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Hey, Dong Man. You’re dumb, but you’re not lame.

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Omg can you just imagine h being all drunk and giggly and the missus being sober but then he gets all upset over something and she has to calm him down :((

He starts sobbing hysterically from his position on the bed in the master bedroom, trousers pushed down by his ankles, boots still on his feet, shirt unbuttoned pushed open to allow his chest to be on full show and his boxers hanging low on his hips as he halted his movements in dressing for bed. Crying into his palms, heels digging into his eyes, because he doesn’t want to missus to leave the room because he thinks she won’t come back. And they wouldn’t just be drunken sobs that escape his throat, but, pained cries, as well. Crying out for her as she disappears into the bathroom to get him something cool to make himself less flushed, tears streaming down his face, nose running thickly and a string of saliva rolling down towards the dimple of his chin in rivulets.

Kneeling in front of him, with a wet flannel in her hands to wipe around his face and around his neck, and resting her forearms on his thighs, she brushes her fingers over his fuzz-dusted skin and frowns up towards him, concern lacing her features together as the tears dribble down his cheeks. Shining under the lamp-lit room from the bedside table, where her laptop and an open blog-post was left, “s’the matter, hm? Why are you cryin’?”

“Don’t want yeh t’ leave me,” he’d whimper, hands wrapping around her elbows in a tough hold to keep her close to him, to stop her from leaving him, “promise me, please. Promise me!”

“Peaches, stop this, you silly thing. You’re going to cry yourself sick and I don’t need to be cleaning sick at this time of the night,” she coos softly, hands falling from her arms as she stands up, “come on now. You’re getting upset over the silliest thing, aren’t you now? 

“Promise me,” he slurs softly, her hand cupping his chin as she begins to pat the cold flannel over his skin, dabbing around his cheeks and collecting the moisture left behind from his tears, “please?”

“Peaches, we’re pretty much tied to one another now,” she giggles, his eyes widening at her amusement, “we’re engaged, you silly thing. I’m going nowhere.”

“Yeh not promisin’ me!”

“I promise you,” she smiles, pressing her lips to his forehead, “I’m going nowhere, baby. You’ve got me for life or for however long you want me, okay? I love you,” she coos, letting his arms wrap around her middle, pulling her close to him as he buries his face into the t-shirt that bathed and swamped her torso, “come on, my drunk love. Let’s get you undressed and in bed. I think someone just needs a big cuddle tonight.”

“Li’l spoon?”

“Of course, Peaches.” xx

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For the writing prompts how about number 12 with either Mari and Alya, Adrien and Nino or Mari and Chat? You can choose either platonic or not

Lol, you have just hit one of my weaknesses.  X’D


“Wha?” asked Chat, his mouth full of the offending pastry.  Marinette placed a hand over her heart, mock offense plain on her face.

“I thought I was your sole pastry provider!  It was Alya, wasn’t it?” accused the girl.  Let it be known she fought valiantly to keep the smile from her face.  It was a hard fought battle.

And she won.

“B-but, Princess, I didn’t–I don’t–I got this–Are you really mad?”

It wasn’t often that she saw her friend so out of sorts, and he truly looked confused, so Marinette took pity on him.

“No, minou, I’m just teasing,” assured Marinette.  She let loose a giggle, finally giving up the fight against her grin.  “It’s not like I’m your dietitian or anything.  Just as long as you know my parents bakery is the best.”

She thew in a wink to make sure he caught her joking tone.  This time, he got it with a sly smile of his own.

“Oh, I don’t know, Princess,” started Chat, exaggerating his pointed look to the south.  “I found a place in the hotel that sells pretty amazing eclairs.”

“Traitor!” teased Marinette again.  This time, her kitty cat caught on.

The two bickered back and forth playfully as the hours wore on.  Which bakery was truly the best, who could beat the other in Ultimate Mecha Strike IV, anime versus competition shows, walking versus taking the bus, and a million other little things that were all argued in good fun.

It was nights like these that Marinette loved, and she hoped that Chat loved them too.

If Adrien Agreste bought another pastry from the Dupain-Cheng bakery the next night, no one said anything.  If Chat arrived with another pastry in his mouth, the only word that rang through the night was another playful ‘traitor’.

This one was a little more difficult, and thus got a little shorter, but I hope it turned out all right?  He bought the pastry from the Dupain Cheng bakery, thinking that Marinette would be happy that he actually bought the pastry instead of just eating it.  He didn’t think she’d think he went to another place for it.  So it kinda becomes a game of ‘how long until she actually realizes I’m buying these from her bakery’ while also trying to keep his father in the dark about his new purchases.

The game probably lasts about two weeks. ^^;

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What do you think of Dany's words in the trailer? Does it mean she won't rule?

Hey anon,

Well, my first reaction is that her words were ironic given what we know about the season. After sleeping on it last night I noticed that not only are the words ironic they are also an interesting juxtaposition with Cersei. 

Dany says (paraphrasing)  that she was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms and so she will. We know from the leaks that while this is very much her intention at the beginning of the season when she arrives to Westeros by the end of the season she willingly gives up her pursuit of the Iron Throne in order to fight the Wight Walker up North. Interestingly enough, this will be the second or third time that Dany will gives up her pursuit of ruling in order to do a greater good. 

First in Astapor, when she went to buy the Unsullied and ended up freeing the slaves. Then in Meereen when she freed the city and decided to stay in order to keep it free and now in Westeros. And it shows something, way too many people miss, that while Dany says one think, her action say something completely different. 

She most certainly is ambition and certainly wants to rule, but (and this is a very important but) her PURSUIT is NOT above her NEED to save others.In the books we know that Dany’s pursuit of the Iron Throne is heavily tied to her need to redeem her family and to live up to her family’s name. It’s an immense burden for her, as she herself thinks that she’d be happiest in a little cottage with someone to love and to have a child. But she knows that it is her responsibility as the last Targaryen to avenge her family and restore them to their former glory. 

Now, the juxtaposition with Cersei couldn’t be any clearer. By the end of the season one Queen will give up her own personal ambitions and risk everything to literally save the world. While on the other hand, another Queen will risk the world in order to hold on to her personal ambition. I think this will be a really interesting visual at the Dragonpit and it will show the difference between those willing to fight for their country and those willing to risk their country.the world in order to hold on to power. 

As to whether or not Dany will rule, I don’t know. Maybe not, but I don’t think she’ll feel guilty about it. I think, if she doesn’t rule, she’ll come to terms with her place in the world and the other ways she can contribute. 

On the other hand, she could rule but not because she was born to rule but because she earned it by fighting for her people.  


Newsies camp au

-Sarah is the first Jacobs sibling to get found and head to the camp

-She gets claimed as a child of Aphrodite (her, David and Les are all half siblings but Sarah’s Dad died a couple years after David was born though)

-David shows up at camp later and Sarah is like ‘dad had a type’

-Mayer had a thing for gods apparently because low and behold David is a kid of Athena

-Mayer isn’t alone though because Les gets claimed by Apollo a few years later

-Jack is the head counselor for Hermes cabin and the only kid Hermes talks to fairly regularly

-Race is second in command of Hermes cabin and runs an underground gambling ring with Hades kid Spot

-Bumlets, Finch, and Henry are also children of Aphrodite and they follow Sarah around like little ducklings (she won’t admit it but she loves it)

-Katherine is the Athena counselor and also Sarah’s girlfriend

-Crutchie is an Apollo kid with a healing touch (it’s really rare) but it’s almost a curse because he can’t heal himself and can’t be healed with normal medicine

-Jack, Race, and Crutchie get sent on lots of Quests together because they’re known for working well together between Jacks physical ability, Races brains and ideas, and Crutchies attitude

-it’s on one of these quests that Crutchie’s leg gets trapped when he accidentally gets stuck in the trap they set for a loose hellhound

-it’s really bad, everybody thinks he’s gonna die

-Spot is like 'nah he’s good my pals I talked to Dad’

-Crutchie doesn’t die but his leg never heals

-Once David shows up he starts getting sent on quests with them too because he balances them all out and makes sure they don’t do anything reckless

-Sarah fucking h a t e s this

-she doesn’t trust Jack Kelly with a shield much less her baby brother. He gets a very stern talking to from the entire Aphrodite cabin because hey Davids cute even if he doesn’t realize it

-Spot just tells them 'if you die I’ll go to the underworld and beat your ass’

-that’s all I’ve got for now!!


+ authors note

it does not matter how long it has been, or what exists and comes to life within all that they encompass, because the way that rosie loves harry is louder than any noise being thrown at them. she won’t let him forget that – she can’t.

“Not really,” I tell Harry and rub my thumbs along his cheekbones. “Just about you.”

He smiles up at me. The dimple in his cheek pops and I trace a fingertip into it. “Stressing about me?”

“Yes,” My lips twitch upward. “You make me crazy.”

Harry shifts in his position between my legs so that we are face to face. I am in awe when he looks at me. “You make me crazy.” He leans in slowly, leaving just a mere centimeter between our lips, and murmurs,  “If every cloud was painted pink, I would not notice…”

i can’t be mad that sarah won, because she really did deserve it out of the three. it’s just so funny that she literally copied tony’s technique (with much more grace), and she still had to fight a semi-bitter jury to secure her win. i mean, i would have rather had andrea, cirie, michaela, hali, aubry, or malcolm win, but that’s cool i guess.

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Black Siren was totally the winner of the fight, even with her device Tina Cry wasn't as powerful as Siren's and the writers corrected themselves on her fighting skills. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

I know what you’re talking about but it’s not that they changed her fighting skills to begin with so I don’t see it as correcting themselves. Katie shot an episode where she was in the middle of shooting other projects too. They wouldn’t have had time to choreograph a fight sequence for her. Now that she’s back on ARROW full-time, and those other projects are done, she was able to be involved in a fight scene AND THEY DID IT SO GOOD. She’s such a badass. I love her so much. I’m glad she won the fight. 

Have you noticed that the only way they’ve been able to take Siren down so far is by sneaking up behind her? She got up for a round two and Tuna was fucking planted fam. It was glorious. 

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Vriskas true classpect is thief of discourse she stole meenahs potential for discourse and being a superior thief she won and amassed more discourse

counterpoint: light is the discourse aspect

Texas Governor Jim Ferguson was impeached and removed from office because he was insanely corrupt. He resigned before he was formally removed from office and tried to run for Governor again on the idea that he was not barred from holding office due to his resignation. Officials didn’t buy it, so he had his wife “Ma” Ferguson run in his place (with everyone pretty much knowing it was really Jim on the ticket). She won, mostly because the other candidate was a Klansman

KS chapter 25 thoughts

If there’s any self insert in Killing Stalking, that must be Bum’s grandma. Just kidding. but i think it’s interesting how she justifies her son’s twisted behaviour by saying that he had a difficult childhood and that he “can’t help it”.. Same excuses seem to work for both of the main characters. She’s probably Bum’s biggest letdown btw. She is relatively sane, she seems to understand that what her son does is wrong, and will definitely act when he goes too far. Heck she might even be the reason Bum hasn’t died of malnutrition/dehydration. But she won’t do more than heal his wounds after he’s been beaten up

For Sangwoo: I see a bunch of people saying that he is concerned about what happened to Bum. But what I saw was not really concern or protectiveness. To me it looked like perversion/voyeurism. See his choice of words? How he asks for precision? Is he acting like a therapist to help Bum externalize his feelings? I highly doubt it. He sounds more like he wants to hear a juicy story rather than comfort him about his terrible childhood. Also he used the same manipulation method as usual to get him to tell all the sordid details. He orders Bum around and he’s asserting dominance the exact same way he did since chapter 1 and that’s in order to make sure he doesn’t keep any secret for him, as his possession. Well it’s mostly because i don’t really trust Sangwoo…

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I have a friend who is catholic and is married to a protestant woman whose father is muslim. She is not muslim but nonetheless she chooses to not eat pork in respect to her father. My friends' parents "hide" pork in meals that she eats, and trick her into eating them, saying that if she doesn't know that she's eating pork, it doesn't matter. I, a atheist woman, find this incredible offensive, but I don't know if I'm exaggerating.

Hi, Anon!!!

I believe that if a person has dietary regulations, they must be adhered to. That’s like saying to someone who doesn’t eat diary products from animals that “instead of almond milk we’ll use cow milk, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”



Teresa knows that these things are not meant to be taken seriously, but the result does nothing to help her mood.

Teresa: *slaps her hand against her forehead* Oh Gawd!  I’m falling for my sister’s ex…who does that?! 

Realizing she’s wasting time, she slides the cube behind her computer monitor so she won’t be tempted to use it again. It’s time for her to get started on her work assignments.

Jill Ellis is a homophobe, she hates the gays. How do I know? Examples:
- she won’t call up ali krieger, one of the best right backs in the world
- she played TH nonstop until she jacked up her back from carrying the team
- she keeps putting together a GARBAGE squad, clear evidence that she hates herself and wants to fail

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12 and 24? Thank you x

You didn’t specify which characters so I went for Erin and Harry! I hope you like it!

12. “This is why no one wants to hang out with us”
24. “When did you get so ____?”

“I can’t believe she’s won again.” Harry stated incredulously, looking towards Izzy and Sam for words of support as they packed away the game we’d just finished playing. 

It was another rainy day in Holmes Chapel, and Izzy, Sam, Harry and I were in the middle of a board game tournament. Now, I usually wasn’t one to brag or boast, but for as long as I could remember I’d been gifted in the board game field. My Cluedo strategy went unmatched, and I was on a three year winning streak. My Monopoly skills were un-paralleled, you would always find me being the first to buy hotels. And I had my A-Level English Language to thank for my consistently high scores in Scrabble. 

Harry was putting up a good fight though, after my inevitable win in Cluedo, he’d beat me fair and square at Scrabble. But then after that I smashed both Trivial Pursuit and Mouse Trap, and he wasn’t too happy about it.

“This is why no-one wants to hang out with us.” he whined, and I sniggered at his childish behaviour. I didn’t think he was a sore loser, he just preferred to win. 

I stood up from my spot on the floor where I’d been re-positioning myself all day to stop various body parts from going numb, and plonked myself down on the sofa next to a sulking Harry. I shuffled up close to him, slinging an arm over his shoulders where he was slouched against the back of the seat. He made no move to acknowledge my closeness and just continued watching Izzy and Sam pack away the game.

I couldn’t stop the smile that crept onto my lips as I watched him. A little pout had taken place on his own lips and his eyebrows were burrowed ever so slightly as he forced himself not to look in my direction.

I was determined to make him smile though, even though I couldn’t deny that grumpy Harry was pulling at my heart strings. I rested my chin on his shoulder and wiggled impossibly closer, but he still didn’t budge. 

“When did you get so moody?” I teased, prodding at his protruding bottom lip with my index finger. Watching carefully as he peeled his eyes away from the siblings in front of him, I grinned even wider when we looked at me out the corner of his eye.

“When you decided to not let anyone else win anything.” He replied monotonously, but he finally gave in and shuffled slightly to better face me, and in doing so the loose curls not behind his headband tickled my forehead.

He was impossibly close now. The tips of our noses almost touching, and he was looking right into my eyes, the puppy dog pout still hadn’t left his face and my resolve was quickly diminishing.

“How about during the next game, if you land on my properties I’ll pretend I didn’t see it and you won’t have to pay.” I offered with a smile, hoping to make him feel better. He replied with a gentle nod of his head, but I was still fixed on his lips. 

Internally willing myself to snap out of it, I acted on my thoughts. “Ok, good. Now put this away.” I pleaded, once again pressing my finger to his bottom lip. “I know what you’re doing.” I smirked, and that was enough to replace the pout with the dimple. 

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Why did I fall in love with a straight girl even when I knew It would be crazy? So now, I'm close friends with the girl that I love, who has a boyfriend, and I don't know what to do. Where do you go from this?

You need to move on somehow, it’s clear. Try to find a new hobby, new friends, maybe even new crush so new memories and emotions will replace old ones which you don’t even want to remember. If this girl is not homophobic and you’re sure she won’t stop talking to you, you can confess your feelings to her so she will be more careful with not making you hurt and she can help you to go through this somehow :)