she wont say hello

She Won't Say Hello [Prod. Underdogs]
Frank Ocean
She Won't Say Hello [Prod. Underdogs]

“My best friend,

What was cooler than us?

Whole school already knew what it was.

Kiddy crushing, puppy loving, you know

You are my high school wifey,

College made it different,

I stayed at home and you didn’t,

You got a scholarship to Michigan State,

Drove my heart 2,000 miles away,

And now I sit at home, answer the phone,

Missing, wishing she would call,

And say hello, say hello,

I’m in the zone,

Readjusting to the fact she’s been gone,

And I’m alone, I’m alone..”

-if you haven’t noticed i have a slight obsession with Frank Ocean’s voice.