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Hi there :) could you please write a fanfiction about: Alex getting bitten/scratched by some alien during DEO assignment but she thinks of it as nothing and after work goes home to see Maggie (pizza night). But in the morning she feels really bad and her temperature is rising so Maggie calls Kara. When Kara gets there Maggie is in the shower holding (barely consious) Alex, trying to lower her temperature. Kara decides to get Alex to Barrys Earth (with that thing she got from Cisco) but Maggie wont leave her side so she comes too…? :)

^^ prompt above from @benedoodlecumberpoodlestudyblr

She shrugs it off and she brings home pizza and she smiles as Maggie fawns over the scrape on her wrapped arm, as Maggie presses soft kisses all around her bandage, as she dotes on her girl even as Alex insists, insists, that she’s fine, that it’s just a scratch, that it was no big deal, really.

But she secretly loves the attention Maggie is giving her, the big deal Maggie is making; how strong, how heroic, Maggie is making her feel.

Maggie knows. She lays it on extra thick, because Alex has spent enough time neglecting herself – enough time being neglected – enough time in the shadow of other heroes, of other injuries, to have hers attended to, to have hers honored.

But in the morning?

In the morning, they both realize that she wasn’t fawning over just a scratch.

Because in the morning, Alex is burning up and Alex is dry heaving and Alex’s temperature is rising by the minute.

Maggie calls Kara with the phone balanced on her shoulder as she half drags, half carries Alex into the shower, stripping her drenched clothes to run her body under cool water, to try, to try, to lower her temperature. To try to keep her somewhat stable until Kara can get her medics that will know what the hell alien poisons are.

The DEO’s med bay was trashed in the attack the night before, so for a moment, Kara panics. But only for a moment.

“Cisco,” she calls into the communicator he gave her. “I need you. Now.”

Maggie knows better by now than to be shocked when a swirling blue vortex appears behind her in Alex’s bathroom.

“Flash,” Alex giggles vaguely as her head lolls loosely onto Maggie’s shoulder. “Bastard took Kara. Dangerous. Without me. Need words with him.”

“Shh, that’s right, Ally,” Maggie whispers, looking askance into the vortex as Kara lands in the bathroom door, ignoring the vortex all together as she rushes toward the shower.

“What the hell happened?” she asks Maggie, grabbing a towel to wrap her sister in, switching off the water as she kneels over her. “It’s okay Alex. I’m here, I’m here. I’ve got you.”

“Kara,” Alex babbles. “Flash vortex.”

“That’s right, Alex. Star Labs is going to help you.” She glances at Maggie. “It’s gotta be an infection from that scratch last night.”

Maggie nods, and her eyes are wide as she watches her girlfriend slip in and out of consciousness. She barely notices when two men appear in the bathroom behind them, breathing slightly heavily, the one with the strange goggle-glasses with his hand on his chest and a vague grin on his face.

“Only took one try this time! My man, we’re getting better at this!” He holds up his hand for the man in red to hit, but the Flash leaves him hanging as he goes to kneel next to Kara.

“This isn’t how I wanted to see you again. Or how I wanted to meet your sister.”

“Thanks for coming, Barry.” Kara gives him a sideways hug as he looks down at Alex’s drenched body.

“Hey, secret identity,” the other man murmurs, but Kara waves him off.

“Maggie’s family, Cisco.”

Maggie glances up at him – at Cisco – and grimaces a greeting, too numb with fear to fully register the impact of Kara’s words.

“Looks like an infection, obviously, but metas aren’t exactly like aliens, so I don’t… Come on,” Barry tells Kara. “We have to get her back through the vortex. Caitlin’ll come up with something, Kara. I promise.”

Kara nods grimly and picks up Alex’s limp body in her arms like she weighs nothing. Barry gingerly positions the towel more completely around Alex’s body while somehow averting his eyes from her nakedness at the same time, and Maggie immediately decides she likes this Flash character.

She rises to follow Kara into the vortex, and they all look at her and hesitate.

“It’s a parallel earth, Maggie. It’s not… the more people we take over, the bigger the risk of – ”

“Look, I know you don’t know me, and I know you have this big superhero system on your earth, and I know you have super speed and you have some vibing shit, but I swear it doesn’t matter what superpowers you both have. She’s my girlfriend and I am not leaving her side.”

Barry stares for a moment and then nods grimly, once, while a broad smile grows on Cisco’s face. “Dude, she gay?” he asks Kara. “Nice work!” He grins down at Alex’s unconscious form, and sobers immediately. “I guess I’ll… congratulate her when she comes to.”

Kara rolls her eyes and Maggie grins faintly at Cisco’s enthusiasm for queerness, at his persistent belief, his obvious faith in this Caitlin person to save Alex, the way his eyes grow somber and focused and intense as he turns back to reopen the vortex.

“Nothing bad’s gonna happen to your girlfriend, Maggie. We’re not gonna allow it.”

He reaches back for her hand and squeezes slightly before he opens the vortex, and Maggie gulps her appreciation, because her throat is too constricted to allow for any more words.

“Kara,” a beautiful white girl rushes forward when they step through the vortex. “Lay her right here.”

Kara obeys and the woman – “Caitlin Snow. Best doctor on this or any earth. She’ll fix your girl. I promise,” Cisco leans in and whispers to Maggie – slips into mode immediately, with an intensity of focus Maggie has seen in Alex so many times, both in the field and in the bedroom.

“Do we know anything about the species that gave her the wound?” Caitlin is streaming through questions with Kara, with Maggie, as she checks Alex’s vitals, as she drapes a medical gown over her body, as she makes notes to herself and exchanges significant glances with a concerned-looking Barry.

Kara and Maggie are fielding answers as best they can when two more people burst into the lab, one in a yellow suit that almost matches Barry’s and one in a pair of jeans that would have Maggie gulping under other circumstances.

The woman with the jeans falls into Barry’s arms after pulling Kara into a long hug. “Are you alright? I know what it’s like to watch a sibling in danger,” she says, shoving the boy who ran in with her gently.

“I trust Caitlin,” Kara says softly, but her eyes are wide and her eyes are terrified.

“Iris West, and my brother, Wally. Kid Flash,” the woman holds her hand out to Maggie. “You’re Alex’s girlfriend.”

Barry, Wally, and Cisco all turn to stare at Iris, and even Caitlin glances up with an arched eyebrow.

Iris shrugs. “Journalist. Also, I know a little something about watching your unconscious superhero partner get prodded and poked on a medical table: I know that look.”

She nods her head toward Barry, but her warm eyes don’t leave Maggie’s.

“Maggie Sawyer, NCPD,” Maggie recites automatically, and Kara reaches out and squeezes the hand that Iris doesn’t have.

Iris offers Maggie a small smile. “My dad’s a cop, too. He’d approve of you for someone as amazing as we’ve heard Kara’s sister is.”

Maggie gulps and her hand clenches Iris’s harder without meaning to. “Caitlin’s the best. Alex is gonna be okay.”

“Alex is gonna kill Barry for letting Kara go fight an army of aliens without her alien-fighting sister,” a ragged, exhausted voice croaks from the medical table.

“Alex!” Maggie and Kara both exclaim, and Caitlin smiles as she steps back from the table to allow Alex’s family to surround her.

“Babe, I’m here,” and “Alex, I’ve got you,” accompany “Damn, Caitlin, alien infections stand no chance against you!” and “It was simple, really, and important that Maggie got Alex’s temperature down as fast as she did” and “Told you Caitlin’s the bomb” and “Please no bomb references, not after last week” and “Should I leave before she comes to fully? Because I really think she might make good on her threats to kill me for bringing Kara over here without her” and “Run Barry, run.”

And Star Labs had never been quite so full of superheroes, or quite so full of relief, or quite so full of love across earths.

Drive In Confessions

Word Count: 1,711    

   A/N: This was requested by NoaCohen17 on Wattpad, i hope this is what you wanted!

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    It was the last night that the Drive In was going to be open, and as expected Jughead was upset. He had been a mess all night, although Y/N was the only one who knew it, he wouldn’t dare to show anyone else how he actually felt. They knew he was upset of course, but they never saw him cry over the matter like Y/N did, she was his absolute best friend and his crush. The Drive In had a final showing, and everyone left as soon as the movie was over, everyone except for Jughead and Y/N. They sat on the ground on a blanket discussing the next movie they were going to watch.    

    “Whats next?” Jughead asked quietly, and Y/N shrugged.    

    “Whatever you want Juggie, this is your night.” she said tenderly.    

    “No, its our night, this was our favourite hang out and its about to be demolished. This is just as much your night as it is mine.” he said, sniffling and trying to hold back tears. Y/N rubbed small circles on Jugheads back, and leaned her head on his shoulder, staring off at the screen.    

    “I honestly don’t care what we watch, as long as I’m with you this night will be special.” she said, and Jughead nodded, standing up. He held out his hand to Y/N and she took it, and he pulled her up. She stumbled and crashed into his chest and he caught her, chuckling and staring down at her. She backed away and tried to hide her crimson blush, brushing herself off.    

    “Whats so funny, Chuckles?” she said, and Jughead laughed even more.     “Whats so funny? Maybe the fact that apparently you don’t know how to stand on two feet. Have you been standing long, princess?” he teased, and she blushed even more at the nickname.    

    “You’re an ass, why am I friends with you?” she asked, walking towards the film room.    

    “Because I’m your ass.” he called, walking after her. She stopped in her tracks and turned around.    

    “Wow, cringe alert.” she said, and Jughead rolled his eyes.    

    “You know what I meant.” he said and she shrugged.    

    “Do I really?” she teased and he gave her a slight shove.    

    “Yes, you know me better than anyone.” he said in a serious tone, and she nodded.    

    “I better, I’m your best friend and I don’t want any secrets between us.” she said, and he nodded.    

    “Are you keeping any secrets from me?” he asked and she tensed up slightly.    

    “You don’t need to know.” she said, and grabbed her arm as she tried to walk away.    

    “Woah I don’t think so, you just said there shouldn’t be any secrets between us.” he said, staring down at her.    

    “"Are you keeping any secrets from me?” she asked cheekily, and he stared down at the floor. “Wow, your poker face really crumbles when it comes to me.” she teased.    

    “Yeah whatever.” he huffed. “We should probably get these secrets out of the way, shouldn’t we?” he asked and Y/N blushed, slowly nodding her head.     “Yeah, I guess.” she looked up at the raven haired boy. “You should probably go first.” she quickly added, earning a chuckle from the boy.    

    “Fine, I guess I will.” slowly he walked the rest of the way to the little shack at the back of the Drive In and stopped in front of the door and turned to face the (Y/H/C) haired girl. “Please don’t get mad at what I’m about to tell you.” he said quietly, and she looked at him worriedly.    

    “Okay…” she said. Slowly, he opened the door to the little room and let her peer inside. Her eyes fell onto a small mattress with blankets and clothes on it. She saw a few pictures around the small place, and she turned to face Jughead. “Are you…?”    

    “Yeah.” he said quietly. “You already know whats going on with my dad of course, but I got tired of it so I moved out. I didn’t exactly have anywhere else to go so I came here.”    

    “What do you mean you had no where else to go, you could of come to live with me!” she exclaimed, and she saw his face fall even more. “Im sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, its just you could have come and stayed with me. You know that right?” she said quietly, grabbing onto his shoulder and forcing him to look at her.    

    “Your parents wouldn’t of allowed it.” he said, and it was her turn to spill a secret.    

    “About that.” she said, giving a nervous laugh. “I don’t exactly live with my parents anymore.” she said, and he looked at her wide eyed. “Please don’t tell the others, they’d take over my house and throw a party, and I cant stand seeing people at our school already, I don’t need to hate them at my house as well.” she said and Jughead laughed.    

    “I wont, I promise, but what do you mean you don’t live with them anymore?” he asked.    

    “Well, as you know my parents aren’t all that great either. You know how they were never home and I practically take care of myself anyways, so I got a job and moved out of my house. I’m in a small two bedroom one bathroom apartment and its super cheap but kind of shitty but hey, its better than living with parents who don’t care about me.  At least this way I have a reason to take care of myself, and its my own roof so its my own rules.” she said. Jughead slowly nodded his head.    

    “Why didn’t you tell me before, you have to be careful Y/N, theres a murderer on the loose and having you alone scares me.”’ he said worriedly and she giggled.    

    “You’re the one to talk, this place has the shittiest locks ever, I could kick down your door in .02 seconds. And I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d freak out.” she said, and he nodded his head in agreement.    

    “Touché.” he said.    

    “Anything else you have to take off your chest?” she asked, leaning against the door frame and crossing her arms across her chest.    

    “Well, there is one thing, but I don’t know if I want to say anything.” he said and she rolled her eyes.    

    “Come on, you can tell me.” she said, and Jughead sighed. “Wait, don’t tell me, I think I know what it is.”      

    “"What?” he asked, tensing up. There was no way she would know, is there?    

    “You’re an alcoholic.” she said seriously, and Jughead shook his head. Y/N giggled. “I know that’s not it, you’re just taking way too long to tell me whats actually up.”    

    “I didn’t find it very funny.” he said, staring down at the ground.      

    “Wow, and there goes your sense of humor. Seriously Juggie, whats up, just tell me.” she pleaded. A sudden burst of confidence coursed through Jughead and he took a deep breath.      

    “Fine, here it goes.” he started, and Y/N perked up. Jughead took a few steps forward until he was right in front of Y/N. His gaze fell upon her face, and she looked up questioningly up at him.      

    “Jughead, what’s going on, I thought you were going to…” she trailed off as Jugheads gaze went from her eyes to her lips, and she quickly caught on to what was about to happen. “Oh…” she said as he started to lean down. He paused right before his lips met hers.      

    “Are you sure?” he asked quietly, his breath fanning out across her face, sending shivers up her back. She stood on her toes, closing the gap between the two of them. They stood there for what felt like hours, his lips on hers. pouring every emotion they could into this one kiss. Y/N finally pulled away breathlessly, staring up at the handsome raven haired boy that stood in front of her.

    “Thats quite a secret you’ve been holding onto.” she joked, earning a smirk from Jughead.      

    “Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you were keeping the same one.” he said, grabbing her hands and leaning down close to her again.    

    “Its a shame you didn’t tell me earlier.” she whispered and Jughead chuckled, moving to close the gap between them. She quickly pulled away, moving towards the shelves of movies, searching for one to watch. Jughead watched as she looked through the films, and she slowly turned around smirking.      

    “You’re such a tease.” he said, walking towards her.      

    “Not a tease, just impatient to watch our last movies here.” she stated bluntly, still smiling. “We have our whole lives to celebrate our little secret, but we only havetonight to celebrate the Drive In.” Jughead nodded, looking through the movies as well. He pulled out (Y/F/M) and showed it to her, and she lit up.      

    “My favourite!” she exclaimed, and he laughed. “Are you sure that’s the one you want to watch?” she asked, and he nodded.      

    “I don’t care what we watch, as long as I’m with you this night will be special.” he said, and she leaned up and gave him a peck on the lips. Jughead set the movie up, and it started rolling.    

    “Well then, shall we?” she asked, holding out her hand.      

    “We shall.” he said, taking it. They exited the small shack and Jughead turned to close the door.      

    “You do realize I’m being serious about you living with me.” Y/N said, walking back towards their spot. Jughead watched her as she walked backwards, smiling at him. Sure he was heartbroken about this being the last night he had at the Drive In, but this night still was a good one. He may be loosing one important part of his life, but he gained another, and he felt like Y/N was going to make it all okay. For once in a long time, he felt happy, truly happy.      

    “I never doubted it.” he called, jogging to catch up with her. She plopped down on the blanket and Jughead sat beside her, wrapping his arm around her. She snuggled into his side, and they sat there in silence, enjoying the last night there in eachothers company.

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enjoloras  asked:

Les mis headcanon me please. Bc people are being shitty transphobes about my pregnancy, gimme some hcs of Enjolras and Grantaire as parents please and thank friend.


Grantaire absolutely JUMPS into parenthood head first and with full force. Especially in the first few months when Enj is recovering and dealing with the minor dysphoria.

Their kid has clearly inherited both their opinionated parts because even before she can speak she WONT SHUT UP. Grantaire has taken to singing to her. The first time it happened Grantaire pulled the first thing that came to his mind which happened to be Ca Ira bc Enj had been playing it all day. It’s now the only song that works and Enjolras is ENDLESSLY smug about it.

Enjolras reads out his speeches to bean as a way of proofreading and also he knows it helps with language development. Grantaire is constantly terrified that bean’s first words are going t o be “destroy the government” and Enjolras never fails to whack him over the head with his speech when he voices this opinion.

They raise the child bilingual. French and English cartoons and children’s books. However Grantaire and his language and travelling ass keeps swearing in other languages and Enjolras is terrified bean is going to pick them up.

Enjolras has been known to give speeches holding bean when Grantaire can’t make it and she won’t stop crying. The first time he did it he was so scared people wouldn’t take him seriously but if anything the opposite happened. Just holding his child made all his emotions come to the surface (more than he had expected) and he probably gave his most  compassionate speech… ever? Jehan cried. Courfeyrac filmed it. Grantaire cried when he first saw the video.  Whenever E gets stressed bc he thinks he can’t do it and it’s all too much Ferre sends him the video. Bean brings out the best in him and he’s the most amazing father. 

I’m sorry people are being shitty hun! You are gonna be a great dad! 


YAY we are back! Tonight’s episode was alright but had an amazing director. I really hope episodes keep building up from here till the end.

1. Caleb Rivers hasn’t been on my screen for three weeks now, if someone could return him home to Hanna, that would be awesome.

2. “Do you two want to be left alone?” I ship the game and Mona. Everyone deserves someone to look at them the way Mona does with that game board.

3. Mary Drake needs to get her butt back to Rosewood to finish up her long drawn out story line. Also give us the dirt on Peter “cant keep it in his pants” Hastings, my guess is Peter is actually the father of Emison’s baby.

4. Peter actually fathered all of us.

5. Speaking of one of the worst story lines that they are trying to make romantic, Alison is keeping the baby.

6. AND Alison kind of came out to PAIGE?

7. OH AND PAIGE, just because you knocked and a door is unlocked doesn’t mean you can just welcome yourself in. Creep.

8. Paige looking over Alison was the creepiest part of this episode.

9. But I got to give it to her, she saw the terrible story line the writers were going with and left the show.

10. Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, no big deal.

11. Spencer and Wren were fighting? I know people are going to use this as a Spencer has a twin clue and I’m upset because I really don’t want a twin. It would almost be as bad as when Sydney tried to be AD for 10 seconds and failed. By the way Sydney is probably dead by now, terrible acting job she did.

12. Wren was back, literally shook Ezra’s hand and was gone.

13. Speaking of the asshole, Ezra was being really weird tonight?

14. I’m thinking Nicole is code for something AD related because Ezra isn’t just a normal guy, he is a stalker and freak who creeps on teenage girls for a “book”.

15. By the way was Ezra wearing an earpiece?

16. Aria was amazing calling him on his shit. Honestly Ezra is blaming everyone but himself. Aria deserves a lot better…

17. Aria also need to stop helping AD, SHE IS LITERALLY TELLING AD EVERYTHING?

18. “Are you Lucas?” You think AD is going to be like “Heck yeah I’m Lucas, you got me!”

19. NO

20. ALSO Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, SHE THINKS THEY WILL MAKE CUTE BABIES! But its no big deal.

21. The Facetime calls with AD being Aria were so disturbing?

22. AD is one needy person though, imagine being one of his/her helpers.

23. You never miss one of AD’s calls, as Aria misses like 20 calls.

24. AD didn’t really think it through picking Aria to be a helper, if she see’s Ezra, that’s all she will focus on.

25. “Lucas’s Loft is probably bugged” YOU THINK?

26. “Lucas is a nice guy” the more you know Hanna, the more you know.

27. I think the writers are going down the Lucas killed Charlotte path which at least will prove his shady “nice guy” act was all fake.

28. But I’m not giving up on the Lucas is AD train.

29. Lucas also sold the factory and crushed my poor Hanna.  To make matters worse she still has to play the game aka Monas new interest.

30. Mona is too good for this show.

31. OH MY GOD and the comic book! Lucas was part of or in the dollhouse! 100%!

32. Hanna and Emily dramatically narrating the comic book. If it ever gets made into a movie I think Hanna and Emily should get a role.

33. Mona is going to die this season. I can feel it.

34. Spencer used Rollins (he has like 12 different names I don’t know if there is one I’m supposed to call him by officially?) card that night when she bought drinks and signed for them. Didn’t we all think that though?

35. She also told Marco she was burying a body. Smooth move Spencer.

36. Marco followed Spencer to the lost woods, then waited in his car for 58 minutes. Don’t tell him it was an hour, because it was exactly 58 minutes.

37. Marco is one smart detective, I got to give him that. We have never seen someone ACTUALLY solve something in Rosewood.

38. Speaking of solving things do the cops even care about who killed Charlotte?

39. Caleb is out of town with Toby because he just lost his wife. But now watch Toby come back and be 3000% okay and just start dating Spencer. WE ALL KNOW ITS COMING.



42. The promo for 7x16 show Lucas getting his shady ass caught. BUT remember not to believe half the stuff he says, cause he is a LIAR.

43. He also tells Hanna the reason she was tortured. WHAT A LOVELY GUY…



Ezra Fitz- just an all around terrible human and is sketchy, but whats new.

Spencer’s twin- PLEASE NO. PLEASEEEEE no twins.

Lucas “Why wont Hanna love me? Is it because I watch her sleep?”- Just another fake person on the show and is going to get called out on it.

Wren- I honestly don’t think he is AD, I just love him<3

Aria and Ezra- Really weird conversations tonight.

Till next week! BYEEE

Hit It Fergie

I had to get this fic out of my system!

Fic Request.

(Y/T/N)- Your Twitter Name

Originally posted by ethan-support-group

“@(Y/T/N) you need to get Ethan to do this!”

“Please convince him to remake the video!” 

“I’m begging you! Get him to remake the vid!” 

The Tweets and messages flowed in like a flood. Complete with pleas and beggings from your boyfriend’s audience, plus a link to a very old video. 
As soon as you clicked play, your eyes lit up and you were running up to the office where Ethan was editing. 
“Ethan!” You cried as you rushed over to him. “I have an idea for your 1st of April video.” 
“Oh yeah? Let’s hear it,” He replied, his gaze still on the computer in front of him. 
You positioned the phone in front of Ethan’s face and pressed play. 

“Listen up, y'all, ‘cause this is it-”  

“Noooooooo!” Ethan slapped the phone out of your hand. Slamming a finger onto the screen to pause it. “No! That is not happening!” 
“Please, please, please!” You begged, wrapping your arms around him. “It’ll be so funny to see you do it!” 
“I’m not singing to that damn song,” Ethan grumbled irritably. You squeezed his shoulders, shaking him gently. 
“Come on, baaabe. It’ll be fun!” You whined. “Everyone wants to see it.” 
He crossed his arms and shook his head, “Nope. Never! I refuse!” 

“I hate you,” He snapped, only half angry. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” 
You couldn’t stop the massive smile that crawled across your face as you stood behind the camera. He sat down and had the laptop on with his old video up and sighed. 
Ethan’s eyes set on you standing behind the camera, “You are so not going to watch me do this.” 
“Oh I so am,” You replied with a chuckle. “I’m not missing this for the world.” 
“You can watch it when I’m done!” Ethan half yelled. 
“Nope, I’m staying here!” You stubbornly sat your ass on the chair behind you. Crossing your arms and smiling when he groaned. 
“Fine, but if you laugh I’m throwing you out.” He mumbled, fixing his hair before starting the recording. 
When the music started and Ethan began to sing, it took all of your strength not to burst into a fit of giggles. 
His mouth moved fluently with the lyrics, his body gently moving to the music. 
You were able to contain your laughter for a few moments, but as soon as Ethan did the “ I blow kisses” your body shook with stifled laughter. Ethan’s eyes flickered to you for a half of a second and his mouth curled in a smile and his lips fumbled with the words. 
“Goddamn it, (Y/N)!” Ethan laughed, pausing the video. 
“That was adorable!” You blurted through your giggles. “Oh my God!” 
Ethan shook his head, flicking his hair in annoyance. 

More than once Ethan blurted out with laughter because of your grinning face. Especially when the chorus came on and then Ethan motioned lifting weights. 
He sighed, only a little annoyed. Your giggles were making him smile too much to concentrate. 
“Go get a paper bag or something,” He joked as he restarted everything. 
“No, you’ll lock me out!” You said. “I promise I’ll hold on. I won’t laugh.” 
“You said that six takes ago!” Ethan exclaimed. “One more time, and if you laugh, I’ll get Tyler to carry you out.” 
You nodded, seating yourself down on the chair and holding onto the sides. 
Ethan managed to get through the whole song without looking at you and you got through most of the recording without so much as giggling. 
But when the song started on the final minute and Ethan started bobbing his head, you found it very difficult to control yourself. 
You started grooving behind the camera, silently dancing to the music. 
Shimming and crumbing as Ethan wiggled his shoulders and weaved his arms about. 
Just as the song came to a close, Ethan burst out laughing as you stood and started waving your hips in a ridiculous fashion. 
“I was so close!” He howled. “No, you’re so out of here!” Ethan launched himself at you as you crumpled with laughter. 
You tried to scramble away but Ethan grabbed hold of your waist and spun you around to face him. You squealed when his fingers dug into your hips, making you cry out and swat at him.
He drowned out your giggles with a kiss, ignoring the “is everything ok”’s from outside the door. 
“Now, get out of here before I do something else to keep you quiet,” Ethan winked, slapping your ass as he nudged you towards the door.

Smores (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Trigger warning: Talk of death.

Originally posted by klarolicityswan

Although Cisco had somewhat forgiven Barry Allen for the murder of his brother, Dante, the bitterness between them was still present. It was understandable to you, to be fair. Especially the part where he wouldn’t go back and save him (like he did with his parents)- that’s what made Cisco the most angry. The idea that he’d risk anything to go and save his own family but would refuse to save his friends.

Barry, however, was truly sorry. You could see the guilt eating away at him, depriving him of a full nights sleep or a genuine smile. He was trying with all of his effort to save the city and save his friendship but he just couldn’t seem to choose which one to prioritise. 

You and the group attempted to help him out and make amends with Cisco- to finally get the group back together again but nothing worked. It was like he could see right through you, he knew exactly what you were doing.

 You hated seeing Cisco, the excitable, movie loving, beautifully nerdy bio-engineer, upset. But he was broken, torn apart by his brothers death and, due to the messed up timeline, the responsibility was Barry’s. If Barry wasn’t so selfish, Dante would still be alive. For the safety and the sanity of the team, they needed to make up.

That’s why, when everything with the Dominators was over, Barry arranged for a group road trip to the beach. He hoped that it would lift the tension and lighten the mood. 

So that’s what happened. Barry hired an ironically red mini-van and gathered up the team (including HR and Joe), for a trip to the coast. You had somehow bribed your aunt to lend you her beach house for a few days. It was a beautiful, spacious house on the coast with six bedrooms and an uplifting aura.

“Everyone give it up for America’s favourite fighting Frenchman!” You, along with Iris, Barry and even HR, shouted out, a large grin on your face.

 You were around an hour into the journey, only coping by singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack and laughing at anything and everything.

Joe, as self-proclaimed father of the group, was the designated driver, with HR riding shotgun and being in control of the music. The middle row was Barry, Iris and Caitlin. You rode with Cisco and Wally in the back of the van. 

Whilst the majority of the group were laughing and messing around, Cisco didn’t bare one smile. Secondly to you, Wally noticed the mans discomfort and nudged him with his elbow. Cisco frowned.

“C’mon man, this is your favourite song!” Wally pointed out, his wide smile fading.

“Excuse me if i’m not jumping for joy,” Replied Cisco, in a low murmur. Annoyed, he folded his arms and frowned.

Iris glanced back for a moment, looking over Barry’s arm that was over the back of her seat, “At least try and be happy, Cisco,” She said, her voice drowned in sympathy, “Barry arranged the whole trip.”

“Which is why i’m not happy.”

You could only imagine the upset from on Barrys face from the last statement and, Caitlin obviously did, spinning around with a little frown, “Cisco..”

“Hey, HR?” you called from the your seat, leaning over to be closer to him, 

“Yes, (Y/N)? HR Wells at your merry service!” He shuffled around in his seat, bearing his large grin at you.

“Switch the disc and play Cabinet Battle number one!” As he obliged, you leaned your chin onto Cisco’s shoulder and murmured to him, “You’re gonna have to take the part of Hamilton in this. Otherwise, i’ll be left in a rap battle with Caitlin and we all know how well that went last time.”

He glanced at you with a pleading look but the wall eventually dropped as you pouted your lower lip. The pair of you put on quite the performance.

Four hours after you had arrived at the beach house, you were still at the beach. A blanket of black had taken over the bright blue of the sky, sparkling freckles littering its complexion. Bar Cisco, you had all gathered around a campfire with HR giving you all a step by step tutorial on how to make smores. It’s not like you didn’t already know, but it kept him happy. 

Your eyes couldn’t stop flickering over to the man who’s smile you craved. Cisco was sat alone maybe 200 feet from the rest of the group, glancing out across the water. You decided to put an end to his sorrow. Handing your smore to Joe, you stood and quietly walked over to the Bio-engineer before sitting down next to him, bringing your knees up to your chest and tugging your, his, hoodie over your hands.

“I hope you don’t mind that i took this. It was on the sofa and i just grabbed it. To be fair it could’ve been Barry’s.”

Cisco scoffed and shook his head. You could see his watery eyes in the gentle moonlight, “Enough about Barry!” He was irritated and upset, you could tell through his shaky voice and small posture, “Everything’s always about Barry! Sure, he’s The Flash, but it’s always about him! Everyone is always so in love with Barry! Yeah, well news flash, he’s not such a big hero, is he?!”

You raised to your knees, kneeling in front of him and cupping a side of his face, your thumb running over his cheekbone, smudging a tear drop, “I know. Okay? I know, and i’m just as upset at him as you are.”

Cisco leaned back to take a good look at you. Your hair was all textured and wavy from the sea, thrown up into a messy bun. Your face lacked makeup but it was gorgeous anyway. On your body was your white summer dress, but with his Navy STAR labs zip-up over the top, “Your brother didn’t die because of him, (Y/N).”

You stayed silent for a moment, lightly tracing your fingernails over his scalp as you combed his hair back, feeling his hands grip your hips. 

“I hate seeing you like this, Francisco,” You eventually said, laying your forehead down on his, “and i’m sure Dante would never want you to be this torn up.”

“I-” Cisco was about to speak before he shook his head and closed his mouth.

“This is me, Francisco. You can talk to me. Talk to me please. i wont allow you to grieve alone.”

“It just doesn’t feel real. I feel like he’s just gonna come home and take over mama’s heart again. Instead she’s just crying, she doesn’t do anything but cry. Dante made us all so happy, even if he was a bit of an ass.” Cisco sighed, rubbing his thumbs in circles on your hips.

“I know, mi amor. Dante would still want you to smile. If not for him, please try for me. Come have fun with us, i’m sure HR saved you a smore.”

Cisco ran his hands over his face, a breathy chuckle coming from his mouth, “I know one thing that would make me smile.”


“Yeah,” He walked you closer to him so that you were straddling his lap, craning his neck up to press his lips softly against yours. You instantly kissed him back, arms wrapping around his neck. His touch on your hips was so gentle, and his kiss awoke all of the butterflies in your stomach, making your tummy do flips and turns.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but i think we may have over-smored your smore,” You heard HR’s voice, forcing you to pull away from the kiss that you could stay in all night. Cisco pushed his face into your neck, a light laugh shaking his body against yours. And oh, how you loved that noise.

How I want the better half of TOG7 to go...

okay so in the beginning we see everyone setting out what they were going to do before, ie..

-How much do you wanna bet it starts with something sad about Aelin being trapped in the dark? huh, im calling it.  Also i think Maeve might be siphonning Aelins magic the way she said only carranam could

-Dorian and Manon + Thirteen are traveling across Erilea to find the Crochans

-Aedion and Lysandra (Aelin) are in the north with their armies trying to get back Terrassen and fighting with asshole lords…

-Then we see Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan, and Elide on their search for Aelin

-Fenrys left clues for the squad to follow becasue hes a savior and hate Maeve

-Pages go by and we somehow find and get Aelin OUT while you know, Rowan ripsss her apart (I just really want that okay, like he has so many reason for revenge)

-Elide is salty to Lorcan majority of this time.

-Lots of sappp like Rowaelin reunion (I live for it,, please sarah i need it really cutesy) (disclaimer, yes i know aelin is a badass and powerful, but like she doesn’t always have to everything on her own)

-I want Aelin saved at like the middle of 1/3 of the book becasue I want her around to see everything fall into place, and I want her and Rowan to be together and talk about the mate thing.

-meanwhile the Blackbeaks have found the Crochans and THINGS ARE ROUGH

-Elide and Lorcan make up, basically becasue she drags him for so long and feels bad, understands why he did what he did.

-Fenrys is still adorable but we Seriously need to find a way to save him and Connall and Vaughan

-Stuff happens int he middle that I dont know??? Maybe Chaol and Nesryns adventure have led to this?


-Aedion and Lysandra have succeed in making the lords rethink their decision!!


-Lysandra and Aedion become a thing!! <3 <3

-More Elorcan bc I love them

-Aelin sets foot in the deserted castle in Orynth

-paiinnnn becasue like the last time she was here is was with her family and they are dead and she is now queen after a long time coming

-Elena decides to make herself useful and tells Aelin of a way to use the lock so that she wont die (I have a theory on this, just type in TOG 6 theory) got you my dudes 😉

–My theory about Aelin not having to die to forge the lock happens.  (Im STANDING BY THAT OKAY? YOU CANNOT CONVINCE ME THAT IT WONT)



-Manon and Dorian are mates, Asterin is Elide’s adoptive mom (did you see her comfort her in the ending of EOS?) mom™ASTERIN, someone give her a child please! she deserves the world

-Epilogue, everyone is happy, the castle is thriving, Dorian still sends book recs to Aelin, Chaol goes in between Terrassen and Adarlan, Elide and Lysandra are Aelin’s #1 BFFS (besides Rowan, okay)  Aedion is training soldiers and is like happy™ for once.  EVANGELINE HAS A GREAT FAMILY OKAY? AELIN TREATS HER LIKE A LEGIT PRINCESS!!! PRINCESS EVANGELIN, im here for it!


I understand some of these might be unrealistic, but just let me live in the fantasy world?  ahhahahaha

ADD to this what you think will happen!! 💕💕💕

ashiamaru  asked:

Idk I if you already had made hc for palladins where s/o has like really bad period but please if not could you make ones? Rp

yo an anon also asked for this so i’m putting both together ! 


- this man just hates it when you’re in pain

- dad mode straight away goes on

- and he’s like such a pro at taking care of his s/o

- i bet he understands the cycle of it as well

- if s/o throws up becuase of her period, he’ll patiently hold their hair away from her face and genty strokes her back

- if they can’t walk or the pain suddenly hits them when they’re standing up, shiro will pick them up bridal style and put them to bed

- also his hand would be a hella good heating pad

- aah hiscuddles would be perfect

- also his hot cocoa is sublime

- he’d try his best to be the best company ever

-  everytime s/o winces in pain he’ll frown and asks them if they need anything

- him peppering kisses on his s/o’s face


-he’d be so worried like he’ll panic so so much

- but he aint clueless since he probs grew up with a sistee or two

- would ask hunk to make them certain food that they craved

- wont let them leave the bed without him

- cuddles !

- from side cuddles to his s/o being the small spoon

- he’s also a good massager surprisingly

- keeps s/o hair neat in a braid

- will probably snack on the junk food with them tbh 


- boy he’s panicking internally

- and this boi is clueless

- so the first thing he’ll do is bring s/o to bed

- then he’ll ask shiro for advice and ask pidge about periods because he’s taht clueless

- he might be totally clueless but keith learns fast, so when he finally understands he’ll be vvv good at taking care of his s/o

- probs more protective than shiro

- wont ever let you leave the bed and touching the floor

- manhe’ll carry them everywhere if he has too

- this boy is just so worried

- in times like this he’ll get more affectionate

- he’ll kisses them more 

- cuddles get a lot more longer

- keith is just super worried please give him a hug


- she’ll be the most understanding out of the rest

- but man she’s just confused why their period is so painful

- wont be over protective like shiro or keith

- but will provide anything they need from pads, tampons, chocolate to cuddles or a kiss

- she’ll keep a tab on them more often and will do some reasearch to see if shecould find a medicine of some sort

- she just hates to see them suffering


- he’ll be the most calm about it

- hell make s/o so many comfort food from mac and cheese to pizza

- gives the bestest and the warmest cuddles too !

- he’d sing softly to them is they ask him too

- probs sing a sweet song like can’t help falling in love, ect on a ukulele

- he’d also uses this time as quality time with s/o so theyre will be a lot of card and board games

Random Starter Sentences


  • “ It was me, I did it. “ 
  • “ Please don’t go. “ 
  • “ Where were you? “ 
  • “ I needed you! “ 
  • “ I will never love anyone as much as I love this bagel. “ 
  • “ I kissed someone else. “ 
  • “ When in doubt, ignore everything. “ 
  • “ It was just one time. “ 
  • “ I never meant for this to happen. “ 
  • “ Kiss me. “ 
  • “ Marry me. “ 
  • “ Was she/he good? “
  • “ You wont ever find better than me baby. “ 
  • “ You’re such a creep/ “ 
  • “ I love you. “ 
  • “ I love this! “ 
  • “ I love them! “ 
  • “ How did you know? “ 
  • “ Are you serious? “ 
  • “ Please tell me you’re kidding. “ 
  • “ When I was younger I wanted to be an alien. “ 
  • “ Do you believe in UFO’s? “ 
  • “ The truth is out there. “ 
  • “ Scooby Dooby DOO! “ 
  • “ Nothing is more satisfying than the first bite into your Pizza. “
  • “ Do you have any ambitions? “ 
  • “ What was your worst first date? “ 
  • “ Wanna go on a date with me? “ 
  • “ How about a double date! “ 
  • “ Just ask him/her out! “ 
  • “ He/She asked you out? That’s awesome! “ 
  • “ Never again. “ 
  • “ Yes, I’m wasted, No I don’t care. “ 
  • “ Hand me that bottle, time to drown my sorrows. “ 
  • “ So you wanna fuck? “
  • “ What if we’re just friends — with benefits? “ 

A headcanon of sorts: Taako likes to visit Ren regularly, and sometimes, he likes to bring Kravitz along. Ren is always happy to see them, and gets along with Kravitz pretty well. June, too, loves it when Taako visits, but with Kravitz, she feels a little……..weird

It’s just a feeling at first; it’s like she can sense something is off with him. When the finds out the truth, though – that he’s a literal Bounty Hunter for the Raven Queen – she’s outright terrified of him. She’s cheated death so many times, she’s been responsible for people cheating death so many times. She absolutely will not go in the same room as him; even if hes not actively hunting her down, she is still VERY scared of him

At first, Kravitz tries to shake it off like its nbd; lots of people are scared of him, thats just how it goes. Still, as this continues, he feels worse and worse about it, and wants to convince her that he’s just a nice dude who hunts bad guys sometimes

TLDR i want gay uncle kravitz trying to appeal to his boyfriends bffs daughter and crying about it to Taako when they’re alone because ‘why wont she like me what do i DO’


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 212
warning : contains smut
summary : Reader is in love with Kai but he ignores it because the feelings he has scare him and is not sure if it’s love.
*gif by lightwoodxalec

“You know she likes you right ?” Damon said motioning to Y/N who kept glancing in their direction. “It was her idea to invite you…”
“It was ?” Kai asked surprised , following Damon’s gaze , his breath catching in his throat. Y/N had left them a few minutes ago , going to say HI to her friends , but it didn’t look like she was paying much attention to them. Some guy tried to put his hands on her waist but she swatted them away , yet it was the feeling Kai felt seeing someone touching her. He balled his fist barely able no hold himself in the same spot.
Damon’s eyes darted between Kai and Y/N , seeing Kai clench his jaw nearly leaping out of his seat towards her.
“Huh .. “Damon said to himself , the sound making Kai turn towards him.
“You like her too.” Damon said gulping his glass at once. Kai shook his head in denial. “Oh don’t act like you don’t. Anyone can see the longing in your eyes , you like her.”
Kai got up quickly. “No , I don’t. There is no longing or whatever … those are emotions and I don’t feel emotions. I’m a sociopath , remember ? ” he said turning towards the door feeling someone’s grasp on his hand. He turned around only to meet Y/N standing closer to him than he had expected.
“Where are you going ? The party is just starting… ” she said. “Whatever Damon said , ignore him. I do. Don’t let him ruin the fun. Come on , dance with me.” she batted her eyelashes at him. “Please ?” she asked again , her hand still holding a grip on his.
Kai shook his head.  “I don’t dance.” he said , pushing her hand off his , a look of hurt crossing her eyes. He regretted his movement the second it happened.
“I find that hard to believe.” she said over the music. “Please , just one dance ?.” Y/N smiled at him.
She looked so beautiful , and he wanted to stay but that fuzzy warm feeling inside his stomach was scaring him. Damon was right. He liked her , he wanted to get to know her more , talk to her and be her friend … maybe more than her friend.
“You wont give up until I say yes, will you?” he asked trying to suppress a smile. Y/N wasn’t one to give up , it was one of the things he liked about her along with her ability to see the best in people , even in him.
“Does that mean you will dance with me ?” she asked hopefully.
Kai didnt know what to do or say and before he knew it , she was pulling him towards the crowd of dancing millennials in the Salvatore living room. They pushed their way through Y/N never letting go of his hand. She looked so carefree and happy , her smile making him smile and then there was that warm fuzzy feeling again pulling him towards her , to be with her , wrap his hands around her while his fingers  … Kai shook his head , pushing the thoughts away.Y/N liked spending time with Kai and as much as she denied it when her friends confronted her about it - she had feelings for him. Every time she saw him her heart starts to race faster , a dozen or more butterflies start to flap their wings in her stomach. His blue / gray eyes were driving her crazy and every time he was around all she wanted was to hug him , kiss him and be with him. She couldn’t get enough of him and wanted to tell him how she feels more than anything , but it was never the right time. Except maybe tonight it was. All of the sudden she changed her mind and pulled him up the stairs sitting at them almost at the top where the noise of the party wasn’t so loud.
“I thought you wanted to dance ?” he asked curious , part of him suspecting what she’d say the other not knowing what he’ll do if he is right.He could see the hesitation in her eyes.
“I um … not really. I mean I did but … .” she said gazing into his eyes pushing that feeling back to the surface. “I just … wanted to spend time with you thats all.”
“Alone ? With the big bad heretic that everyone is so scared of?” he asked suddenly serious. “Aren’t you afraid I’d do something terrible ? Like I don’t know , use a spell and make your clothes disappear ?”
Y/N stared at him for a second with those big brown eyes as if daring him to do exactly that , then she started laughing.
“I’m not afraid of you Kai.” she said moving a little closer to him. Without realising it he had moved closer to her too.
“Maybe you should be…” he said his vampirism showing.
Y/N closed her eyes for a moment and Kai used it to cloak himself and disappear. She opened her eyes , looking around confused searching for him. “Kai ?”
Kai reached his hand , his fingertips almost touching her cheeks…
No. he willed himself , whooshing away from her and disappearing into the night.
Y/N could swear they had almost kissed , her heart fluttered at the thought and butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach. She got up quickly , running down the stairs hoping somehow defying the odds , she’d catch up with him.

Kai spent the next few days avoiding her. The thing was he liked her , he really liked her but the feelings he got around her were new to him and he didn’t know what all of them meant.
Y/N wondered why Kai would just start avoiding her. She had seen him at the Grill but then he’d just be gone a blink of an eye later , he wasn’t returning her texts or answering his calls. She tried asking Damon since Kai had spent time with him at the party , making sure he doesn’t murder anyone.
“Kai is Kai , who knows why he does half the things he does.” Damon said. “He’ll be back ,you can be sure of it. There is no way to get rid of him now…”
Y/N looked at him confused.
“What do you mean ? Do you know something I don’t ?” she asked hopefully.It couldn’t be just her feeling that magnetic pull. What if Kai felt it too ?
“Nothing …he is a heretic now. That’s all.” said Damon. “Why are you so interested all of the sudden ? I thought you said you no longer had feelings for him..”
“Just making conversation… plus won’t you agree it’s better to know where he is ? …in case he is planning something?” she tried to deflect.
Damon glanced at her , studying her face carefully. “Yeah …you are not fooling anyone Y/N.” he said , his phone ringing at the exact moment. “Oh hey Stef ….”
“Wait , Damon .. You didn’t tell him did you ?” she called out after him , he turned around shaking his head.
“No … of course not. Why would I tell Kai you have a crush on him ?” he said walking out of the room leaving her feeling more confused than ever.
If Damon wasn’t going to help her then she’d go to Kai directly. She walked outside the dark clouds finally starting to clear up from the sky and got in her car , deciding to try one last time to call him before showing unannounced at his place.
“Hello ?” Kai’s voice sounded in the car. God how I missed the sound of his voice. she thought.
“Where have you been ?” she asked. “I started to get worried ….”
“Nothing happened , I’ve just been busy.” he said casually.
“Too busy to pick up your phone ?… Were you avoiding me ?” she asked laughing nervously fearing the answer.
“No. Why would I be avoiding you and why were you worried for me ? I’m a heretic now … “ he trailed off.
“Because you are my friend. Friends worry about each other.” she said.
“We are not friends Y/N.” he said.“I mean , its better for you if we are not. I’m not a good person .. “
Y/N felt a crack in her heart at his words.
“I dont think you get to decide if we are friends or not by yourself Malachai.” she said , raising her voice. “Are you home ? I’m on my way there …”
Y/N took another turn down the road. The asphalt was slick from the rain and the wet leafs on the road didn’t help much.
“Yes , I am home and no , don’t come here. I dont want you here.” he said his tone serious.
“I just wanna talk , that’s all.” she said still heading for his place.
“What ? Like you wanted to talk the other night ? No , thanks…”
“Malachai Parker ! How are you not understanding whats happening here ?!” she raised her voice. “I know Damon told you … I …”
“Dont say it Y/N , I cant be with you in that way. I am bad for you , thats why - ”
“Stop talking for a second and listen to me , Kai. I love you. I have loved you since I first saw you ..” she said refusing to believe anything he was saying to her. He wasn’t bad for her , she knew he wasn’t.
“No , don’t. Y/N … I …. am with someone else and I cant afford having you and your pointless little crush or whatever it is hanging over my head.”
Y/N ‘s heart broke and she felt tears rolling down her cheeks. She tried to blink them back with no luck.
“Please Kai … let me at least say what I want to say.”  she sniffled.
Kai closed his eyes , his hand trembling knowing he is hurting her , telling her lies. The image of Y/N crying popped into his head - he had seen tears in her eyes at the wedding watching her friends fail to save Jo’s life and the twins. Why was he feeling like this ? Like his heart was breaking … he couldn’t love her , she deserved better than him. Kai felt his eyes water , he hated that feeling.
“No , Y/N. Its better this way …” he said , a scream coming from the other end of the phone followed by the sounds of glass shattering and metal screeching. “Y/N ? Y/N , whats going on ?”
There was no answer from the other end. Kai felt as if the world had stopped. He ran out , using his vampire hearing trying to find her. There was something , a sound not typical for his surroundings and he headed towards it as fast as he could.
Her car must’ve slipped on the leafs on the road wounding against a tree completely tottled. Kai ran to the front of the car finding her barely breathing , her heart beating still but slowly and unevenly. He pulled the door using his vampire strenght tossing it on the ground a few hundred meters away.
“Y/N ? Y/N , can you hear me?” he leaned in stroking her cheek , her head covered in blood and there had to be a broken rib or something because her chest looked crippled sideways. Kai pulled her out carefully , sitting on the ground near by the car holding her carefully. He bit his wrist bringing it to her lips.
“Come on .. come on Y/N. Don’t die on me.” he kept repeating , panic starting to wash over him. Y/N wasn’t waking up , her breathing barely existant her heart beating a few more beats before stopping. Kai’s eyes went wide , tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Y/N … Please wake up. No , no … you will wake up , I know you will.” he said refusing to believe the girl he loved was gone.
He hadn’t been sure about his feelings until he had seen her dying in his arms. Kai vamp - ran with her in his hands to his place. He let her down gently on his bed , bringing a bowl with water and a towel , cleaning up the blood from her face. He had fed her his blood , she had died with it in her system , she had to come back. Kai sat on the bed next to her , cleaning off the blood noticing the wound on her head had healed and he waited and waited never leaving her side.

About 2 or 3 hours later , he had no idea how long because he hadn’t been able to tear his eyes off her , Y/N gasped for air , her eyes opening looking around confused , pulling herself up on the bed.
“Hey hey hey… ” Kai grabbed her hand. “Calm down.”
Y/N’s eyes fell on him , confusion in her eyes. “W-what … how did I get h-here ? What happened ?”
Kai looked nervous , trying to figure out how to tell her. “Don’t .. don’t freak out.” he said his voice soothing. “What’s the last thing you remember ?”
Y/N tried to focus , the buzzing sounds of the lamp ringing in her ears. Then the memory slowly started becoming clear. “W-we … we were talking on the phone. You … you said … ” she couldn’t even bring herself to say it , her heart breaking all over again tears filling her eyes again.
“I didn’t mean it.” Kai interrupted her unable to watch the pain in her eyes any more. “I didn’t mean any of it , Y/N.” he paused reaching for her hand , but she pulled away. “You … your car , I don’t know what happened exactly. We were talking and I heard the crash. I ran as quickly as I could , tried to safe you but I was … too late.”
Y/N seemed confused at first , slowly realising what he meant. Kai looked broken , sad and his eyes were reddish as if he had been crying.
“Am I .. am I dead?” she asked , her voice barely a whisper already knowing the answer. Kai nodded , unable to meet her eyes.
“It’s my fault , if I had just told you the truth … none of this would be happening. You’d still be alive.”  he said , shifting uncomfortably on the bed. He felt guilty for what had happened and knew once he told her , he’d lose her forever.
“Tell me the truth about what ?” Y/N asked moving a bit closer to him, reaching for his hand. “Kai ?”
Kai fell quiet for a few minutes , trying to find the best way to tell her ..
“I … I’m in love with you Y/N.” he said meeting her eyes , “I wasn’t sure at first then I was scared of those feelings. I didn’t even know there were that many feelings to be had until I met you.” Kai said. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if it had been too late… if you had died permanently.” he said looking at the ground. “I’ll help you with the transition … and then you can go on with your life. I … I can’t imagine that after all this you’d still want to be with me. I am the reason this happened to you. You’d still be alive , have a chance at a family , having kids if only I  - ”
Y/N smashed her lips against his , nearly knocking him over feeling his arms wrapping around her pulling her closer to him a moment later.  She pulled away , her hands on the back of his head , resting her forehead against his. Kai smiled nervously , his fingertips stroking her cheek.
“You saved me, I would’ve died if it wasn’t for you. I want to be with you , Malachai. Just … one thing first.” Y/N sighed feeling an itch in her throat. “Got any blood bags ?”
Kai laughed nervously and got up heading for the fridge in the kitchen , Y/N following him closely behind snaking her arms around him from the back as he opened the fridge.
“Let’s see … I like A positive but I don’t know if you’ll li-”
“I trust you … and if you like it , then I’m sure I will as well.” she said smiling.
Kai got out a blood bag , opening it for her. Y/N jumped up sitting on the kitchen counter , taking the blood bag from him. He watched her drink the blood, her hand reaching for him as she emptied half of it , carefully leaving it aside before pulling Kai towards her wrapping her legs around him. Kai’s smile not leaving his face , feeling a little startled when the purple - black veins under her eyes showed , her hands around his neck pulling him into a passionate kiss.
“You seem to be taking this very well …” Kai said pulling away , studying her face and brushing his fingers through her hair. He had been worried ever since he brought her home how she’d react to things. He should’ve known she’d react like this , she was one of the strongest people he knew.  
Y/N gazed into his eyes a small smile on her face as her lips found his again giving him the answer he needed. There was a force in the kiss , her lips demanding more and more unwilling to break it.
“I knew emotions get heightened after becoming a vampire …but this is a complete over drive.” she said breathing heavily , as Kai’s lips kissed her neck , his hands tugging on her shirt sliding under it. Everywhere his fingertips touched her bare skin it felt as sparks of electricity going through her. All Y/N could think about was Kai , his hands on her body , his lips on hers.. He was taking her breath away for the millionth time since they had met. An idea popped inside her head and pushed him away getting off the kitchen counter , Kai’s hands still on her waist not willing to let go of her. She turned around hooking her hands around his neck lifting herself on her toes and kissed him fiercely, her tongue exploring his mouth fighting with his for dominance as his hands slided down to her ass squeezing it for a moment before he tried to lift her up. Y/N swatted his hands away locking eyes with his , taking a few steps backwards from him undoing her short shorts slowly letting them fall down on the ground , stepping out of them and taking another step backwards as Kai moved towards her , his eyes following her every move. She could see his eyes darkening with every passing second. Her hands lifted her shirt over her head tossing it onto the floor. He backed her against wall pressing his body onto hers , cupping her face , his lips smashing against hers a split second later. Y/N ’s hands tugged on his shirt pulling it over his head before his lips found hers again. He pressed against her , grinding against her with force making her moan out louder. Her hands slid between their bodies , sliding in his jeans feeling his hard lenght.
“MMmmm…” she hummed , looking in his eyes closing for a second and opening filled with more lust than before.
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her , he wanted to feel every curve of her body. Y/N pulled away from him , trying to walk towards the shower but he pushing her face first against the wall pressing his body on hers from the back , his hands roaming her body as she threw her head back resting it against his chest. Kai’s hands cupped her breasts sliding down her stomach towards her core before sliding back up again wrapping around her throat making her turn her head towards him. His lips met hers in a demanding kiss.
“I want you so much Y/N…” said Kai , his voice low seductive.  Y/N could feel his hot breath against her neck. “You have my head spinning out of control… I cant stop thinking about you….” he whispered , his hand trailing down her body towards her stomach “ … All I want is to kiss you … “ he said placing a soft kiss on her neck ”… touch you … never let you go.” he whispered pushing her body against the wall again , his fingers playing with her clit , pulling her lower half against him.
“What’s stopping you?” Y/N whispered bracing her hands against the wall , feeling his shaft getting harder against her ass and all that was going through her mind in that moment was how much she wanted to feel Kai inside her , to let him do whatever he wanted to do to her. She felt his fingers slide inside her again and she braced her hands against the wall.
“You drive me absolutely crazy Y/N.” he muttered , pushing his fingers in and out of her listening to her soft moans.
Y/N turned around , her back against the wall as Kai’s lips smashed against hers , lifting her leg up. His hand brushing through her hair. Her hand slid between their bodies , wrapping around his lenght stroking it , listening to him groan in her ear , his lips moving towards her neck sucking on a spot leaving a mark before moving slightly and stopping to suck another. He braced his hand against the wall , resting his forehead on hers locking eyes with hers as he guided his hard lenght inside her slowly and gently. Kai couldn’t look away , her eyes lit up and closed for a second before locking on his again. A small gasp escaping her lips at the feeling.
“You’re so hot..” Kai groaned , pushing in as deep inside her as this position would allow. Y/N holding onto his biceps , digging her nails in drawing blood. Kai pumped in a slow steady rhythm driving her out of her mind.
“Faster Kai ..” she begged in between moans.
Kai abandoned the slow pace , thursting in and out of her at a faster pace going faster , then slowing down for a moment before going back to an even faster pace her moans getting louder. Every time he thrusted in , her body moved upwards for a second then sinking back down on him. He buried his face in the crook of her neck breathing heavily. Y/N could feel herself getting closer and closer to the edge every time Kai pumped inside her. She felt her vampirism show as her emotions went on an over drive again.
“Fuck ..” he grunted , a moment later Y/N contracted her walls around him earning a low growl from him. He wrapped his hands around her , vamp - speeding towards the bedroom tossing her on his bed like a rag doll , intertwining his fingers with hers holding Y/N’s hands above her head as he trusted in again deeper and harder than before. Kai’s forehead resting on hers as , looking in her eyes roll back in her head feeling her orgasm approaching.
“I want to feel your hot cum inside me.” she moaned , seeing Kai grin at her words. Y/N freed her hands , her fingers tangling in his hair on their way to his back holding onto him , as her orgasm washed over her. Kai rode off her orgasm , moments later reaching his , filling his cum come out in hot spurts inside her.  He collapsed on her catching his breath , pressing his lips against hers. Y/N closing her eyes for a moment getting lost in his kiss.* * *Three months later … “I am the luckiest guy on the planet.”  Kai said twirling her around , her body smashing against his , his hands on her waist holding her close. He leaned in closer to her , pressing his lips against hers. “I love you more and more each day.”
Y/N smiled , she loved him more than words could ever explain. Kai had turned into her guardian angel , her lover.
“I died … and you brought me back to life. Not by turning me into a vampire and saving my life.” she said , her fingers brushing through his hair. “It was every moment after… ”
Kai dipped her over , pulling her back up his lips smashing against hers making her feel as if it’s their first kiss.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017


NOTE : Apologies if at times the connection gets lost , it was a long night with the SG finale and everything … 😅😅😅🙈

Late nights - Reggie x Reader oneshot

Authors note,

hey this is my first fanfiction ever so please don’t kill me lol and it’s such a creative name hah I didn’t know what to name it but it’s just a fluff oneshot really, I don’t really know what this will categorize into oops and it’s a Reggie x Female Reader yay! Also please send me request I’m open for anything :)

Words - 1,237

Warnings - cussing oops

2:03 AM

I woke up to several messages by my boyfriend of 10 months. I clicked my phone on and saw his name.


That was the name that popped up on my phone. I never called him by Reggie, not since 6th grade when I found out his last name. I unlocked my phone and read the texts he sent me.

“my baby sister keeps crying I can’t sleep my mom is literally so tired im gonna take over for her :/ ” delivered at 2:00 AM


Reggie’s mom had a baby just 2 months ago, I come over to babysit with Reggie every once and a while when her hands were full. I knew having a little sister made his family sleep deprived, and it showed during school.


“wish me luck lol” delivered at 2:00 AM

“I wish u were here, u have the magic touch when it comes to her, she wont stop crying.” delivered at 2:01 AM

“oh god she’s needs a diaper change” delivered at 2:02 AM


I facetimed him to see if he was okay.


“Mantle, you woke me up with your texts and I wanted to see if you were okay.”

I heard the sound of Julia crying at the top of her lungs through the phone.

“Julia hush please, I have school tomorrow and this really big test come on give me a break. (Y/N) I need you right about now, my mom and dad won’t mind, actually they might, but my parents like you too much and mom knows you can calm Julia down just like she can.” He whispers.

“Aw Mantle you know if I could I would, my mom is way too strict to let me go anywhere at this time.” I say looking at him trying to carry Julia and hold the phone at the same time. “please don’t drop the baby, put your phone down!” I tell him groggily.

“(Y/N) go to sleep.” he mumbled. “I need both of my girls happy and healthy.”

“You need it more than me. You have that huge ass test in 1st period!” I exclaim.

“Hanging up now (Y/N), I won’t pick up if you call. Baby go to sleep I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” He replies.

“But-“ I soon got cut off by him hanging up.”

I text him right after.

“you know ihy right?” sent at 2:34 AM

Mantle replies with,

“I love you too, goodnight”

With that I soon fall asleep.

I woke up suddenly to my alarm which read

7:35 AM (Y/N) get ur ass up

I got up quite lazily and began to do my morning routine.

A few moments later I go downstairs and greet my mom and dad. They know Reggie picks me up for school every morning so they are used to him.

Then my phone vibrates.


“I’m coming up to your house now” delivered at 7:54 AM

“Mom, dad, Reggie is coming up to get me.” I only ever called him Reggie in front of my parents and his.

My parents nod in response. Then as if on cue I hear familiar knocks and open the door to a very cute but tired Mantle.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N)”

“Good morning Reggie, nice to see you again.” My mom says. My dad nods in response I still don’t think he is very comfortable with Mantle yet.

“(Y/N) you ready?” he asks.

“Yeah just let me grab my backpack.” I smile sweetly.

After grabbing my stuff, I say a quick goodbye to my parents and Mantle does the same, in a kiss ass way, he wants my parents to like him, not just tolerate him, but I know they like him well, at least mom does, dad is unclear.

While walking up to his car I ask him,

“Did you get any sleep? Did you eat? How’s your mom?”

He chuckles and says, “I got a solid 4 hour nap, no I didn’t eat, my mom is stressed but is doing a lot better I’ll tell her you’re thinking about her.  Also do you want to pick up donuts?”

“Mm yes please, I’ll go in and get them.” I say excitedly.

“(Y/N) I got it keep your money.” He says while opening the door for me to get in.

“Ha, you’re funny you literally paid the last 3 times.” I exclaim.

“Fine, (Y/N) only because I have no energy to argue with you, but little missy I’m paying the next time, and next time, and next time.” He grins while closing the door.

“Thank you.” I mouth while he goes to the driver’s seat.

Soon enough he’s in the car holding my hand while the other one on the wheel, I happily hand feed him donuts with my free hand. We soon walk into school and are greeted by Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead.

“Hey guys, and Suicide Squad.” He smirks looking at Jughead.

I elbow him and glared at Reg harshly.

“Sorry.” He says immediately, I smile.

“Hey (Y/N) and Reggie.” Veronica, Betty, and Archie say while Jughead rolls his eyes saying Reggie’s name.

“I still wonder how you two ever got together, you both are so different but yet are perfect for each other.” Jughead admits.

The rest of the gang gives little statements agreeing to Jughead.

As if on cue, the bell rings for first period. Reggie walks me down to my class like he always does, hand in hand firmly.

“I’ll see you at lunch yeah?” I say to him tip toeing to peck him on the cheek.

“Of course (Y/N) I wonder why you even ask.” He replies sleepily.

Class went by so slow, Cheryl was in most of my classes, which did made it somewhat bearable. We’d always laugh at stupid little jokes.

Soon enough it was time for our hour lunch, we had an hour because we could go to tutoring or something for part of the lunch and eat. Everybody ate lunch at the same time. I meet up Mantle and he’s talking to Moose and his gang about whatever it is they talk about and I steal him away from them.

We sneaked food into the library and picked our usual spot on the floor, since the library is packed for the hour lunch and there were usually no seats at the table he puts his bag down and plugs his charger to the outlet we were sitting next to.

“How was the exam?” I asked him while pulling out notes to study for a test that was next period.

“I totally fucking failed it (Y/N).” He shrugs.

“I need to help you study Mantle.” I whisper to him.

“I’d be 100% passing all my classes if you helped me study.” He chuckles while trying to open a bag of chips quietly, but failing of course. The librarian didn’t even care.

“But for now, (Y/N), I want to take a nap.” He says and shuffles to put his head in my lap, finishing up the bag of chips. I kissed him on the forehead once he got comfortable

I ran my fingers through his hair and studied at the same time while he slowly fell asleep on my lap at the library like he seemed to do more and more since Julia was born. He looked comfortable on my lap so that was what happened while I listened to music on my earphones and studied.

Wow I love this man.  

alright, ima be serious with yall here for a sec.

((okay so, showstopper keeps getting asks about showdaddy and people shipping show rad and daddy, and shes really tired of it. the ot3 thing could never work out in the first place bc rad’s scared shitless of daddy and daddy hates rad+show. and as for the showdaddy asks, yall can still ship showdaddy but please stop sending showstopper asks about it begging her and daddy to bring back the ship. just accept that its dead and that it wont be coming back. im trying my best not to piss anybody off or be rude but both showstopper and moro are very tired of getting asks about showdaddy. this is comin from me yall, please stop.

Mrs. Weasley - George Weasley Imagine


Hi can you do an imagine where the reader and george have been dating a while and then the reader fines out she is pregnant? And she gets nervous and scared to tell him because shes worried he wont want it since their young and is also scared molly will be mad at them about not being married. Please? I love your blog by the way! Its my favorite.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

When you find out that you’re pregnant you’re filled with stress, fear and above all Happiness. But when you’re pregnant as a teenager, the happiness is there but the fear level is off the charts. How are you going to tell the father? How is he gonna react? Is he going to want to keep it? George and I have been dating since our 3rd year and now were barely starting our seventh year at Hogwarts. If Molly found out that I was pregnant with George’s baby she would probably kill George! She always said that its good to have a baby after marriage. Maybe I should run away and not tell George and raise the baby myself. I’m scared… What if he doesn’t want it? What if he leaves me? We’re so young yet I want to keep my baby so badly.

I puke for the second time this morning, my head is pounding. Tears streaming down my pale cheeks. Morning sickness is the worst. George is worried but I keep telling him that I have the flu or some kind of cold and that I don’t want him near me. It’s been about a month since I found out and I can’t help but feel guilty whenever I’m near him. “You’re what?!” Ginny blurted out.

“Shh! Keep you’re voice down, please.” I whispered

“You’re pregnant! Oh Merlin, I’m going to be an aunt! I can’t believe George didn’t tell me right after he found out.”

“That’s the thing. He doesn’t know.” I whispered, Ginny’s eyes widened. “You haven’t told him yet!”

“Shh!” I told her again.

“I’m scared to tell him. What if he doesn’t want me to keep it? We’re so young and he wants to open his joke shop. I don’t think a baby was what he wanted in his future” I cried, Ginny embraced me in a tight hug.

“Don’t worry, (Y/n). He’ll want you to keep it and he will help you raise it because if he doesn’t I’ll curse him till he can’t walk.” Ginny smiled, we started to laugh. Ginny stayed in my room for at least two hours. She put her head on my stomach trying to see if she can hear the baby’s heartbeat and we talked about girl names and boy names and so much baby stuff it almost made me die at the thought of having my adorable baby wearing cute tiny shoes and small clothes. After Ginny left I decided to go to the kitchens to get a snack because I am eating for two and my appetite has become abnormally large.

Before I could tickle the pear that was in the fruit bowl painting, I felt a hand grab my wrist and abruptly pull me away from the painting. I looked at my kidnapper and it was George, he didn’t seem happy. “George! I’m hungry!” I whined but he ignored me and brought me all the way up to Gryffindor tower. “George, w-” I started but George cut me off by pressing his lips against mines. I didn’t kiss him back because I don’t know what’s going on. I put my hands on his chest and lightly push him back, disconnecting our lips.

“Do you love me?” He whispered.

“George, what kind of question is that?”

“Do you love me?” He repeated, his eyes becoming watery.

“Of course I love you, George. What makes you think I don’t?”

“You’ve been keeping space between us. It’s been a month and I can’t help but feel that I’ve done something to hurt you” I kiss him gently and he lets out a sigh, I can hear the relief in it. “George, you would never hurt me. I know it and you know it.”

“I have something to tell you” I whisper sitting on his bed, he sits in front of me. He grabs my hands in his.

“I’m pregnant and if you don’t want to b-” he cuts me off again with a kiss. I noticed that he does this quite often.

“I’m going to be dad! You’re going to be a mother! We’re going to be parents” his voice cracked at the end of the sentence. I started to cry tears of joy. This was the complete opposite of how I thought he would react. “What about you’re mother?” I frowned.

“What about her?” He asked confused. “She’s going to be mad that we’re having a baby before getting married.”

“Then, I guess we’ll have to get married” he smiled. “Mrs. Weasley”


Gilmore Girls revival thoughts

What I loved:

    This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I was so hoping this song would be featured in Luke and Lorelai’s wedding and when I heard the first note I started bawling like a baby and finally stopped crying about 3h later. The whole wedding really was perfect. I could hear my heart beating in my years, so happy (and sobbing) I was.

  2. Everything Richard.
    The funeral, the flashbacks, the portraits. It was such a great homage to Ed and to Grandpa Gilmore, I bawled my eyes out through the entire thing and I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I watch Emily/Rory kiss his portrait and I won’t start crying. I get chocked up just thinking about it. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. So well done.

  3. The Lorelai & Emily’s storyline.
    It was simply perfect. Lauren and Kelly knocked it out of the park. The fight in the kitchen is going down in history. I particularly loved how Emily treats Lorelai before they start fighting in the living room, like she’s 6yo again.
    “Lorelai, not a single word.”
    “Don’t follow.”
    Just so freaking perfect. I loved it and it was so in character for both of them. It was perfect. And don’t get me started on the phone call in Fall because I’m too dehydrated to start crying again.

  4. Lauren breaking character.
    She did it in a number of scenes. Once with Sookie, twice with Rory, once in the scene with Richard’s smaller portrait. If Lauren Graham can’t keep it together how do you expect me to do that? Also, give the woman ALL THE FREAKING EMMYS NOW. It’s long overdue anyway. You owe her, Academys.

  5. Jess’ growth.
    He’s the only character who’s really shown some growth when he appears on screen, everyone else seems to be stuck in their life, like they can’t move forward, but Jess has got his shit together and even stirs Rory in the right direction, I was so proud of him.

  6. Every single Jess/Luke scene.
    Each and everyone of them. Milo and Scott are buddies in real life and you can totally see that on screen, they’re hilarious and a joy to watch.

  7. Paris. In all her glory.
    She’s still our old Paris and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Liza got back into character so easily and she was absolutely brilliant. I laughed my socks off at her antics. The whole bathroom scene and the stairs conversation. Just hilarious. Loved it. Missed her.

  8. The Life and death brigade.
    Oh my God, that whole sequence was so cinematic, the director of photography and Amy nailed it there. Simply nailed it. I was in awe watching it. Really made me happy to see them all together again. I cried when Rory said goodbye to them. Yes, I cried even then. Leave me alone.

  9. “Still best friends”.
    Of course I cried through the whole thing like the little bitch that I am and I regret nothing. Seeing Lauren and Melissa unable to keep back tears…I was a mess. Beautiful. Well done. Thank you.

  10. Michel out of the closet.
    Need I say more?

  11. Emily and the help.
    I laughed so hard at that. Cannot actually believe Emily kept a maid for a whole entire year and even welcomed her family with open arms in her house. I’m so proud of you, grandma Gilmore.

  12. Cornstarch.
    Again, sobbed. I feel like ASP treated only Dean with some respect in this revival. He’s happy, got his own family and Rory was actually nice to him and the whole “you taught me what feeling safe is like” speech had me sobbing. Only people who had a great first love can relate to this, I guess. I’m glad they gave them that scene. They both deserved it.

  13. Luke and Paul Anka.
    Cried my eyes out. Loved it. Gimme a spin-off.

  14. Kirk’s second movie.
    That’s all.

  15. The swearing!
    Lorelai saying “Holy shit!” and Emily saying “Bullshit!” 3 TIMES IN THE SAME SCENE. Amen.

  16. The music!!!
    Wow. It was everything I could have asked for and more. Sam Phillips, Grant-Lee Phillips, Dolly Parton, Nancy Sinatra, the Carpenters. PERFECTION.

What I didn’t love (Oh boy, sit down and grab a drink):

  1. Rory.
    Just Rory in general. And not because she was 32 and rootless, living a vagabond life. I actually liked that she didn’t have her shit together and didn’t know in which direction to go. In this day and age it is very realistic and I’m glad Rory is not the perfect 16yo we first met in the show. But the the whole Logan affair that ultimately resulted in an illegitimate child was just not for me. I hated it. Not necessarily the pregnancy, just how we got there. Am I supposed to believe Rory Gilmore, my Rory Gilmore, would be fine being the other woman like that? There were never actual signs that she was in love with Logan or Logan with her, it felt more like they were comfortable being with each other and it was simply fun. They didn’t want for their thing to be anything more than it actually was. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Logan made it clear he wouldn’t have left his fiancée for her, so she was settling for second best there. And hell no. Just no. It was a disservice to the character of Rory, really.
    And don’t even get me started on how she treated that poor Paul guy. What happened to you Rory?

  2. ASP (almost) total dismissal of S7.
    Hadn’t it been for the mention of Chris and Lorelai’s wedding, none of what happened in it was taken into consideration. None of it. Good or bad. And I get ASP didn’t want to acknowledge it, but it was a year worth of storylines completely ignored and I think it did more damages than good, ultimately.

  3. Logan.
    He’d grown up so much in S7 and now he’s back to the little snobby cheating careless kid we met in S5. He asked Rory to marry him, am I supposed to believe he’s totally cool now with having her as nothing more than his mistress? The guy was in love with the girl, if I were a sophies shipper I’d be livid right now.

  4. Jess’ conclusion or lack thereof.
    If you want me to believe Jess, who’s literally the only character who’s got his shit together in this revival, is still pining for Rory after more than a decade, then I’m gonna need some follow through, some more intel at the very least.
    Otherwise, just keep it to yourself ASP. Please and thank you.

  5. Scott and Lauren’s chemistry.
    That’s the thing that probably hurt the most, aside from Rory.
    WHERE HAS THAT CHEMISTRY GONE? If we don’t count every scene in Fall and a couple more here and there, they’ve completely lost their sparkle and it made my heart ache. Some scenes were unbearable to watch because you could definitely tell something was missing there. Some scenes were great and it felt like no time had passed at all, but some others were painful to watch. Just painful.

  6. The whole Luke and Lorelai pre-fall story line.
    No bueno. So they’ve spent 9 years together with zero progress in their relationship and dealing with the same communication issues they’ve always dealt with? You’re telling me that after a whopping 11 years in total of relationship these two still make the same mistakes over and over? Well, THAT is disappointing.
    Didn’t they learn anything from the past? At all?
    Everything Emily says to Lorelai about Luke was SPOT ON, as much as it pains me to admit it. And you can definitely tell Luke would do anything to make her happy, he even says so himself at the end, but when will Lorelai do something for him?
    The whole baby talk/surrogacy thing drove me up the wall. So he wanted a child, never brought it up, she wanted him to have a child - their child,  never brought it up either. Now they’re 50 and childless. Great. Just fucking great.
    I mean…ASP should have given them that kid. They just should have opened the revival with a 8yo Gilmore-Danes kid running around and if Amy didn’t want them to have one, then fine, I can respect that, just spare me the whole “ooops, too little too late” thing because it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I’m a nice person, I didn’t deserve that.

  7. The way Rory mourned Richard’s death.
    Did she mourn at all? Okay, except for the scene when she goes into Richard’s office and that one scene when she kisses the portrait, she seemed a bit unfazed by the passing of her beloved grandfather. Rory loved him to pieces and he loved her just as much and, maybe it was Alexis’ fault and not the Amy’s writing, but it just felt like Emily and Lorelai were having so much more of a hard time adjusting to life without Richard than Rory was. Made me really sad.


  9. Christopher’s existence.
    I did appreciate the fact that Amy officially patented him as an asshole though. That was nice. “It was supposed to happen that way,” oh give me a break! You weren’t there to raise Rory because you didn’t want to be there, not because it was supposed to happen. You were a joke of a father by your own choice. Shut up.

  10. April.
    As much as I was dreading seeing her, I knew we had to see her at some point, so I prepared myself. One would have thought the girl would have had more screen time and at least showed up for her father’s wedding. But I laughed my ass off at that scene at the dinner table, so she was good for something at least.

  11. The cameos (especially Peter Krause’s).
    Too many of them, didn’t really need them. Also, the whole Lorelai/ranger talk made me cringe, I get that they’re together in real life, but Lorelai was full on flirting with him and it was so inappropriate and as a java junkie shipper made me vomit a little in my mouth. Could have done without.

  12. Amy Sherman - Palladino’s stubbornness.
    Last but not least, I think what bothered me the most was exactly this. Don’t get me wrong: her show her rules.
    I learned that lesson the hard way in Partings already. If she wants to piss fans off she will and she wont even think about it twice. I respect that kind of integrity and I wouldn’t want her to refrain from exploring this world she created the way she wants to, just because she’s scared of making fans unhappy. You can’t please everybody, some people will always be unsatisfied and that’s okay. That’s life, no harm no foul.
    What I really don’t get is why she had to ignore completely season 7 and also make it feel like no time has passed at all in Stars Hollow. Let’s take Richard’s death aside for a moment, what the hell has happened in those 9 years for our girls? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Many characters are in a stalemate. Lorelai didn’t get married to Luke, didn’t have any more children, didn’t do much at or with the Dragonfly, she’s exactly where we left her. Rory is jobless, homeless, still trying to figure out what to do with her life, 9 years later. Luke is the same old same old, which is in character but also…what the hell? Did time stop there? Hadn’t it been for Ed’s death - may he rest in peace - Amy would have had 0 ideas for a revival. What would have moved the plot ahead? I’m not sure she had this grand vision of how the show was supposed to end, after all.
    Also, I’m glad she stuck to her own ending and to the infamous “last 4 words” - again, I appreciate the artistic integrity - but it was a bit out of place here, in this context at least. So, correct me if I’m wrong, Rory is Lorelai 2.0? I spent 16 years watching this show, only to see the daughter make the same exact mistakes her mother did? And can we call a child “a mistake” even when the mother is a Yale graduate world traveler 32 year old? I don’t think so.
    It didn’t come full circle, not in the way it was intended to when Amy first thought of the last 4 words.
    Also, side note, those 4 words? Predictable as fuck. Just saying.

All in all, I loved going back to Stars Hollow. It was like coming back home after a long time. It comforted me, it made me laugh and it made me cry far too much, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Stars Hollow is home and always will be.

Was A Year In The Life perfect? No.
Was it everything I wanted it to be and more? Probably not.

But that is not what this show is about or was ever about.

If there is anything Amy Sherman-Palladino and this show have taught me is that life is not perfect, that I am allowed to make mistakes and screw up from time to time, that things don’t always go the way we planned and that’s okay.

So no the show didn’t live up to my unrealistic expectations, but then again neither does life. We take the good and deal with the bad the best we can.
So I’ll take the good, because there was SO much of it, it really outnumbered the stuff I didn’t love anyway. I enjoyed every single minute of those 6 hours and that’s what matters the most.

I never thought I’d get the chance to go back to Stars Hollow again. Ever. This was a gift, a blessing truly, and I am forever grateful to each and every person that has made this possible.

And now, let the third rewatch begin…

I smell snow… ❄

taco-unicorn15  asked:

Headcanon for lazy day cuddles with the paladins + allura please :)

First one with Allura, Hell to the yes


  • She will like to be big spoon in the cuddles
  • She will say that she has princess duties, but then she will not move
    • “I thought you have princess duties?” -you
    • “I do them later” - Allura
  • She will talk about how amazing these moments are
  • Would have the mice make sure the paladins did not set something on fire
  • She would will fall a sleep cuddling with you


  • She would want to be the big spoon at first, but then realize how uncomfrable it is for her
  • She then be the little spoon, but she wont ask to be little spoon, she will just roll on top of you to the other side.
  •  She would say she has science to do, but then will say cuddles can be science
  • will at people to go away when they knock on the door
  • would talk to you about her lastest project


  • He would be the big spoon because he loves hugging you
  • He would talk to you about how nice this is
  • He would be happy to be cuddling, instead of being shot at in training
    • And cooking is a close second
  • He would laugh when you hair tickle his noise
  • He would kiss you on the back of you head


  • He could have your head on his shoulder
  • He will to talk to you about anything and everything
  • he would teach you small spanish words
  • He would kiss your forehead
  • He would flirt with you also
    • “Oh, no. the stars” - Lance
    • “wait, what” - you
    • “Some one put them in your eyes”- Lance


  • You would be laying on his chest
  • You might have to make him stay
    • “I think I hear Lance and Keith fighting, I should go check”- Shiro
    • “They can handle it, stay here” - you
  • Will try to fight you on staying but he would lose that fight
  • he is glad he lost the fight
  • Thank you for cuddling him, he really needed it


  • he would do the cuddle hug with you. (it is like  you guys are hugging but your also laying down)
  • He would love staring in your eyes
  • He would freak out every time he hear a noise
    • tough guy does not want people to know that he has emotions
    • “shut up” - Keith
    • He cute when he is angry
  • He would kiss you and his face will turn red afterward (he is just awkward)
  • He will enjoy every minute of cuddle time

She’s the one with the messy unkempt hair colored by the sun. Her skin is now far from fair like it once was. Not even sun kissed. It’s burnt with multiple tan lines, wounds and bites here and there. But for every flaw on her skin, she has an interesting story to tell.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She is hard to please. The usual dinner-movie date at the mall will suck the life out of her. Her soul craves for new experiences and adventures. She will be unimpressed with your new car and your expensive watch. She would rather climb a rock or jump out of an airplane than hear you brag about it.

Don’t date a girl who travels because she will bug you to book a flight every time there’s an airline seat sale. She wont party at Republiq. And she will never pay over $100 for Avicii because she knows that one weekend of clubbing is equivalent to one week somewhere far more exciting.

Chances are, she can’t hold a steady job. Or she’s probably daydreaming about quitting. She doesn’t want to keep working her ass off for someone else’s dream. She has her own and is working towards it. She is a freelancer. She makes money from designing, writing, photography or something that requires creativity and imagination. Don’t waste her time complaining about your boring job.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She might have wasted her college degree and switched careers entirely. She is now a dive instructor or a yoga teacher. She’s not sure when the next paycheck is coming. But she doesn’t work like a robot all day, she goes out and takes what life has to offer and challenges you to do the same.

Don’t date a girl who travels for she has chosen a life of uncertainty. She doesn’t have a plan or a permanent address. She goes with the flow and follows her heart. She dances to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t wear a watch. Her days are ruled by the sun and the moon. When the waves are calling, life stops and she will be oblivious to everything else for a moment. But she has learned that the most important thing in life isn’t surfing.

Don’t date a girl who travels as she tends to speak her mind. She will never try to impress your parents or friends. She knows respect, but isn’t afraid to hold a debate about global issues or social responsibility.

She will never need you. She knows how to pitch a tent and screw her own fins without your help. She cooks well and doesn’t need you to pay for her meals. She is too independent and wont care whether you travel with her or not. She will forget to check in with you when she arrives at her destination. She’s busy living in the present. She talks to strangers. She will meet many interesting, like-minded people from around the world who share her passion and dreams. She will be bored with you.

So never date a girl who travels unless you can keep up with her. And if you unintentionally fall in love with one, don’t you dare keep her. Let her go.