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Raise Hell - (Negan Fic) Chapter 1: People Like That

Summary: Doveport is a little community just trying to survive in the apocalypse. Elle finally feels like she’s found a home…and then she meets Negan.

Characters: Negan x Elle 

Word Count: 3,186

Warning: No warnings for this chapter (gotta introduce everyone!), but this fic is going to be a dark one. And it’s a slow burn

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to finally share this multi chapter fic with you. I’ve had this idea in my head for months and to get it started feels really good right about now. As of this moment, I have approximately 20 chapters outlined for it and hope I can do Negan’s character justice in this fic. There will be romance. There will be heartache. I will try and update as often as possible. Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime!

You can also read this fic on AO3.

Huge thank you to @ashzombie13 and @my-achilles–heel for being my beta readers!

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Dad!Shawn Mini Blurb

@dreamingwithmendes look what your conversation made me do…

I was infuriated when I got the call from the office to come in to work today. They needed someone to come sign off on some designs, but I had taken the week off to spend time with my husband and daughter. My husband Shawn had just got back from a lengthy tour, and he was only going to be home a few weeks before he had to leave for more album promos. Walking quickly into my office, I was determined to take care my of paperwork so I could head home to my family. 

“Hello?” A voice on the other line answers and I can hear giggling from our little one in the background. 

“Hi love, I’m finally on my way home. I tried to leave hours ago but Mrs.Keenon was determined to get all of the artwork for the designs verified today. Anyway, I am done now. Is there anything in particular that you’d like me to pick up for dinner?” I ask as I pull out of my work parking lot careful not to hit the parking bumper. Lets just say I am no pro at multitasking.

“No you are good to come on home! We picked up Chinese takeout on the way home from the grocery store today, your favorite! So just hurry home okay?”

I may or may not have done a small celebratory dance when I heard the news that he got food AND I didn’t have to grocery shop. My husband is THE best.

“Alright then, I’ll see y’all when I get home. Love you two!”

“Love you, mommy!” they both yell into the phone.

It is a half hour drive from the office to my house, but it felt like it took hours. Finally, I am pulling into our apartment complex and I head towards the door. I unlock the door and walk inside.

“Guys? I’m home!”

Not long after I announce my presence, I hear two small feet running down the hall. Our three year old daughter, Annistyn, meets me at the door with a giant hug. I take her into my arms and squeeze her. After I ask her about her day, she takes my hand and leads me into the playroom explaining to me that that’s where daddy is. When I turn the corner, all I can do is laugh. There Shawn sits with pink nails and a purple boa around his neck.

“Darling… not that pink doesn’t look flattering on you, but why are your nails painted exactly?” I try to contain my laughter as I take a seat next to Shawn on the floor. He starts to chuckle looking down at his fingers.

“Well, Annistyn wanted to play nail salon with the new nail polish we bought at the store today and you know I can’t say no to her,” he explains with an embarrassed smile plastered to his face.

My heart swells. I love the way he adores our daughter. Not many men would be willing to rock the pink nails but Shawn didn’t mind at all. He always says to him, it’s always worth it to see the precious smile on our daughter’s face. I am so in love with the way he loves her. 

“I do look kinda silly don’t I?” he laughs looking at his hands again. I just giggle and kiss his cheek. I have never appreciated my husband more than I did in this very moment. 

“You do yes, but it’s okay love. You are such a good dad. I hate that I missed everything today. Looks like you two have had lots of fun,” Shawn smiles and gives me a daring look.

“Oh is that so?” he wiggles his eyebrow, “Annistyn, I think mommy needs to have her nails painted. Could you maybe help her out a little?”

Shawn and I just laugh as Annistyn comes running around the corner with her nail polish in hand ready to work. Polish running down her tiny fingers as she sits in front of me and greets me with a “Welcome to Annie’s Salon, mommy”. I look up at my husband as we exchange smiles. It is moments like these when I realize just how blessed I truly am for my little family. 

Bake’n Bits

A little Cop!Jack/Baker!Bitty Check Please AU!

Also on AO3

“Wow Bits, I’m shocked and astounded to find you here, mooning over hot cop. Again.” Lardo slapped a covered takeout mug of cappuccino and a white paper sack on the counter. “You’re welcome.

Bitty frowned at the bag. “What’s this?”

Lardo pushed him toward the door. “A date.”

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anonymous asked:

i used to work as a bather in a grooming salon. this lady comes in wanting to get her dogs nails clipped and shes never been there before so we need to get her proof of rabies. I offer to call her vet but she doesn't have any clue what one she goes to. I used to work in a really big city so we had a list of about 100 vets in the area. She said she remembers it had a tree in front...

Nail salon AU

Dadvid is canon,, cuz yes

and David works with Gwen at the nail salon.
David paints Max’s nails black,, Max asks for him to do that a lot.

Max is a proud sassy fem boyo,,

David’s nails are pink™,,,

Daniel paints Jen’s nails,,

Jen paints Gwen’s nails (and they obvi gossip),,

Gwen paints David’s nails,,

David paints Max’s nails,,

Max paints preston’s nails,

Preston paints Nikki’s nails,,

The flower scouts paint each others nails and gossip ,,

Neil doesn’t paint his nails but he paints erid’s nails,

he sometimes is forced to paint
nerf’s nails and he’s kinda terrified.

Space kid and Nerris paint eachothers nails,

harisson sits and watches and/or tries to paint the platypus’s “nails”.

Oh yeah!! And Jasper is alive !! :D

He fills in for Gwen whenever she is gone/sick/out of town/ basically absent from work.

<if you have any ideas for this AU hmu just send it in my ask box >

–Credit to my friend Elise for the Nail salon IDEA, everything else was my doing :‘3 . She just said “nail salon AU” when we were thinking of AUs for our ocs and then i thought of camp camp so yeah.–

Things your esthetician/stylist wishes they could tell you...

I’ve worked in a few different salons. I have fond memories of working with strong women, harsh chemicals, and tedious tasks. Don’t get me wrong here- the people working on your hands, feet, faces, hair and body parts LOVE THEIR WORK- but there are a few things that you should know, that will make their lives a little bit easier. Now that I’m not working in the industry, I have nothing to lose by writing, and sharing this with you. I hope that my former coworkers, some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known, will benefit from it. 

If you have a positive experience and like the person who does your service- book your next appointment with her before you leave the salon/spa. I cannot stress this enough. Many of the shifts in the salon industry are given based on appointments booked- so if this awesome stylist/esthetician that you just had doesn’t have pre-booked appointments- she also might not have work. I know you’re busy- and you don’t know what your schedule is going to look like in the next few weeks/months… but by prebooking (you can always change your appointment later) you could be ensuring that your esthetician has a job. Even the greatest, most experienced salon professionals depend on their repeat clients. Plus- you’ll only be able to blame yourself if you don’t pre-book and suddenly you can’t get your christmas-tree nail art done on Christmas eve because the ONLY girl who does nail art is totally booked. BE THE REPEAT GUEST!

If you make an appointment- show up for it. If you can’t make it- call to cancel. Often times, if you don’t show for a 2 hour hair appointment, it means that your stylist loses 2 hours of pay. If you call to cancel, your stylist will likely be able to find someone else to take your spot, and not lose money. I would hate to think that my actions directly impacted someone’s ability to pay their rent, but when you don’t come to your appointment, and you don’t give heads up, that’s exactly what can happen. Not to mention, if you make a habit of it, you could get blacklisted and not be able to get your favorite person to work on you next time. 

These people WILL do their best. You are literally a walking advertisement for these professionals. So, when you ask for something, they will do everything in their power to make it happen. HOWEVER- if you box-dye your hair black, and are expecting to leave the salon as a platinum blonde, you are likely to be disappointed. If you want a beautiful french manicure but you pick at your cuticles and bite your nails, you are likely to be disappointed. If you tweeze your eyebrows between visits, but want to look like Kim Kardashian, you are likely to be educated in the wonders of makeup (and possibly disappointed). 
Realistic expectations aren’t always easy- but they’ll make everybody’s life better. TRUST these stylists when they advise against something, and know that if an esthetician says that a french manicure might not turn out like you hope- she’s going to try her darndest to make it happen anyway.

Body hair needs to be long enough to lay flat, or it won’t get picked up by the wax. HAVING SAID THAT- if you your hair is long enough to curl around your finger… it’s too darn long. Hair that is too long WILL wax but it will hurt about 13,250,000x more than if the hair was the appropriate length. What’s that length? About as long as your pinky fingernail, or the eraser on a pencil. That’s the sweet spot. Too much longer, and it’s gonna hurt significantly more- too much shorter, and the hair won’t lift.  If your esthetican provides you with a wipe or cleansing option- use it. I don’t think I need to explain that one- just be considerate. If you have questions about waxing- ask them. DO NOT TAN! For goodness sake! This might sound like anti-cancer propaganda (but seriously- it’s 2015), but your skin can legitimately lift right off… leaving you AND your esthetican scarred for life. Don’t tweeze between appointments unless advised otherwise. There’s probably lots more- but those are the main ones, I think.

Some people like things to be done ‘Just Right’. Nothing wrong with that, folks. You like your french lines thick? Like your bangs SUPER-blunted? Want light pressure during your massage? GREAT- give your service provider a heads up. They might be great at chit-chat, and remembering how you like your coffee… but they’re not mind readers. They would MUCH rather (I promise) have you give explicit detail as to what you want, then have you ask them to redo their work after completion. I can verify that there is honestly nothing more frustrating than finishing a job to a point where you are satisfied and having your client say- “Oh… those french lines are really thin- could you make them thicker?”
If you notice that something isn’t quite what you like- tell them right away! 

Massage therapists and estheticians especially work in very close, closed-off quarters. If they’re rubbing your face/head/etc and you’re breathing your very thankful, but infected breath all over them… they’re going to get sick. They know it too, as they’re sitting there. You’re breathing through your mouth, or dripping from your nose all over the place- and they’re thinking *I can feel myself getting sick already*. 
They 100% can’t afford to be sick, I promise. So if you’re a walking illness factory- rebook for when you’re feeling better.

Tip with cash. Tip with cash. ALWAYS try to tip with cash! This doesn’t just apply to the salon environment- but every environment. Cash tips are easily accessible, and often can be spared the vigorous taxation process that debit/credit tips go through. Also- try to remember to bring a tip, even if you’re using a gift card. **If you’re not tipping, start tipping**

If you are late, for example, and are booked for a manicure.. and you request a french manicure, with extra glitter and a painting of the statue of liberty on your index finger, and your middle name spelled out in Hebrew on your thumb… your nail tech/esthetician will do their best to make it happen. IF, however, they can’t- it’s probably not their fault. There’s a good chance that she’s already running late for her next client, has had to skip/shorten her lunch, or was done her shift 20 minutes ago. Try hard to be patient and understanding. They will always try to make you happy- but some things just can’t be done.

There’s nothing more flattering than a client referral. Word of mouth is a salon professional’s best advertising. Spread the word. Post pics on instagram/facebook/tumblr… tell the world that YOUR STYLIST/NAIL TECH/MASSAGE THERAPIST/ESTHETICIAN is the best!

If your esthetician nips your cuticle accidentally or doesn’t quite capture the brow shape you want… or your hair stylist just can’t quite match the Jennifer Anniston picture you brought in (she’s probably crying about it in the staff room), it’s totally okay to let front desk know. It’s SO NOT OKAY to give front desk a third-degree about customer service, standards, business, or anything else. The front desk people who work in spas and salons have to deal with SO MUCH MORE than you will likely ever know- so just be patient and kind to them, and it’ll pay off.

If they’re giving you product recommendations, lifestyle tips, food recommendations, service recommendations… listen to them! They want what’s best for you, I SWEAR. If your nail tech says 'hand lotion would really help with your hangnails’- she means it. If your stylist says 'you really should try to come in for a cut more often, it would help your hair to grow longer’- she means it. If your esthetician says 'drink more water and your skin won’t be as flaky’- she means it. If your massage therapist says 'practice some deep breathing and stress relief techniques to help your tense shoulders’- she means it. You see what I’m getting at here? They don’t have a hidden motive. They really just want to see you be the best you can be! Listen to their advice, and ASK for recommendations if you need them.

12.) BE KIND
Okay, last one. This applies to everybody all the time, of course- but I’m speaking specifically about salon/spa professionals here. Think for a moment about the work they’re doing for you. Clipping your toenails because you just haven’t had time? Washing your hair for you and doing that amazing scalp-rub thing? Rubbing the stress-knots out of your butt-cheeks? Try not to drop lines like: “Ugh.. if I had to touch feet, I’d gag.” or “I don’t know you can put your hands on people’s bare skin like that.” or “I could never wash someone’s stinky head.” - That’s actually really insulting. These people have CHOSEN this career path, so respect it. These people do some incredible things for us. Let’s all be nice to them. 

Thanks for reading! Please share with your friends!

Squip Squad: Summer Jobs

(Hey! I’m back at it again with some headcanons because I love the squip squad so much.)

-Michael got a part time job to help his family out. Though he didn’t want a job just yet, he couldn’t just let his mom work 24/7 on her own.

-He applies at this grocery store across town and starts working right once school gets off.

-He was still too young to do much, so he worked as a stock boy.

-One day he saw Jeremy walking over with this box, and he kinda freaked.

-”Jer, what are you doing here?”

-”Working. I thought it was obvious.” Jeremy says with this sly smile.

-Once he found out Michael was working here, he didn’t want his friend to do it alone so he applied as soon as he can. Surprise

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Legally Blonde (USA, 2001)

Predictions: Nothing to predict. We have both seen this movie a number of times.

Plot: Reese Witherspoon has a great life. She is the president of her sorority at Fake UCLA, and she’s about to get engaged to her boyfriend, Harvard-Law-School-bound Matthew Davis. But then, HLSB Matthew Davis turns out to be a dickbag who dumps her because she’s not a Vanderbilt. He needs a Jackie and she’s a Marilyn, you guys.

Naturally, like any self-respecting woman, Reese Witherspoon hatches a plan. She’ll just get into Harvard Law School herself and show him the error of his ways. What do you mean, that seems difficult and/or implausible?? She can do anything with her fuzzy pink pen! And, indeed, she…succeeds???? You go, Reese Witherspoon, although we are…surprised.

At Harvard, Reese Witherspoon unsurprisingly does not fit in. Man, those Harvard Law students. Just so judgmental and tweed-y. She gets kicked out of class for not being prepared, is scorned by Matthew Davis’s fancy new/old/other/better girlfriend Selma Blair, and is just generally mocked all around. So terrible here in Cambridge. She should just go back to the pool or whatever. But then, one day, sick of not being taken seriously, she decides to buckle down and study. And lo and behold, before you know it, she’s impressing people left and right! Along with Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, and somebody else, she gets picked for Professor Victor Garber’s fancy internship. He’s representing Ali Larter, ex-sorority girl and current exercise icon, who’s on trial for the murder of her husband, and needs some extra intern hands.

Some twists and turns ensue, but basically, Reese Witherspoon uses her sorority connections, deep knowledge of fashion/hair/whatever, and plucky go-getter personality to prove Ali Larter innocent. It was Permed Linda Cardellini all along, guys!!!! *GASP* Along the way, Reese Witherspoon is validated by Professor Holland Taylor, gets hit on by Professor Victor Garber (gross), and forms a rapport with Luke Wilson, one of Victor Garber’s associates. Not in that order. She and Selma Blair also have a will-they-won’t-they…friendship? while Matthew Davis gets his comeuppance in the form of a) rejection by both Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair and b) his own mediocrity. He was WAIT-LISTED AT HARVARD, YOU GUYS. DID YOU KNOW???? We must all shun him the next time we see him at the yacht club.

Also, Reese Witherspoon has a well-dressed Chihuahua, who’s in, like, every scene, and a weird friend from the nail salon (Jennifer Coolidge), whom she helps to get her dog back and get her groove on with the UPS guy. The end!

Best Scene: When Reese Witherspoon wins her case, of course! Although there is no way she would be allowed to just ramble on like that in an actual courtroom during a cross-examination, we love that somehow her total lack of a plan works out, and we love the whole courtroom (until the turning point) being like, GOD, WE GET IT, LINDA CARDELLINI WAS IN THE SHOWER.

Worst Scene: When Professor Victor Garber hits on Reese Witherspoon. Victor Garber is a treasure. Nobody wants to see him being a lech. :(

Best Line: “Oh, Warner, I’ve waited so long to hear you say that – but if I’m gonna be a partner in a law firm by the time I’m thirty, I’m gonna need a boyfriend who’s not such a complete bonehead.” – Reese Witherspoon, capping off her courtroom victory by dumping Matthew Davis for good. Just one of many shining moments in this film, which, lbr, is basically iconic line after iconic line, so how could we really choose??

Worst Line: Weeeeeell. This movie is a classic, which also means it’s kind of old, so you do have those moments of being like, “Oh dear…this was back when the word ‘retard’ was still acceptable-ish.” It is no longer acceptable, guys, in case anyone was still wondering.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: Awwww, look at adorable, young, early-'00s Reese Witherspoon! Meanwhile, here we are in 2017, looking forward to her next romcom, in which she’s a 40-something cougar/MILF, and we dearly hope that she gets back together with her ex (and that he’s a good person), rather than ending up with, you know, whoever is 2017’s Justin Long. Also, how come Luke Wilson never looks fully happy? What tragedy struck you in your past, Luke Wilson, that you still have not overcome?? Will the eternally optimistic and unrealistically successful Reese Witherspoon be able to fill this dark void in your heart????

How Many POC in the Film: Black judge. Asian nail-salon worker (but oddly, side-by-side with a white nail-salon worker????). Gay Latino cabana boy. Miscellaneous people with no lines.

Alternate Scenes: Although we are not generally interested in movies about manpain, we would be interested in a sequel (or a prequel??) about Luke Wilson’s inner darkness. We would also be interested in the alternate film about Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair’s romance. We love, LOVE that they became best friends. But we would also love it if they kissed.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Comparable. Although from afar poster!Reese Witherspoon looks a bit like an airline stewardess dragging some tiny pink dog-luggage, by and large, this poster accurately describes this movie.

Score: 8.5 out of 10 bright pink smooches. A very well-constructed movie, although maybe we should not have watched it as a romcom?? We are sitting here now, unsure why we chose to include this movie but exclude, for instance, Miss Congeniality. Seems like a random cracking of the whip, but too late, it happened. Maybe now we can use this mistake to justify future mistakes, such as permitting ourselves to watch Miss Congeniality instead of whatever next Jason-Biggs piece of trash should come up in our list. (No offense to Jason Biggs, who seems probably nice enough in real life, but his agent has terrible taste in films.)

Ranking: 7, out of the 81 movies we’ve seen so far. Take that, 68% Rotten Tomatoes score!!!! WHAT GARBAGE PEOPLE ARE ON ROTTEN TOMATOES, RATING LEGALLY BLONDE 68% AND MISS CONGENIALITY 42%???? What are you even doing watching Miss Congeniality, if you are the kind of person who is only going to enjoy it 42%???? NO ONE TOLD YOU THIS MOVIE WOULD BE CITIZEN KANE.

Come Back Home | 01

Originally posted by wanna-be-korean-unicorn

Hoseok x You (Blu) | City AU

Parts: 01|

Genre: angst, series, AMBW

Words: 3049

Summary: A good man is hard find, so you totally lucked out when a rich business mogul takes an interest in you. But what happens when he may love you a little too much?

Requests: Open (SFW / NSFW / Snaps / Texts / Confessions / MTLs / Selfie Ships / Scenarios)  

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No Boys Allowed

Originally posted by anotherscarlettblog

Pairing: Thor x fiance!Reader, past Tony x Reader, Nat, Clint, Bruce
Word count: 2,296
Warnings: Angst

Part 16 of Petty Insults

While Nat showered, you relaxed on her bed. The two of you planned to get some lunch in the city, do some shopping, and see what you felt like doing after.

Your mind kept drifting to Tony, but thankfully Nat showered fast and the two of you made your way down the tower.

Clint spotted the pair of you and put an arm over each of your shoulders. “So, what are my two favorite girls up to?”

You smiled as you saw him. “Hey Clint.”

“We’re having a girls day so stay away.” Nat teased.

He pretended to pout. “I can’t tag along and keep the paparazzi away?”

“You practically are the paparazzi.” You giggled. “Girls only.”

Clint chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Have fun. You deserve it.” He said to the both of you before removing his arms and heading away.

You smiled as you and Nat grabbed a taxi, not feeling like fancy cars today. You quickly chose a lunch destination and began relaxing. It was obvious when people began snapping your pictures, but you did your best to brush it off. If you said anything, it could be twisted into something that created more drama.

Nat did her best to shield you away from people who looked judgemental, keeping you in not crowded stores. Despite feeling eyes on you at all times, you managed to relax and enjoy your time with your good friend. “Come on, you’re gonna need them soon!” She chuckled, tugging you towards the maternity store.

“Not yet! I’ll just live in Thor’s shirts!” You laughed at her near whining.

“You are my only female friend! Let me relish in this!”

You pouted. “Fine.” You tried things on for her happiness, but ended up liking quite a lot of them anyway. You wound up getting some comfy pants, and a few dresses.

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Birthday Girl

Fem!Reader x Josh Dun | masterlist

AU: Josh plans a birthday surprise for you.

Warnings: None

A/N: This was a request from @through-the-sounds-of-life, I hope I wasn’t too late writing this for your birthday! I’m sorry, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. Hope you guys enjoy! (Y/F/M = Your Favorite Movie) 

You woke up to an empty bed. You frantically felt for Josh, wondering where he had to be so early. You sat up, rubbed your eyes, and noticed a note on his pillow.

Good morning, birthday girl. I have a long day planned for you. So get up, get ready, and head to your car.

You smiled at his thoughtfulness and did as he said. As you were getting ready, you realized no one had ever planned something like this for your birthday. You were so excited.

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for you (jane/kurt drabble)

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: I know it’s Angstober (I think you coined that one, @gypsyscarfwoman?) but I’m in a very fluffy place right now. Maybe it’s to balance out all the angst that I’m sure is coming our way? Anyways, enjoy the fluff ahead.

for you


Kurt opened the door to their apartment and was surprised to see Jane sitting on the couch, painting her finger nails.

“Hey,” he called softly as he closed the door behind him. “I thought you were going out to get that done today?”

They were a week from her due date and she had stopped working a few days earlier as they waited for her to go into labor. He remembered her telling him before he left for the office that morning that she had an appointment that afternoon for a manicure and pedicure at a salon a few blocks from their apartment.

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Charlie and Dee: Pedicure Artists - Neurofancier - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Charlie and Dee: Pedicure Artists
Pairing: Chardee
Tags: Pedicures, fluff, domesticity, canon-typical behavior
Summary: When Dee had complained that her favorite nail salon had closed, she hadn’t expected this to happen.

You can read it here!

What’s in the Juice?

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Characters: Grell Sutcliff and William T. Spears
Rated: G or whatever
Word Count: 1399
Inspired by @pigeon-daddy ‘s juicy adventure

William mumbled, obviously aggravated as he sorted through the paperwork that had just been dropped off at his office. Apologies had been piling up the last few days and he wondered why these reapers were so incompetent at their jobs. He expected this from beginner reapers, but not from older, more experienced ones.

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I would like to apologize...

To any man who has ever gone to a salon with their woman. Holy fuck is it boring when you are not the one being worked on… 2 ½ hours in and I am still here with the daughter while she gets her hair colored. Next time I’m getting a facial or my nails…. Something!! ANYTHING!!!

Imagine being mute and saying I love you to Jax on your wedding day.

Originally posted by multibabydoll

WARNINGS: Language

Italized font is the past and Bold is sign language :D Hope you all enjoy!

Request: Can you do a Jax imagine where you’re his old lady but you’re mute, and on your wedding day you tell him you love him for the first time?

It was beautiful, everyone in the chapel all together, loving smiles on their faces as they watched you stand across the love of your life. You didn’t have family but at the same time you did and you were more than grateful. You don’t remember when it happened but it happened fast. There you were standing in the aisle on your wedding day and you were about to become Y/N Teller, what was even crazier was that you were mute. You’ve known Jax and the others for the last two years and they became your family, oh you loved them so much. Jax learned sign language just so he could understand you and it was the greatest thing for him to do and you still remember the first time he signed.

“Hey Y/N.” You let out a loud gasp as you just saw Jax sign, you noticed his worried expression, “Did I do that right…maybe my teacher lied.” He grumbled and you shook your head then sighed to him, “It was perfect. Thank you Jackson.” Jax nodded his head then sat across from you on the picnic table, “When did you learn?” You signed to him, his eyes watching your hands intently then back to your eyes when you finished, your smile only made him light up even more. “I have been practicing since I met you but I wasn’t comfortable with it yet.” You covered your eyes and Jax pulled them away with a smile, “I love you Y/N.” He said and your tears fell, you couldn’t have been happier.

You smiled at that memory, it was such a magical day for the both of you, you looked over and saw your family. You remembered the first time you met Gemma and you let a smile go on your face as you looked over at her, her eyes glossy as she looked at you. “Babe.” You heard Jax call and you looked back at him then Chibs, “Sorry.” You smiled and held onto Jax’s hand, he raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

“Jax get your cute ass over here, I got someone I want you to met.” Gemma shouted, and a man walked out of the garage the only word you could use to describe him was hot and handsome. Jax wiped his hands with a cloth and smirked as he let his eyes run over you, “Why hello there darlin’, name’s Jax.” He smirked and you smiled back, “What’s your name?” He asked and you glanced at Gemma who put a hand on your shoulder, “Can you try baby?” Gemma asked softly and you frowned nervously and she smiled then looked to Jax, “This is Y/N. She’s mute baby.”

Jax raised a brow his smirk dropping as he nodded, you internally screamed, this always happened, once someone found out you were mute you become unattractive in there eyes. So it shocked you when Jax smiled back at you bright, “Well you ain’t deaf so that’s a good thing, at least you can hear me.” You nodded, “So what are you doing here darlin’? You gonna work in the office?” He asked putting his hands in his pockets and you nodded.

“Well I will be answering calls while she keeps everything organized and works the computer.” Gemma said looking at her nails, “Well we need to head over to the salon cause my nails are looking a little run down.” You smiled and signed to her, “Can you tell him it was great to met him.” Gemma nodded then looked at Jax who never looked away from your face.

“She said you are very attractive.” Gemma smirked and Jax chuckled, your face went red as you looked at Gemma with your jaw hanging, your head shaking ‘no’ quickly, “So you don’t find me a attractive?” Jax questioned with a sexy smirk and a raised brow, your hands covering your face, “I’m just teasin’, I don’t know what you signed but I know it wasn’t you finding me hot.” You saw his smile as you peeked through your fingers, “I’ll see you tomorrow, it was nice meeting you sweetheart. See ya ma.” Jax waved then walked away. “Told you my son was cute.” Gemma smirked and you rolled your eyes, “That is so not what I said.” Gemma laughed, “Oh hush you’ll be thanking me when you two get married.”

“Yeah, like that would ever happen.”

“Jeez love what’s in that head of yours.” You heard Chibs say and you blushed again, “Like I was sayin’ by the power vesting in me …by the wonderful internet I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.” Chibs said and pulled you close pressing his lips to yours pulling away as everyone cheered.

“I love you.” He smiled as he said the words, the slight twinkle in his eyes as he told you and you pulled away from him and took a deep breath. “I-I…” Jax’s eyes lit up in less than a second and everyone grew quiet to listen to your attempt at words. “Go ahead baby you can do it.” Jax whispered and you took another deep breath trying to calm the approaching anxiety, “I lo-ve you t-oo.” You stuttered quietly and then the chapel erupted in loud noise, cheers making you smile more. Jax pressed his lips to yours with passion and you wrapped your arms around him tightly a smile on both of your faces.

Jax signed, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You whispered again.

I think I’m literally a meme in my local nail salon like every time I go in there They Know I’m gonna wince when I get my eyebrows done and it’s a whole production but it’s like…who doesn’t wince when hair is ripped out of their body???