile on her lips as she hummed some Christmas tune.

It was their first Christmas as a married couple, and the first Christmas of the newly reinstated Fairy Tail. She was glad to be home and glad for everything to be working out as it was.

Levy and Gajeel had decided to stop wasting time when they were at the Magic Council. With the nightmares and both of them nearly dying during Tartarus, they had to stop dancing around their feelings.

Everyone moved on, moved forward, except Lucy. Levy and Gajeel had both been offered positions at the Magic Council. Frankly, neither of them had known. Gajeel left soon after Fairy Tail had been disbanded. It hurt that he left without a goodbye, yet she stayed a while longer to move what was left of her books and to help Lucy. When her letter had come in the mail, Lucy had all but shoved her out the door, and wouldn’t answer it again.

The blonde had been hurt and frustrated and in turn she took it out on Levy for her job offer.

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Of all the photos I took at the Mid America Oireachtas, these are the ones I have been most excited to post. Not only is this a fantastic reaction, but I have known Camille for years. She has worked her ass off for the past few years and I teared up when she ran on stage as a world qualifier for the first time. 

Photos by Shannon Cohoon in partnership with Shamrock Photo. All Mid America Oireachtas photos can be viewed and purchased at