she wiped away his tears

What If

She thought it was a dream.

After all, she’s been having these dreams for a while now. 

He walked into the room, his eyes widening as he took in her pale gaunt face. 

The face that used to be so full of life and energy. 

She closed her eyes, hoping that she would never wake up. 

“Soo,” he whispered. 

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at him.

“Your majesty,” she said. “You came.” 

He walked over to her and slowly bent down beside her. His eyes filled with tears as he raised a shaky hand to her face. 

She let out a sigh as she relished the feel of his touch. 

“It feels so real,” she muttered. “Your touch. I forgot how warm it was.” 

“I’m sorry,” he said, gently resting his forehead against hers. Their breaths mingled together and she placed a hand onto his cheek, wiping away the tears that had fallen. “I-I’m so sorry.” 

If she were to die now, she wouldn’t mind it as much.

She would rather die while dreaming of him.

“Do you forgive me?” she asked. “I have to know, your majesty. Do you still hate me?” 

He grabbed her hand and raised it to his lips. “I have never hated you, Soo. I could never-” 

“Then do you still love me?” 

He let out a shaky breath. “I always have.” 

“Then that’s enough,” she said, her lips tugging up into a smile. 

Soo felt her heart drop when she opened her eyes.

She stared up at the all too familiar ceiling of her bedroom. 

She didn’t want to wake up.

She wished she could fall into an eternal sleep.

At least she could seem him then. 

But then she realized the left side of her bed was unusually warm.

Unusually heavy. 

And when she glanced down, she gasped when she saw him fast asleep beside her. 

It wasn’t a dream

She turned to her side and observed his face.

The face she was deprived of for over a year. 

She traced a finger down the lines of his face—memorizing each groove and crevice.

“Do you realize you’re touching a king’s face?” 

Soo gasped as his eyes fluttered open. She began to pull her hand away but he quickly grabbed it, locking his fingers through hers. 

“W-Why are you here?” she asked. “How did you…I thought it was a dream.” 

“It was your letters,” he said. “And Jung. He had sent someone for me who informed me of…your condition.” 

His eyes fell as he remembered that she was dying. 

“You’re cruel, do you know that?” he asked, his eyes still avoiding hers. “You said you would never leave me, that you would always be by my side. And then you left.” He took in a shaky breath. “And now that we are back together, you’ll be leaving me again.” 

“Do you not trust me, your majesty?” She gently tugged at his chin so that he was facing her again. “I will always be with you. No matter what happens to me here, we will meet again. That’s why I’m not worried.” 

His brows scrunched in frustration and she knew that he had more to say so she mustered all the energy inside her to pull his face towards her. “I never left you, your majesty. My heart was always with you.” She smiled before gently bringing their lips together. 

He stayed for three days. 

Three days of untangling every misunderstanding. Every lie. 

Three days of reconciling.

Three days of basking in each other’s presence. 

And on the third day, Jung stood silently by her bedside, watching the last breath leave her frail body. He looked over at the man beside him, watching the tears streaming down his face as he cradled her lifeless body against his chest. 

Jung finally understood that he was a fool.

A fool for ever wishing that she could ever feel towards him what he felt for her.

Because this man sitting beside him wasn’t the king of Goryeo.

He wasn’t the fourth prince. 

He wasn’t his brother.

He was simply a man who lost the one person he ever loved.

And so he finally understood. 

The Aftermath Of “I Love You”

This takes place just after Sherlock gets out of Eurus’ game at the end of s4 ep3 of BBC’s Sherlock. 


Sherlock Holmes dragged his feet up the steps at 221b Baker Street. Each step groaned and creaked eerily as he made his way up to the flat. 

Sherlock felt exhausted. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. The games his sister had created had taken everything out of him. Even when he was shooting narcotics into his arm at a deadly rate, he hadn’t felt so drained as he did now. 

His conversation with Mrs. Hudson a minute before didn’t help. She had scolded him like she was his mother. Then suddenly, she began to cry. Something which completely threw Sherlock off. She was furious with him, but then all of the sudden she was a puddle of tears on the ground. 

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There was a knock on your door and you opened it to see your boyfriend, Sirius crying. “What’s wrong?!” you exclaimed, taking his hand and pulling him inside your home. He wrapped his arms around you, squeezing tightly. “Shh, it’s okay, I’ve got you,” you reassured him until he calmed down. Taking him into the living room you sat with him on the couch. You took his face in your hands gently, wiping away his remaining tears.

“She kicked me out,” he finally muttered.

“Who?” you asked, concerned.

“My mother, she said I was a disgrace to the family. Where do I go?” he began to cry again. Hugging him you whispered,

“We’ll go to James’. You know you’re always welcome at the Potters,” you told him. Nodding, he stood and you followed him to James’ where you explained and they welcomed Sirius with open arms.

Later that night you wept too, from anger. That bitch had another thing coming for her.

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"Hey, I'm with you always. Okay?" -Nuts and Dolts
  • Ruby, crying over Penny's remains, holding tightly onto the displaced hand, speaking through heavy sobs: Penny...God Penny why....why...
  • General Ironwood, awkwardly coming forward: Ah...Miss Rose, I'm aware that Penny has gone against my rules, to...see you.
  • Ruby, a flare of anger in her tears: So what!?! You're going to punish her even after she died!?!
  • General Ironwood, shaking his head, choking back his own sadness: No, of course not. We never thought Penny would get, well, a friend out there. She loved you. She really did.
  • Ruby, wiping away a tear, sniffling: She...she what?
  • Ironwood, clears his throat and puts a CD into a disk drive: This, was Penny's final thought, instead of her coded safety procedures and lockdowns...she made this...put it behind countless walls of encryption too...
  • Penny, appearing on the screen, her eyes filled with sadness: Ruby...this is for Ruby Rose. Not the general, not the military. But for Ruby...
  • Penny, her eyes brightening up a little: Ruby Rose. You showed me something I have never seen before. Unconditional kindness and love. I hoped I would be able to repay you. But I guess not...
  • Penny, taking a deep breath: If you see this. I am dead. Or, at least my body was destroyed. But don't blame Pyrrha, it was /NOT/ her fault.
  • Penny, with a bittersweet smile: I truly, truly love you Ruby Rose. So please, make me happy, by promising me something.
  • Penny, looking at the teary eyed and trembling Ruby: Please, keep moving forward.
  • Ruby, as the screen cut to black broke out in a hysterical fit of sobs, inbetween the cries and the gasps for breath, she spoke choppily: I...I will Penny...I'll do anything I...Can for you....I...I promise...
Random Visit

[Continued from RP Here]

She watched him wipe the tear away and his demeanor quickly change. “I felt the need to see you to be honest,” she confessed, a slight pink coming to her cheeks, “And I could have fought against it but I think at this point we both know in the end I would have just found myself at your door anyway.” 

She shrugs her shoulders slightly and gives him a warm smile, “So here I am. Though I think my entrance was a bit more dramatic than I had intended. I suppose that is what I get for showing up unannounced once again at your doorstep.” Her words had taken on a slight teasing tone as she spoke the smile becoming a bit wider.

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The demon sighed, sotting down next to her and pilling her into his arms for a hug. “Everything is alright…” he murmured “Your parents are alrighgt… You are safe…” he murmured softly, allowing her to let the fear out and cry on his shoulder, tenderly stroki g her hair.

Sadie instantly wrapped her arms around Rhys, finding comfort in the kind gesture. She cried softly, before taking a deep breath, his words playing through her mind. He was right, her parents were aright, she was safe. Laying her head on his shoulder, she wiped away her tears, “thanks Rhys.” She smiled softly.


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Natalia watched their daughter be carried away into the car and blinked back tears. She still had the last signature to sign and the papers were still in her hand, needing to be signed. After bringing them in tomorrow, all of it would be over. 

She cried on the way home. She cried even as she walked through the front door, but seeing her boyfriend on the couch, she quickly wiped her tears away and forced out a smile. 

“Hi, babe.”

When they meet a pretty blind fan at a fanmeeting and she....

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Here comes!


Hearing what she has to say makes him feel like he’s going to cry, but being his happy self he’s holding it back and of course let her touch his face.

Though the first time she touches his face he burst out giggling and blushing because it tickles too much. The next time he won’t shy away though.

‘’Of course you can! Go ahead !’’


Yeollie tries not to cry, but does it anyway, feeling overwhelmed by the story and her situation. He’s doing his best to wipe away the tears before she can touch his face.


Eventhough she can’t see it, Jongdae’s smiling non-stop at her, being overly happy that their music can help people through tough situations. Even when she touches his face he won’t stop smiling for her.

‘’Our music did that? Really?’’


When he hears her story he’s doing his best not to cry and holds his tears in. After she touches his face, he’s going to sing her a little part of one of their songs, just for her.


Jongin’s going to be really emotional about this too. He actually starts crying and needs a moment, before she can touch his face, to collect his feelings.

‘’J-just give me a moment.’’


Yi Fan is being a cute lil bun and gives her a hug after she touched his face and being supportive for her.

‘’ You’re a really beautiful and strong person. I can’t thank you so much, your words mean a lot to me.’’


After she finishes her story, Lay starts crying right away and probably won’t stop for some time. He’s just too overwhelmed by all those emotions he’s feeling. He tries his best not to cry when she touches his face, but there will probably be some tears falling.


He’s really happy and thankful that his music helped her so much and tries his best not to cry. So collecting his feelings and emotions he’s doing his best to smile brightly just for her when she touches his face. 


Eventhough the maknae can be super sassy and bratty sometimes, he’s going to be a kind and sweet angel when he hears her request. He might not look like it, but deep down he’s really struggling with his emotions when he hears her story. 


The leader’s a  crying mess when he hears her story and tries his best to collect his feelings.

After some time, when he’s feeling alright again, he’s giving her the OK to touch his face. At first he’s going to be pretty normal but a little bit later he’s going to make funny face only to see her beauitful smile.


Zitao is being his emotional self and also starts tearing up after he hears her story. He needs some time and even after that he can’t stop his tears falling down when she touches his face.

‘’I’m so happy that we could help you, but at the s-same time it’s just so sad. I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now.’’


Minseok is going to be the cute little hamster he is. When she touches his face he’s going to puff his cheeks and making aegyo in a way she can understand, since she cannot see it.

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ramblings from 2AM (doraelin)

• Elena talked to Aelin in her dreams while Gavin, her husband, talked to Dorian.
• One of the Valg demons said that all the pieces of the unfinished game are coming together—Aelin is from the Galathynius line and Dorian is from the Havilliard line, the two bloodlines of the first who defeated the Dark King and then got married.
• “They were the beginning and the ending.”
• Aelin lost Sam, Dorian lost Sorscha.
• Aelin is fire, Dorian is ice; they balance each other out.
• King of Adarlan, Queen of Terrasen—two countries who’s been at each other’s throats for years, united by love.
• Both have been enslaved, and share that tragedy.
• Both have big responsibilities on their shoulders.
• Queen Mab, Aelin’s fae ancestor, gave up everything for a human prince. HUMAN. PRINCE.
• When they met again and Dorian was evil-Valg-bitch Dorian, she gave him a minute in which her entire life and Terrasen’s could be destroyed. SHE HESITATED for HIM.

David knocks on the door to the chambers before stepping in to find Regina staring out of the window. He clears his throat to alert her to his presence and she jumps before hastily wiping tears away from her eyes. 

He frowns before walking over, “Tears?” he asks, “It’s your wedding day.” 

“I know,” she replies with a sniff, “And I’m so happy Charming but….”


“It’s nothing,” she says wiping her eyes once more. 

“Regina,” he says knowing that something is upsetting her. 

She sighs before answering, “Emma has you for the father/daughter dance. My father….he didn’t even get to give me away let alone dance with me - the King wouldn’t allow it. Now he’s not here at all. I miss him, especially today.”

He nods in understanding before offering up his hand. Regina frowns in confusion until he explains, “I can dance with more than one daughter.” 

She offers back a small smile, “You don’t have to do this.”

“I want to,” he replies, “I’m not your father but I’m your father-in-law which means I’m here for you too. You’re family Regina.” 

She smiles before taking his hand, the pair of them dancing around the room for a few minutes. Regina smiles at him before hugging him, “Thank you,” she says, “I want to promise you that Emma’s in good hands.” 

He smiles back at her, “I knew that already. I barely feel like I’m giving her away because she’s already there with you Regina. You’re both happy. You love her and she loves you and that kind of happiness is all I wish for her. So are you ready to marry my daughter?” 

Regina smiles brightly as she reaches for her bouquet and replies, “I’ve never been readier.”

“Wait,” Emma said pulling away from her hug from Liam, as she wiped away happy tears.  “We need to capture this moment.”

Killian raised his brow when she fished out her phone.  “You brought your device to the Underworld?  Planning on getting much calls, Swan?”

“I didn’t take it, so much as it was just on me…it’s always on me…”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Killian muttered and then grunted when she smacked him in the gut.

“What’s going on?” Liam asked warily and then stared at the small black box in her hand.  “What’s that?”

“It’s a phone,” Killian explained.  “A device used for talking.”

“And taking pictures,” Emma added as she turned on her camera as she got in between the brothers.  “Now squeeze in…”

“Are you sure this will even work?” Killian asked, but did as he was told, scooting up against her.

“Why wouldn’t it…we don’t need wifi for a picture.”

“What’s wifi?” a confused Liam asked as he moved closer to Emma’s other side.

“Don’t get me started on that, brother,” Killian said, sparing him a glance.  “I still don’t get it…and I’m still not convinced it’s not evil.”

“It’s not evil, Hook…its technology.”

“But where is it?  In the air?  I can’t see it, therefore, I don’t trust it….”

“Just be quiet and smile, okay?  Both of you….”
“Smile?  Why….oh, hey!  It’s me!” Liam exclaimed when he saw himself on the tiny screen, waving his hand over the screen.  “What kind of magic is this?”

“It’s not magic,” Emma said with a defeating sigh.  “Put your hand down, Liam…and just smile into the tiny box, okay?”

Emma stretched her arm out as long as she could, smiling when both boys slid their heads close to hers, giving them their best smile.  She took as many as she could, laughing when Killian leaned in to kiss her cheek, with Liam following his lead, kissing her other.  

“Okay, that should do it.”  She smiled fondly at the screen before tucking it safely in her pocket.

“Thanks, love,” Killian said as he leaned in to kiss her softly.  

“You’re welcome,” she said fondly as she caressed his stubble cheek.  “We can frame it and put it on our mantel in our house…so we’ll remember this moment forever.”

He linked his fingers with the woman he loved, and glanced over at his brother, smiling happy at the both of them.  “Then let’s get the bloody hell out of here and go home.”

Lucaya week;

AU where The gang is 10 years older and Lucas’s father dies, Riley is out of town and Farkle is always working. Only Maya is left to comfort him;

“I barely knew him Maya!” Lucas screamed, his rage bubbling at his father’s untimely death.

He slid down the wall on his back. “He barely knew me.” He said weaker this time.

Maya walked over to him, tears in her eyes. She hated seeing Lucas’s pain.

She fell to her knees in front of him. She placed a hand on his leg.

“We are never going to get a chance to build a proper relationship.” He choked and sobbed.

He placed his head in his hands. Maya watched helplessly as the boy she (secretly) loved fell apart.

She touched his face, moving it so he looked right into her big blue eyes.

She wiped a tear away from his cheek. “It’s not your fault Lucas.” She said quietly pulling him to his feet with her.

He fell into her arms and she held in tightly with her small frame.

“I’m so so sorry.” She said over and over stroking the back of his neck.

He pulled back and looked at her. Her heart almost broke, his beautiful green eyes were red and puffy, surrounded by tears.

His next words shocked her;

“I’m not going to miss another chance at a relationship I want so badly.” He whispered taking her face in his hands.

Maya breathed out deeply, her trembling hands wrapped around his waist.

He kissed her then, feeling as if all his troubles had washed away.

Maya laughed against his lips as she saw him smile. They were meant to be together.

And now he knew.

Fate had brought them together, Riley had Zay, Farkle had Smackle and now they had each other.

Everything was perfect.