she won't say she's in love


Like who he tryna kid though?

somehow, I can imagine that when Spock hears something that he finds really hilarious, inside him there is a boy who is laughing like that but from the outside his amusement is very subtle.. and only some people can see that laughing boy inside him.
In my mind, this is one of the first things Nyota understood about him: his subtlety being like his own language to understand.

My favorite thing is that Scarlet is 100% canonically a total social justice warrior. This chick is standing up in small-town bars and shouting down the futuristic equivalent of racist assholes. She goes on a rant about how she doesn’t believe the lies the media keeps feeding people to a guy she hardly knows. She is such an SJW and that makes me SO HAPPY because she’s a female character with strong beliefs and convictions who will NOT SHUT UP and that is very important. 

Exclusive picture of Papyrus

Ursula is just one of my favorite characters, cus

I like thinking about how she seems so spirited and happy in her shiny chariot days whereas nowadays she seems more demure. Perhaps it was just part of the performance back then, and if so I like to think about her fighting the nerves and psyching herself up before a show. But anyway I like this duality in her, and in the end I think it’s just two sides of the same kind and gentle nature that hasn’t changed. She’s also still got a thing for theatrics which is pretty hilarious

and I can’t wait to see how the TV series will develop her!


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

“Of all of the things that she’s ever said-”

“-she goes and says something that just knocks me dead…”

She’s crying out that she loves me,
Holding my hands so I won’t leave,
‘Cause baby don’t wanna be lonely,
She says 'I just want you to hold me.’
—  “sHe” - ZAYN

What if Undyne trying to be cool and smooth to Alphys? After that she dislike what she is saying and feel embarrassed for doing that. I can relate to Undyne tbh. I really love these lesbians a lot. what I mean a lot. I mean A LOT. Also I love height difference couples. uvu

it’s funny how melanie martinez can use the word “slut” in a song she wrote only a year ago & yet it goes completely ignored & she’s completely adored by pretty much everyone (i’ve only seen 1 person even call her out on it), yet hayley williams uses the word “whore” in a 10 year old song but will be hated until the end of time & told she can’t be a feminist because of it despite apologising about 3 times for it……..

love and other fears

Jemma falls across Fitz’s chest, out of breath. He pushes a sweaty strand of hair back from her face and gently kisses her forehead before she buries herself into him. He is everything, he is so good; they are so good together and Jemma is overcome with the realization that this is everything she never knew she needed.

“I love you,” she says softly, already seconds from sleep. Fitz stiffens almost imperceptibly.

“Whaaaat?” she whines. She’s his girlfriend now–she should probably ask if something’s the matter. But she’s weightless and the promise of sleep is so tantalizingly close.

“Nothing,” he murmurs, tightening his arms around her. “It’s just the first time you’ve said that, is all.”

“No, it’s not. We’ve said we love each other thousands of times!”

“Yeah, but not since… uh,” he gestures vaguely between them.

“Not since we’ve been having sex?” She asks it because she knows he’ll still blush. Because her traitorous brain immediately finished his sentence instead with “not since the med pod,” when these words had suddenly become dangerous, and it’s not technically true. She had begged I love you, I love you, I love you, don’t do this, just wake up, I would do anything into his chest. Before, never wanting to be without someone had been a strange, tingling, thrilling feeling, but then it was suffocating, swimming 90 feet up with dead weight that she couldn’t shed because if she had, what would be left of her at the surface? 

Someday, she will have the courage to tell Fitz all of this. Of anyone, he would understand. He spent six months searching for her, after all. But she doesn’t know how to articulate the way she broke. The way she had wondered if maybe it would have been better to never have met Fitz at all. She never would have been as fulfilled and challenged and whole, she’s absolutely certain of that, but she is equally certain that her heart would never have shattered in the same way. She never would have felt like the best pieces of herself were shards of glass, weapons relentlessly slicing through her. She couldn’t even scream.

Even now, even in these perfect moments, Jemma sometimes feels her lungs constricting. She is so afraid of losing Fitz, so afraid that if it happens now, after everything, she truly might never recover. Fitz wouldn’t think like this. Fitz would never even think that meeting her wasn’t worth it. Her Fitz, who never gave up. Who can never believe that when she lost her chance to come back to him on Maveth, everything good inside her died. She doesn’t know how to fight for self-preservation when her whole soul is tied up in him.

These are the first things in a laundry list of issues she will someday unpack with a counselor. She’s been keeping track.

If Fitz feels the shift in her mood, he doesn’t say anything, just rubs soothing circles on her back.

“Since we’ve been dating,” he finally finishes. “Officially.”

His voice tethers her back to reality, back to the only thing that matters right now: that they survived, together.

She grasps his face between hers, peppering kisses along his jawline. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

He grins up at her. “That’s just oxytocin speaking, Jemma. I can’t trust your judgment right now.”

She rolls her eyes. “You’re not even the biochemist! And I don’t care if it is, it’s still true. What, you’re not going to say it back?”

He scoffs. “’Course not! I’m not going to say ‘I love you’ for the first time right after we’ve had sex, even if it was amazing! It’s got to be more romantic. I’ll have to think about the perfect timing.”

She groans and rolls herself off him. “You’re impossible.”

He wraps his arms around her, snuggling against her back. It’s silent for a few minutes, until– “Okay, actually, I can’t wait. I love you. So much, always.” He’s smiling against her shoulder, but she can feel his breath hitch.

She turns back to face him and just stares, and he’s right, this is different than every other time they’ve said it. Because now, his eyes, his lips, his words are loosening the tightness in her chest. Now, she thinks that someday she’ll tell him everything and feel safer for it. She falls asleep trusting that when she wakes up, they’ll still be here, alive and together. It’s not a guarantee of forever, but for now, it’s enough.

Plot twist: Female protagonist starts singing “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” as she glares at a boy across the hall through the first verse, but then she slowly starts paying more attention to the girl he’s with and as the song progresses you start realizing that she’s singing about the guy’s girlfreind after the first verse and then she leaves a flower for/with the girl

@therealjacksepticeye PLEASE READ THIS!!

a few jokes that aren’t cool at all have been going around the community for quite some time now and you don’t seem to realise that these jokes aren’t cool (which is okay, I think most people don’t understand at first why these jokes aren’t okay to make).

the jokes I’m talking about are deaf jokes and you might think, huh, what’s wrong with deaf jokes? well, my dear friend @deafsepticeye (who is deaf herself) has made multiple posts trying to explain it to you. you can read them here (jack, if you’re reading this please go over to her blog and read her posts).

please reblog either this post or one of the posts on her blog and tell us what you think about the deaf jokes. if you didn’t realise they weren’t cool but do now, say so. if you think we’re all just a bunch of overreacting tumblr girls and that there isn’t a problem, say so. 

just, please, say something, my friend has been trying to reach you for months now. 

and honestly I think it’s admirable how much she cares. I have autism so I imagine deaf jokes are pretty similar to autism jokes and if there was someone who said “watching this youtuber made me autistic LOL” people generally wouldn’t except that. now, imagine not only being those kind of jokes being okay but also said youtuber reblogging that post adding “didn’t you know that watching too many of my videos gives you autism? haha” and that’s what you have in this community but the autism jokes are deaf jokes. if I was her I would’ve unsubscribed and stopped caring ages ago so I really admire her spirit for trying to make this community a better and more accepting place.

because this community is amazing and everyone should feel welcome here, deaf, Deaf, and HoH people included.

also I wrote this post on my own volition so if anyone has a problem with it they can send me a message and not my friend, she has nothing to do with this post. she doesn’t even know I’m posting this. so, come at me. (also if you’re thinking about sending a mean/hateful ask to her about the deaf jokes, send it to me as well. god knows she has already gotten enough anonhate about this.)

TD;LR there are a lot of uncool deaf jokes in the community (read here why they are uncool) and I’d really like it if @therealjacksepticeye could say something about it (either positive or negative, just something).

If this were a fanfiction I would have Lucy and Natsu to talk privately about Mavis’ story and THEN HAVE NATSU KISS HER BUT MASHIMA HATES US TOO MUCH FOR THIS INSTANCE TO OCCUR